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Saturday, January 29, 2005

why software ?

reason for using software ?

1. Biggest reason -> lazy
2. Trust - employer cannot trust employee and vice versa..
3. Accuracy .. this is very subjective.. most of the time problems are due to software bugs
4. Intelligence - we hope that softare can be smarter than us so tat we can not only lazy physically but also mentally.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

cloning your server..

previously, I did mentioned that it is quite hard to create a clone for your server such as Windows NT, 2k server and etc... that is why people are using those backup solutions from HP or Veritas... The following URL actually gave some answer.,1759,1193822,00.asp

basically it says u need the following:
1. Microsoft System Preparation Tool
2. Drive Image Enterprise Edition (7.0) or Ghost Enterprise Edition.

But then I thought, why cant use clone a server like cloning a PC.. then it came to my mind.. probably it is due to security.. When Symantec is creating a software for cloning, they probably need the software architecture blueprint from Microsoft.. and if Microsoft were to release the software blueprint for its server, this would make more trouble as more loophole would be known to the public. For instance, some Symantec software engineer would steal the information and give it to his friend who is a hacker and there you go.. So, that is why you need to wait until Ghost Version 7.0, quite a long time because before that Microsoft couldn't be sure that the blueprint that it is releasing to its partner will be secured in a manner. For those normal Windows version such as Windows 98, 2k or XP , security is not a big deal. besides that, Microsoft would be more than happy to have Symantec create a clone software to help the burden of its customer.

VOIP - what is the final frontier

VTalkVoip is a collaboration between Mobif Bhd and VCN which provides a device(SIP adapter) that allow one to connect normal analog phone to a broadband network. it is being sold for RM449 and its marketing strategy is "call anywhere in the world free !!!" For those people who don't know about VOIP, they thought is a magic bullet... actually, it is just a gimmick in a sense that the whole sentence should be extended to "call anywhere in the world where there is good Internet connection and make sure that both side are having the same adapter." There is no point doing VOIP with 56k dialup, it wont really work. In other words, if you have a girlfriend staying in U.K, you wanted to enjoy free call, it is possible if you invest in two units of such device. But the problem is that many countries, especially non developed countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle East countries, Afrika... have very bad Internet infrastructure.. Forget about USA, U.K, Singapore and Europe..IDD rates to these places are basically free in a sense that you can get even less that 10 cents per minute..

So VOIP is really going where ?? To make the telephony free to the whole world ?? VTalkVoip is not the first of its kind, no doubt they claimed to have Global Numbers where you are given a global number which is unique globally and these number is registered to your SIP adapter (changeable) and people can call you just anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet. It is just like the ICQ number or the username for your SkyPE,MSN,Yahoo and etc.

So if GPRS/EDGE/3G is really cheap ... Right now in Malaysia is :
1. Digi - offerring RM99 monthly
2. Maxis - offerring RM120 montly.
3. Celcom - Charged per download.

They say the 4G is coming - Wimax.. but you would need to use some kind of additional device to get your handphone connected. Only those PDA, laptop can work with Wimax

coming back to the question, if connecting to the Internet is really cheap from your handphone around the world... then if SkyPE, ICQ,MSN,Yahoo are ready with a mobile phone version for their softwares.. then telephony would eventually be free.

So, everybody is waiting for that moment, if Maxis or Digi or Celcom offered 1M Internet connection to user at RM50, wow!!! something different would happen, nobody would be using house phone. You would be calling your mother with handphone anyway, coz it is going to be free.

The Internet way ..

Recently on the news paper (sun), there is this news about 'Broadband TV Eyes Mesdaq', abt Internet based TV broadcast services by a company called Cuzzy. I am just wondering ... why the Internet ??

then i realized that the business model is cheaper... think about it, how much would a conventional broadcast station cost ? I think the criticcal point is the broadcasting channel... conventional one would required some sort of based station or etc.. with satellite dish and etc... with the Internet model, you just need some sort of application server and colocation with a data center. if not cheaper than normal web hosting business model, it would be not be more expensive than conventional TV broadcasting business model.

probably the quality might not be as good, this could be the reason why Berjaya MiTV is holding down its launching... the problems with 'packet' compared to "switching" in relation to bandwidth management is really a though choice to be made.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Karensoft Exec suite..

Flyer 1

Flyer 2

lite edition = RM399
standard edition = Rm899
Enterpricse edition= RM 2499

they are trying to sell to individual... this is good plan because instead of selling to company, we can sell to employee in the company... when these buyer found that the software is good, they will recommend the whole company to use it and thus they upgrade to enterprise edition.. this is actually a good business channel.

Karensoft Execsuite has so many features... even if i were to buy it, i dont think i would be using all of them.. unless it has a PDA version which i can synchronize between all PCs and laptop or a centralized database.. hmm.. but i like best the ideal of "Automatic updates.." this is really good for customer and for Karensoft to maintain its customer efficiently..

yeah..... some people might change from using MS Word to Execsuite and eventually use it as a one-for-all thing... but i would still probably be using Internet Explorer for browsing (i think so..) but i will never know if i dont try it.. except if it has a trial version.. but hey, lite edition is only RM399, it not a bad investment just to try it right.. after all, if you go makan in Nasi Kandar Kayu with your family, that would cost you around the same thing.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fixed rates VOIP ?

can fixed rates VOIP ever happening...

one way which was already happening is that we will drop all rates and allow you to pay a premium in exchange for a limited durations of connectivity..

most of the time, people are very cautious about the billing for VOIP system.. inaccuracy often quite significant.. one of the reason, i am guessing is probably the billing system is located at another network.. due to the fact some billing system are pretty expensive as well. some VOIP operators would actually rent it from someone. The current de-facto for billing system is RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-in User services)

This link provides an introductory insight into a prepaid card system.

Ahead of time...

Microsoft always plan ahead of time.. actually they have no choice, they have thousands of employee and their activities can't just stop like that..

the project manager must be having headaches all the time... that is why they need sebatica kind of vacation... human resource department also very important, as well as documentation department..

this also proves that when you have long term plan, the organization will then to be bigger because at any single time, not everyone will be off for holiday, someone must be working.

Monday, January 17, 2005 - FBI may�scrap $170 million project - Jan 13, 2005 - FBI may�scrap $170 million project - Jan 13, 2005

even the big guys is suffering from project management problems.. and the losses is substantial..

one of the thing that I learnt from this article is that even in the U.S intelligent society, they are still doing manual data entry by their agents not data entry clerk.. and they too, are talking about modular system for seamless integration in the future.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

VOIP .. how big can it be ..

California urged to use open source

Open source bigger than linux

everybody is coming into it... Malaysian government is alleged to open up the telecommunication market by march 2005..

most people agreed that it would save cost... via Open source because there is no fund required for R&D.

So the speed is the essence here... whoever can quickly deploy an Open source application and get the business model working will be king.. we will talk about getting IPO later.

experts still thinks that VOIP quality is second to PSTN which holds the standard for carrier-grade.

for one thing, java seems to be out of the picture ..

In malaysia, many people still have not much knowledge about VOIP... there are some investor still looking for ways to get into the business..

The most talkabout open source project now is Asterisk, which runs entirely on Linux, inclusive of its development.. This could bring some problems to people if they have to secure a new box for linux as well as other pheripheral such as printers and etc.. most of the printer in malaysia don't support Linux. (There is no driver for it.)

many people claimed that learning Asterisk is not easy simply because the website say so... Anyhow, Asterisk is actually a PBX system, which means that if you are an expert, you can just download two free stuff (linux, Asterisk) and then install it for your company. The biggest revenue will then be training..

would malaysia market ready for this ??
Malaysian don't care about Open source, they just want it cheap and want to be lazy as well.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Installation - what for ?

my father actually asked me how can he 'illegally' copy a program from the office computer back to home PC for usage. I thought about it and then only i realized the reason behind the concept of installation... hey, I got a degree in IT but now only i understand the real purpose.. Hadn't there been any installation, we would be copying and borrowing program like crazy... and there would be no sales otherwise. So the purpose of installation, is really to prevent people like my father from doing what he wanted to do.. I would never thought about this because my mind been educated to install program and not to copy program.

So I told him it is not possible and he would need to get the installation CD.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Java certification

i intended to take a java certification exam... to decorate my resume.. is it justifiable..

i browsed through the objectives.
1. Declarations and Access Control.
2. Flow control, assertions and exception handling
3. Garbage Collection
4. Language Fundamentals
5. Operators and Assignments
6. Overloading, Overriding, Runtime Type and Object Orientation
7. Threads
8. Fundamental Classes in the java.lang Package
9. The collection framework.

for details ..

basically, for my study plan, rather than reading all those materials, i would be better to have hands-on experience.. so i suggest myself to create a program with all the requirements..

if you look at the details.. the following are keywords..

  • array
  • nested classes
  • Modifiers(such as public, final, static, abstract)
  • constructor
  • return types
  • loops
  • exceptions
  • assertions
  • garbage collector
  • import,package
  • interface - java.lang.Runnable
  • data types
  • java.lang.Thread
  • java.lang.Runnable
  • java.lang
  • hashcode methods
another faster way is to follow the objective line by line, try to understand why is it being put that way by Sun Microsystem or look for codes examples which relate to the similiar situations.
there are plenty of vivid contributors for this as well. I shouldn't disappoint them.

but yet many failed. even though the attended classes and etc.. One reason is I believe, the might understand the lessons but still dont understand Java..
For instance, how many understand the following code:

public static void main(String args[])

how many understand why you uses 'static' ? --> I have forgotten the answer
how many knows that 'string' and 'String' makes a different
how many knows what is it for 'args[]'
how many knows 'void' is for what ? --> quite simple, means return nothing.

I guess it is little knowledge like this which makes a different in passing the exam..

Thursday, January 06, 2005

streamyx wont login

last nite, i can't connect to streamyx...

I did all sorts of checking.. and found that everything seems okay.. I did call up the customer service 130088 9515 and they couldn't really help.

I also learnt that the new password for streamyx modem ZTE 831 is -u "ADSL" -p "expert03"

I also learnt that someone actually had the same problem as I did.,9303918~mode=flat

everything was okay, i checked with my neighbours, his connection was fine. The DSL link at the modem was stable.. I brought the same router-modem to my office and it was working too.. so what is next ?

the only clue I that I have is "
ATM OAM segment loop back - failed
ATM OAM end-to-end loop back -failed
according to the documentation, this shouldn't affect the PPoE connection.

from link above, i also learnt that it could be due to
error code = 678