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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


remember the company; TelExtreme I was telling you about ??

I managed to get hold at its Broadband VoIP Adapter and was doing some testing around it.

the device requires the following:
1. A network with DHCP and NAT features.
which means it can be connected to a hub as well, as long as there is someone else doing the DHCP and NAT.

it seems... Calls to Penang-Mobile, Malaysia suffered echo and delay. Calls to London,U.K was perfectly great.

apart from testing the device, which looks very much like an Internet MODEM, it has a phone port and "line" port, power port and a Cat-45 port for Internet connection. the challenge is to figure out the purpose of line port, because it is very obvious that the "phone" port is for you to connect it to a phone for dialing.

I could manage to guess until talking to one of the reseller.. and the answer is PABX. Use the line port to connect it to a PABX system as line input.

According to the reseller, they are employing MLM strategy to market this product. now why MLM ?
this time i manage to figure the answer. ..
because if they are going to rely on conventional distributorship marketing strategy, the risks is higher for one reason; they haven't setup a local representative office. For someone(a big guy)
to risk buying many quantities of the devices(VoIP adapter) and resell it again it really too much of a commitment when no local support is available, except for web site and contact numbers. In other words, to get refund for malfunction product will be really slow and unpredictable. Therefore, since TelExtreme can't get a big guy to be excited, they figure that might as well get many small guy to be excited; spread of cost.

One reason they prefer not to have a corporate present locally is accordingly the lack of market capitalization at the moment. They would prefer to wait for the membership to reach certain level before coming in for real. This is good for them and not so good for the marketing.Compare to other similiar company such as Nstream International, Ubiphone, 1CellNet ... most of them have plans to be present here locally. NStreami is a J-V between Malaysia, USA and Philliphines company already have a local office in P.J, Selangor.For TelExtreme to settle down without local presence would be much tougher, since all of them are employing MLM as business channel.

Nevertheless, MLM also helps to solve other problems.
1. People won' feel like trying it unless they have a zess for money making, becoz there are so many other competitors out there available for consumer. They only reason I try it is because it provides monthly flat rate to 21 countries. The trick is this - we(consumer) thought that we might be earning if we can make call more that what we are going to pay. while for them(TelExtreme), they are hoping that we have no time to make so much call anyway. So this is a WIN-WIN. But if the quality of Malaysia-STD is not as good as those going into U.K, then they can only promote this as MLM-money-making and VoIP-cost-saving as secondary reason.

2. Doing it the MLM way means they don't need to setup a local point here, because everyone is expected to be a business owner rather than consumer. Thus, should anyone is facing any problems they are expected to contact the HQ directly and not the introducer. This would also save them from unsatisfied members from spreading bad comments to others. In other words, any bad feedback will go to the HQ directly.. eliminating it from the public.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

SMS AC - server down ?

SMS AC is now suffering from server down or some sort of maintenance..

well, actually the reason I like to bring this up is mainly to understand the real world better, because these people are supposed to be the real guy, doing real thing on the web compared to Malaysia. But thankfully, if they are not living up to standard otherwise be the standard that they haven't got a proper way of doing maintenance or keeping server availability to a high ratio.

this also shows that they are using .NET engine for the server pages.

broadband setup again 2

i was called by a friend for broadband setup again... this time, he wanted to use winpoet to make PPPoE connection because his account isn't those of montly unlimited bandwidth.

The problem is:

he is using a D-Link router which been configured to work like a router (meaning that the connection is always on..). A typical router configuration would be like the following:

ATM interface = 0
Operation mode = enabled
Encapsulation = PPPoE LLC (very important)
VCI=35 (for malaysia only)

the rest leave as-is.

so, as part of preparation, i took the streamyx modem(ZTE) with me, in case I couldn't prove the concept. Because i haven't tried configuring a router setting into a modem setting, i was having some trouble with the house owner sat beside me watching (because he wanted to learn) I tried to entertaint him and at the same time figuring out what was happening...

my initial attempts were pretty stupid.. i thought it could work by only deleting the login details.. but the modem couldn't accept it. as i was struggling around the concept, i knew my knowledge is lacking. then I got a smart idea, where using the streamyx-modem, if i could just hard reset it so that it reboot as default configurations, i should be able to see the actual configurations for a broadband device working as a modem. So, I went on to "reboot default config" and then I tried to login using a software dialer(winpoet) and it went.

then i refer to the configurations and learnt something. For a broadband device to work like a modem, the following typical settings.

operation mode=enabled
encapsulation=1483 bridged IP LLC (the most important)
VCI=35(Malaysia only)
Bridge=enabled (very important)
the rest leave as-is.

for Streamyx-ZTE modem, the following is quite interesting.. in the quick configuration menu, under "PPP" section, it has "username", "password" and "Use DNS" field. The "Use DNS" field is actually mean for Auto-DNS-discovery. The "Default Route" option should means "Enabled NAT?"

bit torrent ?

bit torrent is a protocol..

its purpose is to enable sharing of files .. --> not accurate.
it uses file spliting technology --> not accurate.
the best ability of a bit torrent program (meaning software which implements bit torrent protocol) is that it can allow you to download big files which the ability to suck from all available sources. meaning.. if you want to download a MP3 file and if there are 100 sources around the Internet. Your download, potentially is able to connect to anyone of these 100 sources at anytime of the download. this is powerful compare to those download accelerator program (DAP - download accelerator plus) because those only allow one to one download. meaning to say, if you download one MP3 file from Mr. Jackson, then you have to stick to him until the whole ordeal is over. it will never be over if Mr. Jackson never login again because his house caught fire and he is nowhere to be found.

HOwever, with bit torrent technology, as soon as Mr. Jackson disconnected, you can continue download from other sources with the help of seeker/tracker program. e-donkey is supporting bit-torrent technology now.

before, you can share a file in the Internet, you need to convert the file into torrent format. After download completion, it will be changed back to the normal format.

to learn more about bit torrent, pls visit

Monday, March 21, 2005

you eaten the cheese

i been thinking.. what we were trying to do in this blog, recently named as "I.T sideways" is actually to take part in technology discussion as a tech-bystander analysing what we would understand to related information.

meaning to say, we would like to comment on other's comments because we have knowledge on the subject.

to give you a simple illustration, here is how you may understand the intention.

recently, there is a advertisement on Oneinvest by Avenue Unit Trust Management Bhd.

The products was advertised as three mices in sunglasses (blind) holding a blind-stick looking for way out... the title "still looking for cheese". For layman, it sounds like if you are lost, let AvUT lead you the way..

but why use mice ? well, it could be because it is a low-budget advertisement and they could only afford mice as the actor.

why cheese ? well because mice enjoys cheese.

make sense ? actually, there is a deeper meaning to it, which is traced back to a well known article called "who moved my cheese?" by Kenneth Blanchard PHD.

this is a story about 2 mices and 2 little human being looking for cheese in a maze.

Cheese is a metaphor for what we want to have in life; job, relationship, money, big house and etc.

It is about two team (mice and human) went out looking for cheese and eventually found a location separately. Happily, they relied on the cheese for a long time. Not realizing one day, the cheese ran out of stock. The mice quickly embarked on another effort to look for a new location and the human team took a long time to figure out what had happened. Eventually, the mice found a new place while one human named "Haw" managed to escape the misery of being "not want to change". Another human character; Hem couldn't accept the fact that nobody stole the cheese but it had been eaten away slowly. the story encouraged us to accept change as a whole concept. You are lost because you didn't realize the bigger concepts, AvUT does.

anyway, coming back to our discussion on the role of I.T sideways, hadn't i read about "who stole my cheese?", i wouldn't be able to tell you this story. Thus, this is the spirit that we want to give out.. To give more touch to existing information.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Flat Monthly Fee VOIP for Malaysia

have you guys seen this ?

by paying RM 227.81 you can make unlimited VOIP callsto selected countries. The best part is you can makeunlimited STD calls from within Malaysia (fixed +cellular).Countries included are Singapore, China,Aus, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and etc.

Countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, India are not included.

This means that they are targeting the non-VOIP user,where they are trying to switch people using PSTN or GSM into the VOIP trunk. One good example is that inMalaysia, people would still prefer to use normal lineto call their cellular contacts rather thanalternative such as VOIP. If I am calling mygirlfriend in Taiwan, I would prefer to use Skype orMSN because over there is so high tech, same thing goes to my Singapore girlfriend. My mother still woudn't buy it because our phone bill (Even though we do call to Singapore) is less than Rm100 monthly. (We are using Time Telekom becoz during those time, everybody say Time is cheap, very cheap) In actual fact, Time sum all all charges and knock off 50% as discount.

In other words, this business model is pretty fair inview of many aspects. It is also feasible by having wholesales commitment at those countries with unlimited calls plan.

if it works, call shop would have things like "Pay RM1 for unlimited STD calls per call!" Companies whichhave already committed to Redtone might not switchover fearing quality issue, the biggest issue is thatreseller might not have confident with this company,fearing that technical problems would spoil theirbusiness network. (A reseller must stick to oneprincipal in order to make some good money; for itsbusiness relationship and logistic-planning matters)Thus, aggressive marketing is still required to makeit big time. Therefore in this manner, branding is still the core contributor to success.

People seems to forget about middle east countries... only those oil and gas people pay attention to them!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

broadband setup again

i was invited to setup a broadband router for a house in Sri Petaling. so based on previous experiences, i have since been smarter and more well prepared.

Rules of Thumb
1. Always test the device before going to client's place. If not permitted, always bring a backup device as prove that something is not working and not your fault.
2. Always have alternative account for testing during streamyx installation.
3. Always bring your own tools.
4. Always get your job done quickly.. otherwise, you can be sitting there for few hours
5. Some router's WAN settings won't reflect your username and password. (It could be mistoken as no setting) Also, some are cacat where the status is always "connecting" but not "connected" Silver Bullet --> Hard reset.

I brought with me a Telekom Streamyx router (ZTE) for backup.

Thus, i went in an i saw a brand new D-Link router. I login to it and was suprised to find that they isn't any "WAN" options. after going through it, I found that you can create connection by "creating connection" option.. and thus since one instance was already created, i didn't bother to create another one. Immediately, I checked the username and password and then the VCI & VPI parameters where:


everything was ok, since the owner isn't IT expert, i expected that every settings other than the username and password, was defaulted to be. Then I check the status and it was written as conenction, showing also the uplink and downlink speed.

Then I quickly went to over to I.E and tried to browse. Many attempts but failed,so what happened ?

I then put in the primary and secondary DNS and then try again.. but still nothing. I can go dos-prompt to check for "inconfig /all" and everything seems ok. The DHCP was working.. but i just couldn't PING anything.

In fact, everytime I tried to browse an URL, the system would initiate a dialup dialog for me to dialup. I check I.E's Internet Option's and it happened that current settings has two dialup instance with the default pointing to "Dialup whenever a network connection is not present". Ok, this shows that they system couldn't recognize any connection.

Then i checked with LAN settings and found that "Automatically detect settings" had been enabled. I went to check and found that has the IP address of But of course, i tried to ping this and it won't work as well. I also tried to do tracert and guess what "of course it won't work"

I changed to ZTE and still not able to browse, eventhough i also get connected.

So where is the missing link?

Then i thought, we had the LAN settings ready.. but the system won't point to LAN, it is pointing to dialup. It means the solutions is to create an internet connection that points to a LAN instead of a dialup.

1. DNS setting might not be necesary. Depends on the router's features. Most router comes with DNS proxy selection for "Auto Discovery", which would mean "automatic". However, with DNS settings at the IP's properties, pages would be loaded faster. Without, u can notice that at the status bar, I.E would start with "Detecting proxy setting..". For router with no such features, it is necesary to provide the settings in the router or the IP's property for PC network card.
2. The biggest issue is to setup the "Internet Connection". This part would usually be omitted by IT expect, beause techies tend to do a bit more techy stuff like setting DNS and etc.
3. Enable "NAT". If every the router comes with option for "NAT", pls enable it. p/s: even if link is up (means connected), but without NAT you can't browse anything. Most router would have this automatic. Therefore, the reason they allow it for manipulation is because they want to allow network owner to control web surfing. Without NAT, normal LAn would still work, because LAN work based on MAC level.
4. For XP, I.E/Internet Options/LAN settings/automatically detect settings. --> whether it is enabled or disabled won't make any different.
5. Also bring one full set of devices, including a laptop for testing. First, test the owner's router with your laptop. (prior to that make sure your laptop can already surf net), then can router and test. YOu would be able to know which part goes wrong.

open source bio-information

i was searching for an open source solutions for data warehousing .. , because i needed one. most of the data warehousing solutions are pretty expensive.. such as Cognos, Crystal and even MS SQL Server.

then i found the following site..
accordingly, it states the reason for its existence is because most of the research data are proprietary to labs and university, they are trying to come out with a set of data for free.

thus, what they are doing now is that they they created a standard data model, and they created some software interface that would take the data entry. The data entry modules would follow strictly with the data model.

the whole thing will be based on mySQL.

and then also i come across another software called Scicraft . The web page was pretty impressive.. my first impression upon reading the introduction was that it could be another great software such as mathematica . I thought it could run any software; multiple of them simultaneously and let user do data analysis. This means i could go buy any data analysis software from the shelf and have them run together using SciCaft.

What it appears to me is what I was really overhyped. based on the following link, i happen to learn that it can't support all software except for few types with plugins available, currently only Octave, R(statistical) and Pythons(something like Java).
therefore, the allies of open source has to be another open source, it cannot be Microsoft or etc.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

100 web moment in the history

the 100 important moment of the web in the history ... in the eyes of yahoo.

1. the idea of yahoo was brought up a little past 10 years ago, in the year 1994.
2. the first human being banned from using the Internet.
3. the first internet celebrity - Mahir who like sex. - i guess it is originality that make its.
4. The death of jerry garcia in 95 reported by yahoo also sparked the spread of internet news.
5. craiglists.
6. Netscape set the standard for IPO which based on potential and not result.
Verisign emerge in 1998, the aim was to give internet user the much-needed peace of mind for e-commerce activities.
3. President clinton actually signed a legistration to give green light for internet cencorhip - which is aim to regulate freedom of speech.

prison also its main purpose is to give people peace of mind for living in the society.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Yudy's tech tips..- PC Upgrade

This time if we want to upgrade comp is not as easy as in the past. E.g: RAM comes with so many range like “512MB PC 2700 CL2.5” & “512 MB PC 3000 CL 3” both also same price, then have to compare with the motherboard if it is supported, so mafan.Opteron is for server lerr, price also so expensive. Only the Athlon 64, FX & Sempron suitable for home use/ workstation. Sempron is upgraded from duron.

I agree with Ahwah, upgrade to Athlon 64 with socket 939 is the best for now, but also have to watch out for the motherboard, some motherboard support only certain socket E.g: AMD 64 3200+ come with socket 754 & 939, price also diff RM 20 only.

Broadband only apply to Jakarta for now, and cover certain state around Jakarta only, you can forget about Medan lerr Brandon. Medan so far now only provide point to point unlimited service means they have to bring a long pole to your house and setup and comes with special modem of their own, and we can online unlimited, but the cost for setting up only reach up to 9 Million+ rupiah (RM 3750+) and everymonth have to pay RM 145+ but without phone line anymore.

ringo stars... not really

www.ringo .com

the web site for socializing.. having the name of ex-british rocker group Beattles. every moment someone sent me invitation for ringo acceptance.. i would think of Ringo Starr.

anyway, recently i got many invitation for ringo acceptance.. i remembered i already had an account, also i had clear memory of the username and password. But the moment i tried to login it failed.

so i tried to registered again and then failed again. then i remembered, ah... must be the verification email.. i quickly login to yahoo email and then click on the verification email. also failed. wa lao... i wanted to give up already.. the only big problem was this.

after i registered with ringo, the immediate thing they asked me to do was to import email addresses from yahoo and get have them sent invitation letter. i guess the only reason why I received so much invitation from my net friend is exposed, everyone did the same trick. It wasn't really about sincerity. It is this moment that i knew, even if i rejected all of the invitation, no one would be hurt anyway.

but i still go one.. i tried the next day (which is now), having to register again and then suprisingly i can finally login even before verification. (r they doing maintenance as well ?)

but one thing did bring me back to those programming days when i was doing web programming for session thingy.. see, since i received both inviation email for my yahoo and hotmail account, and since i have to access each email to accept them.. i found that session applies to application and not web browser or PC. Which means that session of yahoo is non visible to that of hotmail. Thus, from yahoo, if you login to ringo and never logout, the next time you tried to do anything from yahoo's link that is related to ringo; there is no need to login again. But if you switch to hotmail, you need to login again even you are using the same PC.

to lay person, this could be another jinx... but actually it is due to complexity of session which is tied to application. any session beloging to yahoo will eventually got transfered back to yahoo application server. Thus if you login from yahoo's link, your login details is stored at yahoo's application server site. Hotmail knows nothing about it even though you are uing the same PC.

anyway, god bless internet site..

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

is the web site lar...

i tried to logon to hi5.. but couldn't.. the page just returned as if nothing has been done..

so i tbought..hey jinx..what happened.. did someone hack into my account and changed my password or what.. or have my keyboard got malfunctioned and whatever things that I type went hairwire. Then accidentally.. i did the following and found that ..

actually there were some servlet problem the error messages was written in white color.. you have to highlight it to see them.

anyway, perhaps they are doing maintenance.

don't take his lightly.. sometimes there are people who expect IT-guy like me to solve such problems. So you can show them this blog.

Yudy's tech tips

Some good things to share to all of you or maybe not, Microsoft just send me free cd, YES it’s a FREE CD. Anyway it’s just a cd containing service pack 2 for windows XP.I know I know, Ahliang Ahwah, you guys can download it without any problem, but if you didn’t download it, can save 266 mb for porn mahhh.Anyway those of you want to get the cd, log on to: I forgot the exact link, you have to find it carefully (don’t go to Windows update). Try to get to section where you can download the file. At the end of the process, they will say you will get the cd in 4 to 6 weeks time, but I got it in 1 week.

Female Female Female
Anyway so many new females, I mean computer ports come out in today’s motherboard starting from VGA, Hard Drive & etc. E.g:

1. The AGP replace by PCI Express x16 (seems to be same slot, same design)2. The IDE added become Serial ATA (its an extra port to connect to HD but using small thin cable, but they say its nearly the same speed, so no point using SATA if you only having CD Rom/HD not more than 4 items) plus it act like SCSI, you will have hard time installing winXP into this SATI Hard Drive.Thus if you interested on 4GB portable harddrive, check out

3. Then our famous USB port has become Version 2 in the new latest motherboard. (probably you all already know)

4. Previously IEEE1394 socket was for Apple system, now it comes out in PC also.5. Lastly AMD come out so many different kind of socket S-462, S-754 & 939 (huh mafan lerr, choose wisely if you are upgrading)

in 64-BitFinally 64 bit comp and if you notice carefully, Microsoft actually work very closely with AMD corp. Coz it has strike twice, first it come with the name WinXP followed with AMD Athlon XP, and now ‘WinXP pro x64’ followed with ‘AMD Athlon 64’. Well it still run on intel processor but Microsoft currently does not create system that compatible with intel.So check out for the system requirement. And see the important part its says “Windows XP Professional x64 Edition cannot be successfully installed on 64-bit Intel Itanium–based systems.”So hmmm all might thinking AMD now & finally our AMD, for now leading fastest processor with Athlon FX-55 but RM 3400+ ler

created by Yudywanto.