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Thursday, December 23, 2004

software - best practice

what really is the best practice for software developement ??

after some years of doing computer programming.. non of my software really great.. the best software would be some sample uploaded are free code in the Internet and my final year project.
And it really came to a conclusion where..

the most important things abt software are:
  1. Maintenance.
  2. Continuous development.

Thus, a software architecture must be able to allow for easy maintenance and continuous develoopment. The later is much more abt commitment while the formet is much more related to software engineering.

Thus, I believe, if we really build the software to be maintenance oriented, then it will be a good software.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Grub Hard Disk Error Message

sometimes it is really fascinating to learn that somewhere somehow sometime in this same world, someone actually did the same thing as you do...

i too had a Grub hard disk error after installing redhat 9.0 to my existing Win98 system. I used a double hard drive and configured it to dual boot via Linux Lilo... as soon as i took off the second hard drive which contains installation for linux, there you go....

"GRUB hard disk error".

Grub Hard Disk Error Message

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

high tech mobile phones

with emergence of high tech mobile phones..

recently there is a new phone by Motorola where it has a screen bigger than normal mobile phone but yet smaller than PDA... it is java enabled.. which means it can support any mobile java app. that you did it..

one potential i saw it the ability for very small enterprise to make use of it as alternative to desktop or laptop for record keeping. These very small enterprise, may look messy but they have their own best practises.. which records would be kept under carbon copied receipt booklet and one copy would be handled over to some accounts personnel (outsource) for audit purposes..
but is it really a good revenue ?? i dont know..

but there is a trend...
Sybase is having some initiatives and products on mobile computing..

reach out...

there are many great software out there.. most of them having problems reaching out to people.. if I am going to start a marketing company doing marketing for software.. I would have been outdated.. no one is willing to pay me unless I make some sales. I am not willing to tie up with any principal becoz it would be very boring..

The IT world is like a whole to itself.. where IT people gets rejuvenated constantly.. with new technologies, new API, new software.. and etc.. they people using them remain to be of the similiar subset.

People who doesn't want to use any IT will take ages to adopt IT because of few reasons:
  1. Budget problem
  2. IT illiteracy
  3. No marketing..

One good way of reaching out to people is education.. educate people abt IT, make them comfortable with systems.. and etc.

macromedia breeze

it has been really almost one year which i involved actively in I.T, I had been away doing sales and management now.

just surf through some web pages and found this new technology by macromedia called breeze.

Macromedia Breeze is an enterprise product used for e-learning and web conferencing. Macromedia uses Breeze for a variety of purposes including internal training, product information, and quarterly results.

anyway, it is a solution.. which allows for data and multimedia contents... this allows for web conferencing and etc.. it also provides a plug-in for creating multi-media enhanced MS powerpoint presentation.. it will convert powerpoint presentation into flash and then you can let people view it on the web.

meeting, presentation, e-learning.. everything that has to do with multi-media..

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

3G is coming..

Maxis just announced plans to launch 3G service by first quarter 2005..

as they predicted, subscriber will be limited to those people with 3G enabled phone... which is around RM 1.7K.. very true, I am still using a less than RM 500 phone.. it would took me many months to be able to buy that kind of phone.

but I figure, what happen if the phone can replace PC or laptop as computering alternative.. such as web-based ERP system.. if this is possible, we can really introduce a whole lot of fun into web based in there will be another brand new batch of customers coming into the picture.

for instance, shops which rely on paper system would become potential customers. For them to invest in a brand new phone with other benefits.. that is a whole new world of fun thingy..

contents will be king to everything.. when infrastructure is not a problem anymore.. Up to this point of time, there are plenty of ambitious people working hard to get the whole world connected, either via wireless or etc... when that becomes reality, the next wave would be content.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

what the hack for blogging ? - human link

I must admit that I like blogging.. one thing is that it helps my English, improvement as more blog created. The gis is that I actually constantly re-edit published blogs over and over again - whenever I felt that there is inappropriateness in grammers and etc after the first publication.

This should be encouraged in secondary school as a mean to improve English languages and other languages in this country, Malaysia.

The other good things about blogging is that I am actually helping with an eco-system for knowledge database. Just imagine the following assumptions:

1. We could never know everything in this world.
2. The search engine will never able to search every damn knowledge in this world.
3. We could never know everyone in this world. (yeah, the most famous person on earth Micheal Jackson ... we know him but he doesn't know u)
4. Fully computerized world such as tat depicted in Matrix is not yet available.

As long as above assumptions live, we will always having problems searching for something.

The only way is human touch as the final linkage.

1. Everyone must know something
2. Every secret must be known by at least one person.
3. Everyone must know someone.

The question is 'are we willing to share our experiences and make those links' ?

For instance, I was wondering why cant I create an HD image for my Windows 2000 Server using Drive Image 6.0 ?

after searching, i found the answer at the following:,1759,1193822,00.asp

basically it says u need the following:
1. Microsoft System Preparation Tool
2. Drive Image Enterprise Edition (7.0) or Ghost Enterprise Edition.

so the next question is 'where to find pirated version of the abovementioned software ?' I am not going to spend that kind of money just for some convenience.. unleast I am pretty well off. But I doubt the pirated guys have it.. I will check out in Low Yat.

Thus, when someone happens to experience the same thing and wanted some solutions but with no answer.. and in case they happen to know me and read my blog, chances is they might find the same link.

and therefore, whenever u read some interesting blog and highlight some of it in your blog, the links gets stronger and stronger. For instance, tat day I was reading a blog about some nanotechnology .. where now u can have cloths which wouldn't get wet ( ...

As long as people keeps posting and reading.. the world gets smaller. is always a great pleasure to blog (until we need to pay for it)

so now is there a cheap way for me to clone my HD other than pirated software ?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Software Engineering

The problem with software development is that for unregulated software design, the impact of small changes in requirement is catastrophic ~ Software Engineering

A regulated sofware design is either:
  1. As modular as possible
  2. As metaphoric as possible
  3. Both as of above

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Information Auditing Software - Concept

i got one idea doing one simple software which i think can sell well (at cheap price too..)

it will be meant for information auditing.. where given a set of electronic documents (Excel, PDF, Email and etc..) the software will try to perform as much LINKAGE amongst information. Then it will generate a summary about what is happening; between either LINK, Broken-LINK, Cross-LINK, No-LINK...

For instance, a HD distrubution company has the following processes.
1. Take order from customer.
2. Make order to supplier(Maxtor).
3. Pay supplier's invoices.
4. Deliver order to customer.
5. Collection from customer.

These five processes will mainly involve many different documents in different formats. As different as the hand-writting of person in charge can be, they all have a common goal; Order = Money. In order words, there must be a closed-loop to each scenario which also means that there must be a way of identifying closed-loop using information given, such as serial number, model number, customer name and etc..

The software would be considered successful if it could determine the following sample analysis:
1. Product (Serial number XXX) not issued in D.O to company.
2. Product (Serial number XXX) being invoiced to company despite not stated in D.O
3. Product (Serial number XXX) sold to customer AAA.
4. Customer AAA returned back product (Serial number XXX) to Sales-person BBB.
5. Company invoiced customer AAA for product (Serial number XXX) before credit note is issued.
6. Sales-person D.O product (Serial number XXX) to Customer CCC.
7. Company invoived Customer CCC for product (Serial number XXX).
8. Customer CCC paid for the invoice.

When such things are identified, the business process can be evaluated and many things can then be followed-up. The software can also find out about typing mistake, spelling mistake and etc.

It would appeal to company managers and bosses whom wanted to find out what is happening at the back-stage hidden by ERP system where data are usually pampered-with for correctness.

to be continue...

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Information + Free ?

hi guys, I am brandon teoh... okay this name is pretty well heard in APIIT(Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology,Malaysia), not because i got first class honour for my degree nor i was selected as the best student for diploma & high. dip, but because I was some kind of friendly monster who hangs around in the college for around 3 years.. yea.. i know everyone from top management to the gabage lady, yeah..some people think I got quite handsome face(some say 'nar'....) but nevertheless i wasn't destined to be the next Bill Gates just because i got a degree from APIIT.

well i got some talents.. i could manage up to certain level of computer programming and perform pretty good presentations. my jokes were from the heart and thus natural.. and I am sincere with people, most importantly, I volunteered as class rep throughout the years.

So I am officially in the I.T industries.. but this won't gurantee my future.

I been thinking a lot about 'making it' .... when is the day coming where i can say to myself 'I've made something out of myself and i am proud to live it forever.. that i can finally retire this rat-race thingy..'

One big issue popped out constantly is that can i charge someone for information??; such that can I earn money for providing information... I thought yes but until recently my PC was infected with somekind of trojan which was pretty fun to tackle. It was CWS hijack; where it constantly redirects you away to other URL when trying to check yahoo mail and also restoring your homepage as ' or something like tat. I tried to deal with it without referrencing much to the web.. i deleted one dll and some registries and still, same problem persisted. Then i finally give up and consulted '' and problems were solved altogether... and by the way, i got infected while visiting some 'ham-sap' site.. keke.

From this experience, if information weren't free.. i wouldn't be typing this message now.. I might be scratching my head to figure out which advice to take on before paying and then only to discover that they are not really living up to expectations.. I thanked those who have maintained strong faith such that information is left free (at least in the Internet).

So, the idea of making money out of information is not really 'prosperous', in restrospect, making them free would be a great charity. I also cant help wondering that in the future, all software would have to be made free as well. Currently, not all free software writers share the same thinking, some of them were thinking of imposing charges when the software got popular.. but if they do that people might turn away to other similiar software (i have been using 'open office' since the malaysian government launched the 'ops tulen' some time ago, and I am slowly liking it than MS Office). Thus, the bandwagon for free software is larger than those propietary software coz how many of us can actually become a programmer for Microsoft and etc..?? and if i am a god damn genius programmer, where do I start to be the next Bill Gates..?? I simply got no time brother.

So how now ?? what can I do for the I.T industry ??

Then suddenly, i got this idea..'value'. Free informations and software got lower values than propietary stuff.. because users dont feel pinched when they downloaded free stuffs as compare to when they have to pay... So maybe we can figure out a business model to make value out of free stuffs... particular free information.

For instance, if we can make use of free software to improve someone else businesses then we got a value there... and we need to figure out how they are paying for such virtual thingy.. Ah-chong-the-customer might say "hey, the softwares are free and u guys are charging this much ???, i can do it by myself too if i got the time". As irony as it is, people don't quite tally value with money.

Give me your comments.