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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dimension Data Releases Its Annual List of IT Predictions

Dec 18, 2015 -

Dimension Data, the global solutions and services provider, today released its IT predications for the next 12 months, and digital transformation is high on the corporate agenda because it’s already reshaping the competitive landscape.

According to Ettienne Reinecke, Dimension Data’s Group Chief Technology Officer, social, mobile, cloud, analytics, Internet of Things, and bimodal IT are all hot topics in the IT industry which divide IT functions and teams in organisations worldwide. But, he says, where do organisations prioritise their budgets and resources?

Ettienne Reinecke, Group CTO, Dimension Data

“All of these trends and technologies serve a larger purpose, because they enable the transformation of an organisation to become a digital enterprise. In other words, the business uses IT to respond faster to market opportunities and threats, and prioritises the experience of the people it works with, whether they’re customers, employees, or business partners.”

Reinecke said the digital transformation conversations that Dimension Data’s teams are having with organisations revolve around four themes: data at the core of the transformation, hybrid cloud as mechanism for agility, workspaces for tomorrow, and cybersecurity.

2016 Predictions: What we’re hearing from organizations in Malaysia

IDC and Gartner have predicted there will be a surge in demand for digitization in all facets of enterprise businesses over the coming year. At Avanade, we are seeing these predictions becoming a reality for our clients, with digitization an irresistible force that is driving companies to rethink their response to markets and reshape their operations. These changes will have massive implications for how we all work and interact with family, friends, colleagues and suppliers. Below, Dato’ Subra Suppiah, Country Manager for Avanade Malaysia, shares his top three market predictions for 2016:

Dato' Subra Suppiah, Country Manager, Avanade

1.) We are entering the Digital Transformation Era

“The Digital Transformation Era has been promised, but now it’s here. Over the second half of this decade, it will be a case of ‘digital or die’ for organizations seeking to improve productivity, increase agility, and differentiate from competitors. Many organizations have embarked on a digital transformation journey to improve customer engagement, but to be digital on the outside, you need to be digital on the inside. In 2016, Malaysian companies will recognize the need to move beyond basic employee collaboration tools like email, and instead embrace a true digital workplace to drive continued productivity and competitive advantage. Over the coming year, organizations will focus on bringing together user-friendly social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing technologies to create a digital workplace that senses and responds to the information needs of individual employees – anytime, anywhere, and on any device. According to IDC, by 2018, 80 percent of B2C and 60 percent of B2B organizations will overhaul their “digital front door” to support 1,000 to 10,000 times as many customers/customer touch points as they do today.”

IT News Week 5 Dec 2015

Happy New Year 2016.

Thanks for reading.

For IT News Week 3 Dec 2015.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Dec 31, 2015 - Biostar Introduces Racing Series Motherboard
  • PR - Dec 29, 2015 - Kaspersky Lab: mobile banking threats among the top 10 malicious financial programs for the first time
  • PR - Dec 29, 2015 - Gibson Innovations Teams Up With Top Malaysian DJ Duo for Philips A5-Pro
  • PR - Dec 23, 2015 - Flash 2 Tops Lazada’s December 12 Sales Chart as the Most Popular Smartphone in Southeast Asia
  • PR - Dec 23, 2015 - PropertyGuru's GuruCares Raises RM44,000 Through Art Auction
  • PR - Dec 22, 2015 - SG - Westcon-Comstor Collaborates with SimpliVity to Boost Enterprise Data Centres with Hyperconverged Infrastructure in Singapore
  • PR - Dec 22, 2015 - RS Components adds high-performance solid-state relays
  • PR - Dec 22, 2015 - Nokia Announces Designated Head of Asia South for Combined Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent
  • PR - Dec 22, 2015 - Sophos Acquires SurfRight to Strengthen and Accelerate Next-Generation Endpoint Protection Leadership
  • PR - Dec 18, 2015 - Veritas: Hitachi Data Systems Named Global Strategic Partner of the Year

Secure Identity Alliance publishes Civil Registry Consolidation through Digital Identity Management

Dec 18, 2015 - Paris -

With identity a key priority on the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) today publishes a report outlining a best practice approach for consolidating civil registries through national electronic identity (ID) schemes.

The SIA’s ‘Civil Registry Consolidation through Digital Identity Management’ report provides the deep sector insight necessary to support the development of government registration and identity programs across the world - particularly in the developing world where many citizens lack official documentation to prove their identity.

For those countries that have implemented an electronic identity program, but whose civil registry is incomplete, the existence of an eID database is a chance to rebuild a comprehensive registration process. When national ID systems and civil registration are not at the same level of development, a circular and dynamic approach between civil registration and eID systems can be used to complete them both.

This report should be of particular interest to international organizations and government agencies involved in the establishment or reorganization of civil registration and identity systems across the world.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

AIMS Group: 2015 Review and Outlook for 2016 - Datacentre Industry (EPP 3)

Chiew Kok Hin, CEO, AIMS Group
AIMS Group Chief Executive Officer, Chiew Kok Hin says “2015 has been a mixed year for the industry. This year we saw Patimas, Teliti and Jaring go into liquidation exposing their customers to significant operational risk and being forced to migrate their infrastructure to alternative service providers. The oversupply of space has caused an imbalance resulting in players opting into a price war to attract customers. Depressed price levels have driven out some of the players to shut down their operations.”

I believe we will see similar situations arise in 2016.

“For AIMS, this has been one of our best years. We’ve seem a stronger presences of MNC’s, BFSI and enterprise customers this year and we are expecting to end the year with a strong double digit growth. Our data centre space located at Menara AIMS is currently almost fully 100% utilised and we are approximately 85% full in Cyberjaya. To meet demands, AIMS will be adding another 10,000 sqft,” adds Chiew.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

BIOSTAR HyperOC Technology for Non-K Overclocking

Dec 23, 2015 - Taipei, Taiwan

Overclocking has been reserved mostly for high-end unlocked CPUs including the latest Skylake K series processors and many overclockers and high-performance gamers want this processors because of their easy overclocking capabilities via their unlocked multiplier. The time has come to empower everyone, BIOSTAR makes overclocking a reality on non-K 6th-generation Intel Core CPUs and makes it even easier now with the announcement of BIOSTAR HyperOC Technology for overclockers and performance seekers that enables overclocking on non-K Intel 6th-Generation Core i7/i5/i3/Pentium Skylake processors on BIOSTAR Z170 motherboards.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Barracuda: 2015 Security Review

Dec 21, 2015 -

Barracuda Networks, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-connected security and storage solutions, shares its review of the security industry in 2015.

Attack surfaces changed.

Infrastructures were in flux all year as companies moved between physical, virtual, public cloud, and SaaS deployments. This meant that organizations were facing new attack surfaces, and had to extend their security posture to cover these new surfaces. Many users were surprised to discover that applications in the cloud were not as secure as the cloud infrastructure. Even very popular applications like Pocket were found to be vulnerable.

Thiban Darmalingam, Regional Manager, Barracuda, Malaysia

Thiban Darmalingam, the Regional Manager of Barracuda in Malaysia explains, “Barracuda expanded our public cloud offerings and deployment options for our security and storage products. Our product architectures are designed from the ground up for these environments, which allows our customers to take the same security they deployed on-premises and extend this to the new surfaces. This approach simplifies our customers’ migration to the cloud be it on Microsoft Office 365, VMware, AWS, Azure, or vCloud Air.”

Barracuda Next Gen Firewalls provide connectivity across surfaces, secure all attack surfaces, provide network segmentation in the cloud, and more. Barracuda Web Application Firewalls secure apps in private and public clouds, control access to applications on cloud platforms and on-premises, and more.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Juniper Research : Robots to Reside in more than 1 in 10 American Households by 2020

Dec 15, 2015 -

New data from Juniper Research has forecast that over 1 in 10 American households will own a consumer robot by the end of the decade, up from under 1 in 25 this year. At this early stage in the market, shipments are expected to be dominated by so-called ‘task’ oriented robots assigned to take over household chores, such as lawn mowing or vacuum cleaning.

Devices such as iRobot’s Roomba and Droplet Robotics’ Sprinkler offer tremendous ‘fire and forget’ type convenience for consumers, and despite obvious design compromises, are likely to usher in a new era of housekeeping.

The new research, Worldwide Consumer Robotics: Markets & Strategies 2015-2020, found that the performance of more complex robots, such as SoftBank’s Pepper, while improving, are heavily limited by present-day technology. Thus, in order to meet consumer expectations, smarter, more contextually aware robots are required.

Achieving a leap forward in AI (artificial intelligence) will demand not only more computing power, but also much greater efficiency if processing is to be offloaded from the cloud. Therefore, new approaches in chip design, such as IBM’s TrueNorth, are likely to become important in the medium-term.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Sophos Predicts Top Cyber Security Trends for 2016

Dec 17, 2015 -

1.) Android threats will become more than just headline-grabbers

In 2016, we can expect to see an increase in Android exploits becoming weaponised (as opposed to bugs like Stagefright which was heavily reported earlier in 2015 but was never fully exploited). There are significant vulnerabilities on the Android platform, which can take months to patch. Although Google claims that nobody has actually exploited these vulnerabilities to date, it will ultimately be an invitation that is too tempting for hackers to ignore.

SophosLabs has already seen samples that go to extreme lengths to avoid App Store detection and filtering—giving Apps a better chance of surviving on App stores. For example, some hackers will design an App that loads harmless games if it thinks it is being tested, but then loads the malicious payload when it detects it is ‘safe’ to do so. And more recently, we saw mobile users using third-party app markets, being tricked into granting malicious apps from the adware family Shedun with control over the Android Accessibility Service. Once they have handed over control, the app has the ability to display popups that install highly intrusive adware, even if a user has rejected the invitation to install it. Because the apps root the device and embed themselves into the system partition, they cannot be easily uninstalled.

Android malware can be complicated and consumers cannot necessarily trust the App Store to detect these vulnerabilities in every instance.

Radeon Technologies Group GPUOpen Initiative

Dec 15, 2015 -

GPUOpen for Gaming

As a continuation of the strategy we started with Mantle, we are giving even more control of the GPU to developers. As console developers have benefited from low-level access to the GPU, AMD wants to continue to bring this level of access to the PC space. AMD GPUOpen for gaming is giving developers the ability to harness the investments they've made on console development, including feature-rich, close-to-the-metal programming, and bring that to life on PC game development. Game developers will now have direct access to GPU hardware, access to a large collection of open source effects, tools, libraries and SDKs.

As such, in early 2016, libraries and samples i.e. source access to the library directly will be made available from AMD. GPUOpen is the primary vehicle to allow low-level access to the GPU.

11 Street: Outlook 2016 commentary

Dec 15, 2015 - 

By 11Street

Today, there are a total of 252.4 million Internet users around Southeast Asia, with Malaysia emerging as the third country that recorded the highest percentage of Internet users (67%) after Singapore and Brunei.

The promising Internet penetration result indicates Malaysia’s enormous potential for e-commerce market growth. Leveraging on the rise of Internet usage, indeed 2015 have been a fruitful year for all online businesses and e-commerce as Malaysia recorded one of the highest online transactions per capita in Southeast Asia.

Nevertheless, this only represents the tip of an iceberg – Malaysia’s e-commerce market owns approximately 2% of the total retail market and countless opportunities still remain untouched if we look at what has been accomplished by other advanced e-commerce markets such as Korea, which accounts for approximately 15% of the total retail market.

Over the past five years (2010-2014), Malaysia’s e-commerce market size has seen 31% increase in CAGR. Viewing from a logical standpoint, we anticipate it will follow a similar growth rate and achieve USD 3.1 billion by 2018. As for 2016, we foresee mobility, better Internet and logistics, and security will be the three key drivers to push for the local e-commerce development.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Malaysian Auto-Parts Industry To Benefit From Cross Border Trade

Dec 16, 2015 -

eBay today released consumer insights that outline the strong opportunities for Malaysia’s automotive industry to boost sales of auto parts and accessories via retail exports on the global marketplace.

According to the survey, 47% of US vehicle owners have purchased automotive parts and accessories (P&A) online, and that 23% are likely to do so in the future. This is a promising opportunity for Malaysian P&A vendors to come online and embrace e-commerce as a means of growing a global revenue stream.

Auto-parts is one of the top category for Malaysia’s retail exporters on eBay with the US as the number one destination market. This presents a huge opportunity for Malaysian P&A vendors to set up their online presence and to focus on cross border trade. According to the Export-Import Bank of Malaysia, the total export of automotive products have grown steadily for the past 5 years.

Additionally, eBay allows commercial sellers to export their products worldwide through its business and consumer online sales services. Jdm-motorparts is an example of a Malaysian company that has leveraged eBay as their business platform to expand globally. From its business premises in Selangor, the company specialises in selling new and second hand car parts to countries like the UK, US and Australia.

The survey found that 64% of buyers are DIYers (Do-It-Yourself) who installed the parts they bought online themselves

IBM Built Apps for iOS Platform

IBM has developed 100 business iOS mobile apps for enterprise focusing on many industries such as banking, retail, healthcare, public sectors and etc.

Known as the MobileFirst initiative, these mobile apps are fully integrated with IBM’s big data and analytics capabilities.

IBM fully supports the integration and deployment of these apps.

Besides harvesting IBM's big data capabilities, these apps also leverage on the cognitive capability of Watson, enabling the apps to continuously learn about the needs of the users over time.

These apps are designed to work with iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

In a nutshell, just imagine that IBM now sells mobile apps for enterprise, these apps are powered by IBM technologies.

For example, under the healthcare category, the Home RN app caters for in-home nurses to collaborate with hospital for home nursing application.

Another interesting app under retail category is the Pick and Pack app, which will help with the automation of fulfillment of sales using iBeacon technology of the iPhone.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

IT News Week 3 Dec 2015

For IT News Week 2 Dec 2015, the most interesting news was the announcement of the first Android-powered smartphone by Blackberry.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Dec 17, 2015 - MTV Launches MTV Trax App In Malaysia
  • PR - Dec 16, 2015 - XOX Mobile Revolutionises The Telco Industry with First of Its Kind Revenue-Sharing Postpaid Plan
  • PR - Dec 16, 2015 - WhiteSpace Alliance Global Summit Highlights Role of TV Whitespaces in Enabling “Digital India”
  • PR - Dec 16, 2015 - SAS Charity Event Raises More than RM70,000
  • PR - Dec 16, 2015 - Acronis® Updates Acronis True Image Cloud and 2016 Versions
  • Ovum - Dec 16, 2016 - EU Data Protection Regulation is a necessary step, but practical implementation will still be problematic
  • PR - Dec 16, 2015 - LinkedIn reveals Most Engaged Marketers 2015 ranking in Malaysia
  • PR - Dec 15, 2015 - Malaysia Wins Eight Awards at APICTA 2015 in Sri Lanka
  • PR - Dec 15, 2015 - Huawei Launches Customer Solution Innovation & Integration Experience Center in Cyberjaya, Malaysia
  • PR - Dec 14, 2015 - SG - Lazada’s Online Revolution campaign recorded US$40 million of GMV in the three-day finale
  • PR - Dec 11, 2015 - iFlix Crosses the 1 million Member Mark
  • PR - Dec 11, 2015 - 9 Nickelodeon Apps to Enjoy This Holiday Season
  • PR - Dec 10, 2015 - First Ever Global Microsoft Skype-a-Thon Celebrates Learning without Borders

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pikom: Charting the Course for 2016 and BEYOND

Dec 10, 2015 -

“Despite various challenges faced in the external environment, PIKOM remains cautiously optimistic that the industry will grow by 12-14% in 2016. The impact of GST will be less apparent as the market has adjusted and accepted it as part of the cost of doing business. Growth will come from areas such as cloud computing, Mobility, Big Data, eCommerce, online transactions and IoT etc.” – Chin Chee Seong, Chairman of PIKOM

Chin Chee Seong, Chairman, Pikom

While PIKOM will continue its main charter of being the ‘Voice of the ICT Industry’, the following initiatives can be expected in Year 2016:-

a) Individual Membership Drive

For the first time in its history, PIKOM will open and promote its membership to individuals. This is an effort in expanding and growing the association’s representation of a broader segment in Malaysia. Through this approach, PIKOM will be better positioned to enhance its talent pool, increase network, while looking to bring greater awareness and understanding of how ICT can play a pivotal role in serving Corporate Malaysia.

Defy Limits with FRĒ for iPhone 6s

Dec 11, 2015 -

LifeProof takes the Malaysian holiday adventure to the next level by allowing them to bring their beloved gadgets with them to their favourite destinations. Now available, LifeProof FRĒ for iPhone 6s allows Malaysians to take technology where it has never gone before with the ultimate protection against water, dirt, snow and drops.

Featuring LifeProof’s four-proof technology case, the FRĒ for iPhone 6s, is engineered to be the thinnest, lightest, most protective case available and complements Apple’s inspired design. FRĒ defies the elements with a built-in scratch protector that keeps the display brilliant without inhibiting use of the touchscreen experience. Every device feature is accessible and fully functional, including Live Photos, 3D Touch and 2nd generation Touch ID.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Citrix: Moving beyond disruption in 2016

Dec 10, 2015 -

In 2015, disruptive technologies reshaped business models, and changed how companies operated. Disruption brought greater competition into the marketplace, but along with it, significant headaches for those who stuck with their traditional business models.

However, companies are increasingly growing weary of the term ‘disruption’. For many organizations, ‘disruption’ is instead better interpreted as an evolution in the adoption of technology to be more competitive in a dynamic business world. In today’s ever-changing business environment, organizations are looking towards harnessing macro trends in order to drive success in business as usual (BAU) goals, while managing the evolution of technology brought about by big data, cloud, applications, the Internet of Things (IoT) and mobility.

Mark Micallef, Area VP for Asean, Citrix

In this regard, companies are shifting from a traditional, infrastructure-based technology model to an applications-centered one that is focused on business outcomes and requirements. Lines of business (LoBs) are exerting more control over tech budgets and spending, and creating a hybrid investment approach that blends business with technology outcomes.

Mobility, consumer technology and the cloud have created a technology environment which is much more conducive to mobilizing workforces. In lieu of this, companies should take advantage of this opportunity to adapt their strategies. In this article, Mark Micallef, Area Vice President for ASEAN at Citrix talks about three key technology pillars that businesses need approach with more maturity as we move into 2016.

Logistics innovator Zyllem announces launch in Malaysia

Dec 9, 2015 -

Logistics startup Zyllem today announces its regional service expansion into new markets Malaysia and the Philippines.

A Singapore-based leading logistics solutions provider, Zyllem will begin offering fast, reliable and cost-efficient same-day delivery services within Malaysia’s Klang Valley from today.

Zyllem enables and connects existing resources – freelance or local couriers, delivery drivers – to create reliable and efficient distribution networks, in turn creating a large number of jobs in this market.

Accessible via computer or any mobile device, Zyllem’s technology equips businesses with a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution to seamlessly and efficiently manage their logistics needs. This cutting-edge platform is available without any setup cost, complex systems amalgamation and tedious coordination among intermediaries.

Automate the Monitoring of Key IT Assets (Review)

Dotcom-Monitor presents a software suite which serves as automation platform for monitoring of servers, services and processes.

This leads to the availability of tools for monitoring and measurement of performance such as a web site, as well as stress testing and simulation of use cases.

The key benefits are:
  • Alerting - filter, schedule and automatically escalate issues to the right people
  • Reporting - online, real-time and email reports down to element level
  • Diagnostics - determine root cause with video capture, traceroutes, HTML and more
  • SLA Management - filter, schedule and automatically escalate issues to the right people

The tools are comprehensive and industrial-standard compliance. For instance, the key metrics for website speed test are:
  • Sum of DNS times in ms
  • Sum of Connection times in ms
  • Sum of SSL times in ms
  • Sum of Request times in ms
  • Sum of First Packet times in ms
  • Sum of Download times in ms

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Symantec Predictions for 2016 -- Looking Ahead

Dec 8, 2015 -

Today’s cybercriminals are skilled enough and sufficiently resourced to have the persistence and patience to carry out highly successful attacks on consumers, businesses and governments around the world. Their efforts have turned cybercrime into big business with private information being stolen on an epic scale.

In 2015, we saw how much consumer confidence was rocked by the number of mega breaches that exposed the identities of millions of people. The ability for some organizations to recover from a data breach was paralyzing as we saw in the Ashley Maddison data breach.

There is no magic-bullet technology that will guarantee immunity from Internet crime or determined, targeted attacks, but being prepared for the worst can prevent some attacks. So, what lies ahead for 2016? What will be the biggest threats that will target consumers and businesses? How will some of the newest technology trends impact privacy and regulation? And how will businesses respond to data breaches when it is no longer a matter of if, but when you will be breached?

As the year draws to a close, Symantec’s security intelligence team has put together the top security predictions for the year ahead and beyond. Here are our top picks for 2016 -

1.) The Need for Improved Security on IoT Devices Will Become More Pressing

As consumers buy more smart watches, activity trackers, holographic headsets, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the need for improved security on these devices will become more pressing.

According to a Gartner report titled Agenda Overview for the Internet of Things, by 2020 close to 30 billion connected things will be in use across a wide range of industries and the IoT will touch every role across the enterprise. There’s no doubt the market for Internet of Things–ready devices is growing but it is still very frag­mented, with a rich diversity in low-cost hardware platforms and operating systems. As market leaders emerge and certain ecosystems grow, the attacks against these devices will undoubtedly escalate, as we’ve already seen happen with the attacks on the Android platform. The good news is that OS makers, in particularly Apple, are making good strides in enforcing security in the eco-systems they support, such as HomeKit.

In addition, the evolving concept of “care is everywhere” may see medical device security become a mainstream topic in 2016. It’s widely known that life-sustaining devices like pacemakers or insulin pumps can be hacked. Fortunately, to-date, no such case has been reported outside proof-of-concept security research; however, the potential impact remains high. Under the evolving umbrella of mobile health, or mHealth, new care delivery models will move devices into the patient’s home. This will place medical devices on public networks, provide medical apps through consumer devices such as smartphones, and interlace personal data with clinical information.

With these changes happening so rapidly, regulation may be forced to catch up with technology in 2016. We may find that some countries or industries will begin to develop guidelines that address the new risks of information use, data ownership, and consent presented by IoT devices.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

IT News Week 2 Dec 2015

For IT News Week 1 Dec 2015, the most interesting news was the announcement of the industry’s best performing low profile graphics card by AMD.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Dec 11, 2015 - Juniper Networks Advances MX Series Innovation with 3X Performance Upgrade and New Automation Features
  • PR - Dec 9, 2015 - Transatel DataSIM extends its footprint to New Zealand
  • PR - Dec 9, 2015 - Hitachi Sunway Data Centre helps Sunway IT achieve 30% Savings in energy costs
  • PR - Dec 8, 2015 - Shenzhen, China - Huntkey Introduces SZN Series of Universal Power Strips with Child Protection and Dual USBs
  • PR - Dec 8,2015 - The new Oxford Learner's Thesaurus application for Android
  • PR - Dec 8, 2015 - Malaysia winner to receive young leadership award from Her Majesty The Queen
  • PR - Dec 8, 2015 - Laser Components: Lead Selenide Detectors in a TO-46 Housing
  • PR - Dec 8, 2015 - Blackberry's First Android-Powered Secure Smartphone in Malaysia
  • PR - Dec 8, 2015 - GBS Industry to Grow 10%-15% in 2016
  • PR - Dec 8, 2015 - Red Hat Launches Virtual Training Program for Asia Pacific
  • PR - Dec 8, 2015 - Tourism Victoria Utilises Periscope in World First Campaign
  • PR - Dec 8, 2015 - Kaspersky Lab’s New Malware Count Falls by 15,000 a Day in 2015
  • PR - Dec 2, 2015 - Taipei, Taiwan – Foxlink - PQI Announces iConnect Now Available in Metallic Rose Gold
  • PR - Dec 2, 2015 - New LinkedIn App is Available
  • PR - Dec 1, 2015 - Tata Comm., now part of the Office 365 partner ecosystem for Skype

Brocade Predicts Top Transformative Technology Trends in Networking for 2016

Dec 9, 2015 -

The Year 2015 has seen organisations disrupting their markets with the digital transformation of their businesses as they embrace 3rd Platform computing and New IP networking strategies that have helped them become leaders in new markets. Moving into 2016, more businesses are expected to leverage smart machines and transformative technologies to give them a clear competitive advantage.

As 2015 draws to a close, Brocade looks into the crystal ball to outline the top transformative technology trends in networking to watch for in 2016 and beyond:

1. The cloud will gain even greater traction: 

According to IDC, more than half of all IT spending is going to be on the 3rd Platform, otherwise known as cloud-based technologies, and that figure will surpass 60 percent of all IT spending by 2020. The migration of old, legacy IP network architectures to New IP networks will accelerate, reaching near-mainstream adoption as enterprises and service providers transform their networks into an open, software-driven platform for innovation and a competitive edge.

2. Software-based networks are clearly the future: 

Over the past year, software has transformed the data center and networks in general, with service providers and enterprises turning to Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to create new services quickly, scale them easily, and deliver them in user-centric ways. 2016 will bring about the expanded adoption of innovative, open, and automated software networking platforms as enterprises and service providers migrate to New IP networks. The increasing deployment of x86 server architecture will accelerate this transformation, replacing specialised networking hardware in multiple network roles, such as Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). ADCs have already begun transforming to a virtual (vADC) model to help enterprises and services providers scale capacity on demand to handle peak workloads. Software is increasingly permeating every aspect of this virtualization transformation.

RTG Technology Summit phase 1: Visual Technologies

Dec 8, 2015 -

Radeon Technologies group announced three new updates to its visual display technologies.

The evolution of AMD FreeSync

AMD is enabling FreeSync support over HDMI in early 2016, making smooth gaming experiences more accessible to everyone. FreeSync through HDMI will be supported on all AMD APUs and GPUs that already support FreeSync via DisplayPort, and AMD is working with ecosystem partners including LG, Samsung and Acer to deliver FreeSync over HDMI-compatible displays. Potential use cases include:
  • More affordable mainstream monitors, 70% of which lack a DisplayPort connector
  • External monitors for notebooks with an HDMI port connected to FreeSync-ready Radeon graphics
Lenovo Y700 - AMD FreeSync Notebook

AMD is also introducing the first notebook with a validated AMD FreeSync panel, the Lenovo Y700. The Lenovo Y700 features the AMD FX-8800P “Carrizo” APU and Radeon R9 M380 Graphics with a direct drive LCD display and a 40-60Hz dynamic refresh range.

AMD and its partners have now announced or shipped 40 displays across the DisplayPort and HDMI interfaces, making AMD FreeSync the world’s foremost dynamic refresh technology by 2:1.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Outsourcing Malaysia Elects New Leadership for 2016-2017

Dec 3, 2015 :

Outsourcing Malaysia (OM), a chapter of the National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) announced the appointment of its new Chairman, Office Bearers and Committee members for 2016 / 2017 at the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was held on the 25th of November, 2015.

Former PIKOM Chairman, Cheah Kok Hoong (谢国雄) was selected as OM Chairman. He will be supported by Deputy Chairman – Shared Services, M. Pattabhiraman of UOB Centre of Excellence (M) Sdn Bhd and Deputy Chairman – Outsourcing, Anthony Raja Devadoss of Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group Sdn Bhd. Dato’ Lim Han Boon of ENVO BPO Sdn Bhd retains his position as Treasurer. All Office Bearers were elected uncontested to their positions and will serve a full term (two years). Past Chairman, David Wong who has served at the helm for the past 10 years since OM’s inception will continue to lend his experience and contribute in his capacity as Chairman Emeritus. He expressed full confidence in the new leadership team and is excited about the prospects of the GBS sector going forward.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

APAC Businesses Poised for Major Digital Transformation

Dec 2, 2015-

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., today released its Business and Technology Predictions for Asia Pacific in 2016. According to Adrian De Luca, chief technology officer of Hitachi Data Systems Asia Pacific, enterprises will experience major digital transformation next year as they strive to improve a host of key tech and non-tech functions.

Adrian De Luca, CTO, HDS, APAC

“Digital transformation is fast becoming an organizational issue. It is no longer just CIOs who are championing the need for digital change, but leaders across all business functions. For example, CMOs are finding that traditional ways of marketing are not as effective any more, while CFOs are discovering that consumer and supplier transaction models have shifted. There is now an almost universal understanding within businesses that all functions need to look at how they transform their own practices through digitization,” said De Luca. He cited digital transformation, smart cities, cross modal IT, multicloud, and skills shortages as the five key trends that will continue to shape both the IT and business landscapes in Asia Pacific for 2016.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

IT News Week 1 Dec 2015

For IT News Week 4 Nov 2015, the most interesting news was the announcement of download and watch offline Feature by iFlix.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Dec 2, 2015 - Amadeus bolsters corporate travel in Asia Pacific with appointment of Frederic Saunier as Head of Corporate IT
  • PR - Dec 2, 2015 - Symantec Expands Global Security Operations Centers With US$50 Million Investment
  • PR - Dec 2, 2015 - Tata Communications’ data centre earns CEEDA Gold for energy efficiency
  • Ovum - Dec 2, 2015 - Ovum sees the largest impact from the growing take-up of ECM in the cloud
  • PR - Dec 1, 2015 - AMD Launches the Industry’s Best Performing Low Profile Graphics Card
  • PR - Dec 1, 2015 - Laser Components : Focusable IP54 Laser Module
  • PR - Dec 1, 2015 - LSE presents Authentication Platform LinOTP 2.8 with FIDO U2FToken
  • PR - Dec 1, 2015 - SingEx Exhibitions Expands Footprint in China with Partnership to Launch IoT China
  • PR - Dec 1, 2015 - “Apacer X Snoopy” Launches Exclusive Merchandise
  • PR - Dec 1, 2015 - Synthesio Announces Janet Megdadi As Chief Revenue Officer
  • PR - Nov 27, 2015 - Brocade Extends Technology Leadership with Two Industry Luminaries
  • PR - Nov 26, 2015 - XOX Mobile Announces 2 Partnerships

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Tripadvisor Launches 'Travel Timeline' on Mobile App

Nov 27, 2015 - SG -

TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site*, today launched a “Travel Timeline” feature for its mobile app that helps travellers conveniently log and share experiences from their trips. Once activated, the feature automatically creates a timeline of the places travellers have visited and the photos they’ve taken at each location, which can be viewed in chronological order or as a route on a map. The timeline is private to the user on their TripAdvisor app, but travellers can edit their timeline and easily share it with family and friends.

“Travel Timeline is a useful and valuable tool for chronicling travel experiences and conveniently capturing moments to remember,” said Adam Medros, senior vice president, global product, TripAdvisor. “TripAdvisor not only helps travelers plan and book their trips, but with Travel Timeline we help our community document and share them too.”

How Travel Timeline Works

To activate Travel Timeline, users log on to the TripAdvisor mobile app and opt-in to the feature. Once the feature is activated, it will keep a log of the points of interest that the user has visited in a running timeline, and travellers can easily rate and review hotels, restaurants, or attractions they visited. The feature uses the phone’s GPS and motion sensors to predict when the user is visiting somewhere or if they are just passing by. Users may turn Travel Timeline off at any time.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CloudEndure Teams with Google to Bring Free Migration into Google Cloud Platform

Nov 18, 2015-

CloudEndure, provider of live-migration and disaster recovery solutions, is teaming with Google to provide free migration into Google Cloud Platform. This partnership allows customers to migrate from any Windows/Linux machine and any platform, delivering quick migrations without downtime or data loss.

The CloudEndure technology uses continuous block-level replication, which eliminates the need for any OS, application or database configurations as well as allowing the migration to occur while the server is in use, without losing any data or experiencing any downtime during the migration process.

With CloudEndure’s automated machine conversion and cloud orchestration, companies can bring up servers into Google Cloud Platform within minutes, delivering a smooth, stress-free process.

To sign-up for free migrations, please visit

IT News Week 4 Nov 2015

For IT News Week 3 Nov 2015, the most interesting news was the announcement of Barracuda NextGen Firewall desktop appliances.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Nov 25, 2015 - Dubai , UAE - du and Elitecore enable new innovative WiFi monetization platform
  • PR - Nov 25, 2015 - Cloudmatika Launches BaaS in Indonesia, powered by Acronis Backup Cloud
  • PR - Nov 25, 2015 - Biostar Announced GeForce GTX 950
  • PR - Nov 24, 2015 - Norton Security: More Consumers Believe They Will Experience Online Crime
  • PR - Nov 24, 2015 - iFlix Launches Download and Watch Offline Feature
  • PR - Nov 24, 2015 - AMD launches new graphics software, Radeon Software Crimson Edition
  • PR - Nov 20, 2015 - Brocade Achieves VMware Ready™ Status for Network Functions
  • PR - Nov 19, 2015 - IBM Watson ‘Trend App’ Forecasts What’s In & What’s Not this Holiday Season
  • PR - Nov 18, 2015 - Malaysia’s Exchange Traffic for H12015 Up by 60 percent
  • PR - Nov 18, 2015 - Cartrack sees Singapore as platform for global growth
  • PR - Nov 18, 2015 - VMware Strengthens Commitment to Malaysian Academia and Businesses at vForum

Thursday, November 19, 2015

CIOs deliver positive forecast for the Greater China technology sector

Nov 12, 2015:

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) across Greater China (Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan) have expressed their optimism toward the technology job market in the next 12 months in the recent Michael Page 2015 Greater China CIO Viewpoint.
  • 46% of CIOs predict the technology job market will improve; 35% state it will remain steady
  • 53% of CIOs expect to increase headcount in the next 12 months
  • 49% of technology professionals state that their budgets have increased in the past year
  • 62% of CIOs claim that their IT budget is the equivalent of 1-5% of their company’s revenue and over one out of four (26%) respondents say it is as high as 6% or above
  • On average, 38% of a CIO’s time is spent on operations, and 24% spent on strategy
  • Big data has been a key area of focus for Greater China's CIOs in 2015 especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan, while mobility is a strong area of focus in the next 12 months

In terms of the main business improvement projects, CIOs are primarily concentrating on improving processes such as data consolidation and sales operations, but improving experiences for mobile and wireless devices will be key moving forward. In the next 12 months, mobility is nominated as the top area for new technology spending by CIOs in Mainland China and Hong Kong, while in Taiwan, where CIOs are much more focused on managing the drivers of business performance, cloud services are ranked as their top priority for 2016.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

IT News Week 3 Nov 2015

For IT News Week 2 Nov 2015.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Nov 19, 2015 - Blue Coat Releases Industry’s First Cloud Generation Web Gateway
  • PR - Nov 18, 2015 - ASUS ZenLooks Launch
  • PR - Nov 18, 2015 - ipoque brings application awareness technology to Alcatel-Lucent’s CloudBand ecosystem
  • PR - Nov 17, 2015 - Hundreds Paint the Town Orange At TNT Charity Hunt 2015 for A Good Cause
  • PR - Nov 17, 2015 - Brocade Enables World's First 100 Gbps Trans-Pacific Research and Education Network
  • PR - Nov 17, 2015 - GameStart Asia 2015 wraps up its second edition on a high note
  • PR - Nov 17, 2015 - Barracuda the First to Launch Affordable NextGen Firewall Desktop App
  • PR - Nov 17, 2015 - RS Components appoints Alexander von Schirmeister as Chief Innovation Officer to head up IT and Digital
  • PR - Nov 13, 2015 - PropQuest Launches New Innovation in Singapore’s Property Market
  • PR - Nov 12, 2015 - Intel and Microsoft Encourages Malaysians to Make Magic
  • PR - Nov 11, 2015 - Laser Modules Smaller than a Pin
  • PR - Nov 11, 2015 - Smile partners with Squire Technologies to deploy the first VoLTE network in Africa
  • PR - Nov 10, 2015 - EMC New Isilon Offerings Span Edge, Core and Cloud

Friday, November 13, 2015

BMW Group Malaysia Introduces the New BMW 3 Series (2015)

Nov 13, 2015 -

The new BMW 3 Series is introduced in four new model variants including the all-new BMW 318i, the BMW 320i, the BMW 320d and the all-new BMW 330i, which equipped with the extra-dynamic Sport Line, exclusive and elegant Luxury Line or the extremely athletic M Sport Package. The new eye-catching looks of the all-new premium sports sedan is also accompanied with even more powerful and efficient new drivetrains, further optimised chassis and suspension, new interior enhancements, and a new segment leading, comprehensive BMW ConnectedDrive suite of technologies – the first in the Malaysian premium segment.

The all-new BMW 330i M Sport in Alpine White

The striking presence of the new BMW 3 Series on the road is sportier than all and more elegant than ever. The sporty sedan upholds the design tradition of the BMW brand with distinctively sculpted long bonnet, short front and rear overhangs, long wheelbase and set-back passenger compartment. Each harmoniously integrated to create the extremely dynamic proportions that are as much a hallmark of BMW as ideal 50:50 weight distribution.

The all-new BMW 318i will be the first BMW 3 Series model variant to be introduced with the Engine of the Year 2015 award winning 3-cylinder petrol engine. The innovative BMW TwinPower Turbo 1.5-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine, which shares the same DNA as the multi-award-winning BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder petrol engine delivers a maximum output of 136 hp, torque of 220 Nm and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.9 seconds. The combined fuel consumption of the all-new BMW 318i stands from 5.1 litres per 100 km with C02 emissions of 119 g/km.

The arrival of the new BMW 3 Series also marks the world premiere of the new 2.0-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine, equipped in both the new BMW 320i and the all-new BMW 330i.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Porn Presents the Greatest Threat For Malware Attacks

Nov 11, 2015 -

Blue Coat Systems, Inc. a market leader in today’s enterprise security announced an alarming hike in more malicious malware attacks. This includes from smaller scale, less disturbing attacks to serious personal ransomware (cyber blackmail) and undetectable inserts of spyware on devices with the intent to profile users’ buying behaviors.
Kenneth Chen, M.D, Blue Coat for ASEAN, Hong Kong & Taiwan

When Blue Coat recently compared the top categories of “infection vectors” from 2014 to 2015, it found that pornography was once again the number one threat vector, taking over from WebAds, which has dropped from almost 20 percent last year to less than five percent this year. The threats on porn sites include both malvertising attacks and sites that host Trojan horse apps.

“It certainly presents a problem whereby upon entering porn sites, users find that there is no easy way out once been exposed to malware attacks,” Chen expresses his concern over the increase in porn surfing activities from 16.55 percent in 2014 to over 36 percent this year. This potentially means that whenever we see a mobile user’s traffic heading to malicious sites, it is most likely 36 percent of the time that that user is following a link from a porn site.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

MalaysiaOneCloud - One-Stop Platform for Cloud

Nov 11, 2015 -

CloudFX Group and the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) have announced the launch of its long-awaited, Malaysian-centric next-generation cloud service market place, a Business-2-Business e-commerce platform to serve as a central repository for secure, available and high-performance cloud services from proven global, regional and local cloud service providers.

In a nutshell, MalaysiaOneCloud provides infrastructure for developers to host apps on the cloud - virtual data center.

Just think of it as AWS or Windows Azure or Openshift or Aliyun or etc.

It is good for three great reasons.

1.) It is a one-stop platform for developers to subscribe to different cloud infrastructures from proven global, regional and local cloud service providers - in other words, it allows you to subscribe to multiple providers from a single location with a single billing channel.

2.) Besides serving as the one-stop platform for developers to host apps, it also serves as a market place for cloud based apps - analogous to the AppStore for mobile apps.

3.) The best thing is that it is cheaper than going direct, this is achievable due to the crowd sourcing factor or some may call it the hedging factor.

The only disadvantage is that one is left with less subscription customization options.

Getex Malaysia : Earn as you shop

Nov 5, 2015 -

According to Trading Economics, based on a report by the Department of Statistic Malaysia, consumer spending in Malaysia decreased to RM134,900 million in the second quarter of 2015 from RM135,507million in the first quarter of 2015.

While the current economic situation and the ringgit are in a sorry state, people are becoming more and more cost conscious. Every ringgit spent is a well thought out one; in fact it is stretched to the maximum.

Getex Malaysia attempts to offer miracle to help with the situation.

As online CASHBACK platform, fellow Malaysians can earn some extra bucks whilst shopping.

(L-R) Buvaneswaran Naidu, Nisya Aziz and Ridzwan Hamzah.

Operating since June 2015, Getex Malaysia offers shoppers cashback up to 12% (varies by stores) from more than 50 online retailers. To enjoy the cashback benefit, customers just need to register typically by providing an email address and creating a password.

Buvaneswaren Naidu, Getex Malaysia Chief Operation Officer says: “Getex Malaysia is created to help the consumer spend smartly. With this platform, we put the purchasing power back to the hands of the shoppers and let them stretch the money they spend. And better still, earn a portion of the money spent going back to shoppers when they make qualifying purchases from eligible retailers, on top of the promotions or discounts that are already being offered. Talk about empowering consumers again.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

IT News Week 2 Nov 2015

For IT News Week 1 Nov 2015, the most interesting news was the announcement of ultra-low power connectivity solution by Tata Comm.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Nov 11, 2015 - Hitachi Data Systems Redefines IT Infrastructure Performance with New Flash Portfolio
  • Ovum - Nov 11, 2015 - Ovum sees telcos becoming established players in the pay-TV market
  • PR - Nov 10, 2015 - Consumer Drone Sales to Reach Almost 4m this Year, Rising to 16m Annually by 2020
  • PR - Nov 9, 2015 - Microsoft and Red Hat to deliver new standard for enterprise cloud experiences
  • PR - Nov 9, 2015 - Ulleung County Office in South Korea Deploys Acronis Backup Advanced In a Remote Island Location
  • PR - Nov 6, 2015 - HP Announces Multiple Industry Firsts in New Portfolio to Extend Commercial PC Leadership
  • PR - Nov 6, 2015 - Microsoft Empowers Customers through Local Cloud and A Wave of New Cloud Partnerships
  • PR - Nov 6, 2015 - STERLING HEIGHTS, Michigan - BAE Systems Receives $245.3 Million U.S. Army Contract to Continue M109A7
  • PR - Nov 4, 2015 - Juniper Networks Introduces Junos Software Disaggregation to Dramatically Expand Customer Choice and Network Automation
  • PR - Nov 3, 2015 - IBM Study: C-suite Executives See “Uberization” As Primary Competitive Threat
  • PR - Oct 29, 2015 - Jabra Answers Your Call For The Best of Voice, Music & More With Four New Audio Solutions
  • PR - Oct 29, 2015 - SM and PM Patch Cables from 450 to 1550 nm
  • Ovum - Oct 28, 2015 - BT/EE given the regulatory nod, while Three/O2 looks increasingly uncertain
  • PR - Oct 28, 2015 - Parents Under Pressure To Protect Both Young and Old Online, Kaspersky Lab’s Survey Shows
  • PR - Oct 28, 2015 - MAPA Professionnel gloves range from RS Components protects hands, preserves dexterity
  • PR - Oct 28, 2015 - Huawei Consumer BG Appoints Ms. Abigail Sarah Brody as Chief Designer of User Experience (UX)
  • PR - Oct 27, 2015 - CORVALLIS, Ore. - “Spring-mass” technology heralds the future of walking robots

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Genesys announces key partnership with Microsoft

Oct 29, 2015:

Genesys, the market leader in omnichannel customer experience (CX) and contact center solutions, has made three major announcements at its annual G-Force global summit, which takes place in Miami this week.

They include:
  1. A deeper relationship with Microsoft to bring rich video support from Skype for Business to the Genesys Customer Experience Platform to further transform and personalize customer experience.
  2. The launch of Genesys AppFoundry – a newly available online marketplace which allows Genesys customers to find customer experience applications, integrations and services that address their unique business needs.
  3. The winners of the 10th annual Customer Innovation Awards

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

IT News Week 1 Nov 2015

For week 5 of Oct 2015.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Nov 4, 2015 - LinkedIn appoints Olivier Legrand as its Managing Director for the Asia-Pacific region
  • PR - Nov 4, 2015 - Juniper Networks Transforms Network Economics with Industry’s Most Scalable NFV Solution
  • PR - Nov 4, 2015 - LinkedIn APAC Managing Director joins PropertyGuru Group as President
  • PR - Nov 4, 2015 - Now You Can Be A Property Guru Too!
  • PR - Nov 3, 2015 - IBM Acquires Gravitant to Boost Hybrid Cloud and Enterprise Services
  • PR - Nov 3, 2015 - Tata Comm. debuts ultra-low power connectivity solution to pave the way for the Internet of Things in India
  • PR - Nov 3, 2015 - Citrix : Staying agile and thriving in a changing world
  • Juniper Research - Nov 2, 2015 - Hampshire, UK : Active VoLTE Connections to Exceed 1 Billion by 2018, as Mobile Operator Roll-outs Intensify
  • PR - Nov 2, 2015 - OPPO Malaysia and 11street are giving away Limited Units of OPPO R7 Plus FC Barcelona Edition
  • PR - Nov 2, 2015 - Singapore's First Liberal Arts College Taps Red Hat and Dell for OpenStack-based Software-defined Datacenter
  • PR - Oct 30, 2015 - K.L - PIKOM Elects New Leadership For 2016
  • PR - Oct 30, 2015 - Young Malaysians Get Hands-on Experience with BAE Systems' Eye-Tracking Technology at KLESF 2015
  • PR - Oct 28, 2015 - K.L - Internet Tracking Exposed
  • PR - Oct 28, 2015 - 20 Malaysian Students Part of 2015 Edition of Huawei’s ‘Seeds for the Future Program’

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

DCD Focus on Thailand Drives the Move Towards the Digital Economy and New Era of Cloud

Nov 3, 2015

Recognizing the potential of Thailand as the next digital economy, global media company and conference producer, DatacenterDynamics (DCD), will be hosting its second conference in Thailand under its umbrella of DCD “Focus” events. For its second year in Thailand, DCD will focus on the theme “Moving Towards a Digital Economy and The New Era of Cloud” to drive the industry towards the best practices and innovations required for the enablement of cloud adoption and the digital economy.

With strong government support and growing inward investment, Thailand is beginning a digital infrastructure journey that will see it support a growing community of cloud users and data center operators. This is also supported by a report released earlier this year by DCD Intelligence, where the market showed much potential with a high Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) to 2020 for assets (12.32%) and investment (12.11%).

To be the next digital hub in Asia could be a little too far-fetched, with strong competitors such as Hong Kong and Singapore who already have stable infrastructure to support the digital economy of the region. Nevertheless, the vision of digital economy is realistic, with the 67 million population of Thailand, and the impressive popularity of social media there.

Thailand is putting in great efforts to support this vision. Cloud has a prominent and visible role to enhance the digital economy. Taking the lead, the e-Government Agency of Thailand has been setting standards and promoting cloud adoption through practical steps, such as the introduction of G-Cloud. Apart from the government’s effort, active support for the industry can be seen through the many strong local players, such as TCC Technology and True Internet, who provide data center and cloud services to meet the growing demand of the market. Complimented with tax incentives through the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI), the region has also seen a rise in foreign investments from international firms such as NTT Facilities and SuperNap International.

Symantec Introduces New Era of Advanced Threat Protection

Oct 29, 2015 - K.L

Symantec Corp., the global leader in cyber security, introduced Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), the first solution that can detect and remediate advanced threats across control points, from a single console with just a click, all with no new endpoint agents to deploy.

Advanced threats, such as ransomware, remote access trojans, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero day attacks, are on the rise and security professionals can no longer rely on using individual point products at each control point to stop them. The process of uncovering threat data across endpoint, network and email gateways is manual and time-consuming, which gives attackers an edge. Symantec ATP correlates suspicious activity across all control points and prioritizes the events that pose the most risk to an organization. Once a critical threat is identified, it can now be quickly contained and new instances can be blocked.

Symantec ATP allows customers to:
  • Uncover a full range of threats from APTs to zero day attacks across endpoint, network and email, with cross-control point detection and environmental search
  • Prioritize what matters most by correlating the threat intelligence from across local control points with all that Symantec sees globally through its massive telemetry
  • Remediate the threats fast through containment of endpoints and blocking new instances across control points, with one click, from a single console
  • Leverage existing investments in Symantec Endpoint Security and Email, without deploying any new endpoint agents.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Watching iFlix Now (Review)

For a busy person with no time for cinema and conventional TV, iFlix offers to a great escape for high quality movies and TV-series streaming over the Internet.

It offers first month free trial and subsequently only RM 8 per month.

All you have to do is to register and sign-in, and I found it to be pretty impressive.

First of all, the streaming speed is apparently fast.

I do have a way of testing Internet speed. In my house, I subscribed to both TM Unifi and TM Streamyx - former faster and latter slower.

I found that if you try to view trailers from, using Streamyx is slow compared to Unifi.

Nonetheless, if you search for the same trailer from, both Internet connections offer pretty much the same speed. One of the reason is that does provide local caches in the country.

Now, with iFlix, it is fast on Streamyx and not just that, it streams with HD quality.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

IT News Week 5 Oct 2015

For week 4 of Oct 2015.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Oct 29, 2015 - Brocade Joins Intel Security Innovation Alliance
  • PR - Oct 29, 2015 - Servion Achieves International Recognition at Service Excellence Awards
  • PR Oct 28, 2015 - Tata Comm.'s IZO™ Private Cloud puts the CIO back in control
  • PR - Oct 28, 2015 - LASER COMPONENTS Presents Inexpensive Replacement for HeNe Lasers
  • Ovum - Oct 28, 2015 - Ovum says record companies the biggest winners in consumer shift from ownership to access
  • PR - Oct 27, 2015 - Get your game on for Dew’s ultimate DoTA 2 challenge
  • PR - Oct 27, 2015 - Huawei and UPM to drive success for Smart Campus Network Project
  • PR - Oct 23, 2015 - Lazada brings The biggest online retail event of the year in SEA
  • PR - Oct 22, 2015 - Wendy Kho Appointed Country Manager for Malaysia
  • PR - Oct 22, 2015 - Kaspersky Lab Survey Shows Businesses Losing Confidence in Suppliers
  • PR - Oct 22, 2015 - Western Digital Corporation Announces Acquisition of SanDisk – Malaysia’s 1st Online Supermart – an O2O e-Commerce Platform

Oct 26, 2015

In partnership with the Federation of Sundry Goods Merchants Association of Malaysia, is Malaysia’s 1st online supermart operating on an Online-to-Offline (O2O) e-commerce model. Officially launched in August 2015, founded by CEO, Mr Lee Kong How who spent nearly 2 years to conceptualize, research, and develop this O2O e-commerce platform to provide integrated and innovative grocery shopping and selling convenience as well as experience to consumers and grocery retailers in Malaysia. will enable grocery retailers in Malaysia to sell grocery items through its e-commerce site directly to consumers. The grocery sales will be made possible and convenient via either an Offline-to-Online capability which creates a physical touch-point at the partnering grocery stores to allow consumers to buy grocery not only on the spot by cash, even better, they can scan and buy at “Juresic Mall” via QR codes with their mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and etc which will allow them to buy items of a variety of brands that are not available in-store. Consumers can search and buy other local specialty items that were originally produced out of Malaysia like from Taiwan, Singapore, China and more – all these are available on a section called “Brand Street” on the e-commerce site itself.

Official Launch of

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Paragon Software Announces Storage SDKs for Android and iOS

Oct 26, 2015:

Paragon Software Group, the technology leader in data security and data management solutions, announces the release of its UFSD software development kits for Android and iOS. The new UFSD SDKs make it much easier to develop apps that take advantage of USB storage.

Mobile OSes are beginning to incorporate USB storage support, but that support tends to be inflexible. This feature only came to Android in version 6 (Marshmallow), and that implementation only supports FAT32. That's a problem for developers who want to produce apps that run on the majority of Android phones and tablets, and an even bigger one for those planning to create cross-platform apps. Furthermore, FAT32 imposes file-size limitations that can be inconveniently restrictive when dealing with large files such as HD and 4K videos.

UFSD for iOS platform

Paragon Software's new UFSD SDKs help fill this gap. Available for iOS (iPhone 5 and later, iPad 2 and later) and Android (version 3.0 and later), they abstract and implement support for multiple partitioning schemes (MBR, GPT and APM) and file systems (NTFS, HFS+, FAT32, ExFAT and ExtFS).

Auto Stock Trading With Almost 75% Confirmed Accuracy

Check this out.

Ultimate4Trading was conceived and developed by co-creators, John Cross, Abbey Walker-Jones, Matty Voss and Ash Patel, from the University of Birmingham, UK, as a final year Computer Science degree project.

After three years of refining UItimate4Trading, they ingeniously combined two algorithms, which process financial data in order to present reliable, winning trades for the user to invest in.

The Ultimate4Trading founders have finally decided to make their algorithm free to the public. However, Matty has stated that there will be a limited number of places for the initial capacity of the Ultimate4Trading? platform available, due to the expected high demand.

Furthermore, after a very productive and successful beta period, Abbey confirmed that they have also improved its accuracy, choosing and presenting correct trades on 70-75% of occasions.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Brocade Disrupts the Traditional Network Visibility Market with Comprehensive New IP Solution

Mobile network operators are under significant pressure as the declining Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) derived from voice services is not being sufficiently offset by the ARPU growth from mobile data. At the same time, customer adoption of Over-The-Top (OTT) services -- such as video -- is exploding, requiring even more network capacity and performance.

This trend is driving the build-out of 4G/LTE networks and early planning for the upcoming deployment of 5G. In these transitions, mobile operators are increasingly relying on visibility and analytics to both control costs and enable new premium services and revenue streams. Unfortunately, traditional visibility infrastructures were not designed to support the latest generation of mobile networks.

To address this key challenge, Brocade today announced new Network Visibility solutions and a partner ecosystem to empower mobile network operators with critical insights into the traffic within their networks, while also transitioning their visibility infrastructures from being closed and monolithic to software-enabled, open, and disaggregated.

Case Study: The China Navigation Company (CNCo) Deploys Acronis Backup on its Fleet

Acronis®, a global leader in new generation data protection, today announced that The China Navigation Company Limited (CNCo) has deployed Acronis Backup on its fleet of deep sea vessels.

CNCo has deployed Acronis Backup & Recovery with Universal Restore software on 29 vessels, covering over 150 servers and workstations. Each vessel has a computer network consisting of a Windows®-based server and a number of client workstations responsible for the overall systems operation, data collection and staff management.

Backups are stored on a local disk partition and on network attached storage devices, which would allow the server to be restored within minutes even on dissimilar hardware.

Acronis Backup software is installed on the server and client workstations. Previously backup had to be triggered manually from each workstation. Now the new system allows management of all backups from the server.

Benefits are:
  • For mission-critical system, failure of which may leave the ship stranded at sea.
  • Ability to quickly recover data and systems if needed without the need for on-shore technical support.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

CIOs foresee an increased headcount in South East Asia

Sep 29, 2015:

The Michael Page Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia 2015/16 CIO Viewpoint and will like to share it with you.

Findings from the newly released 2015/16 CIO Viewpoint show that the hiring outlook for the technology sector is set to look buoyant in South East Asia over the next 12 months.

Other key findings include:
  • 63% of CIOs state that their staff headcount will increase in the next 12 months
  • 42% predict that the job market will improve over the next 12 months
  • 39% of CIOs say mobility is their top priority, followed by 37% prioritising cloud services
  • The top three skills in demand by CIOs are project management, cloud technology and mobility development
  • Career progression is key to retain employees in the technology sector in the next 12 months

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Manoj Bhargava: Keep things simple

Manoj Bhargava (Founder, 5-Hour ENERGY) - TIECon 2013 (HD)

Here are the tips given my Mr. Manoj.

1) Keep things simple.

2) Be useful.

3.) The silicon valley startup culture vs gambling.

4) Say no to aggravation culture.

5) The job of an entrepreneur is to minimize risks

Always remember to exercise common sense and practice a sense of urgency.

6) Hires sergeant instead of officer.

7) You got to test out the idea - see if it has legs.

Malaysian Budget 2016 Commentaries

Here are some commentaries pertaining to the Malaysian Budget 2016 from stewards of ICT industry in Malaysia.

The budget is aimed at helping the rakyat - this is the time where innovation should be focused on helping the people.

I would agree that now is the time to do something for the rakyat, don't always think about money.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

IT News Week 4 Oct 2015

For week 3 of Oct 2015.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Oct 22, 2015 - Laser Components Announced Availability of Pulsed Laser Diodes
  • PR - Oct 21, 2015 - BT Selects Caringo to Power Global Cloud Storage Service
  • PR - Oct 21, 2015 - Western Digital Corporation Announces Decision from China’s Ministry Of Commerce Enabling Integration Of Substantial Portions Of HGST And WD Subsidiaries
  • PR - Oct 21, 2015 - Versatile and adaptive connector system for Ethernet-based cabling now available from RS Components
  • PR - Oct 21, 2015 - Hitachi Data Systems Announces New Oracle Database 12C Solutions to Enable the Real-Time Data-Driven Enterprise
  • PR - Oct 20, 2015 - Comodo Makes Acronis Backup Cloud its First Backup Solution for The Comodo ONE Managed Services Platform
  • PR - Oct 20, 2015 - The New HTC One is Brilliant
  • PR - Oct 19, 2015 - Brocade Announces Continued Momentum for Storage Networking in China
  • PR - Oct 19, 2015 - Microsoft Malaysia begins Surface Pro 4 pre-orders via the Microsoft Online Store on Lazada
  • PR - Oct 15, 2015 - Aspect spearheads the Champions quadrant in Frost & Sullivan report
  • PR - Oct 15, 2015 - UOB sharpens focus on supporting the growth of financial institutions in Asia

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

PIKOM BUDGET 2015 ‘Wish List’ For ICT Sector

Oct 19, 2015 - K.L

In view of the upcoming Budget 2016, which is to be tabled on the 23rd October 2015 - as the ‘Voice of the ICT Industry’, the National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) proposes the following recommendations to the Malaysian government for inclusion in the budgetary plans for the coming year.

The wish list are:
  1. GST Zero-Rated for ICT Products and Services
  2. Across-the-Board Reduction Of Broadband Rates for Individuals, Households and Businesses
  3. Standardisation of Cost & Transparency of Process for Participation in GLC Tenders
  4. Spurring Local ICT Market

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hitachi Data Systems Collaborates With Universiti Teknologi Petronas On Brain Injury Study

Oct 9, 2015

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd., today announced it has signed a research collaboration agreement (RCA) with Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP), one of Malaysia’s most prominent universities, with the aim of improving clinical support for traumatic brain injuries.

The partnership will bring together Hitachi Cloud Services Connection (HCSC) – Healthcare, a first-of-its-kind open healthcare cloud platform for analytics, with UTP’s biomedical image analysis and analytics. The study will initially be focused on traumatic brain injuries, integrating magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, blood panels and intensive care unit (ICU) data to deliver precise and instant clinical support that can benefit both patients and healthcare professionals. Because HCSC – Healthcare is based on industry standards, any additional medical data can easily be integrated and analyzed throughout the study.

(L-R) Wee Kai Teck, Datuk Mary Yap, Datuk Ir. (Dr.) Abdul Rahim Hashim

The signing ceremony took place during the 2015 Workshop on Intelligent Signal and Imaging for Biometric Applications (WISIBA ’15) at Le Meridien Hotel and was attended by Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching, UTP’s Vice Chancellor, Datuk Ir. (Dr.) Abdul Rahim Hashim, and Hitachi Data Systems’ Managing Director for Malaysia, Wee Kai Teck.

UTP's CISIR (Centre for Intelligent Signal & Imaging Research) is spearheaded by Dr Eric Ho, Senior Lecturer, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS Node Coordinator, INCF Malaysia Node.

CISIR was founded in 2000 with the establishment of the first research lab in signal and image processing for medication applications by Prof Fadzil & Prof Venkatachalam.

By 2015, CISIR is hosting the Malaysian Node of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF).

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Helping working professionals embrace the New World of Work with Office 2016

According to the “New World of Work” survey, Malaysian working professionals are wanting to work on their own terms – dictating where and when they want to work, but are hampered by various challenges in the workplace – such as having to be in office to access necessary tools and documents, and to collaborate with others.

In Malaysia, the survey results have shown that there is a gap – Malaysians are wanting to adopt the New World of Work, but face difficulties when it comes to addressing these three key principles.

  • The Majority of respondents (56%) still find themselves most productive in an office environment today rather than in external places (i.e. cafes, public spaces).
  • Yet, 81% said that they are still required to be contactable outside of work today in order to complete their work effectively. This means that they have to physically be in office to finish off their work.
  • 69% of respondents find that their workplace does not support them working remotely
  • Malaysians are also wanting to work on their own terms, according to 83% of the respondents surveyed – wanting to dictate where and when they work.
  • 48% of respondents have stated that they need the ability to share ideas, documents and information with colleagues.
  • 48% have also stated that they lack the breadth of productivity tools for collaboration across groups.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Kaspersky: Winnti Group responsible for enhanced attack platform infecting organizations in South Korea, UK and Russia

Oct 8, 2015:

Kaspersky Lab experts tracking the activity of the Winnti group have discovered an active threat based on a 2006 bootkit installer. The threat, which Kaspersky Lab has called “HDRoot” after the original tool’s name “HDD Rootkit”, is a universal platform for a sustainable and persistent appearance in a targeted system, which can be used as a foothold for any arbitrary tool.

The Winnti criminal organization is known for industrial cyberespionage campaigns targeting software companies, especially those in the gaming industry. Recently it has also been observed targeting pharmaceutical businesses.

“HDRoot” was discovered when an intriguing sample of malware sparked the interest of Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) for the following reasons:
  • It was protected with a commercial VMProtect Win64 executable signed with a known compromised certificate belonging to the Chinese entity, Guangzhou YuanLuo Technology; a certificate that the Winnti group was known to have abused to sign other tools;
  • The properties and output text of the executable were spoofed to make it look like a Microsoft’s Net Command net.exe, obviously to reduce the risk of system administrators exposing the program as hostile.

New Oxford Collocations Dictionary guides you to the right word combination

Oxford University Press and Paragon Software Group release the Oxford Collocations Dictionary. The app targets learners of English who want to improve their accuracy by showing which words work together and which don't. It helps express ideas naturally and convincingly, and is especially useful for writing essays, articles, reports.

The dictionary guides you to the right word combination for your context showing you the most frequently used combinations in both British and American English. The app is also an essential tool for students preparing for the Cambridge ESOL First Certificate or Proficiency Exam, IELTS, or studying other subjects in English.

The key features of the Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English app:
  • 250,000 word combinations, 9000 nouns, verb and adjective collocations.
  • 75,000 examples showing how collocations are used.
  • 25 usage notes on collocations shared by words such as seasons, currencies, and language.
  • 17 topic lists - grouping words in useful subject groups, such as business, clothes and food - which students can edit.
  • Students can create and edit their own word lists.
  • Unfamiliar with a word? Tap any word in the dictionary for a pop-up definition and pronunciation by real British and American voices.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Elitecore bags 2 MVNE/O projects in Southeast Asia

Oct 14, 2015 - Mumbai, India:

Elitecore Technologies, (a Sterlite Technologies Company) is a global provider of Next-generation BSS and Packet Core solution, announces two major wins in Southeast Asia with its end-to-end Convergent, Real time, Pre-integrated MVNE/O platform enabling rapid service delivery & customer care to meet pertinent growth aspects of MVNE/O such as Revenue Generation, Service Differentiation & Cost Optimization.

Dhaval Vora, VP, Product Management, Elitecore Technologies comments– “These two wins are a great start for us in becoming a leading MVNE/O solution provider in Southeast Asia, where the MVNO market is growing at a rapid pace. With the end-to-end multi-tenant platform, Elitecore MVNE/O solution offers reduced TCO and flexibility to monetize and personalize user experience.”

The first win comes with a leading Tier-1 operator to build an MVNE infrastructure enabling multi-brand strategy and multiple MVNOs on the same stack. The multi-tenant highly scalable platform supports complete data segregation capability with high data integrity and security that allows on-boarded MVNOs to have full personalization & control via self-care channels. MVNOs have the flexibility to design and offer their own plans and offers with customized branding on all their customer interface such as invoice, web and mobile self-care app, payment receipt etc.

The second success comes with an MVNO, using mobile network of a leading Tier-1 operator to launch prepaid and post-paid voice, data and messaging services for its customers on 3G/4G network. Elitecore solution is a compact pre-integrated platform with out-of-box support for all MVNO business journey.

IT News Week 3 Oct 2015

For week 2 of Oct 2015, the most interesting news was the announcement of hybrid cloud by IBM.

For this week / last week, here are / were the biggest news.
  • PR - Oct 14, 2015 - LASER COMPONENTS Detector Group has introduced two new IR detectors: IG19 and IA35
  • PR - Oct 14, 2015 - New SimpliVity Omnistack 3.0 Delivers Unparalleled Performance for VDI
  • PR - Oct 14, 2015 - ARMONK, NY - IBM Expands Data Discovery and Q&A Power of Watson Analytics
  • PR - Oct 13, 2015 - WD to Transition WD Green HD Models Into WD Blue Family
  • PR - Oct 13, 2015 - Boosts Up Singaporean Spending With Malaysian Local Merchants
  • PR - Oct 13, 2015 - Acronis Welcomes Steve Goh as Vice President/GM of Sales for Asia-Pacific & Emerging Markets
  • PR - Oct 9, 2015 - Malaysia’s Ebizu Bags 2015 Company of the Year Recognition by Frost & Sullivan
  • PR - Oct 9, 2015 - Companies expanding in Asia fuel UOB’s cash management growth
  • PR - Oct 9, 2015 - RS Components delivers affordable in-car video to protect responsible road users
  • PR - Oct 7, 2015 - Huawei and DOCOMO Collaboration Succeeds with World’s First Large-Scale Field Trial of 5G New Radio Access Technology
  • PR - Oct 7, 2015 - Bloomberg's inaugural Technology Conference Asia to be held in Singapore@Nov 4, 2015
  • PR - Oct 7, 2015 - Brocade Expands its Strategic Wireless Partnerships to Deliver Best-in-Class Campus Networks

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cheapest Flight Deals Is Few Clicks Far

Skyscanner positions itself as search engine.

It offers comprehensive flight search service as well as online comparisons for hotels and car hire.

CEO and co-founder Gareth Williams was frustrated with the difficult and tedious process of searching multiple airline and travel agent websites to find the best deals for traveling to snow skiing.

It then dawned on him the idea of a single website that could collect, collate and compare prices for every commercial flight in the world.

The company was founded in 2003 with HQ at Edinburgh, currently employing over 700 employees worldwide with offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and Singapore.

It has over 40 million unique monthly visitors and the mobile app was downloaded 35 million times with over 50% returning rates.

It supports over 30 languages.

The revenue for 2014 was 93 million pound.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

How Shadow IT Is Emerging Into The Light

Contributed article by By Mark Micallef, Area Vice President, ASEAN, Citrix

Windows OS, Apple iOS, Blackberry OS, Android OS, on smartphones, phablets, tablets and most recently smartwatches... the list goes on.

We have all come to recognize that we are in a multi-device, multi-OS modern business world.

However, what we are slower in recognizing is that the same diversity we see in the above list, also applies to our data. As bring your own (BYO) becomes the norm, so does the fragmentation of data. It is prime time we start acknowledging this and consider what it actually means for business.

While it may be tempting to ignore or overlook the plethora of choices available for storing and sharing data, the reality is that people have unprecedented freedom to choose among cheap and convenient cloud storage options. This means we are continually creating and storing documents in multiple repositories, across multiple devices, inside and outside the firewall. This practice is commonplace and the number of document silos only seems to be increasing.

So what does this mean for business? With this wide and varied spectrum of document silos, it is becoming more difficult for organizations to manage critical business information, as well as keep it secure. This raises real privacy concerns, especially when the navigation of existing firewalls and integration with legacy systems and applications remain huge hurdles for businesses in achieving true enterprise mobility.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Acronis survey exposes low backup rates among consumers, ranks ’ease-of-use’ as biggest driver of adoption

Oct 5, 2015 - APAC

Acronis®, a global leader in new generation data protection, today released the findings of a consumer survey conducted during the COMEX 2015 technology show in Singapore. The survey was aimed at quantifying the data backup practices among general users of digital devices, including computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

The survey found that despite frequent data loss incidents, more than a half of the respondents do not backup any person data, including pictures, video, files, documents, and contact information. The survey also found that those who do back are not taking advantage of the ease of use and advanced capabilities of cloud backup solutions instead using external hard drives and USB flash drives, which can be prone to malfunction, theft and physical damage.

Key Survey Findings:
  • More than 52% of the respondents reported that they experienced data loss between one and three times, and nearly 6% experienced it four or more times in their lifetime.
  • A large proportion of the respondents (55%) currently do not use any data backup solutions.
  • Only 24% of the respondents had ever performed data backup in the past.
  • Most of the respondents (64%) store their photos and videos on external storage devices; 25% store photos and videos in the cloud, and 11% only have the copy on their computers, mobile phones or tablets with no backup copy at all.
  • Software user-friendliness was ranked as the most important aspect of backup (56%), above the feature set (26%) and price (18%).