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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oracle Open World 2012 and First US Trip

I went to KLIA around 7am in the morning of 29 Sep 2012 (Malaysian Time) to board a plane by Cathay Pacific airline to San Francisco in order to attend the Oracle Open World 2012.

I have been lucky to be selected by Oracle to participate in this year's Open World as blogger.

The flight was divided into two parts. First from KLIA to Hong Kong, approximately 3.5 hours and the second from Hong Kong to San Francisco, approximately 11.5 hours. The second flight was delayed as a result of waiting for people like myself, who had stop-over in order to change to a bigger plane amidst a larger crowd – bigger plane is able to travel faster.

The flight from Hong Kong to San Francisco was pretty rough in which it suffered some aggressive turbulences that I have ever experienced. My last long haul flight was from Singapore to Auckland which was about 10 hours long.

And I don’t actually fancy the seat of the plane in which it cannot be slanted backwards, making it hard to sleep. Nonetheless, the flight was also filled with much spiritual development of my own. The first thing was about my perception on people moving up and down the aisles and who had made much noises which in my opinion, that it was perfectly a great harmony for flight experience than it was for annoyances.

I reckon that for long haul flights, the merrier the better because seated with restricted movement in a plane full of dead-serious neighbors is definitely scarier than having neighbors who may occasionally laugh about something. And one thing I’ve learned about airplane neighbors is that they just want to say hello quickly and then get on to do their own business which is fine - it feels like having buddies for the next 11.5 hours who won’t bother to ask you for difficult favors. One way to do it (to get to know them) is to borrow them writing pen or to offer them peanuts – try not to ask too much questions about themselves or even their names. Just some casual talk – talk about San Francisco or Oracle, then quickly turn on movies.

Therefore, I am appreciative that people were actually making some noises around me because the noises of the jet engines were even more damaging.

The greatness of a mother

Another aspect which enlightened me during this flight was the realization to the next level about the greatness of a mother.

Most of us will end up hooked up to the infortainment system for the rest of the flight or to pretend to sleep. During the flight, there was a kid who seated around my perimeters. She had attempted to cry every now and then for unknown reasons. The common perception is that it will be annoying but I actually felt grateful for the same reason that it actually created a much merrier environment for us to release stress of flying long-haul.

While I was pretending to sleep, I withheld great respect for the mother who had to put up with the cries of her child especially during the events of turbulences – she couldn’t pretend to sleep. And I thanked her and her child for their presence during the flight.

San Francisco

As we were about to land, for the first time in my life I witnessed the jungle of California. It was quite surreal.

The landing was smooth and great - time was approximately 12:00 pm (San Francisco time).

The first thing I noticed about the airport was that it didn’t look that big and busy. Thereafter, I was quickly cleared for immigration and custom checking and that was it, for the first time in my life, I had set foot on San Francisco and USA – what a moment to cherish.

Me and traveling companion went on the grab a taxi to Hilton Union Square and I thoroughly enjoyed my first ride on San Francisco’s highway. The trip cost me about US $ 50 (including tips).

Jet Lag

I finally experienced jet lag - it means getting hungry at the wrong time of the day and the inability to sleep more than 1 hour per attempt. It actually slows down your ability to think creatively as well.

But the good weather and water quality of San Francisco have kept me going strong and I really feel like I don’t need much sleep at the moment.

Hilton Union Square

Oracle has been so generous in providing me with such a great accommodation for my 5 days stay. The room is much bigger than my room at home and I had difficulty finding the switches for lightings in the room initially. And after comparing with team mates, it looks like I have the biggest room which feels like SoHo – very comfortable working inside the room.

Oracle Open World 2012

Oracle is famous for its database and Larry Ellison. Back then in college, we used to quarrel about whose idol was better. Naturally, some people will go for Larry, some Bill Gates, some Steve Jobs, some Jerry Yang and some maybe Jeff Bezos. Most people would agree that Larry was the best looking, Bill the nerdiest and Steve the hottest temper.

That was in 1999 when Wikipedia wasn’t around yet and Google was just in its infancy. We didn’t have a lot of information about how Oracle was started and what effort Larry had invested into to make Oracle a success.

All we understood was Oracle’s database was the best and most expensive in the industry. We seldom had the chance to experiment with it – only during specially organized classes.

Not long thereafter, it was announced that Oracle’s database was unbreakable.

And here I am today, I stand here at San Francisco for the first time in my life and I am proud to say that I am part of Oracle.

Oracle's current strategy is to provide the red-stack which is referring to the complete stack of enterprise solution consisting of the best hardware and software which are made to work in perfect harmony and fine-tuned to the greatest precision.

Oracle's products stacking up perfectly and engineered to work together

To elaborate this further, the red-stack simply promises the following 5 qualities for deployment:
  • Best-of-breed – every component consists of industrial highest standard
  • Open – implemented open standards for third party integration
  • Vertical integration – suitable for implementing industrial vertical application which are mission-critical
  • Extreme performance – super fast
  • Engineered system – hardware and software are pre-installed and pre-tuned to the best performance – engineered to work together up to the finest level

In other words, with engineered system, Oracle aspires to provide every industry in the planet with the best hardware, database, middleware, common horizontal application like CRM, ERP, SCM a platform to deliver their customized solution.

The following illustration explains it all.

A perfect solution for deployment of mission-critical applications for industry

Oracle provides the most complete industry solutions

Enterprise IT trends to take note:

Trends show that market potential is huge for Oracle

Finally, check out this year’s keynotes addresses:

  • Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together: Why It’s A Different Approach - Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle (Sunday, Sep 30 2012, 5:00pm to 7:00pm), Moscone North, Hall D)
  • Fujitsu Technology: Redefining IT’s Potential - Noriyuki Toyoki, Fujitsu Limited Corporate Senior Vice President (Sunday, Sep 30 2012 (5:00pm to 7:00pm), Moscone North, Hall D)
  • Shift Complexity – Mark Hurd, President, Oracle, Andrew Mendelsohn, Senior Vice President, Database Server Technologies, Oracle, Juan R. Loaiza, Senior Vice President, Systems Technology, Oracle (Monday, October 1 2012, 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m., Moscone North, Hall D)
  • The Oracle Cloud: Oracle’s Cloud Platform and Applications Strategy - Thomas Kurian, Executive Vice President, Product Development, Oracle (Tuesday, October 2, 8:00 a.m.–9:45 a.m., Moscone North, Hall D)
  • Transform IT + Business + Yourself - Joseph M. Tucci, Chairman, and CEO, EMC (Tuesday, October 2, 8:00 a.m.–9:45 a.m., Moscone North, Hall D)
  • The Oracle Cloud: Where Social Is Built In - Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle (Tuesday, October 2, 2:45 p.m.–4:30 p.m., Moscone North, Hall D)
  • Radical Progress - S. D. Shibulal, CEO and Managing Director, Infosys ((Tuesday, October 2, 2:45 p.m.–4:30 p.m., Moscone North, Hall D)
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Engineered Systems: Fast, Reliable, Virtualized - John Fowler, Executive Vice President, Systems, Oracle, Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect, Oracle, Juan R. Loaiza, Senior Vice President, Systems Technology, Oracle (Wednesday, October 3, 8:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m., Moscone North, Hall D)
  • Data Center Imperatives in the New Era - Diane M. Bryant, Vice President and General Manager, Datacenter and Connected Systems Group, Intel (Wednesday, October 3, 8:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m., Moscone North, Hall D) See More, Act Faster: Oracle Business Analytics - Mark Hurd, President, Oracle (Thursday, October 4, 9:00 a.m.–10:45 a.m., Moscone North, Hall D)
  • Applying Analytics to Real World Scenarios: A Conversation with Michael Lewis, Author of Moneyball, Liar's Poker, and The Blind Side - Michael Lewis, Author of Moneyball, Liar's Poker, and The Blind Side, Hosted by Bob Weiler, Executive Vice President, Oracle (Thursday, October 4, 9:00 a.m.–10:45 a.m., Moscone North, Hall D)

Check out details.

The Busiest Week of Sep 2012 - budget 2013, PIKOM leadership summit, underwater imagery, Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance, Nexus 7

1. Budget 2013

Full text from TheStar.

1.1) Symantec's Take (By Alex Ong (王和伟), Country Director, Symantec Malaysia)

Expanding the Reach and Growth of Entrepreneurs and SMEs - the grant for women entrepreneur to promote their business online, the New Entrepreneur Foundation (NEF)’s assistance in providing training and guidance programmes for the young ICT entrepreneur and the Bumiputera Financing Fund for Bumiputera SMEs.

Symantec welcomes the allocation of RM30 million to drive the implementation of the recently unveiled SME Masterplan, which sets high targets for Malaysian SMEs. The allocation which involves the implementation of the 32 initiatives, including six High Impact Programmes, will certainly accelerate the growth of SMEs through innovation and productivity with strategic investments. This allocation goes hand-in-hand with the significant RM 1 billion SME Development Scheme under the management of the SME Bank. These are timely initiatives to grow Malaysian SMEs and ensure that they are anchored and will stay resilient even in challenging economic times.

In addition, Symantec commends the government’s initiative for Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS) to introduce the Business In Transformation programme to support efforts to modernize the operation of hawkers and small businesses to higher standards and competitiveness. Symantec believes that the guidance and advisory services in this programme which includes online business and mobile shops, together with the grant for women entrepreneur to promote their business online will greatly expand the reach of small businesses in Malaysia and spur them to go global through the Internet.

While the online business brings about great advantages such as low operating costs and increased market reach, the increasing cyber threats that businesses will face on the Internet should be taken seriously.

Symantec’s June 2012 Intelligence Report had shown that cybercriminals are indeed shifting their targets to smaller businesses as they tend to be more vulnerable due to a lack of resources.

Strengthening Human Development to Meet Industry Demand

The Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 is expected to drive the changes needed to transform Malaysia’s workforce by producing fresh and capable talent that can meet the challenges of a globalised and knowledge-based economy.

In line with that, Symantec also welcomes the allocation of RM440 million to the Skills Development Fund Corporation (PTPK) for training loans, the additional funding of RM366 million for upgrading and purchase of training equipment for Industrial Training Institutes and National Youth Skills Institute (IKBN), and the continuation of the 1Malaysia Training Scheme Programme until 2016.

No investment in Addressing Cybercrime

While the Government has introduced measures to reduce crime rate and has allocated a total of RM591 million for the year 2013 in four key areas, cybercrime has not been taken into consideration in the four key areas. With rising cybercrime globally at 81 percent increase in malicious cyber attacks in 2011, and the cost of consumer cybercrime at US$110 billion globally, this is a key area that needs to be looked into.

2.) PIKOM's NIM (National ICT Month) 2012 Conclusion

Industry leaders will be sharing insights and views on innovation and pertinent ICT related topics at a 2-day Leadership Summit 2012 which will be launched by the Honorable Deputy Minister of Science, Technology & Innovation. YB Datuk Haji Fadillah Bin Haji Yusof, on 27th September 2012 in Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur.

About 300 industry leaders from the ICT, finance, telecommunications and the Government sector are anticipated to be participating in the summit that is jointly organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and PIKOM, the National ICT Association of Malaysia. This year’s Leadership Summit carries the theme “Innovation for Digital Opportunity - The Power of Mobile Social Commerce”.

The 2-day summit will feature several prominent speakers such as Datuk Badlisham Ghazali, CEO of Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC) and Mr. Woon Tai Hai, PIKOM Chairman and Executive Director, KPMG Management and Risk Consulting Sdn Bhd. International speakers include Chris Whitney of HP and Jon Krause the Executive Partner of Gartner Executive Programs.

The launch of Strategic Review 2012 / 2013 - Left : En. Shaifubahrim Saleh, Pikom President, Datuk Badlisham Ghazali, CEO,MDeC, Dr Amiruddin Abdul Wahab, Undersecretary, DICT, MOSTI, YB Datuk Haji Fadilah Bin Haji Yusof, Deputy Minister of MOSTI, Woon Tai Hai, PIKOM Chairman.

During the two-day summit, the renowned speakers will share insightful trends and their experiences on the Power of Mobile Social Commerce. Our “not to be missed” flagship strategic research report on the ICT industry in Malaysia, the ICT Strategic Review 2012 / 2013 will also be the main highlight during the summit, whereby all participants will receive a complimentary copy of this report. This PIKOM annual strategic publication features rich contents such as “Disruptive Innovation the Way Forward for High Value Adding Economy”, “Embracing the Consumerisation of IT to Enable Workplace Transformation”, “Green IT, Smart Business” and others.

The topics that will be featured during the 2-day summit include “Digital Malaysia – Transforming the ICT Industry”, “Broadband Is Changing the Way We Do Business”, “Embracing Mobility and Social Media to Power Your Business”. Other more eye-catching but highly relevant hot topics will be, how to monetize the mobile apps and some creative ways to go e-commerce swiftly that is low-cost and hassle-free in Malaysia. We at PIKOM certainly look forward to another productive summit for 2012.

The NIM 2012 was started off early of the month which PIKOM World Cyber Games (WCG) 2012 was held for 3 days.

3.) Blue Coat Introduces Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance for Small Branch Offices

Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a market leader in Web security and WAN optimization, introduced its Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance for small branch offices.

The new Virtual Appliance extends the same depth of protection and control delivered by the Blue Coat® ProxySG® appliances to small branch office locations with limited space and IT resources. The new Virtual Appliance complements Blue Coat’s existing ProxySG appliances and Cloud Service, providing customers with the flexibility to choose the deployment model that best meets their unique security requirements on a location-by-location basis.

Like Blue Coat’s ProxySG appliances and Cloud Service, the Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance is backed by the WebPulse™ Collaborative Defense. WebPulse unites 75 million users in a common defense against Web-based threats and other malicious activities. By tracking more than 500 malnets (malware networks), WebPulse provides the industry’s only Negative Day Defense to block attacks before they launch.

The Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance also delivers the same unmatched policy controls used by enterprises on the ProxySG appliances. The robust policy framework allows businesses to set advanced policies based on more than 100 different parameters to protect their users, data and networks. Additionally, the Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance provides the most comprehensive set of Web, Mobile and Mobile Web Application Controls that give businesses control over the applications and operations running on their networks.

It will be part of the Blue Coat Unified Security solution - Unified Security solution is the only one in the industry that uses the same policy and protection framework across all deployment models, ensuring seamless threat protection and control for all users, regardless of location.

The Blue Coat Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance will be available in November.

4.) First Underwater Imagery in Google Maps

In its quest to build the most comprehensive, accurate and usable map of the world, Google added the very first underwater panoramic images to Google Maps. With these vibrant and stunning snapshots of the underwater world you can “swim” among colorful coral reefs and get up close with its inhabitants. With this underwater imagery, you don’t have to be a scuba diver—or even know how to swim—to explore and experience six of the world’s most incredible underwater spots, including reefs in Australia, the Philippines, and Hawaii. Now, anyone can become the next digital Jacques Cousteau!

At the Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO world heritage site, you can find a sea turtle swimming among a school of fish, follow a manta ray through the ocean and experience the reef at sunset. You can also find out much more about this reef via the World Wonders Project, a website that brings modern and ancient world heritage sites online.

At Apo Island, a volcanic island in the Philippines, you can swim through a marine reserve where you can see impressive hard coral structures. And halfway across the Pacific, in Hawaii, you can join snorkelers in Hanauma Bay and drift over the vast coral reef in the Molokini Crater.

The Catlin Seaview Survey, a major scientific study of the world’s reefs, used a specially designed underwater camera, the SVII, to capture this amazing imagery. We are partnering with The Catlin Seaview Survey to make this imagery available through the Street View feature of Google Maps. Together, we’re excited to make these underwater locations accessible to the millions of people that use already using Google Maps everyday.

Explore more imagery from around the world by visiting

5.) Nexus 7 Tablet was launched in Malaysia - first in SEA

ASUS announced Google Nexus 7 in Malaysia, the first country to launch this Google's Nexus line of devices and the lead device for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Nexus 7 combines the premium hardware designed by ASUS with the latest version of Android and all of the entertaintment from Google Play.

"Nexus 7 is the world's first 7-inch quad-core tablet with Jelly Bean which delivers the best of the Google experience in a slim, portable package that fits perfectly in the hand." said George Su, Business Development Manager for ASUS.

The recommended retail price is RM 999 for 16 GB model.

Tighter Data Integration: The Top Priority for Financial Organizations

SEEBURGER, the leading German-based business integration and enterprise class Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions provider today shares some of its market trend findings amongst global financial institutions, as part of its involvement at the Vietnam Finance 2012 forum.

According to SEEBURGER’s APAC, Managing Director, James Hatcher, tighter data integration is the one of the top priority technology purchase decisions by global financial organizations today.

The common business drivers of financial institutions are ability to reduce costs, focus on core (banking) operations, and to reduce risk via better data security - all of which relate to the issue of data integration.

On top of that, 3 trends are sweeping across the landscape today:
  • Core Banking systems are designed to last at least 10 years before replacement, and we are in the current era where many ASEAN banks have reached the 2nd cycle for replacement.
  • The pressing demand for web-based banking solutions. In trying to keep up with the rapid evolution of web-based banking products and services, many organizations are struggling with how to deliver tight data integration at the solutions’ backend without hard coding. Hard coding interfaces compounds the enterprise level integration scenario when you look at modernizing a financial infrastructure.

  • Next-generation applications such as advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business analytics systems are resulting in multiple databases for the same customer accounts. Synchronization of master data becomes another business issue.

Hatcher  shared some quantitative statistics on the benefits which financial organizations have successful benefited from adopting data consolidation solutions.

“Based on our customer reference accounts, there is up to 96% reduction of expenditure related to search (ie. document tracking); 65% cost cuts in implementing B2B/EDI interfaces; 60% in reduction of software maintenance fees; 50% in reduction of hidden operation cost and operation personnel; and 30% reduction in transfer fees.”

For more details on file sharing security.

Friday, September 28, 2012

IT Retailers Speak Dilemmas and Await Sunset

That is right dude, IT retailers have spoken their dilemmas and quite frankly, they are just sick of it.

I am not kidding, in fact Victor Chin (Managing Director of 1Utopia – Malaysia’s largest IT retailer group) said “not to make extra money, just to survive,” suggesting a fact that IT retailers are facing uphill tasks of maintaining their businesses these days due to mounting challenges.

I was invited to a forum jointly organized by 1Utopia entitled ‘Survival of IT Retailers”, which was attended by IT retailer representatives from different states in the country – basically the attendees represent a united voice so to speak.

The intention of the forum is to identify the business issues faced by these IT retailers and then to identify solution to move forward. 1Utopia felt that this it the 11th hour for the industry and situations are getting more desperate and very critical.

The official press release can be found here.

The Issues identified are:
  1. Low Margin for IT Products – 5% to 8% only
  2. Price Protection/Rebates Claim – IT vendors didn’t reimburse on time hurting cash flow
  3. Stock Commitment – IT retailers killing each other by committing stocks to please IT vendors
  4. Financial liquidity issue – IT retailers are facing mounting debts
  5. Free laptops – large number of free laptops are being circulated in the market which disrupt the free market
  6. Trade Fairs – too many trade fairs in a single year especially in Klang Valley – on the average there are 9 trade fairs being organized yearly
  7. No Union – the negative competition needs to come to an end by having an organized collaboration between IT retailers – IT retailers needs to team-up to face the market, not to compete with each other..

IT retailers these days only get between 5% to 8% profit margin. By selling a laptop to a consumer valued at RM 1000, they only get to make RM 50. Running a business with such low profile margin resulted in inability to maintain high quality team, needless to say making any profit.

The forum blamed the business culture of IT vendors who consist of the biggest brands in the industry. IT vendors and their respective distributors just want to have big sales number and nobody really cares about tomorrow.

Victor Chin said that retailers are also not doing the right thing by killing each other and started the price war due to over-committing to stock commitment.

“Why become a hero?” said Victor Chin.

Some attendees voiced their dissatisfaction with the culture of the business. One particular IT retailer blamed that PIKOM had failed to help them. There was also suggestion that IT vendors exercised double standards and that these big brands need to be more reasonable and think about humanity.

“Nobody makes money anymore,” Victor Chin said which I disagree. Someone will always make some money, maybe just not you.

The statistics which was presented to attendees showed that PC sales are dropping tremendously and it looks like many IT retailers will end up winding up by going down this trend.

The forum concluded that an independent association should be formed, a separate entity from PIKOM, to safeguard the interest and future of IT retailers in Malaysia.

Attendees showered support for the petition signing

Interested IT retailers are encouraged to sign a petition to show their support in forming the independent association.

The original copy of the petition can be found here.

Basically, IT retailers couldn’t wait for PIKOM to help them anymore, they have to help themselves.

The proposed solutions are:
  • Pressure IT vendors to increase profit margin - sell other brands if you have to.
  • Do not attend all trade fairs; only attend if you have to clear stock
  • Do not over commit stock, buy stocks from friendly competitors if they have stock, do kill each other.

Do not take this lightly as this issue is multifaceted. The reason being is that the whole ecosystem is much more complex that what had been discussed in the forum.

The forum raised a very good point in which stock commitment is the root cause of price war and stock commitment is the culture of the industry. Nonetheless, if there is no requirement to buy stock, then online retailers will rule. Bloggers can setup an online store and will kill them flat because blogs will have more traffics than an IT retailer can cope with. No doubt it is true that consumers still like to touch and feel before buying but let me warn you that those online guys are mounting up their forces.

The issue with more supply over demand is hurting the whole IT industry, not just IT retailers. And personally I don’t see there is any solution to this. We can’t go back to industrial age from information age. Is there such thing as digital economy ?

Clash of the titans - the fights to be the one search engine, the one mobile platform, the one operating system, the one ERP system, the one database, the one server, the one social media is killing the whole industry. It is said that you need to start to worry when Google decided to do something for your industry. The industry is converging into an uncharted territory and technology is taking over many businesses.

There is also an issue with business classification. I was told that there is a difference between IT retailers and ICT retailers where the former only deals with PC while the latter only deals with mobile devices and they are not supposed to cross lines. But there is also such thing as hyper-store which is a mixture of both.

All these contributed to the dilemmas.

They cried a river when comparing laptop sales to booming mobile phone sales and they had no opportunity to sell them. And also commented on the fact that people will buy one mobile phone per year on average while will only change laptop every 3 to 4 years.

I don’t really know why IT retailers cannot be allowed to sell mobile devices, probably due to some gaming rules to protect competition, but I do know and agree that nobody cares about buying Netbook anymore. Back in Jan 2010, Steve Jobs said that the Netbook is good for nothing when promoting iPad and he changed the world. That also prompted Intel to create the concept of Ultra-book. Steve Jobs was also the person who gave the ‘ICT retailers’ a new lease of life by inventing the iPhone which revolutionized the smart phone industry and also did the same hit for tablet. And it is said that Nokia was the one who first came out with the idea of smart phone – just too many sad news.

Not sure how Ultra-book is selling, I haven’t seen anyone around me buying it yet and the forum officially declared the obituary for Netbook.

It is hard to tell who belongs to the classification of IT retailers and most definitely it doesn’t involve those ‘machine’ stores. And I don't think this affects everybody in Lowyat plaza - not sure - maybe some just don't care. It surely speaks the heart of those 1Utopia's alliances and since 1Utopia is the largest IT retailer in Malaysia, hence it is fair to say that this voice represents the majority. Victor Chin promised to talk to IT vendors immediately to resolve issues as soon as the petitions are signed, will wait to see on the outcome.

The way I see it, these IT retailers are not excited about what is forthcoming in the industry, they just want their investment back.

As an independent media and entrepreneur, I rally behind you.

Good luck.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Exabytes Launches Its Latest Bundle Package (.Asia Domain + SiteLock + Instant Backup) At RM39.90

Exabytes Network Malaysia, a leading web hosting provider announces the launch of a special bundle package, which are SiteLock, a website hacking prevention solution, Instant Backup, an automated online backup service and a .Asia domain being sold at only RM39.90, a price relatively low compared to its actual value RM207 if customers were to purchase all the three products separately.
The super bundle consists of security, backup and domain name


SiteLock is a website security and anti-malware scanning services designed for websites of SMEs. It protects users’ websites against hacking, viruses, cross-site scripting, SQL injection and even email blacklisting. SiteLock also alerts its users when their websites are blacklisted by Google to avoid costly business losses.

Instant Backup

Instant Backup helps protect the data on multiple PCs and laptops by creating a backup, irrespective of their locations. The backup process is done via the Internet to an external secured data center a.k.a. in the cloud, in a fully automated way without human intervention. To ensure maximum data security, customers’ backup data is encrypted and securely stored.

.Asia Domain

.Asia is a domain extension sponsored by the DotAsia Organisation. It is a regional domain for companies, organizations, and individuals that have a target demographic market in Asia, Australia, and the Pacific. .Asia domains improve businesses' international recognition, regional competitiveness and online identity.

Exabytes bundle package is available for sale from September 26 until October 31. However, customers can also choose to purchase the products separately, which are priced at RM99 (.Asia domain), RM59 (Instant Backup Mini 10GB) and RM49 (SiteLock basic) respectively. For more information regarding the three products.

Strengthen Your Business's Technology Infrastructure with a Server

By Brian Jensen (From Dell)

Many small businesses struggle with their technology infrastructure. Networking can be very complicated, and smaller organizations may not have full time IT staff on hand to implement a more advanced system. This often leaves small business on the trail end of advancing technology which can limit their business growth significantly.

Luckily, servers are becoming easier to use, and business owners who are moderately tech savvy will have no problems setting up a server to strengthen their company’s network. There are a number of benefits that come with using a server in your small business. Most importantly, servers can increase productivity, improve security and make backing up all of your files and data easier.

Increased Productivity

An ad hoc network can lead to problems with productivity. For example, many small business networks will set up their office printer on one PC, and the rest of the computers will print to it. Businesses can run into problems if the person who uses the computer that is attached to the printer turns off their machine when other people need to print. Other employees who need to use the printer will not be able to, and the problem can be made even worse if people who work over the weekend need to wait for the person whose computer is attached to the printer to come in Monday morning before they can print. This can lead to a great loss in productivity.

A centralized network with a server can increase productivity by ensuring that employees have access to network resources. Servers stay running all the time. With this, everyone can always have access to shared files, printers and anything else that the company needs. In addition, servers help companies stay secure by making sure that only people who need to use certain files and directories are able to access them. This can keep certain pieces of information from getting into the wrong hands. Servers were designed for collaboration of information and storing information properly. Companies can put valuable private information on a server where employees can access the information with proper credentials from anywhere. This ensures that information is protected but also accessible to all those who are interested. Learn more about the benefits of a server at

Backups Are Easier with a Server

When businesses operate using multiple separate computers, it can be difficult and time consuming to back up critical data. Computers that are not connected to a central server must be backed up individually. This can be very time consuming if there is a large number of workers who each have their own individual PCs. In addition, it can be very confusing to keep track of the backups. Backing up multiple computers can also waste a lot of hard drive space on each PC. It can also take a very long time to restore many different machines if power issues at the facility cause problems with all of the computers.

Servers help businesses store all of their data in a centralized location. When every computer is connected to a central server, all business data can be stored in one place. This means that backups only have to be performed once, and it is easy to catalog the stored data. In addition, network administrators only have to restore a single backup on the server if there are problems, and no critical data will be lost.

Brian Jensen works with Dell and has a passion for learning and writing about all things technology. Currently he is very interested in business development. You can learn more about business solutions here. In his spare time he enjoys traveling, cooking and spending time with his family.

Monday, September 24, 2012

P1 Says 'Switch to 4G'

If you are using 3G broadband mostly at home, and are an online activities lover. You will most likely face the situation of not having enough quota to use at home. Most 3G broadband will most likely give you a lower quota simply because it was designed for on-the-go usage which is normally less intensive.

Switch to 4G and with that you will get:
  • 100GB additional quota
  • 7-day money back guarantee risk-free policy.
  • A RM200 rebate plus a cordless DECT phone that comes with up to 200 FREE call minutes monthly
For those of you who use broadband mainly on-the-go, P1 has not forgotten about you. If you are a person that is constantly traveling and works out of the office a lot, you will require a stable and reliable 4G broadband connection to connect the multiple devices you’ll need to function efficiently. Well, P1 totally understands your dilemma. So, say goodbye to multiple internet plans for your multiple devices, as P1’s ToGo™ Plan will help you save at a minimum of 57% per month.

Make use of P1 ToGo™ Plan with MiFi, a personal 4G WiFi modem that connects up to 8 devices (7 via WiFi, 1 via USB cable) at only RM69 per month compared to other plans. The plan also comes with a 6GB of usage quota with uncapped 4G speed. This is a whopping 57% saving from having to pay for multiple plans which normally cause up to RM160 for 5GB of usage quota!

Furthermore, the MiFi device comes absolutely FREE if you commit to a 24 months plan, while you’d have to pay over RM300 for a device for the other telco plans!

MYKRIS Reports Accelerated Growth in Managed Broadband Services

Mykris Limited, a homegrown Malaysian provider of Managed Internet Services, announced their company’s financial results and strategic direction in its inaugural Annual Report.

For the six months period ending 31 March 2012, MyKris Limited’s reported a post-acquisition revenue of RM3.66 million (NZ$1.45 million). The company’s growth was largely domestic driven from Malaysia, with more than 80% derived from Mykris’ Managed Internet Services.

Executive Chairman Mr. Chew Choo Soon shared that the two significant contracts which Mykris won recently is value at RM7.18 million (NZ$2.85 million), being Pan Pacific Hotel KLIA and Malaysia Airports (Sepang) Sdn Bhd;

Malaysia Technology News for more details.

In another announcement from Malaysia's ICT industry, Groupon, Inc. has announced the appointment of Ng Aik-Phong as the new Regional Business Development Director of Southeast Asia. Ng’s new role will see him overseeing business development for the entire region with a mandate to further enhance and build the Groupon experience for customers as well as business partners in each market.

With a 15 year career in developing internet businesses, Ng brings with him a collection of experiences working with companies such as Ingenio Pte Ltd, Lycos Asia, Latitude Web Pte Ltd and SilkRoute Ventures. He is also the founder of, an online Singapore based property exchange and matching service which he continues to lead. He is also a former fencer of the Singapore National Team and Bronze medallist from the 1993 SEA Games. He continues to be active in the sport today and coaches the Blade Fencing Club which he has successfully led to numerous Gold, Silver and bronze medal success.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Security Tips - Windows 8, Flamer, IE Fixes

Symantec on Flamer

Symantec has published the findings of a forensic analysis of two of the command and control servers behind the W32.Flamer attacks.

Following are our key findings:
  • The malware was under development by a group of at least four developers as early as 2006.
  • It’s likely the server itself has been used for more attacks than just those related to the Flamer malware.
  • The attackers used multiple encryption techniques and made a concerted effort to securely wipe data from the server on a periodic basis.
All this is an indication of the significant sophistication of the group behind the attacks and the tremendous resources at their disposal. Thus, it is likely the Flamer malware and the C&C server we analyzed are tied to a well-funded group.

Flamer C & C server whitepaper.

Sophos Raises Threat Level to HIGH as Microsoft Critical Internet Explorer Hole

Experts at SophosLabs have raised their threat level to "High" in response to an as-yet unpatched security vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

The zero day threat, which was uncovered at the weekend and impacts most versions of Windows, has already resulted in the German government advising users to stop using Internet Explorer.

The rise in the SophosLabs internet threat barometer comes in response to in-the-wild detections that the team has seen in attacks exploiting the CVE-2012-4969 vulnerability in Microsoft's popular web browser.

Kaspersky on Flamer

Kaspersky Lab announces the results of new research related to the discovery of the sophisticated nation-state sponsored Flame cyber-espionage campaign. During the research, conducted by Kaspersky Lab in partnership with International Telecommunication Union’s cybersecurity executing arm - IMPACT, CERT-Bund/BSI and Symantec, a number of Command and Control (C&C) servers used by Flame’s creators were analyzed in detail. The analysis revealed new, groundbreaking facts about Flame. Particularly, traces of three yet undiscovered malicious programs were found, and it was discovered that the development of the Flame platform dates back to 2006.

Main findings:
  • The development of Flame’s Command and Control platform started as early as December 2006.
  • The C&C servers were disguised to look like a common Content Management System, to hide the true nature of the project from hosting providers or random investigations.
  • The servers were able to receive data from infected machines using four different protocols; only one of them servicing computers attacked with Flame.
  • The existence of three additional protocols not used by Flame provides proof that at least three other Flame-related malicious programs were created; their nature is currently unknown.
  • One of these Flame-related unknown malicious objects is currently operating in the wild.
  • There were signs that the C&C platform was still under development; one communication scheme named “Red Protocol” is mentioned but not yet implemented.
  • There is no sign that the Flame C&Cs were used to control other known malware such as Stuxnet or Gauss.

Sophos has released its top 8 security tips for Windows 8, which is due to be released within the next few weeks.

1. Exercise caution with apps for the new Windows 8 user interface (formerly known as Metro)

Some familiar applications have been completely re-written for the new Windows 8 user interface (UI). As a result they may work completely differently, despite looking the same. For example, an application historically delivered as an executable could now be entirely web-based. This impacts the visibility your existing security and monitoring tools have into these apps.

2. Use the Windows 8 style UI version of Internet Explorer

By default, plugins are disabled, blocking a major target for exploit kits and Blackhole attacks.

3. Make sure your security vendor can flag malicious Windows 8 UI apps

Windows 8 UI apps have important differences from regular applications, and your security product should be able to distinguish the two. The security product should correctly flag malicious or modified Windows 8 UI applications (tampered, modified, invalid license).

4. Disable hard drive encryption hibernation

Hard drive encryption is a cornerstone of data protection. If possible, disable the hibernation option in Windows 8 through group policy, as it doesn’t always work well with encryption.

5. Make sure your hardware carries the “Designed for Windows 8” logo

To carry this logo, hardware must be UEFI compliant. This means you can take advantage of the secure boot functionality available in Windows 8. Secure boot is designed to ensure the pre-OS environment is secure in order to minimize the risk from boot loader attacks.

6. Make application control a priority

The Windows 8 app store makes application control increasingly important for both malware prevention and productivity control. While the Windows Store will be secured, history shows that malicious apps are likely to slip through. Disable the use of apps that aren’t relevant to your organization.

7. Treat Windows RT (ARM) devices like any other mobile devices

Make sure you impose the same security levels on Windows RT devices as all others. You should have the ability to control, track, remote wipe and encrypt them.

8. Block near field communications features you don’t need

Windows 8 now caters for near field communications within the operating system. Because it uses Wi-Fi it is another potential vector for security attacks. Block or disable features you don’t need to close unnecessary security holes.

Bonus tip: Don’t allow sign-in to Windows 8 PCs with a Live ID

Live ID sign-on lets your users personalize their computer based on their own settings, regardless of which computer they sign on to. In doing so, all Windows 8 Style UI apps will be reacquired along with their settings, and apps will be automatically signed in where they use a Windows Live ID. This opens the potential for accidental data loss. Of course, all the old security rules also apply with Window 8. It’s still a bad idea to disable the lock screen or allow automatic log-on. Keep to your principles and, above all, remain vigilant.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

RadioShack officially opens in Malaysia, Southeast Asia with unique twist

Malaysians can now take pride not only in the fact that Malaysia is the first country in Southeast Asia where leading US-based electronics retailer RadioShack is now officially open, but also in the fact that it has been given an unconventional twist by being housed in a bookstore; Borders, the Gardens Mall.

RadioShack is an American brand with a 90-year heritage, offers innovative mobile technology products and services, as well as products related to personal and home technology and power supply needs.

The grand launch was jointly officiated by the American Ambassador to Malaysia H.E. Paul W. Jones and retail magnate Tan Sri Vincent Tan who is the major shareholder of Berjaya Retail Berhad. In full force to support the grand launch was Berjaya Corporation’s Chairman and CEO Dato’ Robin Tan, Berjaya Retail Berhad’s Director Tan U-Ming and RadioShack Corporation, USA’s vice president of franchise Martin B. Amschler.

RadioShack entered into a master development agreement with Berjaya Retail Berhad in March to grow the franchise in 10 Southeast Asian countries. The Malaysian grand launch marks the activation of the agreement; 3 more RadioShack outlets are expected to open in the coming months – a stand-alone store at Berjaya Times Square and a store-in-store in urban bookstore Borders at The Curve and Tropicana City Mall.

RadioShack’s core targets include professionals, students, mothers and their families who want to stay connected and be abreast with technology. The brand also seeks to appeal to electronics hobbyists, a niche group that appreciates the fun in building and creating.

To get Malaysians excited about the launch and draw them into the brand, RadioShack will be giving out products both on-ground as well as on-line via social media. A total of RM35,000 worth of rewards of which RM30,000 are in the form of gifts with purchase will be given out commencing from the grand launch right up to 31st October or while stocks last.

The RadioShack Grand Launch Giveaway runs through 31st October 2012 while stocks last. Customers will be rewarded according to the level of spend:
  • Spend RM60 and above, receive an AUVIO® Earbud (worth RM29.90)
  • Spend RM120 and above, receive an AUVIO® Pearl Buds with Mic (worth RM59.90) in random colours
  • Spend RM250 and above, receive an AUVIO® Concert Class Stereo Headphones (worth RM129.90)
There will also be contests on social media and those interested to participate should join its facebook page.

The placing a RadioShack in Borders, a bookstore, is a first for both brands. Yau Su Peng, Chief Operating Officer of Berjaya RadioShack Sdn. Bhd. which owns the RadioShack franchise explained that this is to create a new type of experience for shoppers to do away with the feeling of intimidation while shopping for personal technology and electronics, to able to enjoy shopping as much as having the pleasure of reading a book - nice and easy.

About RadioShack

A leading American national retailer of innovative mobile and technology products, services and accessories, RadioShack brings to Malaysian consumers a targeted assortment of products centred on mobility - wireless handsets, e-readers, and tablet devices, electronics - personal computing products, digital music players, residential telephones, GPS devices, cameras, digital televisions etc and “signature” - home entertainment,wireless, computer and music accessories; general-purpose and special-purpose power products;headphones; technical products; and services.

In Malaysia, the franchise is owned and managed by Berjaya RadioShack Sdn. Bhd., a subsidiary of franchise developer Berjaya Retail (Cayman) Limited. Five stores are scheduled to open successively from August to end 2012 commencing with a single-stop-shop in Mid Valley Mega Mall followed by store-in-stores in Borders outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

It carries several proprietary brands such as Auvio (audio/video cables, LCD TV's, headphones, premium surge protectors and speakers), Gigaware (computer, GPS and iPod accessories, mp3 players and accessories) and PointMobl (Wireless Phone Accessories) as well its own RadioShack brand for batteries and power, and tools and parts for the DIY and hobby segments.

RadioShack’s retail network includes approximately 4,700 company-operated stores in the United States and Mexico, 1,500 wireless phone centers in the United States and more than 1,100 dealer and franchise locations worldwide.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Learning Kung Fu With I-Pin Chua (Oracle Systems)

Master --> I-Pin Chua (Senior Director, Systems Line of Business, Malaysia & Thailand, Oracle CAPAC services)
Student --> Brandon Teoh

Master: Oracle has two types of engineered systems. 1.) Exadata and Exalogic, 2.) SPARK Supercluster.

Student: Sifu...what is engineered system ?

Master: Engineered system means it is more than just a server, you can compare it to an appliance but also not quite. An engineered system means the hardware and software are pre-installed and pre-tuned to the best performance. Engineered system lives up the spirit of the Red Stack.

Student: Great. What is the red stack ?

I-Pin Chua - 
(Senior Director, Systems Line of Business, 
Malaysia & Thailand

Master: Red = Oracle's official color, Stack is referring to the software and hardware technology which Oracle has developed and acquired and they all work perfectly with each other under the same context. The Red Stack means everything combines together in a box and it works just like a black box.

Student: So, an engineered system is a server with the Red Stack ?

Master: Yup!

Master: Exadata and Exalogic is Linux and Intel technology while SPARK Supercluster consists of Solaris and SPARK technology.

Student: Master, how much does the lowest spec engineered system cost ??

Master: Around US $ 500,000.

Student: In Malaysia who can afford that ?

Master: Oracle only sells to the top 100 (range) customers in Malaysia. It targets those in telecommunication, FSI and even GLCs.

Master: These customers will need the system when they are thinking about having three things.

1.) Cloud implementation.

2.) Customized engineered system.

3.) To reduce existing siloed infrastructure.

All these 3 requirements will eventually help them to achieve longer term costs saving, improved performance of up to 5 or 10 times.

In other words, customers get to achieve 1.) simplicity, 2.) reduced risk, 3.) performance 4.) costs saving

The market is big. "Most enterprises not yet adopted cloud. And their data centres are messy ones." said I-Pin Chua.

Student: [speechless]

Master: More than 1,000 Oracle® Exadata Database Machines are installed at customer sites globally.

Student: ok. Noted.

Master: Oracle has always been focusing on engineering of the best technology and products. It currently rely on system integrators for implementation services.

Student: Ya. Ya.

Master: Class dismiss.

Compare for best price with Pricepanda launched its price comparison website in Malaysia and Singapore. After two months of an open-beta, the service is now fully available and is providing a fast growing catalogue of products, prices and merchants. Now, online user can save money easily by using the Pricepanda state-of-the-art price comparison engine. The startup is powered by Rocket internet, the largest and most successful international online venture builder.

Founder Christian Schiller: “We are very happy to bring out the first online price comparison model to Malaysia and Singapore. We had an encouraging beta-start and very positive responses from local merchants and consumers. We are convinced that Pricepanda is going to be the market leading comparison website within a short time period.”

Pricepanda is going to rollout its service into more countries very soon and will add additional merchants as well as product categories successively. During the first weeks of operations in Malaysia and Singapore, Pricepanda already cooperates with a significant amount of top local online electronic retailers such as Shashinki, Challenger, Fotokem, Mobile Megamall, Youbeli, Mobile88, Lazada and Cresdo. At the same time the number of quality products on the site just in Malaysia has grown into over 2000 individual items. Currently, the product catalogue is focused on consumer electronics, with mobile phones, cameras, computers, software, TV, video and audio.

Since Pricepanda has in short time managed to establish a very strong relationship with large number of top merchants with a large number of quality products, such as the new iPhone 5. Pricepanda is therefore offering a Pricealert service for its customers making sure, that the new apple product will be available for them on the first day possible at the best price.

Co-founder Matti Rönkkö: “We want to make sure that customers get an exceptional shopping experience from Pricepanda. We have received feedback from our user base that they would like to have the top products accessible in even easier way and therefore we decided to give them the possibility to get the new iPhone in best price without searching and queuing”

Pricepanda employs 20 people and has representatives in Malaysia and Singapore. The company is supported by Rocket Internet, the largest and fastest growing online incubator and accelerator. Rocket has been building online companies since 1999 and has created over 100 market leading companies in 40+ countries, dozens of which have been exited successfully – for example Groupon International, eBay Germany, global e-commerce leaders like Zalando, and many others. The founders behind Rocket were also early investors in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Zynga.

How it works ? gathers the different prices of the same product from various e-commerce websites such as Cresdo, Mobile MegaMall, Mobile 88, spider88, youbeli and whymobile.

Users can also register for the PriceAlert.

Blue Coat Leads Markets for Content Security Gateway Web Appliances

Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a market leader in Web security and WAN optimization, announced that it leads the worldwide and Asia Pacific (APAC) markets for Content Security Gateway Web/malware appliances according to the latest market share report from Infonetics Research. In APAC, Blue Coat leads with 41.9 percent market share, more than double the market share of its nearest competitor. Blue Coat has led the market in APAC and globally every year since 2006, when Infonetics first began tracking Content Security Gateway appliances.

According to the Infonetics report, Blue Coat holds 30.5 percent market share worldwide, 13 percentage points more than the next closest competitor.

“Blue Coat’s market leadership reflects our commitment to delivering the advanced web security technologies that help customers seamlessly protect their users and data wherever they are, on any network,” said Steve Daheb, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, Blue Coat Systems. “Blue Coat’s innovative solutions allow businesses to embrace the shift to cloud-based applications and BYOD initiatives while its Negative Day Defense is the industry’s only threat defense that can block web-based attacks before they launch.”

The growing adoption of mobile devices is blurring the boundaries of the corporate network. With the Blue Coat Unified Security solution, companies can extend their security perimeter to any user across devices on any network by delivering instant threat protection and policy via Blue Coat® ProxySG® appliances and the Blue Coat Cloud Service. The Unified Security solution is the industry’s only solution that leverages the same threat protection and policy control infrastructure across both hardware appliances and cloud services, giving enterprises unprecedented flexibility and reach in their security deployment.

The Unified Security solution is backed by the Blue Coat WebPulse™ collaborative defense to protect against increasingly sophisticated web threats. WebPulse features a Negative Day Defense that tracks and analyzes malnet (malware network) infrastructures to block attacks at the source before they launch. Overall, the Blue Coat Unified Security solution offers highly adaptable protection that helps enterprises defend against the rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

J.P. Morgan Asset Management invests in LAZADA

LAZADA, the leading online department store in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand), has confirmed an investment by J.P. Morgan Asset Management, which will take a stake in LAZADA through its German holding.

It was first launched in five Southeast Asian countries during the spring of 2012, and is claimed to have become the fastest growing online department store in the region. Since then, LAZADA has surpassed most established local and international competitors and according to web ranking site it is already ranking among the top local B2C eCommerce sites in all of its markets - ranked among the top 100 most-visited sites in Malaysia by Alexa Rating System less than three months after going live.

According to LAZADA, Southeast Asia is a region with a population of more than 600 million people and a growing young middle-class who are tech savvy, online and breathing social media.

With the support of Rocket Internet, the leading global online venture incubator (e.g. Zalando, Dafiti), LAZADA has already established itself as a household name in the region by providing a one-stop shopping experience online. With an unrivalled brand and product selection available online, LAZADA has developed a wide offering ranging from consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment. Today, approximately 1,000 employees are operating streamlined businesses with own logistics and distribution centers in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia.

“We feel very honoured to welcome J.P. Morgan to our investor group and are particularly excited to be joined by an investor that shares our vision and belief in the huge potential of this populous region replicating online shopping behaviours in developed countries”, regional CEO Maximilian Bittner commented. “This will further support our growth as we strive to offer all of our customers fast, convenient and secure online shopping experiences”.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management Portfolio Manager Robert Cousin, who worked on the deal from New York, confirmed the transaction, saying, “We are excited to partner with LAZADA as it continues to expand its eCommerce presence in Southeast Asia."

Lazada has been able to successfully compete with other online and even offline retail stores mostly because of the unique services that we provide, such as free delivery, COD, a 14 day return and exchange policy and full manufacturer warranty on all products. Because of this we have gained great attention and trust of consumers and we are confident we can gain a strong foothold in the market. Mostly because of the two major factors that give us leverage over our competitors, a) Lazada is convenient b) Lazada is safe.

Lazada works closely with corporate partners for promotions as part of marketing strategy. For instance, when Lazada customers shop over RM100 they get a complimentary Starbucks Card preloaded with RM10. We had voucher promotions with TGV cinemas and MAKNA which is Lazada’s charity partner group. It is currently working with banks for enable zero rates installments payment for credit card holders. Next month, it will be giving away exciting prizes with media partners where shoppers that hear about Lazada from these sources stand a chance to win big prizes from Lazada.

It is one of the few online companies who have invested substantial amount of money into marketing and advertisement.

Speaking about advertisement, Lazada web sites do not host other advertisements.

IBM Scientists First to Distinguish Individual Molecular Bonds

IBM scientists have been able to differentiate the chemical bonds in individual molecules for the first time using a technique known as noncontact atomic force microscopy (AFM).

The results push the exploration of using molecules and atoms at the smallest scale and could be important for studying graphene devices, which are currently being explored by both industry and academia for applications including high-bandwidth wireless communication and electronic displays.

The individual bonds between carbon atoms in such molecules differ subtly in their length and strength. All the important chemical, electronic, and optical properties of such molecules are related to the differences of bonds in the polyaromatic systems. Now, for the first time, these differences were detected for both individual molecules and bonds. This can increase basic understanding at the level of individual molecules, important for research on novel electronic devices, organic solar cells, and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). In particular, the relaxation of bonds around defects in graphene as well as the changing of bonds in chemical reactions and in excited states could potentially be studied.

To corroborate the experimental findings and gain further insight into the exact nature of the contrast mechanisms, the team performed first-principles density functional theory calculations. Thereby they calculated the tilting of the CO molecule at the tip apex that occurs during imaging. They found how this tilting yields a magnification and the very sharp images of the bonds.

This research was funded within the framework of several European projects including ARTIST, HERODOT, CEMAS, the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the Regional Government of Galicia.

The scientific paper entitled "Bond-Order Discrimination by Atomic Force Microscopy" by L. Gross, F. Mohn, N. Moll, B. Schuler, A. Criado, E. Guitian, D. Pena, A. Gourdon and G. Meyer, appears in Science, doi/10.1126/science.1225621 (14 September 2012).

More information.

BMW Group Malaysia introduces the all-new BMW 320i

The new BMW 320i sedan is about two things - elegant luxury and sporty personality.

The cars also further reinforce BMW’s position as the leader in the premium segment, highlighting exactly why the BMW 3 Series continues to be the most successful premium and sporty vehicle in the world.”

In engine offering, both the new BMW 320i Luxury and Sport Line now feature the newly accomplished BMW TwinPower Turbo 2.0 litre-inline-four-cylinder petrol engine. Combined with twin-scroll turbocharger, Valvetronic, Double VANOS, High Precision Injection and equipped with the 8-speed automatic Steptronic transmission, the engine is capable of churning out an impressive 135kW / 184hp resulting in the all new BMW 320i achieving a 0-100km/h dash time of only 7.6 seconds.

 BMW 320i - BMW 3 Series continues to be the most successful premium and sporty vehicle in the world

Like its other contemporary BMW models, the new BMW 320i also features the latest BMW EfficientDynamics innovations such as Brake Energy Regeneration, the Auto Start/Stop function as well as the ECO PRO mode as part of its driving experience control options. These innovative offerings for efficiency results in the new sports sedan registering an impressive average fuel consumption reading of only 6 litres per 100 KM with CO2 emissions amounting to a mere 141 g/km, making the new BMW 3 Series the most efficient car in its class.

Other features:
  • BMW Live and BMW TeleServices - accessed through a 6.5” free-standing LCD panel and central BMW iDrive controller.
  • BMW ConnectedDrive - in-car vehicle USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Discreet high-gloss chrome elements of the kidney grille, air inlets and side window frames

The new BMW 320i is also covered by BMW’s extensive service program, the BMW Service + Repair Inclusive (BS+RI) which covers the normal wear-and-tear repairs or replacements as well as maintenance, service and repair of factory components of the vehicle. The service program offers peace-of-mind BMW ownership and provides cover from three years from its original registration date or 60,000km whichever comes first.

The retail price (on the road, without insurance, with BMW Service + Repair Inclusive (BS+RI)) for the new BMW 320i Luxury Line or BMW 320i Sport Line is RM238, 800.00

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Design Firm dwp Tackles Global Collaboration Challenges with Silver Peak

Design professionals and project managers at award-winning architecture and interior design firm dwp | design worldwide partnership collaborate and exchange large-size design blueprints and documents daily between offices in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. With key productivity applications such as file, email, web, AutoCAD and Revit becoming more bandwidth-, processing- and storage-intensive, dwp turns to Silver Peak Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software to accelerate its file transfers and optimize its WAN performance, while reducing infrastructure costs by 80 percent.

With 12 offices spanning across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, dwp employs over 450 design professionalscollaborating across borders to deliver architecture, interior design, masterplanning and project coordination, as well as service concepts and solutions, to thehighest international standards. Besides addressing its data explosion, there was an urgent need for dwp to lower its operating expenditure (OPEX), whichsoared dramatically due to an increase in bandwidth costs necessitated by poor network connectivity between its data center located in Bangkok and the various branch offices. In addition, link costs and latency were the highest between Bahrain and Bangkok.

After the VXOA deployment, It now takes only a few minutes to transfer 1 GB of data across the distributed enterprise. Staff productivity has been greatly enhanced with the network performing faster, and becoming more agile and efficient in delivering consistent service levels.

Besides that, its sharedPoint portal now performs significantly faster than before.

Other benefits include sharp reduction in hardware, bandwidth and software licensing costs by as much as 80 percent due to the network performing optimally.

Orion Health Solidifies its Place in the Asian Healthcare Market

To support its burgeoning success in Asia Pacific, Orion Health, New Zealand’s largest privately owned software exporter and a global leader in eHealth technology, today announced the official opening of its new Singapore office. This new facility provides a new home for the company’s Singapore-based services, development and technical support teams.

Orion Health’s expansion into Singapore follows its acquisition of Microsoft’s HIS solution earlier this year, as well as becoming an integral part of the consortium awarded the contract to implement the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) by the Singapore Ministry of Health in June 2010.

Orion Health HIS is a fully integrated, state-of-the-art hospital information system that supports paperless, integrated workflows to help improve information integrity, reduce transcription errors and duplication of information entry, and optimize report turnaround times.

Mark Capill, Regional Manager Asia Pacific, Orion Health, says, “The opening of our new Singapore office will enable us to offer improved service and responsiveness to our growing base of customers across South East Asia.”

Embrace Developers Initiative From Intel

At the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Renée James, senior vice president and general manager of the Software and Services Group at Intel Corporation, outlined her vision for transparent computing. This concept is made possible only through an “open” development ecosystem where software developers write code that will run across multiple environments and devices. This approach will lessen the financial and technical compromises developers make today.

By delivering the best performance with Intel's cross-platform tools, security solutions and economically favorable distribution channels, the company continues to take a leadership position in defining and driving the open software ecosystem.

During her keynote, James emphasized the importance of HTML5 and related standards and that the implementation of this technology by developers should remain open to provide a robust application development environment. James reinforced Intel's commitment to HTML5 and JavaScript by announcing that Mozilla, in collaboration with Intel, is working on a native implementation of River Trail technology. It is available now for download as a plug-in and will become native in Firefox browsers to bring the power of parallel computing to Web applications in 2013.

Security at Intel provides an inherent advantage in terms of its approach. For over a decade, Intel has applied its technology leadership to security platform features aimed at keeping computing safe, from devices and networks to the data center. The McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA). The technology partnering program helps accelerate development of interoperable- security products, simplify integration of these products and delivers solutions to maximize the value of existing customer investments. The program also is intended to reduce both time-to-problem resolution and operational costs.

James also announced the Intel® Developer Zone, a program designed to provide software developers and businesses with a single point of access to tools, communities and resources to help them engage with peers. Today’s software ecosystem is full of challenges and opportunities in such areas as technology powering new user experiences, expectations from touchscreens, battery life requirements, data security and cloud accessibility. The program is focused on providing resources to help developers learn and embrace these evolving market shifts and maximize development efforts across many form factors, platforms and operating systems.

More information, refer to Malaysia Technology News.

MyIX’s New Logo Exemplifies Corporate Visual Identity

Malaysia’s sole neutral Internet Exchange operator, MyIX – also known as ‘Persatuan Pengendali Internet Malaysia’, today rolled out its new visual identity that includes an updated logo. The new identity symbolizes the role of the national exchange in driving for significant Internet and broadband growth in the domestic market, as well as for local Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the country.

The new company logo is inspired from the rotational form of modern Origami and symbolizes the strong unity that MyIX endeavours for and with its members.
MyIX New Logo

The crimson-coloured logo is also designed to reflect the company’s strong intent as playing the crucial, central and leading role in the advocate for satisfactory delivery of top-value services and quality connectivity for its members.

The logo is in the form of a prominent red star that reflects the elements of stability and reliability. According to presiding MyIX Chairman Chiew Kok Hin, the new logo represents the new energy, commitment and aspirations of MyIX’s shared vision between its members and their customers through the representation of the four different gradient triangles perfectly incorporated within the logo.

UMS Deploys FalconStor’s Data Protection Solutions for Business Continuity

Sabah University of Malaysia (UMS) has implemented FalconStor’s data protection solutions - including FalconStor® Continuous Data Protector (CDP), FalconStor® Virtual Tape Library (VTL), and HyperTrac™ Backup Accelerator products -- in an effort to achieve business continuity while controlling data growth and storage costs.

Since its inauguration in 1994, UMS has grown from approximately 200 undergraduate students to more than 15,000. With the rapid expansion of the university’s student population comes even more data, in particular the academic and personal information that students have entrusted to the school for safekeeping. Managing data is extremely important to the university because improper handling of information can have devastating consequences.

Prior to deploying FalconStor solutions, UMS’s ICT department used tape backup, a slow process particularly in restoring data. As business operations grew, the university’s increasingly critical data grew significantly to the point where tape backup was no longer sufficient to meet the higher response levels and faster recovery needed for optimum data management.

UMS is currently striving to achieve Information Security Management System Certification (ISO/IEC 27001 for its data center.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Exabytes Extends Multi-Location Cloud Hosting To Singapore

Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s No.1 web hosting and cloud hosting provider, announces the latest availability of its multi-location cloud based hosting services to Singapore.

The business extension in Singapore will be directly managed by the subsidiary of the company, Exabytes Network (SG) Pvt. Ltd.

According to the CEO of Exabytes, Chan Kee Siak, the objective of Exabytes’ multi-location Cloud hosting is to offer web hosting more pervasively, as a service over the Internet to end-users.

Deploying on cloud infrastructure will help web masters with better management and control of server infrastructure.

This offering primarily targets SMEs, ecommerce merchants, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), web developers and designers based in and out of Singapore.
Chan Kee Siak - 
CEO, Exabytes Network

Currently, Exabytes’ Cloud solution is hosted at the four global sites of Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya, Singapore and the United States.

“Next year 2013, we plan to set up an addition of three more Cloud hosting nodes in Indonesia, Vietnam and Japan to provide better coverage in the Asia Pacific region.” said Chan.

This move is also seen as a benchmark for export of Malaysian technology to Singapore in which Exabytes is proud to say that hosting in Singapore is now as good because it had been proven in Malaysia.

Today, Exabytes has over 3,000 customer based in Singapore since its establishment in 2009. In conjunction with the launch of the multi-location Cloud hosting services in Singapore, Exabytes is also offering a SGD1000 of Cloud Hosting Credit to all Singapore based companies to buy any Cloud Hosting Package suitable for them. The credit is valid for 6 months, subsidized by Exabytes.

For more information on Exabytes cloud hosting including Cloud Hosting Grant.

SEEBURGER: Embrace MFT Technology, Prevent Data Breaches

SEEBURGER, the leading German-based business integration and enterprise class Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions provider, urges Malaysian businesses to embrace MFT technologies more pervasively throughout their organization, in order to increase the overall level security in the important process of file sharing.

SEEBURGER’s APAC, Managing Director, James Hatcher, highlights that data breaches due to the file sharing process - whether by email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), hosted file sharing services or other methods, can be almost be 100% prevented leveraging managed file transfer (MFT) technology.

MFT can be used as enterprise-level file sharing solution to achieve compliance, overcome email size limitations and BYOD management.

Each file transfer made through MFT is checked against pre-defined policies. They are also encrypted, authenticated, monitored to ensure delivery, and logged in a central location for easy tracking and auditing.

MFT can be used to protect sensitive and/or large files ranging from payroll, customer lists, price lists, HR data, and financial and tax information to business plans, contracts and RFPs, CAD/engineering drawings and large multimedia files such as marketing videos. It can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

It targets manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, commercial, financial services, and public sector.

For more details on file sharing security.

Symantec and Red Hat Announce Joint Solutions for Enhanced Reliability, Disaster Recovery and Performance

Symantec Corp. and Red Hat, Inc., announced an extended collaboration to deliver solutions that help customers deploy agile private and hybrid clouds and create highly resilient data centers. The expanded relationship spans engineering, marketing, support, and sales groups in both companies. Based on proven real-world deployments, the new solutions will harness the power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Symantec storage and availability solutions to deliver higher availability and increased agility while helping organisations deploy business-critical applications with confidence.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is deployed by more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 while Symantec, as the industry leader in protecting business-critical applications, brings a robust suite of storage and availability management solutions to provide highly available multi-tier applications and business continuity across multiple storage platforms, operating systems and virtualisation platforms. Symantec’s storage and availability management solutions are used by 99 percent of the Fortune 500.

The joint solutions target data centers.

Key features:
  • Automated Off-Premise Disaster Recovery
  • Improved Storage Management for Multi-OS, Multi-Storage Data Centers
  • Cost-Effective Failover for Oracle Databases

Monday, September 17, 2012

Companies are more concerned about their employees’ performance than IT security

Keeping employers off certain sites and blocking the launch of third-party applications are among the most popular ways of ensuring IT security, a survey has found. According to a study conducted by B2B International in July 2012, companies are most likely to restrict access to online games, with 71% of the IT professionals surveyed saying this was part of their strategy.

Slightly less popular methods include restricting or banning social networking sites – a measure mentioned by 68% of those surveyed. From this, it’s possible to conclude that IT specialists risk focusing more on employees’ performance, rather than infrastructure security.

The results also cover measures which are directly related to infrastructure security and data safety. For example, 50% of companies have restricted or prohibited the use of file exchange services, and 47% have enforced similar rules for connecting external devices to work computers.

More worryingly, though, 43% of IT specialists have already faced deliberate or accidental data leakage due to employee actions. This significant figure suggests there is insufficient control in terms of storing and communicating corporate information.

The full report on B2B International’s July 2012 survey results.

Google rejects White House request to pull controversial film clip

Google rejects White House request to pull Mohammad film clip

Google Malaysia blocks 'Innocence of Muslims' video clip

According to TheStar,  Google Malaysia has blocked YouTube access to the controversial "Innocence of Muslims" video clip in response to a complaint from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

Those trying to load the video from a Malaysian Internet Protocol (IP) address would see a message that reads: "This content is not available in your country due to a legal complaint. Sorry about that."

Google Communications and Public Affairs head Zeffri Yusof confirmed the videos had been blocked in Malaysia.

"Where we have launched YouTube locally and we are notified that a video is illegal in that country, we will restrict access to it after a thorough review,” he said on Monday.

The video has also been blocked in various other countries, including Indonesia, India, and Egypt.
However, some of the videos can occasionally still be seen on YouTube as users were continually uploading it to the video-sharing site.

MCMC chairman Datuk Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi said the commission and Google would "continue to work together to ensure that the offending content is unavailable."

The MCMC had filed an official complaint with Google on Saturday over the video.

YouTube under threat in Russia over Prophet film

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cooliris - Social Media App for Photo Sharing and Photo Passion

The Cooliris app lets you discover all your photos in one place. Seamlessly browse photos from your iPad or iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, and the web. Then selectively share them with your close group of friends.
  • View photos from your library, Facebook, Instagram, and the web.
  • Interact with photos on a stunning 3D wall.
  • Collaboratively share photos in private conversation or post them to Facebook.
  • Stream photos to Apple TV via AirPlay for the family to enjoy.
  • Works on iPad and iPhone.
  • Free and unlimited photo uploads.

Cooliris is a company which is passionate about photos - and a startup. It is based in San Francisco, USA.

Its office has a big drum set in the middle of the room, a PlayStation, giant bean bags… and hired interns from all places around the world such as Austria, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

The team at Cooliris consists of engineers, business people, and designers - all with self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for technology - that is because it is startup.

With Cooliris, they wanted to make sure you could not only view all your favorite photos in a beautiful way, but also share them with the people who matter most. Send photos of your kids to their grandparents, start a group conversation around awesome street art you spot, or create a conversation around last night’s party, including your own and those from Facebook. There are endless possibilities for sharing.

One awesome thing about Cooliris is that you can create a conversation with anyone. Even if your friends don’t have Cooliris, they will still be able to experience conversations through the web and will receive an email complete with photos and text when they are invited to a conversation.

The Cooliris app is a social media app for photo sharing and photo passion - lifestyle app.

What’re you waiting for? Go download Cooliris in the App Store and start a conversation now!

WCG Asian Championship 2012 Closing Ceremony

The World Cyber Games (WCG) Asian Finals 2012 was started off with high notes and drew to a close on Sunday 9th 2012 after three exciting days of competition with players from 10 countries participating in DOTA 2, FIFA 2012 and Tekken 6. For the second year running, Malaysia emerged as the country champions in the Asian Championship, having won in Jakarta in 2011.

The winners of the WCG Malaysia Championship were Chew Hoe Sheng (FIFA 2012), Tammy Tan Yu Yuan (Tekken 6), Tan Soon Hua (StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty), Team Orange e-Sports (DOTA 2 & Counter Strike Global Offensive), Team Urban Gamer (World of Tanks) and Team LZ (Counter Strike Online). All these winners will be joining gamers from other countries at the WCG World Finals in Kunshan. China.

In the WCG Asian Championship, the Malaysian team, Team Orange e-Sports won the DOTA 2 challenge, besting Thailand’s Team MiTH which was 1st runner-up and Indonesia’s Team AMPM WONOSOBO as 2nd runner-up. Meanwhile, the champion in Tekken 6 was Kim Hyun Jun from Korea. Malaysian Chew Hoe Sheng won FIFA 2012.

2nd Runner-up:Kenneth Chan_IMMUNITYX7
1st Runner-up:Liaw Way Gian_[RIIIB] aRrOyOs
Champion:Chew Hoe Sheng_[RIIIB] Vin

Tekken 6
2nd Runner-up:Ahmad Zaharin Bin Ahmad Muwarni _Mestre Arenz
1st Runner-up:Ong Kok Poh_Empty
Champion:Tammy Tan Yu Yuan_gagasui

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
2nd Runner-up:Sow Yih Jia_rLsoneplus
1st Runner-up:Lee Hoong Yan_RiseN
Champion:Tan Soon Hua_pRocobo

2nd Runner-up:Team SpaceMonkeys_Ong Yok Soon (Ddx), Tan Shi Yau (blowblowblow), Chan Ming Yu (DaN!), Fadil Bin Muhd Raziff (KecikImba) & Clanton Thoo Chin Fung (Clanton)
1st Runner-up:Team Gizmo Gaming_Chai Di Cheng (ShawNZ), Jong Xuan Jie (JXJ), Kho Sheng Jun (gLoRyZs-), Yang Liang Ying (TaeNyFlrx) & Kong Kian Chin (KeNRiO)
Champion:Team Orange e-Sports_Chan Litt-Binn (WinteR), Ng Wei Poong (Yamateh) , Lee Kong Yung (ky.xy), Joel Chan Zhan Leong (XtincT) & Chai Yee Fung (Mushi)

Counter Strike Global Offensive
2nd Runner-up:Team Orange e-Sports 2nd Division_Ahmad Fadhil Lao Bin Zarief Marzuki (deng), Alif Bin Idris (KRAETURE), Johan Feira Bin Ismail (SLQR), Nor Aidil Nor Azham (Aidil) & Muhammad Syafiq Bin Sulaini (ros)
1st Runner-up:Team 4LULZ_Munzir Hazazi Bin Rosdi (Namelez), Rais Bin Abdul Hamid (torrez^), Wan Mohd Hashridz (bRonx0it), Khong Weng Keong (kaze) & Kok Kin Choong (kc)
Champion:Team Orange e-Sports_Raffy’Uddin Bin Othman (puffy), Mohamad Hazreel Bin Mazlan (areel), Azim Shaharudin (plankton), Gerard Anand (rico) & Shahrir Izzat Bin Sulaiman (izzatr)

World of Tanks
2nd Runner-up:Team WOTM_Mohd. Saufi Bin Mohd. Fadzillah (BraderBotak), Kamarul Ariffin (ChickenShot2), Khairul Azlan Bin Abdul Aziz (AzlanDyNasTy), Muhammad Khairul Bin Che Puteh (khaicp88), Mohammad Hasnorruddin Bin Mohd Hussein (HatsuneMiku39), Sharil Bin Othman (Dewata) & Sulaiman Bin Yahya (GoldenTank01)
1st Runner-up:Team OPPA_Emyfadzly Bin Safiee (EmyFadzly), Mohd Azmirullah Bin Ahmad Kasim (GamaBunta), Muhd Qamarul Akmar Bin Zulkarnian (lowkeydark), Muhammad Nur Firdaus Bin Azlan (ketink), Kaviraj A/L Mariamuthu (charu29), Noorazrizal Bin Mohd Norashid (ejairashid) & Shukri (Jonidipp)
Champion:Team Urban Gamer_Muhammad Afiq Bin Ab Wahab (MrDead), Hafiezul Muazni Bin Mohamad (7thsign), Hafez Manap (Penetration), Irwan Zulhelmi Bin Baharuddin (MrAyamSardine), Muhammad Shahful Saharudin (OldmanSnake), Woo Kum Hwa (MarineSQ), Faizad Bin Kassim (botek9) & Muhammad Fadzil Bin Mohd Nordin (katana6149)

Counter Strike Online
2nd Runner-up:Team funnybunnies_Ramona Azween Binti Zaharuddin (nAAn), Koh Keat Yong (Chiz), Narinpal Singh (tand00ri), Chai Wai Loon (STL) & Amir Ariff Azham (snaz)
1st Runner-up:Team Hybrid_Julian Khoo (KrixxKroxx), Lian Kong Chian (n1troN), Nor Aiman Bin Nor Azham (Aimannn), Kok Yew Yau (Mon$$$star) & Ng Yew Siang (Hix)
Champion:Team LZ_Haron Mustaffa Al-Mardiah Bin Mustaffa (ronne), Mohd Syazwan b. Mohd Hanafie (wanr0), Mohd Rezza bin Mat Talha (rexa), Mohd Khairul Fadzree Bin Jamsari (ZitronKimy) & Geoffrey Nyipa George (k1ngzzz)

WCG Asian Championship 2012

2nd Runner-up:Thailand (Chinoros Samanmitr_NeoESGiNoLA)
1st Runner-up:China (Yang Zheng_Zola)
Champion:Malaysia (Chew Hoe Sheng_[RIIIB] Vin)

Tekken 6
2nd Runner-up:India (Simranjeet Singh_LionHart)
1st Runner-up:Indonesia (Darmawan Sie_ yamakasih)
Champion:Korea (Kim HyunJin_JDCR)

2nd Runner-up:Indonesia’s Team AMPM WONOSOBO (Albert Dick Ludong_ DownXwaN, Jeffry Martin Suhendra_ Tonberry, Kesuma Edwin_ Faith, Leonard Chandra_CL & Rene Michael Halim_ duMmyNation)
1st Runner-up:Thailand’s Team MiTH (Trai Akaravinak_ MiTH-TrlTnk, Chanon Chiwpreecha_ MiTH-TrlaabBAA, Pipat Prariyachat_ MiTH-TrlLaKelz, Nattapong Petkong_ MiTh-Trlr5r5 & Thakun Jaroenjan_ MiTH-TrlTha-)
Champion:Malaysia’s Team Orange e-Sports_Chan Litt-Binn (WinteR), Ng Wei Poong (Yamateh) , Lee Kong Yung (ky.xy), Joel Chan Zhan Leong (XtincT) & Chai Yee Fung (Mushi)

WCG Asian Championship 2012 Country Champion: MALAYSIA