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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Why are there so many IT AWOLs

The problem is that those with IT degrees are most commonly perceived as having technical skills rather than having other skills. Well, of course there are always exceptional case.

These days, many consider IT graduates as technocrats or simply put technician with executive level.

Partly it is due to the fact that in the Malaysia scenario, proliferation of colleges offering IT courses were up to fanatic level back then during the dot-com boom. But who should hold responsibilities of producing too much IT graduates ? Students were just looking at opportunities to improve their life, to start a new chapter which may bring promises to a blessing life.

And yet, I have seen with my own eyes where there were colleges giving providing lousy private educations while at the same time pushing for the expectation of world-class achievements. Of course, they have to protect themselves. The business of business, is to stay in business.

But actually, the biggest problem why so many IT graduates quit the industry which there paid money to got into is because of the problem with unmatching expectations. Many studied in hope to become the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. But yet, they found themselves trapped under the weight of living up to distant-dreams supported by activities of following manuals to troubleshoot computer problems.

To understand this isn't hard... check out for big companies who have always been on recruitment drive for certain positions, and they will keep doing, because people keep quiting. It is not really a matter with egoism, rather expectations mismatch exception error.

IT business is a trend business...

And it is a tough world out there... there are more than 6 billions people living in this planet. While there are many IT companies and etc, there is only one Google, Microsoft, Apple and etc. These people, because of monopoly power to their niche or otherwise known as kingdom, made them rich. There was a speculation that it has been a long time since Microsoft ever made money from selling operating systems... There are hoping that the LOVE(launching of Office, Vista and Exchange 2007) event would create some sort of miracles. And because of this, it makes the world even tougher.

IT technocrats have short-lived career life... we all need an exit plan. That should be the plan.

Think about your exit plan.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Intel Malaysia is robbed and solutions

Intel Malaysia is robbed again.... This time, it occured on Monday and involved RM 50 million of Microchip. Who is going to pay for it ?

Local police have identified the suspect who are believed to be having uncanny linking to the RM 10 million robbery at Subang airport 16 years ago.


This explains why Intel had earlier been pushing hard for the practice of professional supply chain management. They plan to setup the first supply chain consortium in Malaysia by mid-2007, collaborating with local institutes of higher learning.

According to The Edge, the collaboration is to mitigate current shortage in key competency areas in supply chain management (SCM).

Supply chain is a big concept and it involves many components, particularly human element in various parties which may have relationships between each other. NKK Technologies has a framework which can be put to task to deal with such relationship management.

Bear in mind that supply chain management is not IT systems per se. It very much a management concept which may or may not requires IT support.

Dell is already practising supply chain management and they have outsourced everything to a local company.


This probably explains why Intel Malaysia had earlier on axed up to 2,000 production jobs from the Penang side.

The robbery has helped to put into pieces the puzzle which calls for doubt that the biggest task Intel were taken to tackle is the task of managing security; theft, robbery and cheats.

Mindef Tender : KP (PERO 1)B/T 426/2006

The Ministry of Defence Malaysia (Mindef) is calling for tender documents for the project "For The Supply and Delivery Of Anti Tank Guided Weapon - Medium Range (ATGW-MR) To the Government Of Malaysia (International Tender)"

The process has to go through a local representative because one must produce an original and valid REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE OF THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE in the object code specified above and submitting a copy of the said certificate at the time of purchase of the tender document, inclusive of payment of tender document.

More information can be obtained through the website.
1. Mindef
2. Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mopheus SalesManager vs Microsoft SharePoint Server

Inspired by ...

I was inspired by a company known as V-Work Sdn. Bhd.... It was during the Microsoft LOVE (Launch of Office, Vista and Exchange 2007) which I got to know many Microsoft partners who have been very successful in their businesses.

They are ...

Simplify How People Work Together

VADs Solutions Sdn. Bhd.

- Mobility applications.

Alcatel Network Systems

- Unified communications & collaboration
- Customer satisfaction
- Enterprise Mobility

Elcon Networks (

- Dialogic PBX-IP Media Gateway can connect legacy PBXes to Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging.

DBV Technologies

Mesiniaga Berhad

- Business Intelligence

Help Protect & Manage Content

Alfacom Technologies

- Is document protection equally as important to your organization as collaboration and document management
- Microsoft Office SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 is being hailed as the platform to host line of business applications.

SourceCode Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (K2 Net)

- Evaluation program.

atQuest Solution

- Protect and manage documents & contents
- Find information & improve business insight
- Simplifying the workflow and approval process
- Improve customer relationship management

V-Work Sdn Bhd.

- Sales quotation & pipeline management
- Contract & general document management
- Service activities and knowledgebase
- Key accounts and contacts management
- Marketing campaign executiion
- Meeting management

I.S.A Technologies

Meridio Solution for records management with Office 2007

Find information & improve business insight

Accelteam Sdn. Bhd.

- Corporate Performance Management

Avanade Malaysia

Improve Productivity

Digital DNA

- Security products securing your emails.
- Deploy Office 2007 in a large environment.

Trust me, they are very good at what they are doing !!

Particulary, I am interested with the solution offered by V-Work which is Collaboration Sales Portal which can be summarized into a single diagram.

And according to them...

Collaborative Sales Portal Provides sales and business development professionals with an ecosystem of sales-empowering elements and cultivates self-improvement culture. The key benefits of collaborative sales portal are to :
  • Increase profit margin by strategic management of resources to result areas
  • Streamline marketing, sales and servicing processes
  • Shorten proposal turnaround time and increase quality of contents
  • Improve insights of opportunity to avoid conflicts and better margin management
  • Reduce time in operational meetings and spend more time with customers
Now, let me make a wild guess that it is based on Microsoft SharePoint Systems.

Microsoft SharePoint Systems:

The product was last-time known as Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server; 2003. Now for the 2007 launching, it will be called the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. Check out this web site for more historic information.

So, and according to this document.. it encompasses...

  • Portal Features and Search Services
  • Web content management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Content Management
The Competition...

Now, we want to find out how Mopheus SalesManager fare with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

How to get the idea of Mopheus SalesManager to be implemented into Microsoft SharePoint Systems.

Of course to argue fairly, NKK Technologies is like The Media Shoppe (TMS), we are innovators. That is why we qualified for the MSC Status. TMS also has a solution similar to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, it is known as tmsEKP, which consists of 4 components as such tmsINTRANET, tmsPUBLISHER, tmsSEED, tmsSYNDICATOR.

We sell the concept of speed, more focused and cheaper per se (with reference to Microsoft.) This is because usually when we get projects, we would usually do more than what the framework can do. Well, I am not sure yet how flexible Microsoft SharePoint System is, which I will find out soon.

Can it achieve the goal of Mopheus SalesManager ?


Based on the spatial fact whereby Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server has the cost structure of :

RM 109 K for 200 users
RM 200 K for 500 users
RM 300 K for 1000 users

not inclusive of cost for man-day customization.

Where as Mopheus SalesManager sell to customers RM 150k per processor not inclusive of cost for man-day customization.

And therefore, it is obvious that solutions on based Microsoft SharePoint System is suitable for smaller scale projects while Mopheus SalesManager is suitable for big, long-haul, heavy-customizable projects.

to be continued...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

MSC Status and Bumiputera Status

Petronas only awards to bumiputera...

It is a common nortion to hear that Petronas would only award project directly to bumiputera companies. More challenging than that, it has to be 100% bumiputera equity! It is not easy to justify this information, they tried to do that recently however not too applicable for this scenario.

MSC Focus ...

MSC status focuses on innovation; trading and consulting are non-qualifying criterias for the award of MSC status. This is a good move because MSC status companies are supposed to target a bigger picture for its endeavour, in short they should be looking at global market rather than Malaysia alone which is so 'bumi' intensive and sensitive. There is no connection between MSC status and bumiputera status, as both concepts are different. Period.

MDeC assures this common understanding as such that it is expanding MSC branches to many parts of the world, latest edition to the list is Banglore. Therefore, it is creating opportunities for MSC companies to seek a bigger market outside Malaysia.

NKK Technologies ...

NKK Technologies has been awarded with MSC Status recently. Its core business is development of Mopheus product lines based upon the CORE (Complex Objects Realization and Exchange) Systems framework. CORE Systems is based on Microsoft technology and consists of 3 main modules which are:

1. Complex Mapping Interface
2. Data management engine
3. Complex reporting

Based on this framework, many vertical applications can be evolved and customized into. These vertical applications are branded with Mopheus and the example is Mopheus SalesManager. This vertical application aims to provider its users the ability to maintain the complexity of information that is related to sales, marketing and trading. It is particularly suitable for trading houses who have many entities such as suppliers, middlemen, competitors, sales agent, distributors, sales representative, product managers and etc. On top of that, these entities have complex relationships amongst themselves and the complexity changes according to time.

Mopheus SalesManager allows users to manage complexity at data-entry level and therefore it caters for an integrated environment for managing data complexity of a given vertical industry. Thus, when the data is integrated, reporting would be made easier. This creates a challenge for business intelligence providers who rely on messyness of data as a case for business. Nevertheless, the emerging of such solution (Mopheus SalesManager) would not totally phase out the activities of business intelligence, it merely challenges industry players to find a balance between going for the last-mile or planning for the last-mile.

Monday, November 13, 2006

How to buy from iTunes music store in Malaysia ?

Why is Malaysian keep buying pirated music ?

I actually wanted to buy a song or album from a legitimate online music store from Malaysia ...

So I tried Yahoo music, which is not available for people other than people from the USA and Canada market.

Then, I went on to try Apple's iTunes music store, which surprisingly to me that it is also not available for Malaysian.

The only option is to put a 'dummy' address, which I feel a bit weird of doing that.

Okay, I understood that they do it for a reason, in fact, it isn't available for all Asian country except for Japan. Malaysia is known for software piracy and there is a high possibilities that a single purchase would spawn into a million of free downloads. But practically, anybody can still purchase a CD and convert it to MP3 and then let it be downloaded for free. So, the policy is meant to be politically correct.

But it is frustrating to me because when I thought of obtaining a legitimate music from the Internet, I wasn't given much choices. And at the same time, pirated music sellers in Malaysia are exposed to the risk of being caught and getting jailed, for the reason that the authority is obligated to protect some business interests in Malaysia such as Song Music, BMG and etc. Check out this link. Comparing to the fact that there is no interest for authority to protect when it comes to software other than Microsoft and some bigger names.... because there is no local distributor around. So, nobody bothers to complain anyway. And yet, still I am literally forced to look for the 'alternative' per se.

Anyway, thanks to blogger liewcf with this entry, I found that there is a site called There is in fact a Malaysian music store known as Music BlueHyppo, however there isn't much choices from the search. I couldn't find "Ryan Cabrera" and "Simple Plan". So, I gave up on it.

Thankfully, soundbuzz works.

Something to think about, how on earth do the users of iPod buy music from the Internet ? I am just wondering. I have always thought that iPod and iTunes go together.. now I know that there are iPod users who purchase pirated music from the streets of Malaysia and I couldn't quite blame them.

And the Malaysian government is thinking of improving the bumiputera ownership of the MSC cluster... while at the same time, the culture of high-tech is not fully matured.

Friday, November 10, 2006

PageFlakes til you get the hang of it

The first impression about pageFlakes is it reminds me about Java Swing. The interface looks just too similar, coupled with the famous blue-purple theme.

But to be honest with you, pageFlakes looks way much better than netvibes. PageFlakes and netvibes belong to the concept of startpage.

In fact, Pageflakes' focus is on users and particularly on 'social aspects' of network. It is the only startpage that allows sharing of pages between members. They also have a great team, and it beats Google and Microsoft for Web 2.0 'startpages' category.

It provides built-in features for address-book, to-do-list, notes and etc so it will really get sticky with users. I am still thinking should I migrate everything from Yahoo account. But perhaps, I will insert those users who I would be interacting with through pageFlakes.

The technology behind PageFlakes is of course, Ajax. As from previous blog, IT business is really about trend. And the good thing of it is that as IT entrepreneur per se, your advantage is really the option of following trend. You can choose to be counter-trend which is a risk.

Desktop Experience:

The power of Ajax is really about giving one the desktop experience which Java Swing once did for many. It is just fantastic experience... gone has those day when one has to be navigated through a few pages in order to change the caption of a box. Now, it is merely double-click.

Manages your greed:

If you got no time to read but yet has a lot to read.. use pageFlakes. Imagine that today you are a VP of Marketing and you need to keep track of the happenings for certain industries around you. Obviously you got to know where to look for the information.

And ever since blog has been proliferated, information becomes even more 'free'. Which makes search engines a necessity and but at the same time doubtful. The best way to justify the accuracy of information is still to identify reliable sources based on own discretion and trial & error. Thus, it is better to refer to a trustworthy source, such as rather than searching from Google for the latest political news for Malaysia.

And even if you are a stock analyst, you would need to keep track of as many 'gossip' as possible in order to produce a more trustworthy 'gossip' as explanation of why the stock goes up or down. The good thing is, no one blames you for being morbid inquisitive because the comments are made after and not before the index changes. Thus, PageFlakes is a great tools for online analyst who are bestowed with challenges of information aggregation, consumption and application.

I am eargerly waiting for startPage providers to move into the next chapter, which is to provide A.I features such as helping online users to read through the flakes and make customized decisions.

API Platform:

The purpose of API platform is many. One of it is to encourage more people to use it, for instance one can actually integrate PageFlakes into its own blog. This is of course only applicable for those who manages its own blog and not those who rely on free blog service.

A Web 2.0 service without API interfaces is like an invisible man. And thus, it is hard for users to get excited because only those with super vision get to notice you. And like I mentioned, this is really a trend and it matters.

Without the API, you are so out of this world....

Coming up Next:

More PageFlakes experiences to come by... You can synchronize email accounts into it. Try it out with your pop3 settings.

PageFlakes preaches that "the whole web at your fingertips". Don't forget to make it your home page too!

Monday, November 06, 2006

What is IT business ?

IT business is about trend. In fact, it should be that way. Why should entrepreneur make things complicated ?

1997, the trend was into web. Everything about web such as,, and etc.

2000, the trend was treating the Y2K.

After that, we heard about BPR (business process reengineering.)

Then, the concept of ERP was way too big. came along CRM, B2B, B.I and etc.

Finally, at 2006 we have SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), BPM (Business Process Management) and etc.

Thus, why are we finding it so hard to accept the fact that the bottom line of IT is to move with the trend which wouldn't give you much of a problem. In other words, there is nothing wrong with following trend should you are in an IT business which is a good cash cow engine.

I particularly like the idea of looking at IT business as a cash cow engine. Don't waste time thinking about whether SOA or BPM is going to work. Because those big guys want it to work, thus, no worries required.

If possible, just go get a quick certification, and get moving before the next wave trend hovering over you. However, certification providers should also provide information of how big the market is and how far it can go, the only thing left for your challenge is about speed. How fast you can learn it up and start making money for yourself.

This is the right way of living up to an IT era as entrepreneur.

Let's analyze the picture below....

When there is a trend, you know that there will be shadow and two wings and flaps. You get to fill in your favourite color.

So, is there such thing as the act of spoiling the market ?

Is Google following trend ? Not at all. Let's see what's happened to them lately.

1. Wins antitrust approval.
2. Acquisition of YouTube.
3. Into media business.
4. The world at your keyboard with Google Earth.
5. Google trumps Yahoo.

They try to be everywhere.

Who is who ?

So who is in the IT business ?

1. Accenture
2. Atos Origin
3. CSA Malaysia
4. EDS
5. Partimas
6. Formis
7. Heitech Padu
8. Kompakar
9. Sapura

Atos Origin ..

Let's take a look at Atos Origin in particular. How they manage to become such a global force is actually via acquisition. The CEO is a master of acquisition, and he had combined (over years), a few entities to make Atos Origin a global force to be reckoned with.

In other words, is there anything to sell for IT business ? There is really nothing except for the brand and also the clients penetration (paperwork.) This is thus so because there is no technology innovation and the challenge is to follow trend swiftly. You got to read the news, go for seminar, attend courses, read blogs and use the search engines.

The exit plan is to merge with others or to acquire others. At times of conflicts, divorce may be inevitable. However, one shouldn't hesitate too much to think about exit plans (with profits of course.)

IT business is closely related to financial business, because be it all sorts of thoughts, planning, arrangements and compromises... at the end of the day, what matter is that when am I getting the money ?????

Something to think about..