ICT Happenings 2013 Flashback / Review

The most important news for year 2013 in terms of ICT happenings. For my own pick, I've selected the announcement of the planned retirement of Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer as the biggest news - Microsoft is the biggest enterprise software company in the world.

Until today, no words on development of hiring of Microsoft new CEO has been released to the press yet. Check out some updates here.

Hence, let's go back year 2013 and appreciate what had emerged.

Week 5, Oct 2013

1.) Reuters: Start-up Vicarious claimed to have cracked CAPTCHAs: challenge-response test used by web sites to check for real human users from automated bots.

2.) Malaysian 2014 Budget ICT Comments - RM 1.8 billion for HSBB Phase 2; increase in broadband speed; underwater cables for Sabah and Sarawak; RM 1.6 billion rural transmission towers; etc

Week 4, Oct 2013

1.) Apple launched Mac OS 10 Mavericks and iPad Air.

2.) USA Today: Facebook supported removal of potentially damaging content against total freedom of expression.

Week 3, Oct 2013

1.) Oracle introduced new x86 servers - based on the latest Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 v2 product family.

Week 1, Oct 2013

1.) Cisco delivered network convergence system to power "Internet of Everything".

2.) Brocade and EMC partnered to enable Software-Defined Storage for EMC Fibre Channel SAN Install Base.

Week 4, Sept 2013

1.) The Telegraph reported that BlackBerry agreed to sale for $4.7 bn.

Week 2, Sept 2013

1.) Announcement of iPhone Series - iPhone 5C and 5S.

Week 1, Sept 2013

1.) Reuters: Microsoft proposed to buy Nokia's phone business for 5.44 billion euros.

2.) Reuters: Worldwide PC shipments to fall 9.7% this year.

Week 5, Aug 2013

1.) Announcement of the planned retirement of Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer.

2.) Silver Peak integrated with VMware Network Virtualization to automate deployment of virtualized network Services.

Week 3, Aug 2013

1.) WeChat surpassed WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype and Instagram in global popularity.

Week 2, Aug 2013

1.) Reuters - only in U.S - Icahn sued Dell in latest attempt to foil buyout.

Week 1, Aug 2013

1.) Ninetology launched the U9 Quad-core smart-phone series - the first in the industry.

2.) Fujitsu launched trade-in laptops for Go Green Campaign across peninsular Malaysia.

Week 4, Jul 2013

1.) Oracle unveiled latest multi tenant and cloud nature database 12c in Malaysia - with multi-tenancy, there is no need to create multiple-instance of the database, you just have to do partitioning from existing BIG instance of the database, each partition for different customers - it is one step ahead of multi-instance capability.

Week 3, Jul 2013

1.) Zalora launched Android shopping app.

Week 2, Jul 2013

1.) Tata Comm. launches world’s first cloud-based broadcast-quality video transcoding and delivery service.

Week 1, Jul 2013

1.) WeChat exceeds 70 million registered user accounts milestone.

Week 4, Jun 2013

1.) MS Office 365 achieved 1 million subscribers in just over 100 days - available for iOS.

Week 3, Jun 2013

1.) Apple unveils iOS 7.

Week 2, Jun 2013

1.) AMD launched industry's highest performance small core x86 server processor - AMD Opteron X-Series.

Week 5, May 2013

1.) Reuters reported that Singapore authority requires online news to get licenses.

Week 4, May 2013

1.) VMware announced IaaS platform: vCloud Hybrid Service.

2.) MSC Malaysia continued strong growth with RM33.53 billion in revenue.

3.) Exabytes offered Malaysian SMBs business websites start-up at zero cost.

Week 3, May 2013

1.) Reuters reported that Microsoft Corp has sold 100 million Windows 8 licenses.

2.) Tata Comms. became first carrier to launch Voice Business Apps.

3.) Brocade integrated with fluidOps to cater for network automation of EMC VSPEX Proven Infrastructure.

Week 2, May 2013

1.) SAP introduced SAP HANA® Enterprise cloud.

2.) Brocade and EMC delivered Software-Defined storage for fibre channel SANs.

3.) WeChat the No.1 most downloaded free app for 6 consecutive weeks.

4.) Malaysia GE 13, Internet, Traffic Jam and Google - by and large, Malaysian Internet community is capable of churning up a 4.3 million unique users hit on Malaysiakini within a single night, out of which 3 million accessed through PC while 1.3 million accessed it through mobile devices.

LDP Sunway toll on 8-May-2013- Google Maps' traffic data accurate displayed such reality

Week 5, Apr 2013

1.) TM signed submarine cable system consortium - Bay of Bengal Gateway (BBG).

2.) Groupon introduced iPad App in Malaysia.

3.) Bosch introduced the most light-sensitive HD cameras on the market.

4.) SEEBURGER launched IT Microsite for Corporate CIOs in Malaysia - the microsite presents an across-the-board look at trends, opportunities, challenges and issues that concern the financial services industry (FSI) worldwide, as well as features SEEBURGER’s thought leadership on revolutionary IT impacts in this industry. .

5.) HTC launched the New HTC One Smartphone.

Week 4, Apr 2013

1.) Digital Malaysia launched POKOK platform - it is expected to help with the economy in two ways: Facilitating Societal Upliftment and Microsourcing to Generate Income for the B40 .

2.) Fujitsu and Oracle announced worldwide availability of Fujitsu M10 Servers.

3.) Silver Peak set WAN performance record with new software and hardware products - 20 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) of data throughput.

Week 3, Apr 2013

1.) Microsoft announced general availability of Windows Azure for IaaS.

Week 2, Apr 2013

1.) Oracle launched new SPARC servers with the world’s fastest microprocessor: SPARC T5 - the servers run on Oracle Solaris.

Week 2, Mar 2013

1.) Oracle launched industry’s first one-stop platform for monitoring and managing improved social interactions.

Week 1, Mar 2013

1.)  Microsoft launched next-generation Office 365 for Business.

Week 2, Feb 2013

1.) Adobe launched transformative creative cloud offering in Malaysia.

2.) Silver Peak delivered Multi-Gigabit Virtual WAN Acceleration on Windows Server Hyper-V.

Week 1, Feb 2013

1.) RIM launched BlackBerry 10 platform

2.) WeChat surpassed 300 m user accounts globally in just 2 years.