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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

China Telecom Shanghai Goes Online with Juniper Networks TX Matrix Plus

Juniper Networks® announced that the Shanghai Branch of China Telecom Corporation (NYSE: CHA, HKEx: 728) has deployed its top-of-the-line multi-chassis routing system in a production environment. Implementation of the Juniper Networks TX Matrix Plus, interconnecting Juniper Networks T1600 Core Routers, provides China Telecom with an extremely stable and flexible platform to continue scaling the core of its super metro area network in Shanghai and to support Expo 2010, which is taking place in the city.

China Telecom has 3.5 million Shanghai broadband customers, including 1.2 million IPTV subscribers, and had been using Juniper Networks TX Matrix with three T640 Core Routers within its network there since 2006. With a continually increasing customer base and rising bandwidth demand in China's largest and most commercially important city, which has a population of more than 20 million, the company needed a core routing platform that would make it easier to continue scaling its metro area network services.

Check out details.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Telecom NZ International Increases Global Internet Telephony Footprint with Juniper Networks Switching Technology

Juniper Networks®  announced the first phase of a project to upgrade Telecom New Zealand International’s (TNZI) global network and increase the number of international points of presence (POPs). By deploying Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches, the upgrade extends TNZI’s global footprint in the delivery of internet telephony and increases the number of call minutes the telecommunications provider can carry and trade.

TNZI is a global internet telephony provider and trades with over 200 voice customers and vendors worldwide, carrying around two percent of all global voice traffic or nearly five billion minutes per year. Its legacy network didn’t allow TNZI to cost-effectively expand into new geographies, limiting the scale of the network and the company’s growth potential.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Made-in-Malaysia Facebook App is growing at 1,000 new users daily

A Malaysian IT application provider, Just IT, has recently launched a Facebook App called Fantasy World Cup ( and now growing at 1,000 new users per day.

Branded as FanXT (, this Facebook app is a fantasy football game based on the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2010.

“We just launched this app on Facebook on 24th of May and it’s already growing so well with Facebook users from around the world. The best part is, we spent zero marketing dollars to promote this app. All our traffic is totally from friends invites. We expect the membership to grow exponentially towards World Cup“, said Melvin Wong, the CEO of Just IT and brand creator of FanXT.

“We emphatically feel that Facebook is a superb platform for viral marketing and we love to see more Malaysian companies embracing this phenomenal social media. Having a Fan Page or Groups may not be sufficient because there are not much interactivity with it. Having a Facebook App creates a more conducive environment for brands to engage with the users. And this makes them coming back for more”

To play the Facebook App, each Facebook user is given a $100 million funds to build his own World Cup team. They can buy players from 32 countries competing in World Cup, such as Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, Lionel Messi of Argentina and Wayne Rooney of England.

Besides offering an exciting fantasy football experience, this app also offers live scores, results and fixtures for World Cup 2010. The World Cup news is provided by Bernama as part of their joint venture partnership.

This Fantasy World Cup app is also available in on web, WAP, J2ME, iPhone, Nokia WRT and new Nokia smartphone OS called Maemo.

About Just IT (

Just IT is an IT brand created by Just Mobile Sdn Bhd ( (MSC status company). It offers IT services mainly on applications development on web and Facebook application platform. Conversely, Just Mobile handles the application development on mobile, notably on WAP, J2ME, iPhone, Nokia WRT and Maemo

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hotlink Number Expired

After 3 months without reload, the number will be expired and is to be recycled back to the market. Unless you have subscribed to the 365 plan.

Once this happened, you can't top up the account to make it active again.

The is one way to get back the number; convert the number to postpaid account.

Here is what I have done and it works.
  1. Go to Maxis Center at Menara Maxis Jalan Ampang. You can't do it elsewhere, they will tell you it is not possible and there is no way to appeal.
  2. Request to convert the number to postpaid account. You will be given a new sim card for this purpose.
  3. You need to know two things:

    1. The number which you want to claim back
    2. The name and IC number of the person who had registered as prepaid owner of the number.
  4. Once you have submitted this request at the customer service counter, the request will be processed and Maxis will call you back within 1 working day to inform you of the outcome of the request. If successful, you will need to go back there to finish the process within 7 working days, otherwise the number will be recycled back to the market.
  5. For some reasons, usually they will discourage you from doing so (initially), you need to be nice to them and tell them that the number is important to you.
    Remember to smile and ask them nicely - very important

It can be done.

Juniper Networks MX80 3D Universal Edge Router Wins Best of Show Award at Interop Tokyo 2010

Juniper Networks® announced that its MX80 3D Universal Edge Router was among the Best of Show Award winners at Interop Tokyo 2010. The MX80 3D received the grand prize in the Large Enterprise Networking Infrastructure category, maintaining Juniper’s winning streak at the show stretching back to Interop Tokyo 2007.

The Best of Show Award winners were selected from among the products and solutions exhibited by more than 300 companies at Interop Tokyo 2010, with finalists chosen after rigorous examination by a panel of IT industry experts.

The Juniper Networks MX80 3D Universal Edge Router, which became generally available last month, is the most compact member of the MX Series 3D product family, powered by the Trio chipset and Junos®, a high performance operating system for routing, switching and security. Only 3.5-inches high, MX80 3D is designed to drive down the total cost of ownership and increase operational efficiencies, in both enterprise and service provider deployments.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Integrate with Facebook API ?

Assuming you are developing a custom web site.

Google has the data API.

For Facebook, the API is called the Graph API. Why graph ? Because it is social graph.

Ok. Cool.

The Graph API is not part of a SDK (software development kit), it is really more like an extension.

This actually translates into two things.
  1. If you are using Graph API, you have to go side by side with Facebook. Totally cut-off Facebook will not work.
  2. Integration not later, but from the beginning. This means that you have to think about integration from the beginning of custom web site development.
So, these are the things that you can do with Graph API.
  • Selection - Filtering and querying for information.
  • Introspection - Another querying feature.
  • Authorization
  • Publishing to Facebook
  • Deleting Objects
  • Pictures
  • Paging
  • Search
  • Real-time Updates
  • Analytics
However, bear in mind that the API will give you access and control of informations which you are entitled to; such as your friends' list. And you can't see your friends' extended friends.

Fair enough. And this also means that you need to login (get authorized) to do all these things. So, the Graph API will not provide any sort of super user experience.

Your web page is like a public page while facebook is meant for interactions, just like a corporate intranet.

So, what is the most practical application out of this ?

I am more fanatic if Facebook allows integration of modules (i.e events, walls, photo manamagement) to custom web sites which is not possible (at least for now).

It may seem redundant because Facebook itself is a content management system (cms) and if you are having content management system in your web site, then which one will be the core ?

This is what I figure.

Since you have to login (get authorized) to do things and you can't see things which you are not authorized to. And by allowing single sign-on to your custom web site, it presents an opportunity to break the social networking barrier; which is to share data of your friends to the world.

In other words, by integrating Graph API to your custom web site, now you can share information of your friends to the world so that those not 'connected' to your friends can now see what they are up to.

For instance, you can build a web site to consolidate birthdays of your friends and birthdays of not your direct friends into a single view.

The key is about presentation and sharing of personalized information to the next level.

Do you get what I am saying ?

Means that supposed you have 10 friends and you can only see 10 birthdays. Each of your 10 friends has another 10 friends. So how do you get to see these 100 birthdays ?

Build a web site and integrate Facebook's Graph API, then create a feature which will allow your 10 friends to publish their friends' birthday into a single location. Then now you can see the 100 birthdays.

So, to put things into practical perspective, your custom web site should become an account in Facebook (such as Soccer-Petaling-Jaya).

You will still need to build your own modules such as events and etc.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Juniper Networks Redefines Security for Mobile Devices with Availability of Junos Pulse and AppTrack Software

Juniper Networks® announced the availability of Junos® Pulse to further redefine the mobile experience – delivering integrated connectivity, acceleration, and security anytime, anywhere while enabling new service models for service providers. Juniper also announced the availability of AppTrack software, part of the AppSecure suite of security software that enables application-level visibility and control for its SRX Series Services Gateways across the enterprise.

As part of the ‘new network’ and a core component of the Junos software platform first announced last October 2009, Junos Pulse is a dynamic, standards-based, integrated multi-service network client that allows the IT staff to enforce consistent endpoint security policies across a wide variety of notebooks, netbooks, and smart phones, regardless of whether or not they are corporate owned. It also reduces the number of software agents they support, while greatly limiting the need for end users to directly interact with network connectivity and security software. From any location, end users simply supply their credentials and Junos Pulse ensures simple and secure access to corporate resources from any endpoint device.

Check out details.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Knight Frank Chooses Juniper Networks WXC and J Series for Australian Data Center Consolidation

Juniper Networks®  announced that global residential and commercial property consultancy Knight Frank has deployed Juniper application acceleration platforms and enterprise routers to boost operational efficiency and support its data center consolidation in Australia. Juniper Networks WX and WXC Application Acceleration platforms optimize Knight Frank’s WAN infrastructure while J Series routers provide versatile, secure routing with low overhead and high reliability.

To reduce IT power, space and maintenance costs, Knight Frank consolidated its Australian IT infrastructure into two data centers, co-located with its service provider in Sydney and Melbourne. The data centers provide business applications and data to the company’s 22 Australian offices, in addition to branch locations across Southeast Asia. With centralized infrastructure, efficient bandwidth utilization is crucial in ensuring acceptable application response times and the ability to back up data (via mirroring) between the two data centers.

Check out details.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Juniper Networks Named Top Carrier Data Infrastructure Vendor in Asia Pacific

Juniper Networks® announced that it has been named Carrier Data Infrastructure Vendor of the Year at the prestigious 2010 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific ICT Awards. Leading global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan recognized leading companies and individuals from various segments of the Asia-Pacific Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) industry in a lavish ceremony in Singapore on 10 June.

“The Carrier Data Infrastructure Vendor of the Year award is certainly one of the most prestigious vendor awards in Frost & Sullivan's Asia Pacific ICT Awards line-up,” said Adam Judd, senior vice president for Asia Pacific, Juniper Networks. “As everyone knows 2009 was a tough year for the industry but I'm very proud of the way our service provider teams across the region kept their eye on the target and pulled through some very healthy business. I think the award also recognizes the fact that Juniper Networks has continued to invest and innovate during the downturn.”

The ICT Awards is part of Frost & Sullivan’s program to recognize outstanding performance in the Asia Pacific ICT industry, and is selected by a distinguished panel of judges comprising senior executives from the industry including CIOs, CTOs and Frost & Sullivan analysts.

For more information on the awards, please visit

Monday, June 14, 2010

Juniper Networks Malaysia Comments on 10th Malaysia Plan

According to En. Wan Ahmad Kamal of Juniper Networks Malaysia.

The 10th Malaysia Plan intends to ensure 75% household broadband penetration by 2015, promote and incentivise the development and use of green products and services, and connect Malaysian researchers to the global research community:

“The internet everywhere, has become an important enabler of the country's socio-economic development. With growth expected in online cloud computing, data centers and fixed and mobile applications, moving the country up the broadband value-chain will improve management efficiency, competitiveness and better collaborations with other eco-system partners worldwide.

Technological progress and innovation plays a central role in a country’s economic progress. Connecting Malaysia to the global community’s research and innovation networks will allow faster exchange and analysis of large volumes of information, driving innovation in areas as diverse as medicine, biotechnology, energy, and environmental sciences; while network innovation is lowering operating expenditures and allowing third party software developers to offer new business opportunities to the service providers by way of monetizing their network infrastructure.

The technology initiatives announced are therefore important; as they will help create a conducive environment to spur innovation and help build a knowledge-based economy focused on skills and productivity, to stimulate economic growth and development towards a higher-value economy.”

Check out the 10th Malaysia Plan.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

10th Malaysia Plan For ICT Related

Check out the full details here.

Before we go into highlights, let's check out some related histories.
Now, the summary for 10th Malaysia plan for ICT related.

We browse through based on the following keywords.
  • ICT
  • R&D
  • Human
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Funds
  • Loans
1. ICT

1.1 Adoption of ICT is the way forward.

Refer to point 14.

1.2 ICT is considered one of the twelve NKEAs.

Refer to '10.1 ST2.1 National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs)'

1.3 Facilities for rural areas.

Refer to 'ST5.2 Expanding Essential Facilities in Rural Areas/Point 88'

2.0 R & D

2.1 Focus given to R & D activities.

Refer to 'ST1.1 Shift of Focus to Non-Physical Infrastructure/Point 23'

2.2 Research Universities.

Refer to 'ST4.3 Raising Graduate Competence/Point 77'

3.0 Human & Education

3.1 Private sectors get to compete for jobs as training providers.

Refer to 'ST1.1 Shift of Focus to Non-Physical Infrastructure/Point 24'

3.2 World class civil service college to be established.

Refer to 'ST1.2 Improving Efforts for Human Capital Development in the Public Sector/Point 25'

4.0 Funds and Loans

4.1 Bankruptcy laws will be simplified to support a risk-taking culture.

Refer to 'ST2.4 Innovation-led Growth'

4.2 Working Capital Guarantee Scheme

Refer to 'ST2.8 Developing SMEs as the Engine of Growth and Innovation/Point 47'

  • Not much direct focus on ICT (compared to previous).
  • No ICT excitement anyway - no direct funds and grants.
  • You are on your own!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Juniper Networks Wins Computerworld Malaysia Customer Care Awards

Juniper Networks® was today named the winner of the Intrusion Detection/Protection (IDP) Solutions category at the 4th Computerworld Malaysia Customer Care Awards 2010. The annual awards provide a reality check on IT vendors’ customer care programmes, and gives vendors’ customers a platform to express their satisfaction with the services that typically come with the products they have been paying for.

“We are honored to be recognized for our product innovation as well as the customer service and support we provide to help customers drive their competitive advantage,” said Wan Ahmad Kamal, country manager for Juniper Networks Malaysia. “The Award further validates that Juniper’s best-in-class security solutions remain the preferred choice for high performance businesses. Our security products enable enterprises to deploy industry-best economics and simpler integrated protection, thereby extending the value of networks today.”

“Computerworld Malaysia readers voted Juniper as Best Vendor in the IDP category from a pool of high quality, competitive entries,” said Mark Hobson, publisher of Computerworld Malaysia. “They were awarded for quality of service, professional implementation, and attentiveness to customer needs.”

Check out details.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

F5 Optimizes Microsoft Solutions Enabling the Dynamic Data Center

F5 Networks, Inc., the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN) today announced enhanced capabilities for Microsoft customers to implement dynamic infrastructures so as to respond to business needs more promptly. With F5® solutions optimized for Microsoft technologies, customers gain strategic points of control throughout the infrastructure to give them the ability to access and allocate resources on demand. Specifically, F5 is announcing the advantages of deploying the F5 Management Pack® for System Center Operations Manager and the BIG-IP® Local Traffic Manager™ Virtual Edition in concert with Microsoft products.

F5’s solution promotes seamless application delivery for virtualization and cloud deployments running on Microsoft platforms. Microsoft Corp Director of Virtualization Solutions Marketing, Dai Vu says “Customers looking to deploy Microsoft’s on-premise cloud and virtualization solutions will find F5 solutions to be a powerful complement for the enhanced application delivery, infrastructure visibility, and automation capabilities they provide.”

To support Microsoft’s vision for dynamic infrastructure with flexible deployment options and simplified management, F5 delivers:
  • Increased Support for Virtualization and Cloud Architecture Models
  • Enhanced Efforts with Microsoft to Benefit Joint Customers.
  • Improved Infrastructure Manageability and Visibility for Microsoft Solutions
Check out more details.

Using iphone 4 As Mobile CCTV

We have the SDK; XCode.

We have the camera + LED.

Just how long can the battery last ?

--> 10 hours of video playback. Refer to the spec.

Has someone done it before ?

Yup. Definitely not a new idea.

I want to put in on my car, to capture who scratched my car.

With 32G of flash drive, it is enough to store enough video.

The problem is still the battery, unless you want to hook it to the car battery and how to have a 360 degree surveillance coverage ?

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Things To Avoid in Software Business

If you are doing software business, the following factors are bad for you.
  • Over promised
  • No direction or too much directions
  • No cash flow
  • Not focused
  • Innovation stops

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

DragonSoft Research Developed New Techniques For Interactive Games

DragonSoft Research.

Check out the videos.

In this videos, it demonstrated proof of concept for interactive football game.

The presents a new methodology of developing application. Sensors are being used to create an "invisible" line of sight. Once that line of sight is disrupted it sends an action command to the application. In this instance, the ball is kicked.

SAS Media Day 2010 - Conclusion

In conjunction with SAS Media Day 2010.

In terms of my own analysis and the appreciation of what came out of the SAS Media Day 2010.

Business Analytics:

SAS Malaysia is a US based company with core focus on Business Analytics.

Business Analytics used to be known as business intelligence which is a bigger concept of data warehousing, data mining and reporting.

Check out the official and details of what Business Analytics is all about here.

In short Business Analytics is about making sense of the data and make good use of it. For instance, how do you know when to sell high and sell low ? You need Business Analytics.

The New Normal:

Roger Ling, Research Manager of IDC Malaysia presented the concept of The New Normal.

The New Normal is a contradict of the Old Normal. Old Normal means normal, thus New Normal means it is normal but in a new way. In short, new normal means what's more you can do out of what you have?

In terms of SAS and the business of Business Analytics, the Old Normal looks really normal. Roger Ling from IDC explains this as such that when the world was engulfed in the economy crisis, by theory, the market should shrink. Ironically, the market for Business Analytics didn't. As such, spending what is necessary makes the premise for cost saving and apart from doing all sorts of product compounding and consolidation activities, Business Analytics (End user query reporting and advanced analytic market) also contributes to cost saving. I do not have the actual figures, but we can check with IDC on this.

And for The New Normal, Roger Ling presented that that Social Media Analytics is what going to be a big factor.

Social Media Analytics:

For Social Media Analytics, according to presentation of Ms. Helen Lim (Director of Presales, Financial Services Industry, SAS Malaysia), is about analyzing what's publicly available from the Outside (of the corporate) particularly the Internet and use the data to make better decision for the corporate. This actually blends well with the business of Business Analytics.

The values of Social Media Analytics are:
  • Protect Brands
  • Better Customer Service
  • Analytics for Marketing
And SAS Malaysia is gamed for it already. Solution comes in the form of:
  • Data Analysis
  • Integrated data with CRM and marketing system
  • Follow-up consulting services
How the Data are being analyzed ?
  1. Collect data
  2. Grouping (classification) of data
  3. Presentation of data
And the industries that most likely will become early adopters of Social Media Analytics are:
  • Hospitality
  • Automobile
  • Banking
  • Online Retail
  • Telecommunication

Software As A Service(SaaS):

Social Media Analytics is still in the early stage and it will probably take a year or two for it to happen. However, SAS thinks that the critical success factor is Software as a service (SaaS) which is powered by cloud computing. SaaS yields the benefits of:
  1. Low entry barrier (plug and play)
  2. Low upfront investments
  3. Faster time to market
According to Allan Tham (Head of Technology Practice, SAS Malaysia), SAS is SaaS ready. SAS' SaaS readiness can be measured in terms of the following developments.
  • 2008 Q1 - Business Intelligence SaaS
  • 2008 Q3 - Campaign management SaaS
  • 2010 Q2 - Social Media Analytics
Volatility and Business:

With SaaS, we are talking about standard solutions and crazy business dynamics; anything can happen to your business anytime. For this, was explained by Ahmad Shukri (Director of Governement Practice, SAS Malaysia) in the presentation of 'Volatility and You'. According to Ahmad Shukri, there is a way to measure volatility which is via Volatility Index (VIX) and SAS has best practices for that.

So, the gifts which SAS Malaysia presented to you are 3S:

Social Media Analytics, SaaS, Speed.

In my opinion, business is getting harder to do and one really can't live without software. If your competitors are using Business Analytics, you better use Business Analytics.

For entrepreneurs, you know what you should be looking forward to ?

Monday, June 07, 2010

Juniper Introduces Mission-Critical Support for Enterprise Customers, Available Directly from Juniper, IBM and Partners Worldwide

Juniper Networks® has introduced a new enterprise services portfolio, Juniper Care Plus, designed to protect high performance network investments while increasing reliability and operational effectiveness, and lowering operating expenses. Juniper Care Plus, expected to be available in Q4 of this year, will build upon the award winning Juniper Care set of services for device level support, extending mission critical support for enterprise customers.

Juniper Care Plus will keep the network at optimum readiness through high-touch support (Designated Service Manager), proactive automation tools to help automate and simplify the network (Junos Space, Service Now, Service Insight) and personalized services such as education, network consulting and account management – all mitigating risk for enterprise customers. The Designated Service Manager will provide personalized support through a single point of contact for all service activities, issues and incidents.

"Networks must be reliable, scalable, and secure and are an increasingly critical component to the overall success of enterprise organizations,” said Christine Tenneson, research director with Gartner. "Service organizations can help enterprises optimize network performance by providing robust automation tools, education and training and consulting services designed to help customers adapt rapidly to the increasingly complex infrastructure requirements, while maintaining business continuity.”

Check out details.

SAS Malaysia Academic Program Roadmap

In conjunction with SAS Media Day 2010, Ms.Tan Siew Ling gave her insights into SAS Malaysia Academic program.

About Ms. Tan Siew Ling, Manager, Academic Program, SAS Malaysia

Siew Ling has more than 7 years of working experience and has more than 4 years teaching experience in tertiary education as a lecturer. She has involved in revising existing subjects and developing new subjects for new program in her previous job. Her expertise is in business analytics, data management and IT infrastructure. She graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia with a Master of Information Technology (Major in Information System).

1. What is the role of Academic program division in SAS Malaysia?

Partnering with education institutions in Malaysia to close the gaps between Academic and Business.

2. Which university has Ms. Tan Siew Ling lectured?

INTI University College, Nilai (currently known as INTI International University)

3. Which are Ms. Tan Siew Ling areas of expertise or research areas?

Databases, Websites development, Business Intelligence

4. What is the vision of SAS Malaysia in contributing to the education of Malaysia?

Our vision is to partner with all the universities and colleges to train students with SAS skills which are highly demanded in the market.

5. What do you think of the current status of Malaysia's education with respect to ICT industries?

The current status of Malaysia’s education with respect to ICT industries is slowly increasing since its drop in 2004. It is currently lacking of IT graduates with the right skill sets that meet the demand of the market.

6. Tell us about the roadmap of SAS syllabus in the education system.

Universities incorporated SAS into their existing subject syllabus which accredited by Malaysia Qualifying Association (MQA). We will provide consultation to look into which subjects are suitable to incorporate SAS solutions elements. Students or public who want to specialize in SAS for certain role, they can take up exam on SAS certification on their own.

7. What skills (technical and soft) would make a good SAS professional?

Both are equally important as SAS is being used at the technical and business fields. SAS professional not only need to be able to get the right data to generate the report for decision making, they also need to have good communication skill to liaise with managers in gathering their information.

8. What is the starting pay of fresh graduates being involved with SAS technology?

It is between RM2400 to RM2800 and above depending on their knowledge and skill set.

9. Have Malaysia able to export SAS professionals to other countries (particularly in the APAC region)?

In the education industry, there are many international students studying at local universities. SAS has rolled out the Student Ambassador program annually worldwide for students to submit their thesis paper on subjects taught by universities related to SAS Business Analytics. The recent winner who went to present her paper in SAS Global Forum at Seattle was an Iranian student studying at Multimedia University (MMU).

10. What is next trend in business intelligence context that students should get ready for?

Business Analytics, Data Integration, & Data warehouse.

11. Is there any reskilling programs for non-fresh graduates (entrepreneur initiative)?

SAS Malaysia’s Education Division has a complete list of training courses available for the public to sign-up to learn on SAS skills.

More Information:

Sunday, June 06, 2010

SAS Malaysia Executive Update and Outlook for 2010 (by Jimmy Cheah)

In conjunction with SAS Media Day 2010. Managing Director Mr. Jimmy Cheah presented the performance of 2009 and outlook for 2010.

2009 worldwide revenue $2.31 billion

Revenue has been growing since 1976.

In terms of geography, APAC contributes to 11% of 2009 worldwide revenue.

Financial services makes up the largest share of revenue contribution for 2009 worldwide revenue.

In 2009, the total number of new customers is 1,389.

In 2009, SAS has a total of 11,055 employees worldwide.

SAS Malaysia Goes to Berjaya Hills (3 June 2010 - 4 June 2010)

SAS Malaysia's executives went to Berjaya Hills and they are joined by bunch of tech. writers, evangelists and Pi PR.

Pi(pronounced Pie) PR is a media consultancy company focusing on ICT industry.

The team from Pi PR consists of Judy Wong, Lynn Lee and Lee Ting Ting.

The whole event was filled with cheers,energy and confidence....

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Tech Blog Malaysia Statistics (May 2010)

As usual, check out the analysis for 2009.

For month of Jan 2010.
For month of Feb 2010.
For month of Mar 2010.
For month of April 2010

For month of May 2010, we have the followings:
  • The brand of this blog
  • An Adobe's backend program
  • Core author of this blog
  • Microsoft training courses
  • Routing protocol with respect to Juniper's router
  • Common Windows programming issues.
  • World largest online music store
  • Support number of Malaysia's premier ISP.
  • A feature of mobile phone account.

  • Total monthly traffic decreased by as much as 12.3%.
  • Traffic from referring sites increased by 3.12%.
  • Google still top contributor (55.63%). Down from last month.
  • Top 5 countries (Malaysia, US, UK, India, Singapore).
  • New visitors 84.85% (down from last month).
Check out the most popular contents