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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

high tech mobile phones

with emergence of high tech mobile phones..

recently there is a new phone by Motorola where it has a screen bigger than normal mobile phone but yet smaller than PDA... it is java enabled.. which means it can support any mobile java app. that you did it..

one potential i saw it the ability for very small enterprise to make use of it as alternative to desktop or laptop for record keeping. These very small enterprise, may look messy but they have their own best practises.. which records would be kept under carbon copied receipt booklet and one copy would be handled over to some accounts personnel (outsource) for audit purposes..
but is it really a good revenue ?? i dont know..

but there is a trend...
Sybase is having some initiatives and products on mobile computing..

reach out...

there are many great software out there.. most of them having problems reaching out to people.. if I am going to start a marketing company doing marketing for software.. I would have been outdated.. no one is willing to pay me unless I make some sales. I am not willing to tie up with any principal becoz it would be very boring..

The IT world is like a whole to itself.. where IT people gets rejuvenated constantly.. with new technologies, new API, new software.. and etc.. they people using them remain to be of the similiar subset.

People who doesn't want to use any IT will take ages to adopt IT because of few reasons:
  1. Budget problem
  2. IT illiteracy
  3. No marketing..

One good way of reaching out to people is education.. educate people abt IT, make them comfortable with systems.. and etc.

macromedia breeze

it has been really almost one year which i involved actively in I.T, I had been away doing sales and management now.

just surf through some web pages and found this new technology by macromedia called breeze.

Macromedia Breeze is an enterprise product used for e-learning and web conferencing. Macromedia uses Breeze for a variety of purposes including internal training, product information, and quarterly results.

anyway, it is a solution.. which allows for data and multimedia contents... this allows for web conferencing and etc.. it also provides a plug-in for creating multi-media enhanced MS powerpoint presentation.. it will convert powerpoint presentation into flash and then you can let people view it on the web.

meeting, presentation, e-learning.. everything that has to do with multi-media..