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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

ICT Happening Updates Week 5 of Oct 2013

The most significant news for Week 4 of Oct 2013 was launching of Mac OS 10 Mavericks and iPad Air by Apple.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • WD announces Q1 2013 revenue of US$3.8 Billion.
  • Tata Comm. delivers improved margins as net profit turns positive YoY.
  • World of Tanks' Update 8.9 goes live with a new combat mode.
  • Silver Peak speeds Masterpet’s Data Replication across the Tasman.
  • The HTC One goes compact with the launch of the HTC One mini.
  • Intel Research finds older PCs reduce employee productivity.
  • SEEBURGER appoints CrimsonLogic as a strategic solutions reseller.
  • Viber provides updates for Windows phone version.
  • OpenSymmetry partners with AccelTeam to optimize Sales Performance in Malaysia.
  • Evernote brings intuitive digital writing to a whole new level with Penultimate.
  • Reuters: Start-up Vicarious claimed to have cracked CAPTCHAs.

MyIX Invests RM3.7 million for Infrastructure Upgrade

Press release - KUALA LUMPUR, 29 October 2013

Malaysian Internet Exchange (MyIX) or also known as Persatuan Pengendali Internet Malaysia’, today announced that they will be investing up to RM3.7 million to increase the bandwidth capacity of its central nodes interconnection in Klang Valley, from 10 Giga bits per second (Gbps) to 40 Gbps.

MyIX Chairman, Chiew Kok Hin says, “When we started in 2006, internet traffic consumption in Malaysia was only at 288 Megabits per second (Mbps) and a 10,000 Mbps capacity for the central node interconnection was more than sufficient.

Chiew Kok Hin, MyIX Chairman

Today this has grown to a staggering figure of 26 Gbps in combined traffic (as at June 2013), resulting in an 80 per cent capacity utilisation per leg of MyIX’s existing central node infrastructure. “This is the main driver why we are upgrading our infrastructure – which is approximately by 300 per cent more bandwidth capacity, to cope with the anticipated growth of the country’s Internet consumption over the next two years.”

In 2012 alone, MyIX recorded that local Internet traffic had increased by approximately 50 per cent with 149,889 Mbps recorded in the first half of 2013, as compared to 98,527 Mbps in the same period in 2012.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Home Ministry says background checks should have been done

Press release - Kuala Lumpur, 28th October 2013

CEO of Verity Intelligence Sdn Bhd Mark Leow commented that the two regrettable cases of trusting the wrong people, namely the Ambank robbery and the amok delivery boy, could have been prevented, if proper background check had been performed.

Although background screening is fairly new in Malaysia and is more common in mature countries, simple verification of potential employees could have prevented the recent tragedies, namely the Ambank robbery and the delivery boy running amok, said CEO of Verity Intelligence Sdn Bhd Mark Leow.

Mark Leow,CEO,Verity Intelligence Sdn Bhd

“My sincere condolences to each of the families of the deceased. If more employers take preventive measures of just verifying the backgrounds of their potential employees, these tragedies could have been prevented.

Verity Intelligence provides three due diligence services that every company needs:

1.) FitRecruit

Employee due diligence is a basic necessity for every company, either before hiring an employee or during annual audits of existing staff. Verity Intelligence’s FitRecruit service ensures an organisation has all the necessary information and details, including integrity checks, education verification and financial status on future hires/existing employees to ensure they hire only qualified, trustworthy employees.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Google Wants to Ensure that Everybody Has Got Online Presence

I've read this from; Google blog,; Google is launching three tools that aim to help suppressed messengers going online.

Two of the tools are related to DDoS while one related to peer-to-peer proxy.

Google had recently revised its policy towards web linking in relation to the search engine; apparently, they are discouraging unnatural links.

Malaysian 2014 Budget ICT Comments

The Malaysian 2014 Budget offers just a few initiatives that are related to ICT:

1.) RM 1.8 billion for HSBB Phase 2

2.) Increase in broadband speed

According to MyIX, the speed announced for the suburban and rural areas are sufficient especially where the exposure to the Internet is new and will take time to see increase in usage. However, 10mbps for the urban areas is rather low as the internet consumption of our urban population is closer to a developed country whereby the minimum offering of 50mbps is common and 10mbps is no longer sufficient to meet the demands of the urbanites.

3.) Underwater cables for Sabah and Sarawak

According to MyIX, the plan for underwater cables for Sabah and Sarawak are seen as strategic direction for Malaysia and is commendable as this will help position Malaysia as a regional gateway to the world. In layman terms, it is like building a highway across the South China Sea to facilitate the increasing demand from East Malaysia.

4.) RM 1.6 billion for rural areas with the building of 1,000 transmission towers

5.) Entrepreneurship initiative - MAGIC and the development programmes by 1MET

6.) Single ICT Ministry.

Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) is now under Ministry of Communications and Multimedia.

7.) Implementation of GST at 6% is likely going to affect consumption of consumer IT products such as printers, tablets and etc.

By and large, buying frequency will reduce whilst consumers are likely going to focus on getting the value-for-money than going after trendy colourful choices; i.e buying the best of breeds than buying lower quality products.

I anticipate business creativity from the market where merchants may also want to offer GST rebates as incentives for consumers to win sales from competitors. This is highly anticipated to rip out from 2nd tier product vendors.

Without a doubt, the GST implementation will encourage upheaval adoptions of financial accounting & tax solutions, particularly those in the SMEs market segment - this whispers good news for local vendors and distributors who have been waiting for it for a while already, I hope they have got the solution ready long before.

The GST will also spice up the financial, accounting & tax services industry in the Malaysian scene. Likewise, the demand for personal financial advisory and consultancy is expected to surge.

Check out full commentaries from Pikom and MyIX.

Malaysian Budget 2014 Infographic.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Computer Security Updates Week 4 of Oct 2013

Refer to Computer Security Updates Week 3 of Oct 2013; the biggest news was a report by USA Today that Adobe loses 2.9 mil customer records, source code.

Also check out the Email Interview with McAfee's Scott Thomas (Sr. Director, Network Threat Response).

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • The Telegraph: It was claimed that U.S spies on other key people.
  • McAfee survey reveals older does not mean wiser: Fifty Plus Booms Online.
  • Kaspersky Lab launches free app for secure web browsing on iPhone and iPad.
  • IBM protects Clients from Security Attacks with New Cloud Solution.
  • WatchGuard Technologies introduces Big Data Visibility Tools and Data Loss Prevention.
  • USA Today : FBI shutdown Silk Road.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Gear Up for TanksAsia Season 2

Press release - October 23, 2013- Gear Up for TanksAsia Season 2

Wargaming, the leading free-to-play MMO developer and publisher, today announced the second season of the TanksAsia Masters. A total prize pool of USD100,000 are up for grabs through this final segment of the TanksAsia League.

64 teams across the Asia Pacific region registered for the second season and the first match of the Challenge series started on 20 October.

Games Poster

The league is divided into three tiers – Challenge, Regular and Masters. Each week, battles will be fought to determine the tier placings of the teams and points will be awarded accordingly. At the end of the season, the points earned by the teams will be accumulated.

The Challenge Series is a weekly online qualifier which will see the top four teams advance to Regular Series to compete in a round of eight against four teams (5th-8th placing in Season 1).

The semi-finals and the Grand Final will be held at the Taipei Game Show in January next year. The winning team of TanksAsia Season 2 will walk away with US$60,000 in prize money.

Original reference.
D : +65 6390 3315
M : +65 9725 2379
F : +65 6339 2738

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ICT Happening Updates Week 4 of Oct 2013

The most significant news for Week 3 of Oct 2013 was IBM received U.S. Patent #8,352,953 for dynamic allocation of cloud resources based on networking bandwidth requirements and availability.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • Latest enhancements on Oracle Eloqua’s leading marketing automation platform.
  • AMD Radeon R9 290X Graphics Card pioneers a new era in gaming experience.
  • Viber unveils New Blackberry Version With Multiple Feature Enhancements.
  • HP launches LaserJet Enterprise Solutions.
  • SFAM and Mimos Launches Talent Development Programme 2013.
  • Capillary Technologies launches Capillary InStore - personalised shopper recommendations directly on the sales floor.
  • Monster Singapore redefines the way employers search for talent.
  • USA Today: Facebook supported removal of potentially damaging content against total freedom of expression.
  • Fujitsu launches M10 Servers in Malaysia.
  • Apple launches Mac OS 10 Mavericks and iPad Air.
  • Brocade announces End-to-End Gen 5 Fibre Channel SAN Connectivity Support for EMCVMAX
  • Wechat in search for the next campus ambassador in Klang Valley Malaysia.
  • Bosch Software Innovations and Tech Mahindra announce global system integrator partnership.
  • Exabytes eCommerce Conference 2013 to outline Malaysia's Internet Retail Market;3 – 4 December 2013
  • Brocade announces Monitoring and Alerting Policy Suite (MAPS) and Flow Vision for SAN Deployments.
  • Oracle unveils enhanced Data Integration portfolio.
  • Brocade Names Ari Bose as Chief Information Officer.
  • WD® announces Speak Out in Style campaign; starts from 17 Oct 2013 to 28 February 2014.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Outsourcing Industry to Double in Growth by 2017

Press release - KUALA LUMPUR, 22 October 2013 – Outsourcing Industry to Double in Growth by 2017

Outsourcing Malaysia (OM), an initiative under PIKOM, today shared that the outsourcing industry in Malaysia is set to double in growth by 2017 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 15 per cent from its current 2012 revenue of USD1.7 billion.

OM announced its second industry report titled ‘Malaysia’s Global Services Outlook’ in conjunction with the four day international Asia-Pacific Outsourcing Summit (APOS) in Iskandar, Johor. The research findings by leading B2B market researcher Valuenotes, was commissioned by OM to provide the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) insights of the industry in Malaysia.

Outsourcing Malaysia unveils the 'Malaysia's Global Services Outlook' research in APOS2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

Jack Ma Believes in Open and New Age Economy

A little out-dated but still relevant - from Jack Ma,

1.) Help SMEs to make more money.

2.) Help solve society's problem.

Hired economists and sociologists.

3.) Give competitors opportunities to compete - do not play the monopoly game.

4.) Be transparent.

5.) Global vision, local wing.

ASUS HOTLINE Service Centre number: 03-7724 3495

I've been informed by PR firm that effective from 21st October 2013 onward, the ASUS HOTLINE Service Centre number will change to 03-7724 3495.

The old phone number, 03-2053 5077 will be no longer in service.

Kaspersky Lab Expert Analyses APT Icefog

Press release - Petaling Jaya, October 18, 2013

Kaspersky Lab’s security research team recently published a research paper on the discovery of the Icefog cyber-espionage campaign which is described as a small yet energetic Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group that focuses on hitting the supply chain of Western companies in South Korea and Japan. Sinkhole connection in Malaysia and Singapore were also observed. The operation started in 2011 and has increased in size and scope over the last few years.

“Icefog is different. The ‘hit and run’ nature of the Icefog attacks demonstrate a new emerging trend, of smaller hit-and-run gangs that go after information with surgical precision. The attack usually lasts for a few days or weeks rather than the months or years of more traditional APTs. After obtaining what they were looking for, the Icefog attackers clean up and leave. In the future, we predict the number of small, focused ‘APT-to-hire’ groups to grow, specializing in hit-and-run operations; a kind of ‘cyber mercenary’ team for the modern world,” Mr. Molsner explained; Mr. Michael Molsner, a member of the Global Research & Analysis Team who is based in Japan, and who is part of the team credited with discovering and analyzing the Icefog APT.

The source of attacks were predicted to have been originated from China, South Korea and Japan.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Email Interview with McAfee's Scott Thomas (Sr. Director, Network Threat Response)

We've been invited for an email interview with McAfee's Scott Thomas, Sr. Director, Network Threat Response and hence we asked them five questions:

1.) The latest security landscape is kind of messy - too much information, too many vendors and limited market for the enterprise space and lack of maturity in law enforcement pertaining to cyber-space security.

What is your comment on this?

How can it be better?

2.) The bet on APTs was too high.

Verizon DBIR 2013 reported that 75% of data breaches are opportunistic, meaning that they are not APTs. While big cyber-security companies and other big boys are betting high stakes on holistic enterprise security solution with intelligent, consumer-based products seem to be too competitive.

Do you think that there is a mismatch in the market?

3.) I understood that McAfee - DeepSAFE technology is hot on wheels.

Briefly expiain your top selling products currently and next bet for coming years?

4.) Give me your other comments on our 2013 Q3 review.

5.) Anything interesting for Malaysia and ASEAN?

Check out the full answers.

Friday, October 18, 2013

SQL Friendly Database Insert and Update Process

Disclaimer: This article if read without prior experience may end up boring and dry.

T-SQL Insert and Update are part of the Data Manipulation Language (DML).

The biggest bane with T-SQL DML belongs to an issue so common that 100% of programmers will encounter it in the first place - the reason being is that we had expected the T-SQL to be more intelligent friendly, but it didn't.

As the matter of fact, T-SQL is not that friendly and it requires one to follow specific rules.

The biggest bane is to perform DML with string data that consist of single quotes; it will result in exception because under T-SQL, single quote is considered to be a control character or reserved character. Hence, when a string data consists of single quote such as Brandon's PC, it will create confusion.

The best practice solution is to perform what is known as single quote offset.


Suppose I want to perform INSERT into a table called EmployeeTBL

INSERT INTO EmployeeTBL (Name,Position) VALUEs ('Brandon', 'General Manager')

When single quote is required to be present as part of the data, it will go like this supposedly.

INSERT INTO EmployeeTBL (Name,Position) VALUEs ('Michelle', 'Brandon's PA')

Nevertheless, the above T-SQL statement will generate exception; 'Incorrect syntax near ...'

The solution to perform single quote offset by adding an additional single quote in front of the single quote which belongs to the string data, hence:

INSERT INTO EmployeeTBL (Name,Position) VALUEs ('Michelle', 'Brandon''s PA')

Notice that now Brandon''s PA has two single quotes - this is what we mean by offsetting, it will work well for T-SQL.

Today, I just want to go further to discuss some strategies to deal with this issue on a broader perspective.

Continue reading.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

ICT Happening Updates Week 3 of Oct 2013

The most significant news for Week 1 of Oct 2013 was Cisco delivered network convergence system to power "Internet of Everything".

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • New compact PoE switch from Brocade targets federal market.
  • Silver Peak releases software updates: Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) 6.2
  • WD introduces new Ultra-Compact Network Storage.
  • ASUS announces Next-Generation Fonepad 7
  • IBM: Dynamically Managing Network Bandwidth in a Cloud
  • OpenNet: Affected fibre cables at Bukit Panjang Exchange restored
  • HP expands Z Workstation Portfolio, unveils world’s first workstation ultrabook
  • NS BlueScope hosts inaugural green archictecture gathering amongst VIETNAM architects
  • Hitachi Sunway makes the first Hitachi Storage Sale in SEA
  • hybris names as a B2B commerce leader by global independent research firm
  • AMD unleashes R9 series graphics cards with AMD Radeon R9 270X and AMD Radeon R9 280X
  • FalconStor® CDP and FalconStor® NSS 7.5 solutions now available and shipping
  • European IT Services Leader Saves Costs by Optimizing Global Network with Silver Peak
  • Oracle introduces new x86 servers
  • 10.10 mystery deal by Groupon Malaysia.
  • Philips launches ideas competition campaign “Innovation That Matters to You” in Malaysia
  • Bosch launches new DIVAR IP recorder family with integrated Dynamic Transcoding Technology.
  • Tata Comm. launches mobile messaging exchange service.

Symantec’s Top Tips and Best Practices for Consumers on Information Protection:

Endorsed by Symantec:

1.) Defend Your Data

A comprehensive security suite provides a strong defense against online threats. Norton 360 Multi-Device offers protection for PCs, smartphones and tablets, in a single solution

2.) Think of Mobile Devices as Mini-Computers

Mobile is the fastest-growing target for cybercriminals. Make sure your mobile device requires a password, and take precautions to ensure you device is protected against theft, loss and cybercrime

3.) Be Cautious in the Cloud

While cloud storage solutions make it easy to save and share files, they also open other avenues for attack. Be careful about who has access to your files, and use a solution with built-in security if possible

4.) Save Sensitive Transactions for Secure Connections

Free or unsecured Wi-Fi networks can make it easy for thieves to eavesdrop on your activity. Avoid doing any sensitive transactions like banking or shopping while connected to these networks, or use a personal VPN client

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Computer Security Updates Week 3 of Oct 2013

Refer to Computer Security Updates Week 4 of Sep 2013; the biggest news was the announcement that Symantec successfully 'sinkhole' the massive ZeroAccess Botnet.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • 56% of users value the data stored on computer much more than device itself.
  • Another Hong Leong Bank phishing site discovered.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security 2014 successfully neutralised 100% threats during tests
  • ESET Blog: Governments hit by “shortage” of experts
  • Symantec: Phishers use Malware in fake Facebook app.
  • Prolexic protects OnCourse Systems' SaaS Applications against DDoS Attacks.
  • IDC: Barracuda as Content Security Appliance and Virtual Appliance Volume Leader
  • Reuters: Mobile security software maker Lookout raises $55 million
  • Cisco completes Acquisition of Sourcefire.
  • The Telegraph: GCHQ leaks have 'gifted' terrorists ability to attack 'at will', warns spy chief
  • Kaspersky provides updates for Android and iOS versions of Kaspersky Security for Mobile.
  • Trend Micro: Microsoft releases 8 security advisories.
  • Reuters: Microsoft awards hacking expert
  • Kaspersky prevails in legal fight against technology Patent Troll.
  • USA Today: Adobe loses 2.9 mil customer records, source code
  • McAfee delivers unprecedented situational awareness with enhanced SIEM Solution.
  • 2013 Norton Report: Cost per Cybercrime Victim Up 50%.
  • McAfee announces Find, Freeze and Fix Advanced Threat Defense Solution.
  • USA Today: Iran's cyberwar commander assassinated

Monday, October 14, 2013

Developers Updates Week 3 of Oct 2013

In the last updates series (Week 4 of July 2013), the most interesting update was Red Hat advanced OpenShift Enterprise with new release.

For this updates series, the followings had emerged.
  • CodeRage 8 – The online Delphi Developer Conference, October 15-17
  • Google announces HTML-5 web designing software.
  • HP provides open SDN SDK HP SDN App Store.
  • Google cloud developer challenge;November 21st: First round submissions due.
  • Valeo innovation challenge - for automotive innovation; phase 1:11-Sep-2013 to 14-Feb-2013.
  • AT&T Malaysia Hackathon.
  • Rockford Lhotka : .NET has an extended future.
  • AMD: World’s first real-time facial capture technology for the unity development platform.
  • Intel releases C++ compiler for Android.
  • IBM narrows Big Data skills gap by partnering with more than 1,000 global universities.
  • AMD's Never Settle Forever program
  • MySQL Workbench 6.0 increases productivity with new design and enhancements.
  • Code Project - A Coder Interview With DNN's David Rodriguez.
  • Dell announced new release of Toad for Oracle and redesigned Toad World community.

Friday, October 04, 2013

T-SQL - 'Group By' Vs 'Distinct'

Just sharing, no big deal!

'Distinct' is the same as 'Group By'.

'Distinct' may achieve the same result as 'Group By' depending on the data.

1.) T-SQL_1:

SELECT cUserID,max(cDate),max(cDeviceID),max(cUsername) FROM Trans_Table
Group by cUserID
Order by cUserID

2.) T-SQL_2:

SELECT distinct(cUserID),max(cDate),max(cDeviceID),max(cUsername) FROM Trans_Table
Group by cUserID
Order by cUserID

T-SQL_1 and T-SQL_2 return the same result

BURSA MALAYSIA adopted Oracle RightNow CRM Cloud Service

Press release - Kuala Lumpur, 03 October 2013

Bursa Malaysia (previously known as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, KLSE has implemented Oracle RightNow Cloud Service to improve its customer care and services as to record, track and escalate all inquiries and complaints. The deployment has helped Bursa Malaysia significantly reduced a large volume of basic inquiries, improved response time by 80%, slashed customer complaints by more than 70%, and cut staff costs by 40%.

Jimmy Cheah, Managing Director, Oracle Malaysia

Jimmy Cheah, managing director of Oracle Corporation Malaysia said, “Malaysian organizations need to move beyond their existing technology infrastructure and simplify it. Bursa Malaysia is leveraging cloud technologies to save costs, implement business solutions faster and importantly, serve its customers better. Bursa Malaysia is exemplifying the way forward for the financial services industry and Oracle is proud to be its technology partner."

Oracle RightNow is an enterprise CRM solution.

Original reference.

Media Contact:

Judy Wong
Pi PR Consultancy Sdn Bhd

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Translate Your World Announces Voice Translation Software for Business

By Sue Reager, President

Translate Your World, developers of linguistic and mobile marketing technologies, announced today the release of its TYWI-Live (“tie-wee”), an online voice translation software for serious business use that turns conferences, business meetings, and webinars into a multi-language experience.

As people speak, their words are automatically translated into 78 languages at the same time. Attendees can choose to read the speech translation as subtitles or hear a translated synthesized voice, similar to Apple’s Siri. In addition to automated voice translation, TYWI-Live also enables online human simultaneous interpretation via the Web by interpreters located anywhere in the world.

TYWI-Live speech translation is compatible with desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone and can be used in conjunction with most major presentation software including WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype, Adobe Acrobat, Blackboard, and others.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Bolt-on Challenge: Closing Security Gaps Through an Integrated Security Architecture

By Ivan Wen, Country Manager Sourcefire Malaysia

As our IT environments have expanded to include networks, endpoints, mobile devices and virtual assets so have our security tools. Most organizations have ended up with a set of disparate technologies across these control points that were never designed to work together. The result: breaches happen. It’s a fact of life. As our protection methods improve and security effectiveness levels reach new heights, the bad guys are digging deeper and using advanced techniques and new attack vectors to circumvent existing protection methods. The integration done to date, if any, is typically one way – the visibility and analysis isn’t automatically correlated and translated into action so that we can contain and stop damage and prevent future attacks. And the data gathered is usually a snapshot in time, not continuously updated to monitor activity as it unfolds.

Ivan Wen, Country Manager, Sourcefire Malaysia

To complement integrated visibility and analysis we need integrated and automated controls and intelligence. And we can’t just focus on point in time data; we must remain continuously vigilant to combat today’s more sophisticated attack techniques. What happens in the case of malware that disguises itself as safe to evade detection and exhibits malicious behavior later? Or when indicators of compromise are imperceptible on their own and only point to an attack when distinct data points are correlated – such as an endpoint trying to access a database that it wouldn’t normally, while a system on the network attempts to communicate back to a known bad (blacklisted) IP address? Integration must address the full attack continuum, not just before an attack but also during and after, so that we can adapt our defenses and take action to protect our assets.

What’s needed is a tightly integrated enterprise security architecture. A 2012 survey by market research firm Enterprise Strategy Group found that 44% of enterprise security professionals believe that over the next 24 months their organizations are likely to design and build a more integrated enterprise security architecture to improve security controls with central policy management, monitoring and distributed policy enforcement.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

ICT Happening Updates Week 1 of Oct 2013

The most significant news for Week 4 of Sep 2013 was the The Telegraph reported that BlackBerry agreed to sale for $4.7 bn.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • Pizza Hut Singapore deploys predictive consumer behavioural intelligence.
  • Brocade and EMC Work Together to enable Software-Defined Storage for EMC Fibre Channel SAN Install Base.
  • AMD Selects Sapphire as Exclusive Global Distribution Partner for AMD Firepro.
  • First-Ever YouTube music awards@3-Nov-2013 !!
  • Arkadin becomes an official provider of Tata Comm.’ jamvee™ video service.
  • WD new MyBook line offers up to 4TB of Storage and auto backup with Dropbox.
  • Evernote Conference 3 (EC3) took place in San Francisco
  • Oracle advanced its vision of the “Future of Work” during Oracle OpenWorld 2013.
  • SG Govt to spur VC initiatives.
  • Tata Comm. trials next generation video distribution with Formula 1.
  • Cisco delivers network convergence system to power "Internet of Everything"
  • IBM announces US $17 Million investment in new cloud datacenter
  • Adobe delivers standardized audience metrics for digital publishing industry.