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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SAS Malaysia Holds 1st ever Analytics Day; Bridging Key Technologies between Corporate and Academic Sectors

SAS Malaysia, the local leading brand in Business Analytics, today announces its collaboration with Sunway University to hold the first ever SAS® Analytics Day 2011.Themed “How Will Analytics Transform You?”. The event is a knowledge-sharing platform on practical, real-life ways to leverage the technologies and solutions of business analytics.

Some 200 participants across Financial Services Institution (FSI), Commercial and Government (Public Sector), and Academia, where business analytics is actively deployed to drive customer value, attended this inaugural SAS Analytics Day 2011.

According to Managing Director of SAS Malaysia, Andrew Tan, “SAS Analytics Day 2011 jointly organized with Sunway University, is a testimony to our tireless effort in bridging the academic and corporate sectors in Malaysia.” He further elaborates that the academic sector, which covers teaching and research, generally experiences an annual double-digit growth in demand for analytics solutions.

Professor Robert Bignall, Vice-Chancellor of Sunway University, said, “We’re proud to be associated with SAS in organizing SAS Analytics Day. It will be the perfect platform to expose lecturers and students in Malaysia to real-world adoption and use of business analytics applications.”

Left to right Andrew Tan (Managing Director, SAS Malaysia), Encik Abdul Latib bin Talib (Director of Economic Indicators Division, Department of Statistics), Professor Dr. Robert Bignall (Vice Chancellor, Sunway University)

He added that the most effective learning methods for today’s students are “…derived from the sharing of knowledge and experiences in the real working world.”

In September 2010, SAS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sunway to include Business Intelligence and Data Mining in its BSc (Hons) Information System degree curriculum. This first global collaboration leads to ajoint certificate for each student who successfully completes the requirement for Data Mining and Business Intelligence. Sunway issues this certificate and SAS endorses it.

This year, SAS Malaysia marks its 25th year in working with companies to make more informed business decisions through business analytics. SAS offers a proprietary business analytics framework encompassing data management, analytics, reporting and proven industry specific solutions for high quality and interactive reporting.

Tan adds, “SAS had more than 30 percent share of the Business Intelligence market in Malaysia in second half of 2010, as reported by IDC Asia Pacific Semi Annual Software Tracker 2H 2010.”

Tan shared some examples of business analytics usage in the commercial world. Leading local financial institution, Bank Islam,uses SAS Credit Risk Management to spot potential problems before they turn into losses; price products and services more competitively; improve its asset base; and produce regulatory and management reports quickly and easily for improved decision making that promotes competitive advantage. Meanwhile, in Affin Bank, SAS Enterprise Risk Management helps the bank gain stronger competitive edge through better risk management practices.

Asia’s leading integrated gaming and entertainment resort, Genting Malaysia Berhad, leverages SAS Analytics and SAS Customer Intelligence to gain higher response rates in a test marketing campaign aimed at return visitors and to reduce time spent creating reports from 166.5 hours per month to just 16 hours.

In the government sector, Malaysia’s Inland Revenue Board (IRB) can churn out complex reports in a few days – rather than a few weeks – providing a much more detailed picture of taxpayers and helping increase compliance.

“There are more case examples to be shared during SAS Analytics Day 2011. Both SAS and Sunway will continue to lead insightful sharing and knowledge transfer between the Corporate and Academic sectors in Malaysia,” he ends.

Media Contacts:

Lynn Lee
PiPR Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03- 7724 1710/ 012 323 4244

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finding Best Deals

Refer to 'GroupOn', 'Google's Offers', 'DealMates', 'MilkADeal','MyDeal' and etc. They all have one thing in common, selling coupons for cheap best deals. If I missed out anything, please drop in the comments.

In the most basic theory, how it works is that these coupon sellers will make deals with businesses (merchandisers) to buy merchandises in bulk for a big margin and then resell out the merchandises via electronic coupon. The enabler is online and everything is made online (searching, payment and etc), except that you have to print out the coupon and go to the actual location of the merchandisers to get your discounted merchandise.

Cool right ? So, consumers get to save a lot of money; up to even 90%.

This is for sure an emerging shopping trends happening in Malaysia.

I agree to such trends because our economy is not getting any better, and this is a time of owning. With stagnant incomes, consumers and society at large are finding it harder to cope with maintaining a comfortable lifestyle.

Having such concept of contemporary lifestyle can definitely ease a lot of pains, especially when one have to juggle between what is needed and what is wanted ? Thus, I guess trade off will always favor the needed and hence we should perhaps satisfy ourselves with what's wanted from such coupon sellers.

Even our PM thinks that Malaysian should strive to buy cheaper products and went on to initiate the idea of '1Malaysia grocery stores'

The real reason that I like about such contemporary lifestyle is that it will reduce the gap between rich and poor. Surely, when people start savings, there will be some casualties and perhaps if we could minimize the amount of credit cards usage, as well as slow down explosions of unnecessary spending, I harbor high hopes that things will get less stressful out there; from all walks of life.

Should try to capitalize this trends which will put marketing managers into a lot of thinking.

Just think about the day when we can buy petrol in bulks. Anyone ???

And even better, when we've saved enough, we will have more cash to buy a bigger and fuel efficient car so that we can buy cheaper homes outside the Klang Valley,all by avoiding paying too much interests to financial institutions.

Trust me dude, such deal is not bad.

Check out more on trends.

IT Landscape and Business Opportunities in Indonesia

MSC Malaysia in collaboration with IASA Asia Pacific (The global professional body of IT architects) is organizing a networking session with the Chairman of IASA Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Richardus Eko Indrajit, also the National Advisor to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Research and Technology, and Ministry of Education, and the Chairman of Indonesia Security Incidents Response Team on Internet Infrastructure.

This session themed "IT landscape and business opportunities in Indonesia" is indeed a session not to be missed as IASA and MSC Malaysia Status companies will be sharing their experiences and best practices in penetrating into the Indonesian market.

Date & Time

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Plug & Play Technology Centre 7th Floor, South Tower, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

View Larger Map

Admission Free

Register NOW! Limited seats left. (RSVP is base on first come first served basis)


Please register now by sending email of your particulars (Name, Designation, Contact Number and Company Name) to or


Prof. Dr. Richardus Eko Indrajit (MSc MBA MA MPhil) – the Chairman of Indonesia Security Incidents Response Team on Internet Infrastructure and the National Advisor to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Research and Technology, and Ministry of Education.

He is graduated from ITS Surabaya (Indonesia), Harvard University (USA), Maastricht School of Management (Netherlands), Leicester University (UK), University of the City of Manila (Philippines), and London School of Public Relations (Indonesia). He holds several international certificates from Stanford University (USA), George Washington (USA), Cambridge University (UK), Wealth Management Association (Asia), and American Academic of Financial Management (USA).

Active as researcher and advisor in several industries, such as: banking and finance, government, education, healthcare, telecommunication, utility, transportation, mining, oil and gas, retail and distribution, tourism, and other services. He has published more than 25 books in business, management, and information technology. He has joined ABFI Institute Perbanas since 1995 as faculty member.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Promotion CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associates Training July 2011

Charleston Management Centre Sdn Bhd have classes for CCNA which will commence in July 2011.

Actual Course fee is RM 2,200.Now,the Promotion Price is only RM1,900.00* for the whole course i.e 5/6 weeks over weekdays and weekend which include study materials (Cisco Lab ebook), lectures, exams sample and formats (50 Questions Q & A), practical training on CISCO routers..and equipments before exams.

The above course fee is applicable for re-attend of CCNA classes at no cost in the event you failed the exams*(applicable to this intake only).

Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon completion of the course with attendance of 5/5 classes.

* Valid for 6 months from the last lecture.

The trainers, Mr. Choo Boon Sim and Mr.Lionel are qualified trainer for CCNA & CCNP holds an Honours Degree in IT, UK.

The total class hours are 30 credit hours over 5/6 weeks of class. (1 session of class will be 6 hours).

The class schedule will be on weekdays and every Saturday.

Contact Persons:

Brother Moctar (HP:0172210568)
Sister Zarni (HP:0172383757)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brocade Distinguished with Multiple Best-of-Show Grand Prix Awards at Interop Tokyo 2011

With intense competition and more than 130,000 attendees at Interop Tokyo 2011, Brocade (Nasdaq: BRCD) won top distinction for its industry leading Brocade MLXe core router and Brocade VDX Data Center Switch.

The Brocade MLXe Series router was selected from more than 300 highly competitive networking solutions for the Special Prize: Infrastructure Building Products and Grand Prix: ShowNet Product Section. Additionally, the Brocade VDX Ethernet fabric switch also won the Grand Prix: People’s Choice for the show.

The Interop Best of Show awards were created to help network architects and administrators shorten the evaluation process in assessing new technology products. By identifying innovative new products at Interop, the awards assist network decision makers by highlighting solutions that will maximize the business value of their IT infrastructures. The Interop People’s Choice Award is selected over the course of the three day event where attendees cast their vote for the product and solution they deem as most innovative.

“We are honored to be recognized for multiple awards at Interop Tokyo,” said John McHugh, chief marketing officer for Brocade. “The selection of Brocade for Best of Show award demonstrates our leadership in delivering comprehensive networking solutions to the world's most demanding enterprise and service provider customers. Brocade’s MLXe and VDX networking solutions provide the necessary foundation to transition customers to a world where information and applications are available anywhere.”

The flagship Brocade MLXe core router, part of the Brocade MLX Series routers, is designed to enable cloud-optimized networks by providing industry-leading 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 10 GbE, and GbE wire-speed density; rich routing capabilities like IPv4/IPv6, MPLS and Carrier Ethernet.

Built with a state-of-the-art, sixth-generation architecture and terabit-scale switch fabrics; the Brocade MLX Series has a proven heritage with nearly 10,000 deployed worldwide. By leveraging the Brocade MLX Series, mission-critical data centers can support more traffic, achieve greater virtualization, and provide high-value cloud-based services using less infrastructure—thereby simplifying operations and reducing costs.

The Brocade VDX Data Center Switches are specifically designed to improve network utilization, maximize application availability, increase scalability, and dramatically simplify network architecture in virtualized data centers. By leveraging Brocade VCS technology, the Brocade VDX builds data center Ethernet fabrics—revolutionizing the design of Layer 2 networks and providing an intelligent foundation for cloud computing. Whether organizations want to enhance their classic hierarchical network architectures, deploy flatter scale-out fabrics for virtualized data centers, or converge networks, the Brocade VDX delivers the innovative technology to enhance and simplify their networks.

Media Contacts:

David Gibson communications
m. + (6) 012 612 1425

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tap Into, Not Hope For Big

Refer to Tap into African market.

I still remember that some 10 years ago, everybody was hoping that China will be the the next gold mine. In fact, people are so convinced that they called it the next war. It is almost like the California Gold Rush.

All sorts of businesses had strategies to move into China and grab a big one, to tap on its huge population potential and low cost of living (I suppose). That period came and went. Surely some people had made it bigger or big and some didn't.

After China, it was the Middle East where people were keen to tap on its 'rich' resources. That came and went as well.

Now, if you ask me where is the next gold mine ? , I wouldn't know either. Some says Vietnam because it has like 70 million population while others think Indonesia. However, all of these expectations are slowly taking shapes. Patience is one thing, what about survival ?

So now, Africa seems to have something to offer.

Malaysia's annual trade figure with Africa is US$7.8bil (RM27.3bil).

I feel that the next gold mine is what we are having right now, the open market via the Internet.. I don't know about the next gold mine, but I know that the current gold mine is what we are having right now, the open market via the Internet.

This is a time (period) of ownership, people can't wait to own things. There is no time for waiting.

As a result, this period is not a comfortable one.

Next gold mine ? Outer space ?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Software Development, The Older The Better

Refer to this url

Statistics are taken from a perspective of 'Stackoverflow'
  • No of developers and their reputation, by age
  • Questions and answers by age
  • Upvotes per post, by age
The biggest problem with software development is that there is no clear career path. In fact there is one which usually looks like this.

Programmer, software engineer, senior software engineer, software manager,architect or project manager.

or Programmer, system analyst, business analyst, project manager.

These are the corporate ladder ideals which most people couldn't survive and I think one of the biggest reason is that at which ever paths taken, you are still going to require to do coding and thus if you give up on coding, the path will be broken.

However, there is such thing as career software engineer.

The first type is where you developed a software and then you are able to create an industry or revolution out of it. Good examples are..
  • Bill Gates - Microsoft founder who developed MS Dos.
  • Google's founders - who developed search engine for Google.
  • David Filo (Yahoo's founder) - who developed Filo Server Program (web programming language)
  • Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook's founder ) - who developed Facebook.
The success enable is everything such as achievements, revolution, business and wealth.

The second type is where you do everything in a single job (programming, software engineering, analysis, architectural and project management). Such usually happens to those where they engage with one project with one company, completed the project and then go to another project with another company, bringing over the experience. Good examples of this are ...
  • Lars Rasmussen who developed a software which eventually become Google Maps today.
  • Ray Ozzie who developed Lotus Notes which eventually acquired by IBM.
  • Jeff Robbin who developed a music player which eventually become Apple's iTunes.
The success enable is that such people made money when the bigger company acquired the smaller company.

The third type of career software engineer is when someone created a software, make it open source or free and becomes advocate for it. Good examples are..
The success enable is that they become popular and somehow able to make a lot of money from consultancy works for various industries.

The fourth type of career software engineer is when someone created a software, doesn't sell it but use it as a tool for other business activities (such as trading) or perhaps offer it as software-as-a-service. Good examples are..
The success enable is that they become popular and somehow able to make money out of the technologies or platforms that they owned by not directly selling software license.

The common critical success factor is the sense of ownership and these people usually work alone or in a very small team, usually two or three person. I think two forms the best odds, just like Google.

The idea of working for a company and doing programming without ownership may not last one long, because one doesn't feel the ownership. And it eventually kills the passion.

And if you belong to either one or more of these four categories, you will have a blessing career developing software. The first two categories are hard entries, one has got to be the best in the industry while I think the third and fourth type are within reach of most passionate software developers. Most people are capable of becoming the fourth type if you can survive the initial stage of having not enough money while doing R & D.

Make your choice and good luck.

Remember. Ownership, ownership, ownership.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Malaysia iPhone App Developer Celebrates Royal Wedding on iPad

Malaysia iPhone and iPad development company, Just Mobile Sdn Bhd, celebrates Royal Wedding with their new iPad apps - Royal Wedding iPad app and Prince William iPad app.

These two iPad apps are designed to satisfy each and every single fan of Prince William and Princess Catherine. Royal Wedding iPad album consists of 83 exclusive high-resolution photos of The Royal Wedding, 164 high-resolution photos of Prince William, 64 high-resolution photos of Kate Middleton and 38 exclusive high-resolution photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton together. The Prince William iPad album consists of 533 high-resolution photos of Prince William, from birth to current, which is nicely coordinated in 4 albums. Both these albums come with commentaries for all the photos, which offer in-depth description on the photos.

These applications are currently available on iTunes App Stores to purchase with affordable prices. A lite version of Royal Wedding Album is also available with 20 exclusive photos to download for free. It’s a must owned applications on your iPad.

These iPad apps are developed in partnership with Press Association, UK’s national news agency. This partnership shows the credibility of Just Mobile Sdn Bhd to penetrate their business into global market.

One solid development month was taken to complete both the iPad applications. This agile development shows the full dedication of this rapidly growing company towards their customers and clients.


Media Contact:

Just Mobile Sdn Bhd – MSC status company
Contact: Melvin Wong
Tel: +6012 354 4216

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fluke Networks’ New OptiView XG Tablet Provides Industry’s Fastest Root Cause Analysis of Network and Application Problems

Fluke Networks today introduced the OptiView XG®, a network analysis tablet that provides the fastest1 solutions for network and application problems for both wireless and wired access -- anywhere in the network. The tablet expedites network and application problem solving by automating root cause analysis and providing guided troubleshooting to address problem areas.

“OptiView XG is an instant, integrated window into your network in a form factor - the tablet - that you can take from the data center, to the production floor, to the office desktop,” said Gay Ger, Fluke Networks vice president. “We’ve built on nearly 20 years of network troubleshooting leadership by integrating the key technologies network engineers need into a single, portable tool which helps them solve network and application problems faster and improve overall IT efficiency.”

The OptiView XG is designed to provide a wide range of functionality necessary to adapt to the dynamic and diverse networks of today through various features including:

The OptiView XG is designed to provide a wide range of functionality necessary to adapt to the dynamic and diverse networks of today through various features including:
  • Intuitive user interface and customizable dashboards - In addition to a bright, easy-to-to read screen, the OptiView XG features customizable dashboards that can be personalized for each user or help transform data into reports for employees at all levels of the organization – from technicians to managers.
  • Path and application infrastructure analysis - Automatically discovers the path between two points in the network and monitors performance along that link to identify network issues that can impact application performance. This decreases the time required to isolate network versus application problems.
  • Guided/proactive troubleshooting - Provides a head start on solving problems by collecting and analyzing granular data (including NetFlow) collected for 24 hours, so users can go back in time to analyze when the problem surfaced. It also automatically identifies more than 40 different network problems and offers possible causes, impacts and solutions.

  • Integrated WLAN solution - Three-radio design reduces deployment and troubleshooting time with simultaneous network discovery, wireless performance analysis and interference detection using industry-leading AirMagnet technologies. When mobile, this allows users to monitor the health of key network devices, while performing real-time analysis of Wi-Fi environments.

Debra Curtis, research vice president and analyst at Gartner, said the time is now for tools like OptiView XG.

“The ability to solve both network and application problems is crucial for today’s network engineers,” said Curtis. “That need, combined with critical staff levels in many organizations, means tools that integrate multiple functions, and automate the collection of performance data will be key to greater efficiency and less downtime.”

The OptiView XG’s portable tablet design delivers advanced hardware features:
  • 10.25 inch, 1024 X 768 screen displayed on two inch-thin tablet weighing less than five pounds
  • Two hot-swappable batteries deliver up to three hours of operation
  • 10G SFP+ port , 10/100/1000M RJ-45 ports and 100/1000M SFP+ port
  • Embedded dual 802.11N (3X3) Wi-Fi radios, on-board spectrum analysis radio
“The OptiView XG will help solve problems and get networks up and running faster than ever before,” said Mike Pennacchi, owner and head network analyst of network troubleshooting consultancy Network Protocol Specialists LLC. “The dashboards let users configure the information the way they want to see it, and it automatically discovers both wired and wireless sides of networks, which is incredibly important to users in a portable tool.”

For more information on the OptiView XG, go to

Follow Fluke Networks on Twitter at and become a fan on Facebook at Product demonstrations and other video content is available on YouTube at

The product is available from distributor Darultek Instrument Sdn Bhd (tel: +603-7987 3401).

Media Contacts:
David Gibson
Inter.Asia Communications for Fluke Networks
+6012 612 1425

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fujitsu Malaysia Celebrates Transformational Growth of More Than 50 Per Cent

Fujitsu, the leading global IT services provider in Asia, marks the end of its year-long 75th anniversary celebration in Malaysia with a 2-day long (13-14th June) series of commemoration activities in the country’s capital.

The celebrations that started mid of last year, contemplated the organization’s long history of successes in spearheading major Japanese technological innovations that impacted global IT developments since the company’s inception in 1935.

In its 75 years of establishment, Fujitsu spearheaded notable innovative breakthroughs in IT and telecommunication activities — from its early days of telephone switching in the 1930s, to the ‘parallel computing’ generation of the 1970s, and up to the more recent biometric (palm vein) authentication technology and introducing the world's first 3D Desktop PC.

Today, Fujitsu is Asia’s largest IT service-provider (and the world's third-largest), reporting a global revenue of 4.5 trillion yen (USD55 billion) for its fiscal year that ended March 31, 2010.

Fujitsu Malaysia’s Transformation Programme

Charles Lew (pic first from left), President of Fujitsu Malaysia, shares that Fujitsu Malaysia’s Transformation Programme is in line with the Group’s One Fujitsu - Business Strategy to achieve at least 40 per cent of sales outside Japan via more creation of global standardised IT solutions.

“The Transformation Programme at the company will see clearer definition of five (5) of its vertical business lines that are broadly segregated into: a) Platform Products (servers, storage, and scanners) b) Infrastructure Integration Services c) Network Services d) Applications Services and e) Managed/Outsourcing services.”

He says that Fujitsu Malaysia has also strengthened its teams to support the industry verticals of Public Service/Government, Telecommunication, Healthcare, Education, Enterprise, Oil & Gas and Financial Services – earmarked as the local sectors that are closely correlated to the recent cloud services trend within the region.

“Also, the Cloud Strategy is a very important part of Fujitsu Malaysia’s accelerated growth under its Transformation Programme which is already underway,” he adds, referring to the Fujitsu Cloud Offerings that is being rolled out for ASEAN, that is time-aligned with Fujitsu Malaysia’s support for the country’s Economic Transformation Program (ETP).

Overall Performance, Fujitsu’s Direction Ahead

For FY2010 ending 31st March, Fujitsu reported a surge of 40.5 per cent in operating income, to 132.5 billion yen (~USD1.6 billion). This is attributed to some outstanding achievements that marked the company’s strong bounce back from the recession periods of 2008-2009 when the global IT market suffered from overall soft growth.

The Fujitsu Group aims to generate USD17 billion in revenue from its global cloud services business by March 2016; and projects that 30 per cent of its ICT revenues to be cloud-related by FY2015.

Craig Baty (pic first from right), Chief Technology Officer of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand says that the Fujitsu 75th Anniversary Celebrations reiterates the strong and proven heritage of Japanese technologies that will empower customers to achieve their business objectives through its new Fujitsu brand commitment of shaping tomorrow with you.

“Fujitsu aims to help our customers gauge the level of IT transformation that they require, adopt the best technologies and ICT models that enable them to achieve rapid internal IT transformation in their businesses.”

“This means that we will continue to understand the respective local market conditions and needs to invest in emerging IT trends which matter to our customers,” he ends.

Media Contacts:

Pi PR Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Judy Wong
(+603) 7724 1710/ (+6012) 622 4688

Monday, June 13, 2011

Polycom, Leading Global Service Providers Form Consortium to Further Accelerate Video Telepresence and Make it Easy for Millions to Communicate via Video

Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM), a global leader in unified communications (UC), today announced it has teamed with leading service providers from around the world to unleash broader visual communications adoption by enabling interoperability and global business-to-business (B2B) connectivity for telepresence and video conferencing.

The broadest visual communications exchange of its kind, the new Open Visual Communications Consortium™ (OVCC™) organisation will provide high-quality connectivity across service provider networks, making it easy for businesses, governments, universities, healthcare institutions, and other organisations using telepresence and video conferencing to connect with each other whenever they want without networking headaches. OVCC will be the first to establish a global standards-based, multi-vendor, multi-network visual communication exchange. Unlike proprietary exchanges, OVCC members plan to support the full spectrum of video systems from immersive telepresence and room-based systems, high definition and standard definition, followed by desktop clients and mobile devices.

Polycom CEO Andy Miller discussed the OVCC during a live webcast yesterday at 11 p.m. SGT (SG).

Check out details

Media Contacts:

Lynn Lee
Pi PR Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.
012 - 323 4244 / 03 - 7724 1710

Polycom and HP Announce Broad Strategic Alliance

HP (NYSE:HPQ) and Polycom, Inc. (Nasdaq: PLCM), a global leader in unified communications (UC), today announced they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Polycom will acquire the assets of HP’s Visual Collaboration business, including the Halo Products and Managed Services business.

In conjunction with this acquisition, HP and Polycom have agreed to establish a strategic relationship in which Polycom will serve as an exclusive partner to HP for telepresence and certain video UC solutions, including both resale and internal HP deployments. The two companies have also agreed to make available Polycom’s video applications for HP’s WebOS platform.

The alliance extends Polycom’s leadership in the Unified Communications and Collaboration market with HP’s installed base of visual collaboration products and technology. The exclusive partnership broadens the company’s strategic relationship with HP and expands the UC solutions HP offers its global customer base.

Under the terms of its agreements with HP, Polycom will provide expertise in software technology and UC infrastructure, covering the full continuum of integrated and secure mobile, desktop, room and telepresence solutions. HP will provide its expertise and leadership in go-to-market strategies for UC solutions and will resell Polycom’s UC solutions including: personal and group UC devices, UC infrastructure, UC managed services, and audio/video software.

This alliance combines HP’s networking scale and global reach with Polycom’s expertise in video conferencing to provide customers world-class video and UC solutions through Polycom infrastructure deployed on HP networking and systems. This also allows customers to capitalise on the critical importance of networking as the foundation for a superior video experience and tap the global services of HP for turnkey communications solutions.

“This announcement is a truly groundbreaking development in the UC industry, creating a path for Polycom and HP to offer customers an end-to-end UC solution with an unparalleled user experience, interoperability, investment protection, and ease of deployment,” said Andrew Miller, Polycom president and CEO. “The transaction makes the most of the strength of two industry leading, customer-centric organisations to offer a seamless UC experience with high-quality, enterprise-class telepresence solutions to millions of customers. Our broadened relationship with HP underscores Polycom’s focus and commitment to bring the most advanced and innovative UC solutions to market.”

“Customers will benefit from this transaction and alliance because they will receive the focus of two world-class technology companies through greater service and product opportunities,” said Shane Robison, HP executive vice president and chief strategy and technology officer. “This transaction and alliance allows us to focus on executing our strategy in cloud computing and connectivity, while ensuring the long-term care of our customers and development of our services business.”

Polycom expects this acquisition to be slightly accretive to earnings upon closing. The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions and is expected to close in Q3 2011.

Webcast Details

As has been noted on Polycom’s website since May 3, 2011, Polycom hosted a live webcast yesterday at 11 p.m. SGT (SG) to discuss this transaction and other strategic developments. The webcast can be accessed here.

Media Contacts:

Lynn Lee
Pi PR Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.
012 - 323 4244 / 03 - 7724 1710

POLYCOM: 3x Groundbreaking Announcements Transforming the Visual & Unified Communications Industry

Polycom, Inc., a global leader in unified communications (UC), today made several significant announcements with its Polycom Open Collaboration Network™ partners that will dramatically change the visual communications and Unified Communications industry.

1. Industry 1st: OVCC (Open Visual Communications Consortium) to drive Video Communication

Polycom announced the revolutionary Open Visual Communications Consortium™ (OVCC™) - the broadest visual communications exchange of its kind, and the breakthrough open video exchange cloud that will enable visual communications beyond corporate firewalls and proprietary video platforms.

14 top service providers (Airtel, AT&T, BCS Global, BT Conferencing, Cable&Wireless Worldwide, Global Crossing, Glowpoint, iFormata Communications, Masergy, Orange Business Services, PCCW Global, Telefonica, Telstra, and Verizon) around the globe have joined forces in OVCC to deliver B2B telepresence and video conferencing communication in the cloud for millions of users across six continents in governments, universities, healthcare institutions – similar to the simplicity of how mobile phones connect today and without networking headaches.

Unlike proprietary exchanges, OVCC members plan to support the full spectrum of video systems from immersive telepresence and room-based systems, high definition and standard definition, followed by desktop clients and mobile devices. As a proof of concept, OVCC members demonstrated the first multi-vendor high-definition (HD) telepresence call that joined 18 standards-based systems across 12 service provider networks on January 28, 2011. Polycom provides the key component of the OVCC’s open video exchange cloud with its Polycom UC Intelligent Core™ infrastructure

2. Polycom Acquires HP’s Visual Collaboration Business

Polycom is acquiring HP’s Visual Collaboration business - including the Halo Products and Managed Services business. The companies also signed a strategic agreement that makes Polycom an exclusive partner to HP for telepresence and certain video UC solutions; and integrate Polycom’s video applications on HP’s WebOS TouchPad product line.

The Polycom-HP alliance extends Polycom’s leadership in video conferencing with HP’s installed customer base of visual collaboration systems and technology.

Under the terms of its agreements with HP, Polycom will provide expertise in software technology and UC infrastructure, covering the full continuum of integrated and secure mobile, desktop, room and telepresence solutions. HP will provide its expertise and leadership in go-to-market strategies for UC solutions and will resell Polycom’s UC solutions including: personal and group UC devices, UC infrastructure, UC managed services, and audio/video software.

3. Polycom and Microsoft Expand Strategic Partnership

Polycom CEO Andy Miller announced the development of two new breakthroughs in enterprise UC where Polycom and Microsoft will expand their joint development and go-to-market activities on multiple fronts.

As a strategic Microsoft UC solution partner, Polycom and Microsoft are already executing on six strategic agreements. Polycom has delivered native integration with Lync across Polycom’s UC Intelligent Core infrastructure, telepresence family, and voice endpoints. Polycom previously announced SVC, the underlying technology that enables Polycom and Microsoft to deliver the industry’s most powerful telepresence application to hundreds of millions of Microsoft desktops.

Polycom CEO Andrew Miller says, “Polycom is leading the UC industry to revolutionise the way people communicate via video adoption. With OVCC, our deep partnerships with HP and Microsoft, we believe we have the right strategy in place to enable us to bring the Polycom UC Everywhere vision to life.”

Media Contacts:

Lynn Lee
Pi PR Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.
012 - 323 4244 / 03 - 7724 1710

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Apple WWDC 2011 Summaries

Check out the full keynote address while it is still available.

As always, Apple's keynotes are the best product marketing events in the whole world.

It can be long winded although it is entertaining to watch it. So let me give you a summary on it.

1. Updates about Mac:
  • 54 m active mac users.
  • Mac grew 28% last quarter.
  • Mac OS X - 10 years old. Based on Unix.
2. Mac OS X Lion.

10 Key Features:
  1. Multi-Touch Gestures
  2. Full Screen Apps - On demand full screen
  3. Mission Control - Dynamic console mode
  4. Mac App Store - becomes the number 1 PC software sales channel n the Internet.
  5. Laundpad - Shortcuts in a glance
  6. Resume - remembers your last working instance
  7. Auto save
  8. Versions - automatic version, manual snapshots, efficient storage, only shared the current version
  9. Airdrop - sharing (peer to peer WiFi? based)
  10. Mail - conversation, search

The cost of Mac OS X Lion - US $29.99, to be available in July 2011.

3. iOS:

Updates on iOS:
  • Sold over 200 millions iOS devices.
  • 44% of market share
  • 25 millions iPad sold in first 14 months
  • iTunes music store - sold 15 billions songs
  • iBookstore - 130 million ebooks downloaded
  • Appstore - 425,000 apps
iOS 5 10 Key Features:
  1. Notifications - Notification center (single place to get all your notifications and for history viewing)
  2. Newsstand
  3. Twitter - single sign on, integration with apps.
  4. Safari - reader, reading list, tab browsing
  5. Reminders
  6. Camera - Short cut button on the lock-out screen Grid lines pinch to zoom AE/AF Lock Edit your phone directly
  7. Mail - Rich text formatting, flag message, search entire message,swipe to inbox,S/MIME
  8. PC Free - Setup and activate your device right on your device. Software updates OTA Delta updates OTA - just download what's changed.
  9. Game center -50 million game center users Achievement points Friends of friends Friend discovery Games recommendation Games download Turn-based games
  10. iMessage - messaging service (for iOS devices). Delivery receipts,read receipts, typing indication, pushed to all devices, 3G+WiFi, encrypted

4. iCloud

10 years ago, PC would become your digital hub of your digital life.

Now, the PC and Mac will just become a device. The new digital hub is iCloud.

Everything is sync. automatically in the iCloud ecosystem. Contacts, calendar, mail becomes iCloud apps and is now free, totally replaced 'MobileMe'.

There are 6 More iCloud apps included in the ecosystem.

Appstore,iBooks,backup (automatically backups everything to the cloud) , iWorks (pages, numbers, keynotes), iPhoto (photos stream) and iTunes.

5. Conclusion:
  • Apple made the iOS camera features better
  • iOS5 supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad and iPad2, iPhone (3rd and 4th generation)
  • For iCloud, it just going to work automatically. 'MobileMe' didn't work that well and it is obsolete now.
  • Using iCloud, there is no more files concept, everything is managed by applications, just like how mail manages the email files.
  • iCloud will store your photos in photo stream (temp storage for photo) for 30 days. Devices store your last 1000 photos. You need to manually save those photos to your device permanently, by saving it to album.

Strongly Disagree To Blocking of 10 Download Sites by MCMC

Refer to No more free downloads as MCMC blocks 10 file sharing sites

As we have discussed this many times, the Internet shouldn't be censored at any form.

Refer to No Internet Cencorship... That's Good

Malaysia has adults and we need to grow up.

The idea of creating a society friendly Internet is to premise on the idea of self discretion, if you do not like a web site, just don't visit it. Go do something else.

Strongly disagree :(

The SME Is the Micro Economy

When people starts saving, SMEs will be affected.

Refer to the followings related..
Because people will only go for good value for money brands.

We should improve international competition of our SMEs, otherwise, it may collapse.

Big boys will not be affected much.

Time's Best Blog For 2011

Time's Best Blog For 2011

Only one ICT related blog is selected, that is AllThingsD.

The latest hype is about Apple's new office design.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Sourcefire, Inc., the creator of Snort® and a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today announced that it has successfully completed testing with ICSA Labs, a third-party security testing and certification body, demonstrating that federal government customers can leverage Sourcefire’s intrusion detection and prevention solution on Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) networks. The Sourcefire Defense Center® successfully satisfied U.S. federal government IPv6 test requirements (USGv6) and the company’s IPS sensors are currently being tested.

“ICSA Labs’ validation that we meet the USGv6 requirements ahead of the federal government’s move to IPv6 in 2012 demonstrates Sourcefire’s commitment to our customers and to meeting their changing security needs,” said Marc Solomon, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sourcefire®.

Country Manager of Sourcefire Malaysia, Ivan Wen says, “This independent confirmation of our IPv6 support is especially important now that the pool of available IPv4 addresses is fully allocated and nearly depleted. It is increasingly important that organizations ensure that their network IT security solutions are IPv6 compliant, such as Sourcefire’s IPS.”

ICSA Labs and other test labs worked with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to create a set of standards and testing to support the wide-scale adoption of IPv6 in U.S. government agencies. The standards are intended to protect federal agencies’ investments in IPv6 technologies. The Sourcefire 3D® System is one of the first IT security solutions verified by ICSA Labs to meet the federal government’s requirements for hosts on an IPv6 network.

“The goal of the federal government’s IPv6 test program is to ensure interoperability among all IT and networking components used to build, maintain and secure the IT infrastructure of federal agencies,” said Brian Monkman, Perimeter Security Programs Manager at ICSA Labs. “As one of the first IT security vendors to participate in our testing, Sourcefire customers will benefit from the company’s ongoing commitment to security excellence and to ensuring that their products are fully compliant with IPv6.”

For more information about Sourcefire’s certifications and awards, please visit

Media Contacts:

Judy Wong
Pi PR Consultancy Sdn Bhd
Tel: 03-7724 1710/ 012 622 4688

Thursday, June 09, 2011

IPv4 Addresses Dry Up; Brocade Customers Years Ahead with Proven IPv6-Ready Solutions

Spurred by an estimated 22 billion networked devices in use by 2020, government mandates and rapid cloud adoption driving Internet transformation, Brocade® (Nasdaq: BRCD) and its customers observed World IPv6 Day with Google, Facebook, Yahoo! and others. Brocade has spent the last decade deriving and sharing best practices by rolling out IPv6-ready cloud-optimized networking solutions to deliver a pragmatic migration path to IPv6. These solutions have been widely adopted by many forward-thinking customers, including Hurricane Electric, Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and Brocade’s own publically facing website.

While it is widely known that IPv6 expands the pool of addresses available to satisfy an exponentially growing number of Internet connected devices, IPv6 offers other inherent benefits that enable organizations to simplify network management, increase innovation through enhanced collaboration, improve interoperability and mobility, and strengthen security capabilities. These improvements, along with trillions of new IP addresses now available, will help organizations evolve their network infrastructures to more agile models including cloud computing.

For example, Hurricane Electric, operators of the world's largest IPv6 Internet backbone and provider of dedicated servers, direct Internet connections, and Web hosting services, has been preparing for years with the help of Brocade for the migration to IPv6 and sees the transition as the most critical component in expanding its business.

“IPv6 should be the single most important thing on network operators' minds today. If they are relying on the global Internet, then they need to understand why IPv6 is critical,” said Martin Levy, director of IPv6 strategy, Hurricane Electric. “With an infrastructure of our magnitude, we absolutely require a simple, yet powerful and scalable routing infrastructure to support massive routing table space, IPv6, 10 GbE and a base to support for 100 GbE in the future. We rely on Brocade to provide us the right balance of performance, future IPv6 routing table scalability and total cost of ownership to ensure a solid network investment.”

Brocade has engineered its own website,, to be fully IPv6 enabled, making it one of the first networking vendors to achieve IPv6 web presence with its own proven suite of IPv6 networking solutions. This is a significant milestone and serves as a best practice that is shared with customers. With more than a decade of research and development in IPv6 networking solutions, Brocade has a proven history in delivering non-disruptive solutions through its comprehensive set of Ethernet switches, routers and application delivery controllers (ADC) to completely transition or simultaneously support both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

“For more than a decade Brocade has been advancing its switching and routing platforms to help lead the charge in IPv6 preparedness,” said Dave Stevens, chief technology officer and vice president, corporate development for Brocade. “Brocade has a full suite of products and technologies shipping today that are fully IPv6 capable and our customers are using them to seamlessly migrate their production networks to IPv6. As a leading example, the website has been IPv6 enabled for more than a year – making us one of the first networking vendors to field a native IPv6-compliant Internet presence.”

Federal Government Mandates Loom

In addition, strict federal mandates are also driving the adoption of IPv6-ready networking technologies. The Department of Defense (DoD) and other worldwide governmental agencies have made public statements not only endorsing IPv6, but mandating that equipment be IPv6 ready. More recently, the White House directive requiring all U.S. government agencies to upgrade their public-facing websites and services to support IPv6 by September 2012 has forced IPv6 to be top of mind for organizations inside and outside the Federal Government.

The Brocade ServerIron ADX ADC were purpose-built to meet federal government, service provider and enterprise customers’ IPv6 needs and act as a seamless gateway between existing IPv4 networks and new ones built on IPv6. In addition, Brocade offers a comprehensive family of routers and Ethernet switches to deliver a set of dual-protocol networking solutions with embedded support for the high-speed switching and routing IPv4 and IPv6 traffic on the same platform. This set of tested and proven technologies have put Brocade ahead of many networking vendors well before World IPv6 Day.

According to Dale Geesey, chief operating officer, Auspex Technologies, a systems integrator that recommends networking infrastructure selection for the US Federal government, “IPv4 traffic will co-exist with IPv6 in a dual protocol world for some time, but then I anticipate that IPv4 traffic will drop quickly. It’s important for federal agencies to future-proof their networking technology and partnering with a leading vendor, like Brocade, will help ensure that they receive the solutions that are best for their needs now, and in the near future.”

IPv6 Offers More Customer Benefits than Addresses Alone

IPv6 offers organizations more than an expanded pool of IP addresses. Future applications and services within the cloud will require broader use and support of Internet-enabled resources. Whether it is automatically spooling additional servers or improved network security and simplified mobility – IPv6 is designed to meet that demand. Ultimately, IPv6 will help organizations improve current business operations as well as allow organizations to venture into new business practices to help create the foundation for the cloud, including:
  • Improved Security for the Cloud- Security is cited as one of the critical concerns organizations have for fully embracing cloud computing. With IPv4, security was optional to the user and not mandated. However, support for IPsec security framework is an IPv6 mandatory requirement. This requirement provides a standards-based solution for network security needs and promotes interoperability between different IPv6 implementations. The end result is a more threat resilient network that is relieved of inherent security holes in IPv4.
  • Integrated Interoperability and Mobility - IMS Research1 estimated that 5 billion devices were already connected to the Internet. By 2020 they believe this figure will be 22 billion. This massive increase in Internet enabled devices is primarily due to mobility devices, such as Smartphones, mobile tablets and laptops. Knowing that mobility will be not a nice-to-have but a requirement going forward, IPv6 provides interoperability and mobility capabilities which are already widely embedded in network devices.
  • Platform for Innovation and Collaboration – Often times, innovation is stifled by the constraints people are subject to, whether it is technology, political or financial. With IPv6, given its number of addresses, scalability and flexibility, potential for triggering innovation and assisting collaboration is unrestrained. In this new arena, creativity will be the larger limitation rather than IPv4 technology hurdles.
“The explosion of Internet connected devices is driving up the need for more and more IP addresses,” said Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president, global enterprise and consumer research, Yankee Group. “Because of this, the migration to IPv6 is more a matter of when rather than if. However, most organizations often overlook the added benefits of IPv6 that revolve around better security and manageability. Brocade's migration based approach allows organizations to immediately start realizing the benefits of IPv6 without putting the operations of the network at risk.”

Additional Information

IPv6 Education and Innovation Day


Why IPv6 Today? Martin Levy, director IPv6 strategy for Hurricane Electric, discusses importance of IPv6 in modern networks. Watch it here.

Media Contacts:

David Gibson communications
m. + (6) 012 612 1425


SolarWinds announced its new SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (formerly Hyper 9) and SolarWinds Storage Manager, powered by Profiler. Both products are designed to help the IT community conquer virtualization complexity as environments scale and mature, including managing the server virtualization layer and optimizing storage performance and capacity for virtualization.

SolarWinds® Inc. (NYSE: SWI), a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced the availability of its new SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (formerly Hyper9) and SolarWinds Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler, extending the depth of its virtualization and storage management solution offering.

Virtualization Manager and Storage Manager are complementary, comprehensive solutions designed to help the IT community conquer virtualization complexity as environments scale and mature, including managing the server virtualization layer and optimizing storage performance and capacity for virtualization.

Designed for geeks, by geeks, both products are powerful, affordable and easy-to-use.

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (formerly Hyper9) highlights:

  • Time Travel: Map dependencies and perform forensic troubleshooting and historic problem analysis in fast moving virtual environments.
  • vSphere™ Plugin: Perform virtualization management tasks directly from the VMware vCenter inventory.
  • Capacity Planning I/O: Support storage and network I/O in capacity planning to help efficiently budget and plan for new purchases, identify waste, and investigate public cloud options.
  • Alert Recommendations: Quickly discover and act on performance issues using flexible alerts and integrated recommendations. Launch directly from an alert into dependency map, search, DNA and performance analyzer in context.
  • Improved Performance Charting: Track relational performance correlation using stack charts and graph overlays.
  • New Out-of-the-Box Content: Leverage multiple new alerts, trends and dashboards such as the “host and cluster health” and “showback” dashboard.
SolarWinds Storage Manager, Powered by Profiler, highlights:

  • Storage I/O Hotspot Detection: Quickly isolate storage I/O hot spots and the source of contention, simplifying troubleshooting of shared storage and server performance bottlenecks.
  • VM to Physical Storage Mapping: Now includes virtualization and server management capabilities previously available in SolarWinds Virtual & Server Profiler, including automatic mapping of VMs, applications and logical connections to the physical storage environment.
  • Multi-Vendor SAN and Fibre Channel Switch Management: Gain visibility into fibre channel switches and the SAN fabric. Now supports EMC VNX and IBM V7000 arrays and monitors both CLARiiON and Celerra arrays.
  • VMware Thin Provisioning: View thin provisioning info on virtual disks and gain visibility into the level of over-commitment on datastores.
  • Orion Integration Module: View Storage Manager data from the Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) interface.

Pricing and Availability SolarWinds Virtualization Manager and SolarWinds Storage Manager are available now and pricing starts at $2,995 (USD), with the first year of maintenance included. For more information, visit the SolarWinds website, download a free 30-day evaluation, or call 866.530.8100.

Media Contacts:

Lynn Tan
The Hoffman Agency
Phone: 65.6238.0297

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Brocade Appoints Gerald Penaflor as Senior Regional Director for Strategic Accounts (APAC)

Gerald Penaflor has been appointed Senior Regional Director for Strategic Accounts in Brocade Asia Pacific. He is responsible for developing the business and managing Brocade’s Largest Data Center customers in Asia Pacific.

With nine years experience in Brocade, managing the overall business and regional market development for South East Asia, India, Australia and Korea, Penaflor provides expertise in areas of software, hardware, network security, network management, information management and applications, server, storage, FC SAN and IP networking. He also has a wide understanding of the market, customers, partners and competitor dynamics.

Prior to this new appointment, Penaflor was Senior Director for Enterprise business where he developed strategy to drive consistent customer engagement models, operating procedures and measurement metrics of progress and success within Brocade Enterprise Accounts in Asia Pacific. He was also responsible for coordinating and streamlining the sharing of resources, tools and best practices with the customers in the region.

Penaflor joined Brocade in July 2002 as a Regional Business Development Manager and has been the driving force behind Brocade's rapid growth and regional market expansion. He has 19 years of industry experience altogether, and a solid track record of exceeding targets and leadership development. His background has helped the company develop and manage its enterprise business, strengthen Brocade's alliances with key OEM, Channels and SI partners, and play a leading role in developing sales management strategies regionally.

Media Contacts:

David Gibson communications
m. + (6) 012 612 1425

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Streamyx - Suddenly Not Able to Surf

If you subscribed to the package of Streamyx Internet broadband and happily surfing your ways to the Internet for all sort of contents, particularly video streaming contents such as YouTube, you may sometimes encounter sudden drop in connectivity.

To deal with this, manually assign DNS to your network adapters (LAN or Wireless LAN) instead of relying on dynamic DNS.

The DNS for streamyx are:
The connection speed will come back alive after this.

Such scenario seldom happens to corporate package.

You can test it out.

Try to set the DNS setting to your wireless LAN adapter while LAN adapter remain unchanged.

You will notice that you can surf with wireless LAN but not with LAN.

The router is the same, never rebooted.

This usually happens after long hour of surfing with large amount of data (i.e after viewing videos on

  1. If you are not using TMNet's Streamyx, check with your telco for the proper DNS settings.
  2. Remember to change the DNS settings back to dynamic when you perform surfing at other places such as your office or at other public WiFi locations. As the matter of fact, Starbucks is also using Streamyx.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Win A Gainward Geforce GTX560 Phantom Worth RM869!

  1. Write an awesome Facebook Note with "", "Gainward" or "Phantom" in the title.
  2. Add this at the bottom:
  3. Win your Gainward GTX560 Phantom2 graphic card worth RM800 by writing a note of your own! Check out!
  4. Tag a bunch of people in it. (Optional)
  5. Wall us.
  6. Get a bunch of people to Like and Comment.
  7. Here's a quick example: CLICK HERE
  8. Finally, you must be a fan of Malaysia to join :)
Contest runs from 1st June till 30th June 2011

Check out details.

Media Contacts:

Michael Kwan
Digital Media Specialist Malaysia

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Get Certification For SAP from MDeC

MDeC actually provides fully subsidized SAP certifications courses on full time basis for students, young graduates and even self employed entrepreneurs via its K-Workers Development Initiative (KDI).

Besides SAP functional and ABAB courses, there are many other courses for Oracle, Microsoft, Huawei, Apache and etc.

If you are keen to improve your skills, check out the calendar for contacts.

Upon successful application, you will be assigned to respective training centers at various locations in Malaysia for the training.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Coming Trends of Shopping

Some says social media is the answer to every business problems now, that is it the savior.

So, basically every business person is a sales person. And I would think that social media is just part of it, honestly I wouldn't want to add to my contacts sales men that I do not know personally, at least those I haven't met.

The reason we watch YouTube ? Because we want to check out famous person and news, not really to check out the normal guys at your neighborhood. For me, I want to check out how Roger Federer played his last matches, or who David Letterman interviewed or the speeches of Bill Gates,MTVs of Taylor Smith and etc. I wouldn't want to watch Tan Ah Chong playing tennis... well maybe just sometimes.

In most cases, we checked out YouTube for copyrighted contents. YouTube would scrutiny through the contents and would regularly remove copyrighted contents, but that is what we wanted.

I think the future trend of shopping is financial planning as priority while other factors are less important.

The society at large is facing a growing dilemma, that is our income is getting vulnerable. The gaps between rich and poor is ever bigger.

Thanks to a recent research, 39% of wealth is owned by 1% of the population of the world and this means that 99% of people are working for 1% of people in the population or that 61% of economy is dependent on 39% of growth.

By all means, majority of people are over spending their money to adopt lifestyles and technologies.

So, the future is about smart spending money and still we want to adopt lifestyles and thus we will only buy the best of deals.

Shopping concept exhibited by Groupon, DealMates and even the upcoming Google Offers are definitely going to rocket high.

The casualty will be uncompetitive brands of products and services.

So, that is the upcoming trend but I strongly believe that it isn't the best deal yet.

I think that balance should be brought about to ease tensions and we need to create more competition for bigger brands and introduce diversity to the economy.

Booster for Biometric System in APAC:

Refer to Biometric system in force at all entry points and Biometric in every home ?.

This will bring good prospect in terms of:
  • Make the concept of biometric more receptive amongst people, especially those less technology oriented.
  • Bring down adoption cost further.
  • Improve micro-economy especially on services.
  • Improve exports of technology between APAC countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and etc. How i reckon this is that when foreigners from APAC region comes to Malaysia, they are forced to deal with biometric, whatever inconvenient faced will result in bad experiences which will then create a longer lasting impression in their mind, this will make them become familiar with the concept. Sooner or later, this impression will be imported back to their home country.
Overall, this is a good news for all tiers of service providers.

So, I welcome you to Malaysia.

IT help needed by PKIK, Persatuan Kanak-kanak Istimewa Kajang Selangor

Persatuan Kanak-kanak Istimewa Kajang, PKIK

PKIK needs someone to help out on technical issues on their website. Kindly contact Ms Lai, PKIK, if you can help please.

Contact: Ms. Lai

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Tech Blog Malaysia Statistics (May 2011)

As usual, check out the analysis for 2010.

For month of Jan 2011.
For month of Feb 2011.
For month of Mar 2011.
For month of Apr 2011.

For month of May 2011, we have the followings.
  • Financial funds for Malaysia
  • Brand of this blog
  • Latest PC trend
  • Name of this blog
  • An Adobe back-end process
  • Computer troubleshooting issues
  • World largest online music store

  • Total monthly traffic increased by as much as 7%.
  • Traffic from referring sites increased by 2.03%.
  • Google still top contributor (54.76%).Down from last month.
  • Top 5 countries (Malaysia, US, India,Singapore, U.K).
  • New visitors 87.62% (Down from last month).