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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The future of Internet until 2020 : by PEW Internet

Thanks Jeffooi for the heads-up.

There is this interesting survey done by PEW Internet & American Life Project about the future of Internet moving into year 2020.

This survey is not answered by lay person, it is responded by Internet experts, technologist and etc.

Please download it here.. It is a 115 pages document with survey results only spanning 5 pages long. The rest are commentaries and references to cater for transparency, auditing and integrity assurrances

It is divided into two portions:

1. Future Outlook

Based on majority votes:

1a. A global, low cost network thrives:

1b. English displaces other languages:

1c. Autonomous technology is a problem:

1d. Transparency builds a better world, even at the expense of privary:

1e. Virtual reality is a drain for some:

1f. Internet opens worldwide access to success

1g. Some luddites/refuseniks will commit terror acts:

2. Priorities on development based on four development initiatives.

2a. First priority
Building capacity of the network and passing the knowledge to those not currently online

2b. Second priority
Creating a legal and operating environment that allows people to use the Internet the way they want, using the software they want

2c. Third priority
Establishing an easy-to-use, secure international money microcredit system

2d. Fourth priority
Developing and "arming" and international security watchdog organization

“Billions of dollars are already being used to build an effective international security watchdog organization,” wrote Charlie Breindahl of the IT University of Copenhagen. “It goes under names such as NSA, CIA and the Department of Homeland Security. Some of it is legal, some illegal. If there is a need to fulfill in this area, it is to put in place an international cyberpolice controlled by the UN; that possibility is moot, of course.”


This is a great document for technology evangelist like me to know who is what out there for the Internet playing field.

It is also a useful material for those budding netpreneurs and "miracle"preneurs who are looking for the next big thing. See it for yourself, what you are getting is something which many experts have agreed upon.

Participants described their primary area of internet interest as ...
“research scientist” (19%);
“entrepreneur/business leader” (12%);

“technology developer or administrator” (11%);
“author/editor/journalist” (10%);

“futurist/consultant” (9%);
“advocate/voice of the people/activist user” (8%);
“legislator/politician” (2%); or “pioneer/originator” (1%);
the remainder of participants (29%) chose “other” for this survey question or did not respond.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Malaysia Internet Exchange & Politics

First of all, let's congratulate MCMC for doing a great job in rolling-out the MyICMS 886 strategy.

This strategy which consists of 8 Services, 8 Infrastructures and 6 Growth Areas has been endorsed by the prime minister of Malaysia as the de facto IT blue print for Malaysia within the next 5 years, complementing the 9MP.

Under the Infrastructure item no.5, Home Internet Adoption, it states that ...

Expected Result:

1. Increasing and unencumbered communications for person-to-person, person-to-object and object-to-object.
2. It is expected that with the increasing initiatives at content development and the availability of the high speed broadband services, Internet access will reach 70% penetration for household by end 2008.
3. By end 2010, it is targeted that 90% of the household will have Internet access.

Now let's check out current Internet access penetration in the Malaysian scenario. Therefore, with dial-up penetration of only 13.5% for 2006 and broadband penetration of only 2.5%, that is quite a far-fetched ambition. well, let's see how they perform.

Malaysia Internet Exchange

The Malaysian government announced that they are setting up an Internet Exchange by end of this year, 2006. The reason is to make sure that local consumers gain more by paying the same rate.

But the idea of Internet Exchange is a matter of bandwidth or trunk. In fact, Malaysia is already having trunk(s), most probably is owned by TM and if I could remember, it is connected through the south china sea. However, that trunk is having limited capacity.

So, having said that the government will implement an Internet Exchange connecting directly to International hub(s); it is a good news for all because certain portions of the 9th malaysian plan would be allocated for buying and maintaining the expected bandwidht of 70% Internet penetration to household.

In fact, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is witnessing an explosion of international Internet bandwidth. Capacity on Internet links connecting APAC to the world have skyrocketed more than eightfold over the last two years from 8 to 65 gigbits (Gbits/se) by the end of 2001. International Internet capacity in the region now far exceeds conventional telephone capacity. Internet bandwidth refers to the capacity of the connection and is measured in bits per second (bit/s). Original source

So, the questions is always who is going to pay first ?

Political Related ?

This could be side-effects from Malaysian-Singapore feud which has been developing ever since a few months ago..

Lee Kuan Yew & Malaysian Chinese
Crooked Bridge
No lah - Hsien Loong

Though it is true that many traffics are routed to Singapore for international exchange, which is only because Singapore is the hub for APAC. They already have the facilities and capacity ready which bandwidths are then sold in bulk for users even before the crooked bridge was cook out.

Jaring and TM failed to come to common ground ?
They should seek out fundings from VF Capital Sarawak.

I am not sure, let's see what does political bloggers such as jeffooi, skthew carry further on this...

Also, let's see what does the Next Wave Enterprise and MobileTalk has to say about this ?

Eventually Eventually Eventually...

And finally, it is alright that Streamyx support number is a non-tollfree one because many others will be providing the otherwise. What a great anticipation for all, let's hail our hopeful new hero(s)..

1. Airzed Broadband for Wireless
2. Baycom for Satellite
3. Optical Communication Engineering for Fiber
4. Real Energy - BPL

Something to learn..

However, something to take note here is that, in order to be a hub, financial management skills is crucial for an entity such as Malaysia the country. This is because if you want to be some kind of hub, you got to sort out the funding first.

Friday, September 22, 2006

IT-Sideways Celebrates OneWebDay: 22 September 2006

Today is OneWebDay...

Everybody should come together to celebrate this precious day.. relating how web contributes to human being and future generation.

OneWebDay officially starts today and will happen annually on each 22 September.

One World, One Web, One Day..

what is the fun of it ? The fun of it is to come online together at once and jam up the Internet, this will encourage scientist to work harder on creating better technologies.

Spread the news around..

Hard disk failure

Have you ever encountered ?

Start up your windows XP PC and was given the prompt..

"Start up Windows in Safe Mode"
"Start up Windows Normally"

Having chose either of it... Windows XP won't load and then the PC will be automatically restarted ?

This could be a high possibility that the hard disk is failing. To confirm this, you have to view the IDE drive detection process. Once do that... you may notice the following.

Trend ChipAwayVirus (R) on Guard
Detecting Primary Master ..... Maxtor 6L040J2
Detecting Primary Slave ..... None
Detecting Secondary Master ..... IOMEGA CDRW19200INT-A
Detecting Secondary Slave ..... None

SMART Failure Predicted on Primary master : Maxtor 6L040J2
Warning : Immediately back-up your data and replace your hard disk.
A failure may be imminent.

This proves that perhaps, certain portions of the hard disk are giving out or there are "bad sectors". But it is not totally crashed yet. Don't keep trying to load Windows hoping for miracle, heebie-jeebie is inevitable.

Take out the hard disk, hook it up to another PC as slave so that you can retrieve your precious data for backup and then replace a new one. You may want to try giving the current faulty hard disk a second chance by reformating it.

Don't worry. Problems like this happen and it helps to reduce karma.

Sometimes, it happens to a public listed company too.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

NKK Technologies provides geomatic based applications

NKK Technologies provides expertise in development of geomatic based applications...

NKK Technologies Sdn Bhd is a leading software development and consultancy company, established by a group of highly experienced software developers, consultants and project managers. We pride ourselves in providing professional services and solutions to our clients. Our wealth of expertise gives us the confidence to develop the best solutions for your business model and the best systems that meet your IT requirements.

Its Mopheus based applications caters for the following benefits..

- Gain spatial appreciation of an area of interest.
- Gain temporal appreciation of an area of interest.
- Gain PMESII appreciation of an area of interest.
- Gain functional appreciation of an area of interest.

Demand for Geomatic Based Application...

Earlier on, we explored issues facing Malaysian Internet users where local hero Streamyx was undergoing system upgrades from 9th to 19th September 2006 which rendered many unpleasant net surfing experiences for its subscription based users. However, the support center managed to hold up still.

Redesign Malaysia:

There is one emerging web site took up the challenge by offering contents to Malaysian Internet users with the website known as RedesignMalaysia: For better broadband, for the rakyat.

This web site is supposed to act as a central place (a portal) for broadband users in Malaysia to do a few things which include:

- Voice their complains
- Share experiences
- Choose their preferred broadband providers.
- etc

The interesting part is that it attempts to use Map (geomatic) as its core navigational interface. However, that is based on Macromedia Flash. Through this interface, users can design area of interest according to their preferences; such as Petaling Jaya, Bangsar, Seputeh and etc.


Another interesting web application which uses geomatic feature is from f-secure; anti-virus provider.

Through this link, one may notice that Map is used as preferred navigational interface. The web site is not quite comprehensive and is used to provide information about viruses detected by F-Secure team through their integrated network. Their technologies deploy the concept of HoneyPot; where computing resources are made available through the Internet to let attract viruses and bots to bring down these resources. Then this will create traces and evidence leading to those soon-to-be destructions. This is one way of pining down viruses.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mobile Money Competitor

Long Time ago...

Long time ago, this blog was focusing merticulously on the development of mobile money which consists of the following:

Knowing the numbers
Lacking synergy
Customers Feedback
The death of credit card
Mobile Money demsytified
Redtone: Mobile Money

Latest Development:

It has been a while... so check out their latest development here..

They managed to sign up TNB eventually. Congrats.

New Kids on the Block:

POS Malaysia couldn't take the heat, they also wanted to have mobile money solutions.

Thus, they created POS Pay.

What these two things have in common is that you can now pay anything with your mobile phone account. If you are a prepaid user, the money will be deducted from your topped-up credits.

I received an email from, saying that POS Pay is malaysia first Ringgit-based virtual account. Wow, this is exciting, but is it accurate ?

UAT Failed:

but UAT (User Acceptance Test) not yet passed..

The software developer must be having a tough time now...

POS Malaysia will definitely not going to pay them money...

There is a message box which let users feedback error messages to the project manager. And that also it is not quite working.

You can pay for anything, but later please..

Nevermind, it is not a spam email. or is it ? Please check this out; anti-spam toolkit.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Getting lean with Supply Chain Management

Previously, we discussed about how glitches in supply chain processes can cause big companies a lot of money.. here

The solutions is to come up with a business contingency plan. To do that you need to have knolwedge in terms of suppy chain management.

Check out the Supply Chain Management Guru Blog..

One of the major challenges for any manufacturer, with or without own production facilities, is the mastery of supply chain management (SCM). It is about integrating PEOPLE, BUSINESS PROCESSES & SYSTEMS, and TECHNOLOGIES effectively to ensure global competitiveness. APICS body of knowledge can help to enhance the skills and expertise in SCM in Advancing Productivity,Innovation, and Competitive Success (APICS). All major systems and technologies implementation must be aligned and integrated with effective education, training and development of people. MPICS ( is the International Associate of APICS USA.

The Association for Operations Management Advancing Productivity, Innovation, and Competitive Success

Be ready for globalisation & trade liberalization with the Powerful international professional certifications from APICS (

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)
- Competency in Extended Enterprise SCM
- Apply for eligibility before end of September 2006
- First public course starting November 2006 for December exam

Certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM)
- Competency in manufacturing SCM
- More than 70,000 CPIM holders in the world
- Next public class starting October 2006
- Proven body of knowledge

Just In Time Manufacturing (JIT)
- Foundation for Lean Six Sigma or Lean Manufacturing
- Basis for Lean Value Chain
- Methodology for lower costs, high quality & shorter cycle time
- Towards Simplification and Standardisation
- On-demand courses and industry consulting available

Get certified by the leaders in Supply Chain Management (SCM):
- More than 70,000 CPIM holders worldwide
- More than 25,000 corporate members worldwide
- Supported and recognised by many MNC's in Malaysia as well
- Leading supply chain management qualifications
- HRDF Claimable

Monday, September 11, 2006

Streamyx Support Number

Streamyx Support Number = 1300889515 is not a toll-free number!!!

The line is working...

Customer service is friendly enough...

They speak clear languages....

They managed to solve all my complains ...

Streamyx is undergoing upgrades from 9th to 19th September 2006, many end-users are expected to be affected by this exercise.

For my case, the DSL signal couldn't prove to be strong enough to support a PPPoE connection. The DSL LED keeps blinking for no reason. This hasn't been the first time for my experiences.

They promised to solve it in 2 days.

We all should be anticipating some excitement in the telecommunication market by next year; 2007.

Many wireless broadband providers are going to swarm the market pretty soon, this gives end-users choices and flexibility to settle with good and fair services.

Amongst the budding players coming out to fight with streamyx are being showcased at the ACM 2006 forum last week at KLCCCCC.

They are :

1. Nasioncom
2. Smart - Satelite broadband
3. Mobif - iBurst technology
4. OCE
5. CNX Redtone

I guess we should all be watching for these players to emerge into the market especially klang valley in order to create a trully non-monopoly telecommunication market as promised by MCMC.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Microsoft: Tech Ed 2006

Microsoft organizes Tech Ed once a year. The main intention is to teach those entrepreneurs who uses Microsoft technology so that they don't abuse the technology..

I went through most of booth.. I didn't register for the training track... here is the listing for most of the exhibitors:


- Managed/Outsource Services
- Client & Desktop management
- Backoffice & security infrastructure

Special featuring:


IPNOX takes the defence in-depth approach in countering against network Intrusion threats to achieve information assurance for corporate organizations. Their cost effective solution employs the use of Public Key Infrastructure to enforce strong authentication for Dual-Factor Single-Sign-On (SSO).

With their solution, WIRED, WIRELESS and REMOTE ACCESS to the corporate network will be made more secured as only Authenticated and Authorized users and devices can have access to the corporate network.

The use of smart-cards is one of the most convenient & cost effective ways to enahce an organization's information security. Information in transport can be protected through the use of Encrypted File System (EFS). Email Encryption and Digital Signing features which are made available with ease to the everyday users.

2. Faxcore

Fax server solutions. Key features:
- Open starndard database
- .NET Design
- Enterprise Directory Structure
- Browser interface for users and administrators
- Bundled archive and document management
- Beyond faxing
- N-Tier architecture
- Inherited user permissions
- Powerful document server
- Integration with Microsoft outlook

3. Microsoft - Featuring Windows Server 2003 R2

Featuring ...

- Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2
- Operations Manager 2005
- Internet Security & Acceleration Server 2004

4. Diskeeper Corporation

Featuring Diskeeper10..

Get optimum performance and reliability from every PC, laptop and server at your site.

Disk fragmentation is a problem that affects every Windows system from low-end desktops to enterprise servers. Now that disks and files are growing larger and larger, it's a bigger problem than ever. Fragmentation accumulates exponentially, causing slowdowns, freeze ups, and even complete crashes. in worst-case scenarios, fragmentation can bring the fatest systems to their knees within a matter of hours.

Many system administrators wind up attempting to combat fragmentation on a "break-fix" basis. They send out technicians to deal with systems suffering from random crashes or sluggish performance. Whether they realize it or not, fragmentation is often the root cause. Why chase after fragmentation when you can eliminate it completely ? The answer is automatic defragmentation with Diskeeper, the Number One Automatic Defragmentater.

Diskeeper 10 is the complete solution designed to automatically eliminate fragmentation undetectably, in the background. Your users will hardly know when Diskeeper is active, but you'll quickly see the benefits: Reduced help desk traffic, increased reliability, and systems that always run like new.

Undelete 5 - Instant file recovery and data protection:

This software solves the potentially disastrous problem by protecting all files, no matter how or when they were deleted, and providing the means for instant recovery. Undelete 5 can even restore older versions of Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) thanks to new version protection technology. In a network environment, Undelete 5 empowers users to recover their own files, reducing Help Desk traffic and IT costs.



- InstallShield
- InstallAnywhere
- FlexNet Adminstudio
- Web analytics done right
- Web performance load tester

6. U.C.T.I - APIIT

Featuring ...

M.Sc in Technology Management
M.Sc in IT management
M.Sc in Software Engineering
M.Sc in Multimedia Applications Management

7. K2.Net

Great businesses are always looking to improve the productivity of their most important asset - their employees. For enterprise applications to thrive, they must allow human participants to seamlessly integrate into business processes and collaborate with their colleagues. Since business processes usually involve several participants and systems, it is also important to provide business owners with a facility to identify system bottlenecks so improvements can be made. Workflow solutions such as can help with these endeavors. 2003 is a workflow solution for the .NET enterprise. in conjunction with the appropriate Microsoft Knowledge Worder technologies (SharePoint Portal Server, Office System, InfoPath, Content Management Server and BizTalk Server) can help companies focus on business solutions instead of technical challenges. Thanks to the seamless integration betwen and these Microsoft technologies, enterprise applications based on can help businesses operate more efficiently. With's no-coding-required GUI and rapid development environment, business owners can create and update business processes without requiring the involvement of an IT staff. Additionally, process reporting is available for real-time status and process analysis through the Workspace.

8. ITrain - Training provider

Featuring ...

Microsoft related training courses.

9. Nota Asia - Training provider


Microsoft related training courses; focusing on SharePoint Portal Server.

10. eNable DotCom

Featuring push-email solutions (direct push technology) via MS Exchange Server Open NL.

11. International Association of Software Architects

This is a unique, world-wide organization for recognized professional IT-architects or those wishing to become recognized professional IT-architects. IASA is a non-partisan, nor-for-profit organization financed through its sponsors as well as its members activities.

12. Far-East Business Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Featuring ...

Margin Minder Profit Management System

The Margin Minder analytics system is an interactive, immediate-response system for tracking sales, revenue and margin productivity in high volume wholesale distribution and integrated manufacturer's sales environments. It offers anyone the ability to score productivity from a single customer or product SKU, through many perspectives (dimensions) and aggregates, up through the entire enterprise.

It is a business intelligence solution.

13. Iverson - Training provider

Featuring ...

Microsoft related training courses.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

jhoos - is it working ?

OMG (oh my goodness jesus christ) ....

have you guys tested the new dating messenger called jhoos ?

I downloaded it with invitation from an Internet friend.. i thought it is fun. Installed it, tried to register and could NOT work in the first place.

After two weeks... still same. Can't register, can't login, no notification emails...

This is not really a pleasant experience for customer... No CRM ?

I am going to uninstall it pretty soon. Give them more chance.

Let's see what happen ? Do they check out Tech Blogs ? No public relation management ?

For those of you new out there.. beware of this service. It could be another phishing scheme. Make sure you don't provide the same password which you used for your email.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Microsoft Office Groove 2007

Microsoft Office introduces a new product which are quite similar to NetMeeting amid a more powerful one and it is called Groove.

The purpose of Groove software is to allow creation of workspace in your local PC so that one can share out information seamlessly with with others. It alllows users to

Spend less time coordinating and more time working...

As as for the question of files sharing via email and servers ?

Confusion, slowdown and versioning issues...

But Groove is not likely going to make file servers obsolete... because:

1. Servers are still needed to store things which we don't want to know and don't really care about.
2. Servers are still needed for large distribution of files.

Groove 2007 is good for the following purposes...

1. Data management which leads to better storage management. Imagine that a sales executive emailing clients with attachments of size = 10 M and is obligated to cc to four supervisors. Thus, if he or she has to send the same email to 100 clients not at the same time, the four supervisors would receive the same attachments 100 times.

2. Information sharing between different autonomous systems... I take the concept of autonomous system from computer networking to illustrate the idea where information to be shared between people from other companies. For instance, if we have to share information with a project group consisting of lawyers, designers, copy writters and etc. Then by means of network security, we would have to create some sort of FTP folders or even worst VPN for temporarily basis. A lot of coordination works is required... Groove can just solve all that. Refer to the demo.

In all, Groove is not going to make Office SharePoint or Windows 2003 server obsolete, it is just packaged under Microsoft Office to provide Microsoft platform users with value-add applications to enhance their experience with Windows platform.

But in the future, there is a possibility where end-users will have ownership of digital information which is essential to counter-strike against cyber-threats.

For instance, when one purchase something from Amazon, the latter will keep important information such as credit card numbers and etc in its database. Even though these information are protected by security measures such as encryption and etc... however, it is still considered not fully managed by owners. To put you through a thorough perspective, let's me cite an real life example.

I purchased a book from Amazon a few months ago, that book didn't arrive as promised. Even though I could have not been too accurate on the shipping address, however Amazon will not take the trouble to contact you for failure of delivery.

Thus, when I contacted Amazon, they offered full refund immediately or otherwise the book will be scheduled for next delivery with abortion of shipping charges. I opted to totally cancel the order and full refund. They complied and nothing happens for two weeks. However, guess what after two weeks ?

The system contacted me again to suggest a reshipping of the same book which I ordered. I thought it was just a sales pitch but and didn't bother to cancel it because I already did. To my surprise, the book landed on my office desk one month later and if you think that it is free gift, my credit card information resides in the database will prove you wrong.

Perhaps, there should be a way to exchange sensitive information for on-demand basis. Sensitive information should be stored locally and fully owned by the owners.. Non sensitive data such as MP3 can be in public servers or partially public servers.

For more information about Office Groove 2007, check out this link