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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Juniper Introduces Advanced Applications to Enhance Multimedia Service Delivery Over Converged IP Networks

Juniper Networks has announced a comprehensive Integrated Multiservice Gateway (IMSG) solution that will enable customers to deliver voice, video and other multimedia services with exceptional efficiency, reduced costs and increased scale and reliability. These new features simplify networks and facilitate convergence for enterprises, government agencies and service providers by fully integrating key service delivery and performance assurance functions directly within the routing platforms and IP network infrastructure. Additionally, Juniper is delivering hardware and software features that reduce costs by enabling customers to leverage investments in legacy voice and data networking equipment while they migrate to next-generation IP transport networks and services.

Check out details.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

NYSE Euronext and Juniper Networks Announce Plans for Ultra-Low Latency Network for Global Trading Data Centers

NYSE Euronext - the world’s largest and most liquid cash exchange, and Juniper Networks, Inc., the leader in high-performance networking, today announced the companies are working together to design a state-of-the-art, ultra-low latency core network for NYSE Euronext’s new consolidated global data centers.

Juniper achieved a critical milestone with this announcement; because it validates the company’s long-term strategy to develop a single data center fabric that will deliver a quantum jump in scale, performance and simplicity, while continuing to drive down the cost and complexity of managing data center information infrastructure. The capabilities that have enabled Juniper to secure NYSE are expected to resonate across financial exchanges and services groups worldwide – a key sector of the networking appliances growth in the Enterprise segment, and open doors to new opportunities.

Located in the greater New York and London metropolitan areas, NYSE Euronext’s two new data centers will be the primary operational infrastructure supporting several billion daily transactions and quotes across diverse asset classes and geographies, and will be instrumental in NYSE Euronext’s effort to consolidate the total number of its global data centers from ten to four. Expected to be operational in 2010, the new facilities will provide much greater network scale and efficiency, with plans to utilize Juniper’s Data Center Infrastructure Solutions and advanced data center fabric technology to support an unprecedented internal latency of 50 microseconds roundtrip.

Check out full details.

Adobe Updates Photoshop Lightroom, Camera Raw and DNG Specification

Adobe Systems IncorporatedImage via Wikipedia

Adobe Systems released the final Photoshop Lightroom 2.4 and Camera Raw 5.4 updates, available for immediate download at Both updates bring additional raw file support to 31 camera and camera back models including the Canon EOS 500D, Nikon D5000 and 18 Hasselblad models. A full list of the newly supported camera and camera back models is below. In addition, Adobe released an update to its Digital Negative specification (DNG), the public archival format for digital camera raw data. DNG addresses the lack of an open standard for raw files created by individual camera models, helping to ensure that photographers will be able to access their files in the future.

Check out full details.

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Email Interview With DragonSoft Research (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Email Interview With Mr. Mohan Louis (Business Development) of DragonSoft Research (M) Sdn Bhd.

DragonSoft Research is a company pioneering in multi-touch technology. Its objective is to be the pioneer in developing, commercializing and bringing to the forefront new technologies that will enhance or even simplify the ways we interact with the technology that surrounds us.

The need for multi-touch technology, besides being futuristic, is for multi-users collaboration and effective interactivity.

Mr. Mohan Louis tells us about the infancy of such technology (even globally), what opportunity lies ahead and what the industry can look forward to, including software developers.

The followings are the questions and answers:

1. Tell us a little about DragonSoft Research (who is the founder, key persons and what are the objectives) ?

Dragonsoft Research is the collective brainchild of Paul Stinchcombe, Kenneth Raj, Mohan Louis, Dwayne Boudville and Kevin Raj. Paul and Kenneth currently direct the Technical and R&D departments respectively. Mohan heads the business development side of the organization, while Dwayne currently oversees and directs all marketing efforts and communications. Kevin, meanwhile, oversees and directs the hardware development of the technology.

We have an Account Manager, Madeline Tan, who oversees the day to day operations of the business such as client servicing and team supervision. Where development is concerned, she has found her niche by providing us with creative input and direction, as her passion and appreciation for design helps ensure that all our applications strike the perfect balance needed between form and functionality.

The objective of Dragonsoft Research is to be the pioneer in developing, commercializing and bringing to the forefront new technologies that will enhance or even simplify the ways we interact with the technology that surrounds us.

2. We understand that multi-touch technology is what you are selling, is this the only product ?

No. Truth be told, we currently have other applications of immersion technologies for sale that we've developed independantly such as augmented reality, real time scene manipulation as well as gesture based interaction technology. We think of these various forms of technology as an enhancement and expansion to immersion technology as a whole.

3. Multi-touch is relatively new in Malaysia, tell us a bit more on the market scenario ?

Multi-touch as a whole is still pretty much at it's infancy stage universally. Researchers and developers, regardless of geographical location, are generally faced with the same set of challenges and obstacles that arise from this. This could be from something as simple as designing and developing an application that fully utilizes multitouch functionality to other challenges such as identifying new ways of applying this technology to serve a broader spectrum.

As with everything new, the pioneers will need to take it upon themselves to educate the public and market on the potential exploits that can be achieved with this technology.

4. Can you give us a hint on the pricing and the brand of your product range ?

As for the price, I am so sorry that I can't provide you with a figure. This is because at this point in time, all systems developed and deployed are customized solutions meant for that particular Client. There are plans to roll out a modular unit, which should be available for sale off the shelf, but this we don't foresee realizing before the end of the year as we're pretty much booked with work till then. As for the brand, it will carry our name on it as we developed the technology that makes this happen (both in terms of the software AND the hardware)

5. Using such technology seems a little far fetched for users because mouse-pointer seems like good enough for normal users, besides that, software application are mainly developed to be compatible with mouse-pointer. Is there any special APIs for software developers to use or what platforms (Microsoft, Java, Linux) are best suited for software developers to leverage on multi-touch?

The nature of this technology condones collaboration in an entirely new way. Thus, as you so aptly put it, it is a little far-fetched for normal users in everyday situations, but the moment they are thrown into the world of team collaboration and efficient team-work, multi-touch technology brings forth a whole new playing
ground to these users. At the moment, there are various ways to achieve this effects, including using development environments such as Flash, Java, Quartz Composer, VVVV, Max/MSP and other real-time capable environments. Of course, choosing any one of these will of dictate the variety of applications you can deliver based on the limitations of the environment. There are some operating systems that natively support multi touch capabilities such as Windows 7, some
distributions of Linux and there are even certain plugins forthe Mac OSX that allow multi-touch capabilities to be tied into the operating system. Development of applications is however, less mind boggling. Most environments will allow standard communication methods to be accessed this makes front-end applications somewhat cross platform. Especially if that platform happens to be Flash.

6. What traits should a software have in order to fully utilize the capability of multi-touch ?

Even before you embark on the software development process, you should already have a solid idea for an application that will showcase the use of multitouch. The technology is after all only as good and as attractive as its displayed and developed application and content.

One rule of thumb is to make sure that any ideas for content or application that will be used on the multitouch table should be able to support multiple users. This is after all the USP for multitouch. Should they not want it to be available for multiple users to be using it at the same time, it should have other functionalities that will exploit the use of its multitouch capability.

7. Can you point us to uploaded videos on youtube ?

This is a video is about a unit we just deployed and delivered 2 weekends ago. It was an interactive table measuring 4ft x 8ft and many attendees actually said that it could actually be the largest to ever be developed and deployed in Malaysia to date.

This is a video is about an event at which our unit was used as the main launch gambit. That event was officiated by our PM.

This is a video is about an interactive floor system that was also developed by us. We are the only people in the SEA region to have successfully managed to come up with a solution that will not have any shadows that care caused by people walking on the floor.

Pikom Leadership Summit 2009 (20-21 July 2009)

In conjunction with PIKOM National ICT Month(NIM) held from July 20 - Aug 20 2009, with is co-organized by Ministry of Science Innocation and Technology (MOSTI), PIKOM is organazing this event to bring together under one roof industry leaders, thought gurus and etc from across Malaysia. The summit themed "ICT - Enabling New Success" will journey through two key issues; leadership skills and the road ahead.

I plan to attend this event. Remember that last year we had WCIT 2008? It was a lot of fun and some boring sessions. Anyway, nothing is perfect.

Some benefits highlighted.

  • Ms Yvonne Chia(Group MD and CEO of Hong Leong Bank Bhd)· The first woman to head a Malaysian commercial bank.
  • Dato' Dan E Khoo(Chairman of World IT Services Alliance, WITSA)· Former Group MD of New Straits Times Technology and Exec. Director of Patimas Computers Berhad.
  • Mr Ganesh Kumar Bangah, CEO, MOL AccessPortal Berhad · Malaysia's youngest CEO of a public listed company
  • Dato' Zamzamzairani Mohd. Isa, Group CEO, Telekom Malaysia Berhad
  • Mr. Nithin Bhatt, Senior VP, Frost & Sullivan APAC
  • Mr. Lim Beng Choon, Country MD, Accenture
  • Mr. David Wong Nan Fay, PIKOM Chairman & Group CEO, SNT Global Sdn Bhd
  • Mr. Wei Chuan Beng, PIKOM Deputy Chairman & Group MD, REDtone International Berhad
  • Dato' Sri Shazalli Ramly, CEO, Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad
  • Datuk Badlisham Ghazali, CEO, Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn Bhd (MDeC)
  • Dr. Mahani Zainal Abidin, Director General, ISIS Malaysia
  • Ms. Judith Jones, CEO, Architecting-the-Enterprise Ltd, UK
  • Mr. James Cerantonio, Strategist, IT Risk & Security, National Australia Bank
. and more..!

2. Value you will be deriving.
  • For standard price of RM880, you will get at least RM2,700 worth of value in return!(Refer Attachment)
  • Special pricing for targeted sectors and group discounts available! Contact Pikom for more info.
  • FULLY Claimable from HRDF(SBL Scheme)

3. REALISE Your Full Business Potential
  • MEET and NETWORK with other business leaders
  • Expand your contacts in one convenient meeting point
4. To Sign up
  • CALL PIKOM Leadership Summit 2009 Careline at 03-5125 9288 from Monday to Friday (9.00am - 6.00pm) for further assistance or go to
Check out full details.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nokia Siemens Networks and Juniper Networks to Integrate IP and Optical Technologies to Improve Network Efficiency and Reduce Operator Opex

As trends such as video, virtualization and cloud computing continue to drive the need for core networking capacity, operators will be looking for ways to scale their networks efficiently and cost-effectively.

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) and Juniper Networks announced they are combining their respective strengths in Optical and IP networking to create a solution that brings the two complementary technologies closer together to provide operators with a highly flexible, reliable and cost efficient way to scale their networks to manage growing volumes of data, voice and multimedia applications.

The integrated IP-Optical solution brings together world-class IP routing expertise from Juniper, and world-class Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) transport technology from NSN, including operational management systems for both technologies.

As carriers consolidate their IP and DWDM environments to ensure cost efficient growth, the solution will start to break the barriers between optical and electrical layers. The implementation of long-haul DWDM optics on router line interface cards will increase network efficiency by reducing the need for redundant transponders, but can present network management challenges because IP and optical networks are traditionally managed separately. To address these concerns, NSN and Juniper are creating an innovative solution which manages the entire router–to-optical link as a single entity.

The scope of cooperation includes the development of cost-optimized 10G, 40G and 100G IP over DWDM solutions with management integration and GMPLS control plane interworking. Using Juniper’s T Series Core Routers, the router-integrated optical DWDM interfaces will interoperate seamlessly with Nokia Siemens Networks’ hiT7300 WDM platform and be managed by the company’s carrier grade Transport Network Management System (TNMS).

The joint solution will improve overall efficiency in the network; and the operator will be able to enjoy faster service provisioning times as only one DWDM interface will need to be installed and configured, not to mention improved reliability through early link failure detection, enhanced troubleshooting and overall simplicity.

Check out full details.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Internet: Is speed all that matters?

WiMAX Antenna installationImage by koolb via Flickr

This is a summary from the livechat session published by TheStar online, interview with Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili between 3.30pm and 4.30pm on June 23.

The summaries are:

Infrastructure for broadband is only starting to roll out, thus broadband affordability is still quite low. The solution is to roll out broadband in a major way, which will then create a win-win for both providers and consumer.

Broadband for the general population (BBGP), we are proposing that we should opt for WiWi technology i.e. combination of Wimax and Wifi through the use of satellite infrastructure rather than laying out fibre-optic lines.

Foreign players are allowed to roll out broadband in Malaysia

Timeline and things to look out for:

  • Expected Deadline : 10 years from now (earliest 3 years from now)
  • Target speed : 20 Mbps for commercial, 2 Mbps for consumer.
  • Expected cost: RM 30 per month (PIKOM proposal)

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Advertise on Lee Kai Xin's Blog

Dear readers.

A toddler (from Malaysia) requires to perform liver transplant.

Check out the blog.

For the spirit that everybody deserves a second chance - Terminator Salvation.

I need to do my best.

Any lifestyle products, software and etc ? Grab this win-win opportunity.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Default encoding for Microsoft Winsock Control 6.0 in VB6 is Ansi

Thanks to the help of Microsoft official forums for developers, I managed to get the answer or here (for direct link to official documentation).

The default encoding for Microsoft Winsock Control 6.0 in VB6 is 'Ansi'.

This is important to know if you are converting from VB6 to VB.NET where you get to set the encoding to others and if your previous application is made with Winsock Control 6.0 (VB6), you had better set it as 'Ansi' (system.text.encoding.default), otherwise, your application may not work as it supposed to be. This is especially true if you are dealing with firmware.

To know the difference between Unicode and Ansi ? Check out here.

Unicode represents each char with 2 bytes while ANSI is 1 byte.

And doing socket in VB.NET is a pain compared to using Winsock Control 6.0 (VB6). You have to deal with lower level stuffs, but there are reasons for it. We will get to this in the coming posts.

In the mean time, the best sample codes that works best for socket VB.NET is this one. Alternatively, you can try out Chilkat socket which I have tested and works well. Check out the API documentation.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Adobe Max 2009

Adobe MAX is where the world’s most influential designers, developers and business decision makers gather to shape the future of engaging experiences and gain a competitive edge through intensive design/develop skills sessions and unique networking opportunities.

Check out full details.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saudi Information Ministry Migrates to High-Performance Network from Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks announced that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Culture and Information - responsible for state broadcasting, printing and information services, has built a new high-performance network for voice, video and data using an end-to-end integrated infrastructure solution from Juniper Networks.

The Ministry is responsible for all information services in Saudi Arabia, including television broadcasting, radio broadcasting, publication of printed material and foreign press relations. Information and news is provided to the public through the Ministry's network of radio and television broadcasting stations, and through the publication and distribution of books and other material. The Ministry has 38 local publication offices, eight centers for local information and seven centers for foreign information.

The Juniper solution includes switching, routing and security technologies in a more flexible IP network that will deliver 55% faster performance and security while lowering operating costs by 35%, with a switching and routing solution that leverages JUNOS® Software — a single source operating system integrating routing, switching, security and network services from Juniper — to streamline network operations and improve the availability, performance and security of business applications.

Check out details.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CTCS (Cheque Truncation & Conversion) Complaint Cheque

Refer to 'Cheque Truncation and Conversion System'.


How does a CTCS cheque looks like ?

Based on the two links above, the idea is to minimize human-touch processing. Basically to reduce frauds committed by insiders. - A Content-Safe Video Portal

I called it a content-safe video portal, was advertised on the papers today.

The sole intention of its availability is unknown, as well as who is responsible for it. It should be the government of Malaysia.

However, I attribute three core benefits which it can contribute:
  1. Additional contents for the web.
  2. Edutainment.
  3. A subset of Internet with politically correct contents for schoolers
Previously, we have talked about the issues of Internet censorship and net neutrality. Emphasize should be on the former issue.

First of all, we must all recognize that Internet contributes to knowledge by exercising DIY(Do-it-yourself). And knowledge from the Internet is free for all which equals to freedom of thinking and equality in terms of intellectuality.

Therefore, we got to encourage everybody and especially younger generation to make use of the Internet, but we must also take precaution of calculated risks.

I suggested that one way out is to create a subset of web contents which are deemed content-safe and then we can encourage youngsters and schoolers to check out those contents. EduWebTV fits this role.

It also demonstrates the ability of edutainment partly due to the fact that its content are audited by seemingly the education ministry of Malaysia.

This is a good start.

Too bad it is requiring Windows Media Player 11 for all videos.

Monday, June 15, 2009

TM HSBB Project May Not Be Realized By 2010

Malaysian will have to wait longer to enjoy HSBB (High Speed Broadband) project envisioned by Telekom Malaysia according to latest report.

The HSBB project is also subjected to parlimentary debate on the premise that it could trigger a reality of TM monopolizing the Internet Broadband industry in Malaysia.

The once promising QucomHaps hasn't been producing press release recently.

In the mean time, Malaysian will have to stick to existing favorites of Streamyx (which has received many negative publicity) over the years or the much younger P1 Wimax.

Blogger Jeff Ooi (as a user) helped to test out DiGi mobile broadband and he seemed to be satisfied with the performance. I think he is in Penang island.

For other providers, do you have any comments ?

I am still using Streamyx (both at home and at work) because why ? I have already subscribed to it. Reluctant to change.

And my second office (Starbucks) was also reportedly to have switched from Timezone to Streamyx since May 2009.

Green Packet Achieves International Exposures

Less than a month after launching the DV230 Modem, Green Packet is looking off-shore for more business potentials.

DV230 Modem is a three-in-one (WIMAX, WiFi, Voice) functionality modem.

In the latest report, Green Packet was recognized for its innovation of Modems by Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). Telco operators are also impressed with its Intouch Connection Management Platform (ICMP); a platform which caters for WIMAX-WiFI interoperability.

Green Packet is also being very aggressive on the Malaysian ground promoting its PI Wimax broadband rollout, which saw proliferation of dealers' offices all covered areas particularly in Klang Valley, spurning many new business opportunities.

It had also previously launched a cover-by-demand initiative which respond to coverage rollout according to the frequency of user demands.

It is also a smart move to make public the coverage areas using Google Maps. Check it out here.

--> In fact, I believed that Google Maps will change many things in Malaysia's business. It is just starting.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Chun Li in Mid Valley for Games and Gadget Asia 2009 (Mid Valley)

See that there are two Chun Li(s) (from Street Fighter) at the exhibition.

There are some computer games distributor companies having booths there, selling games as cheap as RM 10 per piece.

One of them is promoting the online game called "Battle of the 3 Kingdoms", if you are dummy to the story of 3 kingdoms in ancient China, check out the movie called 'Red Cliff'.

Then there is this company called the

Playstation is promoting the PSP Go and it is showcasing The Street Fighter 4.

MichaelSoft is there promoting DDS; your total diskless network solution.

You should check out the tournaments and MSC booths for some successful projects.

The location is at Mid Valley.

View Larger Map

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thank You Advertiser (Text-Link-Ads)

Thank you Advertiser(Text-Link-Ads) of It-Sideways.

Thank you readers for reading and visiting :)

For Startups, Hire Entrepreneurs

I've just discovered this video about interview with Jack Ma (CEO of

Jack Ma mentioned that for companies looking for entry into business in China, they should hire the right people. For startups, people with entrepreneurial spirits should be preferred over people with experiences; the so-called professionals.

This is in fact not just the advise for China, it is a good advice for business bosses all over the world, especially when current economy is capable of making old business models obsolete. Newer companies will emerge; startups with a grab of lower cost of ownership and etc will resurface, particularly in the USA region.

I am not sure about Malaysia which is all year summer, but based on my layman perspective, I would think that this economy gets to phase out the old and make way for the new.

According to Jack, professionals will be needed when companies become stable.

Previously, we heard from Adobe's that the top skills for next five years will be:
  1. Critical thinking
  2. IT architecture
  3. Teamwork
  4. Creativity

which are very much entrepreneurial in nature.

If we look at the scenario in Malaysia from this article about demands for skilled people. It shows that especially in the ICT sectors, there are not much new jobs.

It mentions that there are 3% increase in minimum and maximum salary for competency in C,C++, Java software development which suggests that there are just about 3% increase in human resource turnover in such areas. As we have predicted earlier on, the reason is very likely because jobs revolving around these skill sets are highly demanding in terms of expectation.

A sign to look for when large companies are expanding the software development team is in the increase of demand for skill sets of Microsoft technology. I have always believed that startups should rely more on open source while in-house teams should rely on Microsoft technology because the former are expected to excel in innovation while the latter to focus on operations.

People with entrepreneurial spirits are likely to leave the company to start their own company when the it comes stable while professionals tend to stay to the company to climb the corporate ladder.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Malaysia ICT Jobs 2009 #2

  1. Project Leads/ Senior WEB Developers/ WEB Developers (Multiple positions)
    • Min imum 2 years of development experience in J2EE technologies such as Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Javascript, XML, JDBC, EJB and JNDI.
    • Hands-on experience in areas such as IBM Websphere Commerce 5.6, Weblogic, Informatica, Oracle database, Oracle E-Business Suite (Order to Cash), Oracle HRMS or Savion BPM will be an added advantage.

  2. Project Leads/Senior Oracle Developers/Oracle Developers (Multiple positions)

    • Min imum 2 years of development experience in PL/SQL.
    • Hands-on experience in Oracle Developer 6i, Oracle database and Oracle E-Business Suite (Order to Cash) will be an added advantage.

  3. Project Managers (Multiple positions)

    • Min imum 4 years of managing medium to complex IT projects
    • Knowledge in areas like J2EE technologies, PL/SQL, Oracle Developer 6i, Oracle database or Oracle E-Business Suite (Order to Cash) will be an added advantage.

  4. Electronic Security Application Assurance
  5. Oracle DataWarehouse Admin
  6. ETL Programmer/Analyst
  7. Business Intelligence Programmer/Analyst
  8. J2EE Server Admin
  9. Unix Admin
  10. Oracle DBA
  11. Tibco Developer
  12. Tibco Shift Support
  13. Messaging/Cloud Computing Administrator

Location: Bayan Baru, Bayan Lepas, Penang Malaysia.

View Larger Map

E-mail your application / resume to or to / or you may also call Ms.Jessy Chan mobile 012- 420 1756 / 016-521 1756.

Juniper Networks Introduces Breakthrough 100 Gigabit Ethernet Interface for T Series Routers

With rapidly increasing network traffic—with video, advanced wireless services and emerging trends such as cloud computing as key drivers—core networks will soon require a new generation of scale, and 100 GE interfaces will provide an order of magnitude increase over the majority of interfaces available today.

Market drivers for higher speed Ethernet connectivity for Content Service Providers, include not only growing demand for 10 GE end user services, but also a need to eliminate LAG inefficiencies, and improved network economics & scaling : with cloud computing networks (grids) being the next driver for bandwidth – requiring networked data centers where compute-intensive, high content applications go over a wide area network.

In this environment, virtualized or logical routers need high-speed uplinks to fully-realize cost savings, and wholesale services require higher speed connections - metro, long haul, and ultra long haul,

and Intra PoP core router interconnects. To meet the requirement, Juniper Networks has introduced the industry’s first 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100GE) router interface card, enabling service providers and data centers to reduce the number of interfaces required in their networks, yielding significant gains in simplified topologies and enhanced operational efficiencies.

Full details.

Monday, June 08, 2009

VB.NET Listview Column Sort

With references to the following URLs;EN-US;Q319401

I have decided to make revision and created a sample code for the benefits of others.

Basically, the idea is to create an instance of 'System.Windows.Forms.SortOrder’ and then assign it to the listview’s property of ‘listviewItemSorter’.

To do that 'listviewItemSorter' must be referenced to an object which implements ‘system.collections.iComparer’ and with two parameters.
  1. Clicked column
  2. Desired sort order

Download the sample source code (VB.NET 2008 SP1).

New Hosted Service Accelerates Website Design With Cross-Browser and OS Compatibility Testing

Adobe Systems unveiled a free preview of Adobe BrowserLab, a new hosted service that enables Web designers to quickly view and test their sites on a wide variety of browsers and operating systems. Compatibility testing lets web designers standardize designs across browsers in a matter of minutes, saving time and effort and helping ensure brand continuity. BrowserLab provides real-time accurate screenshots of browser renderings and includes multiple viewing and diagnostic tools to help designers pinpoint compatibility issues that can compromise the design and layout integrity of a Web site or page.

The initial set of browsers that are supported include Windows® Internet Explorer® 6.x and 7.x; Firefox® 2.x and 3.x; and Safari® 3.x. This capability is enabled by virtualization technology, hosted through a cloud-based application, which eliminates the need to have browsers installed on a system before testing a site. Adobe BrowserLab lets designers compare and contrast browsers via an interface that works on any Adobe Flash Player 10® enabled operating system, making it compatible with Mac and Windows.

In addition, designers can view two screenshots from different browsers side-by-side, or they can use the “onion skin mode” to overlay screenshots on top of one another with variable opacity. There is also a zoom function to help zero-in on bugs. Testing preferences can be customized and saved with Browser Sets, for designers who work with specific platforms. While Adobe BrowserLab can be used by any Web designer it provides Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS4 users extended capabilities to also test Flash technology-based and interactive site elements, including dynamic widgets, rollover effects and AJAX driven content. The direct integration with Dreamweaver CS4 streamlines workflows and allows designers to preview both local and remote Web content without the worry of firewalls or publicly posting confidential client projects.

To access the BrowserLab Web site and take advantage of the service users must run: Microsoft® Windows® XP (SP2 Home & Professional or SP3), Windows Vista® or Mac OS X (version10.4 or later); Adobe Flash Player 10; as well as a modern browser such as Firefox version 3 or later, Safari version 3 or later and Internet Explorer 6 or 7. For additional information or to access Adobe BrowserLab, visit

Full details.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Juniper Networks Named Top Network Security Vendor in Asia Pacific

Juniper Networks, Inc., the leader in high-performance networking, was named the Asia Pacific Network Security Vendor of the Year at the prestigious 2009 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards in Singapore this week.

Check out details.

Adobe Announces New Flash Platform Tools

Adobe Systems made three related announcements this week on development of the Adobe Flash Platform - its system of integrated tools, frameworks, clients and servers for the development of web applications, content and video. Adobe Flash Player content reaches over 98 percent of Internet-enabled desktops, and Adobe Flash technology is the number one platform for video on the web. The mobile runtime shipped and delivered Flash technology -based content on close to 40 percent of all new mobile phones and devices in 2008.

The three announcements include:
  • Beta availability of Adobe® Flash® Builder™ 4, Adobe® Flash® Catalyst™ and the open source Flex 4 framework –

    Offering a highly integrated applications development workflow that will allow developers and designers to more easily collaborate on projects and simplify development of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) so companies can get the same richness and ease of use in their workplace applications that they have in their daily Web experiences. The public betas of these products are available today for download on Adobe Labs at
  • Collaboration with NVIDIA -
    the inventor of the GPU, to accelerate Adobe® Flash® Player across the range of NVIDIA processors so users can enjoy uncompromised Web browsing, full H.264 video playback and rich, consistent Flash technology based content any time, any place and on a wide range of mobile Internet devices, including netbooks, tablets, mobile phones and other on-the-go media devices. NVIDIA is participating in the Open Screen Project, a broad initiative of 25 industry leaders led by Adobe, to deliver a consistent runtime environment across devices., For more information, visit

  • Engineering collaboration with Broadcom Corporation -
    a global leader in semiconductors for wired and wireless communications, to enable hardware accelerated playback of high definition (HD) Adobe® Flash® technology based video content on platforms powered by Intel® Atom™ processors - paving the way for rich, seamless entertainment experiences on Intel Atom processor enabled netbooks and nettops. Users of Intel Atom processor powered netbooks, like the recently announced HP Mini 110XP incorporating Broadcom’s Crystal HD Enhanced video accelerator, will be able to view rich Flash technology based content and applications from sites such as YouTube, CBS, BBC iPlayer, and others. The smooth, high quality playback of HD video is expected to yield very low system power consumption and low CPU utilization. Flash Player with support for Broadcom’s Crystal HD solutions is expected to be available in the first half of 2010.
Check out all relevant press releases:

Thursday, June 04, 2009

WITSA joined Strategy Council of the United Nation’s Global Alliance for ICT and Development

WITSA joined the Strategy Council of the Global Alliance for ICT and Development of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA-GAID) for a two-year term ending in April 2011. The Strategy Council will provide overall strategic guidance and vision to the alliance. The appointment will provide WITSA a platform to contribute and strengthen WITSA's advocacy role in the development of an action-oriented ICT policy, while promoting the scalability, replicability and sustainability of the activities of the UNDESA-GAID through multi-stakeholder effort.

Check out full details.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

First Look Into Rent-A-Coder

My first impression on rentacoder.

It is assumed to be using the same engine as planet-source-code.

The same codes cannot be sold twice.

Coders will not be able to request for confirmation schedules; means that buyers can take own sweet time to decide. This has pros and cons.

Buyers will pay rent-a-coder as a middleman.

No deposit payment can be requested from buyers.

It is also interesting to look through all requested bids to know what others (the software industry) are working on right now...--> Face detection demands is on the rise.

As expected, it is buyer's oriented and disadvantage will be on the coder's side. In fact, coders may be exposed to a greater risks of undertaking projects from rent-a-coder than from offline medium because if you are "blacklisted", it will be global. if coders do not expose real identity, then coders may not be able to get good bids.

So, the best deal for a buyer is to have the best codes with the lowest bid, and it has to be coming from a freshmen.

To brings me to another conclusion, if you want to make good a business as a coder, develop your own software and sell it yourself. It is only doing this which you have control to fine tune a realistic model for cash flow and innovation.

Rooms For Improvement:
  • More coder's centric.
  • Buyers must expose deadlines (for project to start and end) and there must be a bottom price such as USD 100 for all projects. This will help with two issues. First, coders will have a based income projection to rely on. Meaning that if someone requires RM 1500 per month to survive, then USD 100 * 3.5 = RM 350, he or she knows that he can survive by delivering 4 to 5 projects in a month's time, then he or she can consider to invest more effort in such endeavor. Secondly, with the availability of bottom price, buyers may not have to pay all money to rent-a-coders in case the deliverable are not beyond satisfaction. But then again, the bottom price must be paid to the coders for even the lousiest work.

Tech Blog Malaysia Statistics (May 09)

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For May 2009, we have the followings:
  1. The brand of this blog
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  5. A Crystal Report 8.5 Issue
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