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Friday, June 29, 2007

SAS substantiates efforts towards K-economy

SAS Certification Program & SAS Smart Placement Job Portal launched in adherence to MSC Malaysia’s call for a knowledge economy

Business Intelligence is a niche software subject which deals with database, reporting and intelligence. It is a big concept which encapsulates the following sub-topics (core components):

I. Data-warehousing (which requires ETL processes, known as DTS in Microsoft SQL Server)
II. Cube building (OLAP)
III. Comprehensive reporting and analysis. Excel pivot table is one of such examples where data can be manipulated by users with much flexibility.

The most popular BI application around is perhaps balance scorecard.

Press Release:

Photo: SAS Academic Program on 28 June 2007: (L-R)

1. Jimmy Cheah, MD SAS Malaysia
2. YB Datuk Ong Tee Keat, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Higher Education
3. Jim Goodnight Chief Executive Officer (CEO), SAS Institute

The event was held at Shangri-La Hotel at 1.30pm , 28th June 2007.

KUALA LUMPUR, 28 June 2007 - SAS, the world’s leading business intelligence (BI) software provider, today launched two academic-related programs in active response to MSC Malaysia’s call for more substantial efforts from ICT companies towards a knowledge-based economy.

The SAS Smart Placement Portal and SAS Certification Program announced in conjunction with the SAS Academician Day held at Shangri-la Hotel, Kuala Lumpur demonstrates the company’s long-term commitment towards the academic fraternity, and is also in line with MSC Malaysia’s call for creating a solid knowledge-based group of ICT workers in the country.

Working with universities:

Presently, SAS software syllabus is incorporated as part of the curriculum of 13 major universities in Malaysia.

Jim Goodnight the founder and CEO of SAS Institute says, “Quite a number of graduates are already familiar with the usage of SAS software, and the SAS Certification Program is intended to provide these graduates the means to further validate their SAS software skills, enhancing their credibility as technical professionals with relevant industry knowledge.”

At the same time, taking into account the influx of SAS skilled workers who will be entering the workforce, SAS Malaysia has simultaneously launched the SAS Smart Placement Portal, an easy-to-use job portal specially designed to connect SAS-trained graduates with organizations using SAS software.

Specialized BI Job Portals:

“With corporations placing more importance on BI as the tool to stay ahead of their competitors, there is a clear demand for aptly trained, BI knowledge workers. The SAS Smart Placement Portal will help ensure the placement of the right SAS-skilled workers at these organizations in need of their contributions,” said Goodnight.

The SAS software (formerly known as “Statistical Analysis Software) was originally developed more than 30 years ago in 1976 by Jim Goodnight the founder and CEO of SAS Inc.

Goodnight, who was recently named as the latest member to the International Advisory Panel (IAP) for MSC Malaysia, is in Malaysia on his inaugural visit to the country for a meeting with the Prime Minister YAB Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Creating a niche workforce:

“To produce a workforce for the 21st century, we need to help create innovative programs where intelligence is infused in every part of the curriculum and creativity is fostered in every discipline. The SAS accreditation programs will help produce a niche workforce that is skilled in analytics that knows how to use information effectively as a competitive edge to raise the performance of local organization to international levels”, Goodnight said.

Multimedia Development Corporation CEO Dato’ Badlisham Ghazali lauds SAS’s move, “The launch of both the certification and portal clearly reflects SAS commitment to play its part to support the move to develop Malaysia into a centre for knowledge-based workers and talents.”

“Goodnight is a veteran and knowledgeable guru in the field of BI and we hope he will continue to lend his vast experience and skills to further strengthen the development of MSC Malaysia and its vision to compete it a borderless world via K-Economy,” he adds.

Goodnight, a former professor with a doctorate in statistics from North Carolina University is a strong advocate of education as the way for corporate, industry and national progress.

“Education is critical to the success of a person, organization and ultimately the nation. Aptly skilled individuals will eventually be the backbone of the business, so organizations should procure the right talents because creative employees are the ones who pioneer new technologies, give birth to new industries and power economic growth,” he ends.

About Dr Jim Goodnight:

Goodnight has helmed the company since 1976, overseeing an unbroken chain of revenue growth – a feat almost unheard of in the software industry. Its unique business models and the importance SAS places on R&D has made it the preferred choice for most of the FORTUNE 500 companies.

Renowned for its corporate culture, the company was inducted into the FORTUNE's "100 Best Companies to Work for in America", "Hall of Fame" in 2005 after being listed in the top 20 for eight consecutive years. It was also listed by Working Mother as one of the 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers 13 times, featured in a segment titled "The Royal Treatment" on CBS' 60 Minutes and more recently was featured as the Best Place to Work on the Oprah show.

Goodnight co-wrote the piece, "Managing for Creativity," with author Richard Florida in the July-August 2005 issue of Harvard Business Review, to showcase the company's strategy to keep employees and realize peak performance.

Passionate on education, goodnight strives to make education the focus of SAS' philanthropy. He is also an active speaker and participant at the World Economic Forum. He was appointed to the Atlantic Council of the United States President’s International Advisory Group in dedication to his excellence in business.

In 2004 Goodnight was named the "20th Century's Great American Business Leaders" by Harvard Business School in recognition for three decades of leading a business that has changed the way Americans have lived, worked and interacted in the 20th century.

About SAS:

SAS is the leader in business intelligence and analytical software and services. Customers at 43,000 sites use SAS software to improve performance through insight from data, resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions; more profitable relationships with customers and suppliers; compliance with governmental regulations; research breakthroughs; and better products and processes. Only SAS offers leading data integration, storage, analytics and business intelligence applications within a comprehensive enterprise intelligence platform. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.

For more details, please contact:

SAS Malaysia
Jeanisha Wan
Marketing Manager SAS Malaysia
Tel: 03-2273 6288

PR Agency
Sirius PR Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03-7805 2700

Other Competitors:

SAS is competiting with the following key competitors from around the world. However, SAS is one of the few who provides full set of solutions from data warehousing to cube building to reporting and analysis.

I. Cognos (Full set)
II. Business Objects (Full set)
III. IBM DB2 (Focusing on data warehousing)
IV. Microsoft SQL Server (Full set since 2005 reporting services)
V. Oracle (Full set)
VI. SAP BI tools (Partial - using MS Excel as interface for reporting & analysis)
VII. Hyperion (Focusing on reporting & analysis)

SAS has a market share of 10.2% as of July 2006, according to IDC.

Check out also recent IT-Education happenings in Malaysia (K-Economy efforts).

I. Thumbs up for Celik Komputer.
II. Teachers urged to tap resources from the Internet.
III. Songs can help to learn English.
IV. Satyam strategic tie-ups.
V. Star rating for school ICT usage.
VI. Intel brings ICT for education initiative in Malaysia.
VII. Dabong awakes to info age.
IX. Race to make school smart.
X. Reviewing non-ICT promoting curriculum.

Monday, June 25, 2007


KUALA LUMPUR – June 25, 2007 – SonicWALL, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNWL) today launched a new version of its Email Security solution that delivers powerful new performance and management capabilities to help keep organizations productive and safe from inbound and outbound email threats.

SonicWall was in town just last week to promote the much anticipated gateway security appliance classified as Network Security Appliance(NSA) type of products, code name NSA E7500.

SonicWall is represented in Malaysia by ACA Pacific, a Singapore based IT marketing company.

Premium performance Solutions:

Based on the new capabilities of Version 6.0, SonicWALL has added the Email Security 6000 and 8000 products to its new E Class line of premium performance solutions designed to provide network and data technology to large networks. The Email Security 6000 and 8000 solutions join SonicWALL’s recently-announced Network Security Appliance (NSA) E7500 to expand the E Class line up. The NSA E7500 is a 16-way multi core Unified Threat Management security appliance intended for deployment in campus networks, distributed environments and data centers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

"We purchased a Sonicwall Email Security system recently and immediately upgraded to the SonicWALL Email Security 6.0 Beta software to take advantage of the interface improvements and, most importantly for us, the ability to batch import user email addresses. We are very pleased with its effectiveness and overall performance," said Mark Stuhr, director of Information Technology at Nolo, the nation's oldest and most respected provider of legal information for consumers and small businesses. "The system is very easy to manage and has significantly reduced the time I and, more importantly, all of my users have to spend on managing spam and related email threats each day. My users, my staff and I are all very pleased with this device."

Enhanced Image and Stock TIKR spam techniques:

At the core of the enhancements to SonicWALL Email Security are a complete range of enterprise-class capabilities that deliver complete inbound and outbound email protection in a highly scalable, easy to manage, proven solution. These enhancements include continuing improvements in the ability to stop new spam, phishing and virus attacks by delivering comprehensive protection updates to its customers every five minutes and the introduction of advanced enhanced Image spam and Stock TIKR spam techniques. SonicWALL Email Security Version 6.0 also adds features designed to improve manageability of the system such as: a new administrative user interface, real time system monitoring of email throughput and CPU usage, improved reporting performance and simplified licensing. In addition, Version 6.0 continues to extend the flexibility of SonicWALL’s industry leading end-user controls with improvements to Junk Box summaries, enhanced personal allowed-list management and the introduction of user-action notifications – all designed to reduce IT administrator’s involvement in day-to-day end user email management.

Software or Hardware:

SonicWALL Email Security 6.0 is available as either software or a hardened Appliance. Version 6.0 expands appliance management capabilities to include Safemode, which adds redundancy for firmware recovery; RAID monitoring and repair; a Command Line Interface which provides scriptable access, NTP and SMTP support, and a host of optional commands and support for SNMP-based system monitoring.

Enterprise Class Solutions:

“The SonicWALL Email Security 6000 and 8000 systems have proven themselves to be Enterprise class solutions that are being used throughout the world today,” stated Gleb Budman, Senior Director of Product Management at SonicWALL. “Version 6.0 delivers a customer driven group of enhancements that not only make the system more effective, they improve monitoring, reporting, scalability, and maintenance while simplifying the overall usability of the system for the IT staff and for end users.”

Regulatory Compliance:

SonicWALL Email Security is a self-running, self-updating solution delivering comprehensive inbound and outbound email protection in either software or appliance versions, for organizations from 10 to 100,000 people. SonicWALL Email Security 6000 and 8000 solutions, for organizations of 5,000 users and above, provide comprehensive protection for the enterprise against spam, virus and phishing attacks in addition to preventing confidential information leaks and violations of regulatory compliance laws such as HIPAA, GLBA and SOX.

New features of SonicWALL Email Security 6.0 include:

  • Effectiveness
  • Stock TIKR spam detection updates
  • Delivery of anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus protection updates every 5 minutes
  • Smart Allowed Lists – SPF/Sender ID checked Allowed Lists and user notifications to prevent risky additions.
  • Reporting
  • Real-time monitoring of email throughput, CPU usage, etc
  • Exporting of all report data via CSV format
  • User Notification
  • Flexibility in enabling end-user controls on per user, per group or per company basis/end user empowerment with corporate control
  • Updated Junk Box Summary
  • Notification of junk email allowed by User Allowed lists
  • Notification of junk email unjunked by User Action
  • Hosting/MSP
  • Per Domain Reporting
  • Per Domain Directory Harvest Protection
  • Importing User Lists
  • Appliance Management
  • RAID monitoring and repair services
  • Support for SNMP-based system monitoring

About SonicWALL, Inc.
Founded in 1991, SonicWALL, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures comprehensive network security, email security, secure remote access, and backup and recovery solutions. Over one million SonicWALL security appliances have been shipped to protect tens of millions of computer users in businesses worldwide. SonicWALL is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol SNWL. For more information, contact SonicWALL at +1 (408) 745-9600 or visit the company web site.

For further information, please contact:

Florence Loh
PR Executive
Sirius PR Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03- 7805 2700
Fax: 03 - 7805 2725
Mobile: 012 - 392 2852

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Industry’s first 16-way multi-core UTM security appliance answers unmet demand for streamlined productivity and protection

SonicWALL has built a name for itself in Malaysia for quite a while.

They are represented by ACA Pacific Technology, their distributor here in Malaysia .

SonicWALL is the biggest US brand in enterprise security solutions that ACA Pacific carries.

NSA E7500

Press Release:

KUALA LUMPUR – June 18, 2007 – SonicWALL, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNWL), a leading provider of Internet security solutions, today unveiled the SonicWALL Network Security Appliance (NSA) E7500, a new gateway security appliance that makes deep packet inspection security productive and easy to manage in larger network deployments. Designed to enable the highest level of Unified Threat Management (UTM) performance at its price point, the NSA E7500 is intended for campus networks, distributed environments and data centers. The NSA E7500 is the industry’s first UTM appliance to harness the power of sixteen processing cores in a single network platform.

Larger organizations increasingly require their IT departments to maximize productivity and network uptime, while also ensuring regulatory compliance and security and operating within tight budget constraints. The impact of UTM solutions on network performance, plus the cost and complexity of current alternatives, has resulted in many organizations still relying on stateful packet inspection security despite its inability to protect against dynamic network threats. The NSA E7500 is designed to address these concerns, allowing mid-tier and enterprise organizations to reap the benefits of deep packet inspection security throughout their networks.

“IT administrators are frustrated with security solutions having poor price/performance,” said Douglas Brockett, vice president and general manager at SonicWALL. “They are looking for performance, ease of management, insightful reporting and scalability to help them support their corporate financial goals. SonicWALL is rising to this challenge by being the first to deliver ultra high performance deep packet inspection in an appliance that can easily be deployed and integrated in any size of network. Many threats now originate within the LAN, so deep packet inspection across every interface on the network is essential.”

Application Firewall

The NSA E7500 features SonicWALL’s characteristic ease of management combined with low cost of ownership and a rich set of inbound and outbound network control capabilities. These characteristics are enabled through SonicWALL Application Firewall, a set of customizable protection tools that prevent data leakage and afford precise control over network traffic. The granular, application-specific policies enabled by SonicWALL Application Firewall allow custom access control on multiple levels. Capabilities of SonicWALL Application Firewall include inbound and outbound content control, application level access control, intelligent prevention functionality and digital rights management functionality.

SonicWALL has engineered the appliance as the most powerful security product in its class through the combined use of sixteen general purpose security processing cores. The scalable multi-core architecture of the NSA E7500 provides gigabit-scale deep packet inspection throughput with multiple layers of protection.

The NSA E7500 incorporates a suite of high availability features at the hardware and system level to maximize uptime and improve security coverage. The platform includes integrated security services including dynamic threat prevention, content filtering and application control. The NSA E7500 also includes virtual private network (VPN) implementations and deployment flexibility, four high-speed gigabit Ethernet copper interfaces and four high-speed configurable SFP (small form-factor pluggable) ports, and built-in secure wireless LAN functionality, making the appliance an ideal solution for wired and wireless applications requiring high-speed access and heavy
workgroup segmentation. Deployment flexibility and productivity enhancements are achieved through the integration of standards-based VoIP capabilities, virtual local area networks (VLANs), enterprise class-routing and QoS features.

The NSA E7500 is the first offering in SonicWALL’s new E Class, a line of premium performance solutions designed to provide network and data technology to large networks. The NSA E7500 will ship in Fall of 2007.

About SonicWALL, Inc.

Founded in 1991, SonicWALL, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures comprehensive network security, email security, secure remote access, and backup and recovery solutions. Over one million SonicWALL security appliances have been shipped to protect tens of millions of computer users in businesses worldwide. SonicWALL is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California and trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol SNWL. For more information, contact SonicWALL at +1 (408) 745-9600 or visit the company web site at

Local Press Contact:

Ng Swee Yoke
ACA Pacific Technology (M) Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03-7803 4600

Jade Lo
Sirius PR Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03-7805 2700

Installing XP after Vista

Have you ever thought about installing Windows XP after you have installed Vista ? You will probably need to do this to accommodate for some older applications and etc.

I have tried in out (in Malaysia) and it works. But it took me a while to figure out.

Here is the right thing to do..

I. Go and print out the instruction from this page.

II. Proceed to install Windows XP. (Make sure you install it in a new partition, at least 3 GB, recommended 10 GB)

By the way, if you hadn't got a partition and intended to do so, you can make use of the open source software called GParted Live-CD. It works for Vista. All you got to do is to download the ISO image, convert and burn it to a CD and then boot it from the CD. If you need a software converter to convert ISO image into CD format, you can use this free software; ISO Recorder v 2. Thanks to this site and this.

III. After you are done, you will load into Windows XP (automatically). So load XP.

IV. Then (while in XP), as stated in the instruction from here.
Put in the Vista installation CD/DVD and do the steps of 1,2 & 3.

where ...
    you need to run the "bootsect.exe -NT60 All" command from command-line(cmd.exe) to set the bootloader back to the Vista version. Bootsect.exe is only available from Vista installation CD.
V. You will really restart in Vista automatically.

VI. Ok, now according to this page, you have to do step 4,5 & 6. However, don't follow exactly.

First of all check out for the following entry by running "bcdedit /enum all"

Windows Legacy OS Loader
identifier {ntldr}
device unknown
path \ntldr
description Earlier Version of Windows

if this entry is present, then for the first line under step 5, instead of using "-create", you should be using "-set"; since the entry already exist. So, in order words, do the following as according to step 5.

Drive:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit –set {ntldr} –d “Windows XP Pro SP2”
Drive:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit –set {ntldr} device partition=X:
Drive:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit –set {ntldr} path \ntldr
Drive:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit –displayorder {ntldr} –addlast

    Drive = the drive for which your Vista root directory.
    X=the drive number where Windows XP is installed.

    For instance, if you installed Vista in C drive and XP in D drive, then line number two out of the four lines above should be looking like this..

    C:\Windows\system32\Bcdedit - set {ntldr} device partition=D:

Now, after you have restarted, you will get to choose loading between Vista or XP (that is for sure). But, in my case, Windows XP still won't load because apparently the "ntldr" is missing.

Okay, now to learn about ntldr, check out the following two articles from Microsoft.

Very informative, but doesn't quite accurate on the instructions. This page is better.

Anyway, let's come back to the missing of "ntldr" problem.

The solution to that is...

VII. Load back to Vista.
VIII. After you are in Vista, put in the CD of Windows XP installer.
IX. Explore the CD/DVD to look for the "I386" folder. For instance, it could be under the following path..


X. Look for these two files in the "I386" folder.


XI. Copy them and paste it to the root partition of your XP installation. For instance, if you installed XP under D drive. Then put it under "D:\" directly, together with the folders of "Program Files", "Windows" & "Documents & Settings".

XII. Restart and choose XP from Windows Boot Manager. It should work. It works for me.

This is quite fun, email me ( if you are facing difficulties.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Streamyx Account Report (6)

Location: Petaling Jaya
Post code : 47301
Package type: Home. 2Mbps(download)/ 512 kbps(upload)

Aztech Router interface

Time: 08:51 am


InternetFrog Speedtest

TM Speedometer..

TM Speedtest

Time: 11:21 am

Time: 2:53 pm

Time: 5:39 pm

Time: 11:26 pm

wow! 223kbps (download) / 84.6kbps (upload)


1. No solid case, the Internet connection has potential to reach up to 2Mbps (download) & 512 kbps (upload), just depends on mood. To figure out the mood is probably a waste of time, since it is really mood-swing. However, to build a mood detector might be useful.
2. No reason to subscribe to higher package other than 512 kbps (download) / 256 kbps (upload)
3. Downgrade from RM 88 package to RM 66 ? Still subjective. What if mood-swing ?
4. Check out RedesignMalaysia for latest updates.
5. Streamyx CEO should read this blog.

P/S: To run these test, you need to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) first. Check out this link.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Alcatel-Lucent honoured with third NGN Infrastructure Vendor of the Year award from Frost & Sullivan

Kuala Lumpur, June 18, 2007 — Alcatel-Lucent (Paris: CGEP.PA and NYSE: ALA) today announced that it has been named the 2007 Next Generation (NGN) Infrastructure Vendor of the Year in Asia Pacific by global growth consulting company Frost & Sullivan. This is the third time Alcatel-Lucent has received the prestigious award which recognizes the exceptional growth that Alcatel-Lucent experienced in the area of NGN in 2006. The award was presented at the 2007 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards banquet, held in Singapore. Alcatel-Lucent also received this award in 2004 and 2006.

Frost & Sullivan APAC ICT Awards:

The Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards are held annually to recognize companies and individuals that have pushed the boundaries of excellence — rising above the competition and demonstrating outstanding performance across the region. This year, 26 awards were conferred to some of Asia Pacific’s leading information and communications technology (ICT) companies.

NGN (Next Generation Networks):

Sin Siew Teyew, director of telecoms at Frost & Sullivan, said, “Alcatel-Lucent's positioning as the ‘network integrator’ in a converged IT and telecoms environment puts them at the forefront in providing end-to-end next-generation solutions that encompass the entire NGN transformation value chain of business transformation, network transformation and service transformation - otherwise known as NGN 2.0.”

Alcatel-Lucent offers a comprehensive set of solutions ideally positioned to help operators navigate the critical and complex transformation of their core networks providing a clear path to an intelligent, service-aware and converged environment. Alcatel-Lucent’s NGN portfolio helps fixed and mobile service providers control costs by enabling a staged migration from today’s circuit-based PSTN to a full packet-based network. By combining leading and field-proven NGN and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) technology, the Alcatel-Lucent solution allows service providers to quickly develop, test, and launch innovative new user-centric applications — independent of the access technology, enabling service providers to minimize customer churn and generate additional new service revenues from new services.

Huge Customer Base:

With more than 245 fixed and mobile customers, including the delivery of new services to more than 55 million mobile subscribers, Alcatel-Lucent is engaged in more than 20 large transformation projects globally, including KPN, Telstra, AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and China Netcom.

“This award is a testimony to the leadership position that Alcatel-Lucent is taking in the NGN market,” said Frédéric Rose, President of Alcatel-Lucent Asia Pacific activities. “Alcatel-Lucent will continue to leverage this leadership to help our customers transform and introduce service innovation into their networks while cost-effectively migrating their installed customer base.”

Nomination Process:

All nominees were evaluated on a variety of actual market performance indicators for financial year 2006, including revenue growth, market share and growth in market share, leadership in product innovation, breadth of products and solutions, major customer acquisitions, and business and market strategy. A team of Frost & Sullivan’s leading analysts and consultants based across the region were involved in the short listing, evaluation and research process. The findings of the detailed examination were then presented to a panel of independent judges comprising influential personalities in the Asia Pacific ICT industry.

For more information on the Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards, visit

About Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, has been partnering with clients to support the development of innovative strategies for more than 40 years. The company's industry expertise integrates growth consulting, growth partnership services and corporate management training to identify and develop opportunities. Frost & Sullivan serves an extensive clientele that includes Global 1000 companies, emerging companies, and the investment community, by providing comprehensive industry coverage that reflects a unique global perspective and combines ongoing analysis of markets, technologies, econometrics, and demographics.

About Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) provides solutions that enable service providers, enterprises and governments worldwide, to deliver voice, data and video communication services to end-users. As a leader in fixed, mobile and converged broadband networking, IP technologies, applications, and services, Alcatel-Lucent offers the end-to-end solutions that enable compelling communications services for people at home, at work and on the move. With operations in more than 130 countries, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with global reach. The company has the most experienced global services team in the industry, and one of the largest research, technology and innovation organizations in the telecommunications industry. Alcatel-Lucent achieved adjusted proforma revenues of Euro 18.3 billion in 2006 and is incorporated in France , with executive offices located in Paris . [All figures exclude impact of activities transferred to Thales].

Alcatel-Lucent Press Contacts:

Rodhiah Ismail
Tel : 2053 0200

PR Agency:

Tel: 7805 2700

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

e-Public Services status report (1) Malaysia

First of all, congratulation to MIER (Malaysian Institute of Economic Research) for accurately predicting the lowering of interest rates in Malaysia.

This can be evidenced from personal loan packages. Check out the following.

Alliance Bank, CashVantage, September 2006, Interest rate = 8.99% per annum
Standard Chartered, Cheque-on-call, June 2007, Interest rate = 6.99% per annum

This real scenario depicts that fact that interest rates is falling and the bank already know it before the unassuming consumers do. The fact is that Malaysian are not expected to see rise of interest rate of more than 7% for at least 12 months period. Otherwise, the bank would look really stupid for having to borrow you money which you can deposit into some Fixed Deposits at the same rate.

Up to date, the highest interest rates for fixed deposit is provided by EON bank which is 4% (for long period).

Coming back to MIER, I strongly feels that the web site requires to go for revamption. Is it too expensive to purchase better looking web 2.0 template ?

We gotta accept new approach u know ??

Anyway, small matter.. let's check out the status for recently better-delivery of public services.

It was reported earlier here.

1. Web services (SOA) is the way!
2. Usage of CCTVs in Terengganu
3. JPJ upgrading computer system
4. MCMC tracked down illegal investment web sites.
5 Check post-SPM teacher training cost via sms.
6. Dedicated broadband service to boost efficiency - Selnet.
7. Free job portal.
8. Digital security enforcement - GISCC
9. Digital security measures - no handphones and smartphones
10. IT crisis team - zero down time
11. Iskandar Development Region
12. DBKL
13. Renewal of driving licenses
14. Tax : Inland revenue board e-filling system
15. One stop government web site.
16. Legal: e-courts

Check out all blogs related to public services

Monday, June 11, 2007

Streamyx Account Report (5)

Following up from Report (4)

Location: Petaling Jaya
Post code : 47301
Package type: Corporate. 2Mbps(download)/ 512 kbps(upload)
Time: 10:11 am

Testing with InternetFrog

833kbps (download)/ 97.5kbps(upload) - not too bad.

Testing with TM Speedometer

1509.28 kbps (download)

Time: 2:30 pm

InternetFrog297 kbps (download)

TM Speedometer
1219.36 kbps (download)

Time: 6:30pm

InternetFrog464 kbps (download)

TM Speedometer1492.32 kbps (download)

Time: 9:15pm

1.11 Mbps (download)

TM Speedometer
1.488 Mbps (download)

Not too bad comparing to that of home package. This speed will be good for home users or small enterprises (1 - 5 concurrent connections).


1. Corporate pays more for the same package and gets more priority.
2. Home users (in area with post code = 47301) should all down grade to basic package of 512 kbps (download) since the maximum you can get is less than 100 kbps (download). Under the terms and conditions, downgrade is permissible after the minimum subscription period, however it is not from the counter. It has to be based on written consent and subject to approval.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Streamyx Account Report (4) - What happened ?

Just as I had praised Streamyx for being competent. I realized that I was betrayed as a user.

Check out the speed for today.

Location: Petaling Jaya
Post code : 47301
Package type: Home. 2Mbps(download)/ 512 kbps(upload)
Time: 6:22pm

I think the speed agreed with 8.60 kpbs as tested by InternetFrog.

And I think the speedometer provided by Streamyx is not accurate at all. Even though it may be true that I am getting 1132.16 kbps directly from my node to the ISP, but beyond that is another story. So, what is the point ? The ISP must provide caching services to many web sites then, so that we no need to go through the International link.

This is not fair by any standard. I am definitely still paying for my monthly RM 88 subscription without interruptions.

This is utterly unacceptable given the fact that I had been a loyal subscriber for around 3 years.

Now I am considering should I really take all the trouble to change my broadband supplier.

Even though it is still better than 56 kbps dial-up package, but definitely this is frustrating.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Streamyx Account Report (3)

Following from report 1 and report 2

Current site..

Streamyx ADSL Speed

It is a 2Mbps (download) and 512 kbps (upload) package.

Testing with InternetFrog (via Java Applet) (recommendation from reader Stephen)..

Testing Broadband Speed Result

The result is very positive; around 1Mbps for download. This is a big difference compare to report 1.

Confirmation with Streamyx's Speedometer (also Java Applet) ..

Streamyx Speedometer Test Result

The result agrees with that of InternetFrog. This means that testing with Java Applet seems to be more accurate compared with other methods such as that from report 2.

This could be due to many reasons. But I think it could be related to TCP/IP and HTTP.

The Java Applets (Speedometer and InternetFrog) is a client embedded in the web site which would connect to a server somewhere. Both would then communicate for testing the speed. The communication should be in TCP/IP.

As for downloading testing, such as that narrated in report 2, it uses HTTP. And I am not sure if Flash uses TCP/IP or HTTP.

Conclusion ..

The conclusion for now seems to suggest that Streamyx is not that sucks after all. The actual trunk is capable of around 1Mbps (download) in terms of TCP/IP. HTTP is a bit tricky (since it resides at the application layer and it uses the service of TCP/IP in the background too).

You should use Streamyx's Speedometer as the de facto testing tool because it test your speed directly from local loop to ISP. (Advised by networking guru Mr.Barau)

Clear the doubt that a 1Mbps (download) broadband package is an ADSL Internet Connection with data rates of 1Mbps.

Streamyx never guarantees that you can download files at the speed of 1024 k bits per second (1024/8 = 128 k Bytes per second), which in theory means that it can download a file of 128 k Bytes in one second where if on average an MP3 is around 3 M Bytes, then it would only take 24 seconds ([1024 x 3] / 128).

Look at its marketing message, where it sells on the idea of :

1. Always-on Internet connection (at affordable rates)
2. High speed connectivity (very ambiguous)

A data rate of 1 M bits per second for download is doesn't mean you can download an average MP3 in 24 seconds.

Will find out more.

Installing JRE on Windows Vista - Problems

If you using Windows Vista and wanted to install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) where you should be doing at this site.

The instruction given is pretty clear.

However, most likely, for new Vista Users, you will encounter unexpected error after you click "Install Now" at step 3.

This is due to Vista's UAC security control.

To deal with this problem, close your browser and run it again by "run as administrator".

whereby ...

    Right click on the browser and then select the option "Run as administrator"

Then repeat the same process and it will work.

Windows Vista; maximum security :D

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

ThinkPad R60 & Vista Experience in Malaysia

I just got a new laptop.

It is a Lenovo ThinkPad R60. I bought this in Malaysia at a local store. It was a display unit.

- Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 CPU (T550@1.66GHz 1.67GHz)
- Memory: 512 MB (DDR2 SDRAM)
- Hard disk: SATA 80GB, 5400RPM (HTS541080G9SA00 ATA Device)
- Graphics : Mobile Intel (R) 945GM Express Chipset Family (a.k.a Intel GMA 950)
- Drive : Matshita DVD/CDRW UJDA770 ATA Device
- Modem : ThinkPad (Built-in)
- Network : Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet (Cat-5)
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection
- Monitor : 14.1" XGA TFT
- 6 Cells battery with potential operation duration of up to 3 hours. (discussed more later)
- 3 USB slot.
- 1 Firewire slot.
- Weight : 2.5 KG
- Software: MS DOS

Total Cost: RM 3,399

Upgraded memory to 2038 MB (TwinMos DDR2 SO-DIMM) - (additional RM 500)
With installment payment basis from HSBC credit card, it occurred additional surcharge of 4% which therefore the total price for my new machine is RM 4,050.

ThinkPad R60

IBM ThinkPad

However, the dealer has visibly earned more than his expected commission due to two reasons:

1. The unit which I bought was a display unit.
2. They keep the original 512 MB memory with them.

So, it is a good deal for them!

What I like about it is that those with similar specifications (with pre-installed Windows Vista Business) would cost RM 4,388.

This means that RM 989 would be allocated for Windows Operating System.

Since I have Microsoft ISV at my disposal, I can save up this amount.

Vista (Business) Experience:

Drivers' support:

1. No Windows Vista USB driver support for Sony DSC-P50.

Check out this link.

However, according to this link. The model is compatible with Vista.

but there is really no driver for Windows Vista.

2. Brother's printer support.

Check this out.

However, I may be able to install the LPR printer with this tip.

LPR is the de-facto protocol for peer-to-peer connection (direct connection) using TCP/IP. (Usually, a printer is connected through a central server, but in this case, the printer is assigned with an IP address and thus it can be done directly using LRP method).

Thus, no need to use any external installer, however you still need the Vista driver downloaded from Brother's web site.

From windows vista, add printer, then add "local printer", then "create a new port", then "standard TCP/IP port", then go for "custom setting", select "RAW" protocol.

And don't go for Custom-LPR (protocol) which doesn't prove to function well. (Can install but doesn't print)

User Experience (Not all bad news):

1. Even with its born-supremacy, mounting an iso image still requires external party. You can't do that with any built-in function. This one(elby free software) works for me in Vista.
And further so, its built-in CD burning software doesn't translate ISO images into normal CD format.
2. No built-in decoder for viewing DVD. Have to purchase instead.

The free alternative is to use VLC Media Player. Make sure you read this to turn on the "OpenGL Video Output" setting. Otherwise, you will see no video!!

3. Going into "standby" mode and come back, the wireless network is disabled and couldn't "wake" up. Have to restart. This has occurred 2/3 times. Let me try somemore.
4. Support for dbx files (Outlook Express).

Vista doesn't support dbx file and Outlook Express is known as "Windows Mail". The only way to get dbx file into Vista is through the import method. It works!!

The import will extract data from dbx files into eml files (which would also contain proper hierarchical structure)

But, what if you want to export(from eml) to dbx files of older Windows versions ? Haven't tried yet.

5. Battery can last 2.5 to 3 hours (under power saver) for normal operations (MS Office, Emails, web browsers and some background processes)

UAC and Technical Problems:

The biggest problem with Vista is related to technical. To give you some previews.

1. Access denied from Vista when attaching & restoring database. This is caused by Windows Vista extended security control where even though one is login as "Administrator", under normal circumstances unless specified otherwise, one still is considered "normal users".
Therefore, either you run the process as "administrator" or you have to alter the security permission to the specific folder to grant MS SQL Server's sa account tagged as "SQLSERVER2005MSSQLUSER$XXXX" with permission for "write".
2. Installing Windows component such as "IIS" is done through "Control Panel/Programs and Features/Turn on or off Windows Features"

Differences from T60:

T60 looks better because it is slimmer and also it has external ATI graphic card (which is good for 3D) as well as finger printing technology. T60 looks better and lighter while R60 is more rugged. T60 cost RM 2,000 more.


1. To use Windows Vista, at least 1GB RAM. (Currently, upgraded to 2GB doesn't create problem for me).
2. Lenovo ThinkPad R60 is a good machine.
3. Vista doesn't hang or restart automatically.
4. The machine doesn't generate too much heat except when the power plan is switched to "High Performance" - noticeably. Fyi, Vista offers three types of power plans which are namely "balanced","power saver" and "High performance"

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Streamyx account report (2)

First of all, it has been so fun to witness that Skype has suffered from such high demand from its download site that downloading the software suffered intermittent connection.

As had been blogged before, I am facing it again. The solution is to do as what been said before, and try to use FireFox instead of IE because the former provides function for continuity.

Secondly, testing the Streamyx speed again results in similar outcome.

However, I did try out a site which gave me reading of 162.5 kbps, which is around 16% of 1024 kbps (for current site) The test is provided by this site.

Broadband Speed Test

But downloading Skype does give me a good pointer. Check out the following three downloading instance.


3.5 kBps (kilo Bytes per second) = 28 kbps (kilo bits per second)


4.08 kBps (kilo Bytes per second) = 32.64 kbps (kilo bits per second)


5.1 kBps (kilo Bytes per second) = 40.8 kbps (kilo bits per second)

I do observed that sometimes, I will get up to 7 kBps = 56 kbps. (dial-up speed)

Perhaps there is a way to figure out the actual bandwidth coming into my PC out of a trunk of promised 1024 kbps (current site).

Does 4M kbps package offer any help ?

Monday, June 04, 2007

What people are searching for in May 2007 at IT-Sideways

Keywords landed on Jan 2007
Keywords landed on Feb 2007
Keywords landed on March 2007
Keywords landed on April 2007

Keywords for month of May 2007, we have ...

Pretty much the same thing from April 2007.

1. People still using Pirated Microsoft products.
2. Tax submission issues in Malaysia.
3. Telecommunication issues in Malaysia.
4. Online MLM stuff.
5. Next generation education initiatives in Malaysia.
6. MDeC entrepreneurship initiatives.

Email for comprehensive business intelligence for consulting this matter.