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Thursday, March 30, 2006

OSI Layers Fundamentals

OSI Layers:
Transport layer:
1. Two main protocols (TCP & UDP).
TCP - Requires handshake and responses. Reliable.
UDP - Not reliable.
In a streaming environment, TCP would start of the session to be continued with UDP.

2. HASH value in torrent file.
Parity bits error detection and correction.

3. If you can ping the gateway, then Network and Data Link layer are working.

4. Session layer - if you know web programming, you should been familiar with session.
step 1. Physical layer - Check cable, ethernet card blinking.
step 2. Ping loopback (127.x.x.x) - Checking the data link layer.
step 3. Ping DNS server, Ping gateway -

5. nslookup
C:\Documents and Settings\admin>nslookup
*** Can't find server name for address Non-existent domain
*** Default servers are not available
Default Server: UnKnown
> set q=all
Server: UnKnown
Non-authoritative answer: internet address = nameserver = nameserver =
primary name server =
responsible mail addr =
serial = 2005062500
refresh = 28800 (8 hours)
retry = 7200 (2 hours)
expire = 604800 (7 days)
default TTL = 86400 (1 day) MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = internet address = internet address =
OSI layers in details:

6. RPC (session layer) - Blaster worm attack using RPC protocol. Check out the dependencies using services.msc

7. Transport layer - 3 ways handshake.

8. Network layer - Route update packet (Router advertisement)

9. Data Link - Buffer management.
MAC address - First Three hexa identifies vendors (suppliers). This is known as the vendor code.

10. Physical Link - Signal and media.
Ethernet Networking:
1. CSMA/CD (half-duplex) is outdated.
2. Hub - generally half-duplex only.
3. Switch - Full-duplex (can be used for half-duplex)
4. Ethernet (Frame) types:
802.2 (Outdated)
SNAP (Outdated)

Cisco Three-layer model:
Design network - Rule of thumb.
1. 80% of the traffic should stay on the same network.
Unicast - one to one
multicast - one to many
broadcast - one to all (shouting)

Core layer:
1. Transfer data as fast as possible.
usually there would be two multi-layer switches for failover (backup).
2. Fault tolerance - One core switch down, you have the ability to bring it up.
Dedundancies - On standby. (RAID - hotswap)

Distribution layer:
1. Routing (inclusive of VLAN)
2. NAT
3. Redistributing of protocols (communications between protocols)

Access Layer:
1. Segmentation
Besides the OSI and Cisco three layer model,there is another model called "Avid" model.

1. CAT-5 (RJ 45) maximum stretch = 100 meters. (more than that will need a repeater)
2. Core layer would require Gigabit Ethernet.
3. Serial point-to-point connection.
232 cable.
DCE (Data channel equipment) - connect to ISP.
- Assign clock rate (real wire speed)
- Determines the real wire speed
DTE (Data terminal equipment)
- Assign bandwidth (not real bandwidth)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Networking Fundamentals

I attended CCNA training today at trainpro academy.

The following provides summary of what I grasped during the lecture. A very good down memory lane of college days and even more.

-Packet filtering
-Signature Inspection

SQL server, Exchange server, ISA server (Firewall, VPM, Proxy - block web site) --> knowledge valuable for security.

Nobody would use Windows as first line of defense.

There is one certification for wireless from Cisco.

Wireless (A, B, G)
80211B - 11Mbs
G - 64Mbs
80211N -108Mbs (New technology coming soon)

1. WEP Key : 5-13 characters
DLink-65 - you can grasp packets from the air.

Collecting all packets and study the encryption, and then try to define its algorithm.

2. WPA 2 - Temporal Key IP (new technology)

3. Yahoo and GMail doesn't implement SSL unlike hotmail. you have to pay for it.

4. arp -a (Address Resolution Protocol cache)
You can check who has pinged you.
-d (flush the cache)

-s (create entry to the ARP mapping)
i.e aa-aa-aa-aa-aa-aa

5. Within a LAN, you only require to use the MAC address.

6. Using ethereal
- packet sniffer software

7. Man-in-the-middle
- ARP poisoning (have to inside the network)
Cheat the network that you are all the IP addresses that other uses. so that the gateway will broadcast a copy of all packets to you.

8. Network Neighbourhood uses Netbios

9. VPN - For you to connect through a WAN (Internet) into a LAN. L2TP - IP security TTTP - IPv4 - IP address 32 bit.
IPv6 - IP address 128 bit. (8 hexas)
Windows XP already support IPv6.
The main problem of low adoption is becoz of the long winded addresses which you have to use.

10. If you can work with Cisco 2500, you can work with most Cisco router.

11. Inside the server room, there will be usually more than one router stack, each server "should" reserve for one company. There will be a main router for people to telnet in from other places and work with the other routers.

12. CCNA

1st Module - Basic (IP subneting)
3rd Module - Routing protocols
4th Module - Access control list (NAT)
5th Module - Web technology. PPP, HTLC, Frame-Relay, SLIP (outdated)
- PPP (Point to Point) - connection between PC.
NAT - Allows you to hide behind a public address.

13. BSCI - Routing OSPF, BGP (used for ISP), ISIS (used for ISP) - Policy based routing. - Route maps.
BCMSN - Switching (Port channel, high availability, spanning tree protocol, SNMP) - Design
BCREN - WAN technologies (DSL, ATM) CIT - Troubleshooting

14. Active directory - Centralized point of authentication.

Introduction to Internetworking:
1. 4 basic requirements:
1a. Addressing
1b. Error detection and correction
1c. Time synchronization
1d. Transmission coordination.

2. The first networking device was the Hub. Repeats everything --> not very secure.
1 broadcast domain only

1 collision domain only
Gigabit channel - Uses CAT-6 instead of CAT-5
5-4-3 rules. (Avoid collisions)

3. Switch is better than hub bcoz it can create virtual circuit.
1 broadcast domain - by default Multiple broadcast domin- virtual circuit.

4. The whole Internet has around 2k routes. Malaysia has two internet routes. This is becoz TM has the monopoly (only TM has the rights to build infrastructure)

5. Routing concept.
Similar LAN packets don't go through the router.

6. Streamyx modem is a bridge.

7. ATM - high end, or high speed transfer. Receives huge data and send out huge data.

8. Comm. server (for big companies) = Connected to PSTN.

9. MODEM CSU/DSU - TA/NT1 CSU (Channel service unit)DSU (data service unit)

10. WAN bandwidth switch - Bandwidth allocator. 1 timeslot = 64k

11. OSI - serve as reference model.
Port -
21 : FTP
22 : SSH
53: DNS

Transport - Protocols
Network - IP addresses
Data link - MAC addresses
Physical - Connections

Just two cents from a networking expert.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Malaysia's exclusive MSN partner is hiring

Innity M4 - Malaysia's exclusive MSN partner is hiring...

Sales Manager(Online Media)
INNITY is the exclusive Partner of MSN in Malaysia. INNITY / MSN is looking for people with the ability to work with a team of driven enthusiasts. We provide a challenging, progressive, and professional work environment. Applicants will have the opportunity to work in the fastest growing industry in the world – The Internet.The successful applicant will be responsible for the team management and reporting on a daily basis, they will also act as an escalation point for customers as well as taking ownership of existing customer revenue. The candidate has to lead, to motivate and to coach the MSN Malaysia Account Management Team.

This role is a very hands-on with the added responsibility of managing a team of individuals to enable them to provide the best service possible to our client base. We would expect the successful applicant to demonstrate exceptional people skills as well as the proven ability to manage large accounts negotiate at senior level and work well under pressure.

Qualified team members will possess:

  • Proven ability to manage a team of individuals. Must be able to lead and inspire.
  • Minimum of 5+ year sales experience in an advertising sales environment.
  • Experience in a similar position with an advanced level of core business development competencies including strategic pipeline building, internal team building, corporate sales, resource allocation, negotiation skills, analytical reporting + communication.
  • Great understanding of the advertising agencies media planning and buying processes.
  • High level knowledge and understanding of internet as a medium.
  • Strong selling and negotiating skills at a senior level.
  • Excellent Presentation and Public Speaking Skills.
This position offers a competitive base salary plus commission.

Your search for the perfect career opportunity may be right here!

Based on the job descriptions, one may be able to have a weak grasp about the mechanism of its business in terms of web marketing. Key knowledge requires are:

1. Advertising agencies media planning
2. Advertising agencies media buying processes
3. Analytical reporting

In other words, if you want to start similar business, you got to have these knowledge grabbed firmly in your palm. You got to know how these things work.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The story - 23-March-06

3MOG | Hinterwars | Digit Chief Marketing Officer (Chee Pok Jin)

blogs to books | Slurper tool | Blurb

MIT's Media Lab | High-tech wine glass | Jackie Lee & Hyemin Chung

CeBIT 2006-Hanover | HSDPA | Wimax | Wibro | Nokia (N92,N91, N80) | Sony Ericsson (W950i)|Samsung (Q1ultramobile PC or UMPC) | HDTV| Warmx (underwear that heats itself) | Solartex (embedded MP3 Player clothes) | Interactive Wear AG (wearable electronics)

Malaysia Participation at CeBIT | Comdev Software (One admin PHP)| Fifth-Media (Smallest PDA phone) | Intranet S/B (my.mail,, my.lock)

Cross-site scripting worms| Mr. Samy | Social Networking site MySpace | Ajax programming | MySpace was forced to shut down

NRIs (Non Resident Indians) | Kalluri (heads data warehousing & business intelligence at Larsen & Toubro Ltd; India's largest construction and engineering company)

Cyberattackers going for money now | Ong Kah Wooi (Technical Consultant Manager at Symantec Malaysia) | Kanna Velayutham (Enterprise Security Consultant at Symantec Malaysia)

MCM to subsidise Malaysia's firms at ICT event | CommunicAsia (Singapore, June 20-23) | Singapore Exhibition Services (SES)

Kinderstart | sued google for being dropped from index | traffic plunged by 70% from 10 million wepages per month

France force apply to cater for cross-format iTunes

ICANN | .xxx domain name

Intranet application | globally distributed network | latencies (the delay between keystroke or mouse click, and the system response) | Bluecoat | Application acceleration | SSL based | Mach5 accelerates SSL-reliant applications | Five techniques (bandwidth management or prioritizing, protocol optimization, byte caching, application specific object caching | data compression )

SAP | market share worldwide grew from 55% to 62% over 2005 | Mendocino (Connect SAP's MySAP ERP to Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003| Alliance web site | Alliance Blog

Adobe | Acrobat 3D (priced at RM 3,779 create rich interactive documents with 3D content) | Production studio (RM 5,129 for standard edition)

Cradle is hiring

hey guys... Cradle Investment Fund(CIP) is hiring investment analyst. CIP is a Malaysian grant for technopreneurship. It totals RM 50k for each project where RM 5k is to be disbursed for mentoring. Thus recipient will get to disimburse a maximum amount of RM 45k. You can submit your technopreneurship idea online.

The role of the Investment Analyst is to support the Cradle Team with the
management, end to end advisory and consultancy support,
for approval and processing of ideas application submissions,
from entrepreneurs applying for CIP funding.

We are looking for candidates with:
• Bachelor's degree in any discipline.
• 3 - 5 years relevant working experience (business consulting,
funding / venture / investment banking or technology industry
combination experience highly desirable)
• Those who possess additional Entrepreneural / Business start-up past
experience are also highly desirable and encouraged to apply.
• Outstanding organisation, presentation, communication and
interpersonal skills both verbal and written
to effectively deal and interact with entrepreneurs, government
agencies, universities and partners
• Have firm and broad domain understanding of various existing
technologies and research abilities
• Have strong knowledge of Computers and Internet usage
• Sound ethical consulting and advisory skills and able to multitask
• Sound business processing, problem solving, project management and
analytical skills
• Strong customer focus and commercialisation strategies awareness
• Energetic with high commitment, enthusiasm, execution capability and
ability to be resourceful
• Proven achievement in prior employment

The incumbent will be required to:
• Analyse, Review, Evaluate idea applications from Technology
• Question and interact with Entrepreneurs about technology and
commercial viability of idea.
• Research and present idea viability to management for investment.
• Assist in other areas such as commercialisation, mentor matching and
other support areas for the entrepreneurs.
• Occasionally travel and do public presentations about the programme.

Renumeration package will commensurate based on experience.
Interested candidates can submit their resume's to
More information about the Cradle Investment Programme is available at

It is going to be a great job!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Palmsource marketing program

The following provides an example how PalmSource does marketing for its new product called ALP. Basically everything was spin-off from Developer Programs.

As you may be aware, last November, PalmSource (NASDAQ: PSRC), provider of Palm OS®, a leading operating system powering next-generation phones and
mobile devices, was acquired by ACCESS Co., Ltd., (Tokyo Stock Exchange: 4813), a global provider of mobile content delivery and Internet access
software. PalmSource is now a wholly owned subsidiary of ACCESS and is no longer a separate, publicly traded company.

ACCESS has a global workforce in excess of 1200 employees, is financially sound with a market capitalization of over $3.5 billion, and is best known
for its NetFront® mobile browser that is commercially deployed on over 210 million phones and consumer electronic devices, including the Palm® TreoT
650. Going forward, ACCESS remains fully committed to supporting developers on the Palm OS Garnet platform, and the Developer Programs team
will continue to provide developer support for Palm OS Garnet throughout its lifecycle. In addition, at the recent 3GSM wireless show in Barcelona, PalmSource announced its new, next-generation operating system--ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP). Some details on ALP:

The ACCESS Linux Platform is based on a standard kernel version 2.6.12 (and above) and is designed to be kernel agnostic.

It includes major open source components like:
o GTK+, an open source, multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user
o GStreamer, an open source, multi-threaded streaming media framework
o SQLite, an open source small, high-performance SQL database engine
. ALP will include GHost, a Palm OS Garnet emulator similar to PACE (Palm
Application Compatibility Engine) that will allow a large number of existing Palm OS applications to "just run" with no modifications.

Lance Spaulding - Campaign Manager

Also take note that being acquired by the right partners is important or can be helpful for company growth.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mobile Wireless Bluetooth Handset CSR Chipset

Product Name: Mobile Wireless Bluetooth Handset CSR Chipset
Part No: SBTH-350



The smallest cordless solutions using Bluetooth technology. They are the world's most lightweight (about 9 grams including batteries) and fit perfectly on either ear. Now, instead of the hassles of a dangled headset, you need not miss any important phone calls while driving. These headsets provide the friendliest of user interfaces and the operation is as easy as press-a-button. The ground breaking SBTHS-3500 was called "the most valuable product for your bucks" by Cebit Magazine. In the European and USA markets it gained high user satisfaction ratings. Based on the success of the SBTHS-3500. The powerful rechargeable Lithium polymer batteries now provide up to 4.5 hours talk time, 100 hours standby time and unhindered movement within a range of 10 meters (33 feet).The SBTHS-3500 is Bluetooth v 1.1 compliant and supports both Bluetooth headset and hands free profiles. These enable compatibility with various Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and Laptops. It is designed to suppress noise, eliminate echo and produce full duplex sound for crystal clear calls

Product Support:

Download catalouge
View Retail box


* Bluetooth v 1.1 compliant.
* Headset and handsfree profile supported.
* Up to 4.5 hrs talk time and 120 hrs standby time.
* The smallest and the lightest weight Bluetooth wireless headset. (Only 9 grams including battery.)
* Removable ear-hook fits either ear.
* Fashion and stylish design.
* Compatible with various Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and Laptops.
* Friendly user interface.
* Noise suppression, echo elimination and duplex sound for crystal clear quality calls.
CE, FCC and BQB certified.

Package Contents:

* Mini Bluetooth headset
* Travel charger 100v/240v
* Travel charger
* Necklace and Hook
* Ear-hook
* Earplug sponges
* Quick installation Guide
User manual

Mobile Compatibility:

* Nokia: 3650, 8910, 8910i, 6230, 6310, 6310i, 6210, 7600, 6820
* Sony Ericsson: T39,T68,T68i,T610,T616,T630,Z200,Z600,R520M,T28 BT Dongle,P800,P900,K700C
* Motorola: A760, A820, A835, A768, A768i, V500, V600, Hs810, HDT600
* Siemens: S57, SX1
* NEC:C616
* Panasonic: X11, X70 and X88
* Dbtel:M8
* O2: Xda II, O2 Phone
* BenQ:P300

* Can be compatible with most of the major cell phones with CSR Bluetooth Chip V1.1

Supported Mobile Function List

PHP Debugger

For those PHP developers out there... i need help here...

I am looking for a good PHP IDE for debugging. I wanted to debug PHP scripts like doing VB6, youu know where one can finger with F8 and the highlighted lines.

From google, I realized that there are a few of them...

1. Zend PHP Studio
2. Nusphere - debug demo
3. Xored Software - debug features

Marcomedia Dreamweaver can't do the job because it doesn't provide built-in PHP engines. This can be witnessed from... One have to test the scripts outside of the IDE using external PHP engine + Web server.

This is very obvious as such that Dreamweaver doesn't provide the luxury of "play" button.

Any open source ?

However, Dreamweaver provides support for chinese font editing while Nusphere don't.

Anyone has free software ?

Monday, March 20, 2006

Corporate training singapore

First of all, refer to clientele from Thomson NETg..

Thus, they have fantastic clients right ?

According to some, the reasons these large corporations chose Thomson Netg as training provider are:

1. It provides online training facility (to cater for multi-demographic scenarios)
2. It caters for many courses of different genres.

However, not all companies resort to online training as the solution.

Referring to SembCorp, a large congomerate of Singapore, its capacity is probably comparable to Genting Corporation of Malaysia. In an write-up by Alvin Lai (freelance writer for The Straits Times), March 11, 2006 issues where it didn't mention that Sembcorb resorted to online training or subscription from NETg. Indeed, Sembcorp has the following list of approved vendors for external training.

1. Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)
2. Lloyd's Register
3. PSB Consulting
4. Britich Council
5. Other knowledge content experts.

According to ministry of Manpower, about 27 per cent of local workforce underwent some form of job-related training or education in the 12-month period ending June 2005, an increase of two per cent from previous year.

In addition, the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) said that it is developing a workforce skills qualifications (WSQ) system, which would be rolled out through the various sectors individually, from retail to training to finance. The WDA revealed that currently one out of four workers in the local workforce is supported by the Skills Development Fund (SDF), which has seen training for workers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) rise from 73,000 in 1991 to about 99,000 in 2004, and more exponential numbers for those aged 40 and above, from 15,000 in 1988 to 203,000 in 2004. - Alvin Lai

Then again, perhaps online training is just one of the many options available to Thomson NETg's clients, they may be adopting similar approach carried out by SembCorp whenever necessary; to hire live coaches. In retrospect, Sembcorp could have subscribed to NETg's programs too, just that it is not listed in the web site.

In other development area, two companies are actively providing e-learning facilities to the household and individual markets (Malaysia and Singapore). Thomson NETg can literally conquer such markets but chose not to do so because of piracy risks.

These two companies are:
1. Xthreem
2. The Humanitarian Enterprises.

Both of these two companies use Thomson NETg as principal for adult courses (IT, Finance, Management, Self-improvement). As to the answer why Thomson NETg won't approach the markets directly, it is because individuals would most likely share out the logins to friends, as compared to scenario in large companies and the fact that they(NETg) can't expect individuals to buy bulk licenses (logins) as compared to the scenario of selling to large companies. Thus, a middle man must exist in the situation to provide the balancing act. Xthreem and THE are middle man per se. They basically buy bulk licenses (logins) from NETg and then resell it according to their marketing schemes. Thus, Thomson NETg's get to offset it losses from the risks of individuals sharing logins with friends while the middle men get to deal with target market of their choices.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

blogging, marketing, software and the world

Google talks about a company which was started 6 years ago called SketchUp, it is really amazing as a case study for many to appreciate. Many IT startups in Malaysia don't even last for 3 years... This is why the Malaysia security commissioner has a requirement for mesdaq(stock exchange) listing which is for a company to have consistent profits of at least 3 years. Yeah, but whose fault is that... If one is going to start a company from scratch out of passions and excitement, in terms of software development, the survival rate is virtually zero because one can't simply become a hero straight from zero. You got to have some prior expertise that is relevant to your passion, time is the biggest enemy.

Is this World has more inventions than demand ?

It is tough call..

Having read Google's blog made me realized how unproductive we are in Malaysia and how unsignificant myself with respect to this world. This is perhaps perpendicular to Buddhism concept of emptyness. We are all here, breathing the same air from planet earth but because due to inability to catch up with the pace, it is seemed as though non-existence. Today as it is, Google's had been so aggressive that the world just can't live without it. Period.

They talked about things like...


Google Mars

Have all these technologies found its intended place ? In other words, can Google really justify for ROIs by investing into these technologies. Anyhow, eventually all these investment are justifiable for the sake of marketing Google's brand.

Do people actually need such technology ? or can we(Google's end users) make money from using SketchUp produce 3D on top of Google Earth?

Perhaps to promote it as virtual tourism business ? But if I can do it, can't others follow as well. If so, then it will not be a good business. Thus, there is no justification for business.

Nevertheless, at the same time, we have often heard of how bad people need technology to solve their headaches, such as...

1. Having good technology for translations.
2. Having good technology to learn about logic.
3. Having good technology to understand emotion.
4. Having good technology to help me to write blog.

Having said this, software engineers can now get excited about doing future technologies to cater for human needs, but since it took SketchUp 6 years to be recognized(to make it there), the journey is expected to be extremely tough.

Therefore, the world is probably facing a situation where there are two groups of people sitting at the wrong bus stations:

1. Software engineers doing developments which is of no direct benefits to people.
2. End-users having headaches which no software can handle.

For these two groups, their buses never come.

Future .. Solutions ?
Blogging is such a wonderful thing, it has touched millions of people daily. More to come as not everyone has the luxury of time for doing it.

Personal satisfaction can be achieved through blogging. One gets to become a thinker, philosopher, author, inventor and etc when blogging. Whether anyone is going to read your blog or had search engines crawled onto your contents are secondary issue, the primary concern is that you get to do something noble, at least that is how I put it.

To deliver those buses, end-users looking for software solutions can in fact talk to bloggers instead of searching through the search engines for the best answer because search engines have to cope with issues like SEO. There can only be 10 items to appear on the first page of search results and it may be manipulated as well. Bloggers with their sites, are indeed sub-systems of search engines because bloggers know well what they have blogged. They know the answers to your problems whenever relevancy kicks in.


Another fake Internet announcement!

al_the_killer_dwg (2/24/2006 9:56:22 PM): kaycel8472 (2/24/2006 2:17:13 AM): Second time around guys! "This is Yahoo President Jay Russell, I am sorry to announce that Yahoo has reached its maximum number of accounts two million. If you would like to keep your account for free send this to everyone on list. This way we can know which accounts are being used and which accounts will remain free. Once again I am sincerely sorry that I have to do this. Please start sending. Jay Russell, Yahoo Management Renee: WHOEVER DOESN'T SEND THIS MESSAGE YOUR BE DEACTIVATED AND IT WILL COST $10.00 A MONTH TO USE IT! TO SEND 2 EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST, RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR GROUP THEN SEND "

Thursday, March 16, 2006

RSS hijack

On Feb 26, 2006. This blog started to receive RSS feed from on a "refresh" time basis.

RSS is a web service which is powered by XML. RSS is a file format (in XML) established for web sites to exchange information. Another similar format is known as Atom (XML).

Thus, this blog is supposed to leverage on Jiboneus blog's contents for readers' enlightenment. I considered Jiboneus blog as having unsatiable appetite for new things in the Internet, therefore excitement are really high.

To do that, I have need a RSS reader (a script/program which will do the following things)

1. Use web service to retrieve the RSS feed from Jiboneus blog.
2. Receive the RSS feed via HTTP and then parse through its contents.
3. Format the contents into HTML format.

Since lazy to do coding, I resorted to make use of free service from FeedSweep.

It is a great free service and we thank the team for that. Nevertheless, recently I noticed some intriguing events appeared. Apparently, the feeds which are presented back to this blog are being hijacked, instead of having contents from Jiboneus blog, other blogs' or web sites' contents were feeded in here.

For instance, today I got the feed from instead of Jiboneus Blog.

I am still not sure whether Outrageneousaccent has hijacked the path of the packets delivering RSS feeds from Jiboneus to my blog or is it due to some bugs at FeedSweep's backend processes.

Nevertheless, this is something quite interesting to note.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SEO: Haywire

Recent SEO blog entries...

SEO - The soft skills
SEO via feedburner
SEO best practice - March 06
the case for spam
SEO case study - back from the slump

Latest Development / Status :

Google, No. 54 for "tech blog"

Yahoo - Not visible for both "it-sideways" & "tech blog" keywords. I don't know what happen, even though the the spider (Yahoo Slurp) has been sentinel-ing my tail for some times now.

It has dropped me from the "tech blog" category after I erased it from the web page title recently.

Evaluating search for "tech blog" on MSN, it is found that the following pattern applies.

This demonstrates that the keywords for which one wanted its web site to be searchable through search engines have to or preferrable to be appeared in the title of the web page.

For this reason, the title for this blog will be changed to "IT Sideways : Tech Blog", with preference for "Tech Blog" as the search keyword for search engine.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Production & Graphic Arts Consultant

Canon-Marketing Malaysia had recently invite talents for their latest recruitment drive.

One of the position available is called the Production & Graphic Arts Consultant.

I thought about it for some time and try to find the logic behind the title.


1. Promote sales and develop Canon digital printing solutions to production & graphic arts customers.
2. Conduct system requirements study, demonstrations and built rapport with all level of users.
3. Identify and evaluate suitable tools, software and hardware in the market to meet customer's printing needs.
4. Promote the use of Canon large format printer among production & graphic arts customers.

1. Diploma/Degree in science, computing, computer science, engineering or any related fields.
2. Minimum 2 years' experience in printing or IT system sales, pre/post-sales support.
3. Good knowledge of digital arts, digital printing solutions, pre-press, commercial printing or publishing.
4. Sales and/or technical experience in digital printing press will be advantageous.
5. Outgoing personality with strong command of both vocal and written English.

Now, it is indeed a sales job. I am pretty sure that you will have to meet sales quota.

But why call the production and graphic arts consultant ? why not digital printing solution consultant ?

I like to suggest that the answer is similar to why the insurance industry is seing a shift of trend towards financial planning oriented. Insurance agents these days are better known as financial planners, even though approaching clients, making cold-call and collecting money is still part of the game.

Similarly, the idea here is to approach customers from another angle; production and digital arts angle.

Production talks about issues like materials, processes (i.e prepress), best practices, costings, wastes, data management and etc. In other words, to sell printers from this angle, consultants may attack customers using many techniques and eventually swallow customers using "total solution" mouth.

For digital arts, it covers things like vector, bitmap, CMYK, RGB and etc. According to Wikipedia, there may be three types of digital arts:

1. Fractals - Shapes that appear at all scale of magnifications.
2. Scanned image
3. Vector graphics

Other terms related to prepress.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Digital Set-top Box Prospect in Malaysia

Future Forecast:

1. IDC: US market shipment of STB will grow from 30 million units in 2001 to 50 million units in 2007.
2. ITAA : Digital STB market will grow from $3.1 billion in 2003 to $9.3 billion in 2008.
3. Motorola to buy Linux set-top box specialist

MCMC's MyICMS 886 Strategy:
Under the 8 services segment, the item for "Digital Multimedia Broadcasting"

1. Digital Multimedia broadcasting will cover both terrestial and satellite TV and Audio services. Digital multimedia broadcasting will provide quality audio and video services over TV sets as well as handheld devices or mobile phones and other radio receivers.
2. The digital TV broadcasting in Malaysia will see the introduction of standard definition TV(SDTV) and High Definition TV(HDTV)
3. In line with the digital TV broadcasting strategy, the introduction of Digital Video Broadcasting Handheld (DVB-H) devices, covered under the Mobile TV services, will be facilitated.

Goal and Strategy
1. Commercial launches of Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting (DTTB) in selected areas and pilot trials for Digital Sound Broadcasting will take off in 2006.
2. From 2007 onwards the regional rollouts of digital TV broadcasting will take place. A pilot on High Definition TV(HDTV) will commence before the end of 2008. This will set the stage for further commercial digital TV broadcasting take-off.

Expected Result:
1. The household coverage for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting is expected to reach 60% by 2008. Digital Sound Broadcasting is to provide nationwide coverage within 2008.
2. The introduction of digital multimedia broadcasting will set the initiatives for the growth of local content industry and local production of Set-Top Boxes(STB) and digital multimedia receivers (for both radio and TV)
3. Ultimately, the digital multimedia broadcasting will provide converage to 95% of households.

Recent Devleopment in Malaysia:
MiTV had been awarded with 3G spectrum for RM 50 million.

It defeated favourite bidders Digi. Many touted it as rotten governance, however, in a press statement from Minister of Energy, Water and Communications, Malaysia YB Dato' Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik, he mentioned political-biasness publicly as the reason for the lost of Digi's bid towards obtaining the 3G licenses. The press statement was documented by The Edge Financial Daily as the following:

It is learnt that in making its decision, the government had wanted to maximise the value of its national asset, namely the 3G spectrum, by granting the licences to local companies. The view is that foreigners can still participate in 3G by partnering with the local players.

Therefore, there is no point feeling disappointed when it had been made clear that Malaysia want to demonstrate the meaning of protecting own people.

What would MiTV want to do with its 3G license ?

First of all, MiTV has been a MVNO ever since it registered itself as Malaysia No.2 pay TV providers. Rumour has it that Astro has own satelite and MiTV has to borrow network resources to facilitate its content-providing business.

Now since the government of Malaysia comforted Digi's disappointment with the excuse that the latter can always become a MVNO for this aspect. Nevertheless, Digi seems to be less than fascinated by the condolence because that would be too cost ineffective.

Therefore, in other words, playing the MNVO game may not be profitable in the long run even though The Cloud has proven otherwise, while Redtone prefers MNVO to becoming 3G provider.

MiTV must have been able to benefit tremendously from cost-saving towards its business of content-providing, when it is ready with the infrastructure for 3G. This spirit is further lifted when funding is not really a problem to them.

According to MiTV's E.D Kenneth Chang, funding is not an issue.. "From shareholders, vendor financiers to sponsors.. I can tell you that they are knocking at our doors and offering us financing packages. Financial institutions have shown interest as early as during the bidding process. The options are available." Another possibility, he says, is also an initial public offering over the medium to long term.

Expected Outcome:

Malaysia has about 5.5 million television homes. Astro has captured approximately 1.5 million subscribers.
1. MiTV is looking to capture the remaining 4 million that has yet to be penetrated. Currently, it only has 2k subscribers as compared to their target of capturing 100K subscribers by the year of one financial year since August 29, 2005. Thus they have now another 6 months to recoup investment, by lobbying for another 98K subscribers.
2. With the introduction of its new set top box priced at RM 399 by the second half this year, MiTV is confident of garnering a subscriber base of 10K by end year. They will still be 90% off-key from initial tunes.
Original source

Thus, the growth of set-top boxes in Malaysia is expected to be slow at 10K unit to be sold by year ending 2006. Malaysia is still a big untapped market.

Fuzzy Logic Malaysia - Week 12-March-06

Fuzzy Logic Malaysia for week 12-March-2006.

CIMB - universal financial services provider.
1. Head of Legal
2. Executive/Assistant Manager/Manager - Group Finance - Tax Unit
3. Executive/Assistant Manager/Manager - Group Finance
4. Executive - Corporate Finance
5. Business Development Executives (K.L)
6. Customer Service Executives (K.L)
7. Commissioned Dealer's Representative (K.L, Penang & Kuching)
8. Salaried Dealer's Representative (KL, Penang & Kuching)

Celebrity Fitness
1. Membership Consultants - (Walk-In)
2. Fitness Instructors - (Walk-In)
3. Personal Trainers - (Walk-In)
4. Customer Service Executives - (Walk-In)
5. Customer Service Supervisor - (Walk-In)
6. Assistant Operation Manager - (Walk-In)
7. Greeters - (Walk-In)
8. Housekeeping Supervisor - (Walk-In)
9. Juice Lounge Server (Cafe) - (Walk-In)
10. Tower Reception - (Walk-In)
11. Maintenance Supervisor Cum Despatch - (Walk-In)
12. Admin & HR Executives
13. Accounts Executives
14. Accounts Assistant
15. Credit Recovery Executive
16. Marketing Executive

--> Celebrity Fitness has a cafe inside and food caterer may want to engage them for business.

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance(M) Bhd
1. Assistant Manager - Information System Auditor

micoLAMBDA S/B - Scientific equipment trading company in Rawang, Selangor supplying to the industries and government institute of higher learning. We invite dynamic People to join us for the gollowing position

1. Sales executive
2. Accounts cum Administrative Executive

Ban Hong Engineering & Construction
1. Accountant Executive
2. Account Clerk
3. Junior Quantity Surveyor
4. Site Supervisor

1. Project professionals (China)
2. Process engineers (China)
3. Discipline Engineers (China)
4. Consultants (China)
5. Scientists (China)

Carigali-Triton Operating Company S/B
1. Senior QA and Business process engineer
2. Senior asset engineer
3. Senior electrical engineer
4. Senior project engineer
5. Process engineer
6. Reliability centered maintenance engineer
7. Automation specialist trainee

1. Marketing Executive
2. Operational Team Leader
3. Client services manager
4. Business development & sales executive
5. Project managers
6. Technical directors
7. Software developers-system level
8. Software developers-Application level
9. Security Analyst
10. Field Engineers
11. Serivce Assurance & Compliance Executive
12. Knowledge management executive

--> They are aiming for going mesdaq.

1. Senior consutants/consultations - Strategy & Operations

FutureStep - A Korn/Ferry Company
1. Regional Product Commercial Manager
2. Regional Cash Product Manager

Inti College

Full Time Lecturers

  1. Accounting (Professional for ACCA or CIMA are encouraged to apply)
  2. Marketing
  3. American History
  4. Political science
  5. Pyschology (Part – Time)
  6. Mathematics
  7. English
  8. Computer science or Networking (CCNA and MCSE)
  9. Biology
  10. Chemistry
  11. Physics

The International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) is an independent not-for-profit foundation, which is committed to the research, development, processing and dissemination of information and insight in the field of international and comparative taxation.

Danone –

  1. Sales planning manager
  2. Human resources manager
  3. Demand planning – Executive/Assistant manager
  4. Customer service executive
  5. Finance assistant
  6. R & D Executive
  7. Shift Production Executive

In2 – Marketing & Consulting

  1. Marcom manager
  2. Marcom executive
  3. Event executives
  4. Accounts & HR executive
  5. Marketing Services executive
  6. Management trainee.

Standard & Poor’s – The world’s pre-eminent provider of independent financial information and analytical services; with over 40 officers around the world, including 20 in the Asia-Pacific region.

  1. Supervisory editor / analyst

Cubic Electronics S/B – largest manufacturing facility for Creative Technology Ltd (Nasday: CREAF)

  1. Assistant Manager – Procurement – (Walk-In)
  2. Engineers – (Walk-In)
  3. Planner/buyer/material controller – (Walk-In)
  4. Executive – Company Affairs – (Walk-In)
  5. Engineering Assistant – (Walk-In)
  6. Assistant Admin Executive – (Walk-In)
  7. Assistant Officer – (Walk-In)

--> OEM for Creative Technology Ltd.

Usaha Tegas S/B – Investment and consulting organization with interests spanning several sectors: Communications, broadcasting, media, leisure, entertainment and Energy.

  1. Finance Supervisors

Sunway City Berhad – Real estate developer

  1. Property manager
  2. Property executive
  3. Assistant manager – project
  4. M & E Engineer
  5. Sales executive
  6. Sales manager
  7. Sales & marketing manager
  8. Marketing executive
  9. Assistant manager – knowledge management
  10. Assistant manager – credit control
  11. Admin assistant
  12. Senior IT Executive
  13. Sales admin executive (Vacation Club)
  14. New member advisor (Vacation Club)


1. Customer service executive (point of sales services to REdtone’s Travelfon) - KLIA

Nippon Paint

  1. Assistant Chemists

BlueScope Steel

  1. Business system manager
  2. Process engineer
  3. Technical engineer
  4. Electrical/Mechanical Engineer
  5. Supply chain planner
  6. Market communication executive
  7. Management accountant
  8. Accoutning & Tax manager
  9. Accounts executive

--> They have requirement to monitor tax expenditure. It may be helpful that those providing taxation services to contact them.

Exclusive Mark (M) S/B – GMP-accredited and ISO certified food and beverage manufacturing factory based in Shah Alam.

  1. Sales and marketing manager

Giant – Fastest growing retail chain in Malaysia.

  1. Retail Manager Trainees

Remuneration: Successful candidates will undergo comprehensive training and development which will be supported with well structured on-the-job attachment.

-->Those providing training and knowledge based technology may want to approach them.

Daimler Chrysler –

  1. Apprentice Training Program in Automotive Mechatronics

Mestari – leading firm in loss adjusters, surveyors and engineers.

  1. Financial lines adjusters
  2. Property & casualty adjusters
  3. Engineering adjusters
  4. Trainee executives
  5. Investigators for motor chains
  6. Automobile technicians

HUME Cemboard Industries – Established manufacturer of fibre cement products.

  1. Export manager
  2. Export sales executive
  3. Export sales coordinator

Wawasan Open University College – Wawasan Education Foundation (WEF) is preparing to launch Malaysia’s first charity supported ‘open university’.

  1. Associate Professors/Senior Lecturers/Lecturers
  2. Purchasing offers
  3. Director – General service
  4. Estate officer – General service
  5. Instructional designers – Education technology
  6. Executives – Education technology
  7. Editor – Publishing
  8. Application manager – information technology services
  9. Database administrator – information technology services
  10. Web/Information designers – information technology services
  11. Applications developers – information technology services
  12. Systems/Network engineers – information technology services
  13. HR executives – Human resource
  14. Regional centre manager – regional centres
  15. Marketing/admission/finance/executives – regional centres
  16. IT/Digital library executives – regional centres
  17. Marketing and communication executives – Marcom
  18. Call centre executives – Marcom

CTRM – Manufacturing aircraft composites components and assembly of light aircraft in Malaysia.

  1. Head of training – HR qualification
  2. Program leader
  3. Industrial Engineer
  4. Quality Engineer
  5. Manufacturing Engineer
  6. Commercial Executive
  7. Accounts executive
  8. Procurement officer
  9. Clerk – Non Executive
  10. Assistant Technician/Technician

--> The HR job has requirements for developing training materials. However, HR qualified personnel would usually have no software development skills. Thus this opens up an opportunity in term of component based system engineering tools.

Fuzzy Logic Malaysia - Introduction

I will be doing this blog entry series weekly called the "Fuzzy Logic Malaysia".

Fuzzy Logic is an Artificial Intelligence field of computer science where the is a need to recognize grey area in order to produce much calibrated and normalized output. In essence, the concept of Fuzzy Logic caters for acceptance of "unsure" assumptions to arrive at "not sure" conclusions.

The idea of "Fuzzy Logic Malaysia" is to create a series of contents based on a series of continuous and structured source of contents. The sources must have the ability to provide strcutured and related information-tap which will not dry for the next great years of human civilization. For this reason, I have picked the source as recruitment advertisement from StarJobs (a weekly recruitment section for TheStar; a local newspaper)

Besides its consistency in terms of producing non-stop yet unpredictable information, it also provides opportunities to analyze things in a fuzzy manner; fuzzy logic.

For instance, the fact that a company is hiring legal executive may imply in many possibilities such as:

1. The company is expanding.
2. The company is moving into a new business segment.
3. The company is changing corporate strategies.
4. Someone left the company.
5. They have clientele who impose strong legal requirements.
6. The company is doing badly and people are quiting.
7. etc.

Thus, this blog series provides information for analysts, researches and content providers with compiled sources of information that may be useful for corporate development, business development, market research and etc.

The series will constantly reinvent and innovate new and better ways for reader to analyse the information for greater ambitious needs.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

2LD domain name space for malaysia

MCMC recently carried out a public consultation with regards to the reintroduction of 2LD (2nd Level domain name space for '.my').

2LD domain name space was initially ignored during 1990s when the trend was towards categorizing domain name into activities segment such as commercial (.com), business (.biz), education (.edu), organization (.org) and etc. That gave rise to 3LD domain name space such as

With souring requests from both local and international fronts to register for 2LD such as, MCMC is forced to reconsider the possibility of formalize 2LD while MyNic is awaiting directives from them.

It is smart move for MCMC to seek comments from the public, particularly those in the ICT industry before concluding the formalization. This is because according to the report, comments are within the expectation of general consensus. The purpose is just to make it sound right.

Among many points presented, the findings of such report can be summarized as of following:

1. Such move is timely.
2. Pre-registration period of 2 months for 2LD is acceptable. However, there are some who suggested 6 months where they argued that 6 months is common duration for big corporates to get internal processes from cradle to grave. This is quite fascinating because on the general, credit terms would be cap at 90 days(3 months) for the max. Some companies even offer 45 days from the date of issuance of invoice.
3. Sub-domains to be allowed. For instance, should be allowed and it is up to owner of to decide on such approval. However, owners or registrants of 2LD are not allow to trade with owners or registrants of sub-domains.

However, it should be noted that although there is no limit to the number of 2LDs that can be registered, registrants of 2LDs will not be permitted to trade or commercially deal with third level sub-domain names created under their 2LDs.

Is this an isolated case ? because it means that if I have a company called "ABC S/B" and I created "ABC-123 S/B" as subsidiary. "ABC S/B" is not allowed to trade with "ABC-123 S/B" per se, fearing fake invoices ?

4. Unlimited ownerships of 2LD. Some suggested that individuals should only be allowed with a maximum of 3 nos. of 2LDs.
5. Yearly fees for individual onwerships of 2LD is suggested at RM 25 while RM 50 for companies. However, MCMC concludes that it should be retailed at RM 200 annually in lieu of the impromptu needs to erect such facilities when 3LDs are still at our disposal. Since 3LDs are retailed at RM 100, therefore, 2LDs should be appropriately placed at a higher tier than the former.
6. Reserved words must be prohibited. Examples of such words are "governmement", "prime minister" and etc. However, is this ample to protect fraud which would then jeopardize democracy?
7. Rules for trademarks and other intellectual rights will be observed. This means that to register for a 2LD called, MyNic will have to make sure that no one has 'fuzzy' ownership for it. How they are going to do this ? If I hava a company called "VMS Technology" and registered for, should it be imperative that I also register for another company called Redtone S/B and register for

The answer from the report states NO (as in No Need).

Note is taken of the concern that there may be additional expenses incurred by a new 2LD holder who has a current third level domain name. In proposing the reintroduction of 2LDs to the Malaysian
public, MYNIC sees itself as merely fulfilling its role to provide users with more choices as to the domain naming scheme considered most appropriate for them. Moreover, just as with the top level domain names, it is a matter of choice on the part of a company with an existing “” domain name, as to whether it also wishes to register a “.com” domain name. Similarly, it would be a matter of choice for an existing “.my” third level domain name registrant as to whether it wishes to maintain both second and third level “.my” domain names concurrently or otherwise.

It will also follow the scheme enacted for 3LD where trademarks priority will not be priviledged and registration for a ".my" 2LD has been and will be on a "first come, first serve" basis.

Issues were raised by some of the respondents in relation to giving priority to trade mark holders. We would like to point out that under the existing third level domain name registration scheme, with the exception of government entities, no priority of any sort is given to any individual or entity including trade mark holders. Registration for a “.my” domain name has always been on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

8. Lookup for 2LD should be maintained and it should reflect the name as printed in the IC for individual cases.
9. Domain squatting with be addressed through the MYDRP process.
10. 2LD for ".my" will be open to the world, to promote the Malaysian brand the "boleh" ( means the 'can do') spirit.

Note is taken that the comments were divided as to whether to open “.my” 2LDs to the world. We acknowledge the concerns highlighted by the respondents not in favour of opening up 2LDs to the world but balanced against that is the national drive to enhance brand “Malaysia”/”my” globally. In line with this MYNIC is of the
intention to encourage the registration of 2LDs and enhance the “.my” brand globally subject to putting the appropriate controls into place.

This is actually a good report as it demonstrates transparency within government-linked agency. It is also a good reference to act as a base for cyber law research with regards to other matters.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Embedded Linux Native or Java?

Linux is unique because one has the options to either go native or go virtual machine via Java. This is because Microsoft will always go for native, not until .NET was created. However, Microsoft .NET is still proprietary.

Embedded Linux is an optimized OS of Linux of smaller-footprint nature. And there is a difference between embedded Linux native and embedded Linux Java.

Embedded Linux Java
For this type of OS, JVM technology will be incorporated into it. Thus, the OS actually uses Java classes from MIDP and CLDC packages closely.

This is better known as software platform, because its primary objective is to be hardware independence. For instance, let take one example called the Embedix Plus by Lineo Inc, where it incorporates the following components into one platform.

1. Embedded Linux
2. Embedix SDK
3. Jeode JVM
4. Opera Web Browser

Essentially, this type should be known as Embedded-Linux-VM (virtual machine), putting considerations of availability of JVM and .NET

Embedded Linux Native

The OS uses C/C++ objects. One of such example is qtopia.

This is better known as hardware platform.

How they Compete ?
Of course both types of platforms wanted to sell to OEM or embedded device manufacturers. To do that, they need to prove a good case for each of the following criterias:

1. Faster TTM (Time to Market)
2. Cheaper total development cost

Therefore, essentially, embedded Linux-VM would provide justification where by manufacturers can achieve the abovementioned winner-criterias by following the integrated specifications already considered well researched and proven. This goes on to imply that when choosing microprocessor for a particular project, there are two options:

1. Choose the one (out of so many) which comes out with the best performance with respect to the software platform.
2. Choose the few which are recommended by platform providers (Lineo Inc). For instance, Java based microprocessor is one of such.

As for Embedded Linux Native, processes are more complex because SDK needs to be customized according to microprocessor specifications. Compare with Embedded Linux Java, it seems that the former has to incur higher cost and thus failling the stated criterias.

Different Marketing Strategies

Therefore, both would be marketed differently ?

For Embedded Linux-VM, the target should be directed at device manufacturers who don't have the capability of producing own microprocessors.

As for Embedded Linux-native, it should be marketed for device manufacturers with microprocessors producing ability as well as microprocessor producers such as Intel.

JVM Support
The big confusion is that both platforms (software-centric and hardware-centric) are also capable of supporting Java. This is because for the case of embedded Linux native, manufacturers can also integrate third party JVM to it so that end-users may be able to install Java-based applications at home.

Thus, the difference is that for Embedded Linux-native, core applications (such as phone book, voice controller and etc) are build using native languages such as C/C++, because the core system works closely with objects from such classes.

For Embedded Linux-Java, core applications are written in Java. One good example is Nokia 6610, where the OS is called Nokia OS (I am not sure if it evolved from Linux), however, the core objects are based on Java MIDP and CLDC.

How to differentiate ?
One good way to is to check out the developer documentation because that is the place where it exposes information about APIs.

Nokia OS

One CANNOT tell merely from the phone specifications ... For instance, refer to the following phones...

Motorola E680
Motorola A760

Both uses Linux for the OS, but which type ?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ethernet switch for medical doctors ?

KSZ8842-16Mol - the technical name for an ethernet 2 port switch with fantastic embedded system (to be explained later)

According to the source, it is a proven, 4th generation, integrated layer 2 switch that is compliance with IEEE802.3u standard.

Good Features:

  • Fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3u standard
  • Repeater mode capabilities to allow for ‘cut-thru’ in latency-critical Industrial Ethernet or Embedded Ethernet applications
  • Four priority queues to handle voice, video, data and control packets
  • MAC fi ltering function to fi lter unicast packets
  • Dynamic buffer memory scheme – Essential for applications such as Video over IP where image jitter is unacceptable
  • 2-Port switch with fl exible 8/16 or 32 bit generic host processor interface
  • Micrel LinkMD cable diagnostic capabilities to determine cable length, diagnose faulty cables, and determine distance to fault
  • HP Auto MDI-X crossover with disable and enable option
  • Industrial Temperature support: (–40˚C to +85˚C) with the KSZ8842-16MVLI available from Q2 2006
Referring to the source, it features a chipset with 2 ports which is connected to a stethoscope. Which is actually just a marketing gimmick.

It is carrying the message for Micrel LinkMD technology which is an advanced diagnostic tool capable of quickly and efficiently diagnosing common cabling problems, provides users with low maintenance cost nature.

The is the fantastic integrated embedded system which was mentioned earlier.

Micrel is an industry leader in Ethernet, analog, and high bandwidth communications IC solutions.

Intel - leaping challenges

Dual Core processors made its debut on August, 2005.

Not long ago, Intel completed its rebranding exercise. The real reason behind this exercise is unknown, probably they are looking for capital injection. Nevertheless, the tag line for which "Leap ahead" seems to be effective in coping with aggressive competitions from major rivals such as AMD. Is this purely image game ?

Similarly, there were many other developments related to Intel-AMD rivalry happening in the background, one of such is the supposedly AMD Subpeonas SKYPE.

Recently, it is reported that Intel will move into a long-term struggle, indicated by a drop of share to 76.9 percent.


1. Wimax chipset/card

Wimax is seen by many as successor to Wi-Fi as the former is able to support a larger range of up to 10 miles (approximately 16 KM)

2. Innovative chips - Woodcrest, 80% gain in performance with 35% reduction in power use.

We all thought that partnership with Apple is already the great leap ahead, but not enough for Intel perhaps.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SEO - The soft skills

We have mentioned a few SEO related issues since March 2006.


Now let's take a look into some soft-skills aspect with respect to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)..

To me, the best way of achieving SEO effects for any web sites (URLs) is through blogging. This is because the bottom line of SEO is by increasing the nos. of incoming link to your URL. Blogging is one good way because it gives one the opportunity to expand yourself, by producing contents from your thoughts. For instance, if you have a web site for an engineering company, there can only be SO many things you can write (for the web pages) about (tools, service, prices, testimonial).

However, by opening up to blogging, one can virtually blend in other elements into the core ideas, creating contemporary relationships with the Internet world. For instance, you can always relate to Google's product, such as Google Video in one way or another. Not only did it provide one with contents for blogging, also it caters for rejuvenation towards developments in terms of product and organization.

Blogging is technically about content management, but not essentially. A few years back, many web sites couldn't quite afford this luxury because the cost of ownership of CMS (content management system) is probably quite high. However, with the availability of blogging services (some free) everywhere these days, the cost of implementing SEO actually dwindled.

Thus, everybody can afford SEO now, and it can be performed in-house as well.

Another SEO expert, Scott Peterson highlighted about such soft-skills in an article, where it states ..

1. "Radar Defense" of others when receiving spam email messages.
2. People tends to trust printed material such as news more than anything.
3. The only way to break throught these radar defense systems is by means of gaining their trusts, which can be done through writting articles.

Read more..

Understanding security experts

To understand what is security expert for the ICT industry, let's evaluate it from two angles.

1. Job

1a. Information Security Consultant (Singapore)


* Review and develop information security policies, processes/procedures and guidelines
* Establish compliance with information security policies
* Review security technologies implementation to ensure compliance
* Conduct information security review including compliance, log analysis, assessment on information security procedures in data, hardware and software
* Involve in penetration tests, security assessment and incidents management
* Conduct information security awareness
* Perform as Security Liaison Officer in Managed Service projects


* Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems and/or equivalent formal training or work experience
* At least 3 years’ relevant working experience
* Manage information security management framework, policies, process/procedure and information security assessment
* Good working knowledge of risk management principles, physical security, business continuity management, application security and network infrastructure security technologies such as system hardening, anti-virus, proxies, IDS/IPS, firewall, VPN and monitoring
* Possess or planning to obtain professional information security certification (e.g. CISSP, CISA, CISM, GIAC)
* Must be customer focused with good interpersonal skills
* A strong team player with sound leadership qualities
* Singaporean or Singapore PR

1b. Senior Security Consultant

Both of these roles require one to be commercially focused and to possess the following skills and experience:

- ISO:17799 & BS:7799 risk assessment exp
- Network security assessment exp
- Enterprise risk assessment exp (large scale)
- Penetration testing exp
- Proven delivery capabilities in a commercial environment
- Solid negotiation skills
- Fluent English, Cantonese &/or Mandarin

2. Education

Master of Information Systems Security
Multi Platform Stream

Course Aims and Objectives

The aim of this course is to provide professionals in the IT industry with an advanced course of study in designing, planning, and implementing enterprise level security as part of a secure computing environment and integrates industry certification in these fields.

Upon completion of this course, graduates will posses:

* advanced skills in the design, implementation and management of secure computer networks
* the following industry certifications:
- Check Point Security Administrator (CCSA)
- Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE)
- Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
- Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Security+
- Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
* higher order network design knowledge and skills
* an informed and reflexive perspective on IT Security issues
* problem-solving skills and methodologies when troubleshooting and documenting complex computing problems
* the ability to analyse complex client business security requirements and select appropriate solutions
* skills in the development of leading edge security solutions that meets customer business objectives for functionality and performance.


There are two types of certifications, awarded by different bodies.

1. Vendors awarded
Checkpoint Security Expert

# How to use NGX tools to upgrade to VPN-1 NGX, from VPN-1/FireWall-1 NG or VPN-1 NG with Application Intelligence
# How to use NGX tools to install VPN-1 NGX on Windows Server 2003 and SecurePlatform
# How to work with Security Policy rules and NGX objects, using NGX object cloning and Database Revision Control features
# How to use VPN-1 SecuRemote/SecureClient to configure remote access
# How to use monitoring tools to track, monitor, and account for all connections logged by Check Point components
# How to implement LDAP, and integrate it with an NGX SmartCenter Server
# How to allocate bandwidth, given a variety of Check Point QoS configurations
# How to identify the features and limitations of Check Point High Availability solutions

2. CompTIA + Security

The CompTIA Security+ certification tests for security knowledge mastery of an individual with two years on-the-job networking experience, with emphasis on security. The exam covers industry-wide topics, including communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external attack and operational and organization security.

2. Professional bodies awarded
2a. (e.g. CISSP, CISA, CISM, GIAC)
2b. ISO:17799 & BS:7799 risk assessment

The bottom line IT aspects ...
  • Network infrastructure security technologies
  • System hardening
  • Anti-virus
  • Proxies
  • Firewall
  • VPN
  • Monitoring techniques
  • LDAP
There is currently no such requirement for employment in Malaysia... Even having compTIA andCheckPoint certifications is not demanded in Singapore.

To obtain certifications like CISSP requires relevant industrial attachments and it is NOT cheap. Thus, to start off with, I would still think that obtaining the following certifications is ideal.

- Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE)
- Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Where both not only emphasize on products' specific knowledge, also on general computer networking techniques.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Kompakar to buy Solutions Protocol

Solutions Protocol is subsidiary of Sharikat Permodalan Kebangsaan Bhd, the holding company of listed SPK-Sentosa Corp Bhd. Its CEO is Dr. Azman Ahmad, and engineer by training and a director of SPK-Sentosa. It was awarded RM 665 million contract to build an integrated hospital information and communication technology system for 13 government hospitals in the country, on March 2002 by the Public Works Department.

So far, they have completed 3/13 for the project. These three hospital are Serdang, Kepala Batas and Lahad Datu.

Even though having blessed with such big project Solutions Protocol is reported to suffer loss after tax of RM 45.8 million in its financial year ended Dec 31, 2004, despite reporting for a revenue of RM 116 million. The company also had liability of RM 75.1 million. While Kompakar reported profit after tax of RM 9.4 million in 2004, on revenue of RM 144.6 million.

While Kompakar eHealth Tech is building the hospital information system (HIS) for Putrajaya Hospital. Previous projects of similar type are Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar; Hospital Pantai Indah, Kuala Lumpur; Hospital Pantai Mutiara, Penang and Klang as well as Gleneagles Medical Centre in Penang.

Kompakar also recently delivered a queue management system to Cong Ming Hospital in Shanghai and secured a RM 1.5 million deal from Beijing Plastic Surgery Hospital do HIS.

Kompakar shareholders include Datuk Seri Tunku Shahabuddin Burhanuddin, whos is also the E.D. Tunku is a royalty from Negeri Sembilan and is also the vice-chairman of Mesdaq Market-listed Iris Corp Bhd. Other shareholders are Looi Kien Leong, former Pikom chairman and also Dauk Mokhzani Mahatir.

Reason for Delay ?

1. Ministry of Health officials complained the quality and speed of work delivered by Solutions Protocol.
2. Out of the 13 hospital, only 4 had been completed.

MBO (Management Buyout)
More than a year ago, there was an attempt by members of Solution Protocol's senior management to conduct a MBO of their company. A group of senior management approached a number of financial institution and venture capitalists to fund the MBO. However, it didn't materialize.

- Original content from The Edge, Feb 20, 06.


According to Industry expert, this is because Kompakar is one of the giant in for the IT industry in Malaysia. Others in the same category are Formis, Sapura, HighTech Padu and even Machine Niaga. These companies have the cash-flow to cater for big projects such as the HIS case mentioned above.

Therefore, the deals for which a company will get is not solely dependent on the effectiveness of business development team and the strengths of its technical team. Authorized and paid-up capitals must also be factored into the big picture.

Even vendor programs from industry giant such as Telekom, Tenaga, Petronas and etc also have the requirement for minimum paid-up capital of RM 100 k.