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Sunday, May 29, 2005

IBM quest for Artificial Intelligence

I have been keeping the following URL for months until now, having some time to read through.

IBM Journal of A.I 2005

It is a collection of journal published by IBM researchers in the field of A.I, aiming to give us a summary of what is happening like how far A.I has progressed, what are the future like and etc.

Message from the VP of Software Research, Alfred Spector, that we are still far from the realism promised or haunted by movies such as Matrix and Terminator, when a single consciousness spawn the life of machine.

To him, the ability of a 5 year old reasoning is still a remarkable impact and yet to date no A.I system is able to simulate that.

The only celebrations we could have is partial A.I systems which serves specialised purposes such as chess-brain, speech & handwriting recognition and document imaging.

As i read through the first article of "Architecture of Artificial Intelligence system", I couldn't understand much of it except that I reckon with some of the following facts:
1. Graph Algorithm - I developed one before, to determine the search result for a web site.
2. Computation restriction - They figure that they might have problems of computers coping with computations need of their researched theories. In this case, they probably need to look into Quantum Computing as well. (Another headache)
3. Using metaphor - They are actually trying to learnt something from Unix, since it is already proven.

Even though I don't understand much of it, I am worry less because by referring to the definitions of many keywords as following:
1. Tuples.
2. KR
3. horn-clause logic
4. LISP - This one I know
5. Prolog - This one also i know
6. CG
7. KIF
8. Begriffsschrift
9. First order logic
10. CNL

I would be able to understand it better if I had read about those keywords.. Let me share one skill to learning I.T, it is about definitions. If a lay person is able to figure out the keyword, then understanding a technical paper is not hard.

In all, I could see that they are trying to figure a generic way to allow language to be written in a programming environment and then convert it to structural way and etc. In between that, they need to do a lot of interim processes.

The only thing I can understand from the author is this:
The ideal architecture for true AI has not yet been found.

This is probably the biggest problem because you just don't know where to start and where to stop. From the author, you can notice that he had been trying to read as much material as possible, evaluating each of them and try to come out with a common ground. (This is hard job), the problem is that he is not sure who is right or wrong, what worst, he don't know what information to look for because there is no ideal architecture for A.I

To make things even complicated, there is just no direction for A.I where you have many researchers doing researches based on what they wanted to achieve. But none have come so far to complete something substantial, it is like as if Newton would do the calculus half way through and ended up having many other people coming up with different theories and method, giving the next generations headaches because we have to read through one by one.

Therefore, like the author said, the search for a ideal architecture for A.I is very important to cater for future development of A.I, otherwise there will be no end. The architecture is important to act as a direction, even though it is in theories but something must be there for researcher to focus on.

Without such directions, more and more things will come up as researchers pass on their partial work. More and more work needed to be done to parse through those papers in search for the ideal framework, consists of linked but unproven set of theorams to is able to cater for every possibilities.

Does this means that we need god to lead the way ? Newton was able to finish Calculus and Algebra because he saw the whole thing.

1. The problem with A.I?
2. why is A.I not progressing well?
3. why is mathematics important?
4. why is Newton so great?
5. what is it like to work for IBM A.I research?
6. The cost of partial work done?

technology replacing technology

the title is the one taken directly from the newspaper.. "When outsource loses human element"

for a second I thought it meant, outsourcing is mean because it states the following:
"The notion of outsourcing work to India conjures up stories of American and European software programmers being reduced to stocking supermarket shelves to a make a living."

This statement whether true or not, is due to the fact that Indian willing to do intense high-skill work for a lower pay than anyone else. Just last week, we talk about just how American government tried to cushion the effect of cheaper outsourced pants from China. Now why is nobody doing anything about this ?

According to the article, the biggest workforce for outsource job are involved in software development and call center. In spite of that, there are already some ambitious people wanted to once again change history on the face of earth by creating automation for software development and call center; it is about technology replacing technology.

Tata Consultancy, a research center in the western city of Pune is researching A.I programs that is capable to wonderous feats for automation. Mastercraft, a software which could automatically spawns computer code from a simple programming language, and then automatically rewrites the code when the user's needs a change.

well, such claim is rather ambitious, I hope. Probably the end product of Mastercraft would come with a lot of contraints and restrictions. According to IBM, for such reality such is still far.

The grand challenge is still out there, and no one can confidently predict when—or if—AI research will yield a complete answer. AI has made considerable progress in emulating some higher-level functions of the human intellect—puzzle-solving, chess, and so on—but we still cannot begin to match the common sense of a five-year-old child or the sensory-motor capabilities of a housefly.

Nevertheless, the practice of A.I has put numerous applications to become reality:
1. Rule based expert systems
2. speech and hand-writing recognitions.
3. Search engine for natural language.
4. Aids for machine translation.
5. Friendlier user-interfaces.

IBM Journal of A.I

"when outsource loses human element" tries to mean that it is because of the philosophy of outsourcing which causes human (the master mind) to continuously seek out adventurous cost-saving yet innovative techniques to help with task at hand. In the future, it will be at the expense of human war with machine.

1. Is outsourcing a good thing?
2. why is outsourcing bad for human race?
3. what is the relationship between oursourcing and movies like Matrix, Terminator?
4. What is the use of A.I?
5. how powerful is A.I now?
6. why is American economy falling?

Private tutoring via the Internet

Based on article from the Sun, May 28-29

with USD20 per hour, you can afford your son or yourself, one to one private tutoring from science experts in India, via telecommunication means. It is around 50% cheaper than those provided by Sylvan and Kaplan.

So are arguing that the policy of No Child Left Behind(NCLB) is suffering from tremendous quality and culture issues.

Apparently, such private tutoring services is booming in the US where schoolers get extra lesson from private tutor

BrainFuse, teaches student using virtual tutoring software.
Career Launcher, an Indian setup is mainly focusing on India's market, the website didn't specify anything about online tutoring.

So I guess I am not really insane for my idea of online english class via the blogsphere.

What most important is that we need to figure out a fair way to play the game. Someone has to pay and the payment has to be justified. In Malaysian, majority of urban kids go for tuition classes, not because they expect their children to pick up more knowledges but they all went in for one vision: children get as high grades as possible. Thus, the challenge of private tutor is not really about given knowledges, it is about making sure that the apprentice score well in exams. They do so by means of focusing on past year exam questions and etc.

For our new venture, we must think of a fair way and some technological feat that can help student even better, such as having features which can store their past mistake which would act as reminder for them during examinations preparations and etc.

We must also make sure that teacher who don't teach well don't deserve much pay and student are allowed to switch teachers as they wished.

Critical success factor, like I said earlier, is the reason for anonymousity. Feeling stupid is a barrier to success because it compresses self-esteem. For the good sake of education, such as NCLB education program in US, everybody should be given fair chance for success. Thus, being anonymous will make this sort of program even more powerful than conventional teaching, which is polluted by biasness and etc.

There are like around 20k American student currently subscribed to service like BrainFuse and if each an everyone of them attend one class of one hour per week, that would be 20K x 20 = 400K of montly revenue.

if we setup one in Malaysia and get few marketing executives to go around the globe for promotion, it is still a pretty good margin. Malaysian is still better as online business headquarter compared to Singapore due to cost considerations. As for problem with reputation, we could quickly get MSC status and locate ourself to MSC village, which is usually more expensive than normal type.

1. what Internet opportunity for teachers?
2. why setup company in Malaysia than singapore?
3. can e-learning work?
4. what is online tutoring ?
5. Killer application of the Internet ?

SAP-Java coupling

Some statistic about job openings in the country for 27 May 2005 . Yeah, I counted with my fingers, too bad they(The Star) don't have web services for this kind of service.

A total of 584 odd(some position has more than one opening) openings from 176 companies, majority favors Engineering and finance. I.T related job is only 56 odd openings, which is equivalent to 1% of total openings for a period of 2 weeks, mainly in Klang Valley.

It is however, surprising to note that SAP is finally coupling with Java, meaning they are looking for people with Java skills most likely due to the fact that SAP implementations are ready to move into the next phrase, which is to have web interfaces towards their existing system. For instance, companies looking to implement CRM (customer relationship management) and supply chain management on top of their existing SAP R/3 infrastructure might probably looking at exposing web interfaces so that they can interact with customers better.

Why java ? to me it is for the strenght. Java is still stronger than PHP, PERL except for which has similar capability as Java does, after migrating from its conventioal ASP framework few years back.

So this is good news for those Java guy... finally you get a chance to work with SAP. How it work is that you need to make use of the BAPI which allows you to access SAP R/3 database from other development platform.

This is not surprising as many non-microsoft vendor have chosen Java as the programming language partner such as Oracle and now SAP. If people work hard enough, we might be expecting some CRM and supply chain companies to emerge from nowhere, providing on-demand Java SAP implementation.

Once they are done with their CRM and Supply Chain, the next thing they are looking into is probably CMS (content management system). With CMS, you would be able to grab information from all over the places such as the core SAP R/3 system, CRM & Supply chain subsystem and even intranet.

Of the 56 I.T jobs, most of them are requirement-intensive. For instance, ODBC's three openings required experiences with Teradata, database normalization, DataStage, Enterprise Datawarehousing and knowledge of Bank's risk. Now this is obvious that no matter how smart you are, these job are reserved for those working in the banking industry.

There are some for I.T executives and some software engineering post for telecommunication industries.

Probably if you are of generic talent type, you might want to try business related role.
Time - BDE for International Business.
TO perform project management of new business collaborations for new revenue potential in wholesale market. Revenue management initiatives of existing products & partners. Cost management. Optimization of current infrastructure and partners. Raise active business participation at regional level.

Well, this job is similar to what I had been doing over the last whole year. You will be involved with airtime and bandwidth trading. If you would like to know more, check out my C.V for details.

Axon is also having a good opening for some I.T guy out there. They have this position called functional SAP where what you need to have is :
1. 3 years project implementation or support experience in SD, MM, FiCO, HR,CRM, SC, BW,PP, S&A.
2. Minim 2 implementation life cycle experiences. means you are part of the developer for 2 implemtations.
3. Confidence in team leading on projects.
This is good because you could have implemented such modules in different languages such as Java, VB, C++ and etc. Now you have chance to be part of the SAP team. This used to be our dream, but now it is like a bit too late. Please bear this in mind, to command a salary of RM10k, you need to wait for another 2-3 years in the same role and by that time, more and more people with SAP skill would have been added to the I.T society. Currently I believe they can offer you around RM 3K++, not a bad pay after all. Just consider carefully.

Or you can choose to go with a MNC in corporate training; Marcus Evans which preached about the concept of "Majority of CEO are from Sales", except for Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and etc. oh right, even Steve Ballmer is from Sales, and our favourite Donald Trump also from Sales. So if any of you wanted to be CEO, perhaps hey you might want to live your dreams.

Good luck guys.

1. job prospect in malaysia?
2. who is hiring ?
3. I.T job prospect?
4. what options do I have in I.T?
5. how can I get involve with SAP?
6. I know Java, what are my options?
7. how to be CEO?

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I.T for all campaign

Recently, there is a voint venture campaign organized by few I.T vendors in malaysia where they are putting together their best product(not really, the most suitable one) as a package for marketing purposes. It is called "I.T for all".

The main sponsor is maybank due to the fact that it is recommending potential buyer with the following two financial services:
1. SMI & SME loan up to half a million.
Tenure : 3 years means you can get funding up to maximum three years from the date approved.
Rates : 5% BLR set up government (means for government lar)
Total = BLR + 1.5% (maximum is 2%, means the bank will take 1.5% lar)
No details is given how they going to approve it, or who is most eligible for it.
In my humble opinion, I feel that I.T companies are those who need such thing the most. (you can go ahead to guess the reason)

2. Credit card 0% easy payment. - This is a service where you can use your credit card to purchase product via installment and you pay no interest to the vendor. It is a good thing actually because even though many vendors accepts credit card for installment payment, most would levy additional interest due to the interest rate imposed by banks to them. (know what i am saying). In this case, if you are buying the following products under these scheme, you will not have to pay any interest to the vendor. But but but, you would need to pay interest to the credit card company for balances in your credit card account. So it is like single interest compared to double interest in the normal environment. The vendor would be more than happy to serve you because I believe Maybank would pay them full even before you settle the whole deal. The bank is hoping that you would be paying interest to them by not clearing your credit card account monthly. This is a WIN WIN situation.

1. Attract people because people thought that they could do away with credit card installment.
2. Attract vendor because bank will bear the responsibilities of bad debts since Maybank will pay full amount to the vendor when the deal is confirmed.
3. Bank will earn interest from you because you are expected to have balances in your credit card account, otherwise you would have paid in cash in the first place.

Vendors involved:
1. Intel powered desktop, laptop and server. (It is not advertised as Dell)
2. Microsoft Office 2003
3. TrendMicro
4. Biztrak
4. Myob
5.HP laser printer.
6. Linksys broadband router.
7. Streamyx broadband service.

I wouldn't be suprised that Maybank is the main contractor. To know the answer, just called the customer service hotline. 03-7782 9692. Well then again maybe not, this could be just one distributing company's hotline number. (They are not advertising their brand and website).

They are probably targeting the untapped market, since no website given. They expect that potential customers have very low I.T literacy around.

Nevertheless, I feel that this has something to do with MCA because few months back, our transport minister did make a campaign urging companies to adopt I.T systems. But none of the MCA element is found in the news.

Anyhow, I still feel that it is not a seller. Untapped market people are probably more conservative than you think, advertisment like these would attract I.T people like me. It would create awareness for the vendors involved such as MYOB. For people to actually buy it is another story.

Personally I feel that MYOB is famous and quite-common as well. Yet people still not buying it because there is no one talk about it like they are talking about Star Wars or Windows XP. If you gather around non-IT people, they would have high regards for Windows XP, even myself. Comparing those days of Windwos 95, 98 and ME, it is really a great product, i speak for myself. You get to hear people saying that:

"do you know that you can make XP faster and slower ??? can you teach me ??" --> Referring to tweaking ability.

like I said ealier, the experience of Windows XP is surreal, people just can't stop having fun out of it, especially the non-IT people.

Thus, for MYOB, they might have hard core sales manager and excutives, but it ain't enough to boost the sales. Doing centralized advertisement like this would help to boost the awareness, making your product more vulnerable to copy-cat and setting yourself as target of price-benchmark.

1. what is latest IT happenings in malaysia?
2. what is MYOB doing?
3. what is micro trend up to?
4. what is linksys up to?
5. what is biztrak up to?
6. what is maybank ezy pay?
7. what is maybank i.t plus?
8. I need funding for i.t infrastructure.
9. where can i buy HP printer for installment?
10. how can i buy original software at good bargain?

Monday, May 23, 2005

tweaking guide for Windows XP

Finally got time to compile my Tweaking guide.

The guide made up few parts, some is not a tweakIt’s just suit my needs.

The 1st obvious thing to speed up the start up comp wasnot to use the Wallpaper, and 16 bit color.Then to speed up the shutting down was in my guide.

For Services.htm, it will really speed up your Windows XP,But I got no guarantee for what is going to happen to your comp.Research more and you will know. My services setting was set to my needs, I did not use internet or network, so I disable most of them.

So use the guide at your own risk.

Change the guide as you wish, although is copyright me.


posted by Yudywanto (

1. how to make XP faster?
2. why my computer so slow?
3. why windows XP so slow?
4. why XP so slow ?
5. what is tweaking ?
6. how to fine tune my computer running windows XP?
7. how to speed up my computer running windows xp?
8. making windows xp faster.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

accounting standard changed...

Also from StarBizWeek 21 May 2005.

The Malaysian Standard Accounting Board (MASB) recently published announcement on admendments to accounting standards.

starting May.
Stardard Code Title
FRS 101 Presentation of Financial Statements
FRS 102 Inventories
FRS 108 Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors.
FRS 110 Events after the balance sheet date
FRS 116 Property, Plant & Equipment
FRS 121 The effects of changes in Foreign exchange rates
FRS 124 Related party disclosures
FRS 5 Non-current assets held for sale and discontinued operations.

To be issued by July 2005
FRS 3 Business combinations.
FRS 136 Impairment of Assets
FRS 138 Intangible Assets

To be issued by August 2005
FRS 140 Investment property

To be issued by September 2005
FRS 2 shared-based payment
FRS 132 Financial instruments: Disclosure and presentation

to be issued by October 2005
FRS 1 First-time adoption of financial reporting standards
FRS 117 Leases
FRS 127 Consolidated financial statements and investments in subsidiaries
FRS 128 Investments in Associates
FRS 131 Financial reporting of Interests in Joint Ventures
FRS 133 Earnings per share

to be issued by November 2005
FRS 139 Financial instruments: Recognition and measurement.

ERP developers might move in to make changes to their codes... this would create more jobs in the short period of time. while the impact may not given high hopes for employer seeker, employer may have chances of making further penetrations into the market. As authority is serious with such implementation and imposes fines for late follower, we can use software as a way to help them to solve "slow responsiveness" problems.

Other potential growth are Business Intelligence segment where reporting is the core issue.

The best way to sell is, undoubtly, the ability to propagate ideas. The winner is the one who has ability to make an impact on the buyer.

Personally, I would pay for the following software if available...
--> A software which is an accounting system (or ERP system) that comes completely in full functional features and existing dataset, which is aimed to help me understand the full cycle of financial activities for an organization. Meaning, the software is a ready software, and also loaded with existing database where I can use the software to learn about accountings concepts and etc. --> E-learning.

1. what is the future of ERP ?
2. what is the future of accounting software?
3. how can the market creates more job?
4. how to market ERP system more effectively?
5. how to approach your market for ERP ?
6. how to sell business intelligence better?
7. the market for business intelligence ?
8. how can e-learning be related to ERP ?

USD 9-and-hour for apparel industry wages

This is also another highlight from StarBizWeek 21 May 2005

It states the following facts:
1. The lost of 17,200 US textile and apparel jobs in the first quarter of 2005 was a direct consequences of the 1573% increse in imports of chinese-made cotton trousers from a year earlier.
2. According to A.T. Kearney, it cost USD135 to manufacture a dozen of pairs of trousers in the US. The import price for chinese trousers is only USD57 per dozen. The rest of the world averages at USD69
3. Bush administration, on May 13 invoked its right to impose "safe-guards" on imported trousers from China.

Two reasons for being hard:
1. Why deny a cheaper trousers to Americans ?
--> For future benefits. According to Pietra Rivoli, and economist at GeorgeTown University, if American are buying trousers from their own manufacturer, each worket would receive more than USD9k in job retraining and other benefits. Means, even if they can't keep their job, they will still get other good things. Something better than nothing.
2. The yuan peg at 8.3 to USD is giving the chinese exporter and unfair edge. Means it is benefiting the chinese tremondously. The US senate is working on a fixed tariff of 27.5% on across-the-board chinese imports. Hoping to force China to reevaluate its currency to the model which follows demand.

My evaluation is this...
Why is it relevant to I.T ?
My guess is that the reason for high living cost of american compared to that of chinese is apart from higher living standard, also due to the need for high maintenance. One reason could be that American has the need to connect to the Internet, so at least they need to earn that kind of wages to support monthly subscription. haha, this is abit crazy, but yeah I do feel that American has higher maintenance in daily life such as beer, condom,books and etc. Or perhaps they have a need to maintain a cell phone and things like that.

Chinese on the other hand, don't really care about Internet yet, self-made-beer, no-need-condom and are not so interested to read as much book as possible.

So, I.T does help to create lesser and lesser job around us. Beware of IT!

1. why is USA having high living standard?
2. why is USA have better Internet facilities?
3. why is USA economy failing?
4. why is China economy rising?
5. why is USA fearing china?

Wimax is coming as well..

Idea originated from Star' Bizweek 21 May 2005

I took this title to enable better seachability of spider...

Wimax is also coming...
NasionCom Berhad, Malaysia foremost IDD provider, is very much earger to put off its stereotyped of being the cheap phone call provider and wait no time to move on. According to them, they are doing well in other business segment, one of such is managed services which happens to yield profit margin of 30%-40%. Similiar services are also strongly engaged by other top guns in Malaysia such as Vads of Telekom Malaysia, even Digi, Maxis, Celcom all have such departments. Because why ? They have the infrastructure. If you want the full list of such potentials... please refer to Malaysian MCMC site.

Anyway, despite their falling stock prices..which the company blames on wrongly speculation about the company's image as IDD provider is no big deal. Their next big plan is into Wimax, a high speed + wide area wireless Internet facility. So what is all these about, wireless Internet ?

Fixed Broadband:
1. TM Net streamyx
2. Maxis
3. Atlas One
4. NasionCom

Wireless Internet come under 3G, EDGE, GPRS. (The signal is coming from telco existing base stations)
1. Maxis
2. Digi
3. Celcom

Wi-fi (Wireless Fidelity) (Short range internet access)
Wifi requires a backbone which serves the short-range mini station.
1. Airzed
2. Time Telekom (they used to have a service called webbit)
3. CNX (malaysia emerging company as the next generation broadband provider)
4. The controversial Jaring's MY015

Wimax (Worldwide interoperability for Microwave access)
The idea of Wimax is such that using just limited base station, you shoot the signal into a long long distance... For instance, having a base station in Shah Alam, you can serve the whole Shah Alam for it. Compare to Wifi, you need the service of Stackbuck Coffee, Coffee Bean, LongBlack and etc.
1. Nasioncom
2. CNX

It is very obvious that all these are going to clash with each other... You would soon find yourself flooded with Internet connections at popular places like Bangsar and KLCC, with option to choose from so many of them. This could be the reason why Maxis & Celcom are retailing their wirelessCard at such high price RM1400 while keeping monthly subscription low. They probably figure that this is one way to make people loyal to the service.

So we are expecting more activities coming soon. One thing for sure, the cyber cafe is going to go bust soon. The VOIP market is also expected to grow thiner soon, because as soon as Internet connections are widely available, the younger generation would rely on things like messenger to converse with others, only the older generations are still unsure of what is happening. This is why Redtone, on 11th may 2005, acquired certain stocks in GreenPacket, apparently, Redtone is buying favor from GreenPacket, where the latter is developing applications for mobile internet. With such purchase, my evaluation is that Redtone will be given priority as the VOIP provider to host(airtime) GreenPacket's future application.

Why GreenPacket needed such aid when they have other options to choose from ?
--> To ease cash flow. They are very much in R&D stage now.

Why Redtone needed to rely on GreenPacket's R&D ?
--> Even though Redtone has R&D team, they might not have the time and not willing to invest further.

Suprising, none of them ever make out explicit call for developers to come up with new applications. Probably most of them (infrastructure provider) wanted to reserve such revenue to themselves as well.

All these going to get everyone excited... But is it going for real ? Besides making phone calls and chatting, what other things most people would like to do ?

The players have two options:
1. Create free applications(software) to keep customer loyal to their service (Internet connection).
2. Make service free and sell application (or based on Montly subscription)

1. what is the future of IDD ?
2. what is the future of cyber cafer?
3. what is the difference between wireless internet & broadband?
4. what is the difference between 3G,EDGE,GPRS, wimax, wife?
5. what is the difference between wifi and wimax?
6. why is Redtone buying share from GreenPacket?
7. Why is WirelessCard so expensive ?
8. Can Internet ever be free?

Jobs at google

if you guys are at lost at job.. probably you can refer to

to see what available job usually provided by a tech firm. and also gauge yourself with one of the world biggest company..

nevertheless, don't be suprised that they are looking for PHDs..

Friday, May 20, 2005

A smart thing to do

I thought I just had an idea how to make my blog even more popular.

Go around technorati, search for related topic of blogs which I had written and start making link on it. For instance, I wrote a couple of blogs about "Broadband". I will first search for other blogs about "broadband" and then start making link to my blog. I am sure this will increase more hits in a shorter time.

The fun thing is, as you are searching for blogs with an intended content focus such as "broadband", nevertheless as you read the contents, you realize that it is more biased towards other subject which you had also mentioned before.. Then you go on putting relevant links to them too. It is like searching for 'match made in heaven", you would find that someone actually had the same idea as you in this world and confirm that you are not insane actually for having such thoughts.

Imagine yourself being hired by a millionaire who happens to have a personal blog and wanted to make out to the world. You would probably considering this strategy.

The best part is ... you will never be out of job!, coz there are just unlimited blogs around, and they are growing and growing...

1. How to make my blog popular?
2. How to increase counter?
3. How to increase traffic ?
4. Am i the only one who is writing about something?
5. How to be heard in the Internet?

what you are paid for..

at the recent article on information overload

Bill Gates warns that there is just simply too much information for anyone to cope with. He followed by saying..

"It's overwhelming," Gates said Thursday at the software company's ninth annual CEO Summit. "Nobody's paid to do search or just find information. At the end of the day you're paid for designing a new product, having a satisfied customer and doing that with the minimum amount of time, the minimum amount of people."

It means that you need to be doing things fast and make people happy, but in order to do that you would need to parse through a lot of information. That is kind of like a trap to you, a lot of information yet no time to read them. So you need to be a robot actually.

and he continues with next generation office tools.. Office 12, which would somehow help you with such problems, particularly with information searching. For instance, you can use it to help you with research at nite while you were sleeping, and present to you with new findings in the next morning. This is like the concept of data warehousing too, where cubes are build at nite, when activities are low.

However,experts feel that for such reality to be crystalized, I.T literacy is more inportant than software development. Simply put, you would still need to know how to use the technologies available to make things work for yourself. Probably this would give a boost to e-learning and etc.

1.why is e-learning important?
2. what is the future of e-learning?
3. what is the future of MS Office ?
4. how is the future of Internet ?
5. why is information searching important ?
--------end of evalet-----------------------

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

it is getting popular..

This blog (I.T sideways) is getting popular..

now, if you search by the string "brandonteohno1" from google, this blog would be referenced as the first result. Way to go.... which would followed by my other's blog.

how does it work ?
--> I can't give you a fixed answer. But registering to seemed to give it a big boost. I am getting site traffics from places which I don't know. Nevertheless, I did register with Google two weeks ago.

One thing I am for sure is that the URL is the main criteria to get you there. For instance, if you search with "I.T Sideways", it probably won't show this blog, simply because the main URL for this blog is

thus the unique word is "brandonteohno1"

Another reason could be due to the fact that as we started to click on the advertisements' link, this site been counter-referenced.

Nevertheless, I did figure out a better way to make search even efficient for blogs, via a method which I would like to called it Evalet. Watch out for it!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

English class for everyone

recently, there are plenty of human development institutes for children & youngster especially, such as the following:

1. Adam Khoo's Advange Learning Technologies
2. Kumon
3. Enopi
4. Many Singaporean companies
5. School-Live

the only problem is, youngster these days seem to work harder than adult in term of brain-squeezing and thinking. Adults on the other hand focus on just one thing, to make ends meet. Rush to work, rush home and sleep, that is about it basically. Allowing the neuro-structure to deplenish slow as we grow older.

the sad thing is no institute of self-improvement is willing to venture into such adult-teaching business, simply, or perhaps because they feel that adults are shy to show their weeknesses. In many ways, it is true because each of us has an ego to protect for the benefits of our career and etc. Thus, it is always and most of the time, difficult for adults to be involved with self-development area where you really get yourself improved. Most of the courses were really just to treat you more like king than student, in order to earn your money.

I been thinking.. language is one of the most important subject in the world. and malaysian are practically weaker in terms of English literacy but yet strong due to tri or biligual ability. For many of us, it is not really our fault, we had tried during the school days, to get ourself better and better each day. Yet we can't change one fact that is our mother tougue aren't English, for mine is Teo-Cheo (Chinese dialect). I have been speaking Teo-cheo for many years before we actually started to speak English.

I do feel that continuous improvement on languages is essential for many of us.. and thus with many technologies around, such as the blogspot, I feel there is a better way for learning language on top of anonymous status. For instance, if there is a great English teacher willingly creating a blog for enthusiast to post their writtings in it, which this great teacher would read them and make correction based on his or her knowledge. The student would have to pay for each posting being remarked or corrected and then perhaps there is a function to allow for bonus payment if he or she finds the teaching to be helpful.

Such is very achievable when people are already willing to pay to get their blogs viewed for no reason at all. @Blogit

with the possibility of incorporating CMS on top of Blogger's Atom API, we can make a bigger system to include member's profile and learning's history, containing information regarding the grammar errors they would usually make, the spelling they often missed and etc. This would be a great system for serious learner and hobbyist.

1. I want to learn english
2. How can I improve my english ?
3. Web applications for language learning.
4. Learning with anonymousity.
-----End of Evalet-----------------------

Sunday, May 15, 2005

the power of computing

I was impressed or rather suprised at the movement of computing around the globe today. I came to such conclusion after going through many online documents and articles in my research looking for insight for my following intention..

We could actually create a CMS (content management system) out of blogger itself. Using the Blogger's Atom API. We still need to have our own database to store information about the structure which would be used as the menu of the web site. Meaning, we just need to create a wrapper system that would invoke Atom API for create,edit,delete and etc. It would be a great system because we would be using Google's low-level coding for the content management.

As I was looking into XML-RPC techniques.. I was really shocked to learn that so many people are involved with I.T, there are just nameless people, all over the world.. all having the same intention, making it one day to the top, to be somebody like Bill Gates. All of us (including myself), are trying endlessly to prove our worth, that we are capable of something, we are looking for a place in this planet earth. So many systems created, some many coding been done and will be done.

And I respect you all..i am sure you are part of something at least, the blogsphere.

new features


recently I just added a search features to this blog.. with courtesy from, it allows you to search just anything in my blog or others that are registered in I tried Google's web search (of similiar features), but seems like not working.

it pretty simple..
first thing of course is that you have to get registered in technorati.
second thing is to copy and paste the searchlet code into your template or HTML code..
and do some minor editing to the searchlet code.

by default... you would get the following:

<input type="radio" checked="checked" name="from" value="BLOG BASE URL" />

Edit the BLOG BASE URL to your blog URL, in my case, it would be..
<input type="radio" checked="checked" name="from" value="" />

using this search features, it allow this blog to be our(me & the team) knowledge portal, simply because you can search from this blog, what we know about certain subject. if you trust our expertise, then you would be able to quickly resort to solutions without going into the world wide web. For instance, if you having problem with your broadband connection, then you can enter "broadband" to the search box and then select option "this blog" (which would limit your search to I.T sideways only) and then click on the search button. It will lead you to the blogs we have submitted and thus our hands-on knowledge on the subject.

Technorati is making use of google's Open API for such feeds' information. Using the google API, you can view listing of user's blog, create post, edit post, edit post and etc.

I have also added a counter.

In the future, there will be more graphics, videos and hopefully 3D illustration and interactive media of what I am trying to say.

happy blogging.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The blogsphere & more..

Despite being an ardent blogger.. I haven't been paying attention to what is happening in the blogsphere.. Recently I manage to pick up some information from Fortune managing where it states that Blogging is the number 1 emerging tech trend around.

New information to me..
1.Register at a service like Feedburner to see how many readers you have and what post they like best. It is uses somekind of spider software to track changes and activities to your blog. That is why is it called feed-burner, burning (permanently recording) your feed (information abt your blog) to their database. The problem is, it was working fine and it seems that they forgot to encrypt the parameters for its URL redirection.
2.There is a blog search engine and measurement firm called Technorati. Another one is feedster. Firms like Intelliseek and BuzzMetrics use sophisticated software to analyze the blog universe for corporate clients. (Using consumer opinion for marketing & product development ideas)
3.There is an I.T Evangelist(Robert Scoble) working for Microsoft, doing the same thing as I.T Sideways did. Scobleizer. According to Scoble, “The blog is the best relationship generator you've ever seen.” His famous boss (Bill Gates) agrees. “It's all about openness,” referring to Scobleizer. “People see them as a reflection of an open, communicative culture that isn't afraid to be self-critical.”
4.BuzzMachine's author Jeff Javis. “There should be someone at every company who job is to put into Google and blog search engines the name of the company or the brand, followed by the word 'sucks,' just to see what customers are saying.
5.“if you fudge or lie on a blog, you are bitting the karmic weenie,” says Steve Hayden, Vice chairman of advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather, which creates blogs for clients. “The negative reaction will be so great that, whatever your intention was, it will be ovewhelmed and crushed like a bug. You're fighting with very powerful forces because it's real people's opinions.” --> In reference to Mazda's attempts to create a phony blog in promotion for is product.
6.Blogging publishers have emerged. Two of the most prominent, Jason Calacanis & Nick Denton, are going head-to-head with stables of popular blogs. (Edgadget and Autoblog Vs Gizmodo, Gawker, and Wonkette)
“Our legal department loves the blogs, because it basically is a written-down, backed-up, permanent time-stamped verison of the scientist's notebook. When you want to file a patent, you can now show in blogs where this idea happened.”
7.Six Apart (lured $11.5 million in venture financing) – A blog oriented hosting company, suffered blows when it announced to its customer based via a blog that it is revising its fee structure to a higher level, which outraged 849 customers in 10 languages. The founder; Mena & Ben Trott called it painful because they virtually “live by the blog and die by the blog”.

Thus, even Bill Gates thinks that blog is healthy for an organization like Microsoft. This is good relief for my previous post about content filtering.. a much much relief..

Pervasive Computing - Broadband TV

Based on an article in Star Bizweek..14 may 2005

Opcom recently did a publicity having a news coverage about its past, present and future.

Many like to argue that Opcom is not a real deal because of its high dependency on TM as its main customer for its fibre optic products.

The Author went one step bolder to suggest that its stock price of is undervalued despite its current strong financial background of having RM55 million cash and zero debt, as well as it is on path of the digital future, as the “wheat” or the fundamental to the digital age. Wheat is one of the first grains to be domesticated by human being.
The author claimed that Redtone International Berhad and AKN Messaging Technology Berhad, both current evaluation are higher than that of Opcom have rather shady edge since Opcom is supposed to be the fundamentalist when the two former where just doing the application side. The author didn't dismiss the fact that stock prices are influenced by market sentiment (means human evaluation to buy based on rumors), is however urging stock trader to “open-up” by exploring the real hero. (Since we would have heard of Redtone more than Opcom due to the former VOIP trading nature) He or she does gives a technical ground that Opcom is undervalued because of the following:
1. Zero borrowing
2.RM55 Million in cash
3.Recent one-for-two bonus issue; shored up paid up capital of RM25.8million(net cash of 43.6 cents per share)
4.Dividend policy of 30% payout 5.7.6% yield in gross dividend.
6.Forecast compounded average growth rate(CAGR) from 2001 to 2006 of 27% and 54% respectively.

According to the M.D, they are seeking opportunity abroad as well as working towards offering broadband services.

One of their main concentration is towards FTTH (Fibre To The Home) which essentially using fibre optic to solve the last mile problem; using fibre optic cable to get future houses to be connected to broadband service exchange. While such is seen as unnecessary cost, Opcom defended that this is essential as future-proof technology.

One of the biggest winner is that its declaration of having RM55 million cash. Immediately with such statement, many would be lured into imagination of having JV with Opcom which is essentially the intention of Opcom, looking for partner to share its risk in dealing with future initiatives.

One interesting fact to note is that current broadband penetration is only 1% (according to MCMC), and under National Broadband Plan(NBP), 5% of penetration must be achievable by 2005 while 20% by 2008. 5% of 24 million, that is 1.2 million. If each penetration yields 1 ringgit, that would be RM 1.2 million per month.

Many are venturing into the broadband cake, where fixed line service facing stiff competition from wireless ventures such as those provided by the three main Telcos in Malaysis. TM and Maxis has committed a combined capital of RM 350 million in 3G roll-out and by considering the concept of supply and demand, the I.T people like me are looking at a projected demand of similar capacity available to us in the near future. This is based on simple rules whereby if a developer invested an amount of money into a property, at least similar amount of it would be expected from sales activities.

They predicted that the ultimate application would be digital home and entertaining services broadband TV where the much anticipated MiTV of Berjaya group is still under renovation due to technical reason. TM also recently announced interest in broadband TV, however they give no deadline about such commitment.

Broadband TV, as we had discussed earlier, is seen as attractive because it is part of the computing industry rather than broadcasting industry for costing consideration. Whereby a computing business model is always seems associated with lower operating costs and high return due to its ability to be duplicated in swift. One could understand it from a software point of view where development is tough but upon graduation all else seems irrelevant. Many software house still fail because they couldn't live through the tough-driven development periods. For our discussion here, a Internet-computing business model for the entertainment industry would always be favorable compared to conventional system.

We are in fact, waiting for pervasive computing to come into effect. Even Mimos is focusing on such area (I am sure because they are hiring people(e-learning, Linux & Ipv6 on such area in today's newsapaper) where we are awaiting a trend towards increasing ubiquitous, connected computing devices in the environment via wireless or Internet.

With no realistic deadlines and etc, this provides entrepreneur wannabe like me the privilege of preparation time for venturing into such business segment. A lot of contents provider are expected, and traveling-with-ICT idea could turn out to be a hit as a killer program in time to come for broadband TV.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The published Secret of Google

MIT's Magazine of information.-Technology Review - jan 2005

Google is everybody business. These days, even if you ask someone a simple question, they will ask you to google it. For instance, "do you know where to buy iron laminator ?". Asking around 10 people in your MSN would result in a union which agrees upon a common idealogy "Google it and see how ?". What worst, "What is google ah ?, sound familiar..." --> "Go google and find lar...abuthen"

The leader:
CEO - Eric Schmidt, a PHD from the university of carlifornia, Berkeley. Did reseach at Xeros PARC, ex-CTO of Sun Microssystem and ex-CEO of Novell.
Larry Page & Sergey Brin - founders and control 30% voting shares, Stanford's PHD students.

Star-centric Employee:
Adam Bosworth - Developer of HTML engine in MS IE and for its pioneering work on the XML.
Rob Pike - A pioneer of the Unix Operating System at Bell Labs.
Joshua Bloch - A leading Java coder from Sun
Cedric Beust - Developer of the Weblogic platform at BEA Systems.

The Goal:
Create an ultimate search engine which has the mind of god. They just want to search everything, including your emotion (if you blog, then it might work)

The Idea:
Citation ranking to the web.

For many years, reference publications like the ScienceCitationIndex have ranked scientific papers "impact" by counting the number of times they were cited in other papers. Brin and page's insight was that if hyperlinks were viewed as citations, the same thing could be done for the web. That insight led to the first truly superior search engine. Stanford applied for a patent on Brin and Page "PageRank" technique in 1998 (it was granted in 2001). Soon afterward, (3 years later after idea ignition), Google was started and raised money from top-tier venture capital firms Sequoia Capital and Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers.

Couldn't they get started before the grant ?

How they convince the VC rather than their stanford's availability ?

We are not sure. The business model is contemporary advertisement.

According to the article, there are two ways of generating revenue from advertisement.
1. Auction system. This is much more like a commodity system where advertisers get to bid for a particular search term. For instance, a viagra seller might bid (mean put money) of say RM 1K for the word "viagra", another one might only bid for RM500. Then, the search accuracy would be the result of the bidding hierarchy. --> This is the core of Google's idealogy, where its indexing and search technologies flex its muscle.
2. Ad placement service. A rather conventional type. This is more easily understood using examples. Google provies the underlying search services for AOL and's A9 search susidiary. Means you give me the contents and I host it for you and then I make it searchable because the whole world is searching my ass. Just like those billboard where I provide the facilities, you provide the contents and you pay me.

The rest of it are pretty much the same as conventional advertising method, the hardest reality is of course, as bad as it gets; the advertiser is the one paying the money and viewers don't bother to look at them.

The third revenue generating unit for them is:A search appliance; A linux server running its indexing and search software,selling to organizations wishing to provide search services for their internal web servers. (Not a main revenue)

The Acceptance:
Many people today just wanted one thing "As long as google can find me, I am happy" Forget Yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista, Searchbot and etc. Just google will do. So the golden question is "How to make your URL searchable?"

The tricks:
According to the author, Google's success is due to the following:
1. Operates 250K linux-based servers of its own design worldwides. Means it has sold 250K units of its search appliance to probably 250K customers. - THey have huge knowledge of building and handling infrastructures.
2. To become the next Google, you also need to have such capacity lar.

This means that if you are doing a hosting business and wanted your customer's URL to be listed effectively in Google's search result. You gotta buy one of those unit too. Otherwise, you need to find someone who has such appliance and do a link by paying them money.

1. Amazon has scanned more than 100K books and made their contents searchable.
2. Pubsub; small startup in New York City, developed a high performance (real time) matching engine.
3. Vivisimo - clusty website.
4. Software from Blinkx, of San Francisco, let user search multiple information sources.
5. X1 technology - provides a popular desktop search tool.

Google's critical success factor:
1. Pioneer.
2. Ability to quickly setup the company and make it branded in a short period.
3. Ability to secure funds for continuous development.

You won't find much information from its website. Many are still blurred at how Google did it. One question we were asking is "How to make my web site searchable in google?" I get many interesting answers all over.
1. Google it again.
2. Use meta tag.
3. No need to do anything, just wait for the spider.
4. Register with google at the don't-know-what URL.
5. Go attend classes with Fione Tan's EOneNet. --> This is my favourite answer of all.
6. Write an email to google. --> Possible if they are charging you something for it.
7. Register with many search engine in order to create more links of your URL around the Internet. --> This is the most practical answer due to its searching idealogy.
Nevertheless, Google's repeatedly stresses that all are natural and non-guaranteed. Registration to its database doesn't guaranteed listing to its index. ??? So index is different from database ? It means that registration don't guaranteed listing.

Google is expecting a war with Microsoft.Why is Microsoft wanted so much to do with seach engine business ? They created IE because they understood the potential of the Internet, simply because you can't create OS for PC to run other significant application such as browser. They took part of the PDA market in order to show that its OS is also scalable to smaller version. Search Engine? I would think that it is like a responsibility for them. Since MS windwos housed almost majority of PC in the world, which means that it is serving majority of information in the world that is not yet searchable unless explicit done. Therefore, Microsoft have an advantage over Google in the sense that it already owns infinity of informations (files, pictures, videos and etc), the only problem is that you and I can't search through someone PC for information if not for the file sharing and etc. For google, on the other hand, relies on information available in the Internet. In short, Micrsoft wanted to expose information while Google wanted to dig more information. Therefore , Microsoft is focusing on creating seaching APIs(where you will be able to code an applicaiton to allow for its data in the database to be searchable) while google is still focusing on infrastructure. Once Microsoft is ready with the open standards, it can potentially created a new information subsystem which consists of non-web server devices that can allow information to be searched and retrieved for good use. Meaning, if they are successful, we can now search information from our friend PC without them explicitly exposing information to the Internet.

This contradicts the author opinions that Microsoft would steal the loyalty from Google's customer by having proprietary API. I disagree because Microsoft is targeting at the different subset of information.

Many people like my father felt that by sending me to a Computer school, I would be able to do wonderful feats in computer; that I would be able to tell why Microsoft (last time) gave that blue screen or why is the Internet slow or fix the harddisk which is spoiled. My famous answer is "If I am so damn good, I won't be here!"

One of the reason is that he is an Engineer where it seems like you need to learn everything first before you can apply it well. To me, I still have no exact answer to any google's question because I can assure you that the lecturers will be as blurred. In the I.T world, everyday awaits with more anticipations.

The million dollar question is "how do they sustain themselves in the initiative stage (from year 1998 to 2001)?" It is the period which Yahoo made its debut in the market. Do they get scholarship from Stanford and therefore managed to have some financial "contra" sort of stuff.
"how much did they asked for from the VC initially ?"
"Wouldn't the VC have agreed on sponsoring without the pattern grant ?"
"Is foreign VC better than Malaysian VC ?"

Google did teach me one thing--> Publicity to make money. Using branding to collect money. Publicity via search engine, money via advertising.

Watch out for new ideas!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Total Solutions

Dynacraft Industries Sdn Bhd has invested RM3.5 mil in information technology this year to improve its global competitiveness in manufacturing. The first stage comprising of core model of supply chain management, will be completed in one year time with 240 users. The solution is actually Oracle E-Business suite 11i, a solution which includes modules like financial, distribution, discrete manufacturing and advanced supply chain planning. Probably the opted this over SAP implementation. However, we can see the trend is going into an area where companies are looking for a total solution concept where they could buy a core engine like this and then engage on phrase development. This is a result of market maturity where IT knowledge among non-professional gets better each day which makes them realized that system integration would determine the success of an IT system.

This is bad news for small time System Integrator and IT system vendor which focuses on on-demand and impromptu development.

I truly believe that there is a market for organization profiling – organization data model exploration, where any companies before investing heavily on any total solutions, would look forward to get-to-know-itself better for a few years at least before deciding on a major turn-key implementations that would change their life.

Such kick-off implementation is good for new start-up with intention of getting a feel of what is I.T implementation about and also learn to appreciate I.T as a business tools. Nevertheless, kick-off implementation cannot be from a bias party (from a total solution company) because at the end of the day, customer (company implementing IT system) is going to decide who are the best user based on the data model which is generated from the kick-off system.

Traveling with ICT

Thus today at this date where Star's Bizweek featuring “Fuel Blues – Fuel prices are rising. How can Malaysia's AirAsia keep costs down while maintaining its pricing power? CEO of Tong Fernades says the options are aplenty”
May 6 information.
KLCI =901.22 (-2.84)
STI = 2161.22 (+13.12)
HSI = 14,033.96 (-27.74)
Nikkei 225 = 11,192.17(+190.06)
Seoul comp. Index = 904.85 (+11.50)
Telekom or TM is priced at 10.20 (+0.10)

I like to propose something to the world that involves ICT.. Probably somebody is already doing it but it is good niche to look into.

Many people even life myself haven't been really traveling around the world not even Malaysia. We have no time and money, well at least not yet for me. It is really possible for so many of us to fulfill our dreams of traveling around the world, with assumptions that we have the health criteria and etc. Many actually don't unless we are engaged with a MnC or we are really part of the minority 3% of financial independence people in the world. The MLM people dream about being financial independence, how many will succeed or can afford to maintain such status-quo ? I guess there is not many. The MLM environment is always hopeful, meaning there is a always hope that one would make it, no deny about that but as if this lifetime that has no guaranteed. Some people like my parents get to travel few times for a lifetime of saving and hard-work at retirement age, I have to wait for my turn.

So probably I could travel to some places too in the future, but can I really travel around the world ? Going north pole, south pole, north America or even Nepal. What worst is that some even don't have the right health condition to go with the dreams.

If we could, using computer technologies, to allow people to see (in as much reality as possible), the places they intended to visit and feel at a charge, then we have a business.

We can sell it online, there is no need to know who is our customer and they can see what they want to see and go through video conferencing from live agents traveling on their behalf to designated locations in the world. Ok, let's talk about Malaysia first, imagine that Maxis is going to be successful in creating a reality where one can be connected to the Internet almost anywhere,anytime and anybody. Couple with good technologies, we can transmit live video from one location into the Internet and thus it can be viewed from a single customer or many customers. Customers get to instruct the agent (traveling on behalf) to perform impromptu actions such as visiting a coffee shops to taste certain food and etc. The agents need to feedback on how they feel about the food or show facial reaction. Agents will communicate with customer via real time text messages so that its identify is hidden.

This is a type of product or service which will helps many people living below dreams to have a more fulfilling life. Your dreams can be saved finally, there is no need to have the emptyness feeling inside, no more. Visiting around the world when there isn't enough time, money and possibilities.

Serve all, love all!

Falling in love with AirAsia

There is nothing exception about the news today, except there is something about Paula Abdul sexual scandal with ex-american idol contestant, which seems like it is opposite of what the news are intended for.

The main highlight was AirAsia's success as LCC (Low cost carrier) which alongside any other alternatives such as VOIP and etc proves to really gotten into people's head. Is really AirAsia that low cost ? I don't think so, people are just probably driven by its concept. According to the article in Star, AirAsia made its customers feel like kings. Yeah we could understand that, if you get to travel around in a plane at the price similar to a high class bus moving along the north-south highway, it is a bit of self-contentment, at least for first timer flier.

AirAsia success is despite the claims of being cost-efficient at all levels(of the management where everybody goes IT, VOIP and paperless environment and web site driven), the ability to capitalize market which hadn't have any flying experiences before. They are talking about 10% of the Indonesian population where majority are not so rich people. Never ever mentioned about corporate flights and etc where comfort and short-duration reservation notice is ever required and must be met without fail. To fly with AirAsia is like falling in love with the company. One needs to have long term plan for it (I never have direct experiences though), but from what I heard is that you have to make months-before reservations in order to gain a reservation. Otherwise, you got to be a retiree or students where time is a luxury to you, so that you can afford to board a flight whenever seats are available to you with no guaranteed.
The CEO claimed that they have multiple strategies to deal with rising fuel cost. That was the headline of the newspaper! I was really interested to find out how this marketing guru gonna deal with it, as if he got some financial magic wand or just something which we could never afford to know deal to lack of creativity in terms of business management. Nevertheless, the answer was unfolded at the following grave wording:

“There is elasticity in prices. We can pass on fuel costs to passengers, once a market become more mature, we have the ability to increase prices as well, it is not like we are stuck with the high oil prices. For every RM10, my revenue goes up about RM60Mil”

So yeah, we got strategies... which is to share the cost with the consumer! Haven't you thought about that? We all must learn how to answer questions with excitement. I learnt that quick-witted mind is essential to be CEO.

So has AirAsia succeeded in providing more options for the society ? I think the answer is yes but it ain't a great solution yet. Because if I am a low income earner with a need to travel low cost via airplane because I am rushing for emergency, AirAsia couldn't courier me over (probably not unless they have a emergency-service department to deal with such social service). In retrospect, if I am booking a flight to send back an important guess attending my company's meeting and etc, I wouldn't really want to go with AirAsia, I would still go on with the service-assured carrier because reputation is important for business. (Things could have been different now since I don't have direct experiences, I am just stretching my analytical skills here)

Similarly, many corporates wouldn't opt for cheap VOIP services because their clients might have negative opinion about them in case it is heard as “complement” when it meant “complain”.

Friday, May 06, 2005

TM - A better touch

Telekom Malaysia recent initiative to change its brand to TM

TM Net
TM Touch..

TM stands for Trade Mark, Taj Mahal...

whatever, it is now Telekom Malaysia okay.. and it is guaranteed at RM 9 million.

The following forum has some interesting discussion.

But I remember looking at a billboard featuring TM. It never occurred to me that it is referring to Telekom Malaysia. So it works if they are supposed to do image re-engineering.

My guess is they are pulling in foreign investment. Its counter recently increase from 9.60 to 10.40, a 7% margin increased after such initiative.

Nice name works for many ?
Vodafone , AT & T, Singtel seems to sound better than Telekom Malaysia right ? Perhaps it sounded more English than Inggeris.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The apprentice application

I bet that Malaysia is going to come out with something similiar to The Apprentice soon, they are just having problems looking for Mr.Terumpan.

The actual application form from the original has few questions which is pretty much business-matured.. I would say.. It helps me to gauge where I am and think ahead.

Among the important questions are:

1. List your last three job and salary history.
2. How would your co-worker describe you.
3. What is your most impressive work or school achievement?
4. Why are you successful in business ?
5. Describe a major event or issue that has affected your life ?
6. Tell us something embarassing about yourself.
7. Why do you believe you could ultimately be "The Apprentice"?

so r u guys ready ?

have a quick look at the answer number 3 for the first season winner; Mr. Bill Rancic.
William "Bill" Rancic founded eight years ago in a 400 sq. ft. studio apartment. Today it is a thriving multi-million dollar national operation. The son of educators, he is a true entrepreneur, paying his way through college by starting a boat wash and wax business in the Chicago area. He is also an adventure junkie. When he is not making business deals he enjoys skydiving and scuba diving. In addition to his cigar company, Bill also develops real estate and speaks at universities and businesses around the country.

looking for business model..

According to the following web site...

Japan looks to make animation savvy..

Japan's total "contents" business in animation, film, publishing and music was worth 14.7 trillion yen (140 billion dollars) in 2003, with animation including manga cartoons, films, videos and character products ringing up 2.7 trillion yen (26 billion dollars), according to the Digital Content Association of Japan.

how they conclude such figures.. have they also included the underground side of the the industry..ahem!

their intention is to make animation as mainstream industry, compare to other mainstreams such as engineering, accouting and etc. Their problem is, like we guessed it... is this business feasible?

so, they are looking for business model.. they are not worried about talents and technical, just whether can make money or not ?

I am just wondering, is there more technical people than sales people in this world ? logically if there is more products than sales activities, then we should focus on sales rather than inventions because many inventions are not even sold once. (assuming that the quality is good)

Programming languages and API - inventions
Must we (particularly Malaysian) focus on doing more inventions ? I know we like to be advance, we performed our own R&D because we wanted to localize the cost... at the expense of time and market opportunities.

USA, Taiwan, Japan, India, Singapore are all famous for technical, they got a lot of things to offer, but nobody is buying it, at least not much.

Let's put aside pirated CD activities in Malaysia, what really drives a Malaysian sales market for I.T ?

One way is movies... for instance, we show on movies a Malay girl teaching chinese boy to setup broadband modems, then should it become another box office, chances is that many youngsters would know how to setup it without the help of technical people, I bet. The movie creator is no longer called 'movie creator' but I.T evangelist, similiar to Microsoft's employees.

how can i be part of this exciting concept ? low-cost and yet starting part time because I have not enough extra money..

if i read a book and convert it some software or animation... expect to sell it to the society at large and then hope that it would drive the sales of any concept relevant. If i can take the risks, how would I make money then when I can't assume that everyone will buy my software or invention.

People make money with intention to sell it as the first priority.. what should my priority be ?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Quantum computing

in todays news, Microsoft's chairman expressed his regrets over using stock option for employee's compensation. Such act, according to him, is an expense to the company because when the stock gain in value, it means the company is making less "windfall" money. He was quoted as saying "I would say that there is as much overvaluation today as there is undervaluation". For those who received such rewards would have nothing to lose when it became undervalued simply because there is no cost of gaining it. Having stock option as compensation is analogous to having lifetime commission offered by certain industries such as the Telephony VOIP and Insurance industry where one time sales would ensure lifetime commission should the customer continue with payment. In such aspect, the revenue is hard to anticipate but yet positive because money is generated with absolutely no effort spent. Nevertheless, insurance commission is per 6 years basis for each policy transacted.

His statement also apparently sparked a possibility which would lead the technology corporate world to treat option as expenses than anything else.

Bill Gates defended their action as being adventurous than being lame-thinking by saying "We're definitely a lot more sophisticated about a lot of the things that we do". Which means that they had preferred to be more fun-oriented than safe-sex.

He also highlighted the future of Microsoft where one area of focus is on quantum computing; a new mode of information processing. Current computer practises are based on classic physics. According to this web site, quantum computing is the ability to mimic the law of quantum mechanics in term of information processing where qubit (unit of information) can exist not only in a state corresponding to the logical state 0 or 1 as in a classical bit, but also in states corresponding to a blend or superposition of these classical states. This means that based on formula, we can use back similiar set of qubits to represent another new set of information.

classic mechanic takes a ball as a ball and puts reality properties on it, such onBounce() or onTouch() and etc. Quantum mechanic takes a ball as consists of millions of atoms which would otherwise create properties for the object according to the law of quantum mechanic; the formulae.

In other words, the aim is to make information processing much more efficient than ever.

Such area is very much paralle in the direction of Artificial Intelligence reseach because ultimately we wanted to the ball to be able to bounce not because it was intended to but because it was meant to be. Nevertheless, A.I focuses more on thinking-ability of a computer system compared to Quantum computing which focuses on operation part. As in how long would it take to have two of such great research works combined to create Agent Smith? We are really anticipating that with great respect for the researchers.

That is why Microsoft is regretting the share option part because quantum mechanics is supposedly producing result much more accurate than classic mechanics.