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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Want To Be ICT Entrepreneur For 2008 ?

We will start by looking at certain facts which will paint the overall Malaysia IT perspective, from political to economical.

The latest according to IDC is that 9.1% growth of IT spending would positively anticipated for 2008 and Microsoft would benefit largely of it.

And that is about it..The focus of Malaysia media is still back to the fundamentals of racial issues, election and inflation.

However, as Malaysian we are lucky that the government has recognized the need to nurture more entrepreneurs, with extra focus on the ICT sector. This is partly due to the fact that setting up ICT business requires less cost and is more risk-tolerant.

Fundings are available, with the most recent announcement from Cradle Investment Fund (CIP) which allocates RM 30 million for 2008, with each RM 150k grant capable.

Check out Cradle Investment Fund (CIP).

And UOB joint-ventured with Young Entrepreneurs Association of Malaysia (PUMM) and Green Packet Bhd’s unit J&C Pacific Sdn Bhd to offer a RM50 million loan facility for young Malaysians aspire to venture into the ICT sector.

And MDeC pre-seed grant is back as well, with the latest batch started since 15th Jan 2008. Each grant is also RM 150K capable.

So, many thing to explore before Chinese New Year 2008.

As for tips and best practices, pay attention to this article about 36 startup tips where it teaches about leveraging on free technologies and what you shouldn't think about cutting cost. There is no time to build from scratch!

Also, take a look at the perspective of venture capitalist with the most recent opinions.

The best part to me is that Paypal is available now for Malaysia (to cash-out money) as well as Google Maps (for Malaysia) are popping out.

These two will surely bring to life a more vibrant and colorful environment for those interested with web or Internet business. And even all by yourself ?

It is cool dude!

Choosing Technology:

Finally, I close by saying to choose wisely between using Microsoft technology and open source technology for your product development. Both would yield different benefits and challenges.

To simply put, if you want to develop a technology, then it has to be open source because you can't use Microsoft technology to develop technology, it will still be Microsoft technology. The most that you will get out of it is a great solution.

This is why Google don't use any of Microsoft's technologies.

Another reason is that if you have developed it using open source technology such as Java, Python and etc, chances of having your company acquired (except by Microsoft itself)would be higher.

Using Microsoft technology has the pros of faster development time, more technical supports and visions as well as more resources (HR) to leverage from.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

F5 Boasts Industry’s First On-Demand Application Delivery Controller - VIPRIO

New F5 bladed chassis enables large enterprises and service providers to easily manage a complete application-fluent infrastructure, redefining Performance and Scalability.

Press Release:

KUALA LUMPUR, JANUARY 24, 2008 – F5 Networks, Inc., the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, today announced a new modular, bladed chassis hardware system, VIPRION™. It is the industry’s first Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that scales seamlessly with an organization’s business. VIPRION enables organizations to deploy a flexible Application Delivery Network (ADN) right out of the box.

Deploy the solution with one or two blades today, and as the infrastructure grows, VIPRION will grow with it. One blade or four, VIPRION looks like one device to users, applications, and administrators, which allows organizations to scale their infrastructure while keeping management costs fixed.

With VIPRION, F5 is expanding its high-end ADC platform offerings to complement the award-winning BIG-IP® product family. No other ADC solution on the market can match VIPRION’s on-demand scalability and performance. With 36G of L7 throughput and 200,000 SSL transactions per second, VIPRION has a top-end performance 4 times greater than that of any competitive product on the market.

“When it comes to scaling and securing application delivery infrastructure, there can be too many moving parts to perform critical tasks efficiently and effectively,” said Ivan Wen, Country Manager for F5 Networks Malaysia. “As a result of this situation, many organizations have no choice but to keep chipping in new technology and human resources on a piecemeal basis, but this strategy is expensive and results in diminishing returns over time.”

“With VIPRION, F5 is addressing these limitations by consolidating security and networking functionality, processing power, load balancing, and application delivery service virtualization into a shared, highly scalable chassis. VIPRION delivers a significant advancement, creating a new ‘supercomputer’ ADC category that few other vendors will be able to match.”

With VIPRION, enterprise customers and service providers can roll out a complete application-fluent infrastructure that is simpler to deploy and manage. Extra performance and processing power can be added at any time without disruption, providing the scalability to allow an organization to develop a sustainable growth strategy for their ADN.

High lights of the new VIPRION system

Increase capacity without disruption
. Unlike other vendors’ blade and chassis components, VIPRION remains an integrated network device regardless of additional blades. This integration and device flexibility produces unparalleled manageability, as infrastructure simplification provides organizations with greater network reliability and control over operational costs. As enterprises require more processing power, whether for L7 processing, SSL, compression, etc., they can simply add another blade to an existing unit rather than deploy a separate device.

Achieve ultimate reliability. VIPRION offers two tiered availability—at the blade level and chassis level. Because of VIPRION’s unique architecture, neither upgrades to capacity nor individual hardware component failures affect the delivery of applications. In a VIPRION system with multiple blades, if a blade fails, the others in the chassis can take over processing traffic with no disruption. Similarly, a single blade can be manually taken offline and removed without disruption.

Leverage the intelligence of TMOS. TMOSTM, F5’s full proxy, pluggable architecture, enables VIPRION to comprehensively manage application traffic on the wire. The iRulesTM scripting language and iControl® API—built into TMOS—provide the ultimate flexibility for application fluency and management. VIPRION’s processing power and integration capabilities will allow it to fully leverage all of the features and benefits of TMOS, including the addition of modules to provide security, access control, acceleration, WAN optimization, etc.

Access power on-demand. VIPRION uses F5’s Clustered Multiprocessing (CMP) technology across its blades to form a virtual processing fabric utilizing all the available CPUs in the system. VIPRION is able to apply more processing power as CPUs are added with no configuration changes required.

Learn more about VIPRION.

About F5 Networks

F5 Networks is the global leader in Application Delivery Networking. F5 provides solutions that make applications secure, fast and available for everyone, helping organizations get the most out of their investment. By adding intelligence and manageability into the network to offload applications, F5 optimizes applications and allows them to work faster and consume fewer resources. F5’s extensible architecture intelligently integrates application optimization, protects the application and the network, and delivers application reliability—all on one universal platform. Over 16,000 organizations and service providers worldwide trust F5 to keep their applications running. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington with offices worldwide.

Local PR contact:

Jade Lo
Sirius PR Sdn Bhd
(603) 7805 2700

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NSAnti and AutoRun.Y Problems

My sister's laptop (Windows XP Home Edition SP2) got infected with some worms and things as such.

The first AVG alert came in as the following.

However, AVG couldn't really move the infected files and solve the problem.

Trying to access the files(infected) came to no avail for the fact that I was not able to view hidden files and folders!

Also at the same time, Windows file system is corrupted that all the drives (including removable drives and camera) are not capable of opening up for exploration except when you open file explorer first. It looks like the following.

So, I checked on this forum which offers a lot of help.

I ran the SDFix tool and it help to take away the autorun.inf from the c drive. However, it is not able to do that for other drives (you have to run it from the other drives) and as for removable drives, SDFix is not able to remove anything from it.

It is a good tool but no perfect, nevertheless, it is not able to remove hidden files as the following (extract from report).

Files with Hidden Attributes:

Wed 4 Aug 2004 60,416 A.SH. --- "C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\msimn.exe"
Sat 8 Sep 2007 5,903,928 A..H. --- "C:\Program Files\Picasa2\setup.exe"
Sat 19 Jan 2008 96,768 ..SHR --- "C:\WINDOWS\system32\kavo0.dll"
Thu 17 Jan 2008 96,768 ..SHR --- "C:\WINDOWS\system32\kavo1.dll"
Thu 28 Dec 2006 4,348 A.SH. --- "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM\DRMv1.bak"
Thu 28 Dec 2006 401 A.SH. --- "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM\DRMv11.bak"
Sat 30 Dec 2006 0 A.SH. --- "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM\Cache\Indiv01.tmp"
Fri 14 Dec 2007 0 A..H. --- "C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\b04031f0b83ee952189dd8beb4ee929a\BIT1F4.tmp"
Thu 20 Sep 2007 0 A..H. --- "C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download\cf7ced0e70c80a1e476f1abf49afecb1\BIT185.tmp"
Thu 28 Dec 2006 4,348 A..H. --- "C:\Documents and Settings\Teoh Yi Chin\My Documents\My Music\License Backup\drmv1key.bak"
Thu 28 Dec 2006 401 A..H. --- "C:\Documents and Settings\Teoh Yi Chin\My Documents\My Music\License Backup\drmv1lic.bak"
Thu 28 Dec 2006 312 A.SH. --- "C:\Documents and Settings\Teoh Yi Chin\My Documents\My Music\License Backup\drmv2key.bak"
Tue 20 Mar 2007 581,632 A.SH. --- "C:\Documents and Settings\Teoh Yi Chin\My Documents\My Pictures\My meal\9th mArCh 2007\SIV1E.tmp"
Tue 20 Mar 2007 626,688 A.SH. --- "C:\Documents and Settings\Teoh Yi Chin\My Documents\My Pictures\My meal\9th mArCh 2007\SIV1F.tmp"
Tue 20 Mar 2007 581,632 A.SH. --- "C:\Documents and Settings\Teoh Yi Chin\My Documents\My Pictures\NZ\9th mArCh 2007\SIV1E.tmp"
Tue 20 Mar 2007 626,688 A.SH. --- "C:\Documents and Settings\Teoh Yi Chin\My Documents\My Pictures\NZ\9th mArCh 2007\SIV1F.tmp"

So, what does this mean ? --> Still not good enough.

Anyway, I decided to backup all data to a removal drive and had the laptop reformatted. However, as soon as I was ready to have a brand new installation of Windows XP, I found that the removal drive is infected as well.

Thus, this time I switched to Spyware Doctor provided by Google Pack. It is a good tool, except that since it is free, it doesn't cater for real-time detection and shield. (I still think that AVG has the best shield for a free product). The problem with no having real-time protection is that you will have to schedule manual scanning process from time to time and this may not be attractive because consider that you have a large hard disk, it may take a long time.

Same goes for Norton Security Scan (from Google Pack) which doesn't offer real-time detection and it is impossible to scan on specific location (which is a hell thing!).

Now only I understood why Norton and Spyware Doctor consented to offer free tools under Google Pack. Nevertheless, I give Spyware Doctor a thumb up, for the fact that it scans pretty quick and it is capable of fixing the problems, except for the autorun.inf problem. And to get a full version of Spyware Doctor, the cost is only RM 120+ per annum.

And to solve the problem of autorun.inf, check out this video.

And finally, based on the analysis given by SDFix, I traced the source of the problem as a worm called W32.Gammima.AG.

And I believe that it all got started from emails infected with such worm.

Conclusion, use Spyware Doctor from Google Pack, if you like it, proceed to upgrade to full version. Otherwise, I still recommend to reformat your computer because such troubleshooting activity consume more time than usual. It is not worth it.

And also, please contribute to blogs and forum to help others to resolve their problems quickly.

And finally, the worm doesn't infect Windows Vista.

Monday, January 21, 2008

High Tech Cinema - High Tech Lifestyle

Local cineplex operator MCAT Box Office Sdn Bhd (MBO) sets expansions plans into motion with a multi-million investment for its largest operations to date at HARBOUR PLACE

1) Kenny Chin, General Manager of Harbour Place
2) Muzafar A. Rahman, CEO of Harbour Place
3) Ikmal Nizam Ariffin, CEO of MBO

Press Release:

KUALA LUMPUR, 21 January 2008 – MCAT Box Office Sdn Bhd, a locally established and upcoming cineplex operator, today announces its partnership with HARBOUR PLACE for its largest and most ambitious cineplex operations to date, at the Klang mall which is scheduled to be opened by mid-2008.

According to Ikmal Nizam Ariffin, chief operating officer of MBO, the launch of MBO Cineplexes @ HARBOUR PLACE will mark one of the first of a series of cineplex openings by MBO throughout the country, as part of the company’s aggressive expansion plan for the next 3 years.

“By far, it has been MBO’s strategy to target suburban locations to set up its cineplexes to tap the huge market of 18-35 year olds who want to catch movies without the hassle of going into the city center,” says Nizam. He adds that MBO’s existing cineplexes are experiencing tremendous success with its movie ticket sales.

Nizam shares that MBO Cineplexes @ HARBOUR PLACE will have a total of 10 screening halls, covering up to 40,000 square feet.

“Besides providing top quality and advanced audio visual equipment, MBO has up its sleeves with a new concept for the interiors of this new cineplex - which we believe will be a surprise and hit with our target crowd,” he says.

MBO Cineplexes will be one of the key tenants at HARBOUR PLACE which is positioned to be a lifestyle and entertainment precinct that caters to Klang and surrounding areas such as Shah Alam.

Lifestyle and Entertainment Focus at HARBOUR PLACE

Kenny Chin, General Manager of HARBOUR PLACE, says that the MBO Cineplex will be located on the 7th floor – which is the mall’s dedicated entertainment level.

“The entertainment component is a crucial factor to drive crowds for the center and its retailers, especially so at ‘lifestyle and entertainment’ specialty malls like HARBOUR PLACE – where families can shop, dine and be engaged in a range of exciting activities the whole day in complete leisure.”

“HARBOUR PLACE will have a sophisticated beat and feel to it, as never before available in Klang. HARBOUR PLACE’s sophisticated retail and F&B offerings are totally in tandem with what today’s shoppers want; so we are confident that this MBO-HARBOUR PLACE partnership will be a cohesive and highly successful one,” says Chin.

Nizam says that with MBO opening at HARBOUR PLACE, Klang movie goers will enjoy MBO’s key advantage of competitive ticket rates while enjoying all the same movies, with quality premise and services.

“We believe HARBOUR PLACE’s location at Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Klang is strategic, and is an excellent ‘catchment’ point which is central to surrounding and upcoming residential areas. No longer do Klang-ites staying at these areas have to drive to Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Subang, or even Klang town itself to enjoy a movie.”

“No doubt, with its opening at HARBOUR PLACE, MBO Cineplexes will be exactly where you need it to be,” ends Nizam.


HARBOUR PLACE is a retail and office development by Chestar Properties Sdn Bhd. Located at Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, this mall is designed for the young, and young at heart - inspiring customers to shop, dine and entertain under one classy roof.

Built to burst with people-centric design, HARBOUR PLACE will feature an understated sophistication that marks it as Klang’s first lifestyle entertainment mall that will inspire the local retail scene.

With 450,000 square feet of retail space and a carefully planned tenant mix under one roof, HARBOUR PLACE is scheduled to be opened by mid-2008. For more information, visit

About MCAT Box Office Sdn Bhd (MBO)

Established in 2004, MBO currently operates three cineplexes - namely MBO Galaxy Cineplex (Ampang, Selangor) with 10 screens; MBO Cineplex in Kluang, Johor with 5 screens; and MBO Cineplex Melaka (Ayer Keroh Melaka) with 7 screens.

Besides its cineplex operation business, MBO deals with film distribution, importing film from independent studios around the region. It is also a movie rights distributor, providing selected movie international rights from independent Thai, Chinese, Malay and English movie houses to its industry peers. For more information, visit

For more information:-

Jade Lo
Sirius PR Sdn Bhd (680878-V)
Tel: (03) 7805 2700

Monday, January 14, 2008

eBworx Rebrands For 10th Anniversary

More about eBworx.

Company unveils its new corporate logo; moves to new premise.

Press Release:

PETALING JAYA, 14 January 2008 – eBworx Berhad (‘EBWORX’) today announces its rebranding exercise that better reflects the company’s aspiration - Innovation, Vigour and Vision.

The new logo represents eBworx renewed vigour towards continual uplifting of the company and its business.

On the new logo, the RED line encompassing the globe signifies the company’s positioning and continued focus on its core vision to be a World Leading Financial Software Solution Provider. The BLUE signifies innovation, creativity and thought leadership.

Chief Executive Officer Tan Suan Fong says, “With people making up our core foundation, RED indicates the vibrancy in which our people engage with our clients to bring forth value creation to them.”

The unveiling of the logo also marks the 10th anniversary of eBworx.

“As we celebrate our 10 years of service, we envision 2008 to be a landmark year for eBworx for the company to achieve greater heights in terms of internal developments and contract wins.”

New Year, New Office

Starting 2008, eBworx has also relocated to its new premises at Level 3A, Block B, Axis Business Park, Petaling Jaya.

The new premise with a total floor space of more than 18,600 square feet allows for a bigger and more conducive workplace for its employees.

“The progress of eBworx is tied to the happiness of its people. In order to provide our clients with excellent service, we need to ensure that our employees are satisfied first. By investing a more conducive working environment, our employees will be able to perform better – translating into good client service,” explains Tan.

Workplace Transformation

To align with its rebranding exercise, eBworx engaged a concept designer to create a ‘modern and progressive’ outlook to its new office – which is specifically designed for more privacy in the working area with different premise sections allocated for ‘employee benefit’.

There is a recreation area that includes snooker tables and access to Nintendo V games. Complimentary cooked food will also be serves to the staff on a daily basis, while the pantry will be stocked with soft drinks, chocolates and biscuits - free of charge.

Employees will also be privy to bigger meeting rooms and breakout areas to offer its people different options to hold brainstorming sessions.

“Most employees spend a sizable amount of time at the office, so it is essential to provide them a more conductive and relaxing environment to work in for them to be able to more productive and in turn deliver better service to our clients,” says Tan.

Retaining Talent

eBworx puts in a lot of effort to retain its staff as the turnover in the IT software industry is significantly higher. To counter this, eBworx invests considerably on training.

“For instance, all new staff are subject to 3 months of Philip Crossby training while our all of our trainers are black belt certified. We firmly believe that continual training is more important than certification.”

“In order to stay attractive in terms of remunerations, a market salary survey is conducted every 12 – 18 months to ensure the company’s salary scheme is competitive with the market.”

Tan concludes, “The new office and benefits should provide a jumpstart to 2008. Happy employees translate to happy clients and eventually contented investors.”

eBworx’ new office is located at :

Level 3A, Block B, Axis Business Park,
No. 10 Jalan Bersatu 13/4
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603 7956 9822
Fax: 603 7957 2661


About eBworx

MSC-status eBworx is a home-grown regional financial solutions specialist, providing a wide array of innovative digital commerce solutions to the financial services industry which include software products, technology consulting and systems integration services that enable financial institutions to improve their sales operational efficiency and manage credit risk.

The eBworx Group has five wholly-owned subsidiaries – Digital Nervous Systems Sdn Bhd, eBworx International Pte Ltd, eBworx Technology (Chengdu) Co Ltd, eBworx Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd and eBworx (Indo-China) Co Ltd. The principal activity of all four companies is the provision of computer software applications and dealing in computer software and hardware for the financial services industry.

In 2001 and 2004, IDC Market Research (M) Sdn Bhd awarded the eBworx Group as a “Local Software Hero in Malaysia” as recognition for its position as a significant software company in Malaysia.

eBworx clientele includes RHB Bank Berhad, AmBank Group, Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad, Al Rahji Bank, OCBC Bank, EON Bank Group, UOB Group, PT Bank Central Asia (Indonesia) PT Bank Internasional Indonesia, Krung Thai Bank, KASIKORNBANK, Capital OK Company Limited, PT Bank Lippo, PT Bank Danamon, among others.

Institutional Investors

eBworx institutional investors include OSK Venture Equities Sdn Bhd, a venture capital company of OSK Ventures International Berhad and CSE-Infotech Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CSE Global Limited, which is listed on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange.

For more information:

Sirius PR Sdn Bhd
(603) 7805 2700

Add Rum to the Mix - Rock Unite

By N. RAMA LOHAN (Permission from Rock Unite)

The Star, 9 Jan 08

A new streaming radio station provides a platform for unsigned artistes to showcase their brand of music.

THE life of the working musician in this country isn’t exactly a charmed one. Sure, the marketing infrastructure behind artistes like Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Mawi will ensure they receive the exposure that’s required for them to remain at the top of their game. Yes, commercialism sells.

Rock Unite Malaysia, which began with a reality competition, expanded into music production and now has an Internet-based radio station. ‘We will gladly accept music from any part of the world,’ says CEO Shahrum Shah.
But what happens to artistes with similar ambitions (but lacking in debatable good looks) of wanting to get their music across as far and wide as possible? Here’s the reality check: the road ahead is rocky and ragged.

Unfortunately, the music climate here isn’t as encouraging as independent musicians would like it to be. Of course, playing cover songs in the club environment will just about pay the rent, but originals ... that’s an entirely different story.

All’s not lost though, and while there seems to be a silver lining with the emergence of venues encouraging live music, this glimmer of hope has been given a shot in the arm with a number of online streaming sites which allow musicians to upload their music to be shared with the world, from to Channel [V]’s Amp.

More significantly now though, is the setting up of RUM Radio (, Rock Unite Malaysia’s streaming radio site that officially went on air on Jan 1. The organisation, which began with its reality rock band competition, has steadily expanded into music production and now an Internet-based radio station, which is clearly a thriftier option compared to a conventional radio station.

“We’ve done this to create a platform for unsigned artistes, to provide them with a level playing field as international acts. This effectively allows for the music to be heard in any part of the world,” revealed Shahrum Shah, chief executive officer of Rock Unite Malaysia.

While monetary requirements aren’t too demanding for an online radio station, RUM Radio still requires an IT team to maintain the site. And in accordance with legalities, the station has registered with Music Authors’ Copyright Protection (MACP).

The bulk of RUM Radio’s playlist consists of Malaysian artistes but the station is not imposing borders with its content – there are no language or genre barriers. “This station is not merely for Rock Unite and local artistes – we will gladly accept music from any part of the world, as long as the quality of production is acceptable. In fact, we have Mokita from England and Saharadja from Indonesia, two excellent acts which are on our playlist as well.”

Struggling musicians would describe the local music scene as unhealthy – almost everyone is simply trying to make a buck. Music today, as viewed by a large portion of the music industry, is more a commercial entity than anything remotely artistic – after all, if Paris Hilton can get a recording contract, how much talent do you really need? Society still cares for music, though, and no level of piracy can change that.

“Music is the opium of life ... you just have to have it,” confessed Shahrum.

RUM Radio’s tie in with TM Football Channel links two common passions and will serve sports fans a good dose of music, too. “All TM subscribers are automatically linked to TM Football Channel, which makes it a great way for good music to reach listeners.” Another avenue for listeners to get to RUM Radio is via Blue Hyppo’s HyppTunes.

Artistes seeking to get their music on RUM Radio’s playlist can e-mail

Check out the latest releases now playing on

~ Album : RU 13 * Artiste : KIRI ~


~ Album : LIKE NEVER BEFORE * Artiste : ZUBIRA ~

~ Single : SAME WAY I DO * Artiste : SUPERBAR ~

~ Single : DRAKULA * Artiste : SHARIN BAND ~


Check out more about RUM Radionet.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Cost of Chasing Trends

Not so long ago, readwriteweb predicted that Google's next killer application after the launch of Google Enterprise App is Online Accounting System.

In Malaysia, the momentum of Google Apps is not yet tremendous but slowly rising.

But then again, today as I went through a UAT (User Acceptance Test) for a web based system which deals with some numerical processing, I came to an observation which I could reorganize as a phenomenon where the cost of chasing trends is going to create more monopoly, bigger gaps between rich and poor and thus a more significant long-tail effects.

The result is that majority of people will do more things and settle with less income.

The catalyst which took me into this conclusion is based on a feature known as "Auto-Fill" or "Auto-Complete" in our common web browsers.

The good intention of Auto-Fill feature is to increase convenience as such that you don't have to retype information which wouldn't change for a long time such as username, emails and etc.

However, the real problem arises when you enable Auto-Fill to web forms which are not supposed to, such as to web forms which deal with numerical data such as point-of-sales, data entry forms, spreadsheets and etc. It will be not intuitive to have Auto-Fill enable for these forms because numerical values typically doesn't hold much meaning and imagine entering 1 would results in 1 to 11111111111 (infinity) suggestion. It is just very annoying to have the auto-fill suggestion because they don't make sense. Take a look.

The solution is to turn off the Auto-Fill feature and Firefox is the less competent in dealing with such problem. This is because FireFox only allows the following settings.

Thus you either turn-on or turn-off everything. But we don't really want to do that, sometimes Auto-Fill is useful too.

Then Internet Explorer takes the second place in offering solution.

It allows users to enable Auto-Complete only for username and password.

Safari takes the top spot in this subject which it even allows IP Address filtering of web sites to enable and disable Auto-Complete.

However, QuickBook online accounting software uses grid for data entry, which is the current trend of data entry even for the web. Check out free components from YUI.

And accounting software which doesn't keep up with the trend would eventually lose out in the game. For instance, take a look at an accounting software which uses conventional text field as input box.

Keeping up with trend is not impossible, except that it is very unprofitably in terms of product development because trend would stabilize for a limited time-frame before the next trend take over.

And the cost of chasing trend is absorbed by software developers who couldn't keep up with trends due to insufficient resources. How do these entities absorb such lost ? It is the opportunity costs! By chasing trends, smaller companies will risk higher probability of product over-budget and over-schedules.

Therefore, only big companies can afford to chase trends, with end-users doing the free marketing while smaller companies will lose money in doing it. Thus, trend is very friendly to big companies. Small companies cannot accept to play the trendy games...otherwise, you invest into a future which is to help bigger companies to be bigger and poor to be poorer. A great zero-sum game.

To conclude this, I say that the cost of chasing trends make people poorer. Happier ?

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Trouble getting An Ergonomic Mouse

My computer (laptop) mouse kicks the bucket every 3 months. The latest casualty was a Microsoft basic compag mouse which I bought from Computer War.

I been really having a hard time trying to get a cheap yet ergonomic mouse.

The best mouse that I have experienced with is the latest mouse from Dell. It is so cool, and it looks like a bat-mobile (batman) which is not for sale outside. I will try to get a picture later.

Dell Ergonomic Mouse 2008

The perks of it is that real ergonomic mouse don't come cheap yet. I managed to find a good ergonomic mouse from e-Mag (check out the picture below), however it doesn't support USB and the button is kind of rusty. But the shape is really good and it cost me only RM 16.

e-Mag Mouse

Some of the mouses are too small and it is not suitable for me because that would apply more strains to my finger, which is not encouraging. Check out the SwissTech mouse below (nice, catchy, fun and color) but a bit smaller for me.

Swiss Tech Mouse

And I am really having a tough time bumping into A4 Tech mouse ... it is still in production?

Anyway, after two days of shopping, I found that Microsoft is really taking over the business of computer mouse as if nobody matters anymore, except for Logitech. Check out a few years old Logitech mouse below, it is still in good shape and quality.

Check out all the wonderful mouses from Microsoft here.

And the ergonomic ones cost almost 60% more than the non-ergonomic ones. The cheapest mouse available from Microsoft is the basic Compaq optical mouse which is priced at around RM 49.90 by retailers.

And I am just not into small mouse like the one below ..

This tells us one thing; selling mouse is not profitable and might as well let Microsoft and Logitech rule the market. Anyway, finding a reasonable price (RM 20-30) ergonomic mouse is still scarce in Malaysia.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Google Analytics on IT-Sideways (Dec 2007)

Previous months ..
For last month, Dec 2007, the recording shows that ...
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