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Sunday, March 31, 2013

India: The Road Ahead, KL 2013: Leveraging the Great Indian IT Wave

The People:

Y.B. Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia.
Mr. Rohit Gandhi, Senior VP (APAC, India, Middle East, Africa), Mahindra Satyam.
Mr. Vinayek Chatterjee, Co-Founder, Feedback Ventures Private Limited.
Dr. B K Modi, Chairman, Spice Global Group.

Y.B. Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed,
Minister of International Trade and Industry,

KL, Mar 26, 2013 – In his presentation on ‘Indian IT – propelling the next wave’, Rohit Gandhi gave local entrepreneurs two tips on doing business in India with respect to the Indian IT industry.

New business model for IT & BPO

The first tip is that the conventional model of offshore and low-cost outsourcing which makes Indian IT great is going on a sunset mode.

The great Indian IT industry of outsourcing & BPO was a US $ 47 billion industry; it was responsible for half of the world’s IT services by market share. By 2010, Indian IT & BPO industry had reached USD 58 billion of exports for Indian – it stood at CAGR exports at 35%, CAGR domestic at 22% - it was also equivalent to exports offset of closed to 65% of India’s cumulative net oil exports over the past decade.

Even though officially, 52% of India’s GDP still comes from IT & BPO industry, according to Gandhi’s presentation, up to 80% of incremental growth potential by year 2020 is not sustainable through existing model which relies purely on existing market that consists of 6 core verticals (Banking, Telcos and etc) from North America, Europe and Japan.

The problem is due to large scale demographic changes in these existing markets largely influenced by one singular factor; North America, Europe and Japan have population which ages faster than others. As a result, these market segments will tend to consume less in the future.

In contrasts to India which its working age population will increase to 67% by 2020 from 63% in 2008; largely driven by high birth rates and average life expectancy ratios, India is fast becoming a country where majority of its working age population will not find jobs in their prime time; given that the 52% of GDP is at risk of shrinkage.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Brocade Advances Fibre Channel Innovation with New Fabric Vision Technology

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. March 27, 2013 – Brocade announced Brocade® Fabric Vision™ technology - SAN (storage area network) hardware and software which is based on Gen 5 Fibre Channel and delivers up to 16 Gbps performance. It also launched a new SAN switch; the Brocade 6520 Switch.

Brocade has started commitment to developer solutions based on Gen 6 Fibre Channel industry standard and working closely with OpenStack industry open standard.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Asus Launches All-in-one Transformer AiO PC Cum Tablet

The people:

Ms Vanessa Ng, Market Development Manager of Intel.
Ms Elly Yeoh, Country Product Manager of ASUS,

KL, Mar 27, 2013 - The ASUS all-in-one Transformer AiO PC Cum Tablet is a nice looking computer albeit very presentable one. It is also a dual operating system system - Windows 8 and Android; this means that one does not need to buy Samsung tablet anymore for most Malaysian who are familiar with Windows operating system.
ASUS all-in-one Transformer AiO

It comes with 3-years warranty support which includes on-site support for one-to-one replacement - consumers are not expected to perform DIY component replacement since it is based on the concept of of all-in-one box as compared to the much popular PC which the CPU tower comes separately with the monitor in particular.

The ASUS Transformer AiO combines a host of hardware and software innovations, these include:
  • Sensational audio performance - DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC II, ASUS SonicMaster Optimization, Exclusive Wired Subwoofer.
  • Sensational visual immersion - 178 degrees wide viewing angle, Blu-ray, Full HD.
  • Smart Usability - Plug n Play TV, Side panel USB 3.0, Multi-touch support, ASUS cinema

3D Printed Accessory Design Challenge

The People:

Ms.Melinda Looi - Malaysian fashion designer
Mr.Wim Michiels, Managing Director of Materialise Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Mar 26, 2013 – 3D printing which is also known as addictive printing, is a concept which allows material to be molded via printing techniques, using 3D software technology by joining materials layer by layer.

There is an ongoing 3D Printed Accessory Design Challenge organised by Materialise, a Belgian-based pioneer in Additive Manufacturing software and solution, in collaboration with award-winning Malaysian fashion designer Melinda Looi, who will play the role of co-judge.

Melinda Looi explains on the theme of birdsSmall-scale 3D Printing in process

Professional and amateur designers as well as fashion design enthusiasts from all over the world are encouraged to participate in Asia’s first ever 3D printed accessory design challenge, where the top 10 designs will be 3D printed and showcased at the famed designer’s fashion show. The challenge is open to all who has a flare for design.

The 3D Accessory Design Contest runs from March 8 to May 5, 2013 and invites participants to explore AM technology and design a fashion accessory such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, belts, hats, purses or anything ingenious that comes to mind around the theme of ‘birds’.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Windows Embedded 8 Generally Available

On October 2012 during Oracle Open World, Java invested its strategy to gain market share in the embedded world which Java lacks due to its nature of cross platform. Nothing excitement was announced since then and Java as a platform suffered from many zero-day security vulnerability issues.

On Mar 20, 2013, Microsoft, who is riding on the hopeful Windows 8 operating system, announced that the embedded version is available; Windows 8 Embedded.

IT terms can be confusing most of the times. On one hand you have the Internet of Things, on the the other you have Edge Devices and Intelligent Systems. Literally, these 3 terms are referring to the same thing. It means Integrated Circuit boards with lower specification processors powered by embedded operating system that are hooked up to the Internet on the edge of the network, capable of transferring information and receiving commands from centralized system and hence they become intelligent.

Windows 8 is a revolutionary product by Microsoft designed to run on all PC, tablets and smartphones - it is one step better than Apple iOS which only supports smartphones and tablets.  The version for tablets is commonly known as Windows Surface which also comes with another variant known as Windows RT built for ARM CPU, Windows 8 generally is built for Intel CPU. Both version works with apps from Windows Store.

Microsoft is not too greedy on the embedded system market share, it aspires to target 3 segments namely healthcare, retail and manufacturing — all with unique needs and requirements for devices, from kiosks to human machine interface panels (HMI), digital signs and POS terminals.

Get more details.

Computer Security Updates Week 4 of Mar 2013

Refer to Computer Security Updates Week 3 of Mar 2013; in which the biggest news was the conclusion by National Intelligence Agency of U.S that cyber security threat is the no.1 threat for U.S.

The chief objective of these computer security weekly updates is to really to find out just how real are cyber security threats out there ? - where are the threats ?

And it is interesting that I was talking someone from the industry last week and I was informed that there were incidents but yet were not reported - they were covered up. Fair enough, but that still doesn't settle for what we are researching for. Also pay attention to Deloitte who reported that 17% of organizations are not confident that their cyber security infrastructures can detect a threat.
While it is acceptable to say that one needs to lock the doors if you have a house - you got to buy some locks. To take it from here, threats are real because:
  • Cyber security incidents happened but were not reported and hence since we don't know about it, it is real.
  • Cyber security incidents were not detected but happened - it is real.

For this week, here are the biggest news - they are very interesting!
  • Sophos reported that IT admin pleads guilty to hacking into and spying on New Jersey mayor's email.
  • Reuters reported that cyber-attacks on South Korea's banks and broadcasters appear to arise from internally.
  • Kaspersky Lab: Only 2 out of 5 organizations use truly effective technologies.
  • Check Point introduces integrated real-time compliance monitoring solution.
  • Reuters reported that Hacker "Guccifer" leaks emails from noted venture capitalist. 
  • CloudFlare helped overcome Spamhaus DDoS attack.
  • Sophos reported that researcher uses botnet to map internet.
  • Symantec reported that Blackhole Exploit Kit takes advantage of Cypriot financial crisis.
  • Symantec discovered Android.Uracto; the Android malware which peeps and spams victim’s contacts.
  • Reuters reported that U.S. computer hacker gets 3-1/2 years for stealing iPad user data.
  • Reuters journalist who allegedly conspired with Anonymous hackers is suspended but will continue with payroll.
  • Sophos reported that cyber security blogger Brian Krebs' website was DDOSed.
  • Palo Alto Networks research reveals that 97% of threats came from organizations internally.

Everybody should pay attention to these computer security weekly updates.

Friday, March 22, 2013

AIMS Appoints New COO

KL, Mar 21, 2013 - AIMS Group (‘AIMS’) the country’s premier carrier-neutral data centre, today announced its recent appointment of Mohammad Azman Abdul Rahman as the Group’s new Chief Operating Officer.
Mohammad Azman Abdul Rahman

The former Head of procurement at Time dotCom, Azman has over 15 years experience of working in the Telco industry in various operation roles in Ericsson, DIGI, NSW Cable Systems, Siemens and Celcom.

AIMS Group CEO, Chiew Kok Hin said, “Azman’s vast experience in the operations and procurement sectors of the Telco industry is expected to contribute significantly to elevating the hosting and service standards of the local data centre industry via AIMS’ leadership in this market.”

Get more details.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

UniMAP Procures Barracuda’s WAF Solution

KUALA LUMPUR, March 20, 2013 - Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), one of the fastest growing engineering universities in Malaysia, today announced that it had procured the Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF) from Barracuda Networks, Inc., a leading US-based provider of security and storage solutions.

This procurement of the IT security is an upgrade from UniMAP’s initial instalment of the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall in 2008.

According to Nasrudin Abd Shukor, Director of UniMAP’s Information and Communication Technology Centre (ICT), the upgrade to Barracuda WAF was necessary to fortify the university’s protection for its information system.

Nasrudin Abd Shukor, Director of UniMAP’s ICT

In the past decade, UniMAP’s enrolment has increased by a massive 25 percent to the current 8000 students. The university required a solution that would be able to cater to its constantly growing faculty and student population across 30 different campuses.

Nasrudin Abd Shukor reported that the university was subjected to 5 to 5 SQL injection attacks averagely every single hour of the day.

Besides Barracuda WAF’s state-of-the-art security architecture provided the much needed blocks for continuous cyber-attacks, malware and virus attacks; the ‘No Per-User / Per-Server fees’ was a key value to UniMAP as this procurement model for the IT security solution ensures that the university’s growing population does not create an inhibiting cost in the future.

Get more details.

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a brand new experience for designers cum deverlopers

The People:

Paul Burnett, Creative Evangelist, Adobe APAC.

Damansara Perdana, KL, Mar 19, 2013 – Adobe announced Adobe Creative Cloud, giving Malaysian creatives their first chance to experience a radical new way of accessing Adobe’s iconic tools and services.

It is a membership-based service that provides users with unlimited access to download and install all Creative Suite desktop applications, plus Photoshop Lightroom, Adobe Muse, Adobe Edge tools and services; game developer tools and integration with Photoshop Touch apps.

“(This is) the biggest move ever, we are totally changing our business model,” said Paul.

Before this launch, Adobe averages two years to release a new version of creative suite. Burnett said that it was not good enough to keep up with changes around the industry, especially in the genre of creative software; customers simply need updates more regularly to keep up with the demand of consumer behaviour.

It is not just a creative suite, Adobe Creative Cloud is an ecosystem by itself.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Moo Cow Chooses ChopInk for Retail Loyalty App

The people:

Mr. Clifford Too, CEO, Moo Cow International
Mr. Ho Heng Yew, Marketing Director, Werebits,

Kuala Lumpur, Mar 18, 2013 - Established in year 2010, Moo Cow is fast becoming a phenomenon name of frozen yogurt chain in Malaysia.

Moo Cow is another successful venture of the Too family group, an organization who is a strong believer in family oriented businesses.

Moo Cow concept centers around creating strong emotional connection with its customers, sharing the wholesome goodness of quality frozen yogurt as the healthier replacement of conventional desserts targeting global audience.

Moo Cow frozen yogurt comes with variety of customization through different toppings and dressings availability. One gets to enjoy apart from its original flavour – plain and less-fat – other variations such as tropical paradise and even yogurt in a cone.

Today Moo Cow is a network of 13 stores in Klang Valley and Penang.

Monday, March 18, 2013

DiGi bridges efficiency and fun with Evernote Premium bundling

SINGAPORE/SHAH ALAM, 18 March 2013 – Starting today (18 March 2013), customers who sign up for selected broadband, tablet and iPad plans will enjoy three months of Evernote Premium for FREE, which is valued at USD15 (RM45) in total.

Evernote is a service that makes it easy to stay organised and productive, enabling users to save their thoughts and ideas, preserve experiences and work efficiently with others. Evernote Premium gives users an extended upload capacity of up to 1GB per month, greater sharing options, attachment searchability, access to note history, and more features that make it easier to really remember everything.

Business collaboration, productivity and process apps are gaining momentum, and this upward trend is expected to continue. Globally, more than 200 million mobile workers will be using mobile business apps by the end of 2017 (Source: TabTimes, Strategy Analytics).

Considering that more than half of Malaysian mobile internet users go online via their mobile phones exclusively (Source: Inmobi), this collaboration with DiGi offers great value to step up your game and enjoy a mobile lifestyle.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Computer Security Updates Week 3 of Mar 2013

Refer to Computer Security Updates Week 2 of Mar 2013; in which the biggest news was about the findings that Java, Chrome, IE 10 and Firefox were all compromised successfully during PWN2OWN 2013 competition.

For this week, here are the biggest news.
  • FortiBlog reported that Deloitte survey finds breaches across industries.
  • Bit9 enhances protection capabilities by offering detection features.
  • Palo Alto Networks takes major sponsorship role in upcoming Infosecurity World 2013, KL, Malaysia.
  • Kaspersky selected 5 Malaysian students for regional security competition.
  • Sophos reported that Bill Gates's sensitive information published by hackers.
  • Blackberry strategies to co-exists with competitors and the greater mobile ecosystem.
  • Filipino hackers attacked own government's web site.
  • ESET team analyzes Win32/Theola, browser plugins installed by Mebroot for banking fraud operations.
  • Sourcefire publishes security reports; 25 Years of Vulnerabilities: 1988-2012.
  • The consumer banking website of JPMorgan Chase & Co was attacked with denial-of-service.
  • National Intelligence Agency of U.S concludes that cyber security threat is the no.1 threat for U.S.
  • Singapore joins fight against digital crime with new Cyber Security Lab.
  • U.S invites China to hold bilateral talk on cyber security issues.
  • Iran officially blocks unofficial VPN access from its Internet.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Infosecurity World 2013: Palo Alto Networks takes major sponsorship role

Kuala Lumpur, 15 March 2013 — ISWec today announced that Palo Alto Networks, the network security company, has become Gold Sponsor of the 2nd Annual Infosecurity World Exhibition and Conference 2013, which will be held on March 20 – 21, 2013 at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

This level of commitment to the event provides Palo Alto Networks ample opportunity to share their expertise, experience and the next generation of network security solutions with the regional ICT community and customers.

Palo Alto Networks’ Vice President APAC, Sharat Sinha, said: “As we have just entered the year 2013, we couldn’t have thought of a better way to underscore our support for the industry by sponsoring this event. We are eagerly looking forward to working with the organizing committee of Infosecurity World 2013 and supporting their activities to promote the event and the industry as a whole.”

Thursday, March 14, 2013

TM Forum: Asian Telcos relying on New Tools to Deliver Digital Service and Reduce Churn

KUALA LUMPUR – March 13, 2013: The rapidly maturing mobile sectors across the Asia Pacific region are resulting in declining top and bottom lines for telco service providers; thus they are increasingly turning to Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Analytics tools to better understand their customers, reduce churn and drive digital service delivery.

Chief innovation officer for Axiata Digital, Karan Henrik Ponnudurai, cites CEM to be of utmost importance - especially with the proliferation of smartphones in the Asia Pac region.

Karan Henrik Ponnudurai,Chief Innovation Officer, Axiata Digital

He said, “A number of emerging markets in Asia have five or more operators, leading to fierce competition. As the markets mature, there is a smaller pool of potential new users, while much of the population has little disposable income.”

“Competing on price alone is a race to the bottom so better segmentation is a key aim for many during 2013, and operators should focus on improving customer experience to succeed in the current marketplace.”

At TM Forum’s most recent Asia Insights report that was released at the Management World Asia conference held in Singapore 12-13 March, it was revealed that top-line service revenues grew by just 8 percent across the region in 2012, with China and Indonesia as the only countries that observed double-digit growth.

Cacoo Is in town on SEA Tour 2013

Cacoo - a web-based diagram drawing and collaboration tool, is in town today (Mar 14, 2013) for user meetup session.

Called CacooUp, the meetup will be a great opportunity for everybody to gather with fellow Cacoo users in KL and share about experiences using Cacoo, as well as gain new tips and tricks. This is the first time CacooUp is being organized in KL.

Learn more about the tour.

Check out more on Cacoo.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

IT Trends Analysis Week 3 of Mar 2013

Very exciting time indeed. This analysis attempts to explore digital lifestyle trending between BYOD, security and mobile Internet that have emerged recently.

If we pay attention to what have emerged, BYOD is the biggest trend driver. Security solution companies all acknowledged that it will give rise to some security threats in some ways. Hence, security solution companies proposed to at least implement some sort of MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution; some like Fujitsu even offered one-stop managed mobile device solution.

This will generate a thrust towards the industry where enterprises and SMEs will adopt BYOD in a greater way while implementing security solution to mitigate risks associated with such adoptions. This will be good for security companies.

FalconStor Announces Appointment of Ingram Micro as Distributor in SG

KUALA LUMPUR, March 12, 2013 — FalconStor Software, Inc., a market leader in disk-based data protection, today announced the appointment of Ingram Micro Asia as FalconStor's distributor in the Singapore and Indochina markets. Ingram Micro is a leading wholesale provider of a wide range of computer products in the Asia Pacific region.

"We are very pleased with the opportunity presented by FalconStor and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership. We see growth in FalconStor solutions over the years, and we are glad to be working with their innovative team to further this course. We believe the world-class data protection and recovery solutions from FalconStor will prove to be a successful addition to our impressive portfolio of products,” says Francis Choo, executive managing director at Ingram Micro.

(L-R:) Suresh Nair, GM and VP of Sales and Marketing of APAC FalconStor, Francis Choo, Executive Managing Director, Ingram Micro

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Amber Chia Sets Up Online Shopping Store in Southeast Asia

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 March 2013 – Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s largest web hosting provider, today outlines a 3-years business plan for its ecommerce division

The 3-Year plan is in tandem with Exabytes’ latest aquisition of and, and strategic partnerships that involve P1 Communications and PayPal in a concerted pursuit to ramp up the local eCommerce market for online retailers and merchants.

Chief Executive Officer, Chan Kee Siak, shares that Exabytes’ retailer portal currently hosts close to 10,000 eCommerce merchants trading over 100,000 products.

Chan kee Siak, second from left, Amber Chia, third from left

Monday, March 11, 2013

ICT Happening Updates Week 2 of Mar 2013

The most significant news for week 1 of Feb 2013 was launching of next-generation Office 365 for Business by Microsoft.

Now, in case you missed them, the most important happenings for last one week were:
  • Google to cut 1,200 jobs at Motorola Mobility.
  • Oracle provides industry’s first one-stop platform for monitoring and managing improved social interactions.
  • Brocade opens technical assistance center in China.
  • Hitachi Systems and Sunway Technology of Malaysia establish IT services joint venture.
  • Venture capital kingpin Kleiner Perkins acknowledges weak results.
  • ZALORA Malaysia to celebrate first birthday on Mar 13, 2013.
  • Epson maintains a consecutive 12th year record as No.1 projector maker.
  • IBM thinks that Open-Source and Open Standard is the future for cloud, launches IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Computer Security Updates Week 2 of Mar 2013

Refer to Computer Security Updates Week 1 of Mar 2013; in which there were two common themes, mobile and intelligent security for enterprise - the whole industry acknowledges that mobile trends such as BYOD will bring about security threats. Companies like Fujitsu responded timely by launching managed mobile solution.

For this week, here are the biggest news.
  • ESET reported that Win32/TrojanDownloader.Zortob.B Threat appears to be active and fast growing.
  • Java, Chrome, IE 10 and Firefox were all compromised successfully during PWN2OWN 2013 competition.
  • Kaspersky Lab launches New Endpoint Security Solutions for enterprises and SMEs.
  • Microsoft research reveals that consumers lost more money to cyber security threats than saving when resorted to pirated software.
  • Cyber-Ark introduces "Cyber-Ark DNA™" to easily scan and identify organizations' most vulnerable access points.
  • Hackers attack Czech news websites in latest media assault.
  • Malaysian, Filipino hackers go to war in cyberspace.
  • F5 survey finds organizations unprepared for security demands such as BYOD.
Check out more on security and weekly updates.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Epson Releases New Flagship of SCADA Robots

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 8 March 2013 – Seiko Epson Corporation the global share leader*1 in SCARA robots for industrial applications, today announced the launch of its new H8 robots, the first models in its new flagship H series of horizontally articulated SCARA robots. H8 robots are designed to automate tasks such as assembly and transport. They are capable of handling payloads up to 8 kg, and are available in models with arm lengths of 450 mm, 550 mm, and 650 mm.

Epson's industrial robots are widely used to transport and assemble parts on production lines particularly in the electronics and automotive industries. Epson's SCARA robots have long been valued for their exceptional speed, accuracy, and operating stability, but the robots in the H series take these performance parameters to the next level to meet manufacturers' demands for even higher throughput.

H8 Scara robots

Friday, March 08, 2013

Virtual Travel Fair is Back with More Varieties for Travellers

Petaling Jaya, 8th March 2013 – SOTA’s Virtual Travel Fair (VTF) returns once again, this time presenting greater travel deals and more choices of travel packages for travel buyers to choose from. The fifth VTF will commence from 13th March to 29th March 2013.

“The travel provider participation for this VTF is among the highest that we have had, with more than 4,000 travel packages being offered and accommodation offered by 150,000 hotels worldwide. With the growing maturity of online travel in Malaysia, we believe we will see an even stronger response for this year’s VTF especially with more variety of travel packages and value for money deals offering greater incentives for savvy travel buyers,” said Rohizam Md Yusoff, Chief Executive Officer of Creative Advances Technology Sdn Bhd (CAT), the company that developed SOTA.

(L-R:) Carroll Kee Pei Ros, Executive of Account Servicing (Digital) Star Publications (M) Bhd;  Michael A. Fredericks, Star Publication’s Portal Head of; Rohizam MD Yusoff, CEO of Creative Advances Technology Sdn Bhd and Joanna Liao, CMO of Creative Advances Technology Sdn Bhd announcing the launch of the 5th Virtual Travel Fair.

There are prizes up for grabs even before the VTF kicks off. Between1st March to 12th March, newly signed-up SOTA passport members stand a chance to win a pair of movie tickets through daily lucky draws. Existing SOTA Passport members also stand a chance every four days until 12th March to be one of three winners of a RM340 worth one-night stay prize at the beautiful Anggun Boutique Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, just by registering their interest to join the VTF on SOTA’s website.

Apart from offering great incentive for travel buyers through a convenient online marketplace, the VTF presents value buys that translate to bigger savings for travellers. Some interesting packages offered in this fifth VTF include the hot-selling Universal Studios Singapore and Johor Legoland 3 days/2 nights trips, 7 days/6 nights Korea and Jeju trips and Umrah packages to the holy land.

Get more details.

Monster Malaysia Launches The First 3-D Virtual Career Fair

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Mar 7, 2013 - Monster Malaysia, one of the leading online career and recruitment solutions providers in the region announced the launch of its first virtual career fair in Malaysia, taking place from 11th – 15th March.

Developed to meet the changing needs of the modern day jobseekers and employers alike, the new concept offers jobseekers both in the Malaysia and internationally, the opportunity to log on to a virtual exhibition and engage in real time with companies seeking talent in the country.

Designed to suit the increasingly proliferated workplace and job seeking process across the country, the virtual experience lets jobseekers gain details about the job vacancies available in Malaysia, apply for positions and even speak or live chat to the a potential future employer, all at the comfort of their desk or home.

The virtual career fair can be viewed via

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Fujitsu Says MYOD not BYOD

The People:

Mr. Craig Baty, CTO, Fujitsu APAC, Fujitsu
Ms. Suzlinda Sulaiman, VP, Managed Services, Fujitsu Malaysia, Fujitsu,
Mr. P. Saravana Kumar, Senior Consultant, Pre-Sales & Solutioning, Fujitsu
Ms. Michele Lum, Marketing Director, Fujitsu Malaysia, Fujitsu,

Kuala Lumpur, Mar 6, 2013 - BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend has become common even though it is associated with many issues and poses significant challenges to organizations such as threats to enterprise data security and etc.

Organizations have to embrace BYOD at all cost. In order to do that, they have to manage every aspect of challenges associated with it; in order words, organizations have to Manage Your Own Devices (MYOD).

(L-R:) Suzlinda Sulaiman, VP, Managed Services, Craig Baty, CTO APAC, P. Saravana Kumar, Senior Consultant, Fujitsu

In a typical scenario, managing mobile devices requires organizations to take care of the technology assets (hardware and software); policies & processes and users support. One may choose to adopt MDM solution to manage and help with automation of certain processes, but MDM solution is really just a software suite by itself – MDM requires to be maintained as well.

The ideal solution is to outsource all aspect of mobile device management to a third party which is what Fujitsu is offering today, the enterprise managed mobile – all in one solution.

hybris Software Raises $30 Million Investment from Meritech, Greylock and Huntsman Gay

SINGAPORE – March 5, 2013 – hybris, the world’s fastest-growing commerce platform provider ranked “leader” by both principal analyst firms, today announced that it has secured a $30 million investment from Meritech Capital Partners, Greylock Israel, both new shareholders in the company, and existing investor Huntsman Gay Global Capital (HGGC), which has been the company’s largest investor since 2011. George Bischof, a Managing Director at Meritech who led this equity round, has joined the hybris Board of Directors.

hybris will use the new funding to accelerate growth in emerging markets, further strengthen the company’s presence in North America and Europe, address additional verticals and make strategic addon acquisitions. Over the past three years, hybris has generated organic revenue growth at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 70 percent, while still generating positive operating cash flows. hybris currently employs more than 600 people.

hybris is the only enterprise commerce suite incorporating commerce for all channels including the web and mobile, for both B2C and B2B, that includes powerful search and merchandising, master data management for commerce, order management, and web content management. And it is built on a single stack of modern, standards-based, service-oriented technology, providing the shortest time to innovation. hybris has a unique, flexible delivery approach. Customers can deploy hybris software with a traditional perpetual license, hosted by the customer or by hybris managed services, and hybris also offers an on-demand service (SaaS). Customers can switch deployment from on-demand to on-premise without replatforming.

Get more details.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Silver Peak Provides 100x Faster Access to the Amazon Cloud

Singapore. March 5, 2013 – Silver Peak Systems, the leader in accelerating data over distance, today announced that its Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers cloud-ready data acceleration for enterprise customers. Silver Peak software enables AWS users to accelerate data moving to and from AWS data centers, drastically improving data transfer efficiency by overcoming common network challenges such as limited WAN bandwidth, distance and network quality.

Whether backing up data to the cloud or accessing cloud-hosted applications and services, Silver Peak makes AWS fast and affordable. AWS data centers can be hundreds-to-thousands of miles away for a company’s core data center. Accessing those data centers over lower-quality Internet connections can result in poor application performance and slow data transfers. Silver Peak software deployed in the Amazon cloud saves customers thousands-of-dollars every month in AWS expenses by eliminating over 50% of cloud traffic and overcoming the adverse effects of distance and network quality. With Silver Peak, Amazon customers can migrate data to the cloud quicker than ever with 20x more throughput—reducing the largest data transfers from days to hours.

Symantec: 2013 State of Cloud Survey (Global)

The people:

Mr. Dave Elliott, Global Product Marketing, Symantec Corporation,
Mr. Nigel Tan, Director, Systems Engineering, Symantec Corporation,
Ms. Yu Wui Wui, Marcom, Symantec Corporation,

Kuala Lumpur, Mar 5, 2013 - According to Symantec, 99% of organizations in Malaysia are at least discussing cloud, up to 70% about a year ago.

“A majority of businesses in Malaysia are at least discussing cloud as the benefits in improving agility and reducing costs are clear. However, in a rush to implement cloud, there are a host of hidden costs unwary organizations may face. The hidden costs of cloud implementation can negate the benefits if not properly contained,” said Nigel Tan, director of Systems Engineering at Symantec Malaysia.

Dave Elliott, Global Product Marketing, Nigel Tan, Director, Systems Engineering, Symantec Corporation

Symantec opines that there are essentially 3 adoption approaches for safe cloud. Each approach is characterized by distinct objective for cloud adoption.
  • Consume cloud services – make use of available hosted cloud services to simplify IT
  • Extend IT into the cloud – leverage on cloud computing resources by integrating self-managed non-cloud services with public hosted cloud services
  • Build cloud services – build own cloud infrastructures

End users must be set clear vision for cloud adoption in order to fully reap the benefits of cloud computing adoption. Failure to do so may result in deviation of technology and business objectives as well as the inevitability of incurring extra costs.

To facilitate discussion further, Symantec took initiative to perform a global survey across 29 countries covering 3,236 global organizations to investigate hidden costs of cloud computing.

PDF Conversion Tools for Mobile (InvestIntech Software Updates), the company who develops and sell PDF solutions online has just realized a new software which allows users to convert PDF documents into other formats right from iOS and Android platforms.

It is very easy to use. Just install the software and then directly from emails, select an email attachment to perform the conversion.

The software is free for download.

Get more details.

Also check out previous reviews on

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Developers Updates Week 1 of Mar 2013

In the last updates series(week 3 of Jan 2013), the most interesting update was that Nokia partners with MDeC to promote Windows 8 mobile application activities.

For this updates series, the followings had emerged.
  • Blackberry launches BlackBerry 10 applications challenge.
  • Software AG announces expanded webMethods capabilities for API management.
  • HCL Technologies adopts Hybris e-commerce platforms for vertical applications.
  • Oracle announces general availability of NetBeans IDE 7.3; Java integrated development environment (IDE) - free for download.
  • Adobe announces latest HTML5 development environment on the cloud; Adobe Edge Reflow.
  • Malaysia launches UniMy; the university for computer science and engineering courses only.
  • Dellevangelizes using Quick Apps for Sharepoint (RAD tool) to empower end-user programming.
  • Nokia invests $250 million in venture funding.
  • Intel introduces mSATA Solid-State drive for Ultrabook™ and low-power embedded applications.
  • GizmoSphere launches an AMD APU-based Gizmo Board for developers as introduction to the concept of heterogeneous computing.

Computer Security Updates Week 1 of Mar 2013

Refer to 'Computer Security Updates Week 4 of Feb 2013'; in which the biggest news was about announcement of releases of Oracle security patch updates.

Security news blossomed this week, where we witnessed the followings:

  • Sophos published that Evernote were hacked - almost 50 million passwords reset after security breach.
  • Huawei launches new version of eSight with enhanced enterprise security features.
  • Symantec discovers latest Java Zero-Day exploit; Trojan.Naid.
  • Kaspersky Lab together with CrySys Lab identifies 'MiniDuke' which is considered to be a fresh malware released no earlier than Feb 2013. 
  • HP helps organizations improve security by providing context to big data. 
  • Akamai releases updates for Kona Site Defender.
  • Sourcefire introduces Dedicated Advanced Malware Protection Appliance in Malaysia.
  • McAfee acquires ValidEdge for its remarkable sandboxing technology. 
  • Imation: 18% drop in confidence of corporate data security contributed by mobile workforce trend.
  • Remotium named Most Innovative Company at RSA® Conference 2013.
  • Blue Coat Systems releases 2013 mobile malware report
  • Palo Alto Networks publishes Application Usage and Threat Report.

Check out more on security and weekly updates.

ICT Happening Updates Week 1 of Mar 2013

The most significant news for Week 2 of Feb 2013 was launching of first GPS enabled taxi in Malaysia and Taxi Booking App by Sunlight Unicablink.

Now, in case you missed them, the most important happenings for last one week or two were:
  • New HTC One wins global mobile award for best new handeset while Nexus 7 wins best mobile tablet at MWC 2013.
  • FalconStor research finds companies inadequately prepared for IT disasters.
  • Epson announces faster speed performance for its popular dot-matrix printers.
  • VMware: 66% of Malaysians prefer to work for companies that allow technological freedom.
  • Microsoft releases next-generation Office 365 for Business.
  • Brocade names Jeff Lindholm as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales.
  • Silver Peak study finds data explosion driving need for more off-site data replication.
  • P1 offers 125GB extra with P1’s 4G broadband plans.
  • Garter: Oracle in Leaders Quadrant for Data Warehouse Database Management Systems.
  • Gartner: Brocade in Visionaries quadrant for data center infrastructure.