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Friday, February 25, 2011

eBworx Hits High 133 % PAT Growth for FY2010

ACE-listed eBworx Berhad, a leading banking application solution provider, today announced its financial result for FY2010 ended 31 December - which recorded a significant triple digit percentage growth in profit after tax (PAT) from FY2009.

eBworx's PAT for FY2010 ended 31 December, surged to RM4.74 million from RM2.03 million last year, thus allowing the Group to achieve a PAT growth increase of about 133 percent. This profit is on the back RM32.92 million in revenues over 12months in FY2010, as compared to RM 29.80 million reported for the same period last year.

eBworx Group Chief Executive Officer, Tan Suan Fong shared that overall, the exceptional profit growth performance was primarily attributed to the enhancement projects orders by eBworx clients to upgrade their respective banking systems. eBworx clients consists mainly of Tier 1 banks around the region.

Malaysians pick their Oscar winners!

If this coming Monday’s Oscars were determined by Malaysian movie fans searching on Google, the Academy Award for Best Film would go to Black Swan, Natalie Portman would pick up the Leading Actress prize and James Franco would cause one of the biggest upsets in Oscars history by snatching the Best Actor statuette from the hotly-tipped Colin Firth!

According to searches done on Google, Portman, Franco and Black Swan have generated the highest online search volume in Malaysia in the run-up to the 83rd Academy Awards, scheduled for February 27. These three search terms not only racked up a huge amount of pre-Oscar online hype here during the past 30 days, but also across the world.

Check out details.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Juniper Networks Revolutionalized The Single Tier Network

Juniper Networks today announced the single tier network, codenamed Project Stratus. This announcement introduces a new concept in data center networking.

The trends coming to market are cloud computing and mobile internet which are expected to contribute a lot of unpredictable stresses towards existing network infrastructure.

Network architecture are usually by convention, consists of either 3 tiers or 2 tiers. These 3 tiers are 1.) Core layer, 2.) Aggregation layer, 3.) Access layer.

Such conventional design is not very efficient because it introduces a lot of latency.

With these two trends of cloud computing and mobile internet, such architecture will not be able to cope with explosive exponential data in and out of data center.

Juniper Networks' solution to this is the single tier network architecture, which is called the QFabric.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Deploy Crystal Report rpt files together with the Exe as a standalone

To deploy crystal report rpt files together with the Exe as a standalone, you need to embed rpt files into the exe.

This is particularly useful for ClickOnce deployment.


1.) To embed the rpt file into the exe. The first step is to associate an rpt file with CRViewer by setting it as 'reportSource'.

Objects will be created on the form.

Refer to 'vs-issues-feb-2011-9.jpg',vs-issues-feb-2011-10.jpg'

2.) After you have done that, you need to unreference it as 'reportSource'. The 'reportSource' will be dynamically set during runtime.

Refer to 'vs-issues-feb-2011-11.jpg','vs-issues-feb-2011-12.jpg'

Download the sample code (VB.NET Visual Studio 2008 SP1).


1.) If you embed a rpt file into the exe, the exe file size will be bigger.

Refer to 'Form2'

2.) If you do not embed a rpt file into the exe, you have to make use of installer to copy the rpt file to the desired location for the exe to be able to find it.

Refer to 'Form1'

Saturday, February 19, 2011

RS Components Launches Industry First Electronics Magazine iPad App

RS Components is continuing its push to bring innovative services to its customers with the launch of eTech for iPad. This iPad app provides a new way to display product and technology information , extending and enhancing the magazine content with additional interactivity and visual elements.

Check out details.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SAS Malaysia Partners’ contribution hits Double Digits

SAS Malaysia, the leader in business analytics software and services recently announced that its partner strategy is showing positive results with the current partner contribution to the company’s software sales revenue reaching 30%, from the initial 8% just three years ago.

According to Jonathan Lee, Senior Manager Alliance and Channels at SAS Malaysia, this achievement is derived from the growth of SAS Malaysia’s local channel partner base where it started from only 5 local channel partners to now 25 partners throughout a period of 36 months.

“With the successful roll-out of SAS Malaysia’s channel partner strategy, we are seeing success with the increased contribution by our partners that represents a third of the entire SAS Malaysia software revenue today,” said Lee.

SAS Malaysia’s channel partner strategy is to predominately expand business analytics usage and achieve better reach into the ‘white spaces’ of the Services, Manufacturing, Retail and Healthcare sectors – which consists of SME organizations increasingly seeking to adopt some form of Business Analytics solutions to boost their business’ operational competitiveness.

Lee shared this at the recent Partners Appreciation Night hosted by SAS Malaysia, whereby a total of 12 awards were given away to mark successful alliances with noted channel partners.

Big winners including Strateq eHealth, Global Odyssey, Marff Resources, Selatan Business Solutions, Analytical Intelligence Solution, AVNET, ATAC System, Sturn Technology, Concorde, eCodeus, Digicert, and K Navitas.

Based on feedback from the channel partners, SAS Business Analytics solution has helped to reinforce the ‘unique’ factor of the applications developed by some channel partners.

“As a world-class Business Analytics solution used by very large international businesses, SAS definitely gives an edge to local channel partners who now have an additional selling point - in terms of strong data insights capability, for their in-house solutions,” he ends.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Juniper Networks Accelerates Profitability for Mobile Operators Seeking to Capitalize on Smartphone Revolution

Last night at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (today in Asia), Juniper Networks announced a range of solutions for the mobile Internet, that integrate the scale and simplicity of IP with the pervasive connectivity of mobility; allowing mobile operators to monetize smartphone growth and lay a solid foundation for higher bandwidth, rich media applications.

Juniper’s New Mobile Network solutions include MobileNext, the first open mobile core network with a programmable platform for service innovation and 2G/3G and LTE evolved packet core functions for broadband gateway; and service delivery, consumer, business and professional services; along with integrated video optimization and expanded security solutions.

These deliver a graceful migration to LTE while building intelligent IP service orchestration, combining the strengths of IP and mobile technologies, centred around higher bandwidth, rich media applications.

Check out details.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nokia To Adopt Windows Phone Platform; Finally

I remember many years ago, the walkman was everything to everybody. Then came the discman and then all those anti-shocking technologies.

Everybody was talk about Sony here and there.

Suddenly, it was all quiet.

Then I wrote this blog on 'Why is the Japanese not able to keep up with iPod ?'

I joined the IT industry at around 1999, when I was first year in college. Yeah, we were late in the game.


So, Steve Job really is somebody we all look up to, which he said that the reason iPhone wins is because of the software. So, those guys in Sony forgot to focus on software.

And the walkman is long dead and there is no sequel as well.

Recently, I read this book from Lee Kuan Yew which he said that for the lower tier to catch up with the higher tier, it may not be possible because as the lower tier progresses, so will the higher tier.

But then, China can actually create space ship and fighter jet, but we haven't heard any chinese operating system for PC right ?

Perhaps it is all about money. Are you willing to invest just for the sake of R & D ? Maybe not in this age of humanity. Maybe when we discover E.T, we will.

Last year, I attended 'Nokia Innovation day'.

The speakers told us that it was Nokia's strategy to make mobile application development as the pillar of focus for the company.

It was during that time which I came to know about Nokia N900, Maemo, MeeGo, WRT, QT and Trends.

Now, Nokia announced adopting Microsoft's Windows Phone to fight with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone.

So, iPhone and iPad are doing very well, thanks to Steve Jobs. 'BlackBerry' as always, CEOs and executives like to use it while Android seems to become more popular with people who go for open source.

Nokia. I am actually a fan of Nokia and I am just having a Nokia Symbian phone. Adopting Microsoft platform will bring about a whole new world of dimension and excitement for mobile app developers.

Thus, it seems like now the software platform war is between iphone os, Windows Phone and Android.

Chief Executive Stephen Elop. "The game has changed. The game has changed from a battle of devices to a war of ecosystems."

Free service and survive on ads; think twice

Pandora Internet Radio's 10 Years Business Experience

Refer to 'Pandora files for $100-million IPO with hopes of turning a profit'

Because Pandora is largely a free service, only 9% of its revenue in the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2010 came from subscriptions and other paid services. The vast majority of the company's revenue came from advertising.

The company claims to have 80 million listeners, which its service is only restricted to the USA (due to licensing constraint)

So, 80 million listeners with 9% of revenue from subscriptions and other paid services. 91% from advertising.

Pandora forks over 60% of its revenue to pay royalties (for music owners).

Pandora software is running on multiple devices.

The service first became available on computer via Web browsers, but its membership took off when Pandora introduced a version for the Apple iPhone in 2008. About half of Pandora’s subscribers use the service on mobile devices.

So, it has capitalized on the mobile devices market; which helps.

Major investors in the company include Crosslink Capital, which holds 23% of the shares, and Walden Venture Capital, which owns 18%. Westergren owns just 2.4%. Former News Corp. president Peter Chernin, who joined Pandora’s board in January, owns less than 1%.

Now, it is targeting cars.

Malaysia only has 24 million people. Talking about applying the scenario to ease traffic jam stress, Kuala Lumpur has the most 2 million people. So, if we include those staying in P.J, the Klang Valley has about 3 million or 4 million at most; affected by traffic jam on daily basis.

So, 4 million listeners with 9% of revenue from subscriptions and other paid services. 91% from advertising ? What do you think ?

It is not easy to setup a company.

Friday, February 11, 2011

China Mobile Selects Juniper Networks To Capitalize on Smartphone Revolution for CMNET Backbone

Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) today announced that China Mobile Limited (NYSE: CHL, HKEx: 0941) has gone live with a next-generation IP/MPLS backbone network comprised of routers running the Junos® operating system. Implementation of Juniper Networks® TX Matrix Plus multi-chassis routing systems, T1600 Core Routers and M320 Multiservice Edge Routers enables China Mobile to capitalize on smartphone growth while laying a solid foundation to deliver higher bandwidth rich media applications.

With nearly 584 million customers, China Mobile is the world's largest mobile network operator while China TieTong, its fixed network subsidiary, also has a growing number of broadband customers. In 2010 China Mobile added 58 million subscribers to its customer base and an increasing numbers of them are using smart-phones and opting for its TD-SCDMA 3G service, driving the need to scale CMNET, its IP network.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leading SE Asia Digital Agency Announces Development of New Social Platform

Antics Media Sdn. Bhd., part of the Antics Group of companies, today announced that they have commenced one of their largest projects to date – StyleKandi. It is expected to launch its Beta Phase on the 8th of March 2011. StyleKandi’s aim is to become the top Malaysian Social Platform for users to ignite trends and share style & fashion tips with one another. The site will also profoundly promote related blog content from around the region to become an almanac for all things stylish and new. The tagline ‘Collective Inspiration’ serves as an all-encompassing summary of the project, encouraging people to inspire and be inspired alike.

StyleKandi is a platform that allows users to discover new trends and fashion. Here is a chance to be part of or even start the next big thing. A user can upload their blog posts, share their pictures, post their Flickr photos or even synchronize from their preferred social networking sites to share with the community instantly. Be a designer, blogger, or just someone proud of their new sneakers, watch as a certain style catches fire and inspires the community.

StyleKandi uses a sophisticated algorithm to determine how ‘cool’ a post or look is. Users can show their love for a certain style, and the community will eventually determine its popularity.

Juniper Networks Appoints Choo-Siang Lee to Drive Dell Alliance in Asia Pacific

Juniper Networks® announced the appointment of Choo-Siang Lee to the key position of Dell Alliance Director, Asia Pacific. The recruitment of Lee, who has extensive vendor alliance leadership experience, signals the company’s determination to expand its business with Dell aggressively across the region in 2011 and beyond.

Customers in the virtual era demand IT solutions that drive efficiency, rapidly deliver business value, and power innovation without locking organizations into proprietary technology. To meet these demands, Dell and Juniper Networks have partnered to offer OEM Juniper routers, switches and security devices under the Dell PowerConnect J-Series family, which is being sold through Dell's direct sales and its PartnerDirect channel.

“This is an emerging alliance with huge potential for both companies in Asia Pacific and joining Juniper now means I have a lot of freedom to design sales engagement framework and go-to-market architecture,” said Lee. “Combining Juniper Networks’ excellent technology with Dell’s very strong enterprise sales capabilities is going to have a very powerful effect.”

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Volvo Cars launches S60 app

Volvo Cars is launching an app for the iPhone and iPad containing plenty of inspiration and information about the new Volvo S60. For instance, the user can style a Volvo S60, watch videos, read news, find a Volvo dealer and order a test drive.

The S60 app (application software) along with an S80L version for the Chinese market is now being launched by Volvo Cars and additional apps will be presented this spring.
"Many customers use mobile phones and Internet tablets to search for information. Now we're simply ensuring that we are where our customers are, opening a window into the company," says David Holecek, responsible for Volvo Cars' digital strategy.

Among the functions included in the app, is a search tool that uses the mobile phone's built-in GPS function to locate and specify the route to the nearest Volvo dealer.
It is also possible to book a test drive, and a configurator allows the user to build his or her own S60. These new functions are linked to the local market site and offer access to the latest news from Volvo Cars.
"We've integrated a number of unique features, such as using the mobile phone's built-in gyro to look around inside the car. If you turn the phone, the image viewed moves too, creating the impression that you're actually sitting inside the car," explains David Holecek.

More to come

More apps will be rolled out for additional Volvo models in conjunction with the Geneva motor show, which gets under way in early March. The target group consists of both potential and existing customers.
"In some countries, we already offer iPhone and Android apps that control the car's heater for customers who subscribe to the Volvo On Call system, and we are also testing a digital instruction manual in the form of an app," reveals David Holecek.

An iPad app containing Volvo Cars' customer magazine, LIV, will also soon be launched. This app will provide access to some of the magazine's content along with a variety of bonus functions such as extra graphic image and film material.

All Volvo Cars' apps will be available for free downloading from the Apple App Store.

Please note that the S60 app is currently only launched in UK and Sweden, though many additional markets will be launching later this week. Please note that the app is only available in English right now, and it requires that your GIP3 Style Configurator is up and running for the S60, and that you use our central DCT tool for the 'Book a Test Drive' functionality)."

Juniper Networks to Participate in World IPv6 Day, June 8, 2011

Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) has announced that it will participate in "World IPv6 Day" on June 8, 2011, a one-day "test drive" of websites offering IPv6 support being sponsored by the Internet Society (ISOC). In this effort, Juniper is furthering its long-standing commitment to ensure its customers continue to be fully prepared for a transparent transition to the new IPv6 protocol to meet their respective market needs and business conditions.

World IPv6 Day will offer a global-scale test flight of IPv6, where major web and networking companies and other industry leaders will enable IPv6 on their main websites for 24 hours. One key goal is to allow participants from all parts of the global Internet community to work towards the common goal of enabling IPv6 at a large scale with minimal disruption; another critical goal is to further promote the awareness of effective IPv4-to-IPv6 transition strategies and the ability to make that transition as seamless as possible.

"Last week's anticipated announcement from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority [IANA1] that the remaining large IPv4 address blocks have now been assigned has long been expected, and should not be misconstrued as alarming in any way—we believe the global Internet can continue its robust growth without interruption," said Alain Durand, director of software engineering, Juniper Networks Infrastructure Products Group. "Juniper Networks has been assisting its service provider and enterprise customers with a continuum of IPv4 exhaustion solutions, IPv6-enabled products and IPv4/IPv6 coexistence strategies for many years. Our participation in World IPv6 Day represents yet another extension of the IPv6 support we've delivered throughout our switching, routing and security solutions families, to now address our public website."

IPv4/IPv6 Coexistence

Juniper Networks has invested significantly in developing a broad suite of technologies and solutions that help customers meet IP addressing needs while building out IPv6 networks as rapidly as their markets and services require. With most of the world's Internet content addressed via IPv4 for decades to come, Juniper has continued to offer its customers support for robust NAT solutions, including Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT) to ensure continued access to IPv4 devices, endpoints and content.

"The vast majority of the world's Internet content is addressable via IPv4," stated Michael Howard, principal analyst, carrier and data center networking, at Infonetics Research. "It's clear that the IPv4-to-IPv6 transition will be a long, but very manageable process."

"IPv4 address depletion is an important and long-awaited inflection point in the continuing history of the Internet," continued Durand, who is scheduled to discuss IPv4/IPv6 issues at the V6 World Congress in Paris on February 9th.

A leader on IPv6 issues since 1993, Durand is the inventor of the Dual Stack-Lite (DS-Lite) network address translation (NAT) solution to allow IPv4 and IPv6 addressing to coexist on carrier networks and has authored numerous Request for Comments (RFCs) and Internet-Drafts. He now serves as the co-chair of both the IETF Softwires and Port Control Protocol (PCP) working groups, which focuses on how applications will evolve to accommodate IPv4 address exhaustion and IPv6 address adoption.

For more information about Juniper Networks IPv6 solutions, including the white paper, Tools and Strategies for Coping with IPv4 Address Depletion, see

IANA is operated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Google and museums around the world unveil Art Project

For centuries, the world of art was only open to the very wealthy, elite classes of society. However, slowly but surely through museums and public artworks, we saw a transformation and democratization in access to art. However, to enjoy iconic works like van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ or Botticelli’s ‘The birth of Venus,” you still had to travel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City or the Uffizi in Rome.

Today, Google is unveiling The Art Project (, a partnership with 17 of the world’s most acclaimed art museums that brings these paintings and 1000+ artworks online, letting everyone see and explore these celebrated collections. Galleries and images can also be explored directly in Street View in Google Maps. And thanks to super high-resolution, ‘gigapixel’ photo technology, you can even zoom in close enough to see the brushstrokes of Rembrandt himself!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tech Blog Malaysia Statistics (Jan 2011)

As usual, check out the analysis for 2010.

For month of Jan 2011, we have the followings.
  • A common .NET programming issue
  • The brand of this blog
  • An adobe's backend program
  • Malaysia's most used broadband service
  • Google, Google, Google

  • Total monthly traffic increased by as much as 6.63%.
  • Traffic from referring sites increased by 3.84%.
  • Google still top contributor (47.19%).Down from last month.
  • Top 5 countries (Malaysia, US, India, Singapore, UK,).
  • New visitors 86.19% (up from last month).
Top Contents

Google is really fantastic, is really respectful, invincible.

It was a few days after Google announced the setting up of an office here in Malaysia.

And everybody is thinking about the same thing, working for Google.

Simply unbeatable.