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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Postpaid war..

Just last week ago, the whole radio channel was flooded with "Maxis postpaid, 75 with zero access fees, 15 cents nationwide"

The prime minister has confirmed visiting china.

"Maxis postpaid, 75 with zero access fees, 15 cents nationwide"

Manchestor United beat Liverpool 3-2

"Maxis postpaid, 75 with zero access fees, 15 cents nationwide"

so, unless you don't know.. Maxis is offering postpaid (direct conversion from pre-paid, means you can maintain existing pre-paid number) for RM75 per month which is non carry foward and with zero access fees as well as 0.15/minute to nationwide at anytime.

Just this week, Digi counter attack by pushing for postpaid too..

it is very interesting to watch how competitors react to each other..

Thus, now the Telco are pushing for post-paid instead of pre-paid after last year success which pushed Malaysia market to the brink of saturation. Now the have finally figure that it is time to earn some real money by forcing you to pay at least RM75 for Maxis instead of the minimum pre-paid topup of RM30 month. So what the heck, you get a cheaper rate but expected to pay more.. The calculation will break-even if more than 50% of the pre-paid user switched to post-paid because for them to bear the cost from 0.39/minute to 0.15/minute is a huge margin difference...

Should Digi successful, they would end up much better off than Maxis because last year the former were champion of pre-paid; being the first to introduce dynamic topup and giving sorrow headache all retailers due to profit margin problems where one RM10 reload coupon only fetches 0.30 revenue. The funny thing is that majority people would go for RM10 relaod coupon instead of RM30.

After having created so many new customers and converted customers, they now are looking to "contract" them, so to secure the market share totally. Because if you have been comfortable with one number, it is very unlikely you would want to change the number and disturb everyone else's address book.

even I am considering changing from Hotlink to postpaid.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

64 bits finally..

so what we are having now, with new machine of 64 bits processor but 32 bits software capability. Microsoft has announced Windows XP Professional x64Edition, a 64 bits version for existing Windows XP. According to Microsoft, it can simply crunch more information at one time.

Microsoft Previous Next Windows, aims to bridge Gap

Nevertheless, the next big thing would be Longhorn OS, the much awaited OS from Microsoft. It is scheduled to be released on summer 2006 which is more than one year from now. Analyst is expecting PC sales to slow down until that major events especially in the Enterprise market.

MY015 - Jaring Wireless Broadband

I am quite excited about this product simply becaues it is a all-in-one communication infrastructure.. Using it, user can have the following:

1. Broadband up to 1 Mkbps.
2. VOIP services, potentially unlimited call to Malaysia with RM 50 only
3. A dedicated phone number with prefix - 015

The best part is the promised 015 number which is useful as fowarding number and caller ID. THis means that other party can actually call you back using that number which is running on a VOIP backbone. In other words, you don't need to apply for a Telekom line if you haven't got one.

Ok, so the issue is how stable it is ? Nobody knows yet. I was determined to test it and become a reseller because I feel I can sell it really well. This is the kind of product we can recommend it strongly to our cliente. Sadly, Jaring hasn't decided on any reseller plan yet, their next move is road show, probably gonna run by events company such as Eppco.

Anyway, without reseller initiative, I don't think I will help them to push for it because there is not much benefits, even though I am still interested to test it out. But since I already got a streamyx line, I would really going to leave it as low priority or KIV.

Not many end-user is willing to try it out, fearing product quality problems and also due to the aggresive moves of competitors such as Streamyx. I am not going to go around telling everyone to try it instead of other product because there is no motivation and I haven't test it out too. Thus this will be really low profile job.

The problem is many end user don't understand what is the purpose of it integration with VOIP as well as the capability of a caller ID, only those involves in Telco would have much understanding. Therefore, if whatever advertising champaigns embarked on couldn't get the message across, they might as well call it the day as Time Telekom's Webbit, which is currently under phase 2 development where phase 1 has been phased out.

Perhaps the margin is not attractive for them when they bring reseller into the picture.

Dealing with microsoft..

the following article describe the problem in dealing with Microsoft with regards to licensing issues...

A CIO guides to Microsoft Negotiation...

Fundamental conclusion..

- Review your vendor's licensing arrangements and develop a timetablefor upgrading various software licenses.
- Negotiate your tune-up pricing -- the clause in the agreement thatallows you to add users during the lifecycle of the licenseagreement.
- Consider how your employees use the software when choosing theright licensing model.

in my opinion.. many would love to upgrade to Windows XP even though they might not need it. First of all, we must agree that it gives end-user a great eXPerience, compared to Linux which only gives techie great technical experiences. It is like recommend someone to a movie, you just have to say it once, "hey Windows XP is good, beautifu interface..", there goes the sales.

There is another solutions.. where you can actually register as Microsoft Trading partners and get special package for your software.. you would get it at less than RM2k for the basic products such as OS and Office suites. however, you need to make commitment to help Microsoft to promote its product. Perhaps, this might only work for IT companies.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Adobe to acquire Macromedia

Adobe - famous for Acrobat Reader will buy Marcomedia - famous for Flash MX at a deal of USD3.5 billion.

IT companies is also merging... partly because as things become more and more effecient for IT companies... they would require lesser and lesser employee.

maxis 3G will be out soon!

maxis recently launched a 3G initiative; which is a data card for laptop... This data card, something like your current laptop wireless card (from Aztech or SMC) allows you to not just connect to WIFI spot (such as those in Stackbucks or Coffee Bean) but also to Maxis 2G and 3G networks.

The 3G network is 10 times faster than GPRS and 3 times faster than EDGE (implemented by Digi).

Their idea of selling this is to cater for seamless network intersection. Meaning, since there is not enough 3G coverage compared to GPRS, the data card allows auto links up with eithe available networks.

The cost at the moment is still expensive, you would need to spend RM 1599.00 for the data card and monthly access fees of RM149.00 and monthly fees of RM149.00

They acknowledged that currently, there still certain technological issues which would hamper voice services.

now we are all just waiting for a built-in facility in the handphone, which can connect to 3G by default. Then the following would be possible:

localized VOIP - you may be visiting places like Genting highland which can provide you with free VOIP services whenever you are in the vicinity of Genting. Since users are already 3G subscriber, then can make calls for free from their handphone. Genting will pay for it as complement to the customers.

video streaming... Have you ever been in a conference where the speaker is right far in front and the projector's image are bad... with 3G and complementary software, we can transmit video into the Internet and let user download into their handphone for viewing.. in this case, instead of one projector, the conferences has thousands of projectors. The event owner will pay for the cost from technology providers.

gaming analyst - having Casino patron connect to an analysis server to analyse their current game.

Maxis is pretty smart at during with PR. Not much people would buy the data card yet, due to its price. But, you have been warned that Maxis is ahead of you and please for anything similiar, Maxis is part of it too. Doing this is more effective thatn going for Patent, trademark, industry design copyright. because for one, everybody would knows about it, two - you don't have to spend money with the copyrighters.

Henry Goh & Co. Sdn. Bhd.
Registered Patent, tradmark and Design agents,
Level 3, Amoda Building,
22, Jln Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,
tel: 03-2143 9122
fax: 03-2142 3354

Friday, April 22, 2005

Blogger's problem

I just realized that I made mistake by exposing my real identity to the blogsphere ... the reason is that I can't write as frank as possible.. because by law I am liable for damage. Thus, since I already expose myself, I have to be careful with my writing now.. because if ever I become famous, I could get into trouble. So from now onwards, I would be writing at a greater precaution.. and I might also create a totally new blog with anonymous identity..

What you gonna see over here would be pure but often filtered to certain degree.

I will still try to maintain the kind of reason-digging spirit, but I will give consideration the the subject.. In other words, what you see here would be more education-driven but without direct confortation to anybody...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

laptop bad for you ...

hey guys...

laptop is bad for your neck or finger... but not both..

laptop design can be a pain for the posture

the problem is that screen and keyboard are too close to each other.. thus if you sit back and straight up, your finger will be in the right position, but not your head, coz u need to stare down..causing neck strain. Hey, without realizing.. i am actually experiencing it now.

I love playing with laptop.. it just more fun. one thing is that the machine follows your positions, whereas you need to fit the position offered by desktop.

so now I know the reason for creation of Apple's 2002 Sunflower imac

that should solve the problem right ? but too bad Apple is not selling the product anymore, due to technical reason. According to some sources, because of the design, they need to resort to certain technology and that technology is not perfect in a sense that it actually caused certain "dead pixel" on the screen.

imac dead pixel..

so unless you put the laptop higher up to comfort the neck, and use another keyboard, otherwise you will just risk the finger. To me, the best is probably this.

Sit straight up but not lay back to the seat. Position your finger as usual while placing the screen more towards 180 degree and the head looks down. that would gives you more comfort.anyway, laptop sales is expected to shoot over desktop because it is more fun, and you get to spend more time playing with I.T and also because it is getting cheaper.

Probably because the business channels and manufacturing channels have matured and became saturated. Means you can have few suppliers over a single components, as well as few logistic company to choose from for delivery.

some companies are coming up with better solutions. Such as..

i mean business...

i was pulling over from long hours of good work; 2 x 16 hours of non-stop computer programming for a free-lance project, spanning two days. I must say though, after not being involved in programming for 1 year, the beginning part was pretty terrible but I enjoy the time because of few reasons.

1. 16 hours of full concentration. No abstract thoughts, no day-dreaming and etc. It proved that I could handle difficult situations as well as coping through problems until the end.
2. Consistency, mental strengths and intelligence.
3. It also proves that we could have absolute pure mind by focusing on something that is mental-challenging and yet fun because problems can be solved by clicking until it is being right. It is like a chess game, the maximum possibilities you could have is 64 x 32 moves. U won't get lost forever, it is just a matter of time before you unearth the truth.

I been thinking, if having pure mind could solve some other problems such as illnesses... then I could start a clinic for alternative-contemporary treatment.

I even skipped dinner for that two nites. Nevertheless, I did sufferred from stress related symptoms of irregular heartbeart. I felt weaken physically even though my conscious was clear.

Even though the output is not yet to final yet, but I knew that after 32 hours of full concentration, the most difficult part; application-framework is ready and steady.

Just like pulling over a highway after you are tired with driving non-stop, I took time to surf the net and landed on Donald Trump's the Apprentice through a link from Yahoo.The show is currently under 3th season, much better to watch then HBO's Survival and even American Idol.

I remembered that the 1st season had couple of nice ladies such as Amy Henry and Erika Vetrini.

now i got it, they took of the archive of Apprentice 1st season because they wanted to sell it on DVD, not because there is insufficient HD space on the server. Hey, comeon guys, you can host it in Malaysia, it is much cheaper. So this is business development and planning huh ? anyway, you still can get information from the following:

anyway, season 2 had some got stuff too. So I browsed it instead of current season. Hey comeon, this is entertaintment right, I deserve to choose what desires to.

the candidates.. most of them having colourfull backgrounds such as MBA and etc..I make me wonder how far I can go with just a degree in Computing from an average british university and educated in Malaysia. I didn't have a good scholar profile and etc. Hows these people can take time off for studies and still achieve so much in life ? Perhaps they started young.

nevertheless, I went through the final week footage for season II and was really boosted by it.
It was a match between John Kelly and Jennifer M. The two of them were expected to perform charity drive where Kelly was given the business channel of Polo Match while Jen was to NBA match. Details weren't really given, only summary.The following are my analysis.

The polo side were schedule at Greenwich Polo Grounds and NBA at Riverbank State Park. Assuming that Trump already pre-arranged these two locations because perhaps he owns them or he has contact to the owner. Otherwise, it would be even thougher for them to start. I assume that each is given over one week to plan the show and show day should be one Sunday.

What about funding part, for instance, where do they get funding for the refreshment and etc ?
perhaps is charity from sponsor too.

Jennifer ended up having auction to generate revenue, while perhaps for Kelly side, the money being paid for Polo match by Polo-patron was used for the charity income. Both resorted to inviting celebrities to the show in order to add spices to it. Now the question is how can they organize things in such a short time if they need to search for sponsors and etc ? if it wasn't for Trump's factor ? I assume they were using the status of Trump's organization's intern to get things organize or else everything was already ready in the list, only waiting to be implemented. But the best part is Kelly and Jen was definitely having a good time, it was a rewarding job for them.

how about losses ? who was going to absorb it ? Perhaps is Trump.

NOw imagine this, can this be real for Malaysia ? or can we do the similiar thing in Malaysia without Trump ?

Let's assume that I have a lot of contacts and would like to make some money. I wanted to organize a charity show and benefit 10% from total collected. Thus, I organize a shaolin team from China for a show in Malaysia, go to meet up with management of Istana Budaya and wanted to invite Siti Nurhaliza to kick start the event. Setting up appointment with Istana Budaya isn't hard because they can't run away, but to deal with Siti Nurhaliza, I need to have her agent's number or I need to use some money to find someone with her contacts and then pay them some commission. Imagine successfully meeting with Siti, I would need to convince her to do it for charity while I convinced Istana Budaya to get ready for losses. Because I am not going to risk that 10%. Unless I can get a sponsor to fund my runnings, otherwise I would need to look for Robert Kuok to do Trump's role.

There are a lot of apprentice wannabe in Malaysia, but there is no Trump.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

eye for eye

I just happened to buy a laptop and was having a lot of fun with it .. partly due to the reason that it was installed with Microsoft XP (experience). I really starting to appreciate this product better each becoz it really gives you a lot of experience, as a layman. For instance, a non-IT literate people would really learn a lot from Windows XP, because you get to download updates..change this, change that.. drag here and there... it can auto detect everything.. it knows when you last installed a software and etc... so it is good experience for user, especially to IT guy like me because I really dreaded those days of Windows 95, 98 and ME. Now it is a brand new Experience!

but who is gaining ?
--> Consumer. Consumer is the biggest winner. Software vendor don't really earn much, especially when piracy is around. Pirated software seller might have a lot of sales but they don't earn much too (because CD seller are not the manufacturer, they are just sub-agent. Thus theyu will buy RM5 and sell it at RM10 and they are localized). But Windows XP got smarter now, they can actually detect the number of times a product is used for installation and would ban you from registering it if it don't fix anymore. Pls bear in mind that after the 30 days grace period granted for registration, there is no way to hack your system other than obtaining a legitimate product key. But still the product registration procedure is not yet perfect. For instance, if you buy an OEM version which grants 2 PC installation. But had you used it all and one of your PC actually spoiled, u bought a new one and had it install with the same OEM software, this time it is not allowed. Technical law terms, you should be able to do that because the previous PC died, u still having two active PC. Nevertheless, you should be able to call up the service center to sort things out. (They would recognize you by either the network card's MAC address or some other hidden ID of the motherboard).

becoz of Windows XP, I am sure more time is spent on the computer, thus Tenaga Nasional Berhad would have higher demand as well as broadband connection. Laptop sales is also expected to go up. This is no doubt because as user get comfortable with a system, and if it keeps providing users with different different experiences (recently you can actually provide handwritting as part of your MSN messenger messages, before you do that, you need to download something from Internet), users actually feel empowered and thus enlightened. Now I understand why Dell, Compaq would like to have long term business with Microsoft.

ok, so having great experiences.. I was actually doing some programming and was scrolling up and down to scrutinize the code. and it made me realize that such practice is actually bad for the eyes. Becoz our eyes are so sensitive with lights (image projection as input), scrolling pages on the computer screen created sudden explosive of image projections due to many changes occurred, putting eyes to strain.

one way is to gaze at distance to release the so-called "eye-strain" as suggested by the following articles.

eye strain

the other way is to do yoga..

now it is not so good experience for the eye.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Exchange Software..

i was in a discussion with a vendor abt some exchange software... so basically what does exchange software does ? We would pretty much take things for granted..

basically.. exchange server such as Microsoft Exchange server, is a messaging and collaboration server.

messaging - email , SMS and etc
collaboration - share information quickly and efficiently. For instance, shared schedules, address, share email, auto-responses and automatic filing of incoming messages.

Meaning, for company willing to have their own managed messaging system, they should opt for this kind of services.

These days, usually companies would tie up with web hosting company to get the email services, which might have certain features compatible to what a full-fledge exchange server could provide, except that some are restricted due to security enforcement.

Many considered exchange server as something not too important, mainly because they are not going to utilize the features to the fullest. To me, the key strenght of exchange software is its scheduling capability.

Imagine if you are a CEO and how would you like to make schedules & deadlines as the top most priority to your team. The sales people might claimed that they are misinformed with certain informations, technical team claims that they haven't been updated with latest information. Down to the meeting room, nobody wanted to take risks and responsibilities, the CEO have to absorb all negative energy.

If all schedules are made public (at least one could have published schedules and non-published schedule), if everyone knows what is happening to other people and they have in mind what is supposed to be achievable in a published way, the company can move ahead even when barriers are confronted. Synergy would be possible in the sense. A collaborating team would produce a winning company or brand; a non-collaborating team would produce star employee.

Many big organization, such as factories and MNC and even NGO suchs as WWF are pretty much schedule-intensive. Projects deadlines, meetings and etc are really very important and changes would usually affect many activities.

Monday, April 11, 2005

VOIP Expensive.. ?

The following are extracted from

I recently polled my advisory board about their VoIP adoption plans.To my surprise, most of them were not that impressed with VoIP anddidn't have any immediate investment plans for this type oftechnology. Here were the top three reasons they offered for theirhesitation to invest:
- VoIP is still very expensive and it's very hard to justify the cost.
- The reality is that VoIP adoption is growing extremely fast in the consumer markets, but not in the enterprise markets.
- PBX systems still work and cost less. Why replace PBX with an expensive VoIP system if your current one isn't broken?

But some IT executives HAVE seen the benefits of a VoIP implementation. One example is Steve Conley, director of informationtechnology and telecommunications for the Boston Red Sox. Conleyrecently implemented a VoIP system which helped him to cut $3,000 offof the team's monthly phone bill and to successfully bridge teamofficials' cell phones with the current Avaya IP PBX system. So in the end Conley credited VoIP with helping him cut costs and increasehis group's productivity.What are your thoughts and plans for VoIP adoption? Is it hot on yourradar screen this year or are you still waiting for costs to go down and more IT organizations to adopt? I'd love to hear your thoughts(
VoIP adoption plans[Karen Guglielmo, Site Editor]

my point of view...
so they are talking about VOIP implementation that is expensive. Perhaps they can opt to choose, open source PBX VOIP solutions for Linux.

one reason VOIP has edge over consumer market is because of the non-guaranteed quality. It is acceptable for social use.. it is okay to have delay during converstation between you in Malaysia and a friend in U.K. But it is not acceptable for a convention between two person in the same country. Forget about infrastructure inefficiency and etc...

Unless we are talking about a total solution; a system developed with IP infrastructured that is non-dependent on conventional infrastructure, then VOIP would be able to phrase out everything. At the moment, it will just be alternative. But can this become reality, why would we are interested in VOIP in the first place ? it is quite similiar to pirated VCD ? we wanted to buy something at a cheaper cost because we wanted to feel smart. We want to feel great that we have a way to save money.

Thus, if instead of going to Telekom shop, we can visit some VOIP shop to set up a telephone infrastructure, then it would make a difference.

The future of enterprise VOIP would be PBX IP with customizable features. While the future of consumer VOIP would be 3G applications that provide for flat rate unlimited access. Malaysia is still waiting for this next wave.
Jaring recent broadband initiative seems to be the challenger. Offering a 015 number for a cost of RM25. user can make unlimited calls by just paying RM50 montly(non-carry foward), the best part is that the receiving side will get to see caller-ID being displayed. Besides that, it also comes with broadband connectivity. But hey, if it comes with a number, it means other peoplec can call in to the service too. This means that.. someone can actually setup a telecommunication infrastructure without going to Telekom shop. Good news! Good news! This is truly a total VOIP solution!

This would be great for virtual office people. People who had been blacklisted by Telekom and SMI who wanted not to register anything with Telcos. They would prefer to buy a SOMA unit from Jaring and top-up monthly via handphone shop.

let's check out the reseller plan.

The Government has said it wants 10% of the population on broadband by 2008. So we are expecting more broadband players to come into the industry. Did anyone forgot about GPRS ? Fixed rate GPRS is broadband for handphone... is there anyone out there that going to provide cheaper rates than DIGI ?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Trojan Infection Again...

since yesterday, there were troubles logging into streamyx network. just when the connection got better, as i first got logged into the network.. i was attacked again. jinx... i didn't attempt any hanky-panky site ...

the symptom: mouse movement suffered problems. It was like there is another controller controlling the mouse. as i was figuring what happened... i noticed there is a file avi.dat on my C drive. I knew some trojan drop again. I am not sure what it contains.. but looks like it is trying to con you to run it because .dat file is supposed to be movie file. However, miraculously, the registry already got injected with multiple entries as follows:

1. pctspk.exe - PCTVoice
2. sapstr.exe - TForm1
3. dtours.exe - bnui
4. zxc.exe - bingo9

I tried to search for these files in the actual drive but search returned negative. If you investigate from msconfig.exe, you can confirm that there is no actual file for each entry.

Ok, so what was happening? I quickly deleted the .dat file and reboot laptop.. then everything seems normal. Thus, I figure the following explanation for this.

1. Trojan dropper dropped a client to my laptop - avi.dat
2. Third party executed script on my laptop to insert entries to my laptop.
3. These entries were meant as pre-requisite before it bring in the actual file. (zxc.exe) Those to be transferred file will act as scapegoat for the actual client which is avi.dat, becoz we would be busy deleting them via safe-mode and whatsoever while oversee the real culprit; avi.dat, giving it more time to come up with more haywire. Probably becoz the internet connection was so bad that it couldn't finish the job. Probably streamyx server was infected by these malicious codes so much that it created problems.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

SMS Marketing ..

have you guys received any emails regarding

basically it is local start-up... currently in the first phase. where they are building up a multilevel structure from you people. What it does is very simple, upon registrating to their database, the next thing you should do is to get all your friends (those with emails) to register as well and they will all be under your wings. Well, I am not sure how it(web site) going to organize the structure.. but you should be able to see the tree structure.

at the moment they are not selling anything or sending any sms advertisement to you yet. you will have to wait till the next phase, where you(with a huge network), will go to look for advertiser (shops, companies and etc) These people will pay for certain fees in order to get SMS advertisement sent over to people and all your downlines will receive the same SMS as well.

They will reward you with the following plans.

Yourself MYR0.03
Downline members MYR0.01 x 100 = MYR1.00
For Selling MYR0.02 x 100 sms = MYR2.00

If you made 10 sales/day: 10 x MYR3.03 = MYR30.30

In 1 month you make: 30 x MYR30.3 = MYR909

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Mc Orange Institiute - Corporate Training

Mc Orange Institute, a local college located in Wisma Anxi, KL city near the Telekom Muzium.

They are looking to expand the IT corporate training revenue and are inviting potential people to be part of the team.

Whoever interested, budding trainer or customer, may refer to the following contacts for further information.
Ms. Lily Ong (016-2188 188)
Mr. Jonathan (019-2824 171)

Tel: 03-2031 9898
Fax: 03-2032 2282

54-56, Jalan Hang Lekiu,
50100 Kuala Lumpur.

Monday, April 04, 2005

how to make IT money from people in Malaysia ?

seriously I got to tell you.. Malaysian can afford BMW, Mercedes and etc even though the taxes are high.. but they can't afford an original version software for less then RM200. I have real life scenarios for that.

reason ? Mentality.
People wanted to feel smart.. they wanted to feel that they are being mischief, but won't admit it publicly. They wanted to download software, try to crack stuff, and do many things on the Internet such as blogging.. but all for a minimal cost. They have no choice but to subscribe to streamyx connection.. other than that paying from their pocket would just be too harmful.

I guess for software vendor, besides coming up with law, they must also create some sort of image branding.. for instance, some people would feel sophisticated for having to use certain software to enhance their live. They can feel proud about it and share it with their friend so that it would generate lots of admiration from people and those without such software would feel socially dejected or humbled.

thus, earning money from Malaysian is very hard.. except for education. they won't mind buying loads of text book and etc.. but yet they won't think much about education cost saving.. such as researching from the Internet and etc.. books are better sold than e-courses. why ? what if those e-courses are really more effective than books ? This part Malaysian failed to consider.

people don't mind buying reload coupon from retailers to top-up their mobile credit airtime, but they just very reluctant to do it the other way round, such as using credit card or banking services. (public bank provides facilities for direct top-up via SMS). Therefore, probably it is just physcology.. if we can get people "pre-paid" a reload card and use it for their Internet activities, that would be great too right? they don't mind spending a few bucks on petrol travelling to the nearest 7-Elevan to pick up a reload coupon and then rush home for some transaction while credit card is always with them safely.

On majority,what I observed is that people like to learn.. but they won't attend classes because fearing the tutor wouldn't be too friendly. also, they don't want to be dealt with intellectual challenges.. For my side, those people whom I visited many times to help them with computer-services, are keen learner because they would prefer to take things to their own hand, but sometimes things are just too much to swallow at one go.

If we start to lecture non-IT people on IT tricks.. would the value of I.T graduates even diminish further ? would this be part of market spoiler activities ?

We will find out soon.

pop-up blocker

guess i finally understood how pop-up blockers are made..quite similiar to highligther.. using javascript to re-edit those html pages...

for instance, what the script would do is to parse through potential pops-up such as"testpage.html","test page")

then it would alter the code"null","null")

u can't possibly see the changes from the source (View/Source).. it will only show the original one,what being displayed is another version which you can't see the altered-code.

if you notice carefully, if you reverse the blocking function, then it would revisit the URL and refresh the HTML contents.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

of new age behaviour

Ghost Detector
When IT + Ghost, how was that sound.

Now Japan actually sold on the market a “Ghost Rader” by Salid Alliance Corp, Yokohama. It is use to detect Ghost or special Magnetic wave. Plus it is recommended for Japan people who work beside computer until late night or people who would like to know if there are anything beside them. This device is quite small, Slightly bigger than tamagochi and it’s portable. And will give out Bip bip bip sound when> there are ghost around. Thinking of getting one, but so far no website had any information on this device.

But I found a few website on this detector, but it’s so big, ugly and expensive device.
posted by Yudywanto

James bond is coming to town!
x-ray camcorder is for real guys... this is what they claimed as a real invasion of privacy..
What you see here is a new form of "infrared photography" using the "near infrared" light spectrum. You may have heard about this controversial new technology on the news lately! View the ABC news clip here.

All camcorders are made to view and record normal light. (white light). This is between 400 and 750 nanometers. Many common camcorders are equipped with nightvision or nightshot modes and are capable of viewing light higher than 750 nanometers. This is the "near infrared" light spectrum referred to on this chart below:

Waves in this spectrum are not visible to the naked eye but they are visible to the CCD chip in your camcorder. These "near infrared" light waves are the waves that are penetrating the material and reflecting an image of the body surface. The camcorder can pick up all these waves and records them. In order capture the x-ray effect you must block out the visible light waves or they will overtake your image drowning out the infrared image.

Normally the nightshot or nightvision mode was to be used only at night when there is very very little white light or (visible light) as we know it. However in order to do the trick at day time, they had to trick the camera into thinking it was night. We do this by screwing a filter on the lens that only lets the "near infrared light" (750 nanometers or more) into the camera. All the visible light waves are blocked out (750 and below). If you were to hold this filter up to the sun you will not be able to see thru it. It is totally black! But when you screw it on the camcorder and look in the viewfinder you can see a perfect black and white image. This is the x-ray vision technology that you see in use here.

Trojan horse downloaded small 18.T

My new laptop was strucked by virus infection or whatsoever, it changes my default homepage and etc. Don't ask me how.

The following things appeared from nowhere.
megaporn (shortcut to some sites)

I manage to download the AVG Free edition but couldn't update. Anyway, manage to run the scan and found the following.


couldn't delete virus file,before you could complete, DDE server window interrupted and issues a windows restart.

couldn't update AVG. It seems like I am suffering from blended attack where there was a spyware intervening my path to AVG database. I used CWSShredder(sfotware downloaded) and try to some luck. It seems that it can only manage to get rid of one malicious web thingy; not sure the name. After that, I was able to update AVG.
the biggest trouble is sysupd.dll(also known as destop search), where it is located in windows32 folder. deleting it would cause a windows setup back where if you try to "end program", the system would reboot.
{5B4AB8E2-6DC5-477A-B637-BF3C1A2E5993} --> IE Update Class

I traced the default web page and trace it to
The bigest culprit now is the following two files
desktop.exe - desktop search
ffisearch.exe - ffis

restart in safemode, msconfig.exe shows that they are malicious files.

However, upon disabling them, after restart(which is necessary to make changes), msconfig.exe shows that they have been started again. This shows that msconfig.exe dare not disable them, probably because the file names resembles other important file such as:
cmd32.exe is actual the control panel program.
THere must be some glitch in msconfig algorithm where if it detects "desktop", then no disabling happened.
If I don't disabling it from msconfig, then I can't delete the entry from regedit, because msconfig is locking it. The only way out is for msconfig.exe to accept the decision to disable them.
"ffis" is probably another reserved key word for msconfig.exe
perhaps we need to disable the system restore.

Not really, I can't delete desktop.exe and ffisearch.exe because sysupd.dll is still present in
"windows/systems" folder. Most likely desktop.exe and ffisearch.exe dynamically link to sysupd.dll. I think the sysupd.dll is just something to irritate you, the main program is destop.exe and ffisearch.exe, where they are link to sysupd.dll Since sysupd.dll is present in the windows/systems folder, force deleting it would cause XP to be corrupted.

I think AVG Free edition could deal with the registry, it can only solve file-level problem but not infection. Not sure with enterprise edition. AVG Free, since it is free work best as security guard and not doctor.

I tried to figure out the possible source. They could be.
Possible source--> All added as trusted site to your IE settings.
it seems that even though i have deleted all registry entry from sysupd.dll but still I could manage to delete the physical file form the folder.
It seems like rebooting in diagnostic mode via configuration from msconfig.exe doesn't mean that you will reboot into safe mode. To really reboot in "safe mode", press F8 many times during PC boot up until a menu is showned, select the safe-mode.

Once i was really in "Safe Mode", I could really disable the desktop.exe and ffisearch.exe activity stub from the listing. It seems that the registry listing for desktop.exe and ffisearch.exe have been shifted to {HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\Startupreg\Desktop Search\}

Thus, if we proceed to delete all relevant illegal entries from it..then i can really delete the physical folder from the drive.

1. Use AVG Free as security guard.
2. Avoid infamous site by its URL to restricted site under IE settings.
3. Reboot into safe mode.
4. Run msconfig.exe/startup and look for malicous code stub. (Those checked one!). This is because WinXP doesn't recognize them as default stub and don't whether to disable them or not, it is waiting for your call.
5. Identify these malicious stub and delete all relevant entry from registry.
6. Delete the physical file from relevant drive location. (Make sure one delete the registry entry first)
p/s: AVG Free edition can't help you to clean the body when you have been infected, it can only be security guard/bouncer. You need to hire IT Executive to do the cleaning. Before he or she does anything, please refer to my blog.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Star In.Tech: 29 March 2005

This week highlights...

the cover story: Quite a bit to see
Depiction: A man trying in a difficult left-curve pose to gain a good position in order to examine the tiny component of a motherboard hung to the wall.
Pointer: Page 14
Verdict: actually it is trying to imply CeBit(See Bit), annual Trade fair in Hangover, Germany for ICT showcase."Quite a BIT to SEE".

1. Title: Are Blogger Journalist?
Verdict: Bloggers are subjected to the same libel law as anyone else who open his mouth in the public. A journalist however, have more right to free speech than anyone else. However, it is much more a courtesy than a right, because they don't get 100% freedom of writing. Nevertheless, journalist are more well informed about what should be filtered and whatsoever, thus they are more likely going to avoid trouble. In retrospect, a journalist's blogger would do fantastic job in the blogsphere.
2. Title: VCs Still love ICT the best.
Verdict: According to Malaysian Venture Capital Association(MVCA), the local VC such Kavana is pouring more money into the industry, a fact which contradicts the general expectation. The amount of RM132.9 mil been invested into this industry for 2004, equivalent to 46% of total investment, the number two spot were life sciences 78mil(27%) while third placing is manufacturing industry 75.1mil(26%). Accordingly, the government is the largest contributor to the VCs activities. VC, better known as the "management" is actually just the middleman in charge of the funding. The regard listing of investee as a form of great liquidity for their effort.