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Thursday, December 23, 2004

software - best practice

what really is the best practice for software developement ??

after some years of doing computer programming.. non of my software really great.. the best software would be some sample uploaded are free code in the Internet and my final year project.
And it really came to a conclusion where..

the most important things abt software are:
  1. Maintenance.
  2. Continuous development.

Thus, a software architecture must be able to allow for easy maintenance and continuous develoopment. The later is much more abt commitment while the formet is much more related to software engineering.

Thus, I believe, if we really build the software to be maintenance oriented, then it will be a good software.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Grub Hard Disk Error Message

sometimes it is really fascinating to learn that somewhere somehow sometime in this same world, someone actually did the same thing as you do...

i too had a Grub hard disk error after installing redhat 9.0 to my existing Win98 system. I used a double hard drive and configured it to dual boot via Linux Lilo... as soon as i took off the second hard drive which contains installation for linux, there you go....

"GRUB hard disk error".

Grub Hard Disk Error Message