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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Malaysia IT Spending Prospect 2006 - v13

Our last discussion on Malaysia IT Spending Prospect v12.

Foreign Factors:

Looks like the economy is rolling back.. The bull is showing strenght. Some say that as soon as the KLCI hit back to 1,000 point, spending prospect would be good. KLCI recently hit 990 point with yesterday 985.03. Still strong as many would perceive it, however it is still pretty much influenced by foreign factors.

Local Insulator:

Umno youth has been trying hard to install insulator to the economy, by encouraging bumiputra to take part in the ICT and Biotechnology industry. They figured that the way to get this going faster is to encourage people to be involved with the MSC cluster. They wanted to improve the stake of bumiputra ownership in the MSC cluster from 17% to 30%. This is good news for local training providers as well as international marketing agent because the surge in local technopreneurs would require more markets for jobs. Otherwise, just stay at your garage and start doing more search engine algorithm to hope for billions in USD.

Transportation software to take boosting:

The government has finally took into serious consideration towards public safety of many commuters who despite having endured the unwelcoming of Malaysia public transportation for all of the history. Malaysia will be celebrating independence of 50 years.

Now they finally have budget to put transparency into the handling of semi-governmental local transportation entities. This is good news for everybody.

By all standard, there should be a few bodies to feedback electronic information with regards to public transporation entities like the LRT to its consumers. Who is going to bear the cost ? Companies like should take the initiative to integrate its system with systems of public transport companies.

We are awaiting the possibilities of end-users having the empowerment of checking the status of public transportation with their mobile devices such as handphones, PDAs and laptops.

IT security sector will also boost:

On the other hand, Symantec is confident that Malaysia alone would contribute to RM 983 million in revenue for its financial ending March, 2007. There is no point chasing for this amount of money as it is believed that they have already secured the figure.

Now, they are giving you one hint, tap into the growing threats of online transaction. Malaysian need more stringent security applications to deal with its online threats.

F-Secure is already on the move, c'mon guys, we can do it too.

And Mimos can do it, they have got RM 162 million to keep the Internet clean for Malaysia.

Government has a lot of money:

In the mean time, the government of Malaysia has a lot of money to be liquidated. MTDC just carried out marketing to ask for initiatives where grants are available. However, it is focusing on biotechnology.

Looks like everything has a connection, from Umno youth to MTDC ? No lar, IT-Sideways is the connection lar.

Friday, October 27, 2006

KL the least expensive city

TheStar coverage about Kuala Lumpur as the least expensive city.

This is probably the main catalyst behind the formation of Malaysia as one of the biggest pirated software haven in Asia.

But truth to be told, software piracy is still pretty much alive in Malaysia. You can almost find it easily at any I.T mall (which is getting popular) these days. Of course, this is good sign towards IT retailers, it means that people are starting to be more aware of using IT as the means of dealing with their daily life problems.

But pirated software vendors isn't up for a big risk as it may seems to be, in other words, they are not really afraid of being arrested and charged at court per se.

I do notice that they are probably afraid of Microsoft as an authority, other vendors such as Macromedia, Adobe, Oracle, Redhat and etc are no authority to them. My observation is simple, some of these software are available from the Internet and these so-called illegal traders are merely CDs sellers. They are selling CDs, not software. They are not the source of the illegal software copies. Even better, softwares were not printed with anti-piracy statement such as "if you have obtained this copy illegal, please call xxx-xxxx-xxxx". This is probably because many software vendors don't assigned local distributors to conquer the local market. Many would prefer to use Internet as the medium for distributing trial copies and etc. As a result of that, there is no local interest which would be erected by itself to fight against software piracy.

And also, I noticed that many of the software being exhibited are outdated. Many are more that 3 years old, I even noticed games which are 10 years old, which nobody would want to even look at it anymore. Thus, these illegal traders are also high-tech-antics-sellers or better known as software-historians.

Besides that, many software vendors don't even care about it because the sales of their softwares or the point of presence in the community is so negligible that it doesn't matter anyway; to have someone illegally using the software.

In conclusion, in the least expensive city of the world, people don't expect to pay more. Software piracy has to be dealt with through community maturity.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Google is down now : glitches or interim ?

Wow ... is down for the first time ever.

But if you check the ping, it is not really down. Just probably suffering from bandwidth problems.

You can try accessing it through the IP address. It worked a better.

Tracert seems to be fine.

C:\Documents and Settings\Brandon Teoh>tracert

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1>
2 143 ms 173 ms 50 ms
3 16 ms 16 ms 15 ms
4 16 ms 15 ms 15 ms
5 16 ms 15 ms 15 ms
6 16 ms 16 ms 15 ms
7 15 ms 16 ms 15 ms
8 17 ms 15 ms 16 ms
9 248 ms 247 ms 248 ms
10 245 ms 244 ms 245 ms []
11 245 ms 244 ms 245 ms
12 * 297 ms 297 ms
13 295 ms 297 ms 300 ms
14 304 ms 296 ms *
15 305 ms 306 ms *
16 298 ms 298 ms 298 ms

Trace complete.

Continously PINGing shows discrepancy.

C:\Documents and Settings\Brandon Teoh>ping

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),

C:\Documents and Settings\Brandon Teoh>ping

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Request timed out.
Reply from bytes=32 time=309ms TTL=242
Reply from bytes=32 time=307ms TTL=242
Reply from bytes=32 time=310ms TTL=242

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 3, Lost = 1 (25% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 307ms, Maximum = 310ms, Average = 308ms

C:\Documents and Settings\Brandon Teoh>ping

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=307ms TTL=242
Reply from bytes=32 time=307ms TTL=242
Reply from bytes=32 time=308ms TTL=242
Reply from bytes=32 time=307ms TTL=242

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 307ms, Maximum = 308ms, Average = 307ms

So, it is down but not out.

Monday, October 23, 2006

long-tail or glitches or interim?

The long-tail thingy:

The long-tail economy as started previously was such that.

So, now I suspect Google is implementing long-tail algorithm.

why I think so ? because of two observations I had taken note after 15th October 2006.

15th October 2006 was a special day because that was the day when this blog was finally earning a valid money from Google Adsense. The counter reaches beyong USD 100 a few days before 15th October 2006 and according to Adsense, publishers are given options to hold back cashing-out before the 15th October 2006.

This blog didn't bother much because receiving the first check from Google is such great anticipation which couldn't be resisted for long. It was a celebration, even though it may be nothing. It took almost 3 years for this blog to generate USD 100 as publisher to Google Adsense.

In retrospect, the next thing (1st Observation) which happened was that the PageRank for this blog was reduced from 4/10 to 1/10.

Check it out via PR Checker.

why is this happening ?

It is because Google is implementing long-tail algorithm ? "The Long Tail" states that everybody will be given at least one chance... everybody will be listed to Google's indexes and thus searchable. Thus, they want to reserve the ranking to other uprising blogs ?

Or could it be glitches ?

Checking with returned a different result, that is 4/10.

Then again, it could be interim...

Liewcf is backed on the top spot again, after suffering from some glitches recently.

It is at the second spot for the term "tech blog malaysia"; after IT-Sideways.

Conclusion ?

Have to wait and see.

As for the second observation after 15th October 2006... try to guess ? Google was trying very much to manage its money. It was during 13th -14th October 2006 where the eCPM for this blog's Adsense account to jump to USD 89.99

This is totally insane, it used be around USD 3 - USD 4 and now, out of suddenly, for no particular reason at all, it became 20 times more. and of course, during 16th October 2006, the eCPM was set to zero. arghhrrrrr!!!!! what a joke man.

I am still researching as in what factors determine the figure of the eCPM. I even take note of all the advertisement which was appeared on the blog during 13th to 14th October 2006, and they are:

And the biggest question now is that how can publishers justify all these ? Do we have a say or rights to know. Or just merely wait and see.

And I am not even sure if it is justifiable for the eCPM to hold a value = 0.00, which is totally not making sense because every click does count, even if it is just one click.

Friday, October 20, 2006

What is IBM Malaysia up to ?


First of all, they are up to SOA. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) is really just about consolidation. The assumption is that over the last 3 decades, end-users are forced to live with the problem of having many silo applications or in other words, suffering from silo-centric software architecture; no software architecture.

SOA is supposed to come in to lead the way. SOA is not to recommend end-users to totally switch over from silo architecture to SOA. You are expected to invest in a new concept and develop new applications (probably web 2.0) applications and slowly do away with those apps which belong to silo context.

New Building:

IBM Malaysia has moved into a new building, it is a brand new IBM Plaza, it is non-blue and you won't be able to recognize it from afar until the next 10 years because IBM has been associated with blue colour almost for last century. Anyway, you are forced to live with the fact that the new plaza is now situated at:

8th First Avenue, Persiaran Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E, Malaysia.

Still don't get it ? It is actually next to the TV3 building.

Latitude = 3° 8'49.94"N
Longitude = 101°37'0.69"E

At the times of this picture being taken, it was still under construction.

Besides that, they only occupied 4 floors and the corridor is really nice and longer than expected. Even the guest lounge is bigger than expected.

Primariy, they are focusing on 5 core products:

1. Rational
- Use IBM rational Method Composer to create your organisation's unique SOA governance framework.

2. Websphere
- Freedom to innovate: Unlock the power of SOA with WebSphere.

3. Lotus
- Got Linux ? Run your messaging and collaboration on Linux with Lotus Domino.

4. Information Management
- New information management offerings!

5. Tivoli
- Use IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for WebSphere to help manage your WebSphere applications.

Thus, SOA is achievable through only these 5 softwares. Amazing!

Mimos is backed online

It has been almost one year when MIMOS long serving CEO and President Dr. Tengku Mohd Azzman Shariffadeen left the top job.

On May 2006, a new CEO was appointed to bring glory back to the government funded and supposedly pioneer in research and development institution for Malaysia.

Now they are backed online...

They have a new strategy now, which besides focusing on the following 9 key research and development areas, they are also wooing talents.

The key areas are:

1. Cyberspace security
2. Encryption systems
3. Grid computing
4. Multi-service networks
5. Wireless broadband
6. MEM/NEMS systems
7. Advanced informatics
8. Knowledge Technology
9. Micro Energy Systems

Their KPI is for each employee (knowledge worker) to have one patent disclosure accepted by pattern department every year. Wow!!

Now, let's compare this with MyICMS 886 strategy from MCMC. So, it is still all about security, network and systems.

What you guys think ? Should they cut loose "Generic" Manager positions ?

Or is this IT ? That is why IBM is all talking about SOA. This is because SOA is like selling the same thing all over again but yet with a new story.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Technology Development: What you didn't know.


Established in 1992, Malaysian Technology Development Corporation or MTDC was set up to spearhead the development of technology industries in Malaysia, with the primary role of promoting and commercialising local research while also investing in high-potential ventures to acquire new technologies from abroad.

MTDC is aimed at seeding, nurturing and developing world-class Malaysian Technology companies; it is dedicated towards helping innovative technology-centric setups, technopreneurs and researchers tranform their dreams into possibilities by providing a host of financial and development options such as grant allocation, technology incubation and value-added services.

Granting Businesses the Power to Succeed:

Since 1996, MTDC has been entrusted by the Malaysian government to manage several special-purpose grants aimed at encouraging researchers and technology-centric businesses to commercialize research findings and provide an incentive to manufacturing companies in obtaining the latest technologies to enhance their operational processes. While the grant scheme was established under the 7th Malaysian Plan (7MP), the government's trust and confidence in MTDC has been proven time and again, with over RM 127 million being approved for grants under the 8MP, and even more sizeable amount allocated for the recent 9MP.

So how much has been allocated for 9MP ?

As an agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), MTDC's grant schemes are geared towards encouraging researchers and technopreneurs to commercialise research findings while assisting manufacturers to acquire advanced technologies in order to improve their operations. The types of funds available include:

1. Commercialization of Research & Development Fund (CRDF):

The fund provides partial grants to qualified R & D projects for commercialization, that is, converting research results into marketable products. Under the 9MP, the CRDF has been redesigned to provide financial support to universities, research institutes and eligible companies to undertake full commercialization. However, its core objectives remain the same; to leverage science, technology and innovation (STI) for national development; to increase the commercialization rate of domestic STI products; to increase wealth creation and technology content for Malaysian companies through commercialization; and to foster close collaboration between research bodies and industrial players.

Technology Acquisition Fund (TAF):

The TAF provides partial grants to facilitate the acquisition of strategic and relevant technology by the Malaysian industrial sector. In line with the 9MP's focus on harnessing STI to raise the capacity for knowledge and innovation while nurturing a truly global mentality, the TAF will assist Malaysian companies dedicated towards enhancing their technology levels, process and competitiveness by providng them with financial assistance to acquire relevant foreign technologies. The TAF also supports the growth of women entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary funding to acquire vital equipment that can be immediately incorporated into their business activities.

Incubating Tomorrow's Breakthroughs:

Another of MTDC's primary activities is the establishment of Technology Incubation Centres (now known as Technology Centres) designed to strengthen the relationships between industries and research institutions as well as universities in order to accelerate the commercialization activities of both these bodies.

The Technology Centres are created base on the core strengths of the universities:

UPM-MTDC Technology Centre:

Located at University Putra Malaysia (UMP) in Serdang, Selangor, this centreis focused on ICT, Multimedia and Agri-Bio activities.

Companies include:
Axiomatic Solutions
Scan Associates
TM Research

Rental rates for UPM-MTDC is ranging from RM 1.80 to RM 2.20 per square fit. If you are interested, please contact the following person:

Name: Mr Eric Chia
Tel: 603-21641590

UKM-MTDC Technology Centre:

A biotechnology-centric centre located at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in Bangi, Selangor

UTM-MTDC Technology Centre:

This centre, located at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Skudai, Johor, emphasises on advanced engineering and life sciences.

Under the 9MP, MTDC will be devleping another technology centre based in theh Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), which is due to be completed by the year 2008. This new centre will be in line with the government's emphasis on biotechnology, and will cater specifically to the life sciences industry.

Adding Value to Businesses:

As part of its extensive offerings, MTDC also provides a host of value-added services to assist its investee companies, grant recipients and incubatess. These incldue:

  • Nurturing and business advisory
  • Capacity building and market research
  • Strategic planning
  • Other Services

So, if you're a technology-based enterprise with breakthrough ideas looking to take the industry, and the world, by storm, there's only one financing partner that's right for you.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

iPOD Status October 2006

Apple CEO just recently gave a talk; a special talk with regards to the development of ipod. Let's check out the movie file here.

Facts to remember...

1. 75% market share in US.
2. 60+ million sales since the last quarter ending june 2006.
3. 3000+ ipod accessories.
4. 70% of cars to be sold will offer ipod connectivity.
5. 450 k of nike + ipod kits sold.

New Improvement to ipod:

1. 60% brighter screen.
2. Longer battery life from 2 hours to 3.5 hours.
3. Gapless playback for those songs that were meant to be gapless.
4. Newly designed headphones.
5. Games (designed for the wheel) available and is selling at $4.99 for each.
6. ipod (30GB) is selling at $249
ipod (80GB) is selling at $349

2nd generation ipod nano:

1. Thinner aluminium case with energized colors (5 colors).
2. 40% brighter display
3. 24 hours battery life.
4. Gapless playback.
5. Instant search.
6. Newly designed headphones.
7. 500 songs on 2GB at $149
8. New packaging to cater for 52% of volume reduction which gives logistic edge.
9. 40% smaller charger.

2nd Generation Ipod Shuffle:

1. 10 million of ipod shuffle were sold.
2. Wearability were improved.
3. 1GB storage which capable of storing up to 240 songs.
4. 12 hours battery.
5. It is priced at $79.


1. 88% of market share for legal US download.
2. Users have downloaded of over 1.5 billion songs.
3. iTunes is the 5th largest reseller of legal music in the US.
4. There are iTunes music stores in 21 countries.
5. Provides album view, cover view and list view of course.
6. Video encoding with H264 with resolution of 640 x 480.
7. Built-in installer for new softwares download.
8. Transfer contents between authorized computers. (from home to office)

and one last thing ....

iTV is a box which allows you to synchronize through wireless medium with your PC. This will tend allow you to synchronize contents from your PC into this box which would then let you the option of connecting the contents into your TV, set top box and etc.

and one last thing .... expect more innovations from Apple.

Monday, October 16, 2006

World-Class Software Firms

TheStar just reported the following to be world-class software firm for Malaysia, something which tech blog malaysia must NOT fail to blog about.

1. Rexit Bhd
2. Iris Corporation Bhd
3. Green Packet
4. mTouche

Is there a political reason behind the publication by TheStar ?

What about CWorks? Isn't it a world-class software firm too ? Take a look at their customer based, it is all over the world. They also established partnerships all over the world.

What about hotshot Redone ? They have been known as telephony software provider before embarking heavily on telephony call saving business and recently, they are busy promoting travelfon.

Friday, October 13, 2006

McAfee blocks the whole of Streamyx ?

Out of suddenly, the sending of emails via Outlook Express wasn't working. Then the following error messages popped out from my backend McAfee program.

Thus, the IP of is indeed the IP of my streamyx connection. Therefore, this is a stupid error projected from

I restarted the router and was obtained a brand new IP, yet again same thing happened.

So, does block the whole of Streamyx IP range ? I am just too lazy to find out and therefore I decided to uninstall the whole McAfee anti-virus application.

Localhost Problem:

So, McAfee application is working closely with Microsoft indeed. Upon installed, it will constantly change your incoming mail server to become the IP of localhost;

And if you keep it there, sometimes you will be able to retrieve your emails, other times you don't. So, each time you gotta manually reset the incoming mail server back to the supposedly mail server domain names such as

Beware after uninstallation- 0x800CCC0B:

After you uninstalled McAfee, a few settings would be changed without you knowing it. First of all, it will reset the mail server setting from localhost IP of to your original mail server domain names such as

and also expected to get the error of 0x800CCC0B when you are sending email.

This is according to this forum, is due to the setting of your outlook express account. You are supposed to check under "server/outgoing email" for the setting of "My Server Requires Authentication". It seems like the uninstallation has caused Outlook Express to reset this setting to default.

Then you will be fine.

This is not a last mile problem.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Malaysia Surfing Habits

We can actually make use of IT-Sideways: Tech blog malaysia to take note the surfing habits of Malaysian.

First of all, let's find out who visited IT-Sideways in terms of geomatic perspective.

if you notice, majority of visitors are from Malaysia; the country itself.

Now, let's check out number of hits per day..

Thus, this proves that Malaysian reduce Internet activities by as much as half during the weekends. In fact, by Friday, things are already slacking off. This proves that 50% of Malaysian only use the Internet during office hours.

Now, you can actually use the indicators from Site-Meter to find out other habits and indicators which may be useful for your company or other research needs. For instance, you might want to find out what are people searching for lately.


Friday, October 06, 2006

Microsoft ISV Innovation Day 2006

Attended the Microsoft ISV (independent software vendor) innovation day held at Golden Cinema at One Utama, Bandar Utama today. This is the first time for me and also the organizer to have held a seminar inside a cinema! and guess what, it wasn't that bad because for the first part of the seminar, I was sort of "drunken". I realized that to rest way, Golden Cinema seats are probably the most well designed.

The last time we talked about Microsoft ISV was here...

Highlights of the event:

1. Microsoft invested RM 25 million annually to support its partner.

2. Phone Support to cost them RM 14 000 annually.

3. There are 250 partners currently registered under the ISV program.

4. Check out this web site to maximise your business potential.

5. This forum is focusing on Vista, Office, Dynamics and SQL Server 2005.

6. There is a blog for msdn malaysia.

7. Official ISV web site is this.

8. Created a marketing program called "People Ready"
- Build Connection
- Develop relationship
- Drive innovation
- Improve operations

9. Microsoft is going to produce an alternative for iPOD.

10. Microsoft partners' marketing opportunities.

- Global expansion
- Differentiation
- Innovation breakthrough
- Business value-driven sellers

Compare against Market Pressure

- Global competition
- Commoditization
- Disruptive technologies
- Demanding customers

11. Microsoft experiencing customer growthof 24% (average).

12. In 2 years, 1 out of 3 PC will be Windows Vista which has real-time 3D rendering.

13. Microsoft Dynamics, which has many extended capabilities, is very much more advance than the usage of Siebel for tracking sales.

14. Software as a service (SaaS) concept.

- IDC predicts worldwide spending on SaaS will reach $110.7 billion in 2009.
- Worldwide spending on SaaS to increase 39%.

15. There are currently 400 million Microsoft Office customers.

16. 75 million office sharepoint.

17. With Microsoft Office 2007, now you can customize Microsoft Office for your customer (such as providing charts..) . Which means you can now build application on top of Microsoft Office 2007 as well.

18. Enterprise Content Manager allows you to design workflow in sharepoint.
- Key technologies:
Out of the box, customizable sites.
Blogs, Wikis.

19. Microsoft also now allows ISV to build on top of the search technologies.

20. Excel 2007 services, overview.
- Share spreadsheet with multiple people.
- View Excel on browser.

21. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
- WSS integration with WF.
- Frontpage is now known as sharepoint designer.

22. Business Intelligence for the masses.

- Anytime, anywhere access
- Mission critical server platform
- Real-time, heterogeneous integration
- Professional-grade, integrated development environment

Why ? Because SQL Server 2005 has all the capabilities built-in already.
~ Integrated services (DTS)
~ Analysis services
~ Reporting services
~ Notification services
~ Replication services
Https replication (No need to create VPN funnel anymore)
Peer replication
~ Relational Database

- Using Excel 2007 as interface. Excel 2007 can now support more than 60K of rows. Now, it can support up to 1.4 million rows.
- Data mining wizard is able to access different algorithm available.
- Three core processes of business intelligence.
~ Integrate
~ Analyze
~ Report
- Microsoft offers an unparalleled degree of simplicity and time-to-value solutions.
- Using Fuzzy logic for the integration processes.
- UDM (universal data model) sits on top of all data sources.

23. Opportunity for ISVs

- Exploit the full features of this platform.
- Build the data platform capabilities of SQL into your solution.

24. AJAX

- Atlas allows one to write javascript in an OOP way.
- ASP.Net 2.0 Ajax extension, which allows one to create AJAX via ASP.NET's script. Development studio will then render it into AJAX (HTML-Javascript).

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Jinx Again : The last mile problem

It is happening again... my broadband at home won't connect, that is the DSL light keeps blinking and will not become stable.

The last time this happened was during September 11, 2006.

I don't know why it keeps happening to my house, perhaps I don't have the practice of connecting it (broadband connection) all the time. So, it is because of congestion problems ?

But it could be an isolated case... I have logged a complain to the support center again. Once again, the funny number is not a toll-free number (1300-88-9515). And the voice response system won't bother to take short cut... wow, what a good way for T.M to make money.

Last Mile Problem:

But I do notice that this could be a last mile problem. At first, there was no blinking at the DSL LED, which means that there was no signal. I unplugged the line from Aztech router and put it to a normal phone; there was no dial-tone. Then I adjusted the cables and the tone came back. But still it wasn't blinking yet. So, this could be really a physical problem(hardware) which has nothing to do with TMNet. But what is there for me to control ? Even if rats residing on my roof-top were to cause damages to the cables ? what can I do for the fact that my normal phone service is still working.

TMNet CANNOT blame that it is a hardware problem at your side... or that it is could be something wrong with your router or etc until the real problem is hunted. They can't ignore the last mile problem. Even if the phone line is really the culprit, they have to take charge of it. They have to help me to get T.M phone line people to check everything and then come back to me, otherwise there is no point talking to them. If TMNet support center were to ask me to make separate phone calls to get the problem solved, I would be looking for another broadband provider.

But this is also a big problem for other emerging broadband providers who are going to penetrate the market soon. if they CANNOT care enough for the last mile issues, then they will fail. Wireless solutions seem to be able to half the problem, but still last mile problem is not sorely a matter of hardware failure. It is a matter of unforseen circumstances.

Let's home that my streamyx service will be restored in 2 days time.

By the way, does Micheal Lai(TM Net CEO) read blogs ? Some say that he is being sabotaged .... He got to read this.