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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Important is Web Design ?

This blog I want to talk about the web design for web sites.

Web design is quite important to identify who you are (in terms of web sites).

Take for example, Maybank2U has changed it web design since last year and people are complaining all over. It is better design, to reflect latest paradigm but somehow it managed to make people disturbed. I am a user.

Another example is TheEdgeDaily which just changed its web design.

Old Design

New Design

Which I still haven't got used to it. The impression that I am reeling on is that TheEdgeDaily now has got no news and they are now into the Start Page business.

So, the web design is important for your users and also as a way for them to live on.

Look at the big 3 (Google, Yahoo, MSN), they haven't really changed any of their web designs since 10 years ago. Google is white, Yahoo is red, MSN is blue.

For searching part, Google is good for technical search, Yahoo is good to backup Google in case you cannot find satisfactory search result and MSN is good for lifestyle search.

For application, Google is good for technical tools, Yahoo is good for applications and MSN is good for contents.

If each of these 3 big guys suddenly changed strategy, the Internet world will be disrupted. Web users will be subjected to sudden culture shock.

Think about Google, the moment they decided to change the plain home page, people may stop using the search service.

Learn from this as best practice, which is to use workflow and interface (as identity) to capture the heart of users. All these premise on a simple foundation; users are dependent on technology and even designs.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

MSSQL vs MySQL (Top 10 Comparisons)

MySQLImage via Wikipedia

We are using MSSQL 2008 Express Edition.

1. The GUI

MSSQL definitely has an edge over this with the famous SQL Server Management Studio

For MySQL , the default GUI (developed by Sun Microsystem in Java language) has the following components.
  • MySQL Administrator
  • MySQL Query Browser
  • MySQL Migration Toolkit (ETL) Language Support (German, Greek, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese from Brazil)
MSSQL wins

MySQL wins because it is trailing from behind and it only cost the disk space of about 65MB

The interface is just beautiful.

2. Mulitple Instances.

Both supported.

Running multiple instances is possible.

Each instance is identified by the same IP but different port number.

It is different from MSSQL in the manner that an instance comes in separate name, and physical MDB file and capability for dynamic port.

In the case of MySQL, you have to manually assign the port number for each separate instance.

Also, the default installer of MySQL? doesn't cater for installation of multiple instance.

MSSQL wins.

3. Windows drivers for programming software connection

For MSSQL, there are a few methods. The popular one will be OLEDB and ODBC.

For MySQL, there is one driver called MySQL? ODBC 5.1 Driver, download from

MSSQL wins.

4. Multi platform / OS.

MySQL wins

5. Replication

It is harder to configure replication using MySQL? .

MSSQL wins.

6. Stored procedure.


7. Licensing

MySQL wins.

MSSQL express edition (free) comes with limited database and real-time memory size.

8. Transaction capability.

Of course both are ACID-compliant.

MySQL uses InnoDB transaction engine.

Assuming that Microsoft has proprietary technology. The result is draw.

9. Migration Tool

MySQL comes with a user-friendly migration tool which is free.

MSSQL migration tool is known as integration services which is not part and parcel of express edition.

MySQL wins.

10. Business Intelligence.

MSSQL supports built-in business intelligence functions which is known as analysis services.

MySQL doesn't support built-in functions.

MSSQL wins.

So, the result is draw.

My Two Cents:
If you are only dealing with small enterprise environments or customers, choose MySQL instead of MSSQL because you will not get to play with a lot of high-end (enterprise) features of MSSQL if you are using express edition while MySQL may be able to give you a better deal.

Companies with good budget for IT and not so technically inclined IT team will not going to for MySQL because of learning curve. GUI MSSQL has been around since 97.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Penang Web Site

Penang is my favourite place (still for now). I been to KK once and it is quite boring in certain ways. Of course, one of the reason is that I was born in the northern side of east Malaysia, Kedah and so Penang is always like home. I am not sure yet, maybe I will like Kuching or Kuantan as I have never been there yet.

Another web site for Penang, this time they make it official.

But there are so many of such web site already, like this one.

or that one..

This suggests that we might as well better off having some sort of aggregator web site which is already available but not so popular yet. But the problem with aggregator software or service is that there is no graphics, purely rss and data.

I think besides netvibes, pageflakes and etc, something better can be done. Something more graphical.

This also brings out the dilemma of ICT industry for web site.

Everybody wants to have their own, but they don't have budget to maintain it.
The cost to start anew is minor, but to maintain it whole life is a major headache.

Life in Klang Valley compared to Penang ?? I only know that people in Klang Valley rush from one place to another like there is no tomorrow. And it is stressful to drive in the city. No one is excited about driving to the city, even sales people.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Juniper Networks Sweeps Category, Named Overall Winner at The 2009 CRN Channel Champion Awards Ceremony

Juniper Networks was named the overall winner and 2009 CRN Channel Champion in the Network Security Appliances category, at an awards ceremony in New Orleans on March 10. This is the first year Juniper earned the overall win in the Network Security Appliances category. Six security vendors were evaluated in the Networking Security Appliances Category on three distinct criteria: Technical Criteria, Support Criteria and Financial Criteria. Juniper Networks received the highest ranking score within each criteria.

The annual CRN Channel Champions is touted as one of the largest, broad-based technology integrator market studies in the IT industry. Completed annually, the study measures IT solution providers' overall perceptions of vendor products and services. According to CRN, the results of the survey are used by solution providers and technology integrators throughout the industry to evaluate vendors and their programs.

"This is a great win for Juniper Networks and really goes to show that our continued investments in the channel and R&D are resonating with IT solution providers and enabling our J-Partners to grow more profitably and truly differentiate themselves in the market," says Wan Ahmad Kamal, Juniper Networks’ Country Manager for Malaysia. "Last year, we focused our channel efforts around partner enablement, partner profitability, and teaming. In 2009, we've accelerated these efforts and placed even greater focus on helping our partners understand the total financial opportunity Juniper Networks technology brings to them and their enterprise customers."

Full Details.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google Summer of Code Introduces University Students in Malaysia to Open Source Software Development Around the World

Google Summer of Code is open once again to all Malaysian university students!

Google today announced the opening of the application period for university students who wish to participate in the Google Summer of Code™ 2009 program. Google is working with 150 mentoring organizations and will fund approximately 1,000 student projects in 2009, the fifth year of this program.

Student applications will be accepted from now until April 3, 2009. Students who wish to join the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) should visit here for more information. Program updates can also be viewed on the Google Open Source Blog at here or here.

"Last year, three students in Malaysia successfully completed their open source projects and collaborated with mentors in different countries around the world. We hope to get even more university students from Malaysia into the Google Summer of Code community this year," said Leslie Hawthorn, Google Open Source Team and GSoC program manager.

Full details.

Twitter Is Going To Get Bigger

Twitter has been around for some time.

I am not using it yet. But I am tempted now.

First of all, seems like it is getting popular lately.. ever since Ashton Kutcher threaten to 'work-out' his neighbor. Check out here.

Then, we have agreeing that Twitter content is as real (as it is) and comes with great potential of generating business values for corporates. Check out here.

And now the media is relying on it to get contents. Check out here.

Wow, this is a great way of getting contents, I mean I've always believe that if Bill Gates were to write blogs, millions of people will be reading it daily because I wouldn't miss it for the world to find out what's Bill is thinking of doing next. If Bill thinks that Spreadsheet is going to hit, many would agree too.

But writing blogs is not easy actually, just look at the blogs of Sun's CEO and others... they are not there to entertain people actually.

Twitter is easier. And it is good for media because the moment Google's founders said "working on POST connector for TV..." on Twitter, we know that Google is going to work on getting blogs to be published from the TV.

It is a good trend to break the monopoly of Facebook.

Check out the latest government web site for e-tender.

It is only in Malay language. However, some tenders come in English.

Current tender available...

  • Restoration works at Felda Sabah
  • Rehabilitation Works At Jor Reservoir Outlet, Cameron Highlands
  • Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of 33kV Aluminium XLPE Single Core Underground Cables And Accessories From PMU Cyberjaya North Lilo PPU Wonderful/PPU Bukit Hitam, For TNB Distribution, Selangor

Check out the full list here.

The next hot-shot in the near future will be e-Filling for income tax where majority of Malaysian will pour in attention into limited bandwidth to secure relief.

And the history of ICT related public services from Malaysia.

Get a Java Development Job in 2 Hours

Walk-in interviews for Java developers from Experian; provider of risk management software suite targeting industries such as banking, insurance, leasing alike.

You can be hired in 2 hours if you are qualified straight away.

Check out the corporate blogs (KL).

Monday, March 23, 2009

CRM From Social Networking

It is going to happen soon..

Marketing executive near-future frontier is the social networking market.

Like I said before, businesses can get a lot of head-ups from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and etc.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Win a Nokia 5800 Comes with Music

Check out the competition to win a 'Nokia 5800 comes with music'.

This is by far the longest mobile phone name I have come across.

What's New In Malaysia Broadband ?

The top ICT issue for Malaysia's public is Internet coverage and speed. Come second is the problem with unemployed graduates. The government had thought out a solution as well.

TheStar recently published that Wimax licensees may be affected by financial crisis.

The government will allocate RM 60 billion for broadband, and TM is investing that on the Highspeed Broadband project. This is good news.

But that is okay actually, cause Malaysian are always seeking more bandwidth for their Internet lifestyle. This is for sure.

Penang folks seem to be more willing to be connected... everybody is talking about making the whole Penang connected 24x7 and risk becoming the sleep dealer.

But I think consumers are more likely to pour concern over information confidentiality. The Malaysian scene recently took us back to the movie of 'Enemy of the States'; a movie about intrusion of privacy.

I think if P1 or Amax or Redtone can come up with prepaid broadband package, that would be very attractive.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weblog is Web Site Competitor

Actually a weblog is also a web site just that it is usually provided free. The thing which I realized is that weblog just doesn't go well with web site per se.

First of all, if you are going to propose something for someone (using weblog), that person is just not going to pay you because weblog is free.

Secondly, he or she got no time to do it.

So, this is bad economy which kills away opportunity, creativity and economy and the money goes back to the big brands like Google and Microsoft.

Therefore, I can almost guarantee that if you are going sell any product in the form of using free tools (such as weblog), no one will pay you anything. Because people are selfish in nature and no way you can get out so easily. But these potential customers got no time to DIY the value proposition which they can actually gain. But they don't care anyway. Ignorance.

In retrospect, whenever something as popular as weblog is launched for free or something like that, the party providing it as product is going to go close down soon. The best thing that you can come out of it is to create services out of these free tools.

Facebook is another free platforms and as I analyzed it earlier, it is a good platform for marketing. Facebooks phenomena killed many things unaccounted for but at the same time, it creates an opportunity of economy that is service-oriented in nature.

Not a bad idea to invent something which will spawn a world of service activities.

This brings me to a dim lighted conclusion that if you can create something which will do-away something, then it can be a hit. But if you are going to create something on top of something, don't market it as a product, go for services. And if you are doing something which people-can-easily-DIY-but-ain't-got-time, do it as a service as well. This will balance back the harmony.

But this is unfriendly reality for product makers out there in case of shock received from the media daily about potentially new tools. That is why, one needs to invest time in reading tech blogs.

Major European Research Infrastructure Initiative Deploys Juniper Networks Ethernet Routing and Switching Solutions at Heart of Experimental Architect

FEDERICA, a major long-term project to implement an experimental network infrastructure to support future Internet research on new networking technologies in the university and research community, is using Juniper Networks to provide its Ethernet-based high-performance network infrastructure. FEDERICA selected the Juniper Networks MX Series Ethernet Services Routers and EX Series Ethernet Switches following a rigorous performance, functionality and total cost-of-ownership (TCO) evaluation.

Full Details

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Facebook As A Platform ?

Facebook apps is good for marketing..

It is almost like instantly, you will have some instant audience.

But is it really a worthy platform ?

Let's debate this as two hypothetical situations
  1. You have an application and you need to spice it up. For instance, if you have difficulties having enough users or audience, you can plugin to Facebook and hope to benefits from something there. So, this is a good marketing platform. Let's say you have a blog and it hasn't got enough audience, you can work out the numbers there too.
  2. Facebook as a platform for development, similar to using software framework.
The idea of Facebook is that now everybody can build apps. Just like AirAsia where now everybody can fly.

So, how about equipping every marketeers with the dreams of creating web application to target Facebook audience within a short period of time.

So you can definitely regard Facebook as rapid web application development plaftorm for marketing solutions.

So, what you can do with Facebook as a platform ?

Social context, integration, query services, own javascripting language.... This means it provides you with:
  1. People
  2. Seamless
  3. Tools
Thus, Facebook is not a platform for development, it is an extension for development.

And let's try to find an analogy for the following facts.

Before weblog becomes mainstream, the only choice to have a web presence is web site. And you either need capital to hire programmers to do it or you need the skills to do it. It is not easy work.

With weblog, anybody can have a web presence.

So now, Facebook presents you a platform (not for development) but as extension to connect to more people and in certain ways, it is doing-away with marketing, sales and brokerage by enhancing businesses-2-customers.

This lands us on the ground that sales, marketing, PR tools can be very accessible and almost free. The boring people are out there doing Knighted and always eager for more excitement. The reality will be that long-tail does not hold up, nobody really cares about artistic much, people just want to live other people's life and wanted to be part of popular culture. But too bad the bandwidth is not big enough.

The soon-to-be reality will make-unpopular diversity and supports monopoly, potentially harmful towards ethical culture integrity and invest in meaningless lifeforms.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Warner Companies – Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., - and Home Box Office, Inc. Form New Media Alliance with A

Adobe Systems IncorporatedImage via Wikipedia
Online audiences are re-defining the way media content is consumed and are demanding customized desktop experiences; and Adobe’s goal is to transform the way companies create, measure and deploy next-generation video.

Adobe has pioneered rich, engaging online media experiences with the Flash Platform – which is the number one solution to deliver video on the Web, and Time Warner Companies are known worldwide as leaders in providing premium media and entertainment.

Through a new strategic alliance announced today and the resulting collaborative projects, Adobe, Turner, Warner Bros. Entertainment and HBO seek to deliver Internet video beyond the desktop to secure Internet connected devices to provide consumers with video content when, how, and where they want it. As part of the alliance, these companies will also collaborate to accelerate the development of digital rights management for the Web and desktop, and meta data and audience measurement solutions to improve the discover and monetization of content.

Turner, Warner Bros. Entertainment and HBO are already at the forefront of delivering rich and engaging experiences using Adobe’s technologies over the Web. The Adobe Flash Platform currently powers a number of different Turner Web sites, and the companies will now be working with Adobe to deliver some great video experiences on the Web. Warner Bros. Entertainment, for example, plans to implement Adobe’s full range of technologies into a diverse set of new media initiatives. And HBO will soon re-launch making extensive use of the Adobe Flash Platform.

Adobe offers a comprehensive workflow for video, including Adobe Creative Suite® Production Premium software, which includes Adobe Flash Professional, for crafting world-class video, audio, and interactive media. For distribution, Adobe provides the Adobe Flash Platform, which is the de facto standard for delivering breakthrough applications, content, and video on the Web. Adobe Flash Player is on over 98 percent of connected computers and delivers more than 80 percent of Web video worldwide. Finally, Adobe Flash Media Rights Management Server software helps content providers protect and control media content, regardless of whether it is delivered over the Web using Adobe Flash Player or played on local desktops using Adobe Media Player or Adobe AIR® software.

Full Details

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Monday, March 09, 2009

FORTUNE Announced that Juniper Networks is Included in the 2009 ‘Best Companies to Work For’ List

FORTUNE magazine recently announced Thursday that Juniper Networks, the leader in high-performance networking, has been ranked 84 on the 12th annual "100 Best Companies to Work For" list, according to Juniper Networks Malaysia. To pick the "100 Best Companies to Work For," FORTUNE worked with Robert Levering and Milton Moskowitz of the Great Place to Work® Institute -- a global research and consulting firm with offices in 30 countries.

More than 81,000 employees from 353 companies responded to the 57-question survey created by the Institute. Two-thirds of a company's score is based on the survey, which is sent to a minimum of 400 randomly selected employees. The remaining third is based on a company's responses to the Culture Audit questionnaire, which asks detailed questions about demographics, pay and benefits, and open-ended questions on philosophy, communication and more.

Full Details.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Make the Most of Your Energy - APC (KL Hilton 5 Mar 09)

APC (American Power Conversion) had a press conference for local media which includes bloggers. Check out the corporate fact sheet.

APC was previously acquired by Schneider Electric not too long ago.

The media is greeted to a presentation by Mr. TS.Khoo (VP for ASEAN). According to TS (as he preferred to be known), during this economic crisis period, ASEAN is the place to be.

APC is most known for its innovation capabilities and the acquisition by Schneider caters for the ability to provide total solution and also turnkey solutions.

To understand this easily, APC used to provide IT-centric products and services while Schneider used to provide products and services on electrical engineering. Now, with their combined capability, they can simply provide a 4C design model for data centers.
  1. Components - Modular and scalable, with best-in-class efficiency
  2. Close-coupled cooling - Placement of cooling units near the heat source
  3. Containment - Thermal containment of airflow in high-density zones
  4. Capacity and energy management - Instrumented intelligence to optimize use of power and cooling capacity
which will result in energy management in buildings. It yields the following benefits:
  1. Renewable energies solutions
  2. Automation
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Critical power and cooling
  5. Eletrical distribution & wiring devices
The challenges of today's industry are two things; the ever increasing demand for energy while there is a need to reduce emission. Ok, so even if you don't care about the environment, perhaps cost efficiency is something that will bother you.

The vision of APC (by Schneider Electric) is thus to provide safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green energy usage. Their target market is data center because that contributes to about 2% of energy usage globally. No big deal but it generates 98% of opportunities. Check out survey from IDC last year (2008).

According to Mr.Benedict Soh (Enterprise Business Development Director), energy consumption for data center is growing at 12% per year and the pressing issue for data center to tackle is in fact power and cooling efficiency which not just to help the environment but also to save cost.

Most people like me thought that APC was just selling UPS (Unlimited Power Supply) but in actual fact, they also provide professional services and consultancy to clientele in the industries of banking, health care, telecommunication and government sectors.

And more interestingly, data center need not just limit to big data-centers like MyLoca in Cyber Jaya or AIMS somewhere near Bukit Bintang. It can also be a data-center for a factory with self managed applications servers and etc. As long as you need to house your servers properly with air-conditioning, you can consider it as data-center. In that case, my office has a data-center too.

Mr.TS Khoo is optimistic about the current economy crisis, first of all, let me assure you that they don't have cash flow problem because of recent acquisition from Schneider Electric which has a total sales revenues of Euro 4,652 billion. Also, APC by itself is Euro 17.3 billion revenues company with combined workforce of 120,000 people around the world.

On the question about the trend of company being acquired and so there will be less data center around, Mr. TS Khoo has this to offer.

First of all, the company focuses on solutions and in any good or bad day, it is beneficial for them if there are more data centers or if there are more consolidation of data centers. This is because have solutions for data center consolidation as well. Period.

He added that at times of crisis, the strategy is to stay with customers by providing more supports and also better services. (and more discounts) APC relies on and values business partners as one of its business elements.

Finally, APC is also announcing two new launches which are:
  1. Integration with Microsoft Systems Center Operation Manager 2007
    Integration of APC's data center management suite to tightly couple with Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager 2007. This integration will give data center managers the ability to view and manage physical infrastructure, including power, cooling, physical space and security, as well as providing a comprehensive view of the health of the servers, applications, and clients within the datacenter.
  2. Second Generation Symmetra PX - All in one modular power protection UPS System for data centers
    Symmetra PX UPS provides up to 48kW of power protection for 400V deployments in a single rack footprint. Additionally it offers longer life batteries with up to 25 percent more runtime and hot scaleable power distribution. These new capabilities enable the second generation Symmetra PX to extend the product family's reputation as the leading power protection system providing high levels of availability at the lower overall total cost of ownership.
Presenters' Profile:

Mr. TS. Khoo
ASEAN Vice President

Khoo Teng Seen joined APC in May 2006 as General Manager of Services, Asia Pacific and was later promoted as the Vice President of Services for Asia Pacific/Japan. Currently, TS is the ASEAN Vice President, overseeing the business strategy in ASEAN, ensuring that APC across Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand remains focused on customers and partners. He will lead the team in developing customer-oriented processes, delivering innovative energy efficient solutions in data centers, and building successful relationships as part of Schneider Electric.

Having joined APCI with 17 years experience from the IT industry and almost 10 years in regional services management across Asia Pacific, TS has been involved in building, growing and transforming services businesses throughout his career.

TS started his Singapore career in IT from 1992, working for a multi-national corporation as a manufacturing consultant. In 1997, he was assigned to establish and manage a large consulting practice in Japan. He later returned to Singapore and was promoted to Director of Services and was instrumental in equipping his team wit the right technical and professional skills to assist the transformation of their company from a traditional services provider to a consultative services trusted advisor.

Benedict Soh
Enterprise Business Development Director

Benedict joined APC in year 2003 as an Enterprise Account Manager with the responsibility of managing Singapore key customer accounts and APC Data Center InfraStruXure® sales. Having consistently exceeded the company’s expectations over the past few years, Benedict was promoted to Enterprise Business Development Director. Benedict would be responsible to lead the ASEAN business development team in Enterprise System and Solution strategic planning.

In the current capacity as Enterprise Business Development Director, Benedict would be managing the APC product life-cycle conception through introduction to evolution, driving successful value position of the APC data center products and solutions in the market by ensuring that the product lines meet the growth targets for the assigned market segment. Benedict also supports various operating ASEAN countries in their bidding processes and sales cycles.

With over 13 years of experience in the IT industry with specialization in the data center infrastructure business, Benedict has held various positions, mainly in the area of account management, sales management and business development. Prior to joining APC, he was a Sales Team leader at Datasphere (S) Pte Ltd, a turnkey data center solutions provider.

Benedict graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering, majoring in IT and Power Electronics.

With strong industry knowledge and a technical background, Benedict is tasked with growing the data center solution business in ASEAN with achieving the corporate objective of “Trusted Advisor” in the data center arena.

Korean Food Manufacturer Gains Twelve Times Application Performance Boost with Juniper Networks WAN Acceleration Technology

Korean food manufacturer Dongsuh, Foods Corporation uses ERP software to handle all of its key business operations and processes. However, access to the ERP system was degraded by congestion due to the distribution of automatic Microsoft Windows updates across the WAN; and other network activity.

Dongsuh dramatically increased productivity and operational efficiencies across its global WAN with 12X improved application response times (from two minutes to ten seconds) from Dongsuh's mission critical business software, after deploying Juniper Networks WXC application acceleration platforms at its corporate office and 38 branch and sales offices nationwide. Completing the roll-out in just nine days with the aid of a Web-based installation wizard; the Juniper Networks WXC platforms improved application performance over the WAN by recognizing and eliminating redundant transmissions, accelerating TCP and application-specific protocols, prioritizing and allocating access to bandwidth and ensuring high application availability at sites with multiple WAN links.

"High-performance WAN infrastructure is crucial to the success of distributed enterprises such as Dongsuh Foods," said Wan Ahmad Kamal, Juniper's country manager for Malaysia. "Besides reducing costly bandwidth usage, our WXC platform also delivers excellent QoS and an integrated configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting capability, empowering businesses with a more efficient infrastructure and better return on investment."

Check out the full details.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

After Job Cut, What's Next ?

Many companies are slashing jobs and what are their plans after that ? We also incorporate some companies who are not slashing jobs.




Own retail stores


Instant Coffee

Karpesky (not slashing job)


Grand-Flo (not slashing job)

Acquisition and China market

Green Packet (not slashing job)

To leverage on best practices; WiMAX-oriented “Intouch” product line.



We can learn something from here...

  • Cash sales is crucial
  • Leverage on brand power
  • China is still good market
  • People will buy online. Check out a survey on Adobe Scene 7.
  • Focus on strengths

Malaysia Economy - No More Comfort Zone

Yes, the minister finally declared, we are no longer in comfort zone.

The minister requested Malaysian to be more matured to understand that hard times ahead and will not be over at least through 2010.

Malaysian must brace for reality and get real.

We must open up everything and forget about the mundane things.

Ignore the idea of protectionism.

For this reason, I feel that certain arenas of the ICT industry have big potential because people are definitely going online more than often. A survey conducted for Adobe Scene 7 revealed that Over 90 percent of our survey’s respondents are planning to invest in new rich media and social networking technologies to ensure their brands and products stand out on the Web.

But too bad, the Internet infrastructure is not able to keep up with its demand. Internet service providers should be the best performer in this economy situation, second comes the free-lancers who are will to perform ad-hoc web solution servicing. And then the third in line will be web solution providers who are willing to do jobs for less than expected budget.

Tech Blog Malaysia Statistics (Feb 09)

As usual, check out the analysis for 2008.

For month of Jan 2009.

For Feb 2009, we have the followings:

  • The brand of this blog
  • A company providing HAPS technology
  • Malwares and Phishings
  • A speaker in WCIT 2008
  • Tips for database remote connection over the Internet
  • People are interested to compete with the biggest ERP software in the world
  • Internet slow in Malaysia
It is fun to see what most people are thinking and having the same problems.


  • Total monthly traffic increased by 7.77%%
  • Traffic from referring sites improved by 1.53%
  • Google still tops contributor (68.16%). Slightly up from last month.
  • Top 5 countries (Malaysia, US, UK, India, Singapore). Check out here.
  • New visitors 88.30%. This partly due to the increased in traffic from search engines

This blog has a lot of potential. We are constantly seeking more contents and cover a broader aspect of tech news and happenings.

For those looking for collaboration, send email to