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Monday, February 28, 2005

Malaysia Mobile market getting saturated..

Telstra mobile phone Base station - Wireless H...Image via Wikipedia Referring to the following article ..

Surge in Mobile Users..

it says currently,
14.6 millions people are mobile phone users, out of the total population of 20 millions. This makes the total percentage of 58%. The author quoted this as the penetration percentage, but in actual fact, it may not be 58%. Penetration rates could be a different figures because based on affordability,needs and other issue. Urban area would have higher penetration rate compare to rural.

Analyst assumes that when the percentage reaches 65%, the market will be saturated. this would means that no new retailer should be accepted, otherwise, the old retailer would lose business to the new one and vice versa.

Then, it says "For a developing country like Malaysia, some pundits believe cellular companies (celcos) may have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the next wave of customers. Other analysts believe the celcos could rev up subscriber numbers by lowering entry barriers further."

This means that they(telcos) come out with something new or just continue to drop the cost of ownership to allow more people to have mobile phone service. (Which they had already planning to give free sim pack to those who purchased more than RM50 topup.)

The author concludes with the following analysis:
"The challenge for operators this year is to continue to keep the market excited with products and services that the consumers want, especially the youth market that most of the celcos are focusing on."

Market excitement is most important for one thing..
--> Get people to spend unnecessary money. Think about it, it is not about making important phone calls anymore.. we don't need to encourage or remind people to make important phone calls, but yet with excitement, people don't mind paying more for something extra which is conceived as fun.

The secondary reason is related branding .. either they are interested to protect share holder interests or whatsoever, any new initiatives would means good for the respective stock counters.

Tertially of course is to compete well in the market and then finally I would say is that activities would translate back to revenue and creates more jobs (at least maintain job) and sometimes business opportunity to others.

One way to rave up excitement is by implementing low value top-up, which was pretty much the essence of 2004 competition.. Started off with Digi, then Maxis followed and finally Celcom.
But such initiative is considered thumb-down by many retailers.. because profit per unit is minimal. No doubt the number of transaction has increased, but the money actually came in slowly.

Singapore reached 80% penetration rate, Hong Kong = 90% while taiwan = 100%. This means that Malaysia is the right place for telecommunication enterprising..
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Friday, February 25, 2005

IBM Geographically Distributed Development Information Kit

IBM Geographically Distributed Development Information Kit

they are selling SCM (software configuration management) tool - IBM rational. so they came up with a concept - GDD (Geographically Distributed Development)..

they wanted to fight with SAP for enterprise business software market.. because only enterprise business software requires continues development. We are not talking about end-user product such as word processors and etc.

so this is the work of the marketing team more than those of technical team..

but anyhow, the idea is pretty great.. where when you go to sleep someone actually does the coding for you and as you go back to work the next morning.. it is done for your UAT. Good choice.

hotmail login difficulty

i was asked to help out at one house where they were having hotmail login difficulty for the pass few days.

as i had similiar experience before, where all else seems fine but you are unable to login to hotmail, which was in fact due to virus infection. apparently, the redirection URL had been changed to a malicious URL which cannot be loaded at all. this must be the work of somekind of spyware... i dont really know how it is done. apparently, the spyware is able to detect IE active URL and changed it when it was meant for hotmail login. I couldn't solve it, simply because there is no name for such infection. if you try to search google "unable to login to hotmail", the result would be fairly wide.

for this case, before I was at the scene, I was betting that it could be due to the same thing. As i was there with Thim Loong, we tested many times login, it seems like going but the status bar kept running and running and there was no end to it. We tried using a laptop login to hotmail and it went. I observed the redirecting URL and notice that there couldn't be much big differences, the only thing is the username which was encrypted. Then I thought of software version compatibility, which is really a loop-hole to microsoft update practice. Previously, once i had trouble receiving file from another Messenger user and later found out that it is due to version incompatibility for messenger.

So, we tested windows update and found out that non of the latest update been installed by user. I think it should solve the problem and we tried. and finally, it went.

So, having difficulty login to hotmail now can be concluded with two problems.
1. Spyware infection
2. Windows update.

p/s: if you are unable to perform windows update, make sure that there is no personal firewall installed and running at the same time of updating.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Norton Firewall

just now, i was helping my friend to setup a basic LAN in a small office near Phileo Damansara I. Two PC (Win98 & XP) was supposed to be interconnected via a router and they are supposed to be sharing files with each other.. So setting up the internet connnection sharing at the XP machine was pretty much hassle free.

The problem was getting the two connected via Microsoft Neighbourhood, in fact non of them were visible to each other initially. We tested the ping and everything was working fine, it means that IP is working fine, only the application side.

the first thing we did was to "enable the netbios" over at the XP machine. This is essential for XP machine as most people tends to forget this step. As a matter of fact, this feature is automatically and defauted at Win98/ME side.

The next thing was to get Win98 into Microsoft network. This is done by getting the default logon to "Windows Network Client". This is very important for Win98 machine because many thought that it isn't necessary for Win98 machine to logon to anything. But in fact the logon is important except that you can put in any password you desired because the password will only be authenticated when necessary. For instance, if you share a file that only allowed specific people, i.e you only allow "brandon" with password "brandon". Thus, if you logon to Win98 machine with -u "brandon" and -p "abc123", it means wrong coupling and the system will prompt you for password again. You have to get the right password in order to get into the folder. But should you were never to login at the login prompt, then you will not be asked for any password or whatsoever.

We disabled XP personal firewall for the LAN.

Then we have problem at the XP side... where from Network Neighbourhood, you can't access workgroup.. since we made the workgroup as "MSHOME", it says " YOu have no permission to access MSHOME .. pls contact you administrator and etc ..." But the account we are using is Administrator account.. Then we tried some other things and restarted the PC and then POPPED... Norton Firewall. That is it.. we got it. I knew it was the answer to it because firewall will prevent access to anything to your PC. Even windows update won't work. So we disabled all norton firewall features and it finally works.

I dont know how useful norton firewall would be. Perhaps if we have to, extra settings needed to be set to it to make the whole thing work. (LAN + firewall) But personal firewall was once regarded as useful during the heyday of blaster worm. Since Microsoft aggressive strategy on security patches... personal firewall becomes some what redundant again.

therefore.. the conclusion of setting up a simple microsoft network.
1. All personal firewall off.
2. Make sure netbios is enabled for XP machine.
3. Make sure Win98 machine login to network.

Star In.Tech: 22 Feb 05

A school in Britain stripped off the project for which students would wear a tag which contains RFID devices. This would allow them to tract many things automatically.. such as sleeping in the toilet. The news said the technology provider pulled out last minute. But it also stated that not everyone parents approved to such implementation (personally I wouldn't agree as well). So I guess the reason for the tech comp to pull out is just an excuse. The school couldn't cope with pressure of those objecting parents and they are looking for a good way out to explain to those who gave the green light.


  • World: Antivirus- Microsoft has acquired Sybari Software and is going to give out free version for customer to battle against spyware and viruses.
  • Local: Microsoft Malaysia has worked on a localized version for its Window XP and will be retailed under OEM basis for RM120. OEM basis means it is not coming from the source (USA) and thus it can be cheaper due to unnecessary cost such as logistic. It means localized-costing. The BM version software is a result of working with Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka which has agreed on the 7000 word glossary for the software (means Dewan Bahasa needs to license those word), as well as relying on two local companies for the translation job.

3. Geneva based tech comp; OnAir has teamed up with Airbus to provide GSM service to people flying in the plane. Base station will be available in the plane. As well as voice, Internet service also available. They estimated Internet access from the air to be USD400 mil annually while mobile phone service to be 4 times higher. I think the whole idea is how Airbus gonna earn something from it. Because they are customer are travelling on air. it is not the territory of any cellphone provider. For instance, even if Maxis have satellite which can shoot signal to customer flying on a jet, Airbus isnt gonna allow that people that would be stealing.

This is actually a direct competition to satellite phone service..

4. Mobile phone virus
Virus is coming into your mobile phone. Currently there are 6 viruses(with variants) where its source code already available from the Internet. It is said that now the phone manufacturer is getting worried and been engaging with mobile virus creator such as Fsecure. According to them, this thing only happen to advance phone where they get to install application on their own. they also claimed that since Microsoft has hard on virus creator with release of security pack, which prompted virus creator to look for other breeding ground. 4 of the virus is written for Symbian OS and the other 2 are for Microsoft OS. Symbian has the biggest share for mobile phone O.S, over 20 million phones. The total phone in the world is around 1.7 billion.

5. Samsung DDR3 DRAM.
This chip not allow capable of 1,066 Megabits per second (equivalent to reading 8000 newspaper pages a second) , double the speed of current standard for DDR2. It also only operates on less that 1.5 volts. They are looking at 65% of market share by 2009.
6. A computer game aim at discriminating Gypsies in Hungary has been banned.
7. Italian D.J fined 1.4 millinon Euro for using pirated music in his club.
8 Naspter, although have already rolled out its legitimate service for either:
a. USD15.00 - for unlimited download and also transferrable to portable devices.
b. USD0.99 - for per track download.
However, user have a found a loop hole, apparently via Apparently, Napter is powered by Microsoft which provides the format WMA that can protect anyone from burning unauthorised track into CD. All the burning software have to conform to such rules in order to be viewed as honest. However, according to, user can apply a patch to Winamp called 'Output Stacker' which then would allowed you to convert the digitally protected files from one format to another. Please bear in mind this is different from he conventional CDA format. However, Napster lambasted at it saying that it doensn't break the encryption but merely does a bypass copying. Napster also spent USD30mil on ad champaign, a move to compete with Apple's iTune.

Home Users:

1. Openoffice - An alternative to MS Office business suite.Coming out version 2where you get to have 65,536 rows of record for spreadsheet (current version is 32,000 rows) and also they are packaging with a Java-based HSQLDB. You can download it at openoffice website.

2. AVG antivirus - Not much update, just some plain features being describe. If you pay for it, you will get 24 hours technical service. Nevertheless, AVG like many other antivirus software, can't really solve all the problems. Perhaps Microsoft Sybari will do a better job.

3. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program)- Alternative for Adobe Photoshop CS which is around RM2,280. It was started 10 years ago for linux and has a lot of feature similiar to Photoshop.

4. Google's Picasa.

It is a free tools for you to do image management. it is supposed to be installed and not a web-based thing, nevertheless, it is meant for web addin. Also, it was meant for blogging where you can directly post the image into Google's blogspot seamlessly. (This means that they actually provide you with a free but don't-know-where hosting space)

5. Irfan's solution.Something similiar to ACDSee. The author claimed that it is not subjected to "featuritis" abuse; meaning that a software loaded with many features which aren't necessary and thus its processing become slower. Someone said this to MS Word some time ago. You can use it for free and may choose to donate USD10 if the work were meant for commercial.

Corporate IT:

  • Want a SAN for half price.

Wow.. this is interesting..Dell/EMC AX100 network storage solution used to cost a lot because it requires Fibre Channel Network. But now, with new technology, iSCSI, you can use EMC AX100 with IP networks. So this is like VOIP for PSTN (telecommunication). Apparently you can save half the cost. SAN stands for Storage Area Network. However, the cost is still around RM19,500 for average package. How many corporate would subscript to it ??

  • PC Sales Growth rate.

According to Gartner(market research)GLOBAL PC sales expected slower than those of laptop. only 9% of growth rate for 2005 compared to 11.6% last year. But if you separate mobile pc and desktop from a single calcuation. the growth rate for the former would be 17.4% and later 6.1%.

The application of such figure is that if you are country manager, you would be looking at the 9% for your benchmark while if you are Mobile Sales Div Manager, you would be looking at the 17.4% benchmark and 6.1% for Desktop Sales Div Manager.

  • TrendMicro's Network Viruswall 2500(NV2500).

USD8,995.00 for security hardware alone. Support software priced at USD4,500.00 or USD3,600.00 depending on specifications. It offers total network protection via single appliance method. The single appliance means NV2500. This is not a bad ideal because there is no need to crack your head which server to run the software which would consume some memory resources and all you have to do is just to reserve a network point for it.

  • Phone porn:

Mobile contents is the key issue to the availability of 3G in the near future.Also, contents will be the only thing that makes it different for 3G compared to other issues. contents as you may know it, is pretty much a sensitive thingy where regulation is very much required. Many countries already in the process approving statutory rules for such matter. When such matter arises, the industry would suffered even more setback, especially to piracy and since the availability of seamless tech that would allow end user to share information easy, we are expecting more and more amateur actors and actresses. Imagine this, anyone would is capable of singing pretty good tunes can share music across his network of friends, such would affect current trend of branding from pop icons and etc. In short, we are seeing more and more personal-private-entertaintment emerging.

There is a European NGO dedicated for such matter. ICRA (Internet Content Rating Association). NGOs are usually political bias.

When such becomes reality, entertaintment industries would suffer while tech companies such as software which offers pay per use solutions and telco companies would benefit from uncontrolled windfall of airtime blast.

  • WiMAX+telcos

Alcatel will team up with Intel to produce technology that would enabled WiMAX with telcos. This means that they will be producing equipement such as based station that would be deployed by telco for WiMAX converage. In other words, Telco are going to provide WiMAX as a service. Just like broadband lar. Testing of the technology were scheduled for first half of 2006.

  • Microsoft+Mobile Phone

Microsoft recently teamed up with Nokia to form a synergy for music downloading industry. what they planning to do is to enabling windows media audio files to be played on the Nokia music player. This means that what we called music files now can be played on Nokia phone directly without any conversion required.

Accordingly, the only reason Microsoft got such opportunity was due to the fact that there is no single body (NGO or etc) strong and bold enough to stand up and determine the standard for digital copyright issue. Even Napster is teaming up with Microsoft on this. as such, Microsoft will be fledging its Open Standard Digital Rights Management Technology.

Apple is teaming up with Motorola, Sony Ericsson teamed up with Sony while others such as Vodafone stand on its own.

Conclusion, chaos gives rise to cheers for others. Music piracy allows Microsoft to come in as solutions provider, similiarly, when the North South Expressway near Sungai Buloh got hit by landslide, many local construction companies got jobs.

250MB from yahoo email..

apparently... i don't know when .. i just got 250 MB of email storage from yahoo..

looks like they are really competiting with google..

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sin Chew Daily - MiTV buying contents from TV1 & 2

Sin Chew Daily: MiTV and TV1, TV2 agreement

referring to article above, MiTV is buying contents from TV1 & TV2.. this is a bit strange.. why would they want to do that..

it could be due to regulation.. now they are making it public and formal. See, the government could impose on MiTV that they have to benefit TV1 and TV2 because the emergence of MiTV will definitely cause some negative growth to the formers. Thus this is like some form of subsidy to the formers in return for approval of MiTV license.

That is y in the article, the it is deliberately stated why government given green light to MiTV..


It says " the reason is to create market competition through quality standard as well as providing TV viewer with more choices."

thus, this is important to answer the question of why approving something that would hurt TV1 and TV2.

but i feel MiTV is great because it is I.T, running on the Internet model and thus should be regarded as MSC initiative. Since the government is promoting MSC flagship, there shouldn't be issue to this.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

broadband setup

i was 'invited' by my friend to help him out with setting up a wireless broadband router for a client outside our job during one night. the main reason he asked me was to fetch him there as he is from outstation and have no idea the whereabout.

thus he gave me the address and i was like thinking... he said it is behind the muzium and near bangsar.. and on top of the hill. But instinct told me one location which i was always curious to find out.. It was on top of the hill from Jalan Bangsar. I was betting that it could be the place. So we drove from Federal highway and into Jalan Brickfields and we noticed "Jalan Travers".. my friend was excited... he said "we are near.." then we got into Jalan Bangsar and then before the caltex petro station.. turn left, up the hill and we finally found our way. It seems that the place is called Federal Hill.. pretty dark at night with the road kind of winding.

The house was a classic hill top house, 3 storey from top to bottom.. We were supposed to install the streamyx router at the 2nd level so that the other two floors get to enjoy the wireless effect as well. (it is tested that wireless broadband router and emit wave that would pass through wall.. actually it is not true.. it is due to reflection..)

Initially we struggle even though we have done it many times.. one thing is because the router's web interface is a bit cacat.. i dont know why ... it seems unable to accept new settings and they only thing we need to set is the "WAN" side. We selected "PPPoE" then put in the username, password, DNS and nothing else, still not working, because it won't accept the new settings. Then we did a hard reset and it was finally rolling. For some reason, hard reset is always very useful for I.T equipment, it is the silver bullet. I did it all the time for my PDA! Previously, i also did it a lot to my Motorola V6 handphone.

One thing that i learned from this venture is that the filter, famous for broadband installation , was actually meant for voice data. There is no need for digital filtering .. In other words, you can connect directly the conventional phone line to the ADSL modem. But you would need a filter for each of your voice device; phone. and also it is only important when you are surfing (when digital data are coming into the phone line together with incoming phone calls)..

we also learnt the following things..
1. Always test the device before going to client's place. If not permitted, always bring a backup device as prove that something is not working and not your fault.
2. Always have alternative account for testing during streamyx installation.
3. Always bring your own tools.
4. Always get your job done quickly.. otherwise, you can be sitting there for few hours
5. Some router's WAN settings won't reflect your username and password. (It could be mistoken as no setting) Also, some are cacat where the status is always "connecting" but not "connected"

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Star 15 Feb 2005.

Local news:
The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Consumer Forum(CFM) is responsible for regulating consumer-related issues in the ommunication and multimedia industry. It is working under MCMC. Many complaints were received.

AIMS (data center) raised concerned over Malaysian existing international data link infrastructures' ability to handle explosive demand, owned by big telco and thus calling for liberalisation to encourage foregin players. This should have already been the job of MSC anyway, calling for foreign players with enough funding to setup infrastructure in the country. (money is the key issue, many local players such as AIMS and etc can't afford such infra) Its CEO Afzal Abdul Rahim said it is due to high "landing fees".

VOIP service provider Xintel also complained of high rates imposed by big telcos(Malaysia) for wholesale minutes. Au Kean Hoe (M.D), contrasted the fact that infra cost is not the real reason as Singapore companies can provide similiar service with lower rates. But actually his company can buy directly from Singapore companies without any obligation. All he was calling was for regulation only.

Everyone is calling for the the need for more local contents, but what can anyone do anything about it?

2. Maxis
Maxis finally able to put piece and pieces together to get its broadband service more available to the household. While they admitted that they suffered failure five years ago for similiar attempt, they have found a way to solve the last-mile problem;wireless technology. TMNet is still king in the business, currently providing 1Mbps for RM88. The follwoing are maxis packages:
RM 106 for 384Kbps
RM 136 for 512 kbps
One time registration of RM125.
Currently, the service is available in Subang Jaya and UEP Subang Jaya due to its high PC-penetration rates.
THey are also hoping that in 2 to 3 years, mobile internet will be available with no string attached. Current bottleneck is from the handphone which haven't got any built-in modems and users would need to rely on GSM mode in the form of GPRS, EDGE or 3G. According to Idham Nawawi (head of enterprise sales), handphone manufacturer should be able to produce phone's chipset with built-in modem (for wi-fi or wi-max) in 2 years times.

TM Net is hard on its service responsiveness and has launched a so called "streamyx in-a-box". This on the shelf thingy allows customer to do-it-yourself install the streamyx service. The best part of the difference between conventional practice is that it comes with a installation and service manual guide book. Customer can pick up this package at any tmnet clickers outlets, Kedai Telekom and from authorised streamyx resellers.

Corporate I.T:
1. Fiorina issues howering around merger of HP and Campaq for reason that PC business is not able branding anymore, instead it is about prices Dell computers offered lower price than others. When she was appointed on July 19, 1999, HP stock rose 2% and since then investor lost 20% of their investment and after she was announced to be leaving, share prices rose 6.7%. She was also blamed for mismanagement of fund for repurchasing shares (Agilent Tech) at the wrong time.
2. Merger has not been considered rosy by many analyst, with the best preferences given to merger of software houses for its intellectual property (programmers) and valueble commodities (software)
3. Server market stumbled.
Overall she was blamed for the reason that investor lost money.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Transparency VS Microeconomic

Is transparency more important than micreconomic ?

I think if you put both together, you will have a banger.
Transparency = Information Technology
Microeconomic = Things which are needed everyday, such as telecommunication and etc.

Dictionary definition of microeconomic?
The study of the operations of the components of a national economy, such as individual firms, households, and consumers.

My definition of microeconomic ?
Microeconomic is not really about branding, it is about being there at the right time and cost. Analogy of microeconomic is on-demand download compared to on-the-shelf which relies on the power of branding.

In microeconomic, big companies don't make all the money, and don't control everything.Theirs is just for some sort of consultancy and providing roles.

Not every industry fit to benefit from the microeconomic framework, which really stresses on low operating cost. Content provider such as Unreal mind's shabox aren't really operating on micreconomic because they rely on advertisement for the sales and they try to play monopoly game. Same thing goes to its other competitors.

A microeconomic framework can only be benefitial to the society if no single player attempts to monopolize the market via cross-selling. The boundery is not determine by rules and regulation or even branding but merely but the point of present in one particular economic unit. Loyalty is created based upon relationship and routine and not based on branding.

Lottery game in Malaysia is pretty much a microeconomic scenario except that it is hampered by the fact that there are only 3 players around and inevitably, monopoly couldn't get out of the picture. It is monopolized in a sense that the government is still holding the keys to game. Perhaps there can never be a totally non-monopolized environment and the role of our discussion here is to determine how well microeconomic can help to provide more business opportunity for more people in the society.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

HP's CEO Fiorina Steps Down

wow! what a banger..

the iron lady of tech industry has finally say bye bye.. we have been seeing this name over and over again over the last 6 years.. actually, since I started graduate school...

HP's CEO Fiorina Steps Down

Friday, February 11, 2005


having an I.T degree means that you officially become an I.T guy in the house, family and community. Over the years, I have helped people to fix computer and other things for free, simply because I am an I.T guy. Certain amount of pressure is put on you when you fail to live up to certain expectations.. for instance, when someone PC couldn't start, they expect you to perform wonder on it.. they couldn't accept that the motherboard has finally subjected to death after years of exposure to non-air conditioned environment, nor they can accept the fact that someone who spend 3 years studying I.T couldn't help with anything other than some "excuses".

most of all, we forgive these people who tried to be smart but yet still wanted you to do the dirty work.. we all understand this to its fullest extend. You are forgiven.

just yesterday, my uncle from Singapore brought back 6 music CDS from a friend and wanted me to make two sets of copy. So he gave me the source and blank CDR. It wasn't a hard job, i knew I just needed to put them into the tray and run Nero's Copy CD. So I did, routinely did the job one by one until at the 5th copy, i realized that non of the job were fully completed. Ok, now the pressure is building up.. which part went wrong ?

Earlier on, I bought a Lite-On CR Drive costing on RM70, which i was quite reluctant because I actually wanted to buy Sony which is more expensive and I had a better experience with. But since the retailer has non of Sony's, I just took it because I needed it.

Before yesterday, I manage to copy other CDs(illegal software) for a friend. Well, I admit I am guilty.. but other people are more guilty.. Some people can afford a mercedes Benz but couldn't afford a few hundred ringgit of original software. Unless they have other better reason, this is what I called a total disorder in the society.

Hence, the Lite-on CD Drive is not confirmed to be not working well.. and the CD Burner has been functioning well since a year ago... so where goes wrong ? there might be two possibilities:
1. Lite-ON CD Drive
2. The CDR - imation (700/80min)

after having spoiled 5 CDR, I decided to took an alternative (smart move).. I tried to copy those contents into the HD and then from HD to burner. there were some challenges... the content of audio music is intended to prevent copying.. (unless you are using software).. it has a playlist image (index file) which is visible while other contents (the data file) are not visible.. thus if you copy and paste directly from the source, it would work because you can't locate the data file physically(technically it is there).

then as i was experimenting, i realized MSN Media player 10 has a good function to convert audio music file to media player file (which is something like MP3). But remember to uncheck the "copy protected music" option. If you copied the music which this option on, the output audio file would not be able to be copied again. it is some sort of encryption.

so i did... uncheck everything that are required.. and copied them and then from HD I copy into burner. Came another problem; chinese font. It seems that even those visible files are in the HD, MSN Media player's Roxio or even Ahead Nero cannot accept files with chinese font.. In Roxio, it would be considered invalid file and Nero, it won't be visible in the source pane. Therefore, the only way is to change the file name into English. and it will work!

Finally, the revelation.... as I was burning visible-audio-english-text-music-file.. the processes halted half way unexpectedly.. I was stunned again... WHAT WENT WRONG NOW ? then, as my nephew Teoh Jeng Wei was performing the Monkey King's martial art feat, I inherited a swift wisdom out of its ingeniusity. Must be the speed of the burning....

Bingo.. I was right on. Initially, I was burning all of them with 52X. I tried with 40X and it all came right and perfect. So, the verdict was the speed of burning the CD. I don't exactly know why 52x gives rise to problem.. but anyway, I am glad that the mystery is finally solved. the Monkey king was indeed a blessing.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Interactive demo ..

as i was browsing through the website pointed to by Ad Sense in this blog... I came across a Grid Computing web site which offers it service to people online. After reading the summary page, the product was interesting enough .. the creator would be able to get job anytime. But one thing I was sure was how are they going to do customization..

According to the summary above, it seems that they are specialized in two areas.
1. Web site testing -for web site development company.
2. Spreadsheet optimization - where they have a custom made spreadsheet engine.

The only question mark is the following statement..
Existing Applications
DeskGrid differs from other grid computing software in its ability to accommodate existing applications written in any programming language. If a problem can be partitioned, and a PC program can provide the partial solutions, then DeskGrid can automate and manage the distribution to every idle PC on your network.

It never really mention how it is going to do wonders on existing application such as payroll and etc.. It only mention "If a problem can be partitioned.."

So, the only way to find out is to do the next thing ..."Try out.." But since it required server and etc.. i was really heavy to do it.

What best if it can really provide a movie of real life scenario or some sort of interactive media .. interactive media can be achievable via Macromedia Flash MX or even Java's 2D and 3D API where the challenge is to digitally create any object such as a computer monitor and integrate it into a pictorial environment among all other objects which are interactive and having owns properties. - Even this I need to provide an interactive media!

Star archiving services

I must admit Star In.Tech contains pretty good information about I.T Ever since i first got myself involved in I.T since college, I have always been trying to find ways to archive it .. used to be doing manual archive but as the yellow-driven paper stock up, it become a nuisance than help. What we can do is perhaps find a way to archive it (these days the harddisk are CDR are not expensive anymore), just the effort is expensive.

I figure, since Star In.Tech itself didn't provide archiving services.. probably because they have operational issue for the computing resources - database management. They have to flush old data so that SQL query could be more efficient. All these are basically operational and they figured that there is no need to provide such service to reader. I could really come up with a service that will archive Star In.Tech material and also provide translation to other languages especially to Mandarin. With this, i could gain part time money by selling it online to customer from China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Of course I would be paying Star for royalties.. and I would charge customer for it.

As there is no need for me to spend extra effort to analyse data and produce report, I could really do this efficiently when the routines are well mastered and organized.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

StarTech :8 Feb 2005

1. Grid computing -
Sun Microsystem rolling grid initiative where customers will be charge based on per usage kind of deal. For instance, USD 1 for each gigabyte of storage used every month. or USD 1 for each microprocessor per hour for its version of on-demand network computing. This is the next big step in offering IT as a utility instead of a product. Other competitors are IBM and HP. Current grid centres are in Virginia, Texas, New Jersey, Canada and Scotland.
2. Mid market / SME market-

  • Sun microsystem is selling Java Enterprise Systems as a software suite for USD50(RM190) annual fee per employee. Means no need to buy.
  • Ahnlab Inc, South Korea No.1 information technology security solutions provider, wants to break into the SME market for its V3 Antivirus and Hackshield.
3. E-commerce-
Germany e-commerce up by 76% last year, to annual value of 200bil Euro.
Online retails = 22.3 bil Euro.
B2B transaction = 190.3 bil Euro.
By 2008, 670 Bil Euro.
Among the winner are car manufacturers who benefits by dealing directly with suppliers.

4. Venture capitalist -
VC activities showing upcoming trend.

  • Haboo Hotel, an Internet based gaming community for teens. Taken USD2.3 mil last month from benchmark capital and other investor.
  • Mercora, IM Radio, an unusual song-sharing network tha turns people's computer into Internet radio stations by letting users stream songs from one another, landed USD5 mil.The software which is free for now, will be charged based on monthly basis.
  • Software has the most funded, 5.1 bil.

5. Google -

Profit for the October-December 2004 period were record USD203.1 mil, compared to 27.3 mil on 2003. It is assumed that majority of these volume came from ad sales on both its own search site and through it Ad Sense programme. Total ad revenue from Google site was USD530mil.

6. VOIP-
  • Security issue. There is need for encryption.
  • Latest version of enterprise IM client(not the consumer version MSN messenger) supports SIP voice connections. This is breakthrough for the next generation of VOIP practice where airtime providers having prepared SIP gateways at their site, has the potential to connect to millions of people relying on telecommunications on planet earth. The question is how well can these telco which uses Cisco equipment and based on H.323 can implement a SIP interface very soon.
  • VOIP softwares also presents a way for people to show virtual presence in their workplace. It means they can always be connected and low cost. This would turn an hour's delay into productive work.

7. Illegal music sharing.

A school teacher in France was fined up to 10,200 euros for uploading music file on the Internet at a fixed location. This is contrary to peer-to-peer pirates. He was caught apparently based on the fact that he advertised on the newspaper.

8. Breaking Moore's law.

Intel founder earlier predicted that the numbner of transisters on a single chips doubles every 18 months. But current technlogy will inevitably lead the industry into a roadblock. But HP researcher came to a rescue with nanotechnology. Replacing conventional transistors with molecular structures. The new device is made up of a platinum wire crossed by two other platinum wires with steric acid molecles flowing between them. Like a transistor, the structure can manipulate an electrical signal that passes through the crossbar latch.

9. Customer service regulator.

Customer Relationship Management & Contact Centre Association Malaysia(CCAM) has intended to increase its members. Where MCMC is to Telecommunication & CCAM is to customer service. They are providing all sorts of activities.. such as developing guidelines and etc. This could be business channel for customer service oriented software such as CRM solutions and even tmsEKP could benefit from its customer database.

10. RM 500 PC.

The science, technology and innovation ministry has concluded that RM500 would be in line with the country's current poverty level. It means that at any time, anyone could come up with a sum of RM500 for an investment which would last time for several years. But having a PC without Internet connection would be similiar to having a car without petrol. Wi-fi could be the rescue. However, Pikom has stated that it is not commercially viable at this point of time. Perhaps with mini PC imported from Taiwan can come into the picture. Another option is that MiTV could also present a solution for those who can't afford a full set of computer.


today is "chap go meh", I finally got really a lot of time sitting around with not much obligation to worry about.. the weather is pretty damn hot and i felt really heavy to travel around... I wonder why every chinese new year in Malaysia is always hot..perhaps the red colour effect is really having effects..

due to plenty of time given to me ... i actually spent some time reading through a lot of news on the newspaper and some magazines.. One of the thing that attracted me is about Transparency.

1. Microsoft (Star In-tech:8 Feb 2005)
Microsoft corp actually offered Government security program - aims at helping government to tackle security issues related to its product. Under this program, which is free of charge, which mean microsoft will allocate employees for this activities, will allow those involved to be able to review Microsoft's secret source code for its operating system, so that they can evaluate for themselves the software's security and ability to withstand attacks. This is actually a smart move because it would protect their own interest first, knowing that people always like to cause trouble to their operating system. If they expose specific information about how their plans for upholding security and etc.. In case of something bad happen, their image wouldn't be affected.
2. Online ad impression measurement (AD Asia: Jan/Feb2005)
Aisam Digital Marketing Association(ADMA) has taken initiative to come up with guidelines to measure ad impression for online arena. Ad impression is defined as "viewer seeing the ad"

The guidelines are intended to hasten the growth of Internet advertising spending by simplifying the buying and selling process for advertiser, marketeers and publishers. Recommendation:

1. Ad-impression counting is conducted from the "client-side" as opposed to the "server-side" (an impression is counted once the browser receives the advert.)
2. consistent elimination of non-human activity counting (avoids counting by spiders and robots)
3. consistent cache busting.

Transparency means that something is moving towards maturity.. I could start a company just doing transparency services.. as third party for such services, which is a must within a transparency consideration.

Auditing is a form of transparency for regulating companies. But most of the time, it is only related to financial side.. other areas are left in the dark.

Currently, the most untransparence industry is the VOIP market where technologies are still evolving and customers are most of the time not well informed about the billing, even though it is already been discounted.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Internet - any replacement ?

I still remember back then, it was around 1995-1996, where some of my friends started to play with the Internet and Internet basically didn't exist in Malaysia before that. Anyway, I dont know how they (early birds) ever got excited about it as we were all still in high school. Those were the time where not everyone would own a handphone, perhaps only those big brother. Yeah, so there were no Internet which means no ICQ, web sites and etc. and there were no SMS and ringtone. So, i guess if you are going back to the future, things are really kind of boring. I can't remember which year Astro was out in the market but I think it has to be around 1997. The only fun was ... as some of us can afford, drive a car around town because our age is legalized. But those were only affordable to certain people.

I only started with Internet when I was in my college year (1999) for degree in Computing. and even then, I was using 56 k dial-up .. I started owning my own handphone when I started working my first job at year 2002. So i guess I am a pretty slow person.

I thought about those time when there is no handphone and Internet, business and social activities were so difference because you can't call up a friend or someone to arrange for last minute appointment. You would either need to meet them to arrange for the next meeting or to call them at home or office at appropriate time. To date, you can just SMS your buddy "happy hour at bangsar 10pm" at 8pm.. and you be suprised some would turn up. But I can't really comment about business because I wasn't in business back then.

Then suddenly, came dot come era where everyone was talking about webpages... such as Nevermind would it work or not, as long as you are dot-com you will be fine. The idea of dot-com is supposed to be this..

1. Cheap operational model. The whole business is represented by the web site. Thus technically you don't really need a office location, if not a bad looking will do. and since you don't need office location, you might as well don't need a lot of people working for you.
2. Open market - when dot-com is hot, everything is talking about it.. You get books on how to develop good web site in 24 hours... and etc.. Thus, everybody get a chance of becoming dot-comer.
3. Globalized - Since everybody can go online to see your shop, it means you are globalized. and also there is no need for conventional advertisement because the home pages already settle it.

But the problem is dot-com(s) has got nothing to sell. THey can't sell contents because it is supposed to be free technically. You can't sell nasi lemak or roti canai to individual without figuring out the logistic matter. So many dot-coms end up craving on to one dream; keep going until the miracle come. Hotmail was the biggest winner and set the standard for it, where it was acquired by Microsoft and the creator is a very rich man now. So many dot-com sit still waiting for opportunity, it didn't matter giving out free services and etc... as long as there were jobs to be done. But some how, dot-com has to go. to date, now body is really excited about it, except for some Internet marketing company, some company doing MLM via the Internet and etc.

The latest hit would have to be VOIP, where Malaysian is seeing more and more of such soldiers coming into the market. The handphone market is getting tougher where profit margin for selling new handset is basically nothing. The only thing that those handphone retailers are counting on are:
1. Reload coupon - also very low margin now.
2. Handphone accessories
3. Handphone services - repairng and etc.
4. Second handed handphone trading.
However, income is not really substantial... it is in fact very risky.

So i guess we are very bored already... except that we can surf the Internet for free(technically) everday.. due to broadband. and I would think that Internet is still the biggest winner. I was supposed to be going to Sungai Buloh now but am just so lazy .. and even felt awful when the image of Sungai Buloh car traffic scenario popped out into my mind. Think about the congestion, the hooting, the dust on the road... the scotching sun... I would really choose to be at home and learn about Tom Cruise's up coming film "War of the World" and etc. and if there is anyway I would sort out anything on the Internet, I would do it.

Some people said that it is necessary to go outside and take fresh air.. so Internet and computing is not perfect .. i can't agree more.. we need balance. But 90% of the people out there aren't balance because they are still spending a lot of time stuck in the traffic jam and etc..

According to MCMC, there are around 9 million Internet user and most of them are dial up. with total population of 20 million, it means 45% of the people have at least experienced some sort of Internet. Even if the government were to organized some sort of mass training for the government servant where everyone would get together in a big hall and each would have a PC with Windows flat in their face... and this would increase the percentage of IT penetration to the country and same goes for Internet. People like my mother is not part of the 9 million and she wouldn't be for the next century unless there is a miracle.

Also, there are 13 million mobile phone user in Malaysia and handphone accounted for 74.4% of all phones in Malaysia.

Overall, we are not too bad.. more than 50% of people have access to telecommunication.. and around 45% of the people have seen a WWW.

But why do we still need to stuck in the traffic jam ? is it because it is not socially correct to have a career without travelling to the city center, KL to show up in offices? I would be better off having a 17" powerbook on my lap and still able to do plenty of things while sitting under my tree in the garden.

we really needed something new.. Too bad the number of broadband user is still less than 1 million , it is only less than a quarter of a mil. and Time Telekom's webbit basically didn't make it.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Virtual operator..

in the U.S, prepaid services are run by those called "virtual operator".

and they claimed that virtual operator will gonna explode in the market place. In malaysia, they claimed that 4th tier airtime reseller will be exploded by 2005 because MCMC is opening up the market.

Earthlink, the no.2 internet dial-up provider in the U.S is changing strategy and is moving towards buying and reselling access, instead of buying and reselling airtime. This is done by mobile internet. but hey, i am very excited with mobile internet too. Think about this, how would it change your life when you can basically connect to the internet via the following methods.

1. GPRS - 3G technology via GSM network.
2. Wi-fi - Earthlink is creating technology or application to integrate mobile phone with Wifi
3. Wimax - even greater than Wi-fi.

c'mon, think about this, if any of your phone can connect to Internet via wifi, and since the government is hot rolling out plans to make malaysia totally wi-fi,wow!. the best part is that in Klang valley, most of the restaurant, cafers and etc are already providing free wi-fi, Internet is soon going to be free. Except for air-zed, which is considered virtual operator as well.

And when you can connect to the internet easily, you would be able to build a so called RFID for mobile phone people. Virtually, anywhere in the world, we can trace you..

For instance, let say that there is a java-app that runs in your mobile phone, it will daemonly talks to software agents that sits in the hotspot area.. for instance coffee bean house. and these software agent, upon getting your presence, it will feedback to the central server which would compile a collections of people's whereabout. Then, with such information, we can create a natural entertaintment, wow! The internet is the best entertaintment in the world because it present information in the more rawless manner. People love raw things such as news. Thus, if one can watch information of people's whereabout, this is the best entertaintment man.

Of course, before this will happen, you will be able to talk to any of your friend for free via virtual operator services. From that article above, virtual operator is defined as:

They're called "virtual" operators because they don't maintain the underlying connectivity but do handle all marketing, billing, customer support and -- most importantly -- the content and services that customers use.

what it means is that, connectivity will be maintained by TMNET and etc. But they are giving out services and charge you for it. Meaning, today I create a Skype program and charge you for it. Since it is free, the charge won't be meant for airtime but it is meant for access point. the money collected can be used to put into a pool and we make lottery out of it.