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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My streamyx account report.

Living up to the spirit of not becoming unassuming citizen, and redesigning Malaysia broadband landscape.

Previously, we discussed about some issues with p2p traffic going through Streamyx ISP.

Out of curiousity, I wanted to check out the relative speed of my Streamyx connection at my house.

Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.
Post code: 47301

My ISP : TM's Streamyx.
My package : RM 88 / month for 2Mbps(download) and 512kbps (upload)

Aztech Router Settings

Indeed according to my router status report, I am getting 2048kbps (download) and 512 kbps (upload).

The relative speed I am getting ...

Internet Speed Test

which is 41.8/2048 * 100 = 2% (This test is provided by BandwidthPlace.

I am only getting 2% of what I have paid for monthly non-stop.

I tried another test center and found that ...

Internet Speed Test

Which is no big deal. Download speed is 60kbps out of the supposedly 2048kbps; 3%.

And worst still, it seems like the upload speed is also halved. Which means, in actually fact, I am only getting 1% of what I have been paying for. This test is provided by speakeasy.

Where did my 99% goes to ???

Latest updates on mobile sector development Malaysia

First of all, MCMC is conducting handphone users survey (2007) for period 2 months. Random numbers will be selected to enable such practices. Don't be surprised that someone will call you from MCMC to ask you 20 questions.

Secondly, MCMC is innovating a new method for Malaysian to benefit from lost of handphone devices. The barring of PIN unblocking key (PUK) which provides access to the SIM card will be exercised.

Thirdly, Screenshots analyzes that the initiative to register pre-paid mobile accounts (nationwide practice) has not been quite living up to expectation and more fine-tunings are needed to apply.

Finally, the latest debate putting Jeff Ooi on sleepless nights is about the issue of abuses of mobile content providers towards Malaysian mobile subscribers for all telecommunication providers which include the likes of Maxis, DiGi and Celcom.

It looks like there have been a lot of interesting facts building up to knowledgebase for techno-savvy Malaysian. Screenshots urges Malaysian not to be unassuming; we have to voice it out! Surely, who has the time to think too much about this ? As end-users, we definitely need external help.

I personally took some interest in the issue as it is very informative for me.

Let's jump in straight into this blog entry called "Majority wants cowboy CPs removed.."

To give us a sneak preview, the following line copy directly from Screenshots says it all.

( 1 ) There are only a few bad hats and rogue players among the mobile content providers; ( 2 ) these few bad apples, who have been proven by the authority to have involved in the SMS Scam were sufficient to destroy the market; ( 3 ) the rip-off on the unassuming mobile users, especially the repaid users who are not given itemised billings by the Celcos -- amount to millions of ringgit in the last two years alone; ( 4 ) the most exploited loophole was SMS Spoofing coming through fake MOs collaborated and perpetrated by local CPs and overseas international roaming gateway providers through IP/TCP and SS7 connections; ( 5 ) the majority of the CPs wanted action taken against the rogue players -- whom they call the Cowboy CPs -- to save the entire industry; and ( 6 ) the MMCP has conducted an industry survey of what the law-abiding CPs wanted in the interest of developing the industry to greater heights.

So basically, this is finger pointing game and the apparent accuse is now "technology loophole". Shouldn't the System Architect be made responsible ?? What about those IT Auditors ??

The gis is that if you have been suffering from unauthorized content billings, someone acting as fake MO (Mobile-originated) on your behalf had actually requested for such content to be sent to your account.

The "technology loophole" diagram taken from Screenshots is as follows.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Streamyx and bit-torrent problems ?

Many complains have been churned out from Streamyx customers about the possibility which the broadband ISP provider enforces on the limitation of bandwidth towards p2p traffics, particularly those involving bit-torrents.

After doing some research, the possibility that it is true that Streamyx does limit p2p traffics is positive.

Therefore, the way out are:

1. Change ISP (internet service providers)
2. or Use encryption for the traffics.
3. or if method-2 doesn't work, create a logical private session by passing the ISP via encryption. This method is known as SecureIX VPN (Virtual private network).

The free account offers - 256 kbps, which is 1/4 of your RM 88 streamyx package(1024kbps). But it should be good enough for experimenting.

If you are serious, you can pay for premium package which gives you 5000 kbps, which is 5 times your RM 88 Streamyx package.

Nevertheless, some industry experts feel that this issue is merely parts and parcels of life of ISPs.

On my personal site, Streamyx has been getting better recently. The last hiccup which I experienced was during December 2006.

Also, check out all other things about Streamyx from IT-Sideways blog.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Business strategy on Malaysia Companies (2)

Our last discussion on Business Strategy on Malaysia IT Companies has been posted quite a while.

Lastest updates on other companies publicly announcing their strategies include:

VADS BHDwould continue striving to be a leading managed ICT service provider and add value for its customers through professional solutions, service consulting and training in the areas of managed network services (MNS), systems integration services (SIS) and contact centre services (CCS).
SSITASSITA would tap into the 60,000 members of MIRC’s P5 programme, which assists SMEs in adopting technology and better business practices but added the Openbook Programme was open to all SMEs.
Redtone"On WiMAX rollout to East Malaysia - REDtone has strength in network connectivity as we’re connected to more than 70 telcos (telecommunication companies) around the world, and we can provide technical support. These are the values we can bring to the partnership in East Malaysia"
KPMG Advisory ServicesThe C-class executives (chief executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer and chief information officer) need someone to advise them on IT
Eng TeknologiIn this era, the company should not limit itself to manufacturing activities alone, but should compete on the best route to capital funding

Eng Teknologi is talking about financial game.

Are you geared up for financial games ? Such as joint-venture, venture capitalising, merger and acquisitions and etc.

Indeed, it has now become a challenge for technopreneurs not just to be good technically (product development) but also financially sound. This is particularly true when SMI/SME players are forced into constraint budgets where more innovative financial techniques are desired.

We have to look out for financial gains and explore endless possibilities all the time.

However, very often, the top executives of companies have all their hands tied-down, rendering inability to stretch the financial whiz side of theirs. In such cases, you can email IT-Sideways for discussions.

Every since proliferation of blogs, the following two consequences becomes pertinent where ...

  • Information becomes more free
  • Consultation becomes sell-down

Everybody seems to be associated with some kind of expertises; so to speak. In a way, customers can now research what they want to buy and do-away with those so-called advisory con-sultation. But do they have time, they still need someone to help them to get the analysis done. They need recommendations based on proves upon proves.

For lighter side of this topic, let's all go for this so-called lucky-draw.

Good luck!

Hot ICT Jobs (5) Malaysia

Lenovo is hiring!!!
Centre of Excellence

  • Pricing Managers
  • Pricing Analysts
  • Product Specialists and Managers (Notebook / Desktop / Software & Peripherals)
  • Business Planners/Analysts
  • Business Planning Managers
  • Business Development Manager (Notebook / Desktop / Software & Peripherals / Services)
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Database Analyst
  • Reporting Business Analysts
  • Lenovo Sell Specialists
  • Lenovo Sell Managers
  • Inventory Manager
  • Metrics & Sales Enablement Manager

Inside Sales

  • Inside Sales Representatives - Large Accounts
  • Inside Sales Representatives - SMB
  • Sales Managers - Large Accounts & SMB
  • Multilingual Sales Representatives (Tagalog, Vietnamese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia)


  • Lenovo Training Services Manager


  • Pricing Manager
  • Accounts Payable
  • Finance Analyst (Expense)
  • Pricers / Pricing Analysts
  • Balance Sheet Planner (Japanese speaking)
  • Non-BMC & OID Planner (Japanese speaking)
  • Financial Project Manager
  • Warranty Cost Analyst


  • DB2 / SQL Programmer
  • Database Analysts
  • Product Managers
  • Web Technical Writer / Solution Developers
  • Data Entry (Technical Content)
  • Business Operations / Data Analyst
  • Customer Satisfaction Complaints Resolution Owner
  • eClaim Lead
  • Parts Operations Analyst
  • Services Business Manager
  • Services Delivery Manager
  • Services Offering Manager
  • Services Operations Manager
  • Transaction Marketing
  • Channel Communications Specialist
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Business Intelligence Analyst


  • Infrastructure Supervisor
  • Regional Operations Support Centre Manager
  • Customer Advocates
  • Web e-Commerce Manager
  • Human Resources
  • HR Generalist (Korean speaking)
  • Recruiter

Internal Audit / Business Controls

  • Internal Auditors
  • Business Controls Manager

Check out

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hot ICT Jobs (4) in Malaysia

Business Development Executive - System & Storage ( Salary Range : RM3000-RM3600)

Based in Penang, Malaysia.

Responsibilities: -
  • To develop the assigned key account
  • To plan, implement and develop channel program
  • To coordinate resources to ensure smooth implementation of project
  • To manage sales funnel effectively
  • To drive the business to achieve Company and vendor target
  • To work with local representative for project leads and bid price application
  • To initiate market visit and enhance rapport with resellers
  • To be able to have strong engagement with vendors and resellers for all aspect of business opportunity
  • To be able to translate strategy into action plans with marketing and business plan

Requirements: -
  • At least posses Diploma or Degree holder in a Computing Science and related disciplines
  • Preferably has 3-5 years’ of working experience in channel sales or marketing (IT products)
  • Have good presentation and communication skills
  • Motivated and able to work independently
  • Able to work in a team
  • Required language(s): English
  • Preferred language(s): Local dialects & Bahasa Malaysia

If you fit the role and interested, please contact the following while still available.

Jessey Chan
Search Consultant
Tel : 012 – 420 1756
E-mail : or

Webinar on network access control (NAC)

Dear IT Professional,

NAC (Network Access Control) is getting a lot of attention these days. But what exactly is NAC, and what can it do for you? And how does NAC fit into the larger security issues impacting your LAN?

Executives from ConSentry provide their view on how enterprises should approach NAC and what benefits it can deliver. Register to attend this
webinar scheduled for Tuesday, May 29, 2007 and you’ll learn:

  • Why LAN security is so vital now
  • What it takes to secure the LAN
  • How LAN visibility can show you who is on your LAN and what they are accessing
  • Real-world customer case studies

Michelle McLean is senior director of product marketing at ConSentry. She has spoken on the value of NAC and the role it plays in an organization’s overall LAN security strategy. Dean Hickman-Smith is vice president of international sales at ConSentry and will moderate an online discussion on NAC and share how customers are using NAC to deliver identity-based control to protect critical network assets.

We hope you attend this educational
webinar on network access control. When you register to attend, you’ll also receive a copy of our NAC checklist. This NAC checklist can help you evaluate potential solutions and ensure you’re getting all the capabilities you need to fully secure your LAN.

Webinar time:
- California USA: 8:00 pm (May 28)

Asia Pacific: Tuesday, May 29th
- Thailand: 10:00 am
- Singapore and Malaysia: 11:00 am
- South Korea: 12:00 noon
- Austraila: 1:00 pm
- New Zealand: 3:00 pm

Thank you for your time,

ConSentry Networks
1690 McCandless Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035

I am promoting this because of the nature of Webinar. Malaysian should utilize and also to leap on the culture of webinar more aggressively to offset the rising cost of living and check out this comparison between Malaysia and U.K.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Funding for Technopreneurs (Malaysia)

Local techno scenes have been getting more financial wheels for aids recently. It is said that now is the best time to become technopreneur, if you choose to be.

Given the strong reality bites faced by local technopreneurs which I have put it, we should always strive for the betterness of the future.

1. MVCA Showcase:

First of all, we have an initiative from MVCA (Malaysia Venture Capitalist Association) which is called the "Show Case of High Growth and Emerging Companies", where it is seeking business plans for evaluation. However, too bad that the date line is today.

MVCA is an association for venture capitalism. Through the web sites, much information can be obtained about who and what is out there in Malaysia with regards to VC activities.

2. MIRC - MCA ICT Resource Center

MIRC has collaborated with TheStar publication to launch a venture capital fund with total value of RM 3.5 million.

It is also seeking business plans now, hurry, you got 5 days left. The dateline is on 20th May 2007. (This is the first batch only)

MCA is a Malaysia chinese political party who sides the national rulling coalition; Barisan National (BN).

3. MDeC Pre-Seed Fund

The biggest fund that I know so far is MDeC pre-seed fund which totalled RM 80 million.

1. A maximum of up to RM 150,000 funding for development of up to 12 months.
2. No repayment is requirement unless the following applies:
- RM 1 million or more sales is achieved within 3 years periods after the project is completed.
- Additional funding received for RM 1 million or more is achieved within 3 years periods after the project is completed
- The Intellectual Property is sold for RM 1 million or more within 3 years periods after the project is completed
3. Meant for individuals, companies need not apply.
4. Projects can be of any genre, may not have to be R & D.
5. Focus on commercialization.
6. Keep it simple.

Recent batch just closed at 10th May 2007 and there will be three more batches to come by. The last batch is scheduled at the period of November 2007.

And we are expecting more funds to come, which was archived earlier during the cooking of 9th Malaysia Plan (9MP) hot soup.

Thanks to Just Mobile for the heads-up.

Work hard!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

JackBe on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

JackBe has a great story to tell about SOA. It is telling it through the REA (Rich Enterprise Application) way.

JackBe provides a tool for integrating SOA backends with rich browser UI (user interface) features.

Examples ...

Military - Each military personnel are able to make use of JackBe's tool to create
customized web based software interface known as dashboard to help with analysis customizing to individual flavour.

But then again...

If we study carefully, what the following case study is trying to tell is that JackBe helped to implement a better AJAX system for Nutrisystem by leveraging on its so-called SOA backends.

Same goes for the following case.

Same goes for the following case.

Essentially, JackBe's idea is about creating AJAX application out of whatever backend systems that you have. It assumes that your backends have been SOA-enabled. And now, using its tools,you can quickly transform or capitalize your assets (backends) into profit reaping benefits.

The tools are great for reaping the benefits of AJAX, SOA and the Web 2.0

Looks like someone can apply to become a reseller for JackBe's tools and apply it to the banking industry in Malaysia, which I think is most needed for SOA capitalization.

Now, I want to know what are the SOA(s) available outside in the market ?

You can get a full list of available public SOA resources here.

and to give you an opinion of summary, here it is ...

where majority of mashup(s) provides mapping functionalities.

Wait a minute. Mashup is referring to how you make use (mess things up) of public web services or the so-called SOA backends which allows one to create something which may be useful for others.

And you know what ? GoogleMaps is the most widely used SOA amongst the mashup(s).

And I am still figuring out why GoogleMap is not available to Malaysia ? Anyone has any better idea ?

One potential answer is that no one holds the rights to most updated maps in Malaysia. That is that no one, except the government who doesn't has updated maps. The government doesn't has a body to exercise latest maps update. Private companies won't sell to Google and Google won't buy from the government agency because it couldn't convince on the updates issue. I think so.

Now, finally, how do you go about creating an SOA architecture ?

The answer is actually pretty simple, frameworks.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Some thoughts on web advertisements

The best place to put your Google Ads or Yahoo Ads and etc is actually at the top part of your blogs or web sites immediately under the official logo. Place the ads as banner (468x60)

Some case studies ...

1. Mage's Labs - Malaysia Political Blog.

The ads are very clickable... very attractive.

and Youtube

2. TheStar Online...

Ads are placed as footer of each news.

Total failure. I doubt anyone would click on it.

I don't suppose TheStar online makes a lot of money out of Google Adsense. They could.

Two cents...

Try to manual perform ads targeting. Means that don't let Google or Yahoo or others decide what advertisement contents for you, choose it yourself.

I said so because certain content would not attract attention through web ads. For instance, technology products, web ads are seldom effective. This is because when you are in the mood for technical stuffs, you wouldn't be wandering around for web advertisements which are "now you see it, now you don't".

The best bet for technical stuffs or serious stuffs is through search engine optimization. Unless the viewer is a geek who leisure on tech ads.

I would think that if you have contents on technical stuff, try to target ads on a lighter side of things like financial, politics, business and etc. Try not to bring back tech ads which may come from your competitors.

If you have contents on Malaysia, the best complement is to include ads on entertainment, tourism, food and etc. If you include again web ads on tech stuff, it will be less attractive.

70 most popular blog in Malaysia

Blogger Syed Syahrul make a note about recent 70th popular blog in Malaysia, based on the benchmark of technorati.

IT-Sideways is not enlisted in the list :(

Take a look at the performance of IT-Sideways in terms of technorati; 203 links from a few blogs.

The most popular blog liewcf offers insights into this issue and also offers tips. In my opinion, this is much appreciated and respected.

As a professional blogger, liewcf is committed to the following 5 things:

1. Online diary of a Malaysian netpreneur.
2. Sharing of information.
3. Make money as blogger.
4. Making connections and creating values later.
5. For "your" benefits.

Let's not forget that the most important thing of blogging is freedom to choose.

Will work hard to push up the ranking for IT-Sideways :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

what people are searching for in April 2007 at IT-Sideways

Keywords landed on Jan 2007
Keywords landed on Feb 2007
Keywords landed on March 2007

Keywords for the month of April 2007, we have....

1. Tax submission for Malaysian
2. People are still using pirated Microsoft product.
3. Telecommunication issues in Malaysia
4. Next generation education development in Malaysia (since March 2007)

Email for comprehensive business intelligence for consulting this matter.