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Saturday, June 30, 2012

New ARM Mali-450 MP GPU Powers Next-gen Smart-TVs and Smartphones

ARM has announced the launch of the ARM® Mali™-450 MP Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), doubling the performance of the successful family of Utgard architecture-based graphics products. This includes the Mali-400 MP GPU that can currently be found in a wide range of mainstream products, including smart-TVs, as well as Android™-based smartphones and tablets.

The Mali-450 MP GPU expands the range of performance points by supporting scalability of up to 8 cores, while also doubling vertex processing throughput. The Mali-400 MP GPU’s market-leading performance density has proved that it is possible to deliver both performance and power efficiency. The Mali-450 MP takes those capabilities to new levels and, with additional architectural optimization, is designed to maximize reuse of the available resources during the graphics operation. This minimizes the power and bandwidth requirements of the Mali-450 MP GPU.

The ARM Mali-400 MP GPU has become the most popular graphics solution for smart-TVs and the majority of Android-based tablets. Graphics requirements continue to expand, and with increasing screen resolutions, more devices are benefitting from the inclusion of a GPU. As this demand increases, so does the range of performance points which are required to address these markets.

The significant improvements of the Mali-450 MP GPU, in conjunction with software compatibility across Utgard architecture-based graphics products, enable current Mali GPU users to expand their range of graphics performance points. It also lowers the barrier of entry into the market as new entrants can benefit from the dynamic Mali ecosystem; wide API support; and high-quality, mature drivers already available for the Mali-400 MP GPU.

ARM designs the technology that is at the heart of advanced digital products, from wireless, networking and consumer entertainment solutions to imaging, automotive, security and storage devices. ARM’s comprehensive product offering includes 32-bit RISC microprocessors, graphics processors, video engines, enabling software, cell libraries, embedded memories, high-speed connectivity products, peripherals and development tools. Combined with comprehensive design services, training, support and maintenance, and the company’s broad Partner community, they provide a total system solution that offers a fast, reliable path to market for leading electronics companies.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Imation Enhances The Encrypted USB Extension Software for McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator

Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN), a global scalable storage and data security company, announced availability of its new Encrypted USB extension software for McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee ePO™), the first significant upgrade since McAfee transitioned its Encrypted USB device business to Imation last month.

Information stored on even the world’s most secure devices can be left vulnerable without a way to centrally track and manage USB devices – leaving organizations potentially exposed to unauthorized access, data loss and regulatory noncompliance. Imation integrates the majority of its line of encrypted USB devices directly with McAfee ePO™ software, allowing enterprises and government organizations to deploy, track and manage encrypted USB devices centrally from a single console.

Imation’s EUSB 2.0 extension software for McAfee ePO enables centralized management of Imation Defender secure USB drives by allowing administrators to enforce encryption and access policies on USB drives, providing extensive control over how employees handle confidential data.

New enhancements to the software include:
  • Expanded device support for devices that can be managed using McAfee ePO, including Imation Defender devices and MXI Security Stealth M550 devices.
  • The addition of client-side EUSB components fully localized in Japanese and German.
  • For US Government customers, those using newer 2048-bit Common Access Cards (CAC) or Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards can now use them as part of their Imation security solution.

Imation offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of secure mobile storage products and solutions, including trusted FIPS-validated portable storage devices, digital identity products, secure mobile workspaces, and both cloud-based and on-premises management software solutions.

Imation has integrated industry leading data security assets as part of its strategic focus on the growing data security market, including acquisition of certain assets of ENCRYPTX and MXI Security, and the secure hardware business of IronKey. As a result, Imation has assembled a set of best-of-breed technologies that enable the easy and secure transport of data, digital identities and user workspaces using a wide range of mobile storage media.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fujitsu Amazes Malaysia with the Thinnest and Lightest LIFEBOOKs

Fujitsu, the No.1 Global Windows-based Tablet PC Vendor (Quarterly PC Tracker Q1 2012, by unit shipments) today unveiled its newest and updated range of business and consumer products. Fujitsu has yet again redefined the market for notebooks with the launch of the new and updated models of LIFEBOOKs under the S, U, L, A, E and P series. This new and updated range of products ride on the latest 3rd Generation Intel Core processor that suit a variety of consumers' computing requirements, styles and colour preferences.

Fujitsu today launched more than 11 models of LIFEBOOKs that will meet the diverse requirements of its customers; be it a business executive, a gizmo geek, today’s style conscious youth or the diligent learner. The new and updated models of the LIFEBOOK vary from being the slimmest to the lightest notebooks, delivering dynamic performance and security, enhanced user experience with longer battery life in their respective categories. They provide excellent performance combined with superior entertainment features that ride on the Takumi design LIFEBOOKs that are splashed with a vibrant selection of spring colours.

Unveiling the new range of products, Ms. Yap Hui Hui, Country Manager Malaysia, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Ltd. states, “Being true to our Japanese Takumi philosophy; our LIFEBOOK design for Year 2012 are works of art on their own - encompasses a distinct and uniform identity, while balancing style and performance for the everyday lifestyle, be it work and play”. She further adds “This new range of notebooks will allow customers to discover and experience new age computing as they are embracing mobility in their lifestyles and Fujitsu understands this paradigm shift.”

The S series –The Perfect Portable Work Companions for Enterprise Users

This series is specially designed to cater to the increasing demands from both the workplace and its users, fulfilling the challenging requirements of the commercial space.

S Series LIFEBOOKs help optimise work productivity with the newest 3rd Generation Intel Core processors and are equipped with the Intel VPro technology and a full suite of security features to provide optimal safety and IT assets management. The S series is a fine balance of portability and performance that is lightweight and provides an impressive 11hrs 30mins of battery life approximately.

Key models in this series are – S762

SH series – A Treat for Home - Stylishly Slim, Remarkably Light, Absolutely MORE Powerful

The SH series redefines the thin and light experience for 13.3-inch notebooks and measures at 16.6mm at its thinnest and weighs approximately 1.21kg, rendering it the world’s thinnest and lightest LIFEBOOK. Ideal for mobile professionals who desire style and perfection at its finest.

The SH series is available in various colours from the basic elegant Comfort Black soft finishing to the stylishly rich colours of Shiny Black, Ebony White, and Garnett Red, ingeniously designed LIFEBOOKS that are bound to get you noticed. Showcasing Fujitsu’s unique proprietary technologies, the SH series LIFEBOOKs come with the enhanced Anytime USB Charge for continuous charging of more mobile devices even when the LIFEBOOK is turned off.

Key models in this series are –SH572 and SH772

The U Series – Cutting-edge, Razor thin – Totally secure and affordable

The new LIFEBOOK U Series family is the affordable performance Ultrabook that is designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle quite effortless by cleverly combining smart technologies with long battery life, 3rd Generation Intel Core processors and assuring security features plus its lightweight. The LIFEBOOK U series family consists of the world's thinnest 14-inch Ultrabook providing unrivalled mobility and a no-compromise performance for the professionals on the go.

This Made in Japan Ultrabook is not only an affordable LIFEBOOK but also provides full PC computing capabilities in a sleek and stylish form factor, ideal for any mainstream user.

Key models in this series are – UH572 & U772

The L Series - Infusing Elegance and Colours for every Lifestyle

The L series is a continuation of the Fujitsu’s 2012 summer line up, now available with the 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 processor. Available in colours like the luxurious Shiny Black, Urban White, Cosmos Pink colour options and a matching dichromatic keypad, with charms that anyone would lust after. Special edition for the Asia Pacific region, the L series LIFEBOOKs are fashionably graced in Shiny Black, Ruby Red, Lavender and Matt Black.

Key models in this series are – LH532 & LH772

The A Series - Your Perfect Multimedia Desktop Alternative

The LIFEBOOK A Series is updated with the most compelling visuals, uninterrupted video playbacks and sound quality for a real theatre and gaming sensation. Now equipped with the latest 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 dual-core processors for multimedia experience like never before.

Key models in this series are – AH532 and AH552

The E Series - Premium Security and Connectivity for Business Professionals

The LIFEBOOK E series is built to befit organizations who require maximum cost efficiency, corporate reliability, full security features and need highly-customisable notebooks for their employees globally. Along with boosting it’s line-up with the new 3rd Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Turbo Boost Technology this range weighs extremely light. Another new highlight is the superior data transfer speed capability that is very essential in highly networked commercial world nowadays.

Key models in this series are – E752

The P Series - Compact-portability and Power Combined

Designed for those who require an extremely portable notebook for causal use, the 1.48kg, Made-in-Japan LIFEBOOK, P series has a smaller surface than an A4 sized paper. It is delightfully packed with the powerful, new 3rd Generation Intel® Core i5 processor and is finished with the DTS Boost sound system for great sounds; a spill-resistant keyboard to prevent accident spills and much more for everyday computing convenience.

The LIFEBOOK P series LIFEBOOK is available in Glossy Black and Glossy White and is furnished with sophisticated security features.

Key models in this series are – P702 and P772

The Takumi Philosophy (匠)

Ultimate dedication, expertise and experience to create the perfect Fujitsu LIFEBOOK

The new 2012 Fujitsu range of LIFEBOOK is intrinsically designed with the Takumi Philosophy which embodies 4 key elements – the Infinity Mark as a badge of excellence and innovation; the distinctive F-Line Keyboard outline to illustrate our craftsmanship and attention to details; a minimalistic, Zen-like Rounded Profile to signify simplicity and undivided focus on quality; and User-Centric Shared Details in the forms of a perfectly clean and levelled palm rest and a dichromatic, double injection colour isolation keyboard for both visual appeal and comfort, a chrome on/off power button with an illuminated ring and clear indications of the ports on the sides of the keypad for ease of use and a class of sophistication.

BMW appoints Dr. Gerhard Pils as new President of BMW Group Malaysia

“I am very pleased to steer BMW Group Malaysia at a very important moment in the company’s history here in the country as the new number one brand in the premium automotive segment. However, whilst we look in the rear view mirror on what the excellent team at BMW Malaysia has successfully achieved together with our dealers, partners with great satisfaction, there is still much to look forward to in the beams of our headlights, moving forward. Exciting new BMW, MINI and two-wheelers are in the pipeline in which our Malaysian customer can look forward to in the future.” said Dr. Pils.

Dr.Pils’ appointment follows the departure of the incumbent President, Mr. Geoffrey Briscoe, who has been promoted to a new position within the BMW Group. Briscoe leaves the company with a strong stewardship, a legacy of four years of continuous growth for the company in Malaysia which amongst other notable achievements, saw the introduction of the country’s widest range of diesel engine alternatives in the premium segment under the BMW EfficientDynamics strategy; significant expansion of the BMW network of dealerships to enhance support for customers throughout Malaysia and the rise of BMW as the number one selling premium automotive brand in the market.

With 26 years experience with the BMW Group, Dr. Pils began his career with the premium automaker in July 1986 at the BMW engine plant in Steyr, Upper Austria (BMW Motorenwerk, Steyr/OÖ). After three years of spearheading BMW in Korea, he took on the responsibility of the BMW subsidiary in Vienna from 1998 to 2002, followed by a role as Human Resource Executive in charge of senior management development throughout the BMW network.

Prior to his Malaysia appointment, Dr. Pils served as the Chief Executive Officer of BMW Group Austria which under his leadership saw the company impressively grow in all key performance areas of the business.

Dr. Pils highlighted that with a total of 2,702 BMW, MINI and Motorrad vehicles delivered as of May 2012, a 17% increase from the same period in the previous year, the 2012 business year is on a strong positive growth path and that the second half of the year would continue to see the introduction of new products of great attraction.

“After having been living in South East Asia already 30 years ago, I feel a lot of joy working here again in the beautiful, bustling modern city of Kuala Lumpur with the motivated team at BMW Group Malaysia and the growing dealer organization throughout the country. By gradually increasing our model portfolio, assembled in our plant in Kulim and with our logistics centre at Tanjung Pelepas, Johor Bahru, supplying our organization all across the pacific region, we increasingly contribute to the nation’s economic development. Thus, we prove that our engagement in Malaysia has a sustainable and important relevance to the BMW Group.” said Dr. Pils.

Google I/O Announces Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google I/O 2012 has just announced Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

This new new version of OS brings about a few great improvements, starting with platform optimization for both computing resources and GUI acceleration. The codename of this enhancement is called Project Butter.

The core idea of Project Butter is to bring about faster performance GUI. Dave Burke, Android engineering director announced that Project Butter consists of 4 main components.

1.) VSync - enhanced synchronization of processes
2.) Triple buffering
3.) Touch responsiveness
4.) Intelligent resources load balancing

Up next is home screen improvement. Smartphone users spend a great deal of time looking at the home screen and trying to figure out what to do next. Now the home screen can automatically perform resizing on widgets.

The new text input supports two great features.

1.) Predictive keyboard
2.) Offline voice typing for US English.

The developer team has managed to compressed the voice recognition engine so small that it is able to fit into the limited memory space of Android devices.

Search features have also been uplifted with a new  GUI, faster and more natural voice search as well as introduction of knowledge graph where it provides summaries of search results which are derived from computation of data which comprises of both graphical and text information. It is graph because the decision is based on statistics.

More automation features are introduced. With Google Now, which makes use of data of your location, calendar and search patterns to help users with organizing their hectic lifestyle, offering a new hope to cope with the complexity of digital age. It is able to automate public transport schedules,
place of interest, next appointments, flight schedules and sports updates; just anything that one requires on daily basis.


  • By Mid July 2012 on Nexus phone and open source.
  • Software development kit (SDK) - the beta version is already available for download.
  • Platform development kit (PDK) for android hardware developer, the beta version is already available for OEM partners.


The keynote, apart of Android technology, is all about new age lifestyle and the presentations which reminds me of Steve Jobs.

There are now 400 million Android devices all around the world.

The keynote thanks software developers around the world for making Android a reality.

Google I/O Machine Game ?

It really caught my attention and spiraled my imagination when I first saw the Google I/O machine game. I thought that it just way out of topic, I/O is supposed to talk about input and output signals, in high level programming, it usually refers to binary data, text data, file, pipe, streaming and communication. Since when it has got to do with mechanical engineering or geometry design ?

Well, here is what I have found out, after experiencing with my first machine design, I found out that this game is not just about fun, yes it is a game to crack your boredom and improve creativity, it also meant to showcase chrome's HTML5 and other Adobe-flash-compatible capability.

Check out what Chrome can do wihout using Adobe Flash.

Google I/O is an event which showcases the tech world's latest web, mobile and social breakthroughs.

It is happening now on live stream.

The following are the important keynotes and their approximate Malaysian times:

Day 1 Keynote - Android and Google+
  • Hugo Barra (Android) and Vic Gundotra (G+)
  • From 0930 PST on 27 June 2012 or 0030 MY time on 28 June 2012
Day 2 Keynote - Chrome, Apps and Cloud
  • Sundar Pichai (Chrome/Apps) with Urs Hölzle (Cloud)
  • From 1000 PST on 28 June 2012 or 0100 MY time on 29 June 2012

At Google I/O 2012, you can expect announcements related to:
  • Android consumer devices,
  • The Android OS,
  • Chrome,
  • Google+, and
  • Cloud services.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

China’s Largest Online Supermarket Deploys Brocade Data Center Infrastructure

China’s largest online supermarket, Yihaodian, has turned to Brocade (NASDAQ: BRCD) for a high-performance data center networking solution to cope with explosive growth in customers and orders. The company, in which Walmart raised its stake to 51 percent earlier this year, had 2011 sales of Rmb2.7 billion (US $429M), 335 percent higher than in 2010. The Brocade® networking solution will give the retailer an infrastructure that will enable it to meet current customer demands, while providing a blueprint for future growth.

Today, China has over 193 million online shoppers compared to 170 million in the US, more than double the number in Japan and five times that of the UK. By 2015, the size of China’s e-commerce market is expected to rival that of the US, with e-commerce accounting for as much as eight percent of the total Chinese retail market.

Yihaodian’s success mirrors the country’s appetite for e-commerce. The company was only founded in 2008, but already has logistics centers in five of China’s largest cities – Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chengdu – that stock more than 270,000 products and provide same-day and next-day delivery services. While Yihaodian’s customer base tripled from 2010 to 2011, last year’s average daily order volume was six times higher than 2010’s.

The Brocade MLXe-4 Core Routers deployed by Yihaodian each have 1.92 terabit per second switching fabric capacity, ensuring that all the 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) connections to the network core are handled at wire speed. The Brocade MLXe-4 routers are linked over multiple 10 GbE connections using Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT) to create a single logical switch that dynamically load-balances traffic from access layer switches with multiple connections to the core devices.

To handle the high-volume traffic between the core and the data center’s Internet-facing demilitarized zone (DMZ), Yihaodian has deployed Brocade ICX® 6610 Switches that offer chassis-like performance and reliability in a stackable form factor. Each Brocade ICX 6610 has 48 1 GbE access ports, and are linked into a single logical switch using dedicated 40 GbE connections. Multiple 10 GbE uplinks to the core enable a highly scalable solution designed for non-stop availability.

In addition, Yihaodian has deployed Brocade FCX Series Switches to provide wire-speed 1 GbE access to its application and database servers. As with the core and DMZ networks, these switches are combined into a single logical device with up to eight Brocade FCX 648 switches providing 384 access ports and multiple 10 GbE uplinks to the core.

The Brocade ICX switch family is compatible with Brocade HyperEdge™ technology (planned for general availability in the first half of 2013), which will enable customers to employ single-point management to simplify LAN operations while mixing and matching switches as they expands their access network stacks in the future.

JCMEX Partners Sourcefire for Malaysia’s FIRST IPS-enabled IP Telephony Solutions

Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE), a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, announces its local partnership with JCMEX Trading Sdn Bhd (“JCMEX”), to deliver Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (“NGIPS”) protection over Internet Protocol(“IP”) telephony solutions for enterprises, small and mid-sized businesses (“SMBs”).

Established since 2000 in Malaysia, JCMEX is Asia's pioneer distributor of Digium/Asterisk IP telephony solutions. JCMEX’s clients include Hewlett Packard, Ministry of Defence (Hanoi, Vietnam), Cebu Telecoms and many more.

JCMex expects this partnership to increase its IP telephony solution revenue as well as boost the number of enterprises in Asia into using web-based communication technology.”

“This year, JCMEX is looking at a 20% of growth in IP solution revenue sales. Currently, we have over 180 resellers around the region to advocate the business growth and performance,” ends Suzanne.

According to Ivan Wen, Country Manager of Sourcefire in Malaysia, JCMEX is Malaysia’s FIRST IP telephony solutions distributor, and also Sourcefire’s first local partner in providing secured IP telephony solutions for the local market.

Increasing Demands for Security Enabled IP-based Telephony Offerings

Based on the Frost & Sullivan’s latest report ¹, revenues for the enterprise telephony market in the Asia Pacific region is expected to grow to USD2.57 billion in 2016 (from USD1.72 billion in 2009). In particular, SMBs have shown an active interest in enterprise IP products that can help reduce the total cost of ownership and telecommunication bills.

Wen shares, “As VoIP (Voice over IP) increases in popularity, so does the potential for harm from cyber attacks. Security is becoming the main concern for enterprises to adopt IP-based telecommunication platforms.”

“Sourcefire’s NGIPS provides users with decisive threat-mitigating controls to reduce threat attack surfaces over VoIP, video and web communications, IP-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) servers, IP traffic gateways, data networks and more.”

“Much like firewalls in any IT infrastructure today, IPS has become a required component in any VoIP deployment,” says Wen.

Security Enablement Brings Greater Business Opportunities

JCMEX’s General Manager, Vanita Suzanne shares that she is excited on the partnership with Sourcefire as it demonstrates to the Asia’s IP telephony industry that the company is at the forefront of innovative technology solutions.

“The new partnership will enable JCMEX to integrate Sourcefire's context-aware NGIPS within all its IP-based telephony offering range to identify and prevent malicious attacks, i.e. voice hacking, on communications platforms that have been commonly experienced by Asia’s IP telephony users.”

“In today’s competitive market, it’s common for businesses, particularly for the enterprises and small- and mid-sized business to engage IP-based communication platforms to be more operationally cost saving and to keep up with the latest in technology.

“The introduction of NGIPS-enabled IP telephony solution will also provide organization a peace of mind to explore other new IP telephony technologies, such as mobile applications and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services.”

Suzanne ends, “We are very pleased to be partnering with Sourcefire as the worldwide most leading intrusion prevention technology provider,”

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Exabytes-MDeC Partners to Provide Saas Acceleration Program

Malaysia’s leading web-hosting and cloud hosting provider, Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd (‘Exabytes’), has joined forces with MDeC to outset the MSC Malaysia Cloud Initiatives – SAAS Acceleration Program aimed to provide an ideal growth environment for Malaysian ICT small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to transform themselves into world-class companies.

According to CEO and Founder of Exabytes, Chan Kee Siak, the Exabytes and MDeC partnership is in response to the growing competitiveness of Malaysian SMEs in leveraging the cloud computing ecosystem in Malaysia for their business operations.

The program is part of MSC Malaysia’s larger plan to achieve the following objectives:
  • 60 Online Solution Providers on the Cloud by end 2012
  • 6000 New *Digital Enterprise by end 2015 (*Malaysian SMEs utilizing ICT solutions and conducting business online)
  • 1500 new jobs for engineered positions by end 2015
  • 1% share of (Cloud Computing) global market to be contributed by MSC Malaysia companies by 2015

Datuk Badlisham Ghazali, CEO, MDeC, says “Cloud computing is a critical enabler for Malaysia’s ICT sector and for the economy as a whole. The MSC Malaysia Cloud Initiative ties back to one of the key targets of MSC Malaysia, which is the infusion of technology across all economic sectors to drive productivity and innovation by lowering the barrier of entry for ICT companies and SMEs alike.

The initiative will pave way for cloud solutions to become more available and accessible to MSC Malaysia SMEs, and will undoubtedly make them more competitive globally.”

Exabytes’ robust cloud hosting technology solutions and internet infrastructure fit right into the program to provide a platform for eligible SMEs seeking to conduct a higher percentage of their existing and new commercial undertakings online.

He shares that cloud computing should not be limited to just large, ICT-strong organizations. Rather, it should rightly benefit SMEs even more as it (cloud computing model) advocates a very cost-effective way to utilize IT and technology to support business activities.


a) Exabytes launches Multi Location Cloud Hosting, the first in Malaysia. Exabytes customers can now choose where to host or deploy their cloud hosting at from the same cloud hosting control panel. Exabytes now support 4 locations - Kuala Lumpur, Cyberjaya, Singapore and USA. Everything from ordering, billing, provisioning of the cloud services are all fully automated via online. Customer can buy a cloud virtual server and have it up and running within 10 minutes.

b) Exabytes offers RM3000 of Cloud Hosting Credit to all MSC Status companies. These companies may use the RM3000 credit to buy any Cloud Hosting Package suitable for them. The credit is valid for 6 months, subsidize by Exabytes.

c) For MSC Status Companies who has developed Software and which can be converted to Cloud Based Software As A Service (SAAS) model, MSC Malaysia will subsidize an additional RM15,000 of Cloud Hosting Credit amounting to a total of RM18,000 of Cloud Hosting from Exabytes and MDEC. On top of the RM18,000, Exabytes will also help the MSC Status companies promote their services to its 60,000+ SME Customers during road shows and exhibitions. That adds an additional RM13,000 of marketing value to the MSC Status companies.

Groupon Malaysia Offers Healthcare Without Boundaries

Groupon Malaysia announced the introduction of the all-new Groupon Healthcare, a portal for specialty deals designed to help consumers locate selective, affordable and quality healthcare solutions which have been approved by the Ministry of Health.

With Groupon Healthcare, Groupon moves beyond providing customers with luxury products and services to offer consumers with a growing number of markdowns on healthcare products and services such as heart scans, health screening, Helicobacter Pylori Test, Lasik eye surgery and even nutritional food supplements – making much needed medical solutions more easily accessible and affordable across the country.

“With the introduction of Groupon Healthcare, our customers can now appreciate and value the benefits of quality and affordable solutions by registered healthcare providers. We hope that the new specialty deals site will further enhance the quality of our consumers’ lives as they can now optimize their time to seek and receive the care that they need more efficiently,” said Joel Neoh, CEO of Groupon Malaysia.

The new Groupon Healthcare microsite will also feature health-related deals for an extended period of 12 to 14 days instead of the usual 5 to 7 days. Additionally, all Groupon Healthcare offers will have an approved KKLIU number by the Medicine Advertisement Board, Ministry of Health Malaysia – allowing the company to yet again deliver only the best to its customers in the country.

Joel further added that Groupon Healthcare is one of the many steps the company has taken as part of its ongoing commitment to fulfill the demands and needs of its customers. He is confident that the new specialty deals site will be a significant contributor to the company’s growing success and will continue to set a higher benchmark in the social e-commerce industry.

“Moving forward the opportunities for Groupon remain endless and we are committed to ensuring that Malaysians are able to benefit from the most innovative and beneficial deals possible,” said Joel.

Groupon Malaysia which is best known offering wide variety of unbeatable goods and services including restaurant meals, spa visits and hotel stays has undoubtedly revolutionized the way consumers shop online by extending its services to capitalize the growing demand for healthcare products and services in Malaysia.

“Healthcare in an ideal world which should be readily accessible to anyone that needs it. With the power of social e-commerce, we believe we can help bring our valued customers and healthcare providers closer together,” said Joel.

Since entering into the market one year ago, Groupon Malaysia has grown to become the nation’s leading and fastest-growing online group buying destination by creating value added propositions for both consumers and merchants. Currently available in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, Melaka, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching, Groupon Malaysia extends the excitement of the Groupon Experience throughout Asia with deals from over 3000 merchants and subscriber base of 1.5 million – reaffirming its position as the clear leader of Malaysia’s group buying industry.

Sophos Research reveals Disconnect Between Growing Security Demands and Aging Security Infra

Sophos announced in Malaysia, the results of a survey of 571 IT managers and directors across North America, Europe and Australia. The survey revealed, among other issues, that small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are struggling to keep IT infrastructures up to date with current working practices and more advanced threats.

According to the survey, conducted for Sophos by Vanson Bourne, 93 percent of SMBs are integrating remote working policies into their security provision, with more than half of respondents (52 percent) expecting to improve security precautions to mitigate additional risks posed by remote working.

Wireless networks are also an issue, with only a fifth (21 percent) being very confident in their security. The research also found that, on average, firewalls were five years old, and that one in five respondents had suffered a network outage caused by a malware infection in the last 12 months. Both highlight the daunting task of keeping up with the latest technologies and threats.

Other findings from the research include:

  • More than a third (36 percent) of businesses struggle with applying consistent security policies across all offices
  • More than a third (37 percent) of wireless networks provide only an ‘acceptable’ level of coverage at best
  • When choosing a network security solution, the highest priority for SMBs is a low cost of ownership (30 percent), followed by ease of use (24 percent), and support offered (22 percent)
  • 34 percent of respondents had their network firewall for five years or more

“Trends such as remote working, mobile and cloud are having a huge impact on the way small and medium sized businesses think about protecting their networks,” said Gerhard Eschelbeck, CTO at Sophos. “For SMBs, it is critical that any network security solution has both the ease and simplicity of a one-size-fits-all approach, yet still addresses the specific vulnerabilities of each device or mode of working, as well as every access point on the network.”


Growing threats and unprepared networks are particularly troubling, given the breadth of challenges that are now facing SMBs. With regard to network security, 44 percent of respondents cited the growing need to use cloud-based services as a major concern; 39 percent were worried about sophisticated threats; 39 percent about managing mobile devices; and a further 35 percent saw data loss as a significant challenge. These concerns are justified given that one in five of those surveyed had been infected by malware that brought down their network within the last 12 months. With the increased frequency of cyber attacks and methods to penetrate the corporate network, improvements need to be made across the board.

“Companies are reevaluating how they tackle IT security. A fragmented approach is consistently leaving networks vulnerable to attack, as new technologies such as cloud, and new devices such as mobile, require more advanced security architectures,” continued Eschelbeck, “For many, it is time to take a more holistic approach to IT security, one that ensures all elements of protection function seamlessly together.”

The research also revealed some encouraging statistics, in particular regarding IT budgets. Nearly half (44 percent) pointed to investment in IT, including virtualization (48 percent), cloud computing (44 percent), remote working (44 percent) and improvements to the wireless network (49 percent). The vast majority (70 percent) of companies are also planning to support this with further investment in security.

“It is encouraging to see companies planning to invest in IT infrastructure. Any technology additions will have a significant impact on the security infrastructure, and with 70 percent planning to increase their IT security budget in the coming year, it is vital that this investment ensures the security fabric of the entire business is as robust as possible and able to support new and evolving technologies,” concluded Eschelbeck.

To see the full report visit:

MyIX Is Expanding Globally

MyIX is Malaysia's first neutral Internet Exchange where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) connect to exchange Internet traffic. MyIX has 8 nodes across Malaysia which include KL, Penang, Johor, Kelantan, Sabah, Sarawak and etc. MyIX was setup in 2006 with a grant from the government of Malaysia via SKMM, having a 5 years plan to improve the Internet connectivity for all parties. Since then, it has been self sustaining with incomes deriving mainly from members' subscription for peering connections.

In a press conference held yesterday, CEO of AIMS Chiew Kok Hin said that since MyIX was setup as a non-profit therefore its core challenge is to reduce operation costs as an ongoing basis.

The are two main benefits of subscribing to peering connectivity via MyIX:

1.) Costs saving in terms of Internet connectivity for local ISPs and data centres because they will depend less on International Internet service provider.

2.) For international companies such as Facebook and Google, having established peering connections with MyIX will translate into serving its users better. This can be understood in two terms.

  • Without peering with MyIX, users connecting to Google and Facebook will rely on the traditional route. As a result, connection speed may vary and sometimes even slower. In extreme circumstances, these companies may need to resort to setting up of localized data centres in Malaysia to help with the situation.
  • By peering with MyIX, users get to connect to Google and Facebook via the peering-route with better speed and these companies may not need to setup localized data centres.

Moving ahead, MyIX wants to attract more global businesses, by competing with other players in the region. The challenges have always been getting more members, establishing more nodes outside KL and supporting latest technology such as IPv6 and protecting the Internet freedom of Malaysia.

Up to date, it has a good portfolio of members which include all the big names in the Malaysian telecommunication industry such as TM, Jaring, celcom, DiGi, Maxis, MyKRIS and etc.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fujitsu Adds Nimsoft to Its Global Cloud Platform

Fujitsu, a leading provider of IT-based business solutions, and Nimsoft, an independent division of CA Technologies, today announced the availability of IT Management as a Service (ITMaaS) in ASEAN, rolled out under a global partnership where Fujitsu has incorporated innovative Nimsoft monitoring and service desk solutions on its Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP).

Fujitsu has architected Nimsoft Monitor and Nimsoft Service Desk into its portfolio to be delivered from the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP). This complements its rapidly growing catalogue of SaaS applications and Fujitsu’s expertise in IT service management. Fujitsu customers will be able to access functionally rich, easy-to-implement ITMaaS capabilities that can be universally applied to their private, public and hybrid cloud environments—as well as to their conventional IT infrastructure.

The addition of the Nimsoft solutions also makes FGCP an even more compelling proposition to Fujitsu ISV customers, who are using it as a strategic delivery platform for their own SaaS offerings.

“By delivering a unified, cost-effective and rapidly deployable solution powered by Nimsoft, Fujitsu enables its customers to address their core monitoring and incident ticketing needs with better cost control and reduced complexities,” said Sumal Karunanayake, VP Growth Markets APJ, CA Technologies. “We continue to deliver solutions that enable our partners worldwide to fulfill the growing market demand for cloud-based turnkey services that optimize IT performance and agility while lowering cost.”

With comprehensive, flexible, and easily configurable Nimsoft ITMaaS solutions, Fujitsu can deliver differentiated, revenue-generating cloud services to an increasingly wider range of enterprise, mid-market and ISV customers worldwide.

“Fujitsu is committed to collaborating with the best partners to ensure our customers reap the most optimal benefits to meet their business objectives through cloud computing,” said Charles Lew, the President of Fujitsu Malaysia. “The Fujitsu ITMaaS solution provides customers with the necessary capabilities to achieve a high-performance environment in response to changing business demands.”

The Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform delivers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)—including virtual ICT infrastructure, such as servers and storage—over a network from Fujitsu data centers. Available in Japan, Australia, the USA, Germany, the UK and Singapore FGCP provides enterprise customers and ISVs with reliable, cost-efficient on-demand access to configurable ICT resources.

The Fujitsu ITMaaS offering is now available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SOURCEFIRE Unveils FireAMP™ Mobile Security Solution to Protect Local Enterprises

Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE), a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today unveils the FireAMP™ Mobile security solution that enables local enterprises protect against advanced threats that result from mobility and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) challenges.

Combined with FireSIGHT® technology, FireAMP™ Mobile provide organizations with Information Superiority that helps them to identify mobile devices connecting to the network, determine whether a device is at risk and then take measures to protect it.

According to the Country Manager of Sourcefire Malaysia, Ivan Wen that BYOD is becoming the norm in today’s mobile enterprises. “Organizations need an increased level of security intelligence to identify risky behavior and applications on employee devices.”

“The newly launched FireAMP™ Mobile solution will provide company with visibility into the number and types of devices connecting to the network (iPhones/iPads, Blackberries, Android devices and more), as well as the applications they are running.”

“It then inspects mobile protocols to identify vulnerabilities and potential attacks against these devices, so that company can take appropriate measures to prevent and block mobile malware from spreading through the corporate networks.”

As organizations seek to securely integrate mobile, and especially employee-owned, devices into their corporate enterprises, Sourcefire’s solutions provide a comprehensive view into threats, vulnerabilities, devices, operating systems, applications, users, network behavior and files on the network that further allows organizations to rapidly adapt and respond to new changes and threats introduced in the network environments.

The FireAMP™ Mobile integrates cloud-based analysis capabilities to deliver real-time protection against newly discovered threats. It also enables users to generate insightful reports with important threat intelligence that specific to their network environments. These reports include the top mobile malware incidents and blacklisted and/or non-whitelisted apps that have been installed on mobile devices.

Oracle Cloud Delivers Up to 50 Percent Lower TCO Than IBM or HP

Broadening its cloud portfolio, Oracle announced a new SPARC/Oracle Solaris option for its Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure.

Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure offers customers looking to upgrade, consolidate and virtualize their existing SPARC-based infrastructure a proven foundation for private cloud-based services which can lower TCO by up to 81 percent.

Enables faster time to service, can help reduce deployment time from weeks to days, and can increase system utilization to 80 percent.

“The Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure can also be deployed at up to 50 percent lower cost over five years than comparable HP and IBM cloud alternatives - namely HP/VMware and IBM/PowerVM,” Ganesh Ramamurthy, vice president of engineering, Oracle.

“The Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure is a flexible, cost-effective solution for moving SPARC and RISC-based services onto a secure private cloud infrastructure.”

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The BMW Group Receives Several Awards for its Innovative Engines

The BMW Group has propelled itself into the lead yet again as the world’s most successful automotive brand, receiving top recognition at the highly acclaimed International Engine of the Year Awards 2012 as well as from the SAM Group for its Business and Environment Sustainability achievements.

“Every year, we at BMW strive to improve on the ground breaking developments and innovation which have made us one of the most dynamic brands in the world. We are honoured to be recognised for these achievements as it signifies that our efforts are not going unnoticed and that we are making a difference in the world.” said Mr. Sashi Ambi, Corporate Communications Manager, BMW Group Malaysia.

The premium carmaker went home with four out of the eight award categories at the recent 2012 Engine of the Year Awards, making BMW the most successful auto manufacturer in the internationally renowned engine contest.

Sealing the best-in-class victories were the 1.6 litre turbo unit of the MINI Cooper S; the revolutionary four-cylinder engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology which powers the highly successful BMW 328i, BMW 528i and the BMW Z4 sDrive 28i; the straight-six with M TwinPower Turbo of the BMW 1 Series M Coupe and the mighty V8 of the legendary BMW M3.

This year’s international panel of judges were made up of 76 motoring journalists from 36 countries, once again making the Awards the most sought after by automakers for its depth of view, professional standards and impartiality.

With the latest accolades, the BMW Group continues its winning streak in what is widely regarded as the world’s foremost engine competition with wins in more than 50 classes and the overall winner title since 1999. The 2012 competition saw the prize in the 1.4-litre to 1.8-litre displacement class handed to the engine that drives the MINI Cooper S, in a reprise of its success last year. The 1.6-litre four-cylinder develops peak output of 135 kW/184 hp with the help of a twin-scroll turbocharger, direct petrol injection and variable valve control based on the BMW-patented VALVETRONIC technology. Among the key attributes of this unit is not only its eager power delivery but also exemplary efficiency for its class.

Likewise, providing enhanced driving pleasure coupled with extremely low fuel consumption and emission figures is the new 2.0-litre engine featuring BMW TwinPower Turbo technology. The 180 kW/245 hp four-cylinder turbocharged unit with High Precision Direct Injection and VALVETRONIC instantly won over the judges to capture the trophy in the 1.8-litre to 2.0-litre category. This engine is currently powering the new BMW 328i, BMW 528i and BMW Z4 sDrive28i in the country.

The top accolade in the 2.5-litre to 3.0-litre class went to a six-cylinder in-line engine whose technology has already wowed the judges several times previously. Both in 2007 and in 2008, this 3.0-litre powerplant with twin turbochargers, High Precision Injection and Double-VANOS took the overall prize in the Engine of the Year Awards. It serves as the basis for both the M TwinPower Turbo unit inside the BMW 1 Series M Coupe and the BMW TwinPower Turbo engine of the BMW Z4 sDrive35is. Delivering 250 kW/340 hp, this thrillingly high-revving straight-six has reached its highest output level. The upshot is truly outstanding performance that has garnered it a further Engine of the Year Award.

An achievement of this calibre is only exceeded by the string of successes claimed by the fourth BMW Group award-winner in 2012. For the fifth time in a row, the V8 engine of the BMW M3 high-performance sports car provides the measure of all things in the 3.0-litre to 4.0-litre displacement class. Bolstering the undiminished appeal of the 4.0-litre naturally aspirated engine are its hallmark M high-revving concept, peak output of 309 kW/420 hp and outstanding thrust. Beyond this, the eight-cylinder is compelling for its remarkable efficiency thanks to the Auto Start-Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration and other Efficient Dynamics technologies.

Motorola RAZR™ MAXX and Motorola RAZR™ V

Motorola Mobility is bringing the longest-lasting smartphone on the market today, Motorola RAZRTM MAXX, and the sexy yet affordable Motorola RAZRTM V to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Motorola RAZR MAXX will be available with Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread), and will receive an over-the-air upgrade to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) soon after. In Malaysia, Motorola RAZR MAXX will be available starting 21 June at selected retailers for a recommended retail price of RM1,688. Motorola RAZR V will be available with Android 4.0 during the third quarter of the year. Specific availability information will be announced closer to the retail launch dates.

Both smartphones sport the iconic RAZR design, with the same sculpted face, diamond-cut aluminum accents Not only are they gorgeous, they’re also made to last, with KEVLAR® fibre for strength and scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass. Caught in the rain? Spill your coffee? Fear not. Motorola RAZR MAXX and Motorola RAZR V have a splash-guard coating that keeps everything safe – including the electrical boards inside.

Motorola RAZR MAXX – the longest lasting smartphone on the block 

With the longest battery life of any smartphone today, this device has enough juice for 17.6 hours of talk-time – on a single charge. And because it’s in the Motorola RAZR family, it has the same incredibly thin, fast and light pedigree as the groundbreaking original Motorola RAZR smartphone. It has a vibrant 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display that features a wider range of colours than most LCD HDTVs. Plus at just 8.99 mm, Motorola RAZR MAXX is still impossibly thin.

For aspiring filmmakers, forget about buying expensive, clunky equipment to shoot your first masterpiece. Instead, take advantage of Motorola RAZR MAXX’s 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with 1080p video capture for crisp, clear, cinematic-quality images. Or, simply use it chat with a friend using the front-facing HD video camera.

Motorola RAZR MAXX is also “Business Ready,” meaning it features government-grade encryption that protects your email, contacts and calendar. Even the strictest IT manager will be impressed.

Motorola RAZR V – iconic styling and mind-blowing thinness for your budget 

An amazing 8.35mm thin, Motorola RAZR V makes iconic RAZR family styling and quality available to everyone. This big-screen beauty is surprisingly compact and light, and feels great even in smaller hands. Thanks to ColorBoostTM display technology, Motorola RAZR V has extremely vibrant colours for better clarity and sharper images.With Charcoal, Glacier White and Rebel Pink options subject to market availability, you can choose the colour that reflects your own personality and style. And while Motorola RAZR V comes at a surprisingly affordable price, it gives away nothing in performance, thanks to a dual-core 1.2GHz processor.

Unique to Motorola Mobility smartphones, including Motorola RAZR MAXX and Motorola RAZR V is Smart Actions – a tool that lets you automate your phone’s settings throughout the day. For example, you can set your phone to automatically turn off its ringer when you get home from work set it to turn off email while you sleep, or dim the screen when battery life gets below 30 percent. Essentially, Smart Actions manages all of the little things that add up to make all the difference in the world – all while extending your phone’s already long battery life.

“RAZR is synonymous with design excellence and both Motorola RAZR MAXX and Motorola RAZR V reflect that,”said Robert van Tilburg, senior regional sales director, South Asia, Motorola Mobility. “With its fantastic battery, Motorola RAZR MAXX is in a class of its own. Not only do you get everything you love about the Motorola RAZR, but now you get the power to last through marathon calls, hours of surfing the Web, or streaming movies. You’ll drop long before this phone ever does. With Motorola RAZR V, we’ve created the perfect smartphone for stylish, smart and tech-savvy consumers who want great looks, great performance and great value.”

Price and Availability

Motorola RAZR MAXX will be available starting 21 June at selected retailers across Malaysia for a recommended retail price of RM1,688. Motorola RAZR V will be made available in Q3 of 2012.For more information, please visit

XBox The Top-Selling Console in US For 2012

Xbox 360 sold more units in May in the U.S. than any other console or handheld gaming device, maintaining its position as the best-selling console in the U.S. for the past 17 months.

Symantec Announces New Partnership with Jardine OneSolution in Malaysia

Symantec announced the appointment of Jardine OneSolution (2001) Sdn Bhd (JOS) as a new distributor in Malaysia. As a Symantec distributor, JOS offers Symantec’s enterprise solutions, including the full range of security, storage and systems management solutions. JOS is also tasked to maintain relationships and provide support to authorised resellers of all levels.

JOS is Symantec’s third distributor in Malaysia, in addition to Ingram Micro (M) Sdn Bhd and Glocomp Systems (M) Sdn Bhd.

“With JOS joining our distributor network, we will continue to extend our presence and strength in cities outside the Klang Valley including Sabah and Sarawak,” said Alex Ong, Malaysia country director for Symantec. “Symantec is a channel-focused company and the majority of our revenue is generated through our channel network. Our Malaysian partners are integral to our company's efforts to deliver lasting value for our customers. We started working with JOS since April this year, equipping them with skills and tools to enable them to better meet the information protection needs of our customers and partner community across all areas of our business, including endpoint security, data protection, backup and recovery, and mobile.”

As an authorised distributor, JOS also has access to Symantec's technical support and training network, which is part of the enhanced Symantec Partner Program designed to help partners increase sales opportunities and accelerate their growth and profitability.

Symantec Announces New Partnership with Jardine OneSolution in Malaysia

Frederick Tan, Jardine OneSolution’s managing director, South East Asia, said, "We are pleased to be partnering with Symantec in Malaysia and we look forward to developing new market opportunities for Symantec’s leading security, storage and systems management solutions. We believe with JOS’ expertise and market reach, the partnership with Symantec will strengthen our footing as one of the leading provider of integrated IT solutions in Malaysia.”

JOS joins an extensive list of more than 60,000 Symantec partners globally, including some of the technology industries most innovative and experienced specialists.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The all-new BMW 1 Series M Coupé arrives in Malaysia

BMW Group Malaysia introduced the all-new highly anticipated BMW 1 Series M Coupé for the first time in Malaysia in conjunction with the BMW M Track Experience Asia 2012 at the Sepang International Circuit.

Featuring an in-line six-cylinder engine with BMW M TwinTurbo technology which only recently received the best-in-class award at the 2012 International Engine of the Year Awards, the 3.0-litre power unit combines hallmark BMW M performance characteristics with contemporary efficiency, resulting in a power output of 250kW / 340bhp and a maximum torque of 450Nm from revolutions as low as 1500rpm. The all-new BMW 1 Series M Coupé’s sports aggressiveness devours roads and racetracks alike and handles the 0 – 100km/h sprint in an astonishing 4.9 seconds.

“With the all-new BMW 1 Series M Coupé, the fascinating driving experience offered by a high-performance sports car is brought to the premium compact segment in Malaysia for the very first time. We are confident that the new car will deliver a whole new dimension of sports-style driving pleasure to our customers as it combines BMW M GmbH’s innovative technology and outstanding power delivery with the premium day-to-day practicality and luxurious quality of a BMW,” said Mr. Sashi Ambi, Corporate Communications Manager, BMW Group Malaysia.

He further added that the BMW 1 Series M Coupe would further extend the company’s model range, paving the way for younger target groups to be able to access the hallmark driving experience offered by an M car. “With only a very limited number of units of the BMW 1 Series M Coupes being made available in Malaysia, the car will be one of the most exclusive vehicles available, offering potential BMW customers the option of owning one of the most dynamic, luxurious and individual sports coupé’s in the country.”

The compact 2-door model is fitted with direct petrol injection which allows high precision fuel supply through the piezo injectors that are placed centrally between the valves. The all-new BMW 1 Series M Coupé is also designed with additional BMW EfficientDynamics measures such as brake energy regeneration and needs-based control of auxiliary units to ensure the average fuel consumption is limited to 9.6 litres per 100 kilometres and CO2 emissions to 224 grams per kilometre.

Staying true to the BMW M GmbH philosophy of “Less is more”, this topflight athlete comes with an M-specific chassis with weight-optimised components to ensure complete control as well as maximum levels of agility and dynamics even under the most extreme driving conditions. Its intelligent light weight construction guarantees high torsion resistance with reduced weight, giving drivers the lightness of handling, steering precision fit for the racetrack and direct feedback from the road for an even more intense driving experience.

The all-new BMW 1 Series M Coupé is also fitted with a variable M differential lock, which generates lock-up torque on-demand and supports the dynamic qualities of rear-wheel drive on slippery surfaces or when accelerating out of bends. It provides optimum traction on all road surfaces, ensures stability under extreme stress and guarantees excellent deceleration with significantly reduced heat sensitivity. In addition, the vehicle’s Driving Stability Control (DSC) system includes an Antilock Brake System (ABS), an anti-slip control function, Dynamic Brake Control, a drive-off assistant, Cornering Brake Control, an anti-fading function and a dry brake function.

Like all contemporary BMW vehicles, the all-new BMW 1 Series M Coupé allows customers to fully benefit from the latest innovations in information technology through BMW ConnectedDrive. The car is fitted with BMW’s iDrive which enables convenient and instinctive control of infotainment, navigation and communication functions which are viewed on an 8.8-inch Control Display. The range of features available from the BMW ConnectedDrive development bureau also includes Park Distance Control with sensors at the rear, Bluetooth audio streaming as well as on-board internet.

The powerfully efficient sports car has also received awards such as the 2011 Good Design Award, the 2012 Red Dot Award as well as the 2012 iF Product Design Award for its athletic demeanour and M-specific interior design, which expresses concept, features essential for outstanding driving dynamics. With is long bonnet, short front overhang, rear-seat passenger cell, long wheelbase and flowing transition of the roof line into a flat rear, the BMW 1 Series M Coupé has all the typical features of a BMW Coupé, which are further accentuated by the characteristic M cockpit and a model-specific colour and materials concept to create a style which perfectly exudes sports car aggression.

The standard sports seats in Boston leather offer both driver and front passenger excellent lateral hold even when taking bends in dynamic fashion. The design, created exclusively for the BMW 1 Series M Coupé, includes orange contrast stitching on the black surfaces of the seats and backrests as well as the M logo embossed in the front of the headrests. The M leather steering wheel, which also comes as standard, has multifunction keys for operating the audio and telephone systems. In addition, the characteristic M button on the right steering wheel spoke enables the driver to switch spontaneously to a sports-style vehicle set-up.

The retail price (on the road, without insurance) for the all-new BMW 1 Series M Coupé is RM508, 800.00.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oracle Platinum Services: Redefining ‘IT Support’

World-leading IT solution company Oracle (NASDAQ:ORCL), announces the Oracle Platinum Service to transform the way customers can optimize the value of their technology investments.

Available immediately and at no additional cost to qualifying Oracle customers (as part of their standard Premier Support contract), it is available now for Exadata, Exalogic, SPARC Supercluster and Oracle Cloud.

According to Jimmy Cheah, Managing Director of Oracle Malaysia, Oracle Platinum Services bridge the gap between traditional IT support and fully-managed services, providing customers with an enhanced set of support services that enable improved performance, reduced cost and accelerated innovation.

Cheah also shares, “Customers can gain access to powerful services, including remote monitoring, faster service response times and quarterly patch updates directly to their systems.”

Providing the highest level of service in the industry, Oracle Platinum Services offer 5 minute Issue Response, 15 minute restoration or escalation to development, 30 minute joint debugging, 24/7 monitoring, Quarterly patching and system updates, and Proactive services to anticipate, identify and remediate issues.

“Oracle Platinum Services is a new paradigm in IT support that further reinforces the value proposition of systems engineered to work together. With this secure connection to Oracle, customers can decrease the cost and complexity of supporting their IT environment,” ends Cheah.

BMW Group Malaysia Introduces BMW Eco Pro screensaver

BMW Group Malaysia introduced the BMW Eco Pro screensaver, a special screensaver which operates on the same principle as the premium carmaker’s innovative Auto Start/Stop function, enabling Windows and Mac users to further contribute towards energy efficiency and environment sustainability.

“The BMW ECO Pro screensaver is designed to further highlight what we at BMW seek to achieve through our strategy of BMW EfficientDynamics – the development of solutions as well as practices which result in meaningful and practical benefits to users as well as the environment.” said Mr. Raymond Tan, Head of Marketing of BMW Group Malaysia whose team spearheaded the creation of the BMW ECO Pro screensaver.

Tan added that as a responsible corporate citizen as well as the most sustainable car company in the world, BMW has been at the forefront of innovation for the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions in its performance enhanced vehicles.

The BMW ECO Pro screensaver applies the same energy conservation principle in which BMW has incorporated into all of its cars with the Auto Start/Stop function. The function automatically switches off the vehicle’s engine at a standstill, when the brake pedal is depressed and restarts the engine automatically as soon as the driver presses the accelerator pedal again. The function, an innovation created under the BMW EfficientDynamics strategy, enables fuel savings of up to 20%.

In similar fashion, when installed, the BMW ECO Pro screensaver uses a webcam and facial detection coding to detect the absence or the presence of the user. Should the webcam detect the absence of the user after 10 seconds, the screensaver would switch off the computer screen and would automatically revert once the user returns.

Despite the additional use of a webcam and processor in the BMW ECO Pro screensaver, the average energy consumption on an idling laptop can be reduced by 693.99watts, a 89.87% reduction from the regular default settings in a computer.

According to Tan, with the BMW ECO Pro screensaver, Malaysians could potentially save over 12 million kW of energy if everyone were to leave their computers and notebooks idle for 10 minutes. On a global scale, the potential savings could be closer to 200 million kW. The initial projections recorded by BMW estimate that the move would also reduce up to 36 tonnes worth of CO2 emissions as well as a worldwide financial savings of up to RM 145 million.

“More importantly, however, is that people will be generating cumulative energy savings without having to make massive adjustments to their usual work or personal habits as the technology does the work for you, a true demonstration of how we at BMW have shaped the automotive industry towards total sustainability through BMW EfficientDynamics.” said Mr. Tan.

To learn more and download the BMW ECO Pro Screensaver, please visit

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Microsoft Wants to Eat BYOD

With the recent excitement about Windows 8, Microsoft is already in the process of eating up as much as possible the market share of BYOD, by squeezing in Windows 8 which promises to support both consumer and enterprise hardware and living up to the calling of consumerization of IT.

It is rolling out ARM-based Windows RT tablet which is designed as an enterprise solid device which is comparable to an enterprise hard-rock corporate machine. Meaning to say, it is able to perform high power computing processes.

It also launched Windows To Go (WTG) which caters for bootable Windows 8 from USB devices, allowing a much greater mobility support of Windows in terms of plug-and-play and even mobile virtualization.

This is pretty cool given that the MS Windows environment had never been having good credits for being friendly enough in terms of loading speed, security and user-configuration options.

The other great thing is Windows Intune, a SaaS which caters for PC and mobile device management and security in the cloud. The core function is provide computer security services such as malware detection and deployment of software updates for mobile devices.

Refer to Malaysia Technology News

Silver Peak Delivers up to 20X Faster Replication with Dell EqualLogic Storage

Silver Peak Systems, the leader in mobilizing data over distance, today announced that its Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software has been tested and qualified with Dell EqualLogic replication. In joint lab testing, Silver Peak demonstrated performance gains of up to 15x for replication throughput, while real-world deployments have realized up to 20x with up to 90% WAN bandwidth reduction. By replicating data faster over existing networks, customers can exceed recovery point objectives (RPO) while minimizing infrastructure costs.

Disaster recovery strategies address the need to safeguard data against natural disasters, human error and malice. Enterprises manage these risks by replicating primary data to secondary sites. Dell EqualLogic Auto-Replication periodically replicates data from primary sites to designated disaster recovery sites, with Silver Peak VXOA software optimizing the data movement and providing granular visibility and control over the traffic. This helps ensure business continuity in the event of an outage.

With Silver Peak’s industry-leading portfolio of physical and virtual WAN optimization solutions, Dell EqualLogic customers can replicate 20-times more data over existing WAN connections. This ensures recovery point objectives (RPO) are met and disaster recovery costs are minimized by leveraging lower cost WAN infrastructures.

Availability and Free Trial

Dell EqualLogic customers can obtain a free 90-day trial of Silver Peak WAN optimization by visiting: Silver Peak VXOA allows anyone to choose from the industry’s broadest portfolio of virtual WAN optimization appliances running on the broadest range of hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM.

It Doesn't Take An Expert to Hack Into Facebook Account

It doesn't take an expert to hack into personal accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and e-mail,” said Cybersecurity Malaysia chief executive officer Lt-Col (Rtd) Prof Datuk Husin Jazri.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tata Communications Launches Global Low Latency Network to Accelerate High Frequency Trading

Tata Communications launches a low latency network which will seamlessly connect major financial capitals in Asia, the United Kingdom and the United States. The network is the first low latency service that offers a pure multipoint Ethernet platform to the financial services sector and other global industries, accelerating global high frequency trading and other low latency applications.

Designed for companies that require a secure, reliable and fast low latency solution, the network will enable financial firms to execute a high frequency trade between locations, such as London and Hong Kong or New York and Singapore, in milliseconds, through a single network and single supplier model.

John Hoffman, Head of Ethernet Product Management, Tata Communications says, “In this hyper-connected world, connectivity drives the global economy. We are at the centre of this information age with our expansive global network reach and the world’s first wholly owned cable ring around the world. The new low latency network is the latest cutting-edge offering in our portfolio. Global financial trading firms initially drove the need for this solution as every millisecond of latency is critical for trading. However, due to rising complexity and importance of specific mission-critical applications, we are also seeing an uptake in demand for similar levels of latency from a growing range of sectors and businesses.”

The new network enables customers with low latency needs to work with a single global supplier instead of multiple country-specific point-to-point network providers. Customers can build multipoint low latency networks that communicate from city-to-city rather than exchange-to-exchange to serve applications for which latency is crucial, regardless of the software or trading platform used.

Joel Stradling, Principal Analyst, Current Analysis, says, “Tata Communications has been an aggressive early-mover in Ethernet and currently offers the largest multipoint-to-multipoint service network in the market. The combination of its strong global footprint, a broad portfolio of Ethernet choices, operational simplicity that helps to drive cost reductions and an unmatched PBB technology rollout, makes the company’s new Low Latency offer compelling to prospects.”

Tata Communications’ low latency multipoint service has been designed to offer up to 35 per cent savings on circuit and operations costs. Whereas low latency networks have traditionally been offered over MPLS or relatively expensive layer 1 technologies, the software and platform agnostic Tata Communications’ low latency network is the only multipoint Ethernet service offering on a single network backed by 802.1ah, Provider Backbone Bridging (PBB) technology. PBB is uniquely offered by Tata Communications and, in addition to offering true Ethernet multipoint technology with added security, it is also highly scalable.

The low latency solution delivers ease of global collaboration through multipoint technology and also can deliver effective point-to-point solutions. Customers with low latency needs can take advantage of an unparalleled range of topologies, bandwidth options, and monitoring options to create the best low latency network solution for their requirements. Customers now have the flexibility to upgrade their bandwidth without causing a service outage on their network.

Furthermore, service level agreements (SLAs) for the low latency network include near-real-time latency guarantees. Latency is measured every five minutes on a 24/7 basis, up to two decimals after the millisecond range from point-of-presence ("PoP") to PoP. All data is stored for trend analysis.

The Enterprise SLA option enables the customer to take advantage of Tata Communications’ comprehensive performance monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. This option extends the standard SLA guarantees with guarantees for Service Uptime, Packet Delivery Ratio, Latency and Jitter from a customer’s premise to premise, instead of from PoP-to-PoP, which is more traditional.

Tata Communications’ award-winning Metro Ethernet Forum-certified Ethernet Services run on the low latency network. Tata Communications was selected as the Best Ethernet Service Provider in APAC in 2010 and 2011 and Tata Communications’ multipoint service was voted Best Business Service in APAC in 2011 by the Metro Ethernet Forum ("MEF").

The new network, together with Tata Communications' recent announcements on its landmark completion of the world’s first wholly-owned round-the-world fibre optic cable ring, global technology association launch with Formula 1™ and public commitment to drive cross-network video collaboration through the Global Meeting Alliance™ network all complement and further strengthen Tata Communications' vision to advance the reach and leadership of its customers across the globe.

Google launches Good to Know in Malay

Over the past few months, we’ve introduced a consumer education campaign called Good to Know in the U.K., Germany and the U.S., and we recently made the information available in over 30 languages.

Everyone wants to stay safe online, so we’re making our Good to Know site ( available in Malay. We’re also incorporating the Google Family Safety Center website, which has included online safety tips since 2010, into Good to Know to make all this information available in one place.

With the new Malay version of the Good to Know site we hope to help Malaysians increase their web savvy.

You’ll be able to learn about how to protect yourself online, gain insight into how your data is used on Google and around the web, and get tips on managing your family’s online experience. For example, you can find out how to choose a strong password, recognize a phishing scam and double your account security with 2-step verification.

We all have a friend who uses the same password for every web service, leaves his mobile phone screen unlocked and thinks that a conversation about spam and cookies must be someone planning an unconventional meal. As digital literacy becomes increasingly important, we hope you’ll take the time to learn more about staying safe online and spread the word to your friends who look to you for tech help!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Oracle Unveils Industry’s Broadest Cloud Strategy

According to its CEO Larry Ellison, Oracle Cloud is a result of almost seven (7) years of ‘relentless engineering and innovation plus key strategic acquisition which is equivalent to an investment of billions of dollars’

“Most cloud vendors only have niche assets. They don’t have platforms to extend. Oracle is the only vendor that offers a complete suite of modern, socially-enabled applications, all based on a standards-based platform,” said Ellison.

The Oracle Cloud provides customers with subscription-based access to Oracle Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services - all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle.

Oracle Cloud offers a wide range of business applications and platform services, the Oracle Cloud is Oracle Cloud is powered by leading enterprise-grade infrastructure (including Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic) to provide a high-performance, reliable, and secure infrastructure for running critical business applications.

Oracle Cloud: Platform Services

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Monday, June 11, 2012

What I Really Like About Samsung Galaxy Y

I am migrating from Nokia i6303. So, forgive me that my expectation is kind of normal.

1.) Size

First of all, it is small enough as a mobile phone and big enough as a mobile computer. It is a smartphone!

It is just nice, except that when typing on the virtual keyboard, it tends to slow me down.

2.) Price

It is a RM 499 piece of technology.

3.) WiFi,WhatsApp,Viber and Internet

I haven't got a GSM EDGE full fledged data plan yet, while my existing SIM card does support 3G EDGE connectivity.

Hence,I got started the WiFi experience with WhatsApp ,Viber.

It was a different experience, I must admit.

The moment after I got Viber installed, someone actually WhatsApped me: 'Baru joined Viber ?'.

4.) Integration with Google

The best feature that I like to acknowledge is the ability to add phone contact to either 'SIM', 'Phone' or 'Google'.

The best option is obviously to add the contact as Gmail's contact so that it will be forever in the cloud and forever in my contact list. Even if this phone is going to get lost tomorrow, I can always get back the contact list from gmail. Needless to say, switching to another Android phone will have the contacts directly sync. back to the new phone.

You can also make use of Gmail to import contact list.

This is super great!

However, there is no way to enter additional notes directly from the phone. You can only do that from Gmail.

5.) SAR - Specific Absorption Rate

According to the information provided in the user guide, the maximum SAR recorded for this model was 0.655 W/kg. In normal use, the actual SAR is likely to be much lower, as the device has been designed to emit only the RF energy necessary to transmit a signal to the nearest base station.

The highest SAR value under the ICNIRP guidelines for user of the mobile phone at the ear is 1.15W/kg.

6.) GPS support

It is amazing to contemplate that such a small device has built-in GPS support technology. However, there is a problem with using Waze.

Waze is showing funny street names

7.) Multi-tasking

You can download something while doing WhatsApp.

8.) Android, free apps, Google Play Store and community support.

Yes. It is an android phone!

9.) Amazing smartphone features

Touch screen, variety keypad lock, configurable silent mode, customized ringtones for individual contact and colorful.

10.) Long battery duration even with WiFi.

Ok. Maybe because the battery is still new. Finger-crossed.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

LinkedIn Promised to Buckle Up

Not less than three days ago, it was reported that close to 6 million user accounts of LinkedIn had been compromised.

LinkedIn says it has cleaned-up mess and promised to buckle up.

It has indeed notified users via email, encouraging them to change password immediately.

It has hired outside forensics experts to assist as company engineers and the FBI seek to get to the bottom of the break-in. The company said on Friday it did not know if any other account information was stolen besides passwords.

This is yet another good case study.

The computer security happenings lately have been most exciting. For more information.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

May 2012 Computer Security Summary By Symantec

Symantec Intelligence Report: May 2012

What happened in May 2012 ?
  • Spam – 67.8 percent (an increase of 3.3 percentage points since April):
  • Phishing – One in 568.3 emails identified as phishing (a decrease of 0.03 percentage points since April):
  • Malware – One in 365.1 emails contained malware (an increase of 0.03 percentage points since April):
  • Malicious Web sites – 4,359 Web sites blocked per day (an increase of 48.7 percent since April):
  • Targeted Attacks, Cyber Espionage and W32.Flamer:
  • London 2012 Olympic Games – Spammers Aiming for the Gold:
  • Flashback—The day of the Mac threat has arrived:

W32.Flammer - The Middle Eastern Targeting Trojan:

W32.Flamer was first discovered when the Iranian Oil Ministry was attacked. As a result, the ministry decided to disconnect its facilities from the Internet.

Based on what Symantec found, this trojan's core purpose is to gather data from compromised computers. Period.

Symantec claims to have no knowledge on who made the Flammer and it recognizes that it is the most complex piece of malware, ever.

What is interesting in terms of Flamer is that it appears to have been developed by professional software developers. The code is very clean, and has an advanced architectural design. For instance, it makes use of a highly customizable scripting language called Lua, which allows the attackers to create custom modules for the threat. It also contains a SQLite database which it uses to collect and store information.

London 2012 Olympic Games Opportunists:

Up to May 2012, Symantec detected lottery and phishing scams related to the coming-soon Olympic games.

Flashback—The Day of the Mac Threat has Arrived

The OSX.Flashback.K affected approximately 600,000 Macs.

Flashback was first discovered in September of 20113. It started off disguising as an Adobe Flash Player installation package for Mac which in actual fact Mac doesn't support flash and yet many people got duped.

It didn't go well until it hit the right button, by leveraging on well-known Java vulnerability. The Oracle Java SE Remote Java Runtime Environment Denial Of Service Vulnerability4 (CVE-2012-0507) had been publically disclosed in February, and subsequently patched by Oracle.

The exploit was added to a version of the popular Blackhole exploit kit and seeded out to compromised websites throughout the Internet. If a Mac user happened to come across one of these websites, the kit attempted to exploit the Java platform and install Flashback. The result was more than half a million compromised Macs.

Once the word spread, Apple was quick to release a patch for the vulnerable version of Java and distribute it to users of OSX version 10.6 and 10.7. The company, in an uncharacteristic move, would release a patch for the no-longer-supported OSX 10.5 a few weeks later.

One thing interesting about Flashback is that it is designed to generate pay-per-click revenue on web ads such as Google ads. Symantec estimated that it only managed to generate abour USD $14,000 in total with no prospect of cashing out.

Android.Opfake Makes Another Run:

Since 2012, attacks on mobile platform has been greatly intensified. By the end of may 2012, we had seen 11 new Android threat families and twelve months on, the number will have passed 30; that’s almost a threefold increase, year on year. There was also a month-by-month average increase of 42.5% in the number of new threat families.

Android.Opfake is malware written for Android devices that masquerades as various apps and content, including an installer for the Opera Web browser and a pornographic movie, which requires the user to pay for them. It demands payment for the app or content through Short Message Service (SMS) messages.

Symantec found that it is being distributed as disguises for games such as Temple Run and Cut the Rope. The attackers have even gone so far as to include images of actual devices playing the games in an attempt to convince unsuspecting users that the malicious versions are actually legitimate.


This trojan is primarily targeting the UK and the Netherlands. It is a banking trojan which attempts to steal banking credentials. This is carried out by detecting which banking sites the user is currently browsing and if a match is found, it will cover part of the page in white, using a hidden DIV tag, and execute custom JavaScript located on the malicious server.

Affected browsers are Firefox and Internet Explorer which makes up 50% of the share.


W32.Flammer, W32.Stuxnet  and W32.Duqu appear to be politically motivated. However, Symantec believes that W32.Flammer and W32.Stuxnet and W32.Duqu are written entirely by different team of programmers.

Politically or not, it is suggestive that these programmers are funded and are well informed.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Millions of LinkedIn Passwords Reportedly Leaked - Take Action Now

LinkedIn has confirmed that some of the password hashes that were posted online do match users of its service.

They have also stated that passwords that are reset will now be stored in salted hashed format. A file containing 6,458,020 SHA-1 unsalted password hashes has been posted on the internet, and hackers are working together to crack them.

Although the data which has been released so far does not include associated email addresses, it is reasonable to assume that such information may be in the hands of the criminals.

What is a salt? It is a string that is added to your password before it is cryptographically hashed. What does this accomplish? It means that password lists cannot be pre-computed based on dictionary attacks or similar techniques.

This is an important factor in slowing down people trying to brute force passwords. It buys time and unfortunately the hashes published from LinkedIn did not contain a salt.

After removing duplicate hashes, SophosLabs has determined there are 5.8 million unique password hashes in the dump, or which 3.5 million have already been brute forced. That means over 60% of the stolen hashes are now publicly known.

We also did some additional testing of commonly used passwords that should never be used. We started with the list of passwords that the Conficker worm used to spread through Windows networks. All but two of the Conficker passwords were used by someone in the 6.5 million user password dump. The two passwords that weren't found were 'mypc123' and 'ihavenopass'.

Other passwords that we found in the dump include 'linkedin', 'linkedinpassword', 'p455w0rd' and 'redsox'. We even found passwords that suggest people should know better like 'sophos', 'mcafee', 'symantec', 'kaspersky', 'microsoft' and 'f-secure'. It is critical that LinkedIn investigate this to determine if email addresses and other information was also taken by the thieves which could put the victims at additional risk from this attack.

It would seem sensible to suggest to all LinkedIn users that they change their passwords as soon as possible as a precautionary step. Of course, make sure that the password you use is unique (in other words, not used on any other websites), and hard to crack.

If you were using the same passwords on other websites - make sure to change them too. And never again use the same password on multiple websites.

How to change your LinkedIn password ?

1. Log into LinkedIn.

2. You should see your name in the top right hand corner of the webpage. Click on it, and you will open a drop-down menu. Choose "Settings".

3. Choose the option to change your password.

4. After entering your old password, you will have to enter your new (hopefully unique and hard-to-crack password) twice.

Don't delay. Do it now. And if there are any more updates from LinkedIn we will let you know.

Update: LinkedIn has now confirmed that users' passwords have been exposed.

London 2012 Games Live Stream On YouTube

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today announced that it will live stream the London 2012 Olympic Games in 64 territories on the IOC’s channel on YouTube

During the Olympics Games (July 27 to August 12), sports fans in Malaysia and 63 other territories across Asia and Africa will be able to enjoy live coverage of the events as well as highlight clips on this digital platform — free-of-charge. Viewers from these territories will be able to watch the streams on the IOC’s YouTube channel, accessible online or Internet enabled devices like smart devices/mobile phones and other YouTube-enabled devices.

The IOC’s live streaming on its YouTube channel will consist of 11 different simultaneous high-definition broadcasts, all with English language commentary. There will be ten live feeds from London 2012, running 9am to 11pm (London time) (on some days, these will start early or finish later based on competition schedule), plus a 24-hour broadcast of the Olympic News Channel, which includes summaries of the latest results, general reports on different events, and interviews with athletes.

Fans will also be able to catch up on highlights and full events — all organized by the day, medal event, or the sport. The IOC channel will also continue to feature historic content from past Olympic Games. In total, the IOC’s YouTube channel will offer over 2,200 hours of sporting event coverage from London 2012, including all the medals finals.

Timo Lumme, Managing Director, IOC Television and Marketing, said “We are delighted to be able to offer live online coverage of London 2012 to sports fans free of charge across these 64 markets. We first provided clips on our channel on YouTube during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games across the region, and since then have continued to provide footage of past Olympic Games across the world on our YouTube channel. Now we will also be able to offer live coverage during London 2012, complementing the excellent coverage provided by our broadcast partners across the world across all media platforms.“

Claude Ruibal, YouTube Head of Sport Content Partnerships, said, “From baseball to cricket to martial arts, YouTube has become a global hub for live sports. There is no sporting event, however, more exciting or iconic than the Summer Olympics, and we are thrilled to work with the IOC to bring live coverage of these truly international Games to even more people around the world. The IOC is making the most of our platform by offering fans 11 different livestreams on their channel, which can be viewed on desktops, mobile phones, and Internet-connected devices. We hope sports fans enjoy finding the exact event they want to see as well as checking daily highlights whenever they want to see them.”

The live-streaming on the IOC’s YouTube channel will provide exclusive digital access to the London 2012 Olympic Games in territories where digital broadcast rights have not already been acquired by the IOC’s broadcast partners; Malaysia included.