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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

PIKOM: Malaysian Businesses Look Forward To New GST System

Malaysian Parliament approved the GST bill on Apr 8, 2014.

PIKOM, the National ICT Association of Malaysia, today releases its results of a general survey nationwide –“GST Impact on Businesses” with over thousand of local businesses. Interestingly, it resulted with the following insights:-

i) Majority of local businesses (75%) perceived that the new GST system is a better form of indirect tax compared to the current Sales and Service Tax (SST) model.

ii) There are more than 60% of local organisations acknowledged that GST system will significantly impact their revenues.

iii) However, there are only less than 25% (or a quarter) organisations have sent their ICT employees to be properly trained for new GST system

iv) As of today, there are already over 60% of local organisations have a GST project plan in place

In addition, the release will share more important stats pertaining to local organisations’ calls and requests for more financial and training supports to embrace new GST system; and PIKOM’s strategies to cushion the impact of GST implementation.

Cheah Kok Hoong, Chairman of PIKOM also shared that the coming National Digital Lifestyle Expo (which is scheduled from 8th to 10th August, 2014 at KL Convention Centre ) will plan to offer more businesses and consumer ICT consultations on GST.


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dear Sook Teng, you are blacklisted

This is a brain-storming post.

I really thought you are Sook Teng - a female.

Unfortunately, not only that you are not a female, you are also blacklisted by McAfee Site Advisor as suspicious.

Received a comment from Sook Teng who turns out to be a website

Monday, April 28, 2014

Computer Security Updates Week 5 of Apr 2014

Refer to Computer Security Updates Week 1 of Apr 2014; the biggest news was Kaspersky Lab Launches Real-Time Worldwide Interactive Cyberthreat Map.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • May 1, 2014 - Bank Rakyat Phishing Site Discovered
  • PR - Apr 30, 2014 - Kaspersky Lab Discovered and Blocked Zero-day Vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player
  • PR - Apr 30, 2014 - CyberArk Eliminates Security Gaps Across Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud and SaaS Environments
  • PR - Apr 29, 2014 - Sophos cloud security solution manages Windows, Mac and Mobile in a single platform
  • USA Today - Apr 29, 2014 - Homeland Security advises consumers to refrain from using IE temporarily due to zero-day (CVE-2014-1776)
  • PR - Apr 29, 2014 - Kaspersky Lab’s Solution for Android-based Devices Proves its Effectiveness in Independent Testing
  • PR - Apr 25, 2014 - McAfee Study: Money Laundering Through Online Gambling
  • PR - Apr 24, 2014 - Kaspersky Lab stats show a surge in Bitcoin cybercrime
  • PR - Apr 24, 2014 - McAfee releases tools to swat the Heartbleed Bug
  • PR - Apr 23, 2014 - CyberArk Defines Maturity Model to Securing Privileged Accounts
  • PR - Apr 21, 2014 - Symantec Corp published Internet Security Threat Report Volume 19 (ISTR 19)
  • PR - Apr 17, 2014 - Kaspersky Lab Reveals Strategic Plans for Expansion in Enterprise IT Security Market
  • PR - Apr 11, 2014 - Kaspersky Lab to Extend Support for Microsoft Windows XP in Corporate and Consumer Products
  • PR - Apr 10, 2014 - Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) Ranks among Top Breach Detection Systems
  • PR - Apr 10, 2014 - McAfee Defines Strategy For Securing The Internet Of Things
  • PR - Apr 10, 2014 - WatchGuard Technologies Reinvents Advanced Persistent Threat Management with Launch of WatchGuard APT Blocker
  • Apr 8, 2014 - OpenSSL Heartbleed bug: What you need to know about it ?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

VB.Net How to Format Date String Not Based On Region Settings

This article applies to VB.NET (or C#.NET) based on .NET framework 3.5 SP1, compiled using Visual Studio 2008 SP1.

How do you format a DateTime into a string not based on the region settings (From Control Panels) ?

For instance, if you have a PC that has the following region settings:
  • Format: English (United States)
  • Short Date: dd-MMM-yy
  • Long time: h:mm:ss tt

This will result in 'DateTime.ToString' or 'Format' method to output the DateTime string based on those formats by default.

Nevertheless, sometimes different software may require customized formatting of DateTime based on specific requirements and needs.

Hence, if you would want to format a DateTime string as the following format:

dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss

Saturday, April 26, 2014

MDeC to host Big Data Week Kuala Lumpur in May 2014

Press release - Kuala Lumpur, Apr 25, 2014 :

Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) will be organizing the “Big Data Week 2014 @ Kuala Lumpur!” from 2nd-11th May 2014. This initiative aims to help Malaysia’s ICT industry build up its capabilities in Big Data Analytics (BDA), and spur endless opportunities for BDA products and services.

Kuala Lumpur is the only city in Southeast Asia to be given the honour to showcase Big Data Week and MDeC as the main driver of the showcase has lined up a number of partner events for local and regional participants throughout the week. The Big Data Week 2014 @ Kuala Lumpur will kick off with a networking party hosted by VLT to share insights with attendees on how Big Data Analytics is used in a few of the top digital companies in Malaysia. This will be followed by MDeC’s showcase event themed “Big Data: Endless Possibilities” and other exciting activities such as full-day hackathons, mining Facebook to discover yourself, and journalism and Big Data.

Friday, April 25, 2014

MSTB Launches ‘Software Test Design’ Competition

Press release - Kuala Lumpur, April 24, 2014:

The Malaysia Software Testing Board (MSTB) today announces the launch of the inaugural Software Test Design Competition (STDC), a national-level competition that will test the software testing skills and creativity of participants.

Adopting the theme of Testing IT Right!, the competition urges participants to come up with an original Test Design based on the Test Object provided, in the form of specifications for a real software application.

Modelled after a similar event held annually in Japan, the competition is divided into Open and University categories. The Open Category offers a cash prizes RM10,000 for the Open category and RM5,000 for the University category. The two categories will be given Test Objects of different complexity for the competition.

Mastura Abu Samah, President, Malaysia Software Testing Board

The Open category is open to all Malaysian practicing software test professionals and entries can be submitted individually or in groups (up to five members). While the competition is primarily targeted for Malaysian citizens, groups of five may include one suitable qualified foreign national as a member

For more details, you can register your interest, at, or email to


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ICT Happenings Week 4 of Apr 2014

News for Week 2 of Apr 2014; the biggest news was the launching of MOLPay - cash payment for e-commerce.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Apr 24, 2014 - Microsoft Announced FY14 Q3 Revenue of $20.40 billion
  • PR - Apr 24, 2014 - Huawei enabling digital logistics systems to build a better connected world
  • Telegraph - Apr 24, 2014 - Apple returns $130bn to shareholders
  • PR - MILPITAS, CA., Apr 23, 2014 — ProphetStor Establishes New Office in China and Gains Bigger Footprint in Asia
  • PR - KL - Apr 23, 2014 - Mobile banking increases but many feel apathy towards adoption
  • PR - KL - Apr 23, 2014 - Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) joins EMC Academic Alliance
  • PR -SG - Apr 23, 2014 - Viber Releases New Design for iPhone and Comes to Blackberry 10
  • PR - Apr 23, 2014 - Violin Launches Windows All-Flash Array for Next-Generation Enterprise and Cloud Deployments
  • PR - SG – Apr, 22, 2014 - Cloud-based, social collaboration and communication platform Unified Inbox expands, launches HQ in Singapore
  • PR - KL - Apr 22, 2014 - Brocade Names Gabriel Breeman as OEM Director for Asia-Pacific
  • PR - KL, Apr 18, 2014 - Set To Boost the E-commerce Industry with Search Intent Mobile Ads
  • PR - KL - Apr 17, 2014 - Tan Yen Yen joins SAS as regional head for South Asia
  • PR - SG – Apr 16, 2014 - Fusion-io Unlocks Performance for SQL Server 2014
  • PR - KL, Apr 16, 2014 - Frost & Sullivan Awards “Data Centre Services Provider of the Year” to AIMS Group
  • PR - BEDFORD, Mass., Apr 16, 2014 - Flytxt Partners with VoltDB for Real-time Streaming Analysis of Mobile Communication Data Service Provider
  • PR - Apr 16, 2014 - Oracle Offers New Mobile Capabilities for Enterprise Performance Management
  • PR - Apr 16, 2014 - How Singapore app Muslim reached 10 million downloads across 200 countries
  • PR - SG- Apr 16, 2014 - Tata Comm. expands its global data centre footprint in Australia, Germany, Austria and Malaysia

Sunday, April 20, 2014

What's in the storage for Built 2014

Built 2014,the Microsoft’s developer conference was really a big event spanning days and multiple sessions, with too many details to cover.

To cut things short, check out the highlighted keynotes and key takeaways from official press release.

In a nutshell, Built 2014 made the following key announcements:
  • Windows Phone 8.1 - Cortana (powered by BING search), S/MIME for encrypted mail, VPN support
  • Windows 8.1 Updates - Key features of the update include user interface improvements for mouse and keyboard users and performance and compatibility enhancements to Internet Explorer 11
  • $0 royalty licensing program for OEM and ODM partners developing smartphones and tablets with screens under nine inches
  • Three new Lumia smartphones for Windows Phone 8.1
  • Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 Release - Universal projects allow developers to use approximately 90 percent of the same code, a single packaging system, and a common user interface to target apps for phones, tablets and PCs

Built 2014 was held at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA,April 2 – 4

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Developers Updates Week 4 of Apr 2014

In the last updates series (Week 4 of Feb 2014), the most interesting update was the offering of paid apps on Google play for Malaysian developers.

For this updates series, the followings had emerged.
  • PR - KL, Apr 21, 2014 - Doodle 4 Malaysia, and Get Featured on Malaysia Day
  • PR - KL, Apr 18, 2014 - offers mobile deep linking for new ads format: search Intent Ads
  • PR - KL - Apr 18, 2014 - Malaysia’s Brightest And Most Innovative Youths To Represent Nation At Microsoft Imagine Cup 2014
  • PR - KL - Apr 17, 2014 - Malaysian Celebrities Support Code for Malaysia Campaign to Empower Future Generation through Computer Science
  • PR - Apr 17, 2014 - KUIMB And NAAM MOU(ed) to create training opportunities for Enterpreneurs
  • TheStar - Apr 4, 2014 - MyTeksi set for more funding
  • PR - Apr 2, 2014 - Microsoft showcases latest updates to Windows, opportunities for developer@ Built 2014
  • PR - Apr 2, 2014 - Oracle Announces Oracle NoSQL Database 3.0
  • PR - SANTA CLARA, Calif. - March. 26, 2014 - Intel and Broad Institute Dramatically Improve Speed of Analytics for Genome Analysis Toolkit
  • PR - Mar 26, 2014 - Oracle Announces Java 8
  • PR - PALO ALTO, Calif. - March. 18, 2014 - HP Expands Testing for Mobile and Cloud-based Application Delivery
  • Channel 9 - Mar 18, 2014 - Leslie Lamport Selected as 2013 ACM A.M. Turing Award Winner
  • Channel 9 - Mar 5, 2014 - Microsoft .NET is now 'open' source
  • PR - Mar 3, 2014 - Microsoft showcased new innovations for end users, developers and IT for upcoming Office 365@SharePoint Conference 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Social Intelligence Quotient (SQ) Emerges as Newest Measurement for Organisational Workforce Readiness

Press release - Apr 14, 2014

Today, Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group (‘KellyOCG’) announces that ‘Social Intelligence’ (SQ) has emerged strongly as the latest quotient for dynamism, competitiveness and growth of businesses.

According to its survey findings of ASEAN’s Executive Outlook Survey 2014, Malaysian SMEs are perceived as ranked amongst the highest in terms of being Socially Intelligent Organisations, even as compared to other ASEAN countries. Malaysian SMEs also surprisingly revealed themselves to be the most highly SQ-driven, as compared to larger multinational companies, conglomerates and government agencies.

KellyOCG further highlights that this is a direct result of:- a) more Gen-Y hires that make up the SMEs’ workforce and thus driving them to be more highly ranked as SIOs, and b) the higher level of entrepreneurial spirit and agility that drives SQ in Malaysian SMEs. Furthermore, there are more than 23% of the organisations who consider themselves SIOs are predicting significant growth for their businesses.

Details, infographic.

Monday, April 14, 2014

ESI : Communication and Project Leadership Skills after project management

Press release - Singapore - 7 Apr 2014:

ESI International, the world's leading project management training company, today announced the key findings of its inaugural Asia Pacific Project Management Salary Survey, which was conducted with over 600 project management managers across multiple industry sectors in Asia Pacific, spanning China, Hong Kong, India, Australia and New Zealand, as well as Southeast Asia nations including Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

In addition to uncovering salary trends across countries, the study also aims to examine the factors impacting salary improvement, employment outlook, and critical competencies hiring managers look for when recruiting project management professionals.
  • Countries with the highest and lowest mean monthly salary recorded: Across all industries, roles, and experience levels, Australia emerged as the country with the highest mean monthly salary registered within the project management profession (USD11,350), followed by New Zealand (USD9,161), Hong Kong (USD7,500), Singapore (USD7,033), Malaysia (USD4,316), China (USD3,663), India (USD3,453) and Indonesia (USD3,428).
  • Only 9 per cent of respondents were specialised in Agile project management: Project management professionals across Asia Pacific have the most experience in programme management (24 per cent), traditional or Waterfall project management (20 per cent), and project portfolio management (19 per cent), regardless of the industries they are in. While only 9 per cent of survey respondents were specialised in Agile, organisations in regulated industries, such as the financial services sector, are increasingly turning to Agile to align business needs with IT and meet regulatory compliance.


SourceFire: Securing SCADA from Cyber-attacks

Based on the contributed Securing SCADA from Cyber-attacks by By Ammar Hindi, Managing Director, Sourcefire APAC (now part of Cisco Systems).

First of all, it is interesting to take note that insurers such as Lloyd's of London are insuring companies with cyber-security risks. I have read this some times ago, yet, this trend is still no common especially in Malaysia and APAC.

The article tells that a recent study has shown that insurance companies are unwilling to cover energy firms from cyber-attacks and damages, even after thorough assessment by these firms have made such as ensuring the software are up to date and how these firms oversee their networks.
Ammar Hindi, MD, Cisco APAC.

The study further discovered that majority of these applicants were rejected by insurers due to insufficient cyber-defences on their Supervisory control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. These are a few factors that make the networks vulnerable.

SCADA is the main network for industrial processes such as utilities, transportation, logistic, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to Save Directions for Google Maps on Android 4.4.2

The major problem with consumer (free) apps is that they get updated as the suppliers see fit and users (consumers) just have to keep up with it - sometimes you just hope the older versions will come back.

For instance, recently I found that Google Maps changes so much with new features and hidden old features that I almost found it not helpful.

However, Google Maps keeps bringing me back the attention due to its ability to detect traffic congestion on my usual driving routes (and timing) - thanks to integration with Waze - and I found it to be very helpful.

Note: In order to enjoy this feature, you have to install the Google Search (Google Now) app from Google Play - it works almost like an information aggregation - another cool feature is the ability to send you updates on your search patterns, and it will also indicate current and weather forecasts.

Today, I am trying to figure out a way to save directions for Google Maps as preparation of traveling to an outstation location - I wanted to save money not to buy a dedicated GPS device.

I found that most information from the Internet are outdated; those information are based on older versions of Google Maps and Android - for instance:
  • 'Save to My Map' feature is only available in older version of Google Map.
  • Layers button is missing from Google Maps in Android 

Friday, April 11, 2014

ICT Happenings Week 2 of Apr 2014

News for Week 1 of Apr 2014; the biggest news was the upcoming IPO of Alibaba.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Apr 11, 2014 - WeChat Sees Stellar Growth & Successful Campaigns With Astro Gempak, Era FM and Chattime
  • PR - Apr 10, 2014 - Zalora iOS App Gets Updates
  • PR - Kuala Lumpur, Apr 10, 2014 - MOLPay launches cash payment for e-commerce merchants at 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia
  • Ovum - Melbourne - Apr 10, 2014 - A wave of consolidation will occur in social messaging in 2014
  • PR - Singapore - Apr 9, 2014 - Tata Comm. delivers live F1 Feeds to Broadcaster Chello DMC
  • PR - Apr 9, 2014 - WD Introduces First Thunderbolt Powered Portable Dual-Drive
  • PR - Singapore - Apr 7, 2014 - Fusion-io Collaborates with Oracle to Double Usable Capacity for MySQL
  • PR - Kuala Lumpur - Apr 7, 2014 - AMD launches Graphics Card for Next-Gen 4K Resolution Workstations
  • PR - Apr 7, 2014 - EMC Redefines Data Protection for a Software-Defined World
  • Pyramid Research - Apr 7, 2014 - Tablet market in Latin America set to grow
  • PR - Apr 7, 2014 - Fluke Networks Bridges the Ever-Widening Application and Network Performance Visibility Gap with an Integrated Solution
  • PR - Apr 7, 2014 - BuzzCity Strengthens Global Growth Strategy with Cross-device Support Online Display Ads
  • PR - Apr 7, 2014 - HP Streamlines Remote Content Creation, Solves Storage Bottleneck with Industry First Offerings

Ovum and Informa Telecoms & Media Research to merge

Press release - London, 7 April 2014

Ovum and Informa Telecoms and Media (ITM) Research, both divisions of Informa plc, today announce their intention to combine under the Ovum brand, to create the world’s largest telecoms industry research firm. The new company, which will also be the fourth-largest technology analyst house globally, will offer customers unrivalled analysis across the converging IT, media and telecoms industries, and including a suite of new research, market data and consulting capabilities.

A multi-million pound investment programme will see all complementary product portfolios merged delivering 23 new or improved services across IT, media and telecoms, including the world’s most comprehensive telecoms research. IT and media research will also be significantly bolstered through the introduction of new channels covering telco IT, customer engagement, enterprise mobility, telco enterprise services, digital media and music. A new state-of-the-art online delivery platform to house all research will also be launched.

The merged business, which will be fully integrated by the end of May, will be led by Steve Hotham, current MD of Ovum, who will become its CEO. Spread across 23 offices, in 6 continents, Ovum will employ 275 staff, including 180 analysts providing a combination of global and local insight.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The pursuit of truth - I don't see many around me

USA Today reported that General Motors put two engineers on leave over connection with the faulty ignition switches that have forced the recall of 2.6 million vehicles worldwide and are linked to 31 crashes and 12 deaths in the U.S., plus one fatal crash in Canada.

I salute these decisions.

4 Ways to Push Your Brand to the World Cup Fans

By Rachel Lee, the resident writer on

Fans of The Beautiful Game are already engaging in pre-World Cup activities to prepare for the biggest sporting event of the world this June.With a viewership of 3.2 billion in the last World Cup, with almost 800 million for the finals alone, it is the perfect avenue for media and brands’ exposure. Unfortunately, above the line methods like halftime commercials can only do so much, as it is limited, and viewers simply switch to other activities during commercial breaks – or watch uninterrupted matches online. However, there are always opportunities that not only increase brand awareness and engagement, but also bring consumers back to traditional media, as listed below:

Reach out to world cup fans

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

VB.NET Form with Background Image Flickers and Slows on Resize

When you set a background image to a form, resizing the form may end up slow and flickers regardless of the image size.

Three suggested solutions found online.

1.) PixelFormat.Format32bppPArgb

Load the background image dynamically (on run-time) whenever the form object is instantiated, do not reference the background image on design-time.

Then, use the technique of rendering a bitmap with PixelFormat.Format32bppPArgb to load the background image.

I do not witness significant performance gain deploying this technique as compared to conventional method and it doesn't solve the flickering issue.

Public Overrides Property BackgroundImage() As System.Drawing.Image
            Return Me.RenderBmp
        End Get
        Set(ByVal value As System.Drawing.Image)
            If Not value Is Nothing Then
                Me.RenderBmp = New Bitmap(Me.Width, Me.Height, _
                Dim g As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(Me.RenderBmp)
                g.InterpolationMode = Drawing.Drawing2D.InterpolationMode.High
                g.DrawImage(value, New Rectangle(0, 0, Me.RenderBmp.Width, _
            End If 'If Not value Is Nothing
        End Set
    End Property

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Groupon Malaysia Raises RM20,545 for WWF-Malaysia

Press Release - KUALA LUMPUR, 8th April 2014

As a part of its commemoration of Earth Hour 2014, Groupon Malaysia recently collaborated with WWF-Malaysia to raise funds and awareness around the popular annual initiative encouraging sustainable living amongst Malaysians. Raising a total of RM 20,545 via a donation Groupon deal, the full proceeds generated from the initiative will be used to support WWF-Malaysia’s initiatives towards the conservation of the environment.

(L-R:)Arvind Karthi Gunaseharan, Head of Sales (Local) for Groupon Malaysia; Mr. Yeap Chong Wei, General Manager (Marketing) of WWF-Malaysia


GST Updates: TheStar : GST Bill Gaining Momentum in Parliament

Following previous updates, TheStar reported that the parliament voted in favor of the GST bill after two bloc division votes.

Nonetheless, opposition requested another session of voting as reported.

The is ever going to be the best year for financial and accounting software solution providers - all parties are rushing to achieve the deadline of Apr 2015 for the GST bill to go live.

Monday, April 07, 2014

MyIX: Malaysia's Internet Usage Doubled in Year 2013

Internet traffic in Malaysia increased by 51% from 230,631 Mbps in 2012 to 349,277 Mbps in 2013.

MyIX Chairman, Chiew Kok Hin commented on this trend, “We believe that the reasons for this, co-relates back with several synergistic trends amongst Malaysian Internet users - such as the spike in the number of smart phones users; with the sudden boom of user access to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; as well as the jump in data messaging applications such as Whatsapp, WeChat, Viber, Line and more.”


Computer Security Updates Week 1 of Apr 2014

Refer to Computer Security Updates Week 4 of Mar 2014; the biggest news was HP Awarded $32.4 Million Cybersecurity Contract by U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • Esset blog - Apr 6, 2014 - Microsoft rewards 5-year-old for Xbox live security flaw discover
  • PR - Apr 4, 2014 -  Kaspersky Lab Launches Real-Time Worldwide Interactive Cyberthreat Map
  • Esset blog - Apr 4, 2014 - Microsoft reported outlook zero-day flaw
  • PR - Apr 2, 2014 - Kaspersky: Every Third Phishing Attack Aimed at Stealing Money
  • PR - Apr 1, 2014 - McAfee: Businesses Hold False Sense of Security
  • FireEye Blog - Mar 31, 2014 - Android.MisoSMS is back with new features
  • PR - Mar 28, 2014 - Cybersecurity Malaysia & BAE Systems signed MOU to develop a framework for collaboration
  • PR - Mar 26, 2014 - Barracuda Unveils Threatglass, Online Malware Detection Tool
  • PR - Mar 20, 2014 - Symantec Announces CEO Transition
  • Symantec: Mar 19, 2014 - IoT Worm Used to Mine Cryptocurrency

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Bigdata Worldshow, Kuala Lumpur, 9-10 September 2014

The Bigdata Worldshow will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 9-10 September 2014.

This year's theme will be focusing on Malaysia's drive to be a big data hub in Asia.

The event's attendees are expected to consist of 20% of C-level executives and 20% of executives in management roles.

Also, 40% of attendees are expected to be from SEA with another 30% from the rest of Asia.

It is going to be a two-days event, end-user delegates are priced at USD 995.

Refer to the proposed agenda, I found the following topcis to be very interesting:
  • Keynote address: Malaysia’s Drive to be a Big Data Hub in Asia
  • Big Data Strategies to Engage Long Term Customer Loyalty

It is also going to be an event with juices and candies for developers, with discussions and keynotes on the following emerging topics:
  • Building a Scalable and Dynamic Big Data Infrastructure
  • Giving Structure to Unstructured Data
  • An Integrated Approach to Big Data Analytics Using Teradata and Hadoop
  • Big Data and Data Protection Law


Saturday, April 05, 2014

Pinterest Now Available in Malaysia

Press release - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 25 March 2014:

Pinterest, the much talked about visual bookmarking and sharing platform has been translated to Bahasa Malaysia. Starting today, Malaysians can now access a translated version of the Pinterest via the website, iOS and Android apps.

What is Pinterest?
  • It is a virtual inspiration board that allows you to "pin" things online, just as you would pin them on a real life bulletin board
  • You can pin anything you want -- from saving drawing templates that you want to try out to saving recipes that you want to reference later
  • Create as many "Boards" to share and categorize your pins to make them easier for you to find
  • Add friends to your Pinterest account and follow them as you follow friends on any other social media, plus a customized feed where you can see all of the fantastic things that they're pinning too!
  • Own a business? Join Pinterest as a business which gives you metrics to see what content from your website is most popular on the Pinterest.

Friday, April 04, 2014

ICT Happenings Week 1 of Apr 2014

News for Week 2 of Mar 2014; the biggest news was the report that Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto has been found which turned out to be controversial.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Apr 4, 2014 - Gaming: Moon Dance! Latest Malaysian Made Mobile Game!!
  • PR - Apr 4, 2014 - Getronics Achieves Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Advanced Certification
  • Reuters - Apr 3, 2014 - Jack Ma invests into financial software firm: Hundsun-Banking
  • Ovum - Apr 3,2014 - Issue of net neutrality now central to the EC’s telecoms reforms
  • PR - SINGAPORE – April 3, 2014 – Fusion-io Collaborates with MariaDB and Percona on New Flash Aware Interfaces
  • PR- San Francisco, Apr 2, 2014 - Pivotal Changes the Economics of Big Data with New “Pivotal Big Data Suite” Offering
  • PR - KL – Apr 2, 2014 - CA Technologies Appoints Chua I-Pin as Vice President for Asia South
  • PR - Apr 2, 2014 - Targus Launches CityLiteII Backpack
  • PR - Apr 2, 2014 - ‘Viber Out’ Comes To Windows Phone 8
  • PR - Apr 2, 2014 - Just Mobile Pays Online Tribute To MH370 Individuals
  • PR - Apr 1, 2014 - Gartner: Tata Comm. Leader in Magic Quadrant for Global Network Service Providers
  • PR - Apr 1, 2014 - Adobe Study Reveals Strong Correlation between Employability and Creativity
  • PR - Apr 1, 2014 - Brocade Showcases the Network of the Future at Interop 2014
  • PR - Mar 28, 2014 - Gaming: WeChat Speed is Endless Fun for Bold Racers
  • PR - Mar 28, 2014 - Oracle Introduces Innovation Management Solution
  • PR - London, Mar 27, 2014 - ISPM nominated for industry contribution in TMF Excellence Awards
  • PR - Mar 27, 2014 - IBM Commits $100 Million to expand consulting services globally
  • TheStar - Mar 22, 2014 - MH370, doubts over air traffic radar
  • USA Today - Mar 21, 2014 - Many will lose jobs to computers
  • USA Today - Mar 19, 2014 - Wearable tech which works
  • USA Today - Mar 17, 2014 - Alibaba gets ready for U.S. IPO
  • Reuters - Mar 10, 2014 - Google finance chiefs get millions in bonuses
  • USA Today - Mar 4, 2014 - Facebook to acquire drone maker