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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Juniper Networks' July 2011 Updates (iiNet,Iyer,Garvin,Muglia,Second Quarter 2011 Financial Results)

From Juniper Networks Global.

1.) iiNet Pioneers 100GbE with New Juniper Networks Backbone

July 07, 2011, Juniper Networks announced that its routers are being used by iiNet (ASX: IIN), a leading Australian DSL Internet service provider. iiNet migrated its backbone to Juniper Networks® T1600 Core Routers at the beginning of this year and started a two-month trial of Juniper's 100GbE interface cards in May — the first 100GbE deployment in the Asia Pacific market.

Check out details.

2.) Juniper Networks Makes Key Appointments to Operations Team

On July 8, 2011, Bask Iyer has been appointed as senior vice president and chief information officer (CIO) and Martin J. Garvin has been appointed senior vice president of manufacturing operations.

Iyer held a variety of roles during his 11 year tenure at Honeywell. He led the transformation program for all global functions, including information technology, finance, human resources, real estate and procurement. Iyer's other roles included CIO for Honeywell Transportation Systems and general manager for Asia Pacific. Prior to that, Iyer was with GlaxoSmithKline? Beecham for five years as CIO for Consumer Healthcare R&D. He has also held senior positions at Johnson & Johnson and CTS Corporation. Iyer holds a master's degree in computer science from the Florida Institute of Technology and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Annamalai University in India.

Garvin brings nearly 30 years of procurement, operations and supply chain management experience to Juniper Networks. Recently, he spent 11 years at Dell, first as vice president of global procurement and then as senior vice president and chief procurement officer. Garvin also managed all outsourced manufacturing through ODM and EMS providers and was accountable for cost, quality, capacity planning and fulfillment. Before Dell, he held leadership positions at NetEdge? Systems, Logitech, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard. Garvin earned an MBA and a bachelor's degree in biological sciences from San Jose State University.

Check out details.

3.) Juniper Networks Names Robert Muglia Executive Vice President of Software

July 25, 2011, Juniper Networks announced that Robert Muglia will be joining the company as executive vice president of the Software Solutions Division. In this newly created role, Muglia will oversee the company's end-to-end software strategy and lead the newly formed Software Solutions Division. He joins the company from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and will report directly to Juniper CEO Kevin Johnson.

Over the past 23 years, Muglia has served in leadership positions across all of Microsoft's business groups, including Developer, Office, Mobile Devices, Windows NT and Online Services. Most recently, Muglia served as president of Microsoft's $15 billion Server and Tools Business (STB), where he was responsible for infrastructure software, developer tools and cloud platforms, including products such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, System Center and the Windows Azure Platform. During his tenure leading STB, revenues increased by 50 percent.

Check out details.

4.) Juniper Networks Reports Preliminary Second Quarter 2011 Financial Results

July 26, 2011, Juniper Networks reported preliminary financial results for the three and six months ended June 30, 2011, and provided its outlook for the three months ending September 30, 2011.
  • Revenue: $1,120.5 million, up 15% from Q2'10 and up 2% from Q1'11
  • Operating Margin: 15.3% GAAP; 21.6% non-GAAP
  • GAAP Net Income Per Share: $0.21 diluted
  • Non-GAAP Net Income Per Share: $0.31 diluted, up 3% from Q2'10 and down 3% from Q1'11
Check out details.

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Explore Telepresence For Solving Traffic Woes

With the population increasing, the traffic woes is ever increasing as well.

Malaysia should consider exploring Telepresence solutions to ease traffic congestion, particularly in the Klang Valley.

Let's take a look at the most vehicle congested highway in Klang Valley; the LDP (Leburaya Damansara Puchong). This particular highway, connects people from Bangi up to Sungai Buloh, can you imagine that ?

Along the way, it branches out directly into Putrajaya, Cyberjaya,Serdang, Puchong, Sunway, kelana Jaya (PJ), SS2 (PJ), Damansara Jaya (PJ), Taman Tun (KL), Bandar Utama (KL), Kota Damansara, Damansara Perdana (KL),Bandar Sri Damansara (KL), Kepong (KL), Selayang (KL), Sungai Buloh (KL).

Just imagine the intensity of it by catering for vehicle movement daily, supplying traffics for these major townships, each has its own fair play of commercial and light industry concentration.

Local councils should sponsor money to setup Telepresence facilities for rental to the public.

In fact, we could have one Telepresence facility for each of these townships along the LDP, a total of 16 facilities. We need to identify a suitable location with abundance of car parking spaces. And if we can do that, just imagine what will happen that we can ideally reduce traffic volume along LDP by 16 times. That is like trying squeeze in 16 people into one vehicle.

It is worth a thought as this is some kind of project that will benefit the society and Malaysia.

It is also possible to merge this idea with the much anticipated proposed MRT project whereby Telepresence facility can be setup at the MRT station itself. We just need better transportation in and out of the stations.

More on Telepresence.

Malaysia's Market Size As At July 2011

Is 28.3 million now.

We used to think that it is 24 millions, that was 10 years ago.

He said 91.8% of the population were Malaysian citizens. Bumiputras comprise 67.4%, Chinese 24.6%, Indians 7.3% and others 0.7%.

Selangor is the most populated state, with 5.4 million or 19.3% of the country's population, followed by Johor with 3.3 million and Sabah at 3.2 million.

So entrepreneur, this is your market size!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Simple ROI For Telepresence According to Polycom

Download this white paper.

Polycom leads by example.

In year 2008, Polycom decided on cost cutting, by enforcing a travel mandate.

Guess what, this is what was achieved.
  • 30 percent. Reduction in airline ticket purchases.
  • $5.6 million. Annual overhead saved from having 13 percent of employees work from home (at $17,000/employee).
  • $1.2 million. Benefit of online and video-based sales training vs. traditional classroom sessions.
  • $380,000. Industry Solutions Marketing team’s annual savings from collaboration solutions.
  • $258,224. Annualized hard travel costs eliminated by conducting
Other intangible benefits.
  • Improving productivity and streamlining business practices
  • Accelerating time to market
  • Empowering remote workers
  • Reducing carbon emissions
By the way, the travel mandate was cost cutting on unnecessary traveling using Telepresence as solution. They found the following statistic in terms of usage of Telepresence according to business functions.
  • Team meetings – 93%
  • One-on-ones – 75%
  • International collaboration – 60%
  • Planning and project mgmt – 58%
  • Partner communication – 32%
  • Performance reviews – 27%
  • Sales calls – 26%
  • Customer support – 21%
  • Recruiting and interviewing – 19%

If your company travels people around for meetings, that is a bad idea. Consider Telepresence.

For SME, consider Microsoft Lync Server 2010; is a set of software based technology for Unified Communication (UC) which is supported by Polycom UC solution.

For VSME, use Skype or Facetime.

Tony Fernandes will not like this posting.

More about Polycom.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Polycom Partners with Atek Technology to Showcase and Deliver Customisable Telepresence Solutions in Malaysia

Polycom, Inc., , a global leader in unified communications (UC) solutions, today announced the first official showcase of its highly adaptable immersive telepresence system as part of its unified communications (UC) solutions portfolio at Atek Technology, a local distributor certified to represent Polycom in the fast-growing Malaysian market. The showcase will be installed at Atek’s Solution Centre at Petaling Jaya and will deliver solutions throughout Malaysia.

Atek Technology will demonstrate the Polycom Architected Telepresence Experience™ (Polycom ATX) 300 together with Polycom’s UC offerings, which include high-definition voice and video solutions for personal, mobile, group and immersive telepresence experiences. These solutions deliver the highest-quality video collaboration with the lowest consumption of bandwidth --as much as 50% less than competitors – and the lowest total cost of ownership. The showcase will specifically highlight Polycom High Definition Experience (HDX®) series telepresence systems, and the Real-Time Media (RMX™) conference platform. It will also include a UC lab to demonstrate the power of the Polycom® UC Intelligent Core™, the only UC software platform that connects up to 75,000 devices and enables 25,000 simultaneous calls with 100 percent auto-failover, providing the best-in-class user experience. Open standards-based interoperability and native integration of Polycom solutions preserve customer choice, leverage existing investments and future-proof customers as their collaboration strategy evolves.

This investment in the fast-growing Malaysian market solidifies Atek Technology’s commitment to Malaysian businesses’ with a shift to support virtual collaboration among people and teams working in multiple locations. At the Solutions Centre in Petaling Jaya Atek will showcase a range of Polycom’s UC solutions for companies to experience on-demand, demonstrating the ease, accessibility and transformative impact UC can have on organisation.

“Our current and prospective customers can now easily experience our UC solutions, ranging from immersive telepresence to mobility to cloud-delivered video services for businesses of all sizes,” said Chris Taylor, Polycom Regional Director, Korea, ASEAN, Hong Kong & Taiwan. “Polycom’s UC solutions bring people face-to-face from anywhere, creating a highly collaborative environment that significantly improves learning, retention, and engagement, as well as overall productivity and efficiency,” he added.

Visitors to the centre will have the opportunity to meet with industry experts and get involved in real-life interactive demonstrations of Polycom’s collaborative solutions on mobile devices both within the office and specialised environments. They will experience how open standards and full interoperability with the Polycom Open Collaboration Network™ (POCN), offering greater flexibility and investment protection for their UC environment. The main tenets of the Polycom Open Collaboration Network are standards-based solutions, solutions that are scalable, flexible, multi-network, and able to run in mixed environments.

“Atek Technology shares Polycom’s commitment to enabling customers to benefit from improved collaboration, increased productivity and the significant ROI that can be achieved through the use of telepresence communications,” said Lim Mei Lan, Manager at Atek Technology, Sdn Bhd. “We’re very excited about the extended partnership as a certified Polycom ATX distributor, as it enhances our ability to easily show our customers the benefits of Polycom’s solutions in real-life from mobile, to room to immersive telepresence.”

For a briefing at the Atek Solution Centre contact:

Refer more on Polycom

Media Contact:

Wei Leng Tan
Polycom Asia Pacific
+65 9745 3379

Lynn Lee
Pi PR Consultancy Sdn Bhd
012- 323 4244 / 03- 7724 1710 /

Monday, July 25, 2011

ATek Technology Telepresence

Telepresence sets the standard higher than what we are familiar with; tele-conferencing. It is to achieve the experience of presence felt such as real-size visual, HD quality audio and visual, real coordinates and what else ? Real time audio and visual.

More than we would have expected, Telepresence requires professional setup be it the positioning of the camera, microphone, screens and even the chairs and table. All of which requires professional consultation and implementation of best practices.

To achieve this state of the art presence within challenged unmanaged environment of variable Internet connectivity, Polycom solutions deploy two core technologies as a way of mitigating; 1.) lost packet recovery technology and 2.) industry standard H.264 and Pro-motion video compression technology, both of which will guarantee a higher level of success for the lowest bandwidth requirement of 512 kbps.

The ATek Technology Telepresence room consists of a setup with Unifi connection, 3 Samsung wide screens TV, 3 cameras and 3 microphones, collectively it is known as Immersive Telepresence (Polycom Architected Telepresence Experience (ATX) 300) which is enough to cater for 6 persons seated in the priority row, while the remainders are available for occupants as well. They even rent out such facility to cater for ad-hoc demands.

The maximum setup configuration is a 4 (screen) x 4 (camera) x 4 (microphone) setup which can cater for about 28 persons at one end, this is high class tele-conferencing. Such setup is collectively known as Immersive Telepresence (Polycom RealPresence Experience (RPX)).

While the healthcare industry finds it useful for real time lectures on the operating room and etc, other applications include interview sessions over the Internet as well as meetings.

Organizations typically spend a lot of money transporting personnel across the regions for meetings. It is high time now to think about saving those money for a better cause and financial optimizations.

Chris Marshall told that the concept of Telepresence was started in US long time ago. While I may be late to realize it 20+ years later, now I know that if you want to experience meetings over the Internet with high alertness and importance for both ends, it is Telepresence that you need. Not because it is expected to cost money, but more often it is due to the fact that people will take it with seriousness and courtesy.

Polycom has total solutions for Telepresence while ATek Technology is the local distributor and certified partner for Architected Telepresence Experience in Malaysia.

More on Polycom

Please contact:

Wei Leng Tan
Polycom Asia Pacific
+65 9745 3379

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Polycom Telepresence Analysis

Telepresence means a better video conferencing with more sophistication for touch and feel. Telepresence is part of the larger concept of Unified Communication (UC).

Open Collaboration Network

On June 2011, Polycom announced 'Polycom Open Collaboration Network',a strategy to encourage greater collaboration between different technology vendors and service providers of similar technology. The idea is to encourage collaboration as a form of mitigating unhealthy competition by forging collaboration in terms of standards, technologies and best practices.

For Polycom's part, it presents the alliance with its 'Polycom UC Intelligent Core™ infrastructure', which consists of a set of technologies that is cloud ready, fabric oriented to serve as the core for telepresence while at the same time is able to support the collaboration with other technology vendors.

Collaborate With Microsoft Lync

One such example is collaboration with Microsoft UC solution; the first Telepresence solution interoperable with Lync (Microsoft Lync Server 2010).

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 is a set of software based technology for Unified Communication (UC). It delivers a fresh, intuitive user experience that brings together the different ways people communicate in a single interface.
  • Polycom's devices optimised for Microsoft Lync are designed for the highest levels of performance with Lync and offer Polycom HD Voice™, time-saving features such as single sign-in, calendar access, and advanced presence on vibrant color screen displays.
  • The Polycom video solutions also incorporate Microsoft's RTV codec, enabling communications throughout enterprises as well as B2B environments and across multiple collaboration tools.
  • Polycom's UC Intelligent Core infrastructure leverages Microsoft's Edge Server to traverse firewalls and enable federation between organisations that would otherwise not be able to collaborate via video or would require the additional cost and management complexity of gateways to connect.
What Microsoft's lack is the hardware, while Polycom gains the edge of supporting Microsoft existing customers.

HP Acquisition

On June 2011, Polycom announced that it is to acquire the assets of HP’s Visual Collaboration business, including the Halo Products and Managed Services business. In conjunction with this acquisition, HP and Polycom have agreed to establish a strategic relationship in which Polycom will serve as an exclusive partner to HP for telepresence and certain video UC solutions, including both resale and internal HP deployments.

This move allows Polycom to acquire larger customer base of existing deployments.

Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC)

On June 2011, Polycom initiated the formation of OVCC with leading service providers from around the world, having the core intention of establishing global open standards-based, multi-vendor, multi-network standards for communication exchange.

These service providers include the names of Airtel, AT&T, BCS Global, BT Conferencing, Cable&Wireless Worldwide, Global Crossing, Glowpoint, iFormata Communications, Masergy, Orange Business Services, PCCW Global, Telefonica, Telstra, and Verizon.

The benefits of establishing global open standards is many folds for end users, such as lower cost of adoption as well as being catalysts for middle tiers solutions providers which will translate into faster adoption of UC amongst end users and also to encourage untapped markets particularly in the verticals of business, education and healthcare.

For more information, refer to

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prepaid Broadband Comparison Chart (Malaysia)

All information are taken and interpreted from reference sites and other relevant public sources and hence it accuracy may vary at the pleasure of the vendors with date and time elapses.

Prepaid means pay per use. However, in this scenario, there is a catch it comes with terms and conditions.

Check out the following table.

Brand Starter Kit Data Rate: Data Cap: Reload Access Validity: Misc Reference
UMobile M-Broadband Plan MB68 (Price RM135 with 5GB for 30 Days,Modem Included) Not specified 2GB RM 40 for 30 Days Pay per use,but limited to days Url
Celcom Celcom Broadband Prepaid Data Only Starter Pack (RM12.50 and it comes preloaded with RM10 airtime without Modem) Up to 512kbps 1.5 GB RM 50 for 30 Days Pay per use,but limited to days Url1, Url2
Maxis Starter kit: Maxis Prepaid Internet Starter Kit (RM 138, Modem included with 4 days access for 2GB) Not specified 1.5 GB RM 58 for 30 Days Pay per use,but limited to days Url
DiGi Each starter kit cost RM25; preloaded with 5 days data access (without modem) Download: 384 kbps (within Turbo 3G™ Coverage), Upload: 128kbps 3 GB monthly RM 100 for 100 Days Pay per use, but limited to days Url
YTL Yes 4G Go. (Dongle = RM 99, Registration fee=RM 50) Not specified (expected to be 4G) Depending on reload amount RM 30 for 1GB Pay per use, RM 30 per month commitment, carry forward Url


All require some forms of commitments (most of it in the form of access validity based on days), it is different from your prepaid mobile phone account where if you do not pay, you can still receive call. In this manner, if you do not top up when your quota is dried up or when access validity expired, the data rate is zero.

Even for DiGi, which offers 100 days (3 months) access validity, has a data cap of 3GB monthly. This means that you can use for 3 months but with maximum of 3 GB for each of the months.

Some of it didn't provide you with modem but with SIM card, you need to get your own modem either using your laptop directly or using your mobile phone.

My choice ?

I haven't tried any of it yet. Since all of it requires some forms of monthly commitment, I would either go for DiGi or Yes. The most economical is actually UMobile's offering; can try that as well.

DiGi is good because if you pay RM 100, you can use it for about more than 3 months (100 days) without worrying about reload for the coming two months. And in this sense, it is the cheapest reload compare to others.

As for YTL Yes, according to dealer, if monthly commitment is missed, certain conditions applied. Please refer to Yes for more details.

Your choice ?

In economical sense, if you have budget of RM 50 to RM 100, you should opt for postpaid packages instead of prepaid. This is more for backup plan,ad-hoc usage as well as for visiting foreigners' convenience.

P/s: Before you sign up, check with your vendors for all relevant terms and conditions, particularly regarding the penalty for lapsed top-up.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Google Apps Script vs Google Gadget API

Core Ideas:
  • Google Apps Script is similar to Microsoft VBA (which is based on vbscript) for Google Apps products, which is based on Javascript.
  • Google Gadget API, a gadget is like Java Applet.
Both are development API (Application Programming Interface) for developers.

Google Apps Scripts is not a run time by itself, it is scripting. Google Gadget is a run time by itself, it is a web application to be hosted on a server. You can host it with Google Code:

  • Google Apps Scripts: Perform automation within Google Apps products. For instance, to search for a particular page within a Google Site.
  • Google Gadget API: Retrieve contents from external into Google Sites such as displaying blog contents from blogspot in Google Site or displaying photo slides from Facebook in Google Site.
Development tools:
  1. Google Gadgets
    • Google Gadget Editor (available from iGoogle page of your Google account)
    • Or a combination of text editor and Subversion (version control) software.
  2. Google Apps Script
    Apps Script editor of each Google Apps product (such as Google Site,Google Doc Spreadsheet and etc)

  • Google Gadgets can be hosted in other environment.
  • Google Apps scripts only run in Google Apps Product's environment.
  • If you want to customize Google Apps Product, make use of Google Apps Script.
  • If you want to perform link external software with Google Apps Product, make use of Google Gadgets API.

More on Google
Google Apps API vs Facebook Apps API
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LucidChart July 2011 Updates

Updated features on LucidChart.
  1. Real-Time Collaboration
  2. Templates and Examples in the Community Library
  3. Touch draw basic shapes and connectors
  4. Enhance your diagrams with more advanced gradients
  5. Crop uploaded images
  6. Document management system.
    • All documents which were ‘tagged’ in the old document system can now be found in folders of the same name.
    • Files and folders can be seamlessly dragged between the left and middle panes for quick sorting. Also, simply double-click a document or folder in the middle pane to open it.
    • Templates can be used to make new documents or be converted back into documents.
    • Right-clicking a file or folder also opens a quick menu to delete or rename it.

More on LucidChart.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Solarwinds New VM-To-Cloud Calculator Free Tool Estimates Cost To Move Virtual Machines To The Cloud

SolarWinds® Inc., a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, announced its latest virtualization management free tool alongside the popular VM Console and VM MonitorVM-to-Cloud Calculator.

Designed to estimate what it would cost to run virtual machines (VM) on a cloud service, VM-to-Cloud Calculator takes inventory of all the VMs running on a user’s network and after the user selects which VMs a user wants to move, the VM-to-Cloud Calculator estimates and compares costs for Amazon EC2, Windows Azure and Rackspace Cloud Servers.

As the virtualized environment changes, the VM-to-Cloud Calculator will refine the estimates to reflect the current VM inventory.

“For IT pros curious about what it would cost to make the big move to the cloud, SolarWinds VM-to-Cloud Calculator is an easy to use solution that eliminates tedious number-crunching and offers a quick vendor comparison. With just a few clicks, you’re done,” said Doug Hibberd, Senior Vice President, Engineering and General Manager, APAC. “VM-to-Cloud Calculator is another great example of how SolarWinds understands the daily challenges our customers are facing as they move through the stages of virtualization maturity, and what we’re doing to help make their jobs a little easier.”

VM-to-Cloud Calculator highlights:
  • Automatically inventory your virtual machines and capturing description, CPU, memory, storage, and count
  • Compare cost estimates from Amazon EC2, Windows Azure and Rackspace Cloud Servers
  • Easily generate updated estimates as your virtualized infrastructure evolves
For help managing VMs currently on a network, IT pros can test-drive a free trial of SolarWinds Virtualization Manager, and in less than an hour, start getting answers to tough questions such as:
  • How many VMs do I have and which ones are over or under provisioned?
  • Where are the performance bottlenecks in my virtualized environment?
  • How are my VMs configured?
  • How many app servers will fit in my current environment and when will I need more resources?
  • What departments are using which resources?
SolarWinds Virtualization Manager delivers integrated capacity planning, VM sprawl control, performance monitoring, configuration management, chargeback automation, and more.

Additional Resources

Video: VM-to-Cloud Calculator: At What Price the Cloud?

Pricing and Availability
  • SolarWinds VM-to-Cloud Calculator is free and available on the SolarWinds website.
  • Pricing for SolarWinds Virtualization Manager starts at US$2,995. For more information, visit the SolarWinds website, download a free 30-day evaluation, or call +65 593 7600

Media Contacts:

Yip Min-ting
The Hoffman Agency

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fluke Networks New Network Time Machine Reduces Finger-Pointing, Accelerates Problem Solving

Fluke Networks today announced a new version of its leading Network Time Machine ™, with new capabilities that make it the first all-in-one, plug-and-play appliance that provides both instant identification of network versus server problems and root cause analysis of network and application problems.

The new features in version 8 incorporate the company’s proprietary visual fault domain isolation technology, which graphically identifies where problems exist – all while continuing to provide 100 percent stream-to-disk capabilities with deep packet inspection at rates greater than 10 Gbps for more detailed analysis in a single appliance.

“‘Is it the server or the network?’ That’s the No. 1 question network professionals tell us they need to answer as part of any troubleshooting scenario,” said Gary Ger, vice president of enterprise network analysis, Fluke Networks. “Version 8 takes our Network Time Machine platform’s performance to the next level not only by answering this question in a fraction of the time, but by doing so in the form of a single, simple appliance that does not require multiple servers, complex deployment scenarios and continuous configuration and maintenance.”

In addition to instantly identifying server versus network problems, the new user interface features user-configurable dashboards, which automatically identify and display key performance metrics with instant drill-down capability into root cause analysis.

The software, a free upgrade for existing customers with an active support agreement, is available immediately.

About Network Time Machine

Network Time Machine™ is a high-performance appliance for critical link analysis, storage for data forensics and back-in-time troubleshooting, including the following features and options:
  • ClearSight™ Analyzer, with application-centric analysis that automatically analyzes application flows and can drill down to identify the root cause issues
  • QoS metrics, statistics and trending charts of application and flow level for buffered and historical data
  • Best-in-class, real-time Video/Voice over IP metrics and troubleshooting for enterprise networks
  • Independently certified performance in excess of 10 Gbps
  • Portable and rack mount versions

For more information, please visit

Media Contacts:

David Gibson
Inter.Asia Communications for Fluke Networks
+6012 612 1425

Fujitsu 'K' Computer' is World's FASTEST Supercomputer

Fujitsu, Asia's No.1 IT services provider, today announces that its ‘K computer’ - a joint development with Japan's national institute RIKEN has captured No.1 Spot at the TOP500 list at the 26th 2011 International Supercomputing Conference recently held in Hamburg, Germany.

This top spot in the latest ranking makes the Fujitsu ‘K Computer’ the world’s fastest supercomputer today at speeds of 8.162 petaflops and brings the title of world No. 1 back to Japan for the first time in seven years.

With regards to the company’s amazing win, Fujitsu Limited Chairman Michiyoshi Mazuka declares, “Fujitsu aims to take up 30 per cent of the supercomputers’ market share, which is about the same that IBM is currently dominating. Our current goal is to increase the supercomputer business from the current 20-odd billion yen to 100 billion yen, and expand our market share to 10 per cent by fiscal 2015.”

He shares that Fujitsu has long been a strong player in the field of supercomputers; and the purpose of building the ‘K computer’ is expected to have a groundbreaking impact in fields ranging from global climate research, meteorology, disaster prevention, and medicine, thereby contributing to the creation of a prosperous and secure society.

According to Charles Lew, the President of Fujitsu Malaysia, the ‘K Computer’ achievement is made possible by an integration of technologies that includes its massive number of CPUs and interconnectivity that links the software to hardware that is able to bring out the highest performance from the system.

The Fujitsu ‘K Computer’ is a joint development with RIKEN - a government-affiliated research institute under the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

“This recent TOP500 recognition as the world’s fastest supercomputer is testament of our initiatives and success.

Fujitsu and RIKEN will work tirelessly towards the completing the system’s deployment in 2012,” says Lew.

Groundbreaking Computing Performance

The Fujitsu ‘K Computer’ supercomputer is a wholly made-in-Japan supercomputer, from the R&D of its processors, to its system design and manufacturing. It achieved the world’s best LINPACK benchmark performance of 8.162 petaflops (equivalent to 8.162 quadrillion floating-point operations per second), and performs an extraordinarily high computing efficiency ratio of 93%. The ‘K Computer’ is designed to achieve LINPACK performance of 10 petaflops by the time it is completed in November 2012 for shared use between Fujitsu and RIKEN.

The Fujitsu ‘K Computer’ overtakes China’s ‘Tianhe-1A’ supercomputer (of the National Supercomputing Centre in Tianjin) which previously captured this prestigious No.1 spot on the TOP500 list at performance speeds of 2.6 petaflops.

Ryoji Noyori, the President of RIKEN shares that this K Computer project with Fujitsu has overcame the many difficulties. He says, “The strength and perseverance that was demonstrated during this project by our development partner Fujitsu Limited – who worked so valiantly on the construction of the ‘K Computer’ even under the severe conditions following the recent Great East Earthquake, will also make possible the recovery of the devastated Japan’s northern region of Tohoku.”

“I hope to see wonderful results when Fujitsu and RIKEN begin to make the world’s top performing supercomputer available to users around the world.”

Supplementary Notes

1. The Backgrounders of the Corporation between Fujitsu and RIKEN

RIKEN and Fujitsu have been working together to develop the K computer with the aims of shared used by November 2012, as part of the High-Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPCI) initiative led by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The K computer will be comprised of over 800 computer racks—each equipped with ultrafast and energy-efficient CPUs—that access into a network capable of an immense amount of interconnectivity.

2. Top 500 list of Supercomputers recognition

The K Computer’s performance was recognized as the world fastest supercomputer during the 37th Top 500 List of Supercomputers released at the 2011 International Supercomputing Conference in Hamburg, Germany. Top 500 List is the authoritative biannual ranking for supercomputers worldwide. The ranking is benchmarked by the LINPACK performance measurement, which is a benchmark program used to create the TOP500 list and also developed for solving a system of linear equations using matrix computation.

Media Contacts:

Pi PR Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Judy Wong
(+603) 7724 1710/ (+6012) 622 4688

Solarwinds Completes Trigeo Acquisition, Introduces Solarwinds Log & Event Manager

SolarWinds® (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, announced today the immediate availability of SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM), a new product based on the technology obtained through its acquisition of TriGeo Network Security, Inc. The new SolarWinds Log & Event Manager will be available starting at around $4500, making it one of the most affordable and comprehensive log and event management offerings available.

“SolarWinds LEM serves a critical need for IT professionals tasked with managing their companies’ critical IT infrastructure. There are very few products in this market that offer our unique value proposition: a scalable solution, with a rich and powerful feature set, great user experience, and a price that makes it accessible to nearly everyone,” said Suku Krishnaraj, SolarWinds' SVP Product Strategy. “The addition of log and event management to our product portfolio is a response to the needs of the IT community for products that actually solve their IT management problems.”

IT managers recognize that log management and log analysis are an essential element of any broad IT management strategy. While availability and performance continue to be top priorities, system administrators and network engineers are increasingly tasked with reporting on compliance as well as security-related responsibilities such as managing user accounts, setting privileges, enabling file auditing, setting firewall rules, etc. SolarWinds LEM combines log management, event correlation and ad hoc search to give IT organizations the ability to collect large volumes of data from virtually any device on the network and correlate that data in real-time. IT Professionals can quickly and easily visualize log data and utilize advanced search features to support:
  1. Availability and performance monitoring & troubleshooting – Logs are a rich source of data for troubleshooting problems, and being able to see logs from multiple sources around specific incidents is key to solving performance problems for both infrastructure and applications
  2. Compliance verification – Compliance with both internal policies and regulatory requirements – such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and SOX – introduces significant complexity for IT professionals. Real-time log analysis and event correlation is a critical factor in the ability to verify compliance and to quickly uncover policy violations.
  3. Security – From both a real-time and a forensic perspective, logs provide a rich source of information on security incidents. Active responses are a key factor in being able to identify and react to security issues as they are occurring, not just after the fact.
SolarWinds Log & Event Manager highlights:
  • Proactive Log Analysis – Automate collecting, normalizing and interpreting logs from a wide variety of devices with real-time log analysis, interactive data visualization and built-in knowledge.
  • Real-time Event Correlation – Correlate events from the network, systems, applications, virtual machines and storage infrastructure with nearly 700 built-in correlation rules and a customizable rule-builder to create and share rules with other IT admins.
  • Ad Hoc IT Search – Use a unique Word Cloud, along with treemaps, bubble charts and histograms to visualize search data and understand how to take action on it.
  • Active Response & Threat Mitigation – Mitigate threats and take actions like quarantining infected machines, blocking IP addresses, disabling user accounts, killing unauthorized processes, restarting services, and more.
Additional Resources

Video: Overview of SolarWinds Log & Event Manager

Pricing and Availability

SolarWinds LEM is available now and pricing starts at US$4,495 for 30 nodes, with the first year of maintenance included. For more information, visit the SolarWinds website or call 866.530.8100.

Media Contacts:

Lynn Tan
The Hoffman Agency
Phone: 65.6238.0297

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

25 Q & A Sites About Information Technology

Remember when computers where only used by NASA and virtual chess? Although those days involved doing such trite things as paying your bills by mail and having to have the other person pick up a phone to speak to them, the technology used to launch us into the digital era can have loads of careers and be just as confounding as not having it. Everything right down to phones can be used for tasks from managing networks to a doctor’s consultation, although you never heard of an old wire phone being hacked or crashed.

With this new generation of information technology, also known as IT, there can be just as many problems as there are solutions. To help keep you from dialing an 800 number or online chat, we have gathered 25 Q & A sites about information technology. They can help you do everything from send an email to write your very own software.

Read more.

By Charlie Leonard (
Information Technology Degree

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Secure Source add to Ipanema Technologies distribution capability as Value Added Distributor

Ipanema Technologies the industry leader of WAN Governance solutions and application-centric VPN services – today announced that Secure Source, specialist in IP networking and security technology and solutions will become an Ipanema’s Value Added Distributor.

Growth of the WAN Governance market and the increasing demands of companies for these technologies have led Ipanema to systematically grow its distribution capability. Secure Source is the latest partner in this expansion. Ipanema's focus on Telco’s and Managed Service Providers is complimented by value-added distributors and network integrators thereby offering clients both Opex and Capex solutions.

As a value added distributor of Ipanema solutions in Malaysia, Secure Source will make its expertise available to its entire network of integrators and resellers. This will be achieved through its value added services including, pre-sales, training, design and support services. By offering these services, Secure Source will promote Ipanema’s solutions across the Malaysian.

“Secure Source’s proven abilities and focus on business solutions make them a natural partner for Ipanema. Technical and commercial synergy created by our partnership will, we believe, be of significant value to our clients. By joining forces we provide network integrators and resellers the means to increase their offering to clients, delivering WAN Governance solutions which assure business critical application performance.” Said Chia Yang Leng, Channel Sales Director, APAC, Ipanema Technologies.

“Ipanema Technologies represent a clear choice as a technology partner for Secure Source. They have a visionary approach to WAN solutions that stand them apart from the crowd and together we will deliver real value to our partners and customers. We look forward to taking their WAN Governance solutions to the market.” WK Chen, Executive Director of Secure Source Distribution (M) Sdn Bhd

Media Contacts:

Lee Ting Ting
PiPR Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03- 7724 1710/ 012 323 4244

Monday, July 11, 2011

MyIX Announces Upgraded Internet Exchange Network for Malaysian ISPs

The operator of Malaysian’s sole neutral Internet Exchange, MyIX – known as ‘Persatuan Pengendali Internet Malaysia’, today announces the availability of its upgraded network that comprises a total of eight (8) Internet exchange nodes to provide comprehensive Internet traffic routing in the country.

The upgrade saw the building of additional of five (5) Internet nodes established in Bayan Baru, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, which was commissioned by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

The additional 5 node network was completed, and adds on to the original MyIX network consist of three (3) Internet nodes located in Klang Valley at Menara Aik Hua (AIMS Group), Technology Park of Malaysia (JARING), and Fiberail National Control Centre (Telekom Malaysia, Brickfields).

Chairman of MyIX, Mr Chiew Kok Hin - who is also the CEO of AIMS Group, shares that the MyIX operations in emulation of international exchanges with world-class standards and quality such as the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and London Internet Exchange.

“With this upgrade, Malaysian ISPs now have a very stable and comprehensive alternative to route their Internet traffic in an operationally efficient and cost effective way. MyIX offers a truly mature and attractive alternative to ISPs’ current out-of-country, international Internet data exchange routes via our faster, more efficient and cost effective in-country bandwidth connectivity set up.”

Currently, there are over 40 ISPs and content providers who are MyIX members and leverage the national Internet exchange as ply route for their domestic Internet data. All major Telcos and Internet services providers are members of MyIX, as well as companies like Google and Astro.

Chiew expects this number to increase significantly over the next 12 months as more Malaysian ISPs will be aware of the advantages of domestic peering (or connecting) with MyIX to enjoy its various benefits. “Cost savings is the key benefit especially to the smaller ISPs, as a substantial percentage of the ISP’s local traffic is routed via MyIX to reduce their dependency on expensive international bandwidth links.”

MyIX also allows direct ISP connectivity within Malaysia, thus eliminating the need for ISP traffic to roundabout loops (using regional nodes) to connect with each other.

“By keeping boomerang traffic at minimum, using MyIX improves latency between peering operators to achieve better quality of broadband service with more efficient Internet data traffic handling,” explains Chiew, adding that MyIX provides an excellent value proposition - especially for foreign content providers to work with its members.

MyIX Moving Forward

With this latest upgrade of its Internet node exchange network, MyIX completes Phase 2 of its establishment plan. Technical-wise, Chiew shares that MyIX will be developed to better enhance the use of next generation IPv6 for abundant address space, auto-configuration, mobility, embedded IP security and extensibility for new features.

The next stage is to focus on showing MyIX’s value in helping local ISPs to improve their business opportunities by having better support from their Internet connectivity.

“MyIX was set up in September 2006 to keep Malaysian Internet traffic local, with the cooperation of local ISPs to promote and allow direct connectivity amongst the local ISP fraternity.”

“MyIX is confident for greater adoption of the National Internet exchange by both local and foreign ISPs, especially when then start to realize the many advantages it can offer to their strategic operations. MyIX will continue to play a crucial role in making Malaysia a leading option for the efficient routing of Internet traffic in the ASEAN region.”

About MyIX

MyIX (Malaysia Internet Exchange) is operated by Persatuan Pengendali Internet Malaysia. The society was established in September 2006 through the cooperation of local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to connect and exchange local Internet traffic. MyIX is managed by elected representatives of local Malaysian ISPs.

Media Contacts:

Lynn Lee
PiPR Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03- 7724 1710/ 012 323 4244

Friday, July 08, 2011

IIF Issues

This applies to MS .NET Framework; IIF.

1.) It doesn't support function call for its return value part (truepart and falsepart), however it supports function call for its expression part.

2.) It cannot be used as short-circuit. It will evaluate all three parameters. If you want to use it as short circuit, you have to use the conventional if-else structure.


1.) The following code will trigger exception because it invokes CInt() method at the falsepart.

Dim tempNum As Integer
        Dim tempID As String


            tempID = ""
            tempNum = IIf(tempID = "", 0, CInt(tempID))

        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox(ex.ToString & vbCrLf & ex.Message)
        End Try

--> The solution is not to use IIF for this scenario, use the conventional if-else construct.

2.) The following code will trigger exception because tempObj is null and when it tries to evaluate tempObj.Tag; exception. This is because IIF cannot be used as short-circuit, it has to evaluate all three parameters (express, truepart,falsepart) whenever it is invoked.

Dim tempObj As ToolTip
        Dim tempStr As String


            tempObj = Nothing

            tempStr = IIf(tempObj Is Nothing, "Nothing", tempObj.Tag)


        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox(ex.ToString & vbCrLf & ex.Message)
        End Try

--> The solution is not to use IIF for this scenario, use the conventional if-else construct (which is considered to be short-circuit construct).

CLR20r3 InvalidOperationException ClickOnce

The deployed machine is:Windows Server 2008 32 Bit (VM Ware)

The symptom is that ClickOnce deployed application suddenly doesn't work and triggered this exception. It was working previously for many months.


* Stopped working

Problem signature:

* Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 * Problem Signature 01: svacs_v2_2.exe * Problem Signature 02: * Problem Signature 03: 4e040aee * Problem Signature 04: SVACS_v2_2 * Problem Signature 05: * Problem Signature 06: 4e040aee * Problem Signature 07: ac * Problem Signature 08: e9 * Problem Signature 09: InvalidOperationException? ? * OS Version: 6.0.6001. * Locale ID: 1033

Read our privacy statement:


Reinstalling using ClickOnce method didn't help, same issue remains. It seems that the application couldn't even get started before this exception is triggered.

The problem (for my case), is actually due to ClickOnce deployment.

It seems that certain security policy has been configured in such manner which prevents ClickOnce deployment to execute.

Check out 'windows security log' under 'Event viewer' to determine what has been changed in the context of security.

The solution is not to make use of ClickOnce deployment to deploy the application, make use of the conventional setup file deployment instead.

Monday, July 04, 2011

DACHIS GROUP Expands Social Business Summit 2012 Global Series

Dachis Group, the world's leader in Social Business, announced today the dates and locations for the third annual Social Business Summit global series.

As Social Business efforts become a top priority in every company, the Social Business Summit series continues to grow with 2012 Social Business Summits being held in Rio de Janeiro, Austin, Shanghai, Berlin, Singapore, London, and New York.

Social Business Summit 2012 Locations and Dates:
  • Rio de Janeiro | February 16, 2012
  • Austin | March 8, 2012
  • Shanghai | April 18, 2012
  • Berlin | May 17, 2012
  • Singapore | June 28, 2012
  • London | July 26, 2012
  • New York | September 12, 2012

"The Social Business Summits were designed to bring together practitioners, thought leaders, and industry experts to explore the most groundbreaking ideas, learn, talk about, and engage in a dialog about Social Business," said Jeffrey Dachis, Dachis Group Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer. "We hope attendees will inspire and be inspired by the experience to come away with an expanded vision on how to practically approach and navigate an increasingly connected Social Business."

Video and slide presentation content from the previous Social Business Summit 2011 series is available on the Dachis Group Collaboratory including speakers from Austin, Sydney, Singapore, and London. Photos are also available on the Collaboratory from Austin, London, Sydney, and Singapore.

The Social Business Summit is by invitation only. To request an invitation, please include your location preference, full name, company name, title, and the email address where you would like to receive the invitation in an email to

About Social Business Summit

The Social Business Summit series is hosted and curated by Dachis Group. The Social Business Summits explore the most current ideas in Social Business thought leadership, foster an ongoing dialog among participants, and engage other Social Business practitioners in real-time, in-person, day-long events around the globe. Premiering in 2009 in Austin, Texas, the Social Business Summit has expanded to include events in London, Singapore, Sydney, and now Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, and Shanghai. For more information and to request an invitation, visit us at

Media Contacts:

For press inquiries, contact Jenny Murphy at

Dachis Group
515 Congress Avenue, Suite 2420
Austin, Texas 78701

DACHIS GROUP Announces Launch Of The Social Business Index

Dachis Group, the world's leader in Social Business, announced today the launch of the Social Business Index.

The Social Business Index is the only information service providing ongoing real-time ranking, analysis, and benchmarking of Social Business adoption and performance of the world’s most connected and engaged companies on hundreds of key engagement and activity metrics across social platforms globally.

At launch, the Social Business Index measures the social performance of the world's most engaged companies, their subsidiaries, and their brands by analyzing hundreds of millions of signals globally from customers, employees, partners, influencers, and the marketplace in real time across the Social Business graph.

The Social Business Index, built on top of Dachis Group's Social Business Intelligence as a Service (SBIaaS) Platform, is the world's most comprehensive platform for identifying actionable insights, measuring social ROI, and analyzing the effectiveness of strategies and tactics organizations employ to engage the marketplace.

In addition to the use of natural language processing, semantic analysis, and machine learning algorithms, the underlying Social Business Intelligence as a Service (SBIaaS) Platform applies Dachis Group's deep experience as the world's leader in Social Business Strategy, Engagement, and Intelligence using the industry recognized Social Business Design framework.

Later this summer, a public version of the Social Business Index will be available free to the public, while enhanced "freemium" and paid versions offering much deeper and more robust analytics helping to better understand how to improve their Social Business performance by brands, geography, and subsidiary will be made available to registered users and companies.

Applications for participation are initially being accepted from social practitioners, social strategy owners, brand team members, or business unit heads at the world's leading companies. Apply now at

Media or publishing properties interested in utilizing Social Business Index data for publication, please contact

Analyst firms interested in access to Social Business Index data for inclusion in research, please contact

Media Contacts:

Jenny Murphy at
Dachis Group
515 Congress Avenue, Suite 2420
Austin, Texas 78701

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Which Tablet PC To Buy In Malaysia ? #2

Refer to #1 which we look at the following brands of tablet offerings.

Apple,blackberry,HTC,Acer,Asustek,Creative,Samsung, Motorola,HP/Palm,MSI.

Now's let look at the remainders in the industry (for now).

Lifebook T580
Windows 7
US $999
GPS,multi touch capability,multi core processor, 1.4 kg only, 10.1 inch scree,WiFi
It is a mini notebook actually,multi core processor
Firefox, Chrome
US $599
WiFi, Supports 3G/4G,9.4 inch screen, dual camera,NVDIA Tegra II processor
Work as universal remote to control audio-visual equipment or send content to television screens or music to wireless speakers, looks like a book
Streak 5
Firefox, Chrome
5 inch screen, scratch resistant Gorilla Glass touchscreen,1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, dual camera,WiFi,GPS, Compass,2G memory,6GB MicroSD card,Dell's new Stage interface
Pocket size tablet,dual core processor
Firefox, Chrome
7 inch screen,dual-core 1.2 GHz processor from Qualcomm, HDMI port, 3G,WiFi, Dual camera,8GB of memory
Six hours of battery life,Hi-Space cloud solution

  • iPad rules, Android popular.
  • Dell Streak 5 looks really cute to carry around, pretty much like smartphone.
  • Fujitsu Lifebook T580 may be not suitable as a tablet for leisure, maybe for business.
Which one I will choose out of so many ?

I still like to try Playbook and Xoom, or maybe HTC Flyer. However, Galaxy Tab is very popular in Malaysia behind iPad.

How about yourself ?

Friendster Reboot

Competing with Facebook

It is not competing with Facebook, you can login using Facebook account.

Message from CEO.

Dear fellow Friendster members,

As many of you may know, Friendster announced that it is re-launching itself as a social gaming portal and launched a beta version of the new Friendster a couple of weeks ago.

The beta version was well received. I am pleased to announce that the new Friendster is going live thereby enabling all our users to login to the new Friendster using your existing Friendster username and password.

Friendster has touched the lives of many. Since MOL, the company I founded acquired Friendster in early last year; many people have come up to me to tell me how Friendster has changed their lives. Many have told me that they have found their life partners over Friendster. Just last week, a successful Internet entrepreneur in Singapore told me that her success was triggered by promoting her business on Friendster.

Friendster pioneered social networking and ignited the social media industry that has created billion dollar companies such as Facebook and Twitter, companies that may not have existed in their present form if not for Friendster's early innovation.

Today, Friendster is in a unique position to take advantage on the growth of social gaming. Through its relationship with MOL, which has a 10 year history in working with gaming companies, Friendster has both the experience and track record to make innovations in this space.

Today, as Friendster reinvents itself as a social gaming destination that enables its users to create multiple avatars, play games and enjoy rewards; I hope that all of you will wish us luck and continue to support us in our new reincarnation. The new Friendster is not perfect and we will continue to add new games and features such as localization and rewards over the next few months.

Our team is working hard on adding these features and welcomes your suggestions and comments on how we can better serve your needs as a social gaming and entertainment destination.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and hope that all of you will enjoy the new Friendster as Friendster continues to innovate to serve and entertain you better.

Yours truly, Ganesh Kumar Bangah (Chief Executive Officer

First look.

Everything is related to gaming and avatar.

By the way, your friend listing gone. Don't bother to look for it.

This is what I think.

Friendster may find niche for people who are anti web social, who dislike having public profiles and sharing of personal life with others and who are into gaming. This niche of people are particularly common amongst technical and nerdy people; sort of introverted innovators, thinkers,visionaries,phantom web surfers and that sort.

The true fact is that a common Joe will not have enough time to 'socialize' in so many different platforms of social media, usually will stick to one which sometimes may also lead to too much unnecessary modern stress. It is just like having multiple email accounts, you will bleed electricity if you have too many email accounts and the stress is real if you haven't checked your emails for days. Trust me, it is.

And why I think Friendster still have big chances ?
  1. It has a unique and catchy name. --> Very important.
  2. It was the most happening before Facebook took over Malaysia some 6 years ago.
  3. Many people still have Friendster accounts and still remember the password because mostly it is the same one as Facebook.

Tech Blog Malaysia Statistics (June 2011)

As usual, check out the analysis for 2010.

For month of Jan 2011.
For month of Feb 2011.
For month of Mar 2011.
For month of Apr 2011.
For month of May 2011.

For month of June 2011, we have the followings.
  • Latest PC trend
  • Database programming tips
  • Name of this blog
  • Brand of this blog
  • Career in a the biggest tech company in the world
  • CR 8.5 programming tips
  • Support number of the largest broadband provider in Malaysia.
  • A feature of hotlink.

  • Total monthly traffic increased by as much as 6.9%.
  • Traffic from referring sites increased by 0.17%.
  • Google still top contributor (52.6%).Down from last month.
  • Top 5 countries (Malaysia, US, India,Singapore, U.K).
  • New visitors 86.59% (Down from last month).

Friday, July 01, 2011

System.IO.FileNotFoundException bpacmd.exe

It is related to MSSQL 2005 upgrade advisor.

This happens when you have install MSSQL 2005 and Windows tried to install 'Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services Service Pack 4(KB2463332)' updates.


--> Click here.

'The error occurs because of a problem with BPACMD.EXE attempting to load BPAClient.dll. If you create a sub folder called 'BPAClient' inside the folder called 'BPA' (under 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\BPA') and copy BPAClient.dll (from the sibling bin directory) into this folder, then the upgrade advisor will work'

Do not ignore this error, this issue will slow down the startup process of your Windows tremendously, by as much as 2.5 times.

Follow the instruction to get it resolved.

This is definitely an issue with the update for (MSSQL 2005 Express Edition) and by default, there is shouldn't be any sub folder called 'BPAClient' inside BPA folder (under 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\BPA').

Juniper Network's June 2011 Highlights - Media Flow,Computerworld Awards

On June 9 2011, Juniper Networks announced that it has won the Firewall/VPN category at the 5th Computerworld Malaysia Customer Care Awards 2011.

Check out details.

On June 15 2011, Juniper Networks introduced 'Media Flow';intelligent media caching, distribution and delivery solution.

It targets service providers, cater for more efficiency in managing high volume of traffic at lower costs.

Check out details.

Refer to more on Juniper Networks