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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

the case for spam

First of all, how do you define spam ?

Had i wrote an article about feng shui, does that give you the options of commenting my blog with just anything related to feng shui without being considered spam ?

Yahoo recently published "spam mutates" where a blogger throw in the tower for blogging due to annoyance with comment-spammers.

However, to me, that couldn't be all too bad because I would be earning Google Adsense money and it would help with SEO. To be honest, i kick start this blog by doing similar things to other blog. I could figure out any other better way to get my URL indexed to the search engines.

Get Dirty
Something has to get dirty. You can do SEO by just pressing a few buttons or registering to some site. There got be something special which others can't or lazy to get on. Otherwise, who should have the first ranking for say the keyword "feng shui".

If one doens't want to use SEO to achieve the objective, then you have to get your hand dirty by promoting your brand with respect to feng shui.

To give another example....
Imagine another company called Macrosoft whom also provider proprietary Operating system; competing with Microsoft. Microsoft doesn't have to do SEO because everybody would love to hear from them. Every technology companies would like to reference to Microsoft web site in order to make cases valid.

For Marcosoft, it has two options:
1. Work hard for 30-40 years to build the brand.
2. Resort to SEO to build the brand.

Both will get your hands dirty.

According to Google, the idea of SEO is illegal already.

Professional Spammers:
From "spam mutates", it is intriguing to learn that some people are making a living out of spamming.

Besides that, spam-filters (Software) could be infringing personal boundaries by analyzing emails' content.

SplogSpot is a site dedicated to collection of spams. It is useful for system engineers to configure its firewall and filters against the blacklists accumulated. Besides that, API is also provided for retrieving the blacklists in XML format into backend systems for filtering purposes.

How big is the spamming industry?

  • 10% of instant messaging traffic is spam - source
  • 10-15% of 70k new blogs created daily is spam - source
  • Personally, I receive 10-15 spams email daily per email account.

SEO case study: back from the slump

Thank God.

So great..

this blog is back from the MSN slump ....

As at today, it is ranked 12th for "tech blog" under MSN.

Chronology of the MSN slump

The last ranking was at 43rd placing on 26-Feb-06. Two days later, it jumped 2 times. This is because it got re-spidered within two days.

This go on to prove that to be listed in the forefront of search engines, you have to make sure that your blog or web site or URL is constantly being visited by search engines' bot.

Reason for slump ?
Not sure... however, some attributed it to the MSN search services revamption/renovation which occured 2 - 3 weeks ago.

Check out the full details here.

UrlTrends offers URL analysis

The things I like about liewcf blog are:

1. Nice interface
2. Good web programming techniques
3. Helpful discussion
4. What is new and hot out there in the Internet world.
5. Updates from the Internet communities.

The other one which I mentioned earlier is jiboneus blog, which is more consistent in contributing to the 4th factor. Other blogs:

Asian Mobile Tech
= Corporate thinking of mobile blends with IT information
Syiok blog = IT evangelist and classified stuffs.
Google blog = Exciting news from Google directly.

Recently, Liewcf mentioned about UrlTrends... a web site which helps one to analyze other web sites using a URL feed. It will report (on indicators) to you the numbers of incoming links, google's pagerank and etc. And then if will give you a ranking based on the indicators. Liewcf mentioned that UrlTrends lifted the ban on Malaysian's site.

The analysis for this blog can be obtained from here.

It shows not much incoming links from Google and Yahoo as compared to MSN. This is probably true but not accurate because MSN has higher preference for this blog than others. Chronology of SEO-related events towards this blog.


Lesson on SEO:
The best thing about UrlTrends is that it teaches one about SEO.

1. Alexa - A search engine which I have never heard before.

I ran a search on "it-sideways" from Alexa and it really did return a lot of indexes, even more than Liewcf. How does this happen ? Alexa has been my angel all this while ?

2. It is better to get registered with and

Liewcf has 7 incoming links from Alexa and its ranking from Alexa is 23,766
It-Sideways has 4,853 incoming links from Alexa and its ranking from Alexa is 2,016,867
On being a human has 4,853 incoming links from Alexa and its ranking from Alexa is 20.

can someone figure this out ?

We need blog like Liewcf and Jiboneus to help us to read the Internet faster because eventually what would be blogged by these pro-bloggers are something which would be interesting and non-crappy.

It is analogous to reading Jeff Ooi and Skthew's blog than reading the newspaper for Malaysia political englightenment.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Google advertising potential

~Google's advertising potential~

In the recent blog about An Update on Payments by Google. It mentioned that over the past four years (since 2001), Google's ad revenue is USD 11.2 billion (RM 41.44 billion). Gross Profit is USD 11.2 - 3.9 = 7.3 billion. That is 27.01 billion in Ringgit Malaysia.

On the Malaysian ground, total advertisement revenue for the whole country is RM 1.47 billion in year 2001, with growth of 8%.

Year Revenue (AdEx)
----- -----------------
2001 RM 1.47 billion
2002 RM 1.59 billion
2003 RM 1.71 billion
2004 RM 1.85 billion
2005 RM 2.00 billion
------ -----------------
Total RM 8.62 billion

This is 5 times lesser than that of RM 41.44 billion. In other words, Google's earning power is 5 times greater than Malaysia Ad industry per se.

Google's last year (2005) customer billing alone was USD 6 billion.

Following similar concept of (jobsandmore is a Malaysian online recruitment company who follows exactly the market leader's footstep in marketing penetration), where it is wise to always learn and follow from the market leader, also at the same time, it is possible to take a minute to note how far an industry can go. That... it is 5 times bigger per se than you know!

This is very exciting. Even though Malaysia is known for a country which there are too many rules for the advertising industry to move at full steam.

Korea Mobile Contents 2006

According to the Ministry of Information and Telecommunications, total mobile subscribers are 33.59 million people, as of the end of December, 2003. Accordint to IDC, the Korean wireless Internet market size is UDS 1.04 billion in 2002. It showed the increase of 99.7% again 2001. in 2003, it exceeded approx. USD 1.8 billion. It is expected that the large market of approx. USD 6 billion will be opend in 2007.

[Estimated Sales of Wireless Internet CP Service Charge] (unit: million USD, %)

Wireless Internet461.8641,040.3391,727.5632,677.7233,842.5335,052.9506,046.471
Increased Rate-2.251.661.551.441.321.20
Service Charge41.548190.205336.875435.779490.110985.3161,179.062

~Source: IDC, 2003.5~

It is anticipated that the mobile game, moving animation service will largely grow by the data transfer speed and terminal enhancement (2.5G to 3G) from 2004. Also , it is estimated that M-Commerce market such as LBS and Mobile payment will rapidly grow.

Directory of Content Providers

Company3R Games
Description3R Games is a promising mobile contents provider in Korea.
Our main business area includes developing mobile games, mobile character services and mobile fortune-telling services. Our products have taken leading positions in the respective service categories of SK Telecom and KTF.
Started as a new business division of 3R in the year 2000, 3R games was spun off August 2002.

Games= Parapa Dance (Dance Fever), Skirt Fighter, TV Live Football

ContactsC.E.O: Park, Kisung,
Contact Person: Lee, Kwangjae
Tel: +82-2-840-3646

CompanyAnicom Software
Anicom Software is a leading company for developing and servicing mobile games
worldwide. Since established in April of 1996, we have developed many excellent
mobile games as a venture company. Anicom Software develops and services its
products which cover wide varieties based on WAP, BREW, JAVA and WIPI.

Korea-Japan Poker Battle, Othello, Beach Volleyball, Parking Mania, Mania Golf

ContactsC.E.O: Park, SeungJin,
Person: Bobby Gill (Manager Strategy & Planning Unit)

CompanyAnimedia Entertaintment
Near the end of 1998 the huge Korean game market still had yet to produce
sufficient number of competitive domestic games. Animedia was founded to fulfill
this need. Since then, Animedia has become the first domestic game contents
company to produce a 3D juvenile game, also makeing an RPG based on a comic book
to export countries like China, Japan, and Europe. Animedia introduced the game
Big Biz Tycoon to the Northern American market. It was selected as Activision's
top 5 games in 2002.

Games= Eska Gaia

ContactsC.E.O: Jay Son,
Contact Person:
Sehong, Kim (Marketing Div. Planner)

AstroNest is a multiuser-focused online and mobile game developer and publisher
aiming to establish an Internet entertaintment game group (EGG) since it began
in Oct. 1999. AstroNest challenges the limits with a vision of producing
entertaining games for today's digitalized generation using its edge in
creativity and technology.

Games= AstroN, Love Plus, Bae Chil-Su's Suda Game,
Star Date, Dead Ice Penguin

ContactsC.E.O: Kim, Hwan-Gi,
Person: Choi, Chang-youl (Planning Manager)

Tel: +82-31-755-5227 (Ext. 104)

Com2uS Corporation, established in August 1996, became the first and leading
mobile entertainment provider in Korea. Com2uS games can be found in over 40
countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Com2uS' value proposition to the
operators is the ability to increase their revenue while giving end-users a game
they can enjoy anyplace and anytime. Com2uS offices in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and
London Support these operators and customers in one of the most far-fetched
mobile game distribution networks in the world with the potential for Com2uS
games to reach over 700 million mobile phone users.

Games= Andre Agassi COM2US
Tennis, Werewolf, COM2US Bowling2

ContactsC.E.O: Park, Ji-Young,
Person: Saeran Chay (Senior Manager)

Of course, these information are taken from KIPA (Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency).. it is interesting to note the descriptions because it can really tell you how far a company can go. Otherwise, it enlightens you with the mindset of a games company.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Yahoo is reading me now...

Ever since the recent slump... this blog is gaining momentum back. Refer to this for previous momentum build-up.

Currently, Yahoo's slurp is munching the contents.. as well as aggregator from NetNewsWire.. all via feedburner.

Currently, the averaged unique IP (Internet Protocol) visitors is around 50+.

Having the ranking of 43 for "tech blog" with MSN, while Yahoo and Google's ranking is out of 100.

I have it can stabilize at an average of 100+ daily.

With the levaraging on Jiboneus' content, it should improve further.

What's new today ?

As an effort to improve SEO (Search engine optimization) and thus to earn more money from Google Adsense and eventually other advertisement online providers, I have decided to leverage with Jiboneus Blog for its insatiable appetite towards new things in the Internet world.

This blog is amazing... with consistency towards analysis of new features and technologies available in the Internet daily, it has been able to create a knowledgebase which helps ICT people like me to keep a closer gap between the knows and haven't-known.

Surprisingly, it has shown willingness to focus on doing similar thing all the time. I mention this because sometimes great bloggers like Jeff Ooi and LcF would go to holidays (they are not worried becoz they know traffics would be going in.) Even political blog like skthew would suffer some inconsistency periodically.

Updated headlines from Jiboneus blog will be feeded into the right pane of this blog daily.

keep up the good work Jibone. Also, the RSS feed reader is provider by Feedsweep.

thus, what do we have today ?
Pockettrax and Google's OSX Dashboard Widgets ... Have you learned it already?

jobsandmore market efforts

jobsandmore... a new comer to Malaysia online recruitment industry has got everthing figured out..

First of all, it copies as much as possible from market leader -

Check out the search features...

To jobstreet, this is cheap. However, to jobsandmore, this is really smart. Personally, I would do the same since you can't pattern for user-interfaces.

However, the problem is still jobsandmore is not as popular as jobstreet yet and thus currently, it only offers 20+ jobs in term of IT-Software + All-Jobs-in-Malaysia.

Compared to Jobstreet, with these search criterias, there would be more than 100 listings available.

Marketing Efforts
To counter-strike, jobsandmore resorted to certain strategies. Its priority is to attract more job seekers like me to register into its web site.

One of such strategies is the offering of reward up to RM30k on top of a referral program.

In other words, this is like a lucky draw program where both user and its referral-person get to win something should luck strike on its database row.

Also, their other strategies are to follow exactly what jobstreet has and been doing.

In all, this taught me one thing...

There is always a case for market penetration if the followings apply:
1. Someone has proved that a busines model is workable.
2. That business model can be easily immitated. Means no IP(intellectual properties) involved.
3. What makes difference are marketing and continuous efforts for support.

This is probably why jobsandmore investors feel that they can allow themselves to invest in the former. It is proven business model and can be easily immitated. More so, the operation costs are not hefty and is predictable.

However, one can't really simple create a search engine because of many IP(intellectual properties) involved. It is said that MSN seeked Google's help to set up the search engine. Just how true is it ?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Google is reading me now..

For this first time, i am able to witnessed that Google bot (web spider) is currently traversing my blogs..

Previously, Yahoo Slurp(Yahoo's bot) would come in every once in a while. Unfortunely, it hasn't do so since last month.

Thus usually when search engine bots visit your site, search ranking would improve enormously for the time being.

And I have never heard of MSN's bot.. anyone has any idea ?

Friday, February 24, 2006

SEO status - Feb 06

So... what is the status of SEO for this blog ? It is waning.

MSN has accepted it back to the category "tech blog", at 48 ranking now.

Google ranks it at 122 for similar category, while Yahoo's bot hasn't visited it since last month. This can be verify by checking out the "cache" contents.

Based on traffic ?
I am still wondering as others would, how does the SEO really is working behind the scenes.

SEO experts talk about meta, link-farm,googlebombing and etc.

However, these all seem to me not the bottom-line factor which determines how the rankings are tabulated the search engines.

I would like to suggest now that it is based on traffics - perhaps so.

Currently only average of 55 unique IP visitors visited this blog daily. Compared to, I am way behind. However, which has average unique visitors of 335K is behind Liewcf.

Perhaps the search engine has a way to track down all those traffic counters and base the rankings on it, or at least to a certain extend of weightage.

I am still unsure about this.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

eDonkey shut down!

finally, eDonkey is being shut down.

can they build something without the need for system core ? So, bit torrent is without system core...

Thus, it is important that authority country for which server is hosted on is responsible for completing the last mile of such operation. Thus, why not host similar thing in Malaysia since there isn't any dedicated team to deal with such complications.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

make online money - ken doll

Another great way to make online money.. be a ken doll.

refer to

There is this guy by the name of Kevin McCormick who would take requests from net users to tell him what to wear for work everyday.

pretty cool..

and of course, every time you command those requests, Google Adsense will roll.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Malaysia Tech Happening - Feb 06

MCMC announced based rate for telecommunication interconnection -

Connection to mobile networks = 8.05 cents (reduced from 11.26 cents)
Connection to Telekom's monopoly fixed line network = 6.61 (raised from 4.8 cents)
- The Sun, 16-Feb-06, Financial Daily

Green Packet Posts record earnings of RM 30m for FY05
- Profit tripled to RM 30.69 million (year ended Dec 31, 2005) from RM 11.91 million a year ago.
- Networking solutions in China market had contributed 89% or RM 35 million to revenue and 69% or RM 27 million to net profit.
- Results were remarkable in 4Q which were driven by sales of software applications and networking equipment into the China market, particularly Guang Dong and the Shanghai region.
- They have a Beijing office which serve as the base for sales and marketing hub for the region.
- Next strategy is to identify "promising" targets for partnerships, joint ventures or acquisition in order to increase sales to telecommunication operators in China, Taiwan and South East Asia. Thus, it means that they are selling the solutions to Telcos.

Media Shoppe expands Presence in Thailand
- Provide tmsEKP (Enterprise Knowledge Portal) solution to Chiang Mai University (CMU) and a government project.
- The implementations (both related) are meant to encourage scholars to develop up-to-date methodologies to consult and serve their government to move foward in the field.
- Thailand is a fertile and forthcoming marketplace for TMS, especially in the area of KM. This gradual increase of interest in knowledge management goes hand-in-hand with greater commitment to instil knowledge management cultures in government departments.

Dagang Net Expects 16% rise in revenue
- Dagang Net expects 16% rise in revenue to RM 58 million by year ending 31 Dec 2006, from RM 50 million last year.
- This is a result of implementations of several electronic commerce initiatives.
- 24 permits issuing government agencies onto its electronic permit (e-Permit) project
- Development of electronic systems for online documentation of K3 forms, would go live by April 06.
- Shipping manifest (e-Manifest), will start pilot run by next month (March 06)
- K3 Forms are used for transfers of goods between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak while manifest forms are documents submitted by the carriers to describe the goods loaded or unloaded at the ports of call.
- Strategy now is to encourage all agencies to sign up for e-Permit this year, to stimulate paperless trade. Currently, only three agencies had implemented the e-Permits; they are Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (Fama), Malaysian Cocoa Borad and Pesticide Board of Malaysia.
- Dagang Net is a 60.16% subsidiary of Time Engineering Bhd, while other shareholders include Lembaga Tabung Haji and Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd.
- Dagang Net is famous for its EDI system for customers like ports and airports.
- Another strategy is to implement UN electronic trade documents (UNeDocs) by 2007 which would facilitate exports for SMEs. UNeDocs is a global standard for digital trade documents which allows countries to align their local systems with the international purchase and supply chain.

- The Sun, 21st Feb 2006.

Monday, February 20, 2006

j_neutron07 virus

I received the following message about a virus attacking yahoo messenger. It is called the j_neutron07

dran10 (2/17/2006 3:24:55 AM): LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If someone by the name of j_neutron07 wants to add you to their list dont accept it. Its a virus. Tell everyone on your lits because if somebody on your list adds them you will get it too. It is a hard drive killer and a very horrible virus. Please pass this on to everyone on your list. We need to find out who using these accounts. Sorry for the inconvenience. Right click on your group name of your buddy list and click Send Message to all. Copy and paste this message

Anyone can verify this ?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Google's untapped market


Mao Zedong had always wanted revolution; an event which would eventually change the way people live. Mao don't have to filty rich like Bill Gates, he just wanted ... revolutions.

The biggest problem of Google's business in China is (as narrated in the The Internet in China) conflict between:

1. They have to filter information. - China's rules.
2. Their philosophy renders them unable to filter information.
3. If they don't follow rules, they can't go it.

How much do they have to lose ?
Personally I feel that the biggest loser is their corporate vision; which is to be the best search engine in the world. Google don't want to change it to "the best search engine in the world outside China"

This will look weird when Mr. Page go about presenting keynotes during conferences.

But if they filter the contents, it won't do right as well because there goes fallacy in free speech. Who is right and wrong ? Which contents should go and stay ? Who will define righteousness when confucius has been death for more than 3000 years.

I know Google's problem now.. they can't find a way to mold Chinese (of China) into their own format, now they have to play by hard rules. Strictly the non-american ways.

Would they succeed ?

What about Subpeona from China goverment to gain access to users' queries ?

Why can't someone just setup a dynamic proxy for China users to use unfiltered information from Google ?


I have great respect for reading materials which I can learn something (wisdoms,tricks and techniques) out of it.

Google's blog about strategies for China has it.

I have learned that:
1. It took them a year to research and try to understand target market; China.
2. They talked to targeted users.

Also it taught me (reminded) about strategies on coming to formal corporate decisions.

Finding Balance:

Interestingly, they managed to find a balance to calm the intense of the comflict.

On the other hand, we believe that even within the local legal and regulatory constraints that exist in China, a speedy, reliable service will increase overall access to information for Chinese Internet users. We noted, for example, that the vast majority of Internet searches in China are for local Chinese content, such as local news, local businesses, weather, games and entertainment, travel information, blogs, and so forth. Even for political discussions, Chinese users are much more interested in local Chinese Internet sites and sources than from abroad. Indeed, for Google web search, we estimate that fewer than 2% of all search queries in China would result in pages from which search results would be unavailable due to filtering.

With these reasons above all, they have decided that will not affect their corporate mission and help to prolong the lifespan of their fundamental commitments:

1. Satisfy the users.
2. Expand excess to information.
3. Be responsive to local conditions.

Conflict: in a way that would give modest but unprecedented disclosure to Chinese Internet users.

how do you define modest ?

Law and Politics Flavors:

Crucial to this analysis is the fact that our new website is an additional service, not a replacement for in China. The Chinese-language will remain open, unfiltered and available to all Internet users worldwide.

By saying this, they hope that the China government would reopen up the filter for ? that is there merely to fulfill obligations and users are not encourage to use it and understood why it ( is being filtered.

Marketing to end-users:

Google is committed to protecting consumer privacy and confidentiality. Prior to the launch of, Google conducted intensive reviews of each of our services to assess the implications of offering it directly in China. We are always conscious of the fact that data may be subject to the jurisdiction of the country where it is physically stored. With that in mind, we concluded that, at least initially, only a handful of search engine services would be hosted in China.

This is to remind users of Google that there is no way the chinese 007 is going to break into any data center hosting Google's services' data.

Marketing to government:

Competition and Choice. Internet users in China, like people everywhere, want competition and choices in the marketplace. Without competition, companies have little incentive to improve their services, advance the state of the art, or take innovative risks. If Google were to stay out of China, it would remove powerful pressure on the local players in the search engine market to create ever-more-powerful tools for accessing and organizing information. Google’s withdrawal from China would cede the terrain to the local Internet portals that may not have the same commitment, or feel the competitive pressure, to innovate in the interests of their users.

This means that without presence of Google in China, Baidu will not be the greatest in China because competition has NOT been gauged. I agree to this... Jaguh Kampung(means local hero) cannot be the best.

However, have the China government given node yet ?

blog search engine

not too long ago.. this blog is doing a well in terms of search ranking for the keyword "tech blog".

Check out my insights about SEO.

Then suddenly, I don't know what happened, this blog was played down. Thus there goes all the insights which are not deemed not valuable. My reputation as SEO consultant is affected as well.

However, just recently I noticed that someone put me in the top again, that is blogsearchengine by IceRocket.

This search engine is pretty low profile and currently providing interfaces for users to do the following:

1. Register URL (etc for weblogs)
2. Ping them (means that let them know that your URL has been updated)
3. Free RSS services

According to Clickz, IceRocket was founded by Internet Billionaire Mark Cuban. The vision of IceRocket is to combine the best of both worlds between finding accurate information and having fun.

They have no problem facing competition and challenges because..

"We realize that whatever new features we come up with, others can copy. So what?" he said. "Our mission is to never rest; to enhance the product every day, and make it better every day. The goal is to connect to enough users that they make us their starting and ending point for information, and that is a satisfying and profitable business for us."

Good luck and thanks for indexing this blog to your search engine.

Who is Mark Cuban anyway ?

Looks familiar to you ?

Friday, February 17, 2006

refuse to copy CD

Have you ever encountered a situation when things which shouldn't happen happened?

let me give you an example...

I brough home 4 CDs (i am not telling the contents) and wanted to make a copy out of it.

But suddenly, Nero Express 6 suddenly go "tarik harga" (means refuse to cooperate)..

I put in both (destination and source CDs) to the proper tray, and then chose "copy CD".

Guess what error message I get ?

what the f... It is supposed to be brand new blank CD? how come only 356MB.. ? Going crazy, i tested with a few blank CDs and got the same thing.

Then instead of doing "Copy CD", I perform "Data CD" by writting a total data of size > 400MB into the supposedly raped CD (those that was labeled as 356MB only).. then it went!

Thus, nothing wrong with the CDs.

Without putting much intelligence thought over it, as I was kind of busy(with backlogs).. I decided to uninstall and then reinstall Nero again.

And guess what.. it worked as normal!

The last time I had a "Copy CD" problem was one year ago. Amazing.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Making money as blogger ?

Malaysian full time blogger LiewCF mentioned recently that to make a living as a blogger is really tough, have to think twice.

I did mentioned earlier that to make a good RM 2K from Google Adsense (of course you can choose other ads affiliation lar..), one needs to generate at least 125k unique IPs or visitors to your web site per month. Based on my estimation (which may not be accurate), LiewCF makes around RM 1K++ monthly from Adsense per se.

The one person who really make good money from Adsense is probably Malaysian famous blogger Jeff Ooi. His blog generates a record of 10K+ unique visitors per day! However, if you study carefully, most visitors are from Malaysia itself. Based on my calculations, he would generate around 300 K unique traffics monthly, and that would be around RM 6 - 7K of incomes from Adsense per se.

Passive Income?

Of course what LiewCF said is correct, not just the ideas (which i have plenty) or good english, you have to dedicate time to deliver those ideas into nice blogs and also maintain the web site. You may also need to spend time on SEO and other Internet activities to keep the traffics coming. This to my opinion(which I have experienced) would take a few good hours.

Therefore, there is no passive income here.

To me, the few ways to generate passive incomes with blogging are probably:
1. Create a daring blog - like Jeff Ooi's screenshot. Mind you, this gung-ho political analyst risks the ISA detention. The whole Malaysia cares about his blogs, even I heard police and Putrajaya would keep track of his blogs every darn day!

2. You are famous person - For instance, if you are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton or Osama Bin Laden, your blogs would generate traffic.

3. Original contents - You have to create original contents such as news, softwares (Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Samsung) and etc

4. SUPER fantastic, funny and scarce contents - Pornography is one of them.

For IT-Sideways blog, even though its author is proud of the contents, but as the matter of fact. Not many care about it. Occassionally, by linking back to Google's blog, I can generate up to 100+ visitors per day.

Currently my adsense income(monthly) is only around USD 10+ ; which is around RM 37 (just enough to make a MAKNA donation).

Nothing long of fantastic - But I have a plan.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Why 13 DNS ?

According to famous Malaysian blogger Jeff Ooi, there are only 13 root DNS servers in this world.

The primary reason being the limitation to the datagram operated under current Internet standards and protocols. It is related to datagram size. Which means that when IPv6 is widely adopted, there will be more root servers available.

A DNS is important to resolve URL names into actual IP addresses.

Every ISP(Internet Service Provider) would have DNS and they are all mirrorring to either one of the 13 root DNS servers.

The nature of Internet Protocols prevented end-users from knowing the actuall mechanism of datagram data-communication. However, to understand DNS in a pragmatic manner without dipping one's head into the ocean of computer studies, one may want to try the following:

Whenever your Internet is down:
1. Goto the command prompt.
2. Ping for

Wait for the responses.

Positive response:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=267ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=264ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=268ms TTL=51
Reply from bytes=32 time=268ms TTL=51

Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 264ms, Maximum = 268ms, Average = 266ms

The IP address of is the real address for Yahoo's main page's server. The DNS of the ISP has helped you to resolve the URL = into this number presentation.

Thus, should you get responses which states:

Unknown host [URL]

Then this means that the DNS is still functioning.

Wikipedia gives a good explanation of the working of DNS, even better than some books.

Accordingly, the most interesting part of the texts is regarding the explanation of delegations and zones. It is sometimes hard to explain technical processes or intelligence in laymen terms, risking being dummy.

I guess delegation is one feature for the DNS to work, by fowarding request to other DNS servers. While the concept of zones is to speed up the process of resolving URL. This is very common in the area of A.I alogorithms such as the A-Star algorithm which would dynamically define zones in order to predict the likely position of the answer.

How to know when DNS is not functioning when Internet is down?

1. Goto to command prompt.
3. If one gets the feedback as "request time-out"
Then try to ping directly
4. If the feedback is NOT "request time-out", then the DNS is down. You maybe able to view Yahoo homepage by typing directly to the homepage, but yet it can't save all the arses because you would still need the help of DNS for resolving other link's URL, such as

Thursday, February 09, 2006

what is malaysia pentagon up to ?

The need for creation of K-Force (knowledge force) - Emphasizing on creation of professional, well-trained, well-equipped force that is available for operations at short notice and one tha can be sustained on deployment over extended periods.

The ATM (Malaysian Armed Forces) is transformed into a learning organization where each of its personnel are constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills in terms of technology.

Launching of Malayia's Medium Aperture Camera Satellite by 2005(end of)-2006, RM 50 million multi-tasking macro satellite.

According to Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak, defense minister of Malaysia, the most critical thing is "networking"; computer networking. Comprehensive networking ensures all grounds are covered where intelligence information are shared, coordinated and integrated while the new technology enables data gathering to be done in real time. Analysis of data by the tri-services(Navy, Air-Forces, Combat) instead of the individual service will help in optimising such intelligence and formulation of strategies in total.

MINDEF-private sector smart partnership
To strengthen MINDEF - private sector cooperation in building the local defense industry, the ministry has set up the Malaysian Defence Industry Council chaired by the Defense Minister. The council will be responsible to mapping out certain policies and requirements, the private sector will based on these requirements, propose for projects and thus gives rise to collaboration--> This is a smart choice because collaboration is one good way to cushion against budget insufficient frictions.

According to Datuk Seri, this is ...
"Local producers who are interested in supplying the armed forces with military equipment must keep abreast with the requirements and specifications of ATM. They must be able to support the high state of operational readiness and capability of our armed forces."

Possible immediate requirements..
Malaysian companies capable of producing world-class quality of military equipment. Simulators for fighter jets for example could be produced locally. While MINDEF has identified two local companies capable of producing the hardware, there are many others that could provide the software.

Small and medium-sized vessels such as patrol boats could also be built locally with components and technologies coming from various countries.

- Reported by Symbiosis

My thoughts..
Why not teach them about development ? Learning is the bottom line for everything. Setup a training center targeting MINDEF. They might also be requiring K-portal.

A Malaysian company has already been keeping up to such development.. ShapeShifters inc. - focusing on simulation and visualization technology.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

IBM ways of how to increase process flexibility

How to increase process flexibility and responsiveness to constantly changing projects.

Proven, flexible process guidance helps you work more efficiently toward project goals.
The IBM Rational Method Composer (RMC) represents a major evolution of IBM’s process solutions, which includes and extends the IBM Rational Unified Process®, or RUP. Rational Method Composer adds new best practices to RUP that leverage IBM’s expertise in portfolio management, collaborative distributed development, and service oriented architecture; enabling teams across an organisation to collaborate more effectively, reduce software project failures and save time and money.

Built on Eclipse, it offers you the benefits of an
open source ecosystem.

The Rational Method Composer includes an open, Eclipse-based platform that delivers RUP and aspects of SUMMIT Ascendant’s vast library of best practices for building higher quality software and systems. The open process platform can help you capture, share and reuse software best practices that solve a range of complex development challenges.
Click here to download a trial version of the IBM Rational Unified Process®, that is now included in IBM Rational Method Composer - a flexible process platform containing processes and tools for use throughout I.T. Lifecycle Management (ITLM).
The processes you create will help you:
Tightly link business and I.T. activities
Enable more effective collaboration across your organisation
Reduce project failures
Save time and money

IBM, the IBM logo and the Rational logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Other company, product and service name may be trademarks or service marks of others. ©2006 IBM Corporation. All rights reserved.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

IT change management

Change management is essentially part of some MBA courses such as technology management.

Referring to this white paper presented by Concorde Software and Services. It simply states that...

One cannot defines stability as having unchanged melody... Stability is defined as the beginning and ending point(no s) of an unfreeze-change-refreeze model. Thus there goes the reason for changing... to acquire stability.

Change management let one reads real life scenario like a book. The most profound effect is that when someone is hired as CEO or Change-Management consultant to restructure a company, by knowing change managment, priviledges are:

1. He/she knows what he is going to face.
2. He/she knows the best practices. So that whatever proposed is not deemed overly childish or creatively stupid.
3. He/she speaks the same language as the real actors in the "environment"
4. Knowing how the boundaries and limits - This is important to identify new growth area (for R & D) and also risks.
5. Given a big problems with limited resources, informations are required to cut short making brilliant decisions.

ITIL prepares for one a set of best practices which resulted from accumulation of all the theories and knowledges of IT management.

To me, having such theories are good because of the following benefits:
1. Those who have no problem with readings can fast-foward careers without having to go through years of hard-core experiences.
2. One can laugh at the theorist for making weak conclusions.
3. Enlightenment for those from other industries who wanted to know how fun and boring IT management is.

Thus, why would an organization hire a change consultant ?
--> For the knowledge enlightenment, lazy to read or attend courses.

Why would an organization needed such services ?
--> To achieve stability, maturity level.
--> To motivate employees for innovation and self-realization.
--> To have some agendas during annual meetings.
--> To play the game like a game. (To gamble with decisions)

~Natural Change Management~

Monday, February 06, 2006

Virtual traveling real search

It wouldn't be that long from now, when one would be able to travel into New York city in a 3D racing game with spatial data consisting of real people (on the street).

Volkswagen and Google is already teaming up to produce such system where where a nagivation system based on Google's technology would enable drivers of bird view of the road ahead. This is of course fun and cool.

The idea of virtual traveling has motivated by many evangelists and other technologist for long. But none is quite successful because one would have to come up with a good GIS system which can represent actual maps in 3D.

Only those with priviledge technology can afford to venture into such game. Particularly, those with satelite mapping technology.

Satelite Mapping Technology
Conventionally, GIS was developed based on data collected from the real world. In the high end, we would be able to anticipate GIS system which uses light as the plotting device where a plane would fly over a lanscape radiating lights which would be reflected back to the plane. This light is not common light. 9 Dimensional(3D, color and etc) data would be collected and used to create 3D view of a landscape. However, such practice is expensive because the cost of flying an aircraft coupled with the need for database update is tremendous.

Then came those with satelite-scanning capability which uses it to create GIS for the application of car tracking system.

Google Earth then made its debut and everybody was like WOW...

However, Google Earth is not opening up its API for public. End-users get to be evangelists and marketing agents for them by using the free version. As the matter of fact, the system (full) is reserved for commercial usage.

This is terrific method of marketing software or solution. There is no other way than collecting end-users and marketing agents or ambassadors. Behold the word of mouth, it is even better than blogelist (blogger evangelist).

If there API would be made open source, many virtual applications would be unearthed. For instance, virtual tourism, virtual property and etc.

Last but not least, those with priviledge access to great technology win. otherwise, one would just need to create a GIS from scratch based on object technology - who cares to update and maintain it ?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Mydoom Virus 3 Feb 2006

My sister was telling me not to use the Internet from today (3rd Feb 2006) for at least one full day. She said overheard news warning user not to be online because there is a massive virus attacking the Internet.

Curious and intrigued, I logged to the Internet with Linux system and find out what exactly it is.

I searched for "virus attack 3 february" and found two links..

The first link from BBC news stated that MyDoom virus@MyDoom.B will attack SCO and Microsoft Corp websites separately on 3rd Feb 2006; 13:09 GMT.

Okay, this is confusing. why would people care ?? Let Bill Gates figure it out then. And who is SCO ?

The second link is from Wikipedia.. much better. According to it, MyDoom is a worm which attacks Microsoft Windows System or PCs.It is commissioned by email spammers. It will send DOS attack to SCO for its infringement of open source pledge.

Thus, I finally able to figure something out of these two collaterals.

1. MyDoom is a worm and it will first infect Windows PCs.
2. It is spread through the email by spammers. Which means that if you are cautious with opening suspicious emails, you will be fine.
3. As soon as it is infected to any PC(s), it will start its business by attacking SCO web site or Microsoft web site by bombarding it with large data until the web server crashed.
4. For those PCs infected with the worm, no big damage would be anticipated other than being the partner in crime of killing the two mentioned websites.

Anyone should be lucky enough to read this blog to start using Windows system again on 3rd Feb 2006.