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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Adobe Releases Photoshop Lightroom 2

Major Software Upgrade Simplifies Photography Workflows

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA –July 30, 2008 - — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® 2 software, the photographer's essential toolbox for managing, adjusting and presenting large volumes of digital photographs.

With new enhancements such as dual-monitor support, radical advances in non-destructive localized image correction, and streamlined search capabilities, Lightroom 2 is a compelling upgrade that simplifies photography from shoot to finish.

As Adobe’s first application to support 64-bit for Mac OS X 10.5 Macintosh computers with Intel® processors and Microsoft® Windows® Vista® 64-bit operating systems, Lightroom 2 also provides improved memory performance for dealing with large scale images.

“A worldwide community of photographers provided valuable insight and feedback, as part of the Lightroom 2 public beta program, ultimately helping us deliver a better product,” said Tom Hogarty, senior product manager for Lightroom and Camera Raw at Adobe. “We’ve considered their requests which helped us develop useful features that make it easier than ever for our customers to quickly refine, enhance and present brilliant photographs.”

Photoshop Lightroom 2: Smarter, Faster and More Accurate
The enhanced Library module in Lightroom 2 helps streamline and accelerate photographers’ workflows. With the ability to visually organize images across multiple hard drives, Lightroom 2 and its powerful Library Filter Bar makes it easy for users to quickly find the images they need. The Suggested Keywords feature helps photographers keyword their images by making intelligent suggestions based on their own previous efforts. New dual-monitor support allows users to expand their workspace, giving them flexibility to edit and organize images in a way that maximizes an additional display.

In the Develop module, the new Local Adjustment Brush lets photographers fine-tune specific areas of an image to precisely adjust color, exposure and tonal range without affecting other areas of the image. The new Graduated Filter expands the toolbox in Lightroom, allowing for edits to larger areas by applying gradually diminishing or increasing adjustment effects such as exposure, clarity, and saturation, alone, or in any combination.

Lightroom 2 also helps photographers print more efficiently by quickly arranging photos of multiple sizes on one or many pages with flexible and customizable templates to maximize paper and ink. Intelligent algorithms automatically determine optimal sharpening for screen or print, producing crisper images faster. Developers can further extend the Lightroom workflow with Web, Export and Metadata Software Development Kits available at the Adobe Developer Connection,

Ground-Breaking Innovation in Raw Technology
New raw technology gives photographers access to flexible camera profiles. Camera profiles are the visual starting point for the raw processing workflow, but image preferences vary for every photographer. To minimize surprises, Adobe is supplying default camera profiles that closely emulate the visual looks that photographers are used to seeing from their favorite camera, while also providing the ability to create highly customized profiles to suit different tastes. Camera profiles are available for immediate download on Adobe Labs ( for use with Lightroom 2 and Camera Raw 4.5, along with the DNG Profile Editor for the community to test and create their own profiles.

The Adobe Camera Raw 4.5 plug-in and DNG Converter 4.5 are also now available on and support over 190 camera models including the Olympus E 420 and E 520 models.

“One of the big reasons why Lightroom has become such a phenomenon among serious photographers is that Adobe built it with the input of a very vocal user community,” said Scott Kelby, president of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

“Adobe really listens to the issues and challenges today’s photographers face and they’ve built a complete solution that not only meets the needs of photographers; it really feels like it was made just for us. The enhancements to Lightroom 2, combined with the power of Photoshop, give photographers the ultimate freedom to produce professional images quickly.”

Pricing and Availability
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 is available now through the Adobe Store at in English, French and German with the Japanese language version planned to be released at a future date. The estimated street price is RM$1,179.00 for new users with an upgrade price of RM$409.00 for registered users of qualifying Lightroom customers.

Recommended system requirements are Macintosh OSX 10.4, 10.5 1 GHz PowerPC G4 or G5 or Intel® based processor, or Microsoft Windows® XP SP2 or Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise, Intel Pentium 4® processor, 1 GB RAM and a 1024x768 resolution screen. Additional information on product features, upgrade policies, pricing, and language versions is available on

About Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe revolutionizes how the world engages with ideas and information – anytime, anywhere and through any medium. For more information, visit


© 2008 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. Adobe, the Adobe logo, and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Mac, Mac OS and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. Microsoft, Windows, and Windows Vista are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United Sates and/or other countries. Pentium is a trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corporation, or its subsidiaries in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

ppm install Email-Send

BugzillaImage via WikipediaIf you are trying to install bugzilla for issues management of your projects.

And if you are following the installation instructions for Windows platform.

And if you encountered the problem with installing the Email-Send module as recommended by '', this is for you.

It goes here....

If you keep getting 'no missing packages to install' while running 'perl' keep showing that 'Email-Send' is not found, then it means that previous versions of 'Email-Send' is already installed.

The problem is actually with the '' where ....

if there are multiple version of Email-Send modules are found in your system, it will feedback 'no found'.
if there is an older version of Email-Send module found in your system, it will feedback 'found' but not-ok.

To double confirm this, make use of the PPM GUI by running 'ppm' from the command prompt, a pop-up windon 'Perl Package Manager' would be launched. Look out for all Email-Send modules installed.

The solution is to uninstall all previously installed modules. You can do this from the GUI 'Perl Package Manager' or just run 'ppm remove Email-Send'. This will get rid of all Email-Send modules in your system.

Then the next thing to do this to add the proper repository.

You see, all these mess is actually due to the problem with the default repository of ActiveState Perl which is '', and this repository brings with it the Email-Send version 2.05. Thus, since Bugzilla recommended the usage of ActiveState Perl, whenever one install ActiveState Perl, Email-Send version 2.05 will have already been installed by default.

The irony is Bugzilla requested to have Email-Send version 2.16 (or higher). And Email-Send version 2.16 or higher can be found at the repository recommended by the script '', which is '' better known as the alias 'theory58S'.

So, after you have get rid of all 'Email-Send' modules.

You must also get rid of all other repository by doing 'ppm repo delete '

Then run 'ppm repo list' to make sure that there is not existing repository installed.

Then add repository 'theory58S' by doing 'ppm repo add theory58S' as suggested by ''

The idea is to make sure that 'theory58S' is the choice of repository for obtaining 'Email-Send'.

Then run 'ppm install Email-Send'.

I guarantee that it will sure work. As at 30th July 2008, it will install Email-Send version 2.185.

Run '' again and you will see 'Checking for Email-Send (v2.16) ok: found v2.185'

Check out other similar forums here and here.

Fyi ....

Try to guess how long I detoured to do other things before solving this problem ???

1 year... (yup, it is that long .... I first encountered this problem on 16th July 2007, that is why I created a blog entry for this).

This is the problem with open source; documentation sucks and it takes more time to get things done per se.

More about open source.

This also congratulates the importance of blogs, forums and etc; to share knowledge and so that other people can live more efficiently and to fuel the Internet.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Adobe Acrobat 9 : 4 Major Features (Enhanced Powerful Encryption)

The Official PDF IconImage via WikipediaAdobe Acrobat 9 supports two types of document securities; digital ID and password.

Such facilities are useful for people who wanted to protect intellectual rights of electronic documents such as eBook publishers and sellers.

Encryption with password security is not suitable for eBook sellers. We need to track down smugglers using digital IDs. Because you can't track down a person by password matching; any kind of passwords must be confidential!

What we are trying to do is to prevent illegal mass distribution of pirated eBook. Means we want to prevent buyers from reselling the eBooks they had purchased through downloads (Internet).

To do this, there are two ways.
  1. One way is to generate unique filenames for each users based on unique ID such as email address. --> But there is no way to prevent users from renaming the file. Unless we can assign an globally unique ID to the file which cannot be edited.
  2. Encrypt documents with digital ID so that we can trace back to the PDF file which digital ID it belonged to. And form the digital ID, we can track down who is the smuggler.
So, use security with digital ID.

Open a PDF document.
  1. Select encryption as 'Encryption Algorithm' as 256-bit AES
  2. Create a digital ID.
  3. Save the PDF document.
  4. Export the digital ID to a file (.pfx)
  5. Distribute the encrypted PDF file alongside the .pfx file to buyer.
  6. The buyer will have to install the Digital ID in order to be able to open the PDF file.
This will be good for those people who want to sell eBooks online. All you need to do is to pre-create the digital IDs and allocate specific passwords.

Provide password for the digital ID.

Edit the permission options of the security.

Without the digital ID (file), one can't open encrpted PDF file.

One needs to obtain the digital ID (file) and then install it to local computer.

To install (or import) the digital ID successfully, one needs to have the proper password.

Having encrypted with digital ID, we can track down which PDF is belonged to which ID.

But then, if you have 1,000 eBook buyers, how you going to automatically generate 1000 different digital IDs and passwords and assign it to 1,000 eBooks ?

You have to make use of the SDK (software development kit).

Currently, the latest SDK for Acrobat is Acrobat SDK 8.1, which is free for download.

The SDK contains header files, type libraries, simple utilities, sample code, and documentation.

Check out the overview here.

You have to make use of the feature called 'Interapplication communication'.

You also need to have a valid license of Acrobat in order to be able to use the SDK.

If you don't want to buy a valid license of Acrobat but wanted to develop application using Acrobat technology, then you can perhaps go for the PDF Library SDK (where you need to apply for it).

Check out the comparison between Acrobat SDK and PDF Library SDK (two different but similar things).
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Juniper Networks Names Kevin Johnson Chief Executive Officer

Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today named Microsoft veteran Kevin Johnson as Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Scott Kriens who will remain Chairman of the Board. Kevin, formerly President of Microsoft’s Platforms and Services Division, is a proven leader with an incredible career path of growth and success at Microsoft and before that with IBM. Johnson was with Microsoft since 1992.

Scott Kriens to Remain Active as Chairman of the Board

More about Juniper Networks

Press Release:

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, July 24, 2008 – Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today named Microsoft veteran Kevin Johnson as chief executive officer. Upon his arrival in September, Mr. Johnson will also be appointed to the board of directors. The company also announced today that Scott Kriens will continue as chairman of the board and will remain active in the areas of strategy and leadership development.

Mr. Johnson joins Juniper Networks from Microsoft Corporation where he served in a range of strategic executive assignments over the course of his 16-year tenure, most recently as president of the Platforms and Services Division.

“The first 12 years at Juniper have been the most rewarding years of my professional life and I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together,” said Scott Kriens, chairman and chief executive officer of Juniper Networks. “We are very excited to welcome Kevin as our new CEO he is a world-class executive, and a person whose values align exactly with the culture upon which Juniper has been built. I look forward to working closely with Kevin in the years to come as we continue to build on Juniper’s success.”

“The Juniper team has been at the heart of the success we have realized since the founding of the company in 1996, and Scott has been at the center of that team with me since those early days,” said Pradeep Sindhu, founder and chief technology officer of Juniper Networks. “Today that team has gotten even stronger, with the addition of Kevin’s experience at scale, his background in engineering, and his proven ability to lead companies through times of rapid growth. I am looking forward to working closely with Kevin, Scott and the rest of the leadership team as we realize our vision of connecting everything and empowering everyone.”

“I am delighted to join Juniper,” said Kevin Johnson. “Juniper is a company with a clear technology agenda, great talent and an amazing growth opportunity in a growing industry. I’m looking forward to bringing my experiences to help Juniper scale and deliver great value to Juniper’s customers, partners, employees and shareholders.”

Most recently, Mr. Johnson, 47, led the Platforms & Services Division, an organization of over 14,000 employees with responsibility for product development, marketing and strategy for the Windows and Online Services businesses. Under his leadership, the division achieved record breaking results with over $20 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2008. In addition to leading the Windows business, Mr. Johnson focused on building Microsoft’s position as a leader in online advertising and evolving its “software + services” strategy.

He also worked globally with consumer, small and medium-sized business, enterprise and service provider customers. Prior to his current role, Mr. Johnson served as group vice president of Microsoft's worldwide sales, marketing and services and oversaw corporate operations and IT functions that supported the work of Microsoft employees around the world. Previous to Microsoft, Mr. Johnson worked in IBM's systems integration and consulting business and started his career as a software developer. He earned a bachelor's degree in business administration from New Mexico State University and served as a founding member of the board of directors of NPower, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help other nonprofits use technology to expand the reach and impact of their work. Mr. Johnson also served as a member of the Western Region Board of Advisors of Catalyst, a non-profit organization dedicated to women's career advancement.

About Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, Inc. is the leader in high-performance networking. Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure that creates a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. This fuels high-performance businesses.

Juniper Networks and the Juniper Networks logo are registered trademarks of Juniper Networks, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks, or registered service marks are the property of their respective owners.


Thursday, July 24, 2008 - Personal Finance Software and Forum is a personal finance website to provide a web-based community platform for individual to help each other to improve their personal finance management skill. believe that personal finance management will be best mastered through community sharing and learning in terms of knowledge, skills, information and experiences.

Currently there are 3 services provided by,
  1. Personal Finance Assistant (PFA) Software
  2. Forum
  3. Information Board PFA is a free-to-use personal finance software that help individuals to keep track of their personal finance such as Asset, Liability, Income and Expenses. It is written in Java, deploying using Java Web Start (JWS) and use many of open source libraries to ensure ease of installation, robustness, efficiency and cross platform. It uses Accounting double entry bookkeeping, which will help individual to keep track their accounts more accurate. Further, the data entry has been simplified, so that individual without/with less Accounting background still able to use the software. Forum is a public forum, using phpBB, that allow individual to share their information, knowledge and experiences related to personal finance. It is a place for visitors to ask, to share, to discuss, and to promote (products). Information Board is where many personal finance related posts/news from other websites/blogs are pull in and pool together in reverse chronological order. Visitors can have a one stop view of all recent news/posts from various famous websites.

Running on sponsorship basis, is a project from GQR Solutions (, a Malaysia-based company that provides professional business software solutions. (Basically, business software using same technology as PFA.)


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Juniper Networks Announces Next-Generation Application Acceleration Hardware

Juniper Networks announced the next generation of its best in class WXC application acceleration platforms – the WXC 1800 priced at US$4,895 (supports up to 10 connections), the WXC 2600 at US$12,395 (supports up to 20 connections), and the WXC 3400 at US $24,995 (supports up to 140 connections).

The new WXC hardware provides a highly scalable and modular platform, which delivers higher disk capacities and performance in a smaller form factor. They help businesses make the most efficient use of their existing WAN resources and improve application response times by providing a more LAN-like experience for branch office users accessing centralized applications.

More about Juniper Networks.

Press Release:

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, July 23, 2008 – Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, today announced the next generation of its best-in-class WXC application acceleration platforms – the WXC 1800, WXC 2600 and WXC 3400 appliances.

The new WXC appliances provide distributed enterprises with a more scalable, modular and cost-effective approach to delivering fast and consistent application response across the WAN to help ensure uncompromised access to mission-critical applications and services.

High-performance businesses are required to provide their employees, partners and customers with real-time access to important applications and services to meet business objectives. They can’t afford the risk of slow or unpredictable application performance across the WAN because it disrupts business.

Juniper’s next-generation WXC hardware provides a highly scalable and modular platform, which delivers higher disk capacities and performance in a smaller form factor. They help businesses make the most efficient use of their existing WAN resources and improve application response times by providing a more LAN-like experience for branch office users accessing centralized applications.

“The new generation of WX-series platforms marks another step toward Juniper’s common hardware platform strategy, which will bring greater scalability, modularity and operational simplicity to Juniper’s WAN acceleration portfolio,” said analyst Jim Metzler of Ashton, Metzler & Associates. “They form the important building blocks of Juniper’s next-generation WAN acceleration feature set.”

Innovative Features Extend Operational and Cost Benefits to Partners and Customers

Juniper is recognized for innovative features that allow businesses to accelerate high volumes of traffic across a broad range of applications, including TCP, UDP, MAPI, CIFS and HTTP/S.

Juniper delivers rich functionality such as QoS, content distribution and policy-based multipath along with an integrated configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting application. The WXC platforms seamlessly integrate application acceleration with Juniper’s best-in-class routing, switching and security technologies.

The new platforms use software that fully automates provisioning and management tasks, which provide the network and application visibility to help deliver applications exactly as intended.

The WXC platforms improve application performance over the WAN by recognizing and eliminating redundant transmissions, accelerating TCP and application-specific protocols, prioritizing and allocating access to bandwidth and ensuring high application availability at sites with multiple WAN links. On-board hard drives provide support for Network Sequence Caching, which enable the devices to store repeated data patterns, and can produce up to a 100-fold increase in effective WAN capacity.

The new appliances can accelerate WAN traffic up to 2 Mbps for the WXC 1800 – typically deployed at small to medium branch offices; up to 8 Mbps for the WXC 2600 – typically deployed at medium to large branch offices and small data centers; and up to 45 Mbps for the WXC 3400 – typically deployed at higher speed remote locations, head office or data centers.

The new WXC platforms also support Juniper’s universal Field Replaceable Units, which simplify logistical management and ordering for distributors and Juniper support depots, can reduce stocking costs and help lower the carbon footprint because less sheet-metal and corrugated-cardboard is produced, stored and transported. In addition to helping its partners improve operational and cost efficiencies, Juniper is demonstrating one of its key corporate social responsibility initiatives of developing products that can reduce corporate impact on the environment.

“Juniper’s best-in-class WXC application acceleration platform has been deployed by some of the world’s largest organizations based on its ability to fuel large-scale, high-stake customer interactions and transactions real-time,” said Matt Kolon, Asia Pacific CTO for Juniper Networks. “Our next-generation WXC platforms demonstrate our ongoing commitment to delivering the most flexible and scalable solutions that enable high-performance businesses to use their applications to accelerate a competitive advantage.”

Pricing and Availability

The Juniper Networks WXC 1800, 2600 and 3400 appliances are available today through Juniper Networks and its global network of reseller partners. The list price for the new appliances start at US$4,895 for the WXC 1800 with support up to 10 connections, US$12,395 for the WXC 2600 with support up to 20 connections, and US $24,995 for the WXC 3400 with support up to 140 connections.

About Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, Inc. is the leader in high-performance networking. Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure that creates a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. This fuels high-performance businesses.

Juniper Networks and the Juniper Networks logo are registered trademarks of Juniper Networks, Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks, or registered service marks are the property of their respective owners.

# # #

Media Contacts:
Wendy Lang
Juniper Networks, Inc.
PR Agency Contact:
David Gibson
PPM Technology Communications
03-2094-4091, 017-357-2895

Monday, July 21, 2008

Adobe Acrobat 9 : 4 Major Features (Enhanced: Web Capture)

In Adobe Acrobat 9, there is a feature under 'Advance' tab which is known as 'web capture.

This feature is simply an ability to download and archive all information from a http source into PDF documents.

It is good to achieve the following benefits.
  • Good for bloggers to backup and archive a snapshot of the content
  • Good for bloggers to create digital book out of the content
  • Good for downloading data for analysis (document comparisons and etc)
  • Good for project management of web development projects

For example, project managers can include ad-hoc comments and sticky notes in the captured web document and use it for communication with developers. This will save a lot of the time doing-away with print screen.

You can also use the plugin from web browser directly..

  1. Launch Microsoft Internet Explorer, and open the website Note that if you’re using an another browser
    like Firefox or Safari, you can also create a PDF from a website by launching Acrobat and going to File > Create PDF > From
    Web Page.
  2. Click Convert in the IE toolbar. Choose a name and location for the PDF file and click Save to save the Adobe
    home page as a PDF file. Watch the conversion status in the dialog to track its conversion progress. If you don’t see the
    Adobe PDF toolbar in IE, open it by selecting Tools > Toolbars > Adobe PDF.
  3. When the conversion finishes, the resulting PDF file opens. Note that the layout of the PDF file looks just like the website.
    The content responds just as it would if you were viewing the web page from the web server—Flash animations automatically
    play when you mouse over them and links are live, so clicking any link takes you to the page.
  4. NEW: New to Acrobat 9 is the ability to convert a selected region on a web page. Return to IE and, and click
    on one of the News links. Choose Select in the IE toolbar. Note that when you hover over portions of the website,
    red dotted rectangles outline portions of the page. Select the title and some text and click your mouse. Any red dotted outlined
    areas turn to a solid blue outline, indicating that this content has been selected for conversion to a PDF file. If you wish to
    deselect a selection, just click again. Click Convert, choose a name and location for the resulting PDF file, and click Save.
  5. When the resulting PDF file opens, note that you’ve retained only the areas you wanted to retain.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Deploys High-Performance SSL VPN, Firewall and Secure Routing Network Infrastructure

More about Juniper Networks

Press Release:

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, 18 July, 2008– Juniper Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: JNPR), the leader in high-performance networking, announced that the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) is securing its campus, lowering bandwidth costs and enhancing user productivity using Juniper Networks' networking and security solutions to deliver secure remote access, routing and network firewall measures across its campus.
The new infrastructure supports IP traffic growth from SIM's expanding staff and student population, including time sensitive network services for administration, communications and coursework.

Founded in 1964, SIM is one of Singapore's oldest private education organizations. Rapid student growth led to a corresponding increase in campus network traffic, intrusion attacks and the need for fast, reliable and secure access at scale for remote and mobile employees.

SIM needed to filter content, control bandwidth utilization and protect student information such as examination results and other sensitive data.
"The challenge was to deploy a comprehensive and integrated security solution that would ensure constant vigilance for both the internal and external networks," said Mr Jeffrey Ho, Manager, Network & IT Services, SIM. "

We evaluated other security point products, such as anti-virus, Web filtering and anti-spam solutions, but they did not meet our expectations or cost structure. Only the Juniper security suite met all our key criteria for performance, security, reliability, and the ability to handle high traffic loads, while minimizing operational expenses and support."

SIM is securing its network perimeter with Juniper NetScreen and security devices, which tightly integrate best-in-class Unified Threat Management (UTM) features to protect against worms, Trojans, viruses and other malware.
Additionally, Juniper's firewall/VPN solution offers full Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) capability with the optional Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) security modules.

SIM also benefits from multiple management mechanisms including complete command line interface, WebUI or centralized management via the NetScreen Security Manager to facilitate rapid deployment while minimizing ongoing operational costs.
Secure remote access for SIM's faculty is provided by Juniper's remote access equipment which uses SSL, the security protocol found in all standard Web browsers, as the secure access transport mechanism.

The use of SSL eliminates the need for client-software deployment, changes to internal servers and costly ongoing client maintenance and desktop support. Juniper's remote access appliances also offer sophisticated partner/customer extranet features that enable controlled access to differentiated users and groups, with no infrastructure changes, no DMZ deployments, and no software agents.

"Centers of learning, such as SIM, depend on fast, reliable and secure networks to accelerate the delivery of intellectual property and vital resources to better serve their constituents," said Beni Sia, Juniper's country manager for Singapore. "With Juniper's high-performance network infrastructure and best-in-class security solutions, SIM has greater choice and control in securing network performance without compromise, all while enhancing user productivity and reducing operating costs."

About Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks, Inc. is the leader in high-performance networking. Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure that creates a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. This fuels high-performance businesses.

Juniper Networks and the Juniper Networks logo are registered trademarks of Juniper Networks, Inc. in the United States and other countries. JUNOS is a trademark of Juniper Networks, Inc.All other trademarks, service marks, registered trademarks, or registered service marks are the property of their respective owners.

Further Information:

Media Contacts:
Wendy Lang
Juniper Networks, Inc.

PR Agency Contact:
David Gibson
PPM Technology Communications
03-2094-4091, 017-357-2895,

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Invalid Port Number 8002

Serial Computer PortImage via WikipediaIf you are developing codes using VB6 and is facing this error, this may help you.

First of all, in a typical code, it looks like this.

    MSComm1.CommPort = 26

    MSComm1.Settings = "57600,N,8,1"

    MSComm1.RThreshold = 1

    MSComm1.SThreshold = 1

    MSComm1.DTREnable = True

    MSComm1.RTSEnable = True

    MSComm1.PortOpen = True

Thus, if you are able to find out which line the error is triggered, you may be better off.

If it is triggered from the following line.

MSComm1.CommPort = 26

This is because using 'MS Comm Control 6.0' activeX control, you can only set a maximum port number of 16. Thus, the example above with port number = 26 is considered invalid.

If it is triggered from the following line.

MSComm1.PortOpen = True

Then it means that the port is not existence.

Ok, so the bigger problem is that sometimes you may be in a situation where the port number has to be higher than 16, especially when you are dealing with serial-USB connection (the COM Port number is automatically assigned).

How to solve it ?

Two solutions:

1. Using Win32 API instead of ActiveX object to make serial port connection.

And thanks to this forum, and check out this forum for exact solution.

Mainly it involves usage of createFile API.

The API creates or opens a file or I/O device.

The most important parameter is the 'lpFileName'. Which is the exact name of the resource to be opened in Windows system. For instance, if COM Port 1, the name is 'COM1' as listed in 'Control Panel/System/Device Manager/'

Check out a sample code by Riaan Aspeling (from planet source code) is promising, but it doesn't make use of events. It is using timer.

2. Manually change the port to a number less than or equal to 16.

It can be done, only if the situation permits.

Then you can keep using ActiveX control (MS Comm Control 6.0).
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Intelligently Green Forum 2008

The modern theory of natural selection derives... Charles DarwinSAS presented world's first ever environmental performance measuring software launched by WWF and Maya Karin.

If you want to go green, how would you go about it ? What indicators should you look at and how should you start ?

SAS has a solution; Sustainability Management Scorecard.

According to SAS, the challenges of sustainable management are:
  1. Measure emissions and consumption, physically and financially, throughout your enterprise value chain or product life cycle.
  2. Ensure regulatory compliance.
  3. Build new business strategies with proven return on investment.
  4. Stay ahead of the competition.
  5. Manage and forecast complex alignment of strategies, financial costs and resources across the organization.
  6. Improve performance by focusing on those metrics that will drive positive impacts on your Triple Bottom Line.
  7. Report ongoing performance to key stakeholders and regulatory agencies to improve the transparency of green operations and corporate stewardship initiatives.
So, you need a tool to dig out these information and that blends tremendously well with SAS' background in business intelligence.

Sustainability is about three main elements. (1). Economic (2). Environment (3). Social.

And to tell us how the harmony interactions of these three elements can bring corporate benefits, the forum invites Ms. Choon Bow Bow (Director of Marketing), WWF Malaysia to give us some insights.

According to Ms. Choon, a harmonic sustainability means having a good CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) which complements business.

It is a product differentiation strategy motivated by cause-related marketing. It reaps the following benefits:
  1. Increase sales
  2. Reaching new market segments
  3. Improve employee relationship
  4. Enhance customer's loyalty
  5. Boost corporate brand
Ms. Choon presented the Key Sucess Factors as:
  1. Having the right partnership - strategic fit between cause and desired brand value
  2. True belieft & commitment to the cause
  3. Prepare to invest time & money

She quoted a few examples:




BMW & Susan G Comen (Breast Cancer Foundation)

BMW donates $1 for every mile of test drive.

- Soften the brand of BMW and reaches the women’s market
- Sales improved

Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Challenging Spirit : Rhino RescueExemplifies the brand of “Challenging Spirits & Realizing Dreams”
Boh: Brings People TogetherSaving orang utanGenerates goodwill for the brand
HSBC Climate Partnership- 100 million commitment for 5 years
- Creates activities (that is climate nature) around the brand.
Generates goodwill for the brand

Some statistics presented during the forum.
  • 72% of consumers would switch brand if the price is almost the same, but for a better cause.
  • 75% would be happier to work for a company associated with a good cause.
  • 88% of malaysian think that companies should be environmental friendly
  • 85% endorses the work of organizations like WWF

And then Mr. Thomas Spiller (Snr Director, International Programs, SAS) provides a more direct insights about business.

According to him, Charles Darwin (Father of Economics) quoted that the winner will be the one who can adopt to changes faster and not the fittest or the smartest. And supply and demand is no longer matching and as a result, companies really need to adopt faster to perform better.

Mr.Spiller shared that going green is a long term problem for human, because we have no choice. And going green actually helped companies to create better profits for the products. For instance, GE's Ecomagination generated $US 20 billion revenues and UPS turn-left-only-shortest-path's initiative saved them 13 millions liters of fuel (saving money as a result). Same goes to DuPont's initiative of reusing waste.

Not just for the profit, it results in employee retention because employee now can stay focus on their jobs which promote a good cause. This is exciting.

According to Mr. Jimmy Cheah, people are keen on the subject more than any other thing.

In short, to reap similar benefits, know your CSR first and to do that get SAS' Sustainability Management Solution. Why ? Because it is beneficiary for all.

Actress Maya Karin; the Ambassador of Environment for the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment of Malaysia stresses the followings on top of coexistence:
  1. Search for solutions for a sustainable future
  2. The need to set new standards and change our attitude
  3. Saving environment is saving ourselves
  4. Redirect development into sustainable ones
As Maya puts it beautifully..

Coexistence teaches us about mutual respect and makes us better people . (15th July 2008,Maya Karin)

And to learn how well SAS perform in terms of CSR, check out this full report.

Check out the full press release this page.

More about SAS.

Thomas Spiller

Thomas Spiller is Senior Director for International Programs at SAS. He joined the company early 2007 and, in his capacity, Thomas is in charge of driving the global public policy initiatives that SAS has launched, such as sustainability or e-Government. He is also in charge of representing SAS vis-à-vis international Institutions and national, regional and local governments throughout the world bringing with him fifteen years of experience of International Affairs both at the Corporate and Government levels.

He started his career in 1993 working two years in the communication and information department in the office of the French Prime Minister, Mr. Edouard Balladur.

Thomas then spent the next eight years as government affairs manager for AREVA, the world leader in nuclear power, with assignments in Paris, Washington, Tokyo and finally Brussels. He was notably in charge of economics, waste management, security and societal aspects of nuclear energy.

Building on his energy expertise, Thomas then worked for five years for GE (General Electric) at their European Headquarters in Brussels. As Counsel for European Affairs, he represented GE Energy, GE Oil and Gas as well as GE Aviation to the European Union where he was active in shaping policy that led to the current EU energy and environmental policies being discussed in Brussels.

Thomas Spiller is an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) and is a frequent speaker in international business and policy circles with experience at the European Commission, European Parliament, World Economic Forum, International Maritime Organization, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Transatlantic Policy Network, Center for European Policy Studies…

Thomas Spiller graduated a lawyer from La Sorbonne University Paris with degrees in Political Science, Defense and International Relations. In his personal time, Thomas Spiller enjoys scuba diving and collecting vintage watches.

Jimmy Cheah:

Jimmy is the Managing Director of SAS Institute Sdn Bhd since April 2003. He is responsible for driving the business development and growth of SAS Malaysia and he manages the entire sales, marketing and operational activities. During his three years with SAS, the company saw an increase in operating revenue by more than 60%, employee headcount by 60% and a 20% growth in customer portfolio.

Jimmy has a wealth of experience and expertise in a wide range of sectors. He has over 20 years experience in IT and has held executive positions with international ERP and Supply Chain software companies, including the “Big Four” consultancies in Malaysia. During his 10 years as a consultant, he has served organizations in Government, Manufacturing, Financial Institutions, Retail and Healthcare sectors in a variety of engagements including developing IT plans and financial and operations review.

He graduated from the University of New South Wales, Australia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Information Systems.
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SAS launches first ever Sustainability Management Solution

SAS Sustainability Management to make going ‘green’ easier.

(Jimmy Cheah, Maya Karin, Thomas Spiller)

More about SAS.

Press Release:

Kuala Lumpur (July 15, 2008) – Leading business intelligence provider SAS Malaysia, today launched its Sustainability Management Scorecard, the first in the Sustainability Management Solution suite designed to help organizations accurately measure, manage and improve the impact of their operations on the environment.

The SAS Sustainability Management Scorecard launch is in conjunction with the 2008 SAS Forum Malaysia themed “Intelligently Green” with the participation of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Malaysia and the Environmental Envoy for Malaysia, Maya Karin.

The SAS Sustainability Management Solution is an industry breakthrough as it is the first ever decision-support software that enables organizations to proactively identify innovative strategies that address complex environmental, social and economic situations while achieving stakeholder objectives.

Thomas Spiller, SAS Senior Director of International Programs says that while most executives support ‘green’ business strategies, few actually know how to prioritize and incorporate the strategies into their business operations.

“Many organizations are struggling to understand the complex business-social situation that requires them to balance between good environmental practices whilst concurrently pursuing profitable economic situations. At the same time, they lack tools that can enable them to properly measure the actual benefit and impact of their business strategies on the environment, in a manner that is accountable and reportable.”

“With SAS Sustainability Management Scorecard, organizations can now manage holistic strategies for sustainability that take into consideration the interrelationship between social and environmental programs. It enables effective execution of these strategies as well of reinvestment of savings from here into other areas of the business”, explained Spiller.

According to a McKinsey survey , environmental issues such as climate change top the agenda in executive suites worldwide. But measuring and managing environmental impact is difficult as it involves massive, intricate work that spans across an organization’s entire operations. Causal relationships connecting issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, use of scarce resources, ethical sourcing and regulatory compliance make it extremely complex to invest in green technology and expand sales of products and services with measurably better environmental performance.

SAS Sustainability Management Scorecard helps establish an integrated, consistent source of quality information where you can bind initiatives to a common sustainability framework, while being able to predict valid sustainability strategies, identify causal relationships and forecast improvement scenarios. The solution is based on the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform and uses the Global Reporting Initiative framework to report on Triple Bottom Line indicators.

Jimmy Cheah, Managing Director of SAS Malaysia says “In the emerging landscape of sustainability, it is not enough just to talk green. Organizations need to identify the green-related metrics that apply to the business as well as find the right data to describe and measure those metrics.”

“SAS Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions have long been used to take costs out of business, so it's not much different to take carbon out. With SAS, organizations can optimize business strategies for minimizing risks and costs, developing new lines of business, and improving resource use, environmental or otherwise” he ends.

About SAS:

SAS is the leader in business intelligence and analytical software and services. Customers at 44,000 sites use SAS software to improve performance through insight from data, resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions; more profitable relationships with customers and suppliers; compliance with governmental regulations; research breakthroughs; and better products and processes. Only SAS offers leading data integration, storage, analytics and business intelligence applications within a comprehensive enterprise intelligence platform. Since 1976, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.

SAS and all other SAS Institute Inc. product or service names are registered trademarks or trademarks of SAS Institute Inc. in the USA and other countries. ® indicates USA registration. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective companies. Copyright © 2008 SAS Institute Inc. All rights reserved.

Editorial Contact:

Jeanisha Wan
Marketing Manager
SAS Malaysia
Tel: 2273 6288

PR Consultant
Sirius PR Sdn Bhd
Tel: 7805 2700

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Lowest Cost Documentation System (Codename 'DEE')

I have found a solution for digitizing documents. No need to use expensive EMC Documentum. Just pretend that you are not enterprise.

I will explain why it is called 'DEE'.

Make use of Adobe Acrobat 9.
  1. Convert all into PDF portfolio.
  2. Perform OCR recognition on all pages; page by page. (Select each page, goto 'Document/OCR Text Recognition)

It worked perfectly. Check out how good it is. It can perform polygon shape recognition as well.

Check out the file here.

All marketing personnel should leverage on Adobe Acrobat 9 as a tool for data and information collection.

I am sure that all marketing person would have the same situation of having too many printed brochures resulted from visiting trade shows, events, conferences and etc. How do you archive them ?

Simple, use Adobe Acrobat 9. Use the feature of portfolio, file compression, OCR and collaboration (store and share the files at

This is my workspace at home.

I plan to make use of Acrobat 9 to transform it into this.

And finally why it is called 'Dee'. Because it is 'D.I.Y' --> Do It Yourself. Very cheap one.

More about Adobe Acrobat.

Lastly, do contribute to NKF.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another version of this software already installed ...

When installing MSSQL server 2005 Express edition, if you encountered this error while running the setup.exe 'Another version of this software already installed ..', when in fact you have removed previous failed installation. This will help you.

This problem is actually due to extraction of the installation package, which is a zip file. If you click on the installation package(which is an exe directly), Windows will make use of default compression software (winzip,Winrar and etc) to extract the package into a temp folder.

However, the problem is that sometimes the extraction goes wrong and thus it creates the problem of 'Microsoft SQL Server Native Client cannot be found' and 'Problem installing SQL Server 2005 fails on MSXML6'. Check out here.

This is probably because the file wasn't extracted properly or the default compression software is not compatible with the format. This can be proven when you try to use the default software to extract the file into a location manually and then if you try to run setup.exe, it will give you the message 'Another version of this software already installed. ....' If you would take note, the corrupted extracted file structure is different from the valid file structure.

To solve this problem, first of all, remove all fully installed or partially component from Control-Panel/Add or remove program (including MSXML 6.0 parser). Make use of the cleanup utility to make sure that all 'dirt' are removed. For instance, if after having removed MSXML 6.0 parser from control panel and you still find it under cleanup utility, then you must remove it too. Then use a proper compression software like Winzip or Winrar (don't use IZArc for this purpose) to extract the installation package into a designated folder and run setup.exe.

I can pretty sure that there will be no more problem. Take note that under XP home basic SP2, there is another window updates called MSXML 4.0 parser (6.10.1200.0) (KB933579) which may create confusion for you, but you don't have to uninstall it in order to get MSSQL 2005 express edition to install properly. (The MSXML 6.0 component would be installed without problem)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adobe Master Tour 2008 (Malaysia)

The masters are here in Kuala Lumpur after nearly 7 months of world touring. This is their last stop...

Rufus Deuchler

A full-fledged graphic designer, had his own design studio in Florence, Italy, and has been teaching graphics to college students for over 15 years. He is an experienced InDesign user and will share his favorite design workflow techniques, using all of the applications contained in Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium. Join Rufus to see him create logos in Illustrator, edit images in Photoshop, prepare an InDesign document for publication on the web, and produce an interactive PDF that includes navigation aids and an embedded media.

Jason Levine

Prior to joining Adobe, was a full-time recording and mastering engineer, working in studios all over the US. His mastering of sound brought him to also get deeply involved with all the video applications included in Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium. Follow Jason as he shows you his best practices when it comes to delivering professional, rich media productions, whether you’re in post production, broadcast, sound design, or any dynamic content creation environment.

Greg Rewis

World renowned Web Expert, and co-author of “Mastering CSS With Dreamweaver CS3”, will show you how to build modern, standards-based web sites and experiences. Greg will be showing you how to best prototype your websites, and then bring them to life using the applications contained in Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium. You will also be shown the opportunities offered by the AJAX framework and Flash Video, to make your websites truly engaging.

Paul Burnett

Flash Guru.

These four master evangelists are here in KL today.

From left( Paul Burnett (Seated), Greg Rewis, Rufus Deuchler, Jason Levine).

They have the same styles (long hair (if possible), black shirts and blue jeans (this is good taste) and all uses Apple laptop (It should be Macbook Pro).

I still think Lenovo ThinkPad is the best laptop in the world. But check out the web site, it is not as cool as Macbook Pro's web site. Greg Rewis would probably yell "arghhhh........ that is horrible looking, do Chinese have good taste ?" Rufus would cross his finger and Jason would try not to comment and Paul thinks that Flash can save the world with any problems.

So, each of them represents an area of expertise (horizontal) that Adobe's products have to offer. Paul Burnett is the exception.

The three distinct areas are:
  1. Rufus Deuchler - Design (print)
  2. Jason Levin - Video
  3. Greg Rewis - Web
For each of these areas, Adobe has a set of software tools and are packaged as Adobe Creative Suite 3 (Web, Design and Video).

Collectively, these suites form the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection.

So the masters together with Burnett are here to enlighten us how each component of the master collection can work together seamlessly to solving major multimedia projects which would require designs, video and web presentation.

This entry will not cover into full details, stay tune for future entry soon.

Here is the sneak peek what has been evangelized this morning.

1Assets managementBridge
2Changing appearance of designsIllustratorUsing appearance panel
3Maintaining objects’ colour relationshipIllustratorUsing LiveColor
4No more limitation of working with tapesonLocationPerfect clipping without dropping interruptions
5Videoing optimizationonLocation- Using waveform monitor
- Zipper’s pattern
6Still recording while editingPremierProUsing Timeline
7Turn layers on/offPhotoshopsUsing layer comps
8Show customers the web prototype before building itFireworksUsing pages
Using master page
9Grouping of objects’ attributesInDesignUsing object styles
10Build web pages with CSS and don’t start from a blank page (Get a headstart)Dreamweaver- Choose template as starting point.
- Use smart objects
- Make use of the optimization engine of Fireworks (built-in Dreamweaver)
11Create sub titles (lower third) for your videosAfterEffects- Using the healing brush
- Use smart filters
- Place logo on video
12Export designs to web formatsInDesignUse XHTML support option
13Work with AfterEffects’ objects directlyPremiumProUse dynamic link
14Get client’s comments for the video produced for collaboration.Adobe ClipNoteSave the comments into XML file and import back to PremiumPro
15Create templates for web documentsDreamweaverUsing CSS to format the web pages (best practice)
16Creating interactive buttons for interactive pagesInDesign
Acrobat 9

17Animate designsFlashUsing Action script 3

Key Points:
  • Photoshop and Fireworks are almost the same. Photoshop is catered for the general market while Fireworks optimizes the design for the web. For instance, image files optimization (compression), the resulted size is smaller from Fireworks than Photoshop. This is due to different optimization engines which the Fireworks originated from Macromedia.
  • All software can work and support each other extensively. This means that you can see all the layers of a photoshop files inside Fireworks.
  • Uniquely each software can work independently and cater for different needs in the market.
  • Flashvideo (FLV) capitalizes 80% of market share; thanks to YouTube
The masters and Burnett will be leaving Kuala Lumpur Malaysia by Saturday.

Good bye to Rufus Deuchler, Jason Levine,Greg Rewis and Paul Burnett.

Great show guys and do come back again next year.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

MSSQL 2005 Express Edition Can Work on Windows XP Home Edition SP2

Microsoft .Image via WikipediaMSSQL 2005 Express Edition, a free edition of MSSQL 2005 database from Micrsoft, can actually work on Windows XP Home Edition SP2.

Check out the hardware and software specification from Microsoft. (MSSQL 2005 Express edition with advanced services is considered to be doubtful on Windows XP Home Edition SP2.)

But I tell you it works! And make sure it is SP2. You don't need IIS pre-installed unless you want to run reporting services. And make sure .NET 2.0 framework is present. If you need Management Studio, make sure IE version is at least 6.0 or above.

I got it install into a PC with the following specs:

XP Home Basic SP2
Celeron (R) CPU 2.00 GHz 632 MB Ram

Microsoft SQL Server Native Client Problem:

If you experienced problem with 'Microsoft SQL Server Native Client cannot be found', then check out solution here.

Basically, what you need to do is to:
  1. Extract to a specific location (Make sure you run the proper Winrar exe).
  2. Look for the file 'sqlncli.msi', run it and select 'remove'.
  3. Then reinstall MSSQL-Express 2005 again with the main installer.

Problem installing SQL Server 2005 fails on MSXML6

If you experienced problem with 'Installing SQL Server 2005 fails on MSXML6 ' then check out the forum here and solution here.

Basically, you need to run Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and reinstall everything again.


Next time when installing MSSQL 2005 Express edition, do the following.
  1. Extract the installation package (it is actually a zip file) using external compression software like Winrar into a designated folder.
  2. From the folder, run the setup.exe.
This will prevent the problem with Native Client and MSXML6 from happening.

This uncertainty took me almost one day of working time.

So, MSSQL 2005 Express Edition Can Work on Windows XP Home Edition SP2 actually.
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Monday, July 07, 2008

How to Keep Computer Cool ?

A Thermaltake cooling fan called Silent BoostImage via Wikipedia
With the electricity tariff gone up since 1st July 2008, Malaysian will be more likely to cut down on the usage of air-conditioning at home.

This may be harmful for your computer.

There are ways to mitigate risks.

For Desktops:
  1. Fine tuning your CPU. Check out this article.
      In shorts, what it means it that if you are having Intel, make use of the built-in SpeedStep feature. To the following:
      1. Go to your BIOS to enable SpeedStep under 'Advanced/CPU Configuration'.

      2. Enable it under the OS (if you are using Win XP), goto 'Control Panel/Power Options'. Select 'Minimal Power Management' for the 'Power Schemes'.
      3. That is, you are done.

      To make sure your Intel processor is supporting SpeedStep, go to download either this (older processor) or this (new processor) file for an utility program from Intel. It will tell whether your Intel processor supports SpeedStep or not. If you are not sure which utility program to use, down the older one first, it will tell you about compatibility.

  2. Get a better cooling system for your CPU.
For Laptops
  1. Similar to desktop, enable SpeedStep (if you are using Intel processor).
  2. Get a cooling docker. CoolerMaster's Notepal is good for air-conditioned room because it is made of aluminum. For non air-conditioned room, get those made of non-aluminum. Check out one example from here (ixoft Thermaltake).


However, if you are using Windows Vista, everything will be automatically done for you, you can't enable and disable SpeedStep manually.

Trust me, enabling 'High Performance' power plan really generates a lot of heat.

And I observed that Lenovo's IBM Thinkpad series of laptop has the best heat management architecture.
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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Adobe Acrobat 9 : 4 Major Features (Enhanced Collaboration)

Adobe AcrobatImage via WikipediaAdobe Acrobat 9 was officially launched on 26th June 2008. Its reader made available on 2nd July 2008.

Previously, we reviewed into "Creation of Compelling Contents" while it was still in beta version.

For this entry, we will look into a feature under 'Enhanced Collaboration' for document comparison.

Let's get started.
  1. Convert documents into PDF files first. This renders one not able to use it for comparing source codes :) (you still can, but it would take longer time than using RCS (Revision Control System). Check out one sample here). RCS is considered outdated and these days, mostly people uses CVS (Concurrent Version Control).
  2. Select the files to be compared and give Acrobat 9 a hint of what these documents are (texts, objects or images). This will make the comparison faster.

  3. Press 'ok'
  4. It took 1 minute to compare two text documents with 39 pages.

  5. It will output you with summary first.

Pros & Cons:

It uses position (x,y) of documents as a mean of comparison. Thus, for contents which are the same but with one space different of up or down, it would be indicated as 'replaced' --> Pink color. Blue color indicates new items (marked as 'insert')

It is also able to tell you what's old and new ?

It is not totally perfect, but I reckon that it is good for detecting small changes. Very useful for those in legal industry where one needs razor shape eyes to detect just a few-words-twist which can make a world of difference.

However, If you like to read and don't mind to read everything (top to toe) again, then this is going to spoil your mood. But if you just hope to detect changes, this is your ultimate tool.

Generally, this feature is very useful for whoever that has to deal with documents, especially for book publishers, journalists and project managers who have to keep many revisions of documents.

It also comes with some semantic technology features to inform you about hidden information. But it is not so useful yet, the oncology defined is not so meaningful to end-users (perhaps for the developers). This feature is known as "Examine Document". Nevertheless, I predict that this will evolve into most sophisticated feature in future versions.

It is a lot of fun using this feature to read through two similar documents (especially for those people who don't enjoy reading) and I feel that we can all use it as a fast reading tool. Personally, it could become my reading companion.

Acrobat 9 also is a fast performance software. Use it to compare images and other thing and that will save you even more time when it rises to the occasion.

And finally, the compared results can be saved into a PDF document, so that you can save time not to compare them again.
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